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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 19 - Check-ups And Gingers
by Avatrek ([email protected])

"Pregnant again you little slut!" Madam Pomfrey shouted at Lily as she performed the spell to examine Lily's health. Lily had gone in for a check up after giving birth to her first child. "At this rate you'll have more kids than me before Christmas!" Madam Pomfrey cursed, pulling her wand out of Lily's pussy after casting the spell to accelerate her new pregnancy.

"It wasn't my fault Madam Pomfrey! Honestly! It was to save baby unicorns," she replied, not feeling guilty in the least for fucking Hagrid's giant cock and having her pussy filled to the brim with his hot cum. She had knew that was pregnancy a possibility, but the feeling of that huge cock pumping its warm seed deep inside her womb was more than worth it. Oh and saving the unicorns from hoof rot was important too.

"Do you at least know who the father is this time?" Madam Pomfrey asked, acting all high and mighty, even though she had just popped out another kid from an unknown father a few days prior.

"The groundskeeper Hagrid," Lily admitted, smirking as she remembered him impaling her tight teenage pussy with his horse sized cock. "Though I did get fucked a number of times after I had passed out, so it could be one of twenty other boys."

"No it'll be Hagrid's," Madam Pomfrey told Lily confidently. "Giant cum is extremely potent. Popping this one out won't be a walk in the park Miss Evans," she told her, having personal experience, after giving birth to two of Hagrid's kids herself. "What about that other girl in the class? You sure she's not got Hagrid's bun in her oven as well?"

"I'm pretty sure Slughorn put an impenetrable charm on her hymen, and as far as I know, she just had her ass fucked," Lily replied, having seen a few boys double stuff her tight ass after waking up. "Apparently she took Hagrid's entire cock in her ass too. Quite the achievement in my books!" Lily said, truly impressed at the young witches ability to take cock.

"Well I don't doubt it. I had to use a couple healing spells to repair her asshole after the fucking she got," Madam Pomfrey admitted, also impressed that she could take Hagrid's massive cock in that tight ass of hers. "I guess I'll be seeing you in a week than Miss Evans," she told Lily, finishing her examination.

"I hope Hagrid doesn't mind me sticking his kid in the nursery and leaving him up for adoption. There's no way I'm getting tied down like that!" She told Madam Pomfrey without a sign of guilt on her face.

"Don't worry about it. The nursery is full to bursting, but there are always parents wanting to adopt," she admitted to Lily, before saying her goodbyes to the young witch. The nursery and adoption wing of the school had gotten so out of control that Headmaster Dumbledore had already begun constructing a second largery nursery wing.

"Thanks again Madam Pomfrey!" Lily said before leaving.

"About fucking time that skank left, or did you want to fuck the both of us at the same time Mr. Cotter?" Madam Pomfrey asked, knowing all to well, the kind of sexual attraction that little slut got.

"I've already had a piece of that pussy and ass, and I'll have it again I'm sure. But right now, I want to see you, and only you, riding my cock, slut!" Harry told Madam Pomfrey, confident that the horny school nurse was wet for his cock.

Lily made her way to back to the Gryffindor common room after her examination, trying not to focus on how painful it was going to be when she had to deliver a quarter giant baby in the next week. At least it would be done and over with a couple days before the Halloween celebrations. Hogwarts threw on the largest party of the year at Halloween, with every student attending, dancing, drinking, and fucking. Truly what Halloween was all about in the magical world. Lily was thinking about what she was going to wear to the Halloween event, hoping that she'd have an opportunity to fuck the new Gryffindor Ron, and how a new sexy outfit might ensure that. Just as she was thinking about how good it would be to feel his full eight inches plowing into her, she noticed movement around the corner, behind one of the several suits of armour lining the hallway.

"Hurry up Ronny! And don't you ever tell Harry or Mom and Dad about what we're doing!" Ginny said in a hurried whisper from wall behind a suit of armour, almost invisible to anyone walking by.

"Have you seen Dad yet? He's probably balls deep in some second year right now. Our secret is safe with me!" Ron replied, in haste as Lily heard the distinct sound of clothing falling to the ground. "I can't wait another day without my cock inside you Gin!"

"What the fuck is that about?" Lily said to herself as she flipped up her skirt and started fingering her pussy while she peeped through a hole in the armour and watched the two gingers start to go at it. It almost sounded like they were brother and sister, even though they had different last names. They did look a bit alike, and it was more than possible that their parents were divorced and they had chosen to live with separate parents. Either way, Lily found it extremely hot that the two siblings were fucking just behind a suit of armour. Ginny was already bent over touching her toes with Ron kneeling behind her, licking her tasty looking teenage snatch.

