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Harry Potter:
Harry Potter And The Spellbook Of Desires Part 3 - The Burrow
by Avatrek

Harry and Ron couldn't stop smiling, even after the unfortunate and grisly
attack the previous night by a group of Death Eaters. The Quidditch match had
gone so well, with Ireland beating Bulgaria, and Krum catching the snitch.
The unwarranted attack by a group of death eaters and the subsequent Dark
Mark blemished the experience to a degree, but only minimally for Ron, who
was still dreaming about Narcissa Malfoy's sweet pussy. The entire Weasley
family, along with Harry and Hermione, had returned however, in the early
hours of the morning. They were exhausted and ready for bed as they made
their way to their respective rooms and went to sleep. Ron let Harry take his
bed while he slept on the floor, as Harry was the guest.

Harry had a hard time sleeping though; all he could think about was the
Spellbook of Desires, and who his next victim would be. He had thought about
using it on Ginny again, seeing how enjoyable his first time was with her,
but he couldn't stop thinking about Hermione's gorgeous body and tight ass.

Ron had fallen asleep immediately, along with Hermione and the rest of the
Weasley family. He was fast asleep, dreaming about what was, and what was to

Harry finally fell asleep three hours after Ron, holding his new
leather-bound Spellbook of Desires in his arms, as he drifted off to sleep.

Ron would wake first, hours later, as the sun began to rise. Yawning loudly
and stretching as he got out of his bed. He looked over at Harry, who was
holding his prized possession and still sleeping soundly. Ron knew it was
Harry's turn to use the book, and he knew he would be using it Hermione, so
he had to find a way to prevent him from using it until they made it back to
school. At school, there would be so much pussy walking around; Hermione
would be a second thought to him. Ron was willing to do anything to prevent
him from using it on Hermione first. He had to steal and hide it until they
made it back to school, only then would he return it back to Harry. Ron,
stealthily, snuck up to Harry and quickly replaced the Spellbook of Desires
with one of his own thick school books. Ron successfully made the switch
without Harry even twitching. Ron left the room in quick order, searching for
a suitable hiding place. He made it downstairs and out into the yard where he
snuck into the broom shed. He looked around in the dusty old shed, looking
for a suitable spot to hide the book. The broom shed was littered with old
boots, cauldrons and broom sticks. Ron found a small nook behind a rusting
cauldron and hid the book behind it. Ron left the broom shed with a smile on
his face, having guaranteed Harry wouldn't have his shot at Hermione before
he did. He would sneak out after breakfast and look up a new spell to use on
Hermione when Harry wasn't around. It would be difficult to find the right
opportunity with the house so full, but he'd wait as long as it took to get
his chance at Hermione. Ron snuck back upstairs and into his room, where he
fell back to sleep, believing his mission had pulled off his mission

Unfortunately for Ron, he hadn't gone unseen; his younger sister Ginny had
heard him walking down the stairs in the wee hours of the morning. Deciding
that he was obviously up to something; she had followed him outside and
watched from afar as he went into the broom shed with a leather-bound book,
re-emerging minutes later without it. Ginny knew that the book must have been
important for Ron to hide it from everybody, including his best friend Harry,
as well. As Ron snuck back into the house and up the stairs, Ginny crept out
to the broom shed, feeling the cool brisk morning air strike her face as she
made her way. She opened the shed and entered, looking everywhere for the
book. She knew Ron would've hid it somewhere unseen, so she got onto her
knees, eventually finding the book behind a rusted cauldron. Ginny slowly
opened the book, discovering the title, `Spellbook of Desires'. She flipped
through the pages, thrilled at what she was seeing. Potions and spells of all
kinds were in the book; describing the most lurid but fantastic sexual spells
and potions which would seduce anyone.

"Oh my god!" said Ginny out loud as she looked closer at the book, seeing
that some of spells resulted in memory loss. Ginny wondered if anyone had
used the book on her, but thought better of it quickly, knowing that Harry
would not try it on her and because Ron was her brother, there was no chance
she'd been violated. Not to mention the fact that Hermione was a much bigger
tease and if anyone was to be a target of one of the spells or potions from
the book, it would inevitably be her. If only Harry knew how much Ginny loved
him, then maybe he'd be using the book on her. Ginny knew the perfect way to
get back at Harry; using one of the spells or potions from the book on him,
letting him have a taste of his own medicine. Ginny had never had sex before
(to her knowledge), but she knew that if it was with Harry, it would be worth
it. She picked out a simple spell and read the description.

