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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Lure Of Lust: Part 4 - Blackmail And Trickery
by The Chemist

As August was coming to an end, it was only a matter of time before the students of Hogwarts received their booklist for the upcoming year. In edition to just getting their list of books for the year, Harry, Ron and Hermione were to receive the results of their Ordinary Wizarding Levels that every fifth year student had to write.

"Oh no," Hermione squalled at the sight of three large owls outside the kitchen window.

The eager bookworm nearly sent flying her mug of coffee that she'd been using to keep her awake as she'd been staring out the window for the past 8 hours straight. Mrs. Weasley pushed her way to the window to open it and allow the owls to fly in. Immediately, each owl went to their intended target and came to rest in front of them. They all reached for the large envolope attached to the bird and intently started to read them.

"Nine OWLs! Well done Ronald! That's more than what Fred and George got combined," Mrs. Weasley beamed with pride.

"How'd you do mate," Ron asked Harry.

"Failed Divinations and History of Magic but those are unimportant classes," Harry answered.

Harry was quite satisfied with his marks from the OWL. He had been given top marks in Defense Against the Dark Arts, and rightfully so since he started an underground club to teach the other students how to properly defend themselves. Sadly, he only received an Exceeding Expectation in Potions, meaning that he couldn't continue taking that course as a NEWT since Snape required an Outstanding. It meant his dreams of becoming an Auror were all but dashed, but on the bright side he didn't have a class with Snape for the rest of his tenor at Hogwarts.

"And how'd you get on Hermione," Ginny nervously asked her best friend and occasional lover, who had yet to turn around.

"I didn't do too badly," Hermione weakly replied.

"Let me see," Ron said as he read over her results. "Just as I figured. Nine Outstandings and an Exceeding Expectations in Defense Against the Darks Arts."

Although Hermione wasn't as happy over her marks as both Ron and Harry were, she was excited that she got to prepare her timetable for the next year and decide which books she needed to get when they went to Diagon Alley later that day. All three of them stayed at the kitchen table and made up their class schedule for next year using the information included in the package that the owls came with. Mrs. Weasley helped Harry and Ron with theirs but Hermione and Ginny needed no help as they were more self-sufficient.

"Alright then," Mrs. Weasley said. "I suppose we can't put off a visit to Diagon Alley any longer. We might as well go to get these books."

"Great! I loved to see Fred and George's shop," Ron said hastily.

"Yes, I've been meaning to check in on them too," Hermione agreed, referring to finding the antidote to the lust potion that she, Harry and Ron had accidently inhaled. Although the effects had waned over the last day, she was still much more hormonally charged than usual.

Since Harry was considered a top security priority, Mr. Weasley was able to secure Ministry issued cars with guards. They felt bad that Harry needed to be watched so closely but at the same time they were able to benefit from the extra leg room the stretch limousine provided. The cars were bringing them to the Leaky Calderon where'd they meet up with more members of the Ministry for protection within Diagon Alley.

Harry didn't protest having a security team surround him but at the same time he wasn't in favor of it. The bag that he packed for the outing not only contained his wand and robe, but also contained his Invisibility Cloak in case he felt the need to get some breathing space from the team of Aurors that would be following his every move.

When they arrived at their destination, Harry and the rest of the clan were surprised to see that their protection was none other than Hagrid. Dumbledore had apparently convinced the Ministry that Harry would be just as safe and more comfortable with the half-giant watching over him than a couple of Aurors.

The Weasley's escorted them into Diagon Alley where they promptly split up to get down all that they had to do in as short a period of time as possible. Hagrid took Harry, Ron and Hermione to get new robes for the upcoming year since the boys had grown so much over the last year while the Weasley's went with Ginny to Flourish and Blotts to pick up everyone's books. After a rather suspicious run in with Draco Malfoy in the robe shop, the famous trio met back up with the Weasley's and went to visit Fred and George at the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes joke shop.

Everyone looked around the store in amazement at all the products lining the shelves. The boys had used the last year at Hogwarts to perfect many of the products, but they had many that were brand new and exceptional, even to Hermione's lofty standards.

"Some of this is truly brilliant magic," Hermione gushed after reading a particular potion about a daydreaming charm.

"Just for saying that Hermione," Fred said from behind her.

"You can have one for free," George concluded to finish off the sentence.

"Oh thanks boys," she replied to the twins with the flaming red hair. "Is there any chance I can ask you a private?"

The twins exchanged a worried look before ducking in behind a stand that gave them enough privacy for Hermione's liking. "Well what is it?"

