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Harry Potter:
Harry Potter And The Spellbook Of Desires Part 8 - Forbidden Fruit
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Hermione had been violated by Malfoy for the second time in a few days and
although she had no proof or memory of their second encounter, she did have a
pussy full of someone's cum, and it was probably Malfoy's. Who else but
Malfoy could blindside her like that; fuck her, impregnate her, and leave her
naked without any memory of what had happened. Not only had he left a creamy
deposit in Hermione's most sacred area, Malfoy had stolen any chance she had
of counteracting the Spellbook of Desires. At the moment however, Hermione
was busy making her way back up to the Gryffindor dorm rooms in order to find
some more clothes before going back down to the hospital ward and getting
another pregnancy potion. Hermione had intended to go straight to Madam
Pomfrey in the invisibility cloak and just steal the potion to avoid any
further embarrassment, but because she had no idea where Madam Pomfrey kept
the potion, she knew she'd have to ask again. Therefore, Hermione decided it
was best to go put on some clothes and ask Madam Pomfrey for another one; she
didn't want to be embarrassed, but it was better than getting pregnant.

It was still fairly early in the morning when Hermione made it back to the
Gryffindor common room; everybody was either sleeping or down having
breakfast in the Great Hall. Hermione ran up to her bedroom and started
looking around for some replacement clothes.

"Dammit! Where are all my panties" cried Hermione as she looked everywhere in
her trunk. Most of her clothes were missing, `Damn perverts ... always
stealing my panties!' said Hermione, as she continued to look through her
trunk. Her school uniforms were currently being cleaned and because it was
Saturday morning, she wouldn't be getting them back until later that night.
Hermione was desperate; all she had was a ridiculously short skirt from first
year and a tight tube top she had brought from her summer holiday.

"I'm going to look like a total whore!" Hermione complained to herself as she
threw off the invisibility cloak and stuffed it in her trunk for safe
keeping. She tried prying open the other trunks, but like hers, they were all
magically sealed and couldn't be opened, not even with magic. With no bra or
panties, all she was going to be wearing down to the hospital wing was her
shoes, a short skirt that barely covered her round ass, and a skanky little
tube top that left nothing to the imagination. Hermione, resigned to looking
like a complete skank, pulled on her shoes, skirt and tube top, leaving the
girls dormitories moments later. She never even considered using the
invisibility cloak to wear down to Madam Pomfrey.

As Hermione made her way through the portrait hole and down the stairs, every
person she passed was pointing and watching her walk by them. Her skirt was
so short that every time she took a step down the stairs, her skirt flew up
just high enough for everybody watching to get a good look at either her
trimmed pussy or her perfect tight teen ass. She tried to cover up and hold
her skirt down, but every time she did, her tits nearly bounced out of her
tight tube top.

"Fucking Malfoy!" Hermione whispered to herself, as a number of people were
now gawking and mumbling things about her. After finally making it down to
the hospital wing and getting away from her adoring crowd, Hermione found
Madam Pomfrey mixing some odd potions together.

"Ms. Granger! What are you wearing!" berated a somewhat angry Madam Pomfrey.

"Yeah ... Madam Pomfrey ... could I get another pregnancy potion" asked
Hermione, extremely embarrassed about asking for another potion.

"Ms. Granger ... This has got to stop ... Two in one day ... I'll give you
the potion, but you have to promise to get counseling after I do" said Madam
Pomfrey, with distress in her voice.

"I promise" replied Hermione, realizing that her only other alternative was
to remain pregnant. Madam Pomfrey left and in a couple of minutes, came back
with another valuable vial of pregnancy potion, which Hermione guzzled down
right in front of Madam Pomfrey.

