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Pairings: Luna Lovegood/Neville Longbottom

Codes: mf, first, magic, oral, voy

Hary Potter: Harry Potter And The Lure Of Lust Part 9 - Dark Experiments
by The Chemist

"Just keep watch dammit," Draco cursed at his henchman Goyle.

"I was just wondering how much longer," he grunted while looking down the south corridor of the dungeon.

"Got it," Draco said as the door he had been working on opened up.

"How'd you do that," Crabbe asked while watching for movement in the north corridor.

"Some special dagger Borgin gifted me," Draco shared. " Now stay here and I'll be quick."

Draco's mission was simple: get Felix Felicis. He tried his best in the first Potion's class of the school year to earn the potion legitimately, but the old professor chose Potter over him. No matter, a quick visit with the seller of dark artifacts and Borgin was more than willing to depart with his door-opening device.

Stepping inside the Potion's classroom, Draco was happy to find that all the cauldrons that had been in class the previous day were still there. Going straight for the one which had contained liquid luck, Draco was severely disappointed to find that the pot was bone dry. Not a single drop of the Felix Felicis remained. Draco was extremely broken hearted, as he thought that his secret mission would have been made simple with that potion.

"So much is depending on me," he thought to himself while looking in the empty cauldron. "I must think of something."

Draco knew that both his time in the Potion's room and for his secret mission were limited. At any moment, Slughorn or any of the school's prefects could come down the dungeon hallway and interrupt him. He was also very aware that Potter and his friends were already suspicious of him. Borgin had revealed that the Mudblood Granger had try desperately hard to get information on the object that the shopkeeper was holding for him. Then an idea hit the young Slytherin boy like a speeding truck.

"I need to get them distracted. That'll buy me more time," he said to himself.

Looking around, he saw the three other cauldrons that Profesor Slughorn had used as examples in the class. Right away he ruled out Veritaserum as he couldn't think of one useful application for his plan. Running over to the pot containing Polyjuice potion, Draco pulled out 2 large flasks and filled them up the brink.

"A gallon should be enough," he thought. "And what do we have here."

Walking over to the last of the 4 large black pots, Draco allowed his nostrils to take in the intoxicating aroma. He right away took note of the smell of a metallic substance that he associated with a Galleon, a hint of a good cut of beef cooking on a grill and the smell of freshly cut grass.

"This will certainly do the trick," Draco commented, standing over the cauldron of Amortentia.

Removing the last three large flasks that he had, the white-haired boy filled them up, just like he had done previously. Applying the stopper, Draco made sure that all the glass containers were securely stored in his bag before making his way quickly back to the door.

"Crabbe. Goyle. Time to go," he ordered.

Right away, his two thuggish henchmen came running from either direction. Even though they were only 50 feet away, the sprint had the two boys gasping for breath. Shaking his head at their lack of fitness, Draco closed the door behind him before leading them out of the corridor and back to the Slytherin common room where he'd use his new resources and formulate how to best use them.

* * *

Hermione awoke the next morning after the best sleep she'd had in quite some time. Her night with Ron had been more than she hoped for. The red-haired boy had been aggressive with her, which fulfilled her need to be dominated, but he was still sweet and understanding throughout the entire encounter. It also felt nice to have had several orgasms, but such was bound to happen because of the three hour marathon sex session they had.

"Well that's quite the smile plastered on your face," Ginny commented.

Hermione rolled over and greeted the younger girl to a warm smile. She was worried that their relationship would be fractured after Ginny learnt of her past sexual dealings with Harry, but they had buried the hatchet.

"Good morning, isn't it," Hermione replied, sitting up in her bed.

"You got in late last night. Can I assume that it was because of a boy," she asked.

"You can, yes," Hermione smiled.

"If it was Ron then I don't want to hear any details. If it was Harry or Dean, then I'll stun you into St. Mungo's," Ginny warned.

"Remember that contract I had with your brother? Well, I don't have it hanging over my head any longer," she told her. "I'll end that conversation there."

"Yes, thank you. I don't need that mental picture," Ginny replied.