It read:

A fabulous and simple potion, which gives the drinker the ability to infect
their intended target with a potent and viral infection, intended to make the
intended target a sexually deviant, aggressive and experienced sexual actor.
The potion will only be active within the drinkers system for ten minutes and
the subsequent infection on the intended target will only last thirty
minutes, leaving the target with no memory of the encounter. Warning!
Whomever you touch will be infected, and they will seek out whoever is

Good, thought Ginny, thirty minutes should be plenty to teach that pervert a
lesson and hopefully have some fun myself. Ginny read and re-read the potion
mix. It seemed easy enough; mixing warm milk with honey, sugar and casting a
simple wordless spell. If anything, the potion would taste good, even if the
potion failed to work.

Meanwhile... Ron was back upstairs snoring so loud that Harry had woken. Not
even checking to see if the book in his arms was in fact his Spellbook of
Desires, Harry got up and went downstairs to sleep on the living room couch
with the books still in his arms. Harry made his way down the stairs and
walked directly into the living room, not even looking to see who was making
a racket in the kitchen. Harry fell asleep as soon as his head hit the
pillow, unaware of Ginny Weasley's intention to infect him with a sexual

Ginny was hard at work, warming up the milk, stirring in honey and sugar, and
finally casting the correct spell, making the golden liquid flash three times
brightly before returning to its original color.

"Huh... this should be interesting" Ginny said to herself, as she lifted the
bowl of potion, draining the entire contents in one swig. "Mmmmm. that was

Ginny made her way out of the kitchen, not even noticing that her intended
target was already downstairs, only feet away from her as she passed Harry
and made her way up the stairs towards Ron and Harry's room. Ginny crept into
the room, not making a sound, noticing; who she believed was Harry, sleeping
on the floor. She didn't even pay attention to the empty bed, knowing for
sure that Harry would be sleeping on the floor and her bastard of a brother
was obviously enjoying his own bed. Ginny thought Ron must be downstairs
already, because he had talked about waking early and trying out Harry's

Ron was still fast asleep, with the covers pulled over his head, trying to
block the sunlight that had made its way through his window. Ron had no idea
that his little sister was getting undressed only feet away.

Ginny decided it was best to maximize her time and get undressed quietly,
before she infected the unknowing Harry. She locked the door after peeling
off her underwear, making certain Ron wouldn't be able to enter until her
half an hour was up. Ginny got onto her knees and crawled over to her
sleeping victim. She lifted up the bottom of the sheets, revealing a pair of
feet, which she touched immediately. The simple touch infected Ron instantly,
and as Ginny continued to pull the sheets off the sleeping figure, she was
horrified to discover that she hadn't infected Harry, but her annoying
brother Ron.

"Oh Nooooo!" screamed Ginny, as Ron awoke with a stir and a crazed look in
his eyes. Ginny scrambled to her feet, running as fast as she could to the
door. She turned the door knob, but quickly remembered that she had locked
the door. Ginny made to turn the lock, but before she could, she felt her
brother's cold fingers grasp her naked waist and pull her backwards.

"Let go... no please... snap out of it Ron... I'm your sist--" Ginny tried to
say before Ron turned her around and she got her first look at Ron's long
thick cock. She stared down at his six inches, and was shocked to feel a
small twinge in her pussy. She quickly shook the thought from her mind,
trying with all her might to break free of Ron's grasp and get to the door.

Ron, completely infected by the sexual virus by this point, moved his hands
up to his sister's small but pert breasts as she continued to struggle
against him. He could feel his cock come in contact with her warm and soft
ass. He took hold over her soft supple breasts and massaged them as he
started kissing Ginny's neck.

"Mmmmm..." Ginny purred, feeling Ron's tongue trace up and down her neck and
his fingers kneading her soft tits. She felt his fingers move to her nipples,
making her moan again as her brother twisted her hardening nipples. Ginny was
losing control, she knew it was very wrong, but it felt so right, as she
succumbed to the incredible sensation of her brother's tongue penetrating her
delicate ear.

"I've wanted to do this for so long!" moaned Ron as he began moving one of
his hands towards Ginny's hairless pussy. "You're every bit as sexy as
Hermione" he whispered into her ear as his cold fingers found their way to
her pussy lips.

After saying this, Ginny was butter in Ron's hands, giving in completely to
Ron's fondling fingers.

Ron was massaging her pussy, her tits and was kissing her neck, all at the
same time, to great effect on Ginny.

Ginny reached down with one of her hands and took hold of Ron's hard shaft,
stroking it with her petit fingers as Ron moaned from her touch.

"Stroke it... Stroke it hard!" he whispered into her ear, as he picked up his
own fondling speed.