As Hermione was getting ready to seek some much needed counseling, Fred and
George were devising a fool proof plan in finding Malfoy and stealing back
the Spellbook of Desires. After a few minutes of brainstorming, Fred came up
with a plan to use their old Marauder's Map to locate Malfoy and forcefully
take the book from him, invisible or not. To do this however, they would have
to find Harry and take back the map from him. As mad as they were at Harry
for fucking and cumming inside their sister, they knew that he had been
bewitched to do so. The needed his help to recover the long lost book, or
they may never have the opportunity to stop Malfoy and regain their lost

"Should we tell him or just steal it?" Fred asked George about the Marauder's

"Let's just steal it ... We don't need to get Harry involved with this!"
George told Fred, not knowing that the book actually belonged to Harry. They
had thought they had stolen the book from either one of their brothers or
their parents. Fred and George ran up the stairs to Harry's dorm; they knew
they had to be quiet in order not to wake up Harry or Ginny's other fuck
buddies. They made it over to Harry's bedside, and to their surprise, Harry
hadn't even locked his trunk. They looked through the messy trunk, but to
their dismay, couldn't find the parchment anywhere.

"Dammit, where the hell is it?" George whispered to Fred, trying not to wake

"I don't know, but maybe we should wake Harry and ask him where it is ... We
don't even have to tell him why we need it" Fred replied, getting ready to
wake Harry.

"Okay, I guess we have to" responded George, clearly not thrilled with the
plan. Fred gave Harry a slap in the face to wake him. The slap in the face
was for two reasons, one to wake him and the other as a little payback for
fucking his little sister.

"Huh!" mumbled Harry, opening his eyes groggily, not knowing what was going

"Hey Harry!" whispered the twins in unison. "Can we borrow the Marauder's Map
for a little bit?"

"Yeah sure, whatever ... I think Ginny's got it though ... ask her" Harry
replied before closing his eyes again and falling asleep in seconds.

Fred and George looked at each other, quickly realizing that the only way to
ask Ginny was to make it up to her dormitory where she was sleeping. The only
problem with that however, was the fact that the stairs would turn into a
slide, preventing them from making it into their girls' dormitories.

"I know ... We'll use our brooms to fly up the stairs and into the hallway"
Fred said to George as they made their way to their own bedroom.

"Good plan Fred!" George replied with a smile on his face as they picked up
their brooms and made their way out their room and back downstairs. They used
their brooms to fly above the stairs and into the girls' dormitories hallway,
where they got off and found Ginny's third year dorm room. They opened the
door and were happy to see that she was all alone, with nobody to interrupt
them while they asked her about the map.

Ginny had been unconscious since her little escapade with Dean, Seamus and
Harry. Nobody knew however, that the spell that had been put on her, was
still in effect, still influencing her actions, and even though she was
currently sleeping, any kind of proximity of any man, would set off her
sexual lust. The only way to break her of the curse Malfoy had placed on her
was to satisfy her completely.

"Ginny ... wake up ... wake up ... wake up" whispered George, patting his
sister on her shoulder. Ginny was under her covers, fast asleep and lying on
her stomach, unresponsive to Fred and George's attempts to wake her. Fred,
tired of waiting, ripped off her bed covers to make her get up. To their
utter horror however, Ginny was completely naked under her covers, with her
sweet juicy ass sticking straight up in the air for their viewing pleasure.
As disgusted as they were that they were seeing their sister's naked ass,
they both had to admit that her ass was near perfect, and it looked like the
rest of her body was just as good.

"DAMN!" said the twins in unison; obviously impressed at what they were
seeing. Both twins knew it was wrong, but they couldn't help but get a quick
grope in, to satisfy their temporary curiosity. Both Fred and George reached
over her gorgeous ass and gave each cheek as good squeeze. Her ass was so
soft and juicy, that both the twins began to get a little hot, with their
individual shafts hardening from touching her gorgeous ass.

"She's really out of it isn't she?" Fred asked George, obviously thinking
about what they should do to her while she remained unconscious. To their
utter shock and dismay however, Ginny woke with a start, looking back at what
the twins were doing to her.

"Ungghhhh ... that feels so good!" moaned a horny Ginny, as she stared back
at the brothers and bit her lower lip.

"GINNY ... Uhhhhh ... we were just ..." started Fred, as Ginny continued to
make eyes at them.