"Shall we get out of bed and go get breakfast before class," Hermione asked.

Hermione swung her legs out of bed and stood up. After a long stretch, the bookworm took the short walk to her trunk at the foot of her bed and became aware of how hard it was to even cover that little amount of distance.

"My brother sure did do some damage," Ginny laughed.

Hermione gave a curt smile but kept the answer to herself since Ginny didn't want to hear any details. Truth was, Ron did indeed batter her pussy for quite some time last night and she was suffering from residual bruising that would make walking uncomfortable for a day or two.

The pair continued to chat as they got dressed in their school outfits and started their journey down to the Great Hall. Hermione was pleased that less people were glaring at her, but she still received the odd comment. Ignoring them, she now better knew how Harry felt the year previous when the Daily Prophet had a smear campaign launched against him, making people believe he was an attention-seeking liar.

"Owww," Hermione groaned as she took a seat on the hard wooden bench at the Gryffindor table.

"Anything wrong," Ginny asked.

"Just...bashed my shin on the leg of the table is all," she lied.

Truth was, her ass was extremely sore. Leaning slightly so that her bottom wasn't flat against the wood, Hermione rested on her right cheek before switching to the other half way through her meal. Although having anal sex with Ron was very enjoyable for both of them, she'd have to see how much pain she would be in for the rest of the day before deciding to take part in such a rough treatment again.

* * *

"So what's the plan," Crabbe asked Draco.

The three of them hadn't talked since they had stolen the potions from Slughorn's office. Unfortunately they had to attend class, even though Crabbe and Goyle had much less of a course load than Draco due to their failing grades from the OWLs the previous year. Now, they had the Slytherin common room to themselves so were able to talk freely.

"I haven't worked out all the details yet, but the Amortentia can be a helpful tool," Draco replied.

Even though his mission was of the utmost secrecy, he needed people he could use to help him. His mother enlisted the help of Severus Snape to aid him, Draco didn't want his Head of House trying to snatch away his glory. Crabbe and Goyle weren't the smartest of blokes, but Draco knew he could trust them and that they would do what he said without casting about too many questions.

"What's that stuff do," Goyle asked.

"Makes someone fall madly in love with whoever you want," he answered.

"A love potion? Sounds sappy. Why are we bothering with that stuff," Crabbe asked.

Draco didn't dignify the question with an answer. His original plan of stealing the luck potion had fallen through, but he knew there was a solution with the lust potion. His first thought was as a way to distract Harry Potter and his followers, but he hadn't worked out how yet.

"That's why I make the decisions and not you two," Draco sneered. "I could use it to make Potter fall in love with Granger."

"Is that your goal? To find Potter a wife," Crabbe laughed.

"Shut up," Draco shouted. "If I've learnt anything in our 6 years together is that Potter sniffs out trouble and puts a stop to it. He was already sticking his nose in my business at Knockturn Alley so it's only a matter of time until he finds out what I'm up to."

"Why don't we just stun him into oblivion," Goyle asked. "It'll be so much fun."

"And so much less discrete," Draco replied. "This is a simpler approach."

"Won't it be too simple for him to figure out then?"

Draco had to think a minute before replying. Crabbe did bring up a good point; Potter had seen much harder plans than this and was able to thwart them. What Draco needed was a way to test if his idea would even work.

"We don't try it on Potter right away then," Draco concluded. "We try it on someone of less stature. That way, if it doesn't work or something goes wrong, then he won't be aware of our presence right away."

"How about on that egghead girl always with him? She may be a Mudblood but she has a fine ass that I'd love to cram," Crabbe stated.

"You and me both," Goyle added.

"No, she's close to him. Not to mention she's the real brains behind Potter," Draco replied, shooting down their idea. "Weasley's out of the equation as well. Plus I don't want it to be anyone that can tie me back with this idea so it can't be you two."

"Who then," Goyle asked.

"The guy doesn't matter. I could care less. But I have someone in mind that I wouldn't mind seeing get fucked," Draco sneered.

