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Harry Potter:
Harry Potter And The Spellbook Of Desires Part 12 - The Feast
by Avatrek ([email protected])

It was October 30th, and the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students were going
to arrive later in the afternoon for a feast and the introduction into the
Triwizard Tournament. Fred and George Weasley had been very careful not to
use the Spellbook of Desires too much since they had re-acquired it from
Draco Malfoy. In fact, they hadn't used it on another person at all, mainly
because some of the teachers, including Professor Dumbledore, were becoming
suspicious. The several sexual related cautions and sightings had increased
dramatically since the start of the school year, and as the Triwizard Cup
approached, they had become vigilant in finding the root of the source.
Professor Dumbledore had, after fucking Hermione Granger, decided to tell the
teachers to be on the lookout for a book containing explicit and dangerous
sexual spells. He of course made no mention of his erotic experience with
Hermione, who was obviously under the influence of a powerful sexual spell.
It is under these circumstances that Fred and George Weasley had taken extra
precautions; precautions which would take the focus off of them, while
seriously increasing their pocket gold. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes were about
to become a lot more popular in the weeks to come, and Fred and George were
sure that their business would be booming like never before.

"Almost ready there Fred" George asked his brother, who was stirring the last
of some volatile materials into his cauldron. Fred and George had the
Spellbook of Desires open and were mixing together some of the more
interesting potions. They were going to mix the finished sex potions into
their candy mixtures; tainting them and making them an extremely attractive
product. This way, they'd be able to use the Spellbook of Desires whenever
they wanted and sell sexually tainted candies to make gold, all while
diverting any extra attention away from themselves. At the moment, they were
in need of some willing female trial subjects for some of their more complex
candies, but because some of the potions they would be selling were actually
straight from the book, just re-packaged, they were ready to be sold.

"This batch is ready to go George" Fred responded, pouring the liquid from
the cauldron into several small vials labeled, "Hot Sauce", right on the cap
of the bottle. On each bottle was a blank label wrapped around the middle; if
Fred and George were going to draw attention away from themselves, they
wouldn't be able to leave any kind of description that any teacher could see.
They therefore enchanted the blank label with the `Aperecium' spell that kept
the label blank until a special word was said. Just like the Marauders Map,
all the buyer had to do was tap the label and say the magic words; which in
this case was `Draco Malfoy is a prat'. As an added protection, they were
going to force every customer to sign a special contract; one which would
jinx the customer if they ever revealed who had sold them the product. If
they did reveal the Weasley twins as the producers if caught, the word "HOMO"
would be permanently written across their forehead in pimples.

"Make sure the Aperecium spell is working before we start selling them
George" Fred said to his brother, pouring the last of the potion he had
brewed into another small vial.

"Draco Malfoy is a prat" said George, tapping one of the bottles and
revealing the potions description.

The description read:

Hot Sauce is the first brilliant concoction of our new line of sexually
potent products. Sneak the contents of one of these vials into the object of
your desire's pumpkin juice or beverage, and she'll be getting hot under the
collar in no time at all. It will start off as a fever, forcing the drinker
to remove their clothes in a matter of minutes to cool off. After another ten
minutes, the only thing they want is a nice helping of soothing cum. In fact,
the drinker will remain sexually charged and horny until they get a healthy
serving of someone's special sauce, so make sure you're around to satisfy the
drinker's needs.

"Works just fine brother" said George, after looking over the label once to
make sure everything was spelled right. For safety purposes, Fred and George
had made sure the label would only remain visible for five minutes before
becoming invisible again. With that, the twins left their room with a single
vial of their very first Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes product. It didn't take
long for the twins to find their first customer either; Ron had just walked
through the school portrait, in a hurry to get changed and ready for the
arrival of the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students. They had only one vial to
sell because they wanted to make sure it didn't kill anyone with and their
very first attempt. Ron seemed like the best possible choice for testing the
potentially dangerous potion.

"Hey Ron!" shouted Fred, just as Ron ran past him.

"What?" Ron said, irritated that he was being stopped. Ron was in a hurry;
the delegations from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang were going to arriving at
Hogwarts at any moment and he was going to miss it for anything.

"How about testing out one of our newest products" George replied, handing
the bottle over to Ron.

