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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 21 - Halloween Pussy Auction Part 2
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Harry Potter awoke to the guffawing of Draco Malfoy hours after losing consciousness. Malfoy was sitting on the edge of the empty auction stage, looking down and laughing at Harry as he tried to gain his bearings. He remembered fucking a lot of pussy the previous night, then the auction and the mysterious masked man buying up all the prime pussy. Images of Hermione swinging around a stripper pole, completely naked except for a pair of knee-high socks and a gold collar around her neck. He also distinctly remembered her not having Hufflepuff's bracelet on her wrist and the wealthy masked asshole buying her tight pussy for ten thousand Galleons. Then blackness.

"What the fuck happened? Stop fucking laughing you prick!" Harry groaned, feeling like he'd been hit by a troll as he slowly sat up. A welt was already forming on the side of his head as he massaged his temples and tried to recollect more of the previous night.

"What happened was that your mudblood friend Granger, your slut mom, the ginger blood traitor and that blonde oddity were all bought by the same man," Malfoy explained to the confused Harry. "You tried to attack him and were stunned for your trouble. And even better, I won our bet for certain. I fucked over forty sluts last night, at least double of what you fucked."

"The bet is forfeit! Some fucker stunned me!" Harry shouted in protest, stumbling to his feet. "Where's that masked man, and where did he take the girls?" Harry questioned Malfoy, hoping that Hermione was still a virgin.

"They're long gone Potter! You won't see those sluts for at least an entire week."

"Who the fuck was that behind the mask? What's he going to do to them?" Harry asked Malfoy threatening, slowly reaching for his wand.

"I have no idea Potter! His plans are his own. And put that wand down unless you want to spend more time unconscious," Malfoy threatened him, raising his own wand faster. "You have to pay up on your side of the bet. Give me any magical artifact that you have. I know that Granger had Hufflepuff's bracelet."

"She obviously took it off, otherwise she wouldn't have put on that strip routine," Harry replied, lowering his wand and feeling his cock stiffen at the thought of Hermione stripping. "Maybe it's with her school uniform."

Malfoy quickly looked behind the stage and found a bundle of Hermione's clothes. He rifled through them and found the bracelet folded beneath the tiny Slytherin skirt. He stowed it away in his cloak before coming back out. "Nowhere to be found Potter. You owe me at least one of the magical artifacts. Don't forget it!" Malfoy lied to him, hitting him with a stinging hex before leaving the Great Hall. He decided not to tell Harry that he'd drawn all over his face using the black light marker spell. He'd find that out himself soon enough.

Hermione, Lily, Luna, and Ginny had been bought and paid for. Their tight pussies were the property of a mysterious man in a mask. He had paid outrageous sums of gold for each of them. After the man had paid Slughorn the almost twenty thousand Galleons for the four girls, he had led them out of the Great Hall and the continuing party by the chain connected to the golden collars around their necks. Hermione was completely naked as she was led out of the hall, earning whistles and gropes as she passed by her many admirers. Slughorn had jammed the tip of his wand in her pussy and removed the impenetrable charm on her hymen after she had been paid for and she was itching for a fuck. Her pussy was wet just thinking about what the mysterious masked man was going to do to all of them. Before leaving the Great Hall, Malfoy came over to the man and handed him a vial of potion before walking over to Hermione and sticking two fingers into her wet pussy.

"Now you be a good slut and enjoy your week away from Hogwarts. When you get back, this pussy will be all mine!" He told her groping her perfect tits and ass before she and the other three girls were led out the hall to the nearest hearth.

"We shall be travelling by floo powder," he told them in a curt voice before producing a pinch of floo powder from a small pouch and pulling all four girls into the hearth. "Riddle house, Little Hangleton, England!" He shouted, throwing the powder into fireplace before all five occupants spun away towards Lord Voldemort's father's childhood home. Ginny, Luna, and Hermione all looked at each other in alarm, realizing their destination and who they were being taken to.

"Are you He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?" Ginny asked the masked man after they had spun out of a dirty and grimy fireplace. The house they had come to was very much in disrepair. The dust on the floor, mold on the walls and broken furniture told the four girls that they were no longer in the clean and safe environment of Hogwarts.

"You may simply call me Master, slut! You are here for one reason and one reason only. You shall not speak unless spoken to, and do everything I ask, or your lives will be forefeit," he told them, slowly removing his mask in the process to reveal the snake like visage of the Dark Lord. Voldemort had been waging war against the Ministry of Magic for over five years with Hogwarts being the only safe place. The wizarding war had never touched Hogwarts thanks to Dumbledore, but as the four girls looked at the Dark Lord in sheer terror, they realized that nowhere was safe anymore.

"What do you want from us... Master?" Ginny asked the Dark Lord knowing full well that there would be no rescue for the girls. Once in the clutches of the He-Who-Must Not-Be-Named, escape was almost unheard of. Dressed as they were, and considering how they were bought, there was only one thing he could want of them.