* * *

Draco left his common room fairly quickly after his conversation with his two idiot, yet faithful friends. He had work to do in order to have his plan go off some time in the near future. His first order of business was to visit the library and learn more about Amortentia and its properties.

Draco searched the library and found the section dedicated to potion making. It didn't take long until he found the book that explained in detail about Amortentia. He learnt that the drinker of the potion would instantly fall madly, obsessively in love with the target. The object of their affection is selected by brewing into the potion a lock of their hair, which is instantly dissolved in the liquid.

"Interesting. So who shall I make her fall deeply in love with," Draco thought.

Then the answer presented itself to him almost instantly. Unknown to Draco until that moment, Neville Longbottom had been sitting at the next table to him. The Slytherin boy had no direct problem with the male, but Longbottom was present at the Ministry of Magic the night his dad was captured and convicted as a Death Eater.

Not knowing how long the chance would be available for, Draco knew he needed to seize his opportunity. He quickly packed up his belongs and stored them haphazardly into his rucksack. He stood up as quietly as possible from his wooden chair and checked to make sure his intended target hadn't heard him. Looking over, he was relieved to find that Neville had kept his nose buried in some Herbology text. Tucking the Potions book he had under his arm, Draco walked close to Neville. Almost simultaneously, the Slytherin boy plucked a few strands of hair while smacking him with the book in almost the exact same spot.

"Aghhh," Neville grunted out of pain.

"Sorry there Longbottom. Didn't see you there," Draco said.

"Bloody hell Malfoy. That hurt," he replied.

"I said I was sorry so just drop it," Draco sneered before rushing off, hair in hand.

The blonde-haired boy rushed back to the Slytherin house to finish off the first part of his plan. Running down into the dungeon, Draco had to avoid the younger students as he made his way back through his portrait and into the common room. Sprinting up the stairs two at a time, Draco flew open his bedroom door before slamming it shut behind him.

"Oh. Draco. Where's the fire, mate," Goyle asked.

"," Draco panted.

"That little vial you've been preparing is in that hollowed out book in your trunk," Crabbe answered.

"Oh yeah, right," Draco responded.

Retrieving it immediately, the white-blond haired boy also fetched his Potion's book he took from the library. Performing the last part of the charm, Draco added Neville's hair to the pink fluid and saw the corresponding puff of blue smoke. Smiling, the sign was proof that he had done the spell correctly.

"So how will I do it," Draco wondered aloud.

Now the problem was how and when to slip it to his intended target. She was in a different house so that made the opportunities harder to come by, as did the fact she was in a different year, making doing it in class impossible. The only real chance would come in the Great Hall during a meal, but she sat at the Ravenclaw table while he ate with the Slytherin's. Then, the oaf known as Goyle gave him the answer.

"Too bad you can't go invisible," he said.

That's when the perfect idea smacked Draco in the face. Jumping from his desk to his trunk, the Slytherin boy searched until he found the object of his affection. Pulling his large travelling cloak from the bottom of his clothes, he rested it on his bed and pulled out his wand.

"I can't believe that freak Hagrid actually taught me anything useful," Draco thought.

Using his wand, the young Malfoy cast a Disillusionment charm. He had learnt about the charm first be the Hogwarts gamekeeper as a way that the wizarding world keeps hippogriffs from being seen by Muggles. Instantly after performing the spell, his cloak went invisible.

"Where'd it go," Goyle asked in disbelief.

"It blends in with its background. I've made a cloak that will make me invisible," Draco marveled at his own cleverness.

The Slytherin was too excited to wait to long to use his potion. He knew it would have made more sense to scout out her routine for a week or two so that he knew her schedule, but he didn't want to wait that long.

That night for dinner, Draco slipped his new invisibility cloak and the veil of Amortentia into his schoolbag. He ate his meal with his usual friends, but was unnaturally quiet and distant from any conversation. His eyes rarely ventured from watching Neville and his female target. He didn't know if he found her attractive because of her genetics, which made her both a pure-blood and someone of superior wit or if it was on a more visceral level. He always had fancied girls with blond hair, and he thought her big, grey eyes were simply mesmerizing.