"We found an old bottle of one of your products in your bedroom. It love potion I suppose," Hermione started to explain. "And well...I...well I mean Harry, Ron and myself rather..."

"Rather what Hermione," Fred asked.

"Rather fatigued? Constipated? There were a lot of stuff in that room at one point," George said. "It was our storage room for awhile."

"Horny. It made us really horny and it is still in our system," Hermione finally spat out, her face turning red.

"Ah yes," Fred said with an amused look. "Our first version of the lust potion didn't exactly turn out as we planned."

"We've got it down now though," George said proudly. "Just need to drop a hair of yourself into the bottle and have the target drink it."

"Counter charm. I need the counter charm," Hermione said tensely as the twins started to go off topic.

"Well there is good news and bad news about that," Fred told her.

"Good news is that we found a potion that will help take the constant need for sex away," George explained.

"But the bad news is that we couldn't find a way to completely stop the lust. We tried everything and even asked the top Potion master the Ministry has, thanks to Dad, but even they couldn't reverse the symptoms completely," Fred finished.

"Yeah, something to do with changing the cellular and hormonal configuration and how that could be rather tricky," George added.

"So then how bad will I be stuck," Hermione asked in horror of the revelation. "I mean all three of us be stuck."

"You won't need to hump everything or anything that is in the same room as you," George told her.

"But you'll be as bad as a regular teenage boy," George informed. "We almost got in serious trouble with the Ministry but since we were able to modify the hormonal regulation in the testers back down to acceptable levels, we escaped with only a small fine."

"Did you consult Snape," Hermione asked them.

"We know he's great at Potions but there was no way in hell we were asking him for help," Fred answered.

"Not like he'd even help us though," George added. "But feel free to look him up and ask."

"Fine. Just give me three bottle of the antidote then," Hermione demanded, defeated.

Fred and George hurried off into the back in search of Hermione's request. Luckily they were finally able to locate a bottle and replicated it's contents so that there was one each for herself, Ron and Harry. Giving it to her free of charge was little consolation to Hermione, who couldn't stop wondering how much better the potion would make her. It would have to do in the meantime until she got back to school and had time to search the books in the library for the real fix.

With Hagrid engaged in conversation with Mr. Weasley and Ginny trying to convince her mum to get her a Pygmy Puff, Hermione was able to inform the boys about their current predicament. They didn't seem to mind very much that there was no real antidote as they were use to walking around wanting to sleep with every girl. In fact, they were happier knowing that Hermione would still be sexually charged and easier to convince to get into bed with them.

"Hey, what's Draco doing," Harry said as he saw his arch nemesis sneak away from his mother from the window of the joke shop.

The three watched as the blond-haired boy hurried up the street alone. He had an evil glint in his eye that Harry immediately recognized and knew he couldn't be up to any good. Plus it had to be something worth the punishment of his mother if he was caught.

"Looks like he's headed to Knockturn Alley," Ron said.

Reaching into his bag, Harry pulled out his Invisibility Cloak. "Under here, quick!"

Hermione was the more resistant one but after a second to deliberate over the decision, she joined Harry and Ron under the cloak. No one had noticed them vanish into thin air as they were all looking at the latest and greatest inventions that the twins were selling. Moving carefully, the trio navigated their way out the door and set off in the direction they last saw Draco.

"Down there," Ron said pointing to the left.

Sure enough, Harry's thought was confirmed that he was heading to the seedy area known as Knockturn Alley. This strip of shops were mostly devoted to the Dark Arts, however no one really wanted to be seen buying any Dark artifacts these days, which made it all the more curious what Draco was doing.

"He went into Borgin and Burkes," Harry pointed out.

"How are we going to sneak into there," Ron asked as they stood outside the shop.

"No chance without being noticed," Hermione answered. "But I have Extendable Ears."

Hermione quickly pulled out the fresh pair and slid one end into the shop.

"'ll be able to fix it then," they heard Draco's voice asking.

"It won't be easy but I should be able to. I'll need you to bring it to me," the voice of the shop's owner Borgin said.

"That won't do. You'll have to instruct me how to repair it," Draco told the little old man.

"But that may be impossible, especially if I can't see it," Borgin told him.

"Is that so? Does this show you I mean business," Draco asked as they heard the little man gasp. "And Fenrir Greyback is a close family friend who'll be checking up on your progress."

"Yes sir," Borgin replied, his voice hoarse and scared. "There will be no need for that."

"We'll see, won't we? Just make sure to keep that one safe," Draco told him before storming out of the shop.

Once Draco was out of hearing range, Harry asked his friends, "What made Borgin change his tone so quickly? He showed him something that convinced him before he threatened him with an attack by Greyback."