"...About to fuck me!" said Ginny, finishing Fred's sentence in her sexy and
sultry voice. That was definitely not what Fred was about to say, but after
Ginny got off the bed and onto her knees to start removing their pants, both
Fred and George started to reconsider. Ginny's eyes locked onto her brothers'
hardening cocks, and began to massage both seven inch shafts through their
pants. Paralyzed by what Ginny was doing and how wrong they were for letting
her do it, the twins just stood their in shock. After a couple minutes of
having their cocks massaged by Ginny's small hands however, their paralysis
turned into pure enjoyment as Ginny started to remove their pants and

"That's it little sister ... suck our dicks!" moaned Fred and George
together. The twin's encouragement only turned Ginny on even more, making her
want to pleasure them even more. After pulling down their pants, Ginny took
no time at all before she was stroking each cock with both her hands as hard
as she could, licking her brothers' cock tips, one after another. Ginny
continued doing this for the next three minutes before she started to engulf
more and more of the twin's cocks in rapid succession, until she was
deep throating their seven inches with ease.

"God ... your mouth is so hot and wet!" moaned Fred as Ginny picked up her
speed. Just as Fred and George were about to blow however, Ginny stopped,
smiled and turned around, before bending over her mattress and looking back
at them sexily.

"I need a spanking ... I've been a naughty little girl!" Ginny said sexily,
winking at her brothers and enticing them to slap her ass.

"Oh ... you're gonna get it alright, you dirty little girl!" replied George,
as Fred got onto the floor and stuck his head under Ginny's hot pussy. As
Fred started licking her pussy from underneath, George had gotten beside her
and was preparing to give her a hard spanking. Ginny's pussy was wet, but the
cum that she had been filled with a short time ago had all dried up; a
by-product of the pregnancy potion. Ginny was moaning from the tongue lashing
she was getting, but she managed to give George a quick nod before she felt
George's hand come down on her slutty ass, reddening it with each successive
blow. It took only minutes before the sensation of Fred licking her pussy and
George giving her a spanking caused her to go through an intense orgasm. The
orgasm was massive, and even though a massive amount of juices splashed down
onto Fred's tongue, it wasn't enough for the spell on her to break.

"That's it ... I need a piece of this pussy" cried Fred, as he got out from
under her and stood up. "Come here ... get on your big brother's lap" Fred
said forcefully, lifting Ginny up by her waist before sitting on the bed and
placing her in the reverse cowboy position, so George would be able to see

"Are you gonna finally fuck me?" moaned Ginny in an innocent schoolgirl

"You know I am!" responded Fred as he pulled Ginny down onto his hard seven
inches. Ginny face scrunched up in pain as she felt her brother's wide cock
pierce her. George watched as Ginny slowly slid down his brother's huge cock.

"Unghhh ... You're so big!" cried Ginny, as she felt Fred's hands take hold
of her small firm breasts and massage them to take her mind off her stuffed
pussy. It took some doing, but after five minutes of painful pushing, Ginny's
receptive pussy finally took Fred's entire member. Fred let go of Ginny's
breasts and took hold of her waist again, slamming her pussy up and down on
his hard cock.

Seeing his opportunity to get a little pleasure of his own, George motioned
for Ginny to bend down towards his own cock while she continued to bounce up
and down on Fred. Ginny did so dutifully, hoping to get another taste of her
brother's tasty cock. She used both her hands to cup his balls and hold his
shaft, while she opened her mouth and began to suck on the tip again. Both
twins were in heaven as they started using Ginny like a fuck doll to satisfy
their sexual desires for their younger sister. George watched as Ginny
started bobbing her head up and down on his cock, while she played with his
balls and rode Fred's cock like a horse.

"Fuck ... I'm cumming again!" screamed Ginny, as she went through her second
massive orgasm; spilling her juices onto Fred's cock and balls, while her
mouth closed tightly around George's shaft, nearly making him cum as well.

"I want some of that pussy!" cried George, as he watched Ginny shake and
spasm. George pulled away from Ginny's mouth in preparation for his own turn.

"Double fuck me like a whore!" screamed Ginny, obviously still under Malfoy's

"No problem!" said Fred and George together, just as Fred lifted Ginny up by
her waist and guided his cock towards her tight little asshole. Ginny groaned
in pain as she felt her sphincter expand to accommodate Fred's massive tool.
This wasn't the first time she had had a big cock in her ass, but Fred's
width was almost too much for Ginny to handle.