Excusing himself from dinner, Draco ran out into the hall and located the broom closet he had discovered earlier. Pulling his charmed cloak from his bag, Draco slipped it on, rendering him invisible. Going back into the Great Hall, he was pleased to find that students were walking right by him without knowing he was there.

Now was the waiting game. He didn't want to leave anything to chance or to make her affection for Neville look too suspicious. Finally his chance arrived. Neville had finished his piece of apple pie and stood from the table. To Draco's luck, it appeared he was leaving alone. Acting quickly, Draco ran to the Ravenclaw table and emptied the small vial of Amortentia into Luna Lovegood's pumpkin juice. She took a sip from the cup before Neville had made it halfway across the Hall and the Slytherin boy observed a change in her right away.

Searching the Great Hall with wide eyes, Luna was on the lookout for one person in particular. Finally she found Neville just as he was exiting the large room. Picking up her stuff, the odd girl told her friends she needed to be somewhere and started to chase after her new infatuation. Draco moved just as fast as his work wasn't quite done yet.

"Neville! Wait up," the blonde girl shouted once they were alone in the hallway.

"Luna. How are you? Haven't seen you much since the train," the sixth-year boy replied.

"I'll cut right to the chase. I want you Neville. I want you very badly in fact," she announced.

"Oh...well...I find you quite attractive too," Neville replied honestly.

Out of the corner of her eye, Luna noticed that the classroom door that was near to the Great Hall had suddenly opened. Pushing the thought that she'd never seen that door open or even used in her five years at the school, Luna saw it as an opportunity.

"Aw Neville! That's so sweet of you to say. Why don't we continue this conversation in here," she proposed.

Before Neville could ask where, Luna had linked their arms together and was steering him to the classroom that Draco had opened with his special door-unlocking dagger. The unlikely pair took a look around to make sure no one saw them enter before closing it tightly behind them.

"So what did you..." Neville started to ask before his speech became impeded by Luna's lips.

Neville was considerably taller than her so she had to make up the height by getting onto her tip-toes to kiss him. Luna's lips felt soft and wet on his own and Neville realized that although he had slept with Hermione Granger a few days ago, they had never actually kissed. Luna was a multi-tasker, so as she was kissing the lucky boy she also had peeled his school robes from his body to leave him in only his black pants and shirt.

"You're a good kisser Luna," Neville complimented.

"Neville, you're going to get laid so you don't need to compliment me still," she told him while looking into his eyes.

Their lips connected again but this time Luna opened her mouth and slowly edged her tongue into her target's mouth. Rubbing it along his own flesh, Neville took the hint and parted his lips to allow her into his mouth. He used his tongue to mingle with her's, but it was sloppy and he felt himself smear some saliva up onto her cheek.

"Sorry," Neville apologized for his sloppy kissing.

"Don't be," Luna replied.

Picking up his hand, Luna separated his fingers until she had isolated his pointer finger. Guiding it to her mouth, the odd girl opened her mouth and put it onto her tongue. Being sure to maintain eye contact with her beautiful big eyes, she sucked on Neville's digit while letting it glide along her tongue as it moved in and out of her mouth.

"Fuck that's sexy," Draco groaned from a few feet away.

Neville and Luna were too occupied to have heard Draco's groan. He had slipped inside the room after opening it for the horny girl and her prey to better observe how the Amortentia potion worked.

Neville had barely noticed that Luna had made her way closer to the ground until his finger stopped being sucked on since she had descended too far down. Looking down, the clumsy Gryffindor saw that Luna was on her knees with a look of lust in her eyes. Signalling her intentions in case he needed a hint, Luna opened her mouth and closed her lips around the bulge that was straining against his dress pants.

"Oh," Neville shuttered as the head of his cock stimulated pleasure.

Not wanting Luna to get bored and leave, Neville reached down and undid his pants. The Ravenclaw girl took over from there as she reached up and unzipped his fly. Hooking her slender fingers into the waistband, she pulled them downward so that the tall boy had his pants and boxers down around his ankles. His freed penis sprang from its clothed prison and actually slapped the horny girl square in the face.