"I require heirs for my future empire. You have been selected to fullfill that task. My serv-- friends will have you bathed and prepared for me in one hours time," Voldemort commanded them, as four Death Eaters entered the room and took one girl each.

"Excellent selection my lord. These vessel will bear you many strong and attractive children," a young Lucius Malfoy complimented the Dark Lord, as he pulled Hermione towards the bathroom, groping her naked ass as he did so. "I'll be sure to have a go at you my young dear," he whispered into Hermione's ear.

"So long as you have a big cock, you can have a go with me anywhere you like stud," Hermione replied with a sly grin, brushing her hand up against the bulge in his pants. "Looks like you have the right tools for the job, but can you use them?"

"You'll find out soon enough slut. Once the Dark Lord has his way with you, we'll all have a turn at that sweet pussy," he told her, running his fingers across her wet slit. Hermione moaned like a whore. After taking off Hufflepuff's bracelet, her sexual inhibitions had become non-existent. Her desire for hard cock and hot cum were nearly driving her crazy.

Ginny, Luna, and Lily followed Hermione meekly, not wanting to overstep themselves in the presence of Lord Voldemort. All three girls had been pregnant twice, but being used as breeding stock was completely different. The Death Eaters quickly showered all four girls, taking every opportunity to grope them as they scrubbed them clean, sprayed some strange smelling perfume on them, then shoved them into a grimy bedroom to wait.

"We're fucked!" Lily groaned, sitting on a freshly cleaned bed completely naked, after being scrubbed clean by a number of groping Death Eaters.

"I think that was the entire point of the auction Lily," Luna replied in a dreamy manner, looking out the nearest window. "That and to see how many hornyback humpergirdles it created during the party."

"I mean he's going to kill us after he pumps us full of his cum and we give birth to his kids!" Lily replied testily, not in the mood to deal with Luna's wackiness.

"Mmmm I can't wait until my pussy is getting pounded! Dark Lord or not, I'm so fucking horny for cock!" Hermione moaned, lying on the floor, rubbing her moist pussy as hard as she could. All the pent up sexual energy that Hufflepuff's bracelet had been blocking was being released all at once, and Hermione was eager to revel in it.

"You won't be so eager for it after he has our way with us and lets his fucking Death Eaters gangbang us for the rest of the week," Lily replied, a little turned on by the sight of Hermione rubbing her pussy in front of them. "Look, I like cock as much as anyone, but being fucked in my pussy and ass all week by scum like them, isn't exactly what I would call pleasant.

"We need to escape before those fuckers get their hands on us then. It looks like --" Ginny started before the door swung open to reveal a completely naked Lord Voldemort. Although the Dark Lord's face had taken on a snake like visage, his fifty year old body looked like it belonged to an extremely fit twenty year old. Corded muscles covered every inch of his hairless body and all four girls couldn't help but marvel at the size of his fully hard cock. Eleven thick inches fully erect and ready for its first conquest. All the girls marveled at the size of his cock, with Hermione slamming her fingers into her pussy at an accelerated pace at the sight. Before Voldemort took a step forward however, three other girls were shoved into the room ahead of him. All naked, and all extremely attractive.

"These I bought at the Beauxbatons Academy. You seven will each provide me with heirs for my new empire. Let us begin," the Dark Lord told them as the three naked Beauxbatons beauties grouped together with the Hogwarts hotties. All three Beauxbatons students were extremely pretty, with one of them clearly at least half Veela. Voldemort took out a vial and drank the potion inside, instantly making his sperm a thousand times more potent and ensuring future heirs with each load of his cum. "Attend my cock slaves!" Voldemort roared at them as he stepped forward, using his wand to conjure incorporeal chains that attached to the girls' golden collars. He yanked them towards him so all seven were on their knees in front of his eleven inch cock. Seven tongues worked their magic on Voldemort's massive cock, working in unison to pleasure the Dark Lord and avoid his wrath. Three girls worked his shaft, while the others took turns licking his engorged balls. "Enough! Bend over sluts! Time for you to do your duty to my new empire." The three Beauxbatons girls lined up first, bending over and giving Voldemort a good look at their tight teenage asses and pussies. Luna, Ginny, and Lily lined up next, with Hermione last.

The ensuing orgy could only be described as epic. Voldemort took no time in lifting the first Beauxbatons girl up by her waist and slamming her against the closest wall. He slammed his hips forward, fully impaling his entire eleven inches into the screaming French student. He spun her around on his cock so she was facing him as he drove his cock up into her tight pussy like a maniac.

"Mon Dieu!" She moaned seconds later as her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck. In a matter of moments, she had gone from screaming in pain to moaning in pleasure. Clearly the Dark Lord was using some kind of dark magic to aid in his love making. The nameless Beauxbatons slut rode his cock, bouncing up and down for over ten minutes before Voldemort suddenly tensed up, slammed his cock upward into her pussy and unloaded his magical seed as deep into the young wench as possible. The Beauxbatons girl quivered from her own orgasm as load after load of the Dark Lord's hot sticky cum filled her womb and impregnated her.