"Dunno," Ron replied. "But he has something inside the shop. Do either of you see what he pointed at?"

"No. He was behind that cabinet," Harry answered. "What if he showed him the Death Mark on his arm?"

"We don't know he even has that Harry," Hermione replied.

"Then what made him so afraid?"

"Well it would potentially make sense for Voldemort to recruit a student at Hogwarts. He'd have easier access to both you and Dumbledore," Hermione wondered out loud. "And his arm was extremely sore in the area most Death Eaters get the Dark Mark."

"Exactly," Harry told her.

"And I swore I saw some black ink on the inside of his forearm when his robe was pushed a little too far up," Ron added. "That would for sure mean he's joined their ranks."

"I hate to admit it but this does seem menacing," Hermione said. "You two wait here."

They went to ask what for but it was already too late. Hermione had stepped out from under the Cloak and was standing in front of the shop's door. Giving her hair a quick check in the mirror to make sure it made her look good, the witch opened the door and strode into the dark store. Scrambling, Ron found the Extendable Ears and slid them back under the door to listen in.

"Morning," Hermione said to the shop owner. When he merely grunted a response, the clever witch looked at objects that were near to Malfoy when he pointed to something.

"How much is this necklace," she asked, pointing to the object encased in the glass case.

"Two thousand Galleons girl," Borgin replied coldly.

"What about that menacing looking skull," she asked again.

"Only three hundred Galleons," he answered.

"I'll level with you sir," Hermione started. "That boy who was in here before me is my boyfriend. His birthday is coming up and I don't want to get him something he was going to get for himself. So is there anything he's reserved?"

Borgin looked at Hermione with a look that appeared to see right through her weak story. Even Ron and Harry outside listening knew shared the same opinion that it was one hell of a weak story.

"Out," Borgin said sharply to the young witch. "Get out!"

Grabbing a hold of her wand, Hermione whispered some transfiguration spells under her breath quickly so that the angered wizard wouldn't notice. Instantly she felt her clothing change under her robe.

"Wait. I need to know what Draco has you holding for him," she told him.

"Hmm. And what makes you think I'd tell you anything," he replied with a nasty look on his face. "Why don't I just pull out my wand and hex your pretty little body out of my shop!"

"Because I'll give you the best blow job of your life," Hermione blurted out to the oily haired wizard.

"Whoa," Harry, Ron and Borgin all said at the same time.

"That's right," Hermione said more bravely now. "You tell me what Draco has and I' know...suck your...cock."

Hermione didn't know why using sex to get what she wanted came to her so quickly but it was too late to back out now. The lust potion had made her more aware of her sexuality and the effect it had on other people so she couldn't help noticing the look Borgin gave her when she first came in. She didn't think sex was just something you use when you want something, but she agreed with Harry that Draco was up to something and they needed to know what. She put great importance in knowing since Voldemort was growing stronger so they didn't have the luxury to sit back and wait for him to make his move and catch them all by surprise again.

"Why would I do something like betray the Malfoys for you," he asked her, sounding slightly unsettled.

"Because I think you haven't had any action in quite some time," Hermione said while pulling her robe off. "And I think you'd love the chance to snog a hot, teenage girl."

Hermione smirked when she saw Borgin's eyes unable to leave her tight body after removing her concealing robe. She had changed her outfit, going from regular denim pants into a very short jean skirt that looked more like a large belt as the cleft of her ass cheeks was just visible from under the article of clothing. The mini skirt did wonders to show off her long smooth legs and was tight enough to have her exquisite ass on full display. Her shirt was also replaced with a tank top that showed off her cleavage and was a full size too tight so that Borgin could get a hint of her curves as well.

"I'll probably regret this but I'll deal with the consequences later," Borgin muttered.

Hermione heard his answer and started to walk around the counter to meet him. On her walk, the talent witch performed a lock spell on the door and covered all the windows to give her some privacy. It was one thing for Harry and Ron to know what she was doing but she was unwilling for anyone else to discover her in such a compromising position.

Borgin slid his own robe over his head before undoing his pants and pulling them down to his ankles. He did the same thing to his underpants as well, which Hermione couldn't help but notice were stained with sweat. She hesitated for a moment at the grotesque sight of his semi-erect penis, which was surrounded by thickly matted pubic hair that was equally as oily as the hair on his head.

Swallowing down her pride, Hermione stepped closer before dropping down to her knees in front of the long-haired older wizard. Although she had half a mind to break connection with the Extendable Ears so Harry and Ron couldn't listen in on her humiliation, she felt it was important that they were at hand to help her if things got out of control.

