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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Lure Of Lust Part 13 - Spying and Realizations
by The Chemist

"Harry. Harry, wake up mate," Ron said as he pushed and pulled on Hhis friend's shoulder.

"Wha...what's going on," Harry grumbled.

"Oh good, you're up," Ron replied, standing up from beside Harry's bed. "Tell me about the party. I waited up for you last night but you must have gotten in late. Was it that good?"

"Hmm. Oh Slughorn's thing. It was okay. Weird food though. I left early to chase after Draco and Snape. Draco claimed to be party crashing..." Harry explained.

For the better part of 5 months, Ron had been listening to Harry's crazy theories about Draco. This morning however, he didn't want to hear more about how his following of Draco led to nothing. He wanted details on the party, not about Harry's obsession. To be more specific, Ron was extremely curious as to how Hermione's date with Cormac had gone. Although he ignored her when she announced who her date was, Ron couldn't stop thinking about it, even when he was snogging his girlfriend Lavender.

"...then I gave up and came back to get some rest," Harry finished his long speech.

"Riveting stuff mate," Ron lied. "And how was the new power couple?"

"Ginny and Dean," Harry asked. "All seemed back to normal with them."

"No, I meant Hermione and that prat McLaggen," he replied.

"Oh. Hermione had a horrible time. She spent most of her time with Luna and I so she could avoid that fool," Harry answered.

The boys got dressed for the day then headed down to the Great Hall for breakfast. Harry instantly noticed that Ron seemed to be in great spirits but didn't exactly know why. The Great Hall was emptier than usually since most of the students had left last night to go for their winter holidays. Harry was going to the Burrow for Christmas this year, and he, Ron and Ginny were to leave via the Floo Network shortly after eating.

Meanwhile, back in the dorms, Ginny and Hermione were just waking up from their much-needed slumber. They both felt rather groggy, as if someone had reached into their brains and rattled them around. They remembered going to Slughorn's big Christmas party last night, but couldn't remember eating or drinking anything that would have made them so disoriented.

"I fell like I was run over by a truck last night," Ginny commented as she sat up in her bed.

"Likewise. My body is so sore," Hermione agreed.

Hermione was the first to get to her feet and immediately regretted it. Her thighs were burning, as if she had done an extensive squats workout last night in the gymnasium. Taking the short walk around her bed to her dresser made it worse, and she discovered that it was quite painful in her groin and ass region.

Ginny wasn't fairing any better. She too had made it to a standing position but would have rather stayed lying down. Conventional walking was agonizing for the young girl so she had to spread her legs further apart in order to avoid pain. It was a rather ridiculous looking walk, and people would think she had hard sex last night, even though she had no memory of such events.

The two girls got changed out of their bed attire and changed into regular clothing since this was the day they were heading home for the holidays. Once they were dressed in Muggle clothes, consisting of jeans, and a warm sweater, they went to the bathroom to brush their teeth. Both of them had an odd taste in their mouth as if they had chugged salt water last night before falling asleep.

When the girls made it downstairs for breakfast, they took the spots across from Harry and Ron. Hermione still wasn't on speaking terms with the red-haired boy, but Ron was making an effort to involve her in the conversation. This was a big step as it constituted the first time since Ron started going out with Lavender that he attempted to hold a civil conversation with the bushy haired brunette.

What Harry saw as positive, Hermione saw as annoying. She and Ron had been either ignoring each other or at one another's throats for weeks now, but now he was trying to be nice. She wasn't having any of it and kept up with her cold attitude towards him.

"So Lavender went home already," Ginny asked, noticing that the annoying girl was clinging onto her brother.

"Yeah, earlier this morning. It's good because we could use some distance. She's a real needy" Ron replied.

As the subject changed to Lavender, Hermione decided that it wasn't something worth her time. Pushing away her half eaten plate of food, she wished Harry and Ginny a happy holidays before leaving the Great Hall. Ron called out to her to have a Merry Christmas, but his message fell onto deaf ears.

"She still hates me then," Ron summed up.

"Looks like it," Harry replied.

"I'm going to go say goodbye before she leaves. Meet you two in 10 minutes in front of Professor McGonagall's office," Ginny told them before chasing after her friend.

Harry swore that the two girls were walking funny but chose to overlook it. "You just about done so we can pack up and go?"