"Oh fuck Ronny! You make me so fucking wet!" Ginny moaned as Ron's tongue delved deeper in her tight pussy. His tongue moved up to her tight ass as well, separating her cheeks to lick her tiny little ass hole. "Fuck fuck fuck! Ahhhh!" She moaned as Ron fingered her pussy and tongue fucked her ass. Ginny came seconds later in a torrent of juices that covered Ron's face. Shuddering from her orgasm, Ginny turned around to make out with Ron, tasting her cum on his lips while she stroked his hard eight inches and got ready for the fucking her older brother was sure to give her.

"Fuck this is so hot! I need some cock so bad!" Lily moaned to herself, taking out her wand and jamming half of it in and out of her wet pussy, trying to imagine Ron's cock pounding into her.

"You want it in your pussy or that fine ass of yours Gin?" Ron asked her grabbing hold of Ginny's ample and juicy ass.

"You can take me any way you want me brother, just put it in me quickly! I need that cock!" She moaned, wrapping her arms around his neck and hoisting herself up so she could wrap her legs around his waist as well. Ron was quick to act, pulling Ginny's body tight to his, before guiding his cock up towards her extremely tight ass. "Everyone wants to fuck my ass!" Ginny sighed, smirking to herself as Ron's massive eight inch cock prodded at her tiny ass hole. She'd only taken it in the ass once from Dumbledore, but the sensation of having her tight ass fucked hard was one that Ginny had enjoyed immensely.

"Don't worry Gin, I fully intend to blow my load in that tight pussy of yours!" Ron replied, grimacing as the head of his cock pushed past Ginny's sphincter with a little difficulty. "Fuck this is even tighter than your pussy!"

"Well only one cock has been in my ass thus far so I hope it --- arghh!" She groaned, as Ron slammed in half his cock. Both moaned out in pain and pleasure as more and more of Ron's hard cock slowly inched into her ass. Ginny just held on tight for dear life as Ron supported her entire body weight and slowly moved his cock in and out of her ass, deeper and harder by the second.

"Fuck these gingers are turning me on!" Lily moaned, grabbing the suit of armour's metal gauntlet and using the thick metal fingers as a substitute dildo. She put one of its fingers against her pussy and the other one at the entrance of her ass and eased it in and out, enjoying the sensation of being double stuffed again. Initially she avoided taking cock in her pussy and ass at the same time, but after experiencing it a few times, Lily wondered how she had ever lived without being double penentrated.

"It feels so right for your cock to be inside me!" Ginny moaned as Ron finally went balls deep in her ass, bouncing her up and down at an increasing speed, using his entire shaft as he fucked his baby sister. His balls were slapping against her ass as he plowed into her while Ginny's nails tore into his back and her legs gripped his waist like a vice so she could feel his cock pound into her as deep as possible.

"I'm almost there Gin, fuck!" Ron groaned, slamming his hips upwards at a faster pace, feeling his end approaching very quickly. "You want a load of Weasley cum in that tight pussy of yours?" He asked her. The thought of which was turning him on even more, and hastening his end at an accelerated rate.

"Ya pump that slut full of your cum Ronny!" Lily moaned as she finally came from the double finger fucking she was giving herself with the metal gauntlet from the suit of armour.

"Fuck yes Ronny! Fill your baby sister up with that hot sweet cum! I wanna feel you fill me up baby!" She moaned in his ear as he pulled his cock out of her ass before quickly guiding the tip to the entrance of her pussy and slamming his hips upwards and inwards. He went balls deep in his first thrust into Ginny's wet pussy, causing both of them to moan out in orgasm.

"Fuck UNGHHHH!" Ron grunted, slamming Ginny against the suit of armour and exploding inside her pussy. Her tight snatch clamped down on his cock and milked him dry as he pumped his cum deep inside Ginny's womb, filling her to the brim until his seed was leaking out and onto the floor. The suit of armour immediately began to tip over and the pair of them with it.

"Fuck me!" Lily shouted, diving out of the way as the suit of armour came crashing down. The crash was heard throughout the school as Lily landed roughly and looked over at Ron and Ginny still entangled, and apparently unconscious from the crash. Ron's cock was still fully buried in Ginny's pussy as Lily examined their naked bodies. Kneeling down, she quickly licked the excess cum still leaking from Ginny's pussy, flipped her skirt back down, and left the two ginger lovebirds unconscious in the middle of hallway.

Meanwhile, back in the hospital wing, Harry was eager to add another notch to his belt, and fuck the young and extremely horny, Madam Pomfrey.

"Ohhh fuck I'm wet as hell for that hard cock!" Madam Pomfey moaned, looking at Harry's naked form and his massive seven inch rock hard cock. Although a school nurse, Madam Pomfrey was young and still in her sexual prime. Any boy taking an interest in her big firm tits or big juicy ass would be cock deep in her before the day was out.

