Note: JK Rwoling and Warner Brothers own the rights to the characters and wish they had imagined these scenes as they could have written them better than I.

Harry Potter: Harry Potter's Summer With The Weasleys Part 1 - Harry And Ginny (bg,voy)
by PedoJoe

The train stopped at the station and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were there eagerly waiting to see their children and Harry Potter, the boy who saved their daughter's life. Even though they had seen
each other only days before, hugs were doled out aplenty. And mainly for Ginny. "Well, I guess this goodbye Harry, at least for the summer." Ron said to his best friend as they got off from Platform 9 3/4.

Harry looked around and did not see his aunt or uncle anywhere. "I guess so. Back to my Muggle prison, I guess."

"I will not hear of it!" Mrs. Weasley exclaimed. "Harry, you saved my daughter's life. I want to give you the best celebration that I can whip up."

"And plus Harry," Mr. Weasley piped up, "I don't think your aunt and uncle would mind."

"Mind?" Harry said, "Why they'll probably celebrate. They hate me and my very existence."

"Then it is settled." Mrs. Weasley announced. "You'll be staying with us this summer."

"Cool." Harry commented, "But I am going to have to call my Aunt and uncle to let them know."

"Oh, you mean on that telephonic contraption?" Mr. Weasley asked, curious about everything muggle-made.

"Yeah. A telephone." Harry corrected him. He went over to a lady and asked her if he could borrow some change. She agreed and gave him just enough for the phone. Mr. Weasley and Ron went over with him as he made his call.

"Oh, the train is back, huh?" Uncle Vernon said dryly.

"Yeah, but don't worry about picking me up right now. I am going to stay with some friends. I mean if that is all right with you."

"How long are you going to stay with them?" Uncle Vernon asked, trying to keep his excitement level down.

"I don't know. A week or two?" Harry responded.

Vernon's voice returned back to his usual droll that he used with Harry, "Oh, not all summer? That's fine. Bye."

Harry hung up after hearing his uncle hang up the phone. "He said that it was fine."

"Perfect." Mr. Weasley responded. "You'll be coming home with us!"

"By the way, dad. How are we getting home?" Fred asked, remembering that Ron had taken their car and managed to lose it at Hogwarts.

"Oh, your father has managed to find a spell that does a good job of transporting someone to wherever they want to go. And it is even better than Floo powder." Mrs. Weasley announced to her clan. "We have managed to get an enchanted door knob. It will allow us to go through any door and go through our front door."

And Mr. Weasley found an out-of-the-way door place where there were no people walking around. He placed the knob on the door and, after giving a spell chant, opened the door. They saw on the other side their house. All of them made it through the door with Ron and Harry the last ones before Mr. Weasley removed the handle and walked through as well.

"Your father and I want to talk with Harry and Ron alone." Mrs. Weasley announced to her clan. Everyone understood and all went upstairs to their respective rooms. It must have been how she said it, but Harry and Ron were a bit uneasy when they sat down at the kitchen table.

"Listen you two. You know how we can never repay you for saving Ginny, especially you Harry." Mrs. Weasley began now talking only to Harry. "You risked your life and could have been killed just to save Ginny."

Harry reacted in his usual modest way, "When I heard that it was Ginny who was taken, I was devastated. But Ron and I were the only ones who knew what the monster was and where to go to find Ginny. I could never have left Hogwarts without at least trying to save her. I would never have been able to live with myself."

"And don't forget that only Harry could have opened the portal to the chamber." Ron added, "He is the only wizard besides He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named who can speak Parseltongue."

"And you used this knowledge to not only find Ginny, but also to kill the monster and reverse the curse and cure Ginny." Mr. Weasley mentioned. "Harry, if you continue doing what you are doing, you will either end up as one of the greatest wizards ever to have lived or dead." he laughed a little
uneasily. "I think you both are wonderful influences on each other. And with Hermione's study habits and attention to detail, you three fit each other perfectly. I doubt that you three would have gotten as far as you have had you not become friends."

"But this was not the primary reason why we wanted to talk with you." Mrs. Weasley commented. "You two, especially you Ron, are still in trouble for taking the car."

Both of them looked down in shame and guilt. "We know." Ron apologized. "If I could take it all back, I would."

"Well, you both will be working a lot to remind yourself that you were in the wrong. And you, Ron, to pay to replace your wand. Those things don't come cheap, you know?"

"Yes Ma'am" they both obediently said.

"But we will let you rest for about a week." Mr. Weasley said. "You deserve at least that much."

The boys went up to Ron's bedroom with Ron flopping on the bed and Harry slumping into a chair in his room. "We are so screwed!" Ron lamented as he imagined the upcoming summer, working instead of playing.