"Hot Sauce?" asked Ron quizzically looking at the cap, not sure what Fred and
George were up to. "What does it do and how much does it cost?" he asked, now
interested, turning the bottle around, looking at the blank label.

"First sign here, stating that you won't tell anyone who made the potion ...
If you do, the word HOMO will be permanently written across your forehead in
pimples' George said, making Ron sign a waiver in the process. `Just tap that
label and say Draco Malfoy is a prat, and all your questions will be answered
for free' finished Fred, smiling with George, as they left Ron looking at the
bottle and made their way outside to see the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang
delegations arrive. They'd ask Ron who he used it on and how it worked out
after the feast, later that night. They knew for sure that after reading the
bottle's label, he'd be using it as soon as he could. If it worked and Ron
didn't kill some random girl, they'd be selling the bottles to anyone who
wanted them. If it didn't work, Ron would be the one getting into trouble and
they'd be off the hook. If Ron did tell anyone about who had made the potion,
he'd have the word HOMO written across his face in pimples and that would
surely be a decent trade for potentially being expelled from Hogwarts.

"Draco Malfoy is a prat" Ron said, tapping the blank label in the process.
"Holy shit!" he exclaimed moments later, after reading the description
thoroughly. Ron's mind raced with what he could do with such a potion. He
also recognized the nature of the potion, which instantly reminded him of the
Spellbook of Desires. Ron would have been more inquisitive, possibly even
going up to their room and looking for the book, but because he didn't want
to miss the arrival of the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students, he didn't
have anytime to sneak around. Ron put the bottle of Hot Sauce in his pocket
and ran down outside, joining the rest of the Hogwarts students, who were
already eagerly waiting.

"Where have you been?" asked Hermione, noticing Ron had a big smile on his
face. Unbeknownst to Hermione, Ron had every intention of slipping his bottle
of Hot Sauce into Hermione's beverage as soon as he could. Ron knew that he'd
finally get his opportunity to bed Hermione. `What are you smiling at Ron?'
Hermione asked, as Ron was deep in thought.

"Nothing" Ron responded still in reverie. Just as Ron started to fantasize
about bending Hermione over and slamming his cock into her sweet teenage
pussy, the Beauxbatons flying carriage arrived, followed shortly after by the
Durmstrang submersible ship. Students from both schools made their way up the
grounds to Hogwarts and its students. Harry, Ron and Hermione could tell
immediately that every single student from Durmstrang was male, while almost
every student from Beauxbatons was female.

"Holy fuck!" swore Ron and Harry together, as the Beauxbatons students came
into view. The female students were nearly all perfect tens, and were all
wearing sexy silk clothing. They had no cloaks; only very thin light blue
silk tops and short light blue silk skirts.

"Those are fucking short!" Ron sighed, staring at a particularly beautiful
set of long legs belonging to the most attractive Beauxbatons student by far.
The students' giantess headmistress said a few words to Dumbledore, before
motioning for her freezing students to enter the Hogwarts castle and wait for
the Durmstrang and Hogwarts students to join them. As they passed, Ron and
Harry got a particularly amazing but fleeting view of the female Beauxbatons
students' back ends. They could just make out the bottom of their ass, and if
they weren't mistaken, each and every one of the female Beauxbatons students
was wearing a thong underneath their incredibly short skirts.

"A lot more liberal in France, aren't they?" Ron said smiling and still
staring at the girls' asses. Ron and Harry felt their respective cocks twinge
and harden at the sight of the beautiful Beauxbatons girls.

"HELLO!" Hermione cried, obstructing Ron and Harry's view and snapping them
out of their gaze. Hermione was disgusted, offended, and envious of Ron and
Harry's gaze, as they snapped out of it and began to blush. Hermione may have
been disgusted by Ron and Harry's obvious and lustful gazes, but she couldn't
help but feel a twinge of jealousy. Ron on the other hand, had a tough
decision to make; he could either use the Hot Sauce on Hermione or the
beautiful Beauxbatons girl he had just seen.

After a cold look from Hermione; Harry and Ron watched the Durmstrang
students walk up the Hogwarts grounds, and to their shock, Victor Krum was
with them. Giggling, gawking and gaggling ensured for a few minutes, but
after that, everybody went inside to enjoy the feast.

"Who is that?" Ron asked Harry, as they passed the Beauxbatons students and
the beautiful long-legged girl.