Wrapping her hand around his penis, she instantly felt it start to grow. No longer soft and rubber, it now stood 8 inches long, very hard and stiff as she stroked it lightly. Her hand was easily able to smoothly glide along his member as she found that the surface was also covered in a layer of slim, just like his hair.

Feeling a hand placed at the top of her head, Hermione knew what the shopkeeper wanted. Sure enough, he applied firm pressure as he attempted to pull her towards his shaft. Knowing it was now or never, the talented witch opened her mouth and allowed him to enter. She heard him grunt in a satisfied matter as her warm wet tongue encircled his purple head before her lips wrapped around the shaft. Descending down along his length, Hermione felt Borgin's hand holding her hair tightly as she pumped half of his member in and out of her mouth while her tongue massaged the underbelly.

"Blimey! Her blowjob sounds as good as it felt a few days ago," Ron commented as he and Harry listened in intently. Sure enough, the boys could hear her slurping noises as she stayed true to her word and gave the wizard surely the best blowjob of his life.

"That girl is successful at everything she sets her mind on," Harry agreed.

Even though Borgin agreed full heartedly with Harry and Ron, he wasn't content to let the witch stick with the status quo. Using the hand on the back of her head, the shopkeeper applied more pressure. Hermione got the hint and took more of his gross tasting penis between her lips. Borgin continued to pull until he felt the witch's nose buried deep in his oily pubic hair and the tip of his penis held snuggly in her throat.

After a few second of using his penis to block off her airway, Borgin allowed her to free her throat of him. Slightly red in the face from a lack of air, there were still several long strand of spit connecting Hermione's mouth with Borgin's cock, which was now heavily covered in saliva. Once she was able to get a few breaths in, the shopkeeper steered her back to his shaft and repeated the same action again and again and again.

"Bend over the counter," Borgin demanded, speaking for the first time since agreeing to the deal. It was more of a grunt from him since he was panting from the intense oral sex he had been receiving while sitting on his stool.

"Why," Hermione asked once she removed his girth from her mouth and recovered her breath. "We agreed on a blowjob only."

"Deal has changed. Do it or get out and never find out what the Malfoy boy has here," Borgin told her, giving her a decision to make.

"Fuck," Hermione swore to herself. Getting off of her knees, the young witch bent at the hips to drape her upper body against the dusty counter. "Put on a condom at least."

"Take off your shirt. I want to squeeze those tits while I have sex with you," Borgin commanded, noticing the young witch shudder at the thought of him about to enter her. "And just make an anti-pregnancy potion once we're done."

The shopkeeper stood up from his stool and stepped out of his pants so that he could have better ability to move around. He turned his body so that he was now directly behind the gorgeous young witch and pulled her skirt up so that it came to rest up on her back. Hooking his long fingers in the waistband of her thong, which perfectly had divided her ass cheeks, he pulled the panties down to give him access to her sex.

"Let this be worth it," Hermione pleaded silently.

Borgin reached down and gave each of Hermione's ass cheeks a solid squeeze as the thought of touching her exquisite backside was too tempting. Tearing his hands away, he grabbed the base of his penis with one hand while using the other to wind back and crash his palm down on her creamy white ass. She gave a yelp of pain, more due to the surprise than actual physical pain as Borgin stood above her and watched his handprint slowly redden on her skin.

"Did sucking my cock make you wet," he asked her while rubbing his tip in her folds.

"Just shut up and get this over with," Hermione said sternly.

Hermione knew that the shopkeeper was right; her pussy was wet as her body was betraying her mind. Although she wasn't being raped since she willingly entered into the situation, she wasn't suppose to enjoy what was happened to her at the hands of the vile dirty wizard.

"Fine by me," Borgin told her.

Rearing back his hips, the greasy-haired wizard slammed his hips forward and plunged his penis right into her tight teenage sex.

"Ughhh," Hermione grunted as her pussy was immediately pushed apart as far as it could without splitting in half.

Borgin had forgotten how good sex was since he hadn't had it in so long. He was instantly reminded though when his unsheathed shaft penetrated the young witch and was now buried balls-deep inside of her. Slowly removing himself from her tight sex, Borgin had just the very tip left within her until he repeated his initial action and slammed himself back into her completely.

Luckily, Hermione was expecting it this time and was able to bite down on her lip and not give the older man the satisfaction of hearing her scream. Meanwhile, Borgin kept doing his preferred move so that he could watch his penis fully leave her before seeing it disappear quickly. He also enjoyed watching Hermione's lovely backside ripple every time his pelvis crashed against her plump ass.