"I'll have to make you pay for that," she joked.

Wrapping her small hand around the base of his penis, Luna gave his head a methodical lick before engulfing it into her mouth. For the second time in less than a week, Neville was in the unlikely situation of having his dick sucked on by a beautiful girl.

"Do you like when I suck your fat cock," she asked after a long minute of doing so.

"Very much," he replied.

"What about when I lick all along your shaft," she asked. Sticking her tongue out, Luna rubbed it along the outside of his cock from the base to the tip before repeating the action on the other side then the top and under side of his penis as well.

"Yeah that's good too," he replied honestly.

"Has anyone ever sucked on your balls Neville Longbottom," she asked while still licking his entire length.

"No. Can't say that anyone has done that," he answered.

"Well how about we do something about that?"

Reversing her normal pattern, Luna started at the tip of his penis and used her tongue to lick down his shaft this time. Once reaching the base, she slowly, almost painfully slow, went down until her open mouth was waiting beneath his ball sack. Making sure that they had eye contact, Luna pushed herself up on her knees then closed her mouth. She had engulfed his entire sack into her talented mouth and was busy working each ball with her tongue instantly.

"Oh my God," he shouted.

His nuts felt great inside her warm, wet mouth as she continued to massage them with her tongue. Finding it hard to properly please him with her whole mouth occupied, she took them out, which was met by a disapproving grunt from Neville. Not wanting to disappoint him, Luna instead focused on one ball at a time, better able to suck on it and give the Gryffindor exactly what he wanted.

"Damn you're good," Neville moaned.

"Hard to believe I'm a virgin, isn't it," Luna replied.

"Virgin? You're a virgin," he gasped at the horny girl sucking on his nuts.

"Well, I wouldn't be in a minute silly," she replied. "Now bend me over the desk and fuck me Longbottom!"

Getting up from her knees, the Ravenclaw student removed her own robe. Neville couldn't help but note how well she wore the school uniform. Knee high socket and a short skirt that didn't even make it to her mid-thigh was much to his liking, as was her white blouse beneath her blue and bronze tie, which she wore loosely.

Instead of fully undress herself, Luna simply reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties, which were also the color of her House. In a moment that was rather un-Neville like, the Gryffindor slipped his fingers into the folds between the buttons of her dress shirt. In a quick motion, he pulled his arms back, causing the shirt to fly open with the buttons flying in all directions.

"Whoa," Luna screamed with a smile. "Glad to see you're excited."

"I'm about to take a hot girl's virginity, how could I not be excited," he responded.

Leaving her undone shirt and loose fitting tie on, the horny boy reached around her back and unclasped her bra. Luna felt it give away then pulled it from her body and threw it onto the floor without caring where it went. Neville slowly dragged his fingertips over the skin of her back, noting how smooth it felt. He passed over her ribcage and realized how small the girl was; she couldn't have been more than 100 pounds, which was only half of his own mass.

"Mmmhhh," Luna moaned as his fingers finally touched her breasts.

She didn't have the biggest boobs, but Neville liked them very much. Firm and perky, they stood in perfect size given her slim body. Each tit was topped with a small, bright pink nipple that Neville grazed with his fingertip.

"So sexy," he told her.

"Show me how sexy you think I am. Get that fat cock in me now," she demanded for a second time.

Neville didn't know why Loony Lovegood was hot for him, all that mattered was that she wanted him to take her virginity and he was more than willing to do so. He watched her saunter over the front of the classroom, doing her best to impress him by moving her hips from side to side. It had her desired effect as his eyes were glued to her tight ass.

Reaching the head of the room, Luna swiped clear the few papers and folders on the teacher's desk, taking with it a fair amount of dust which had accumulated in the unused room. Being dramatic with her movement, the blonde girl pushed her surprisingly plump rear end back towards Neville then bet at the hips until her bare tits were pressed against the wooden surface.

"Coming," she asked, giving her ass another tantalizing shake.

"Hopefully not too soon," Neville thought.