"I don't know, but she kinda looks like one of those Veela we saw at the
Quidditch World Cup" replied Harry, staring at her long beautiful legs.

"Her name is Fleur or something" Hermione responded frostily, waving her hand
if front of Ron's eyes and stomping away is anger.

Ron had hoped that the Beauxbatons girls would sit at their table, but after
they took a seat at the Ravenclaw table, he became worried that he wouldn't
get his opportunity to slip his vial of potion in one of their drinks. The
feast began, and just before Ron started to give up on using his Hot Sauce on
Fleur; the gorgeous Beauxbatons girl started walking over to where he was
sitting. She was stopping every few paces and asking every Gryffindor student
for an extra helping of bouillabaisse; apparently, she really wanted some
more. Ron had a great idea; he quickly emptied almost all of the
bouillabaisse onto his plate before stealthily pouring his Hot Sauce into
what was left of the bouillabaisse. This way, there was only one serving
tainted with the Hot Sauce, and because Fleur was so intent on eating more,
she would definitely be the one consuming it.

"Excuse me, are you needing ze bouillabaisse?" Fleur asked Ron and Harry,
bending over in the process and giving them a perfect view of her cleavage.

"Yeah ... You can have what's left!" replied Ron, getting hard at the thought
of what he'd be doing to her shortly. Fleur took the bowl from Ron, said
thank you, and went back to the Ravenclaw table. Ron watched intently as
Fleur poured the tainted bouillabaisse onto her plate and quickly devoured

"I think I need to use the restroom" announced Ron, realizing that Fleur
would soon be overcome with a fever and eventually the need to remove all her
clothes. She would surely leave the crowded Great Hall before the fever
progressed and she started tearing off her clothes. The Hot Sauce would only
start taking real effect after a few minutes, and if Ron was correct in his
thinking, Fleur would be leaving for the girls' lavatories soon. Ron walked
quickly out of the Great Hall, making his way to the nearest girls' restroom,
hiding in one of the stalls, waiting patiently for Fleur.

"Ohh my!" groaned Fleur back in the Great Hall; the potion had hit her like a
ton of bricks. She immediately felt hot under the collar, and with her fever
rising, she quickly left the Great Hall, needing to splash water over her as
soon as possible. After leaving the hall, she quickly found the nearest
girls' restroom. She entered it and ran to the nearest sink, where she
splashed cold water against her face. The cool water did little to satisfy
the burning hot sensation now running through her body.

"Here it comes!" Ron whispered to himself, peeping through the crack of a
stall door and rubbing his shaft in the process. Ron had pulled his pants
down to his ankles and in anticipation of getting some sweet teenage French
pussy, he had began warming himself up. Ron was exactly right in his
thinking; Fleur unable to stand the heat coursing through her body, tore off
her silk top, quickly followed by her silk skirt. Ron nearly blew his load at
the sight of Fleur's gorgeous breasts. He could just make them out in the
reflection of the mirror, and if he was seeing them right; she had the best
tits he had ever seen. They were perfectly sized; developed, but not too big,
with small rosy pink erect nipples capping each of them off. Her ass was just
as perfect; Ron's cock gave another twinge as he got a nice long look at her
ass, perfectly framed in a small blue silk thong.

"Mmmmmmm!" moaned Fleur, rubbing her clit through her panties and staring at
herself through the mirror. All of a sudden, her eyes caught a glimpse of Ron
through one of the cracks in the stall door. "Who iz zat!" groaned Fleur,
still rubbing her pussy furiously, and walking over to the stall in question.
She threw the door open, revealing a terrified Ron, whose hand was still
pumping his six inch shaft at a torrid pace. He opened his mouth in horror,
trying furiously to think of a way out of his embarrassing situation. "Just
what I need!" mumbled Fleur, getting on her knees and taking hold of Ron's
hard cock. Ron let go of his shaft as he felt Fleur's petite fingers begin to
move up and down it. Apparently the Hot Sauce had hit its final stage;
forcing Fleur to seek the closest source of cum to sooth her aching burn.

"Ohhh Fuck!" groaned Ron, as Fleur quickly placed her lips on the tip of his
cock and began bobbing her head up and down, engulfing most of it with
passion. Fleur had only one thing on her mind by this point; she needed to
get Ron's hot cream or she'd burn up. Fleur used her hands to speed the
process along as well, rubbing his shaft and squeezing his balls to Ron's
obvious delight.