"Mmm," Hermione caught herself moaning, hoping like hell Borgin didn't hear.

"Looks like someone actually likes being treated like a common whore," he hissed from above her.

Banging her head on the counter, much like Dobby did to punish himself, Hermione couldn't help but hate herself. Even though her mind was not into this at all and was only doing it to stop Draco Malfoy, she found that her body was again betraying her. She was feeling her own orgasm rapidly approaching, apparently liking the feeling of having his penis slam into her small pussy with disregard.

"Gonna cum for me little girl," he continued to belittle.

As much as Hermione wanted to resist her orgasm so that she didn't give Borgin the satisfaction of making her cum, she couldn't stop herself. The lust potion that was still in her system was preventing her and was making her pussy get wetter and wetter. After another few minutes of the shopkeeper rocking his hips back and forth against hers, she felt him repeatedly hit a particular sensitive spot and trigger her orgasm.

"Ahhhh yessss," Hermione groaned through gritted teeth as she experienced the most embarrassing orgasm of her life.

No sooner had she cum that she realized that Borgin couldn't be too far behind. His thrusts had become gradually more reckless while his breathing and moans kept coming more and more labored. Ignoring his constant spewing of insults, telling her how he was the best lover she'd ever had, Hermione knew that her torment was almost done.

Knowing he was about to cum at any moment, Hermione was desperate to avoid the dark wizard planting his seed in her fertile womb. Pushing back against his powerful thrusts, Hermione took him deeper than he'd been going but gave herself some room to move as her pelvis was no longer trapped against the dirty counter. The next time he pulled out of her, she threw herself as far forward as she could. The maneuver worked perfectly as he came right out of her wet hole and gave her enough time to spin around and drop to the ground. It happened so fast that he hadn't realized until he pushed himself forward and felt the tip of his penis touch the back of her throat rather than the inside of her pussy.

"What the...oh alright," Borgin said.

Even though he'd have liked to defiled the girl more by pumping her youthful body full of his sperm, he was too close to his orgasm to care at this point. Using her mouth to now get him off, the shopkeeper pushed into her throat a few times with force, easily having her lips glide the entire length of his cock and enter into her throat. He didn't last very long though until he felt his legs start to wobble and a warm bubbling feeling moving through his shaft.

"Here it comes witch," he told her. "AHHHHHHH"

With just the purple head of his penis resting on her tongue, the oily-looking wizard felt the first stream of cum exit from him and deposit in her mouth. Not knowing what her intentions were with his semen, Borgin pushed his penis further into her mouth so that the younger witch had no way of spitting out his salty load. Blast after blast shot out from his tip and landed in Hermione's mouth until finally the wizard stopped cumming. It was lucky for Hermione as her mouth couldn't hold anymore of his vile warm cum, which tasted beyond horrible. With his eyes looking down on her, Hermione knew exactly what he wanted her to do so she regrettably swallowed down his offering.

"Alright then. So what are you holding for Draco," she asked the jubilant shopkeeper, who was now sitting back on his stool, recovering.

"Ahahaha," he cackled with menace. "Like I would have betrayed a pureblood family to some filthy Mudblood despite how good you are in bed."

"But we had a deal," Hermione shouted in rage.

"Get the hell out of my shop before I call my friends who can be quite dark," Borgin threatened.

Not bothering to retrieve her panties, Hermione quickly threw her top and robe back over herself and stormed out of the shop. She felt a mixture of anger and shame after sinking so low as to use her body to get what she wanted and not end up getting it in the end. She couldn't help but feel like a crummy prostitute on her way into the alley to meet up with Harry and Ron, who revealed themselves once they were out of view of the shop.

"Good try Hermione. I appreciate that you believed so fully in me that you'd...well...sleep with a dark wizard to help," Harry told her.

Hermione didn't reply as she was merely focused on getting back to the joke shop and controlling her emotions before others saw her. She couldn't help but feel that the boys were happy that she tried to help but were also slightly disgusted in her actions. Even though she would have liked to blame the lust potion for her actions, in her heart of hearts, she knew that offering her body was a conscious decision, which made her worried about the type of person she was becoming.

Hermione told them that they needed to stop by the potions store before returning to Fred and George's joke shop. The boys didn't protest as they realized she seemed very upset and had sacrificed her body in the pursuit of their knowledge. They waited outside as Hermione went in and emerged a few minutes later with a bag full of ingredients.

"What's that," Ron asked.

"Never you mind," she spat back, not wanting to share with him the embarrassing fact that she bought the potion kit for a pregnancy potion. "Let's just get back to the joke shop before we get found out we left."


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