"Yeah I guess so," Ron replied before choking down two more links of sausages.

"So you and Lavender not doing too well," Harry asked as the moved through the castle.

"Everything is going okay. I mean we get on well and the sex is great, but I think I want to experiment. That Katie Bell looks like a good lay and Romilda Vane seems like someone easy to get in the sack. Plus the Patil twins would probably be down for a three-way if I play my cards right. Then there is also Hermione, who I have to get to stop hating me first, but it would be worth it for the sex," Ron ranted.

"Wait. So you have a good thing going with a girl that loves you and you'd be willing to throw that away for some random sex and one night stands?"

"Yeah, basically," he replied as they made it back to their empty room and threw their stuff into their chest.

"You need to figure out what you want man. Do you want to be a bachelor and fuck anything that moves, or do you want something tangible with a special girl," Harry said sternly.

"You're one to talk mate," Ron spat back. "You've been trying to get with anything that moves yet I see the way you look at my sister."

"It's different. She's with Dean," Harry retorted. "All I'm saying is make sure you don't blow it with a good girl like Lavender for some random pieces of ass.

The two didn't talk too much more as they continued to gather their things and pack them away. It took a little longer than planned so they had to keep Ginny waiting for a few extra minutes. Once the three of them were ready, Professor McGonagall ushered them into her office and let them use her fireplace to return to the Burrow.

The first night at the Burrow was fairly quiet. Harry, Ron and Ginny joined Mr. and Mrs. Weasley for a good home cooked meal along with Bill and Fleur. Although Harry had gotten better about staring at the lovely Veela, Ron was still unable to cast his gaze elsewhere in her presence.

The dinner conversation was mostly directed towards asking Ron, Harry and Ginny about their school year so far. Ginny was receiving top marks in her classes , with some professors like Slughorn even sending an owl to the Weasley's about her exemplary wizarding talent. Of course, Ron spent most of his time working compliments to Fleur into the conversation, much to the disgust of Harry.

Once dinner was done, everyone helped clean up the mess. Ginny started to wash the dishes as Harry cleared the table and Ron dried. It took some time but eventually they got everything done without magic, as Mrs. Weasley explicitly wanted. After some casual talk in the family room, the two boys retreated back up to Ron's room in the attic.

"That Fleur is so beautiful," Ron exclaimed once they were back in his room.

"We could all tell exactly what you thought," Harry told him. "It was amazing you didn't drool more than you did. If I was Bill, I would have punched you right in the chops."

"Cool it Harry. You've been on my case all day about girls. Just because you don't have a girlfriend doesn't mean you can hate me because I'm doing so well in that department," Ron spat back.

"You're a real piece of work, you know that," Harry fumed. "You're killing Hermione with your tryst with Lavender when you barely like her other than when she's in your bed. Hermione would love you dearly and we both know you would love her back. You're perfect for each other yet you want to get around. Recognize a good thing. And stop drooling over Fleur! She loves your brother, not you," Harry said, his temper getting the better of him.

"I'm going to go for a walk because your rage is acting up and I don't want to knock your lights out," Ron told him before heading to the door. "And if I want to stare at Fleur, I damn well will. And if I want to string Hermione along, then I'll do that too."

"You're acting like a real prat Ron! You could tear our friendship apart if you keep going on like this," Harry shouted as his friend slammed the door shut.

Ron was furious at Harry, so much so that he could feel all the blood in his face. Walking past a mirror on the staircase, the youngest boy Weasley caught the image of himself and confirmed that his face was flush, nearly the same color as his hair. He didn't know why Harry was all over him about his relationship with Lavender all of a sudden. He figured Harry was just jealous of him since the girl Harry wanted to date was already in a relationship. Then again, maybe Harry loved Hermione and the only way he could be with her was if Ron cut her loose, once and for all.

Thinking about Harry with Hermione didn't make Ron happy whatsoever. He was with Lavender and had lined up other girls he wanted to get in bed, but he still didn't want to see his two best friends hooking up. The longer he thought about it, it wasn't just Harry that he didn't want to see with the talented and gorgeous witch. In fact, he didn't even want to think of anyone getting into bed with Hermione. However, before he could explore the thought more and what he wanted to do about it, he stumbled across Bill and Fleur's room. Ron had no idea why he wandered across the Burrow to the only room located at the back corner of the house, it's just where his feet brought him.