"But it could have been worse." Harry commented. "At least she is giving us the opportunity to work it off and that is our only punishment."

"True." Ron agreed. "I would hate to be on home restriction the entire summer. Maybe mom and dad will even let me have other friends over like Hermione."

The whole ordeal of the past two days had really been weighing on them and it both boys soon were getting the much-needed sleep that had been eluding them for the past couple of weeks.

They woke up for dinnertime and went downstairs at the dining room table. Everyone was already at the table and Ginny had a seat right next to her that she reserved just for her hero, Harry. He didn't mind sitting next to her because there had been something that he felt after he heard that she had been taken into the chamber. It was as if he lost the love of his life. And seeing her lifeless body on the floor of the chamber had changed him. He decided that he was not going to leave that chamber without her alive.

Now that they were no longer in mortal danger, Harry could now sort through his feelings and realize that he actually loved this cute little redhead. But knowing that Ginny had a crush on him scared him a little. This was going to be something serous, he realized, his first real relationship if all went well. He knew how well they got along because she was very easy to talk to and he felt very comfortable with her.

But during the meal, nothing would take place as conversations were focused mainly on Harry, Ron, and Ginny and their experiences in the chamber. It wasn't until later on that evening that the first hint of a relationship would start to bloom between Harry and Ginny.

Summer was alive in England and Ginny was relaxing outside near the clubhouse that her brothers had built and abandoned after they got too old for it. Harry was just taking a walk and came upon her, noticing that she was crying. "What's wrong, Ginny?" he asked out of genuine concern.

I almost died and you were almost killed trying to save me." Ginny tearfully confessed. "I can't stop thinking about that!"

"Well it's over now and we are both safe." Harry said trying to reassure his best friend's sister. He sat down right next to her and placed his arm around her. She instinctively leaned her head on his shoulder, still sniffling. They sat in that position for a couple of minutes when Ginny looked up at her hero.

"Do you love me?" Her eyes were still tear-stained but she sounded so mature to Harry.

Harry looked back at her. Of course he loved her. But what should he say to her. And why did she ask? "Of course I love you. I could never have left Hogwarts without you." He told her with a kiss on her forehead. After another moment of silence, Harry spoke up again, "How about you, do you love me?"

Her face blushed a little as she answered, "Yes." She reached up on his forehead and stroked his scar. Suddenly, the lightning bolt scar started to feel funny. There was a feeling of intense
pleasure that was slowly encompassing him and he was starting to moan. Ginny became concerned hearing his moans and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." Harry replied after regaining his senses when Ginny removed her finger. "I just suddenly started feeling very good when you touched my scar." He looked down at his favorite redhead and saw her in a new light. She was no longer just Ron's little sister, but now looked like a beautiful young girl on the verge of becoming a young woman.

Ginny looked up at her hero and met his eyes with hers. It was an intense, romantic look and they both knew what was going to happen next. Slowly, they moved their faces closer together until their lips touched. Their arms automatically moved around each other, locking them in a passionate embrace.

The kiss ended with neither of them able to say anything. The kiss had said it all and they just both relaxed in each other's presence as they enjoyed the beautiful sunset.

They went back to the house after it started to get dark, no one the more suspicious about how their relationship had changed.

He slept in Ron's room that night after Mr. and Mrs. Weasley conjured up a bed from their mountain of spells. While sleeping, he dreamed of Ginny and the incredible feeling that she gave him when she touched his scar.

The next morning, everyone seemed to awaken at nearly the same time as if by magic (which in the Weasley family wouldn't be out of the question) and went downstairs for breakfast. Mrs. Weasley
enjoyed having a large hot breakfast that she cooked herself. This morning was eggs and hash browns that she got from a Muggle-based cookbook written by a witch. The whole Weasley clan eagerly downed all of her meal and went about their business.

Ron showed Harry around the property as well as beyond, into the open fields that surrounded his home. "And here is our favorite swimming hole." Ron proudly announced. "You want to go swimming?"

"But I don't own a swimsuit." Harry admitted, "My aunt and uncle keep me homebound as much as they can."

"What's a swimsuit?" Ron asked inquisitively.

"You know, what you wear when you go swimming." Harry answered back, surprised at such a question.

"You mean Muggles wear clothes to swim? Boy, they sound weirder all the time." Ron mentioned as he took off his clothes and laid them down on the ground. "You going to join me?"

"Sure." Harry replied, figuring that since he was a wizard, and not a Muggle, he should do what wizards do. He removed his clothes as well, not even thinking about it and raced Ron into the water.