Moving one foot in front of the other, the Gryffindor had to pinch himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. After pinching so strongly he thought he broke skin, Neville concluded that this was actually happening. He couldn't believe that he was about to slam his cock into another of the school's most desirable girls. He didn't want to spend too much time waiting to get inside her or else she may come to her sense and leave.

"Ughhhh," Neville and Luna simultaneously grunted as his tip slid into her wet slit.

He made sure to only put his head of his cock into her opening for now, but even that was a struggle. Neville instantly concluded that Hermione must not have been a virgin, in fact she had to have been fairly slutty if Luna's pussy was how a real virgin felt. He had to hold still with just the first inch of his dick inside her for over a minute until he felt her grasp on his rod start to ease.

"Already Longbottom. Start pushing more into me," Luna instructed.

His face instantly lit up with happiness as his cock started to push more inside of her. He stopped after getting another few inches into her tight wet hole and was more than content to just pump that into her with increasing speed. Wanting to fit more of himself into her after another few minutes of fucking the shallowest part of her pussy, Neville strained at fitting more inside.

"Damn you're tight," Neville grunted from above her.

He didn't get very much further until he felt a flexible barrier blocking his path. Looking down at the horny girl, she gave him a nod of approval and he knew exactly what that meant. Rearing back his hips, only the head of his penis remained still inside her wetness. In one quick movement, Neville thrust forward and felt his cock push past and break her hymen. Momentum continuing to carry him, the Gryffindor slid all the way inside of Luna, only stopping when his pelvis crashed against her rounded ass.

"Argggghhh," Luna screamed as her virginity was taken.

"You okay Luna," Neville asked with a concerned tone.

"Yeah of course," the bewitched girl replied. "Now you can fuck me like the whore I am!"

With his dick still buried completely within in, Luna wiggled her ass again so that she grinded his cock against her tightness to better please him, but also as a signal that she was fine. He must have received her message as he once again reared back his hips before crashing his length back into her wetness.

"He really is giving her a hard fuck, just like she begged for," Draco observed from the front row of student desks.

Neville was no longer pulling only a few inches from her pussy then pushing back in, rather he was gliding his entire 9-inch length in and out of her extremely tight hole. The Gryffindor seemed to take it as his responsibility to work extremely hard to please both himself and the young girl beneath him judging by the determined look on his face and sweat building on his skin.

"Fuck yes Neville! Keep giving it to me hard," she pleaded.

This was going better than Draco had ever dreamed. He expected Luna to have a mild obsession with Neville, hopefully enough to distract her from her normal train of thought. But what resulted was so much better. Rather than simply lust after the goofy boy, Luna became a horny slut, hell-bent on getting Neville alone so that he could have sex with her in any way he wanted.

Back on the teacher's desk, Luna was content with just having Neville doing all the thrusting. The blond girl started to slam her ass back into the tall boy to meet his strong pushing, causing her whole body to shake due to the force of the collision. Neville had to bite down on his lip to distract him from the intense satisfaction he was getting by savagely pumping her pussy harder and harder.

Wanting her to have a good experience since it was her first time having sex, Neville was desperate to make her cum. He kept slamming himself repeatedly into her batter pussy, which Draco was certain would never be near as tight ever again. Going deep into her seemed to get the loudest moans from the Ravenclaw girl so Neville kept thrusting all the way into her. But it wasn't until he reached down and tweaked her sensitive nipples that Luna finally had her long awaited orgasm.


Luna had never experienced a feeling as divine as the sensation running through her body at the current moment. Every cell in her body felt alive, like it was on fire in the best way possible. Her cum came gushing out of her like a fountain, completely covering Neville's large cock, which was still pounding deep within her.

"How was it," Neville asked through panted breath.

"Amazing...but it's your turn now stud," Luna replied.

"I can't argue about that," he told her, hammering into her again so hard it forced the heavy desk forward slightly.

"How do you want me," Luna asked.

"Just like close," he warned.

"Good. Cum on my ass Neville," Luna encouraged. "It's really good for the skin."