Bill and Fleur were living with his parents at the Burrow during their engagement. This allowed Bill to work long hours at the bank without having to leave Fleur alone. They had thought about living with Fleur's parents in France while they waited for their own house, but the commute would have been too long for him. The Weasley's had accommodated without fuss, even adding on a new wing to the already cramped house for the engaged couple to have some space.

"I love when more of your family is around. It makes me remember that I want to be surrounded by our own kids some day," Fleur said to her husband.

At first, Ron was just going to turn around and head back to the living room of the Burrow and decompress on the couch, but the sound of the Veela's voice was too enticing to turn away. Quietly creeping his way to the door, which stood ajar by an inch, Ron was able to look into the bedroom that his brother and his beautiful girlfriend shared. Bill was standing over by the closet, either hanging clothes or getting some ready for work in the morning. His wife-to-be was sitting on the bed, stroking her long white-blonde hair with her hairbrush. Just watching her brush her hair wearing a tight-fitting blue lingerie teddy had Ron rock hard, and for a good reason. Her ample C-cup tits were pressed together to show large amounts of cleavage while the bottom of the teddy barely covered her perfectly rounded ass and allowed her long smooth legs to be viewed in all there glory.

"It is always nice to see them...even Ron," Bill said with a sly smile.

"Oh he is harmless with his stares. He's a growing boy with hormones on overdrive. To make matters worse, I'm part Veela and we tend to bring out the urges of most men. I think it may be our pheremones or something," Fleur described. "Either way its not easier for him. And if I remember correctly, another Weasley boy was quite taken by me when we first met."

"Who could blame me," Bill said, leaving his task at the closet so he could sit next to his lovely fianc‚.

"Exactly, so cut your brother a little slack, okay," she said after they shared a brief kiss.

"Fine, you're right...again. Now why don't we stop talking about Ron and focus more on us," Bill suggested. "I'll start. Fleur, you look absolutely gorgeous."

"Oh Bill, always making me blush," Fleur replied.

Reaching for his wand that was on the bedside table, Bill uttered a few words and instantly the room went dim. A few more words were spoken and some light was restored in the bedroom, but this time they were powered only by candlelight. Ron had a harder time viewing the scene from the crack in the door, but once his eyes adjusted he was able to see that his brother and Fleur were now wrapped in each other's arms and passionately kissing.

Ron couldn't help watching and taking mental notes. Although his brother must have been horny as all hell while using his tongue to kiss the beautiful blonde-haired girl, his missing was a mixture of passion and control. His hands were wrapped around his soon-to-be wife with one rubbing her back and the other tangled in her long hair, but his lips were lightly touching hers, not being too rough or demanding. Ron was surprised that anyone could show that much control while kissing such a gorgeous sexual creature like a Veela.

As Fleur started to take off Bill's clothing, Ron couldn't help but feel weird about seeing his older brother getting stripped down. Pushing any awkwardness from his mind, he focused his eyes and mind onto Fleur while trying to ignore the fact that his own blood was now standing naked in the room with her. Unable to help himself, Ron looked over at his naked brother and saw that he was sporting an 8-inch erection that looked thick.

"Guess being hung is a family trait," Ron thought to himself.

Bill moved off of the bed only long enough so that he could get onto his knees at the end of the bed. Giving Fleur one last kiss on the lips, he leaned her backwards onto the mattress while clutching onto her thighs and dragging her closer to the edge of the bed. With a leg on either side of him, Bill flipped her sexy lingerie up onto her stomach to reveal her naked sex to both himself and Ron. Ron looked on and observed that Fleur had shaven most of her pussy except for a thin blonde strip right above her pink slit.

"Oh la la," Fleur screamed as Bill leant his face in.

Ron was thankful that the angle he was on allowed him to look and see the technique that his more experienced brother was using. The way that Bill was making his fiance moan and groan, Ron knew that there was stuff to be learnt as he could tell that Fleur was enjoying herself greatly and he knew he hadn't ever made Hermione or Lavender scream like that. Watching closely, Ron noted how his older brother used not only his tongue, but rather used it in addition to his fingers. While he was licking the long-legged girl's folds, he was constantly plunging his digits into her hole, making her wiggle in pleasure.