Both boys enjoyed their impromptu skinny-dip, which lasted for about an hour. Harry was the first one to emerge from the water and stood on the shore, trying to drip dry so that he could get his clothes back on. Ron stayed in the water for a couple of minutes more before coming out and lying on the grass. Harry went over to him and laid next to him. But he couldn't keep his eyes off of Ron's cock. "Like what you see?" Ron asked, noticing his friend's attention.

"I'm sorry." Harry stammered, embarrassed that he had been caught. "It's just that I have never seen another boy naked before."

"Wow! That's amazing!!" Ron sighed. "As you noticed, our house isn't exactly much to look at and we have never really been much for modesty." he mentioned. "We see each other all the time and a lot of our other friends are the same way."

It was at this time that Ron and Harry heard some people coming to where they were lying. Harry was nervous, never having anyone else see him naked until Ron, and now more were coming. But he looked over at Ron, noticing that he was not letting it bother him, so he tried his best to stay like he was.

It was Ginny who came into view. And she had with her another of her friends, Serena, whom Harry recognized from Hogwarts. She, too, was a Griffindor. In fact, she was in his class. "How's the water?" Ginny asked her brother as she and Serena dropped their towels right next to the two naked boys.

"It's great!" Ron answered, eyeing Serena, a girl he had a crush on. The two girls started to undress, giving Harry his first sight of the naked female body. He noticed that Ginny hadn't
started any growth from puberty as her pussy was hairless and her chest was flat. Serena, however, was a bit ahead of Ginny with a nice blanket of fuzz on her pussy and small orbs protruding from
her chest.

"You two want to join us?" Serena asked, a bit flirtatious, noticing the teens' cocks standing at attention.

"Sure." Ron answered eagerly. When a girl that cute asks you to do something, you do it. "You coming Harry?"

"Why not?" Harry replied realizing that, if anything, the water would cure him of his hardness. And so the two naked boys joined the two naked girls in the lake. They played some of the usual splashing games, but they also were being a bit flirtatious as well. After a half an hour, all four of them exited the lake and laid on the grass with the girls on their towels and the boys lying next to their respective crushes.

Harry's scar started to feel very good as he looked over Ginny's naked body. She turned her head over to him and looked him over as well. "I love you so much, Ginny" he said to her with a lot of emotion.

Ginny's response to that was to give him a kiss on his lips. Again, his scar was pulsing with a powerfully good feeling. Her hands wrapped around his head and he was feeling her down her back. His cock was now pressing up between Ginny's thighs and was definitely becoming overstimulated. He looked over at Ron and Serena and saw as they were very much into themselves with kissing and heavy petting.

"Harry, I love you so much. Please have sex with me!" Ginny pleaded with him. She reached down and grasped a hold of his cock and guided it close to her bald slit. Harry did not need any more
persuasion as he pressed his cock upwards. He watched as the head of his uncut cock slowly disappeared inside Ginny's hairless slit. Her youthful insides made for a warm, tight fit for his
twelve-year-old cock.

He slowly slid up into her still ripening insides, making both children moan in ecstasy. It didn't take him too long before his cock was pressed completely up inside of Ginny's cunt. The two lovers took this magical time to look into each others' eyes. All they could see was an intense love and feeling of belonging, as if they were meant for each other. Harry's scar was now pulsating with a powerful feeling of sexual elation.

In the process of their intense lovemaking, they rolled over so that Harry was lying on the grass and Ginny was riding on top of him. She was bucking her hips up and down as she gave attention to his glowing scar. It didn't take him long with her now concentrating on his scar as well before he came in a loud, powerfully magic orgasm. "Here I come, Ginny!" he yelled out, not caring who could hear him as he unloaded his first cockload into this adorable young girl. Ginny's orgasm came nearly
simultaneous as she could feel the electricity that was emanating from his scar. Her hips were shooting up and down on Harry's hard cock as she hit her climax, milking him for everything she was worth.

They calmed down and Ginny soon slid off of her lover. It was at this time that they noticed that both Ron and Serena were watching them. "Well, I guess it's official. You two are an item." Serena commented.

"And to think that I am going to be related to you, Harry." Ron mentioned. "This is so cool."

Suddenly Harry became scared, "Oh gosh, what will your parents think of this?"

"First of all, they don't have to know. And secondly, I think that they would love to have you as their son-in-law." Ron explained.

There was a pause in the conversation as the naked couples just took in the environment. "Hey Ron, I'm just curious, how much of Ginny and me did you watch?"

"As soon as I saw that she was on top of you, Serena and I decided to watch." Ron admitted to his best friend. "I hope you don't mind."

"Hey, I don't mind that you watched us." Ginny told her brother. "As long as you let us watch you as well."

"Well that won't be today." Ron mentioned as he noticed the setting sun. "We have to get back home soon."


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