"Fuck me!" Fleur moaned, pulling her hot mouth off of Ron's cock after five
minutes and turning around. She stayed on her knees, lifted her ass up, put
her face to the ground and began wiggling her ass in anticipation. She pulled
her blue silk thong to the side, exposing a very tight and tantalizing pussy
to Ron, while still wiggling her ass. Ron stood there, so happy about his
good fortune, he couldn't move an inch.

"SMACK! SMACK!" Ron snapped out of his paralysis. Fleur was still wiggling
her ass, but now had started smacking it for Ron to hurry up. Ron got onto
his knees, grabbed his cock and guided his shaft towards Fleur's sopping wet
pussy. There was little resistance as he guided his shaft into her; she was
so wet and ready, Ron slid into her with ease.

"Mmmmmmmm!" moaned Fleur, obviously enjoying Ron's slow and deep penetration.
Ron, sensing Fleur's enjoyment, began to pick up his pace, using his hands to
grab her waist and slam his hips into her faster and faster. Ron could feel
Fleur's pussy clenching his shaft every time he plunged into her. The
constant stimulation eventually forced Fleur over the edge after ten minutes,
causing her pussy to spasm, clutch Ron's cock and explode all over his shaft.

"Ahhhhhhh! C'est Bon!" moaned Fleur, going through her orgasm, but still in
need of a healthy and soothing serving of Ron's hot cum. She was in luck, as
Ron bucked his hips into her with increasing speed, signaling a nearing end.

"I'm fixing to cum Fleur" Ron groaned, primed and ready to blow. Fleur took
her head off the bathroom floor and looked back at Ron, getting ready to
accept a massive helping of his cream. Just before Ron exploded though; Fleur
used her hand to push Ron back, before turning around and preparing herself
to receive a face-full of his hot cum. There was no way she was going to let
some random boy cum inside her; she may have been horny as hell, but that
didn't mean she had to get pregnant in the process. Fleur smiled up at Ron
and gave the tip of his cock a quick flick with her tongue, pushing Ron over
the edge in the process.

"UNGHHHHHH!" grunted Ron, sending stream after stream of his hot sticky cum
onto Fleur's tongue and face. Fleur opened her mouth and caught a few loads
before Ron pasted the rest of her face with his sticky cream. With a final
shudder and spasm, Ron fired off his last load, hitting Fleur in the right
eye and collapsing backwards on his ass, exhausted from the ordeal.

"Mmmmmmm! Zat iz so much better!" moaned Fleur, licking her lips and cleaning
off her face by scooping Ron's cum off with her fingers and licking them
clean. After finishing up, Fleur stood up and pulled off her blue silk thong,
tossing it at the near unconscious Ron. Her thong hit Ron in the face, giving
him a whiff of her pussy in the process. Fleur was a little surprised at what
and who she had just done, but she didn't regret it in the least before
putting on her short skirt and top and leaving Ron on the girls' bathroom
floor. She had given him her thong as a memento of his conquest; she knew
he'd never forget fucking her.

"I gotta thank Fred and George!" sighed a satisfied Ron, before pulling his
pants back up and rejoining the feast, which had progressed to the desserts
stage. Ron sat down and looked back over at Fleur, who was tucking in and
eating some pudding. She looked over at Ron and gave him a quick wink.

"What took you so long Ron?" Hermione asked, snapping Ron back to reality.

"Nothing ... What?" replied a confused Ron, looking down at some of the
desserts in front of him. Hermione just shrugged him off and began eating her
own dessert.

"Yah ... What took you so long?" Harry whispered to Ron, elbowing him in the
gut. Harry had obviously put the pieces together after both Fleur and Ron
left the feast in a hurry. Harry knew that what had just happened, had
something to do with his Spellbook of Desires, and he was determined to find
out who had stolen it and where to find the book.

"I'll tell you later" replied Ron, smiling and looking back over at Fleur in
the process. After the feast, the introductions of the students, schools, and
judges were made, followed by the presentation of the Triwizard Cup.
Following some explanations about rules and procedures, all the students left
for their sleeping quarters to prepare for an interesting Halloween the next


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