Ron also realized that Bill wasn't afraid to switch it up and keep his girl guessing. He rarely stayed doing the same thing for too long a period of time, preferring rather to move onto a new technique instead of let one move get predictable and boring. Instead of licking her folds and pushing two fingers into her tight pussy, his long-haired brother had decided to change it up completely. Pulling his wet fingers from inside her, he replaced them in her folds to rub over her sensitive clitoris, which had exposed itself. His mouth had moved in the opposite direction and was now being used to lick the inside of her hole.

"Oh Bill...I'm getting so close," Fleur moaned.

"Good my love. Cum for me," he encouraged.

Ron watched as his brother selflessly worked hard in word to give his fianc‚ a powerful and intense orgasm. Bill was getting no physical pleasure from the experience, rather he was doing it because he knew that Fleur would love the feeling she got from it. In Ron's brief sexual history, he didn't prefer going down on a girl because that time could be better spent doing other things that felt much better for him, namely receiving oral sex or cramming his cock into her tight hole. But seeing how much enjoyment Bill was getting out of licking Fleur showed the younger man that just by making the girl happy could be worth it.

"Yeeessssss," Fleur screamed. "Uugghhhhhhhh!!!!!"

Ron could tell that Fleur had finally cum after a solid ten minutes of intense licking. Bill didn't just depart from between her legs once he heard her scream out in extascy, rather he slowly brought her down from her pleasure-induced high by licking her at a lower rate. Once the older Weasley had successfully sucked out every drop of her Veela cum, which tasted sweeter and more delicious than the best Muggle candy, he stood up and joined his beautiful fianc‚ on the bed.

"That was amazing as always," Fleur told him as they cuddled on the bed. "I think someone deserves a reward for that."

"I need no reward for bring my future wife happiness," Bill told her.

"I know you don't need anything in reciprocal, but I would love to share my body with you...again," Fleur told him with a smile.

"Stop being so noble and fuck her brains out you idiot," Ron thought to himself, his boner threatening to rip a hole in his pants.

Giving Bill a kiss, the Veela started to move her way down the bed in order to get at his erect pole. Bill let his head rest on the pillows as she settled between his legs and ran her tongue up the underside of his sensitive rod. Ron wanted more than anything to swap places with his brother at the current moment so that it would be he who was on the receiving end of Fleur's blowjob. Instead, Ron hoad to be happy enough to simply watch on as the blonde-haired girl opened her mouth and accepted his brother's cock between her lips.

"Ahh that feels good," Bill grunted as his fianc‚ started to move more of him inside her warm oral cavity.

Fleur had a special gift for giving men blowjobs, Ron quickly realized. It took her no time at all to get Bill's long cock all the way into her throat and hold it there for several seconds, coating it thoroughly in her saliva in the process. All while she was sucking on his rod, Fleur never broke eye contact with Bill, making the experience that much more enjoyable for him. Ron was impressed that his brother hadn't blown his load after a couple minutes of the expert blowjob, but Bill had been on the receiving end of oral sex from the Veela for the past year and so had dealt up an endurance.

"Shall we get to the main event my future wife," Bill asked her.

"Good idea. Your dick should have ample lubrication now," Fleur finally said after removing him from her throat.

"Sadly the condom will cover your hard work," he replied.

"Not tonight it won't. I don't want you to wear one anymore. I would want nothing more than to take your seed inside of me and give us a child to show our love for each other," Fleur told him.

Bill could only smile larger than Ron had every seen him, or any other person smile before. Knowing that was Bill's way of agreeing to her proposal, Fleur crawled up his body as high up as his groin so that she was now straddling him. Reaching back between her legs, Fleur lined up his saliva-pasted cock with her pink opening before lowering herself down. Ron had a great view to see his brother's pole impale her tight pussy as the tip of his unsheathed cock disappeared inside the Veela.

"Oh Bill," Fleur moaned as she tossed her long mane of blonde hair backwards.

"So tight," Bill moaned as Ron saw his toes scrunch up.

"This is hotter than any porn I've ever seen," Ron thought.

Fleur was now slowly descending on Bill's cock as he gripped tightly onto the bed sheets. Ron could only imagine the self-control it would take not to unload his seed into a Veela the moment her snatch wrapped tightly onto his shaft, so he had to give his brother credit. After a minute or two of lightly lifting herself up and down on him, Fleur had successful got all of Bill's rod inside of her. With her fully impaled on his member, Bill placed his hands on her curved hips and started to rock her so that she grinded deeply in his lap.