Neville felt his breath becoming more and more labored and he knew it was only mere seconds until he was dumping his cum into her virgin pussy. He gave her two final thrusts, both of which causing his balls to come up and smack Luna's ass until withdrawing out of her tightness. Flipping her skirt up onto her back with one hand, he used his other hand to stroke his cock, which slid easily since it was coated in her juices.

"Ughhhh," Neville deeply grunted as he unloaded on his target.

It seemed like a bucket load of cum erupted from Neville's penis as streak after white streak painted her pale skin. Luna loved how sexy it felt to have hot semen plastered onto her ass and even reached back and started to rub it in all over her pleasantly plump ass.

Exhausted, Neville stumbled backwards onto the desk in the front row. Luckily he was paying attention, as Draco had to move extremely fast in order to avoid contact with the pleased student. The Slytherin watched Luna stand up from the desk and caught another glance of her perky tits. The potion must have still been coursing through her veins as she remained in her sex-obsessed attitude.

Walking over to him, Luna dropped to her knees in front of the near asleep boy and wrapped her slender fingers back around his cock. This caused him to stir, but he was still too spent to fully give her his complete attention. Bending her head down, Luna engulfed the first half of his member into her mouth, causing her lips to create a perfect O.

"Aghhh," he grunted as the beautiful blonde girl sucked his sensitive cock.

Neville's hands slid down his body and tried to stop her, but she was much too determined. Sucking on his cock like it was her sole purpose in life, it didn't take Luna long to bring Neville to a second orgasm. Feeling his dick start to twitch in her mouth, the Ravenclaw student wondered what that meant when all of a sudden the first streak of cum hit the back of her throat. Surprised initially, she recovered in time for the second as it oozed out onto her tongue.

Savoring the taste of semen for the first time in her life, the odd girl thought it was the most delicious thing in life. Always a fan of salty food, Luna couldn't get enough of the thick liquid and was disappointed that no more came out of his tip no matter how hard she sucked on him.

"Luna...stop! For the love of Merlin, please stop," Neville begged.

"What's the matter handsome," she asked while flashing innocent eyes.

"I need a break! You just made me cum twice in a short time period," he explained.

"Oh...okay. Whatever you want," she told him.

Neville rested on the chair for a minute to collect himself before turning back to address Luna, who was still resting on her knees in front of his softening cock.

"You can get up, you know," he said.

"If that's what you want," she replied. "I can't believe I had sex with Neville Longbottom!"

"Yup. We for sure did," he confirmed while pulling up his pants. "Sorry about your shirt."

"That's okay," she replied before fetching her wand. "Reparo."

Instantly the shirt became whole again as the buttons were sewn back in place. She waited for Neville to tell her what to do, and when he started to get dressed she took it as a sign to do the same. Tracking down her bra, she covered her firm mounds before doing back up her blouse.

"That was really something Luna," Neville told her. "I don't mean to ditch you right away but I have a big essay due in Professor Snape's class that I need to work on."

"Would you like help? We can go to the library and I can research the topic for you," she offered. "I may be a year behind you but I'm a Ravenclaw with immeasurable wit!"

"Yeah sure! That would be great," he replied. "Shall we head up then?"

The two finished getting presentable before sneaking out of the room and into the corridor. They didn't think anyone saw them leave the empty class, but they immediately started hustling up to the library to work on Neville's Defense Against the Dark Arts assignment. Draco followed them up, wanting to continue his observation to see how long that dose of Amortentia worked for.

He stayed watching the pair for 6 hours until Neville had written a report that was sure to gain him an outstanding mark. Of course, most of the ideas and opinions in the paper were given by Luna, who was more than happy to help her devoted partner. Neville walked her back to the Ravenclaw house after they were down, the two of them holding hands the entire time.

Draco had to stop following them at that point, but by the next morning, Luna was no longer hanging all over Neville. Draco placed that the dosage of Amortentia would last between 6 to 12 hours, which meant that each flask he had would be good for up to 100 uses. Smiling devilishly, Draco had visions of all the uses he could use the powerful potion for floating through his head. He knew his task had become back on track.


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