"Next!" He shouted, dropping her roughly to the ground as three Death Eaters came into the room, dragging her away from the Dark Lord before they started to fuck the Voldemort's leavings. Before long, the Beauxbatons girl had a cock in her mouth, pussy and ass, while Voldemort moved on to Luna. The Dark Lord downed a replenishment potion, stepped up to the still bent over Luna and grabbed her hips. Luna's eyes nearly bulged out of her head as Voldemort's hard eleven inches tore into her unexpecting tight pussy. Again he slammed his entire cock into her pussy, not even moving her from the line-up as he gripped her tiny waist and pounded his cock in and out of her. Luna's pussy was dripping wet as he slammed his cock into her again and again. His dark sexual magic causing the blonde teen to quickly get over the sudden intrusion of his eleven inch cock.

"Holy fuck!" Luna moaned less than five minutes later as she exploded in orgasm due to the sensation of the Dark Lord's massive cock pulsing deep inside her, filling her teenage twat full of his potent seed, impregnating the teen witch instantly.

"Next!" Voldemort shouted as three more Death Eaters entered the room and pulled Luna away to start double fucking her as well. She had two cocks filling her pussy at once as Voldemort moved over to the two remaining Beauxbaton girls. He used his wand to levitated one on top of the other and started slamming his cock into each of them in turn after having downed another replenishment potion. Lily, Ginny and Hermione looked on in fascination from their bent over situation to watch Voldemort skillfully move back and forth between the two, even making them explode in orgasm at the same moment. Not long after, the Dark Lord himself started cumming, deftly moving between the two tight pussies to fill both of them with his seed. He slammed his spurting cock into the half Veela one more time to fill her pussy with the last load as her hair looked like it was on fire. Her hair guttered out as the three men that had been fucking her Beauxbatons friend grabbed her and the other Beauxbatons student and dragged them over to the other side of the room, where they started fucking the pair's tight teenage asses. Ginny was next on Voldemort's list. She cringed at his touch after he drank another replenishment potion. He flipped her around so her head and shoulders were resting against the floor and her pussy and ass were pointing upwards. Ginny looked up in horror and then pleasure as Voldemort's cock descended into her tight moist cunt, filling her with eleven thick inches. Voldemort proceeded to pound down into her tight pussy, balls slapping against her ass as her pussy squeezed his massive shaft with each stroke.

"Holy fuck Master!" Ginny moaned as she was basically split in half by Voldemort's cock pounding down into her. Her pussy started to quiver as a massive orgasm overtook her. Voldemort continued to pound down into her as her cum dripped down her own body. Before she had time to recover, Ginny felt the overwhelming warmth of hot cum deep in her pussy. The Dark Lord stiffened, held her legs tight, and unloaded deep inside the ginger slut. Ginny grinned in bliss as she felt her womb will with hot cum, knowing that another baby would soon be growing inside her. Voldemort let her fall to floor after blowing the enormous load into her tight snatch. She was quickly dragged away by a couple more horny Death Eaters, who quickly started fucking her pussy and ass simultaneously.

"So this is the Mudblood slut everyone tells me is the best fuck at Hogwarts. We shall soon find out," Voldemort informed Lily Evans before throwing her onto the bed on her back and speading her legs to reveal her extremely wet pussy. "All Mudbloods are whores!" Voldemort said with lust in his eyes as he drank another replenishment potion. Lily just looked on in terror as the Dark Lord got onto the bed and hovered over her before inching the tip of his cock into her tight wet snatch. Lily moaned in pleasure as she felt his cock slowly sink into her pussy. She nearly came as his cock bottomed out inside her. He held his cock inside her, balls deep, savouring the sensation of filling the tight red head, before pulling almost all the way out and slamming it back into her with as much force as possible. Using the bed as a trampoline, the Dark Lord used the bounce to slam into Lily as hard and fast as possible. A steady stream of mumbles and moans escaped Lily's mouth as her pussy was pounded without mercy. After two orgasms from Lily and fifteen minutes of using the bed like a trampoline, Voldemort slammed down into her one more time, exploding inside her tight pussy, coating her womb with his hot, sticky and potent seed.

"Oh fuck that's hot!" Lily moaned as she felt the cum fill her up completely. Voldemort quickly pulled out of the teen red head before two Death Eaters were on her, flipping her over with one fucking her ass while the other fucked her face.

"I want it! I want it! I fucking want it Master!" Hermione moaned, rubbing her pussy furiously as the Dark Lord took another potion and got ready to impregnate his last sex slave.

"Then you shall have it virgin. I admit to wanting to leave the best for last. Deflowering a virgin of your attractiveness will make this day memorable, even for me," he told her, stepping up behind her, grabbing her by her slim waist and placing the tip of his cock against her tight slit. He had just slipped the head of his cock into her virgin pussy, brushing up against her intact hymen, when the shit truly hit the fan.


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