"Yes...that feels so good," Fleur said in her French accent.

Fleur was quite the talented lover and was now plunging herself up and down of his shaft while simultaneously gyrating her hips backwards and forwards. Her circular motion while still climbing up and down his pole was mesmormizing for Ron, especially as he watched her ass intently as it shook every which way. Bill had also managed to sit up in the bed so that he could help drive his cock deeper into his fianc‚. He had also moved his hands from her hips and onto her large tits that were bouncing as she rode him so that he could take turns guiding each of her nipples into his mouth for him to suck on.

"Yes Bill...make love to me," Fleur encouraged while reverting back to taking his member as deep into her as possible and rocking her hips.

Ron was starting to now feel pangs of guilt for watching, which was something he never would have thought possible. Here in front of him was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life, completely naked and having hot sex. Surely only a spell cast by a powerful wizard or a whole army of men would have been needed to drag him from the spot. However, given the fact that it was now his brother and fianc‚ making love for the purpose of not only showing their affection for one another, but also to create a child made Ron at least think of giving them some privacy.

The sound of the moans and grunts coming from the bedroom getting louder and more urgent snapped Ron out of his thought. Allowing the little devil on his shoulder to overpower the angel on the other, the youngest Weasley boy stood in the same spot and watched his brother and Fleur have sweaty sex. In the time he spent inside his thoughts trying to sort out whether he should stay or go, Bill and his soon-to-be wife had rolled over so that now the long-haired man was on top.

" good," Fleur moaned as her fianc‚ drilled into her pussy.

"Getting close my love," Bill warned, as the intense love making was starting to take a toll on his endurance.

"OH YES...I'm there...ugghhh...oohhhh.....NOWWWW," Fleur screamed loudly as she came for the second time that evening.

"Almost...ahhhh...there," Bill grunted as he started to thrust into the Veela harder.

"Cum in me Bill Weasley! Fill up my womb with your seed," she begged.

Ron watched on as his brother, spurred on by his horny fiance's words, drove his cock into her awaiting pussy at a new, frantic pace. It was a blur of skin as the Weasley boy thrust into his wife until he felt his balls start to tighten and tingle. Knowing the end was imminent, Bill reared his hips back one final time before plunging as deep as possible into her pussy and held it there. Within milliseconds, he felt his semen flow up and start shooting into his soon-to-be wife's womb.

"I love you Bill Weasley," Fleur said as she gave her man a soft kiss on the lips.

"And I love you too my dear," Bill said with the same wide smile he always gave her.

* * *

"Harry...Harry wake up. I need to tell you something," the ginger-haired boy said while shaking Harry.

"What...hnn....oh right. Well what is it? Think of another girl you want to shag once we get to Hogwarts," Harry asked dryly.

"No. I realize that I don't want to be with a bunch of slutty girls like Romilda or Katie. I don't even want to be with Lavender. She's nice and all but I'm with her because she's really into me so it makes me want to be around her," Ron replied.

"Good for you," he said sarcastically. "Good night then if that's all."

"No wait, there's more," Ron added. "I've had a major euphony mate and I thought you'd want to hear it!"

"I do, it's just early...or really late. Either way, you have my attention now," the Chosen One told his best friend.

"I want Hermione! And only her might I add. I saw how Bill and Fleur are together and they love each other so much. That's what I want! I'm dumping Lavender as soon as we get to Hogwarts," Ron shared.

"I'm glad you came to that conclusion mate, it's about time," Harry smiled. "Hopefully it's not too late with you and her."

"What are you talking about? We have rows all the time and then make up. This will be just like old times," Ron said, waving away Harry's apprehension.

"This is different though. This isn't some disagreement on House Elves. You guys are fighting over love and the matters of the heart. It might not make much of a difference to you, but to girls, especially Hermione, it doesn't get much bigger than that," Harry filled him in.

"Hermione and I have history plus she'll be so happy to see that I've changed. She'll practically jump into my arms," Ron disagreed.

"Well I'm happy that you came to your sense mate, but have a back-up plan in case it doesn't go down as smoothly as you hope," Harry told him before letting his head drop against the pillow and drifting off to sleep.


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