"Take your clothes off slut. I want to fuck those big tits of yours!" Harry said, taking in her large breasts and feeling an overwhelming urge to motorboat the fuck out of them. Madam Pomfrey stripped immediately, being so horny that she'd do anything Harry wanted so she could have his cock deep inside her. Madam Pomfrey got up onto the examination table and Harry was quick to follow, taking in her tight body as he did so. Her tight pussy was completely bald, her stomach flat and hard, and her little pink nipples hard in anticipation. Harry straddled her stomach as Madam Pomfrey used her hands to squeeze her tits together for the iminent tit fucking Harry was about to give her. Harry slid his swollen cock between her breasts and started pumping his cock back and forth at an accelerated pace. Before long Harry started to tense up and Madam Pomfrey's eyes opened wide in excitement.

"Mmmm fuck, are you going to give me a tasty load of that hot cum Mister Cotter?" Madam Pomfrey purred, opening her mouth as an invitation for Harry to blow his load down her throat.

"Fuckkk! Take it slut!" Harry groaned, blowing stream after stream of his hot cum across Madam Pomfrey's face and into her mouth. She licked her licks greedily, savouring Harry's hot load.

"I hope you still have more Mister Cotter, my pussy is aching for a hard fuck!" She moaned, rubbing her pussy as Harry downed a replenishment potion and got off the examination table. Harry always kept a number of replenishment potions on him, knowing that he'd need them almost every day. He had needed four the day that Hermione had gotten ass fucked by Hagrid. He had dumped two loads in Hermione's ass, and one down her throat, blowing his load each time within seconds of actually forcing his cock into her tight ass and mouth. It made no sense why he couldn't last when fucking Hermione, but everyone else seemed to have the same problem, save Hagrid. Harry also proceeded to blow one in his Mom's pussy and one in her ass while she was unconscious. Quite simply, the potion was the greatest invention ever created.

"Don't worry whore, I've got plenty left for that tight pussy of yours!" He told her, pulling her across the examination table and spreading her legs wide so he had access to her wet pussy. He rubbed the tip of his cock up against her moist slit, toying with her, knowing how bad she wanted his cock pounding into her.

"Fuck just put it in please!" She moaned, begging him for his cock. Harry saw no reason not to oblige the wench. He slammed his hips forward, grabbing Madam Pomfrey by her slim waist and pounding his cock into her wet pussy, balls deep. She had been so wet for his cock, Harry was able to slam his entire seven inches into her with a single thrust. "Oh fuck me, fuck me!" She squealed in delight, as she felt Harry's balls slap into her pussy. "Mmmm fuck I love having my pussy full of young cock!"

"I bet you do, ughhh!" Harry groaned at the tightness as Madam Pomfrey's pussy contracted around his cock in instantaneous orgasm. The sensation of his cock bottoming out in her pussy was enough to set off an orgasm as Harry started slowly plowing in and out of her spasm-stricken pussy. Harry could feel her warm pussy juices coating his hard cock, letting him pump into Madam Pomfrey at an ever increasing speed. The table she was on was rocking back and forth, threatening to topple over as Harry fucked her as hard and as fast as he could.

"Fuck Mister Cotter! Cum inside me! I want your fucking baby inside me!" Madam Pomfrey moaned, just asking to be impregnated by Harry. He was more than happy to oblige. Knocking up as many girls as he could seemed like a laudible goal to Harry, having already impregnated Lily and Ginny. He had no idea what kind of effect it would have on the timeline, but knowing that he already had multiple kids, including one with his own mom, got him hard just thinking about it. Madam Pomfrey was just one on a list of many he planned to knock up, with Hermione and her tight virgin pussy at the top. Thinking about blowing his load in Hermione drove him over the edge.

"Fuckkkk UNGHHHH!" Harry grunted, grabbing Madam Pomfrey's tits and slamming his entire seven inches into her quivering pussy, erupting and filling her tight cunt up with his super virulent load. His hot cum flowed into her vulnerable womb, instantly impregnating her. Harry squeezed her tits in release as fired the last of his cum into her and collapsed.

"Fuck!" Madam Pomfrey moaned, exhausted and thoroughly satisfied. "I'll need to give you more regular check-ups in the future Mister Cotter."

Harry left the hospital wing shortly after, heading back down to Slytherin to come up with a way get rid of that impenetrable charm on Hermione's hymen. "Hooker," Harry said out loud after sticking his wand in the Mudblood whore statue guarding the hidden entrance to the Slytherin House common room. As soon as he walked in, he came face to face with Malfoy.

"I've got another proposition for you Potter," Malfoy whispered to him, pulling him aside for some privacy. "It has nothing to do with why we were both sent back in time. It's just about pussy and getting as much of it as we can."

"I'm game Malfoy, just as long as you help me get rid of that impenetrable charm on Hermione's pussy!" Harry replied with a smirk, looking forward to taking part in another one of Malfoy's schemes.


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