Note: JK Rwoling and Warner Brothers own the rights to the characters and wish they had imagined these scenes as they could have written them better than I have.

Harry Potter: Harry Potter's Summer With The Weasleys Part 3 - A Magic Day Out (bb,bbg,inc)
by PedoJoe

After a day like they had, all of Harry's modesty went out the window where Ron and Ginny were concerned. Harry and Ron were getting ready for bed and both of them were naked in Ron's room. "Harry, can you keep a secret?" Ron asked him as they were both sitting on their beds.

"Sure." Harry answered, giving him all of his attention.

"Having Ginny watch me and Serena watch me today really had an effect on me." Ron explained. "Even moreso when she started to lick out Serena. When I saw her cute arse bobbing in the air, I started to have sexual thoughts about my little sister. In fact, I almost went over to her and started to eat her out before you mounted her."

"Sorry to beat you to her." Harry joked, "I would have loved to see that!"

"You mind if I can talk her into a little incest tomorrow?" Ron asked his sister's lover.

"Hey, she's your sister. Maybe we can make it a threesome." Harry offered. Both boys were getting hard with this talk and Ron started to rub at his erection. Harry was watching intently as his best friend was making himself feel so good.

Ron's hand was pumping faster up and down his cock until he finally shot his load up in the air. "Wow, that was cool!" Harry sighed, his eyes not leaving Ron's cock.

"And tasty, too." Ron added as he took dipped his finger into the cum that had pooled on his stomach.

Hesitatingly, Harry went over to Ron's bed. He was curious at the cum that was running off of Ron's naked body. He'd never seen another boy's cum before nor had he thought about tasting his own. Harry ran his finger in the jism and brought it to his mouth. "Mmm. You taste a little like Ginny."

"Don't be afraid." Ron said. "Lick it up!" Harry looked at his friend and decided to throw caution in the wind and dove into his stomach, drinking the cum up. Harry's tongue followed the trail that led to Ron's cock. "Go ahead Harry. Suck my cock!"

Harry looked up at his best friend's face and smiled back at him. He opened his mouth and took Ron's slowly shrinking cock into his mouth. Harry got the last bit of cum that was on his cock and still dribbling out while Ron just sat back and enjoyed his friend pleasing him. Harry got up and looked up at Ron. "We'll do more tomorrow." He said as he got onto his bed and turned the lights out.

The next day Mrs. Weasley seemed to be everywhere Ron and Harry wanted to be. They weren't sure they could get Ginny to themselves. Finally however, after getting some chores done, they were free to do what they wanted. They talked to Ginny and Ron convinced his mother to allow them to go to Mundhouse, the large youth recreation getaway where the family were members.

Mrs. Weasley gave them the floo powder that would take them right to the welcome area for members. Each one of them, in order, tossed the floo powder into the fire and said, "Mundhouse" to get there. Harry was awestruck with what he saw. They had a room for every kind of wizarding game, even some he had never heard about. The desk clerk gave them a key for their own resting and changing room.

They went into their designated room and closed the door behind them. "What shall we do first?" Ginny asked, looking at the cards that showed scenes from each room.

"I say we go swimming at the water park." Ron suggested. Harry realized this meant no clothes again. The three kids started stripping and then Ron and Ginny explained to him what to do next. They each took one card and chose a part of the body to put the card. "Everyone usually chooses their thigh as we also usually take our wands with us as well."

Ginny continued with the explanation. "To stick it to your leg, just wave your want and say, "Pergarum!" When she did that, the card magically became a part of her leg. "And then you just store your wand in the part with the picture." she said as she put her wand into the card on her leg. When the wand was completely in the card, it sealed itself.

"How do you get it back out?" Harry asked, hoping he could do that much.

"Like this." Ginny demonstrated as she just reached back in to get it. "It only works if you want to get it out. And only you can reach in there." She again showed Harry how to do that, too."

"Ginny, before you put yours away, can I borrow your wand. I don't trust mine too much." Ron asked his naked sister. She agreed and he stuck his card to his leg. Harry was nervous about messing up on his leg but was successful. After they put their wands away, they simply walked out the door to find themselves in the pool area. The cards acted as a gatekey that made certain doors open to certain areas. The water park was crowded with wizard families from all over England. The three of them went on all of the slides, including some not-so-Muggle water rides.

After a few hours, the three kids were getting tired and hungry. They decided to go back to their changing room. Taking their cards off their legs, they wrapped up in towels and ordered some food from the kitchen. In no time, it appeared on the table in front of them. They ate everything up and started to relax. Ginny and Harry moved closer to each other and were kissing each other. He removed her towel from her body, revealing her familiar nakedness. Ginny tossed Harry's towel from him as well and climbed on him, straddling his hips and kissing him with a passion. Ron was loving this lustful scene in front of him and tried to get intertwined with them.

His first move was to scoot over to them. As soon as they were finished kissing, Ron guided Harry's face to his and kissed him just as his sister had just done. Ginny was very much enjoying watching her brother and lover locking lips. "Well! Should I be jealous?" she joked.

"At who?" Harry smiled, separating from Ron only long enough to respond to his girlfriend.

"Just to make sure Harry is still mine, I'm going to take him in me again!" she announced as she rose up, hovering slightly above his cock. Ron ended the kiss this time and took a hold of Harry's cock, aiming it up at his sister's sex hole. She was very wet and her cunt easily swallowed up Harry's wizardly cock.

Ginny leaned over and kissed the very lips of her lover that had been kissing her brother. She was getting turned on with her brother's increased involvement in her sexual encounters. She lifted herself off of Harry's cock, nearly coming out before shoving herself back down. Both lovers were enjoying this position. Harry's hand was now over at Ron's cock, pumping him with the same intensity that he was giving to Ron's sister. Ginny increased her motions as she was coming close to her orgasm, but Ron came first and his cum shot up, hitting his sister on the chest and belly. She reached down and put her fingers in her brother's cum, lifting it up to her face curiously. She sniffed it, smelling her brother's strong sexual aroma. This was causing her to hit her climax. When she put her finger into her mouth, she felt the familiar ecstasy coursing through her body.

Harry started to lick at Ginny's chest, taking in her brother's cum as her pussy was squeezing at his cock. He soon came as well, his cum flooding her insides and his scar pulsating with pleasure. Feeling her boyfriend licking her brother's cum off her chest as he was cumming inside of her only prolonged Ginny's ecstatic orgasm. After a few minutes, she calmed down and fell down between Harry and Ron.

"I loved that!" Ginny stated as she kissed Harry full on the lips. They embraced and sucked on each other's tongues for a minute. She turned over to her brother after they parted and could see him in a new light. She leaned over and kissed him as well. Brother and sister kissed with a passion that was rivaled only by their respective girlfriend and boyfriend.

"You know, Ginny. You are always welcome in my room." Ron said as they finished their kiss.

"Maybe I'll have to take you up on that sometime. And my room is also open to you, too." Ginny flirted back as their gazes lingered for a few minutes.

The three of them washed up from their sex and went to do some other activities. They got back home and acted as if nothing had happened.


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