"My turn!" grunted George, ready to have his turn with Ginny's pussy. As
Fred's cock became fully submerged in Ginny's tight ass, George was
positioning his identically large cock at Ginny's other entrance. Ginny gave
George a quick wink through her crumpled face, as if to tell him to go ahead.
George needed little encouragement or go ahead from Ginny to stick it in her
tight box, but it was the thought that counted, as he rubbed his cock head up
and down her wet slit. Without another warning, George grunted and slid his
cock into her now much looser pussy, as Fred held her hips still and kept his
cock buried in her tight ass.

"Ohhhh shit, I love being full of cock!" screamed the horny Ginny, as her
brothers began to work in unison to fuck their slutty sister.

This only turned on the twins further as each of them began to slide their
cocks in an out of their sister's slutty holes. They both could tell that
Ginny was in paradise as she had multiple orgasms, one after another, from
the double penetration. The three siblings were locked in this position for
several more minutes, all sweating, groaning and moaning in pure pleasure.

"Fuck Ginny ... I'm getting ready to pop!" grunted Fred, as he pummeled her
ass with ferocity. Fred looked up at his twin and could tell that both George
and Ginny were getting close as well, as all three began to pant in

"Me too!" moaned George, as his cock slid in and out of Ginny in
synchronization with his brother.

"Fucking cum in me! I need to be full of cum again ... Cum deep inside your
little sister! You know you want to!" cried Ginny, trying to push her twin
brothers over the edge and fill her full of their warm cream.

"You know just what to say you horny slut!" groaned Fred and George together,
as their faces began to strain under the pressure.

"Fuck ... Unghhhhh!" shouted Fred, filling her tiny rectum full with his hot
cum, beating George to the punch. The sensation of Ginny's squeezing her ass
as hard as she could to extract as much cum from Fred was making Fred spill a
monster load into her. After ten seconds of cumming; cum started spilling out
of her ass with each in-stroke of cum that poured into Ginny.

The sensation of having her anus filled with Fred's hot semen was nearly
enough to put her through another orgasm.

"Ungghhhhhhh!" grunted George only minutes later, plastering Ginny's womb
with his own potent seed, and filling her up with just as much cum as his
brother had. Ginny's pussy began clutching and squeezing George's cock half
way through his orgasm, making him spill an even larger load into her
vulnerable pussy. Just like with Fred, George pumped so much cum into her
that it started to squeeze out past George's cock and drip to the floor.

"Unghhhhh!" moaned Ginny, enjoying the sensation of having both her holes
filled with hot sticky seed again. As George continued to pump his adult
sized load into her clutching pussy, Ginny went through the largest orgasm of
her life; and orgasm so earth-shattering that it both knocked her unconscious
and broke the powerful spell that had taken her over.

"Damn ... That was amazing Ginny ... Ginny ... Hello!" said Fred, as he and
George lifted her off their cocks and laid her back down on the bed with
their hot sperm still pouring out of her. "I guess she fell back to sleep ...
I just wish we would've told us where the map was" Fred said to George after
putting his clothes back on and throwing the covers back over their sister.

"We might as well give her trunk a quick look, it looks like its still open"
replied George, surprised to find yet another trunk wide open. After taking
another couple of minutes searching through it, they finally found the
Marauder's Map.

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!" said George, tapping the blank
parchment, which revealed a detailed outline of Hogwarts and all the students
within the grounds.

They searched for Malfoy and found him in only a few seconds, who was leaving
the library in a hurry. They studied his movements, to see where he was
running off to. After watching him enter the Slytherin common room, the twins
left the girls' dormitories and used their brooms to fly back down the
stairs, where they got off their brooms and started walking back to their own
bedroom to devise a plan.

"What the hell!" said Fred confused, as he felt something invisible brush by
him towards the girls' dormitories. Fred shrugged it off and followed his
brother back to their room to think up a plan into the Slytherin common room.


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