After a good ten minutes of rubbing, grunting and moaning, Ron decided to
take it a step further and impale his sister on his six inch cock. He let go
of her breast and pussy and took hold of her waist after bending her over.

Ginny let go of Ron's cock at this point and supported herself on the door as
she was forcefully bent over and prepared to be fucked. She wasn't sure what
was going to happen next, but she figured Ron's cock would be entering her
pussy next.

"Ungghhh" grunted Ron and Ginny, as Ron's dick began to penetrate Ginny's
incredibly tight pussy. It would have been much tighter if this had been
Ginny's first time, but because neither of them thought otherwise, Ginny was
quite pleased that it wasn't hurting too bad. Ron kept forcing as much of his
cock into her as his hands moved up to her breasts again, grabbing hold of
her nipples and twisting them

"Ohhh god... that feels so good" cried Ginny, as she felt a strange tingling
in the depth of her pussy. She couldn't explain it, as a strange warmth
overtook her body and with a squeal of pleasure, Ginny came, squirting her
juices all over Ron's half-submerged cock. Her warm juices dripped down her
thigh and onto floor.

Ron could feel Ginny's warm juices engulf cock as her pussy began to spasm
from her orgasm. The sensation nearly made him cum, but he kept on playing
with her nipples and trying as hard as he could to fit the rest of his cock
into Ginny's tight pussy. The added lubrication was finally enough for Ron to
slam the last two inches of his cock into his sister, and as Ginny's orgasm
finally ended, he felt his balls bottom out, mashing his hips into hers.

With her orgasm finally over, she prepared herself for an extremely hard
fucking as she looked back into Ron's eyes and saw pure lust engraved in his
face. Ron's stamina could only be described as supernatural; the infection
gave him the ability to last far longer than he could ever dream of, and
after ten more minutes of hard slamming, Ginny heard Ron begin to pant.

"I'm fixing to cum Ginny!" grunted Ron as he continued to thrust into her
clutching pussy.

"Wait... I'm so close" groaned Ginny, as she felt another orgasm approaching.

"I can't" moaned Ron as he felt his cock begin to swell and shutter, closing
in on his own, huge orgasm. Ron thought about trying to hold it in, chancing
blowing his load inside his sister, but decided it was best not to risk it as
he pulled his cock out of her. He used one hand to pull his cock out of Ginny
and aim it while his other fingers remained, hard at work, on one of Ginny's
hard nipples.

The sudden removal of Ron's cock however, was just the stimulation Ginny
needed to hit her own orgasm. Again she felt warmness overtake her and a
trickle of juices escape her pussy just as Ron removed his own cock.

"Unghhhh" grunted a sweating Ron, as he exploded, all over Ginny's ass and
back. Ron spurted out so much cum in fact, that some struck the back of
Ginny's hair, pooling in the center of her back. With a final grunt, he fired
his last few loads of his hot sticky cum over Ginny's gorgeous, white
freckled ass.

"Ahhhh" moaned Ron, letting go of Ginny's nipple and falling backwards onto
his makeshift bed. Ginny looked back as she stood up, feeling her brother's
cum run down her back and ass. Ron seemed to be unconscious, and as the
thirty minutes was about to end, she cleaned herself up and made sure the
room was spotless, before unlocking the door and making her way back to her
own room, completely forgetting about the Spellbook of Desires, which she had
left, sitting open in the kitchen.

Harry awoke with a start, not ever remembering walking down to the living
room and falling asleep on the couch. He looked down at the book in his arms,
and was shocked to discover that the book was not the Spellbook of Desires;
it was some old school book. Shocked and worried that he had lost the best
book he'd ever read; Harry got up and looked everywhere, trying not to wake
the household. After searching everywhere for the book, he made his way into
the kitchen to search the last place he could think of. Just like the rest of
the house though, the book was nowhere to be found. As Harry made his way
back up to Ron's room to ask him if he'd seen the book, he met Fred and
George making their way down the stairs speaking quietly with each other,
obviously happy about something.

"Amazing..." whispered Fred to George as Harry passed by them.

"Morning Harry" said Fred and George together as they made their way to the

Harry made his way to his room where he questioned Ron about the missing
book. Ron denied everything, saying he had no idea where the book was. Of
course, he thought he did, but there was no way he was going to tell Harry.
Neither of them knew of course that Fred and George had stumbled upon the
fantastic leather-bound book with Harry asleep in the living room and Ginny
being fucked by Ron.

It was now the twins turn to use the book, and like everything else they did,
they'd be using it together!


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