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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy )f Hogwarts Part 13 - Ginny's Punishment
by Avatrek

The Gryffindor Suck-Off team was well and truly fucked. Not only had their chances of winning a fourth straight championship evaporated, but each and every one of the teenage girls had literally been fucked good and hard by Slytherin imposters. Each girl received a seemingly potent load of hot cum, deep in their tight pussies. And now every single girl on the team, even the back-up team member Alyssa Spinnet, was knocked up. The worst part was that they didn't know who had actually done the deed. Only that they had used the identities of their close Gryffindor friends. All six girls sat in the Hogwarts hospital wing after finding out they were in fact pregnant, relayed to them by the very attractive and young Madam Pomfrey.

"You girls should have been more careful," Madam Pomfrey told them reproachfully. "You shouldn't have let those boys cum inside you. Now you have to pay the consequences."

"Isn't there anything you can do?" Ginny pleaded with Madam Pomfrey. "A potion or anti-pregnancy charm?"

"I'm sorry girls, but there is no such potion or spell that can do that. There is one option that will at least increase the speed of the pregnancy and get it over with faster." Madam Pomfrey related to them, having invented the spell herself.

"How fast?" Lily asked, still numb from finding out she was knocked up.

"Less than a week. After they're delivered, we can take care of the in the school nursery. Lord knows it's full enough as it is, but I'm sure we can fit in a few more." Madam Pomfrey told them.

"Wow really?" Luna asked, finally coming out of one of her daydreams. "You must need to use a lot of pregnancy pixies to make that work!"

"Umm it's just a spell dearie." Madam Pomfrey replied, taken aback by Luna's lunacy. "You'll only show on the last day, so you'll be able to go about your business without anyone knowing." Madam Pomfrey knew full well the effects of the spell, having perfected them herself a few years ago after getting pregnant by one of the numerous students she had been fucking throughout the year.

"What happens to the the babies after the school year is over though?" Chi Ming asked, looked down at her flat stomach and imagining being fully pregnant. "Do our parents need to know?" She asked, worried that her parents would disown her.

"Well you can step up and be an adult Miss Ming, or they can enter the Hogwarts adoption program like all the others seem to do." Madam Pomfrey told her, knowing full well that these girls, like the hundreds before over the past few years, were likely to do. "As for notifying your parents, that will be completely up to you. Professor Dumbledore will speak to each of you privately but it will likely be up to you to tell your parents or anyone else. Simple come to the Hospital Wing six days from now, when you start to show and you'll be back to normal the next day."

"It could be worse I guess," sighed Mary Macdonald, as she contemplated keeping the child. "Does this happen to a lot of girls at Hogwarts?" She asked Madam Pomfrey, wondering how regular an occurrence it was for Hogwarts students to get pregnant.

"Frankly I'm shocked this is the first time I've seen any of you. I would say ninety percent of the girls that go to Hogwarts have at least one child while attending and ever since my invention of the single week pregnancy spell, girls have been having babies multiple times a year. It's getting quite ridiculous if you ask me. The Headmaster has built a special nursery wing for all the babies and he's set up an adoption program for families unable to have children, to great success." Madam Pomfrey related to the girls sternly. She shouldn't really play the innocent, as she had four kids of her own in the nursery at the moment and another on the way in a couple of days.

"Okay I think I speak for the whole team when I say that we want that spell performed on us and we want to keep this secret," Lily told Madam Pomfrey with all the girls nodding in agreement.

"Very well ladies," Madam Pomfrey sighed, performing the one week pregnancy spell on each girl in turn. "Just be careful in the future please," She told them in futility, knowing that they'd be bouncing up and down on someone's hard cock soon, no matter what she said.

"Phew! That could have ruined our whole season!" Lily said in relief as she and Ginny made their way out of the Hospital Wing together with the rest of the team.

"Ya well I'm still not looking forward to next week when we have to deliver the babies." Ginny said with a grimace, knowing how painful it would likely be. "And I have that meeting with Dumbledore scheduled in less than an hour to discuss my punishment." Ginny told Lily as she stopped at the staircase, separating from the group.

"Dumbledore is a breeze! He'll probably just fondle you a bit or fuck you up the ass for a punishment. He likes that as a punishment, even though it feels amazing." Lily told her, hugging her goodbye, and squeezing Ginny's perfect little ass in the process. "While you have that old cock buried in your ass, we'll come up with a suitable punishment for whoever did this to us!"

"Who do you think it was?" Ginny asked, a little nervous about her impending punishment and apparent ass fucking from Dumbledore.

"I have my suspicions." Lily replied, not giving up any further information.

With that, Ginny made her way up to the Headmaster's office. On her way up, she passed by several boys staring at her tight body, her long legs, shapely ass, and nice pert little teen breasts. She didn't mind the attention one bit. It actually was making her tight little pussy wet thinking about how hard some of the boys were as she walked by them. She could see the outline of their hard cocks through their pants and had an overwhelming desire to reach out and grab a few. Just as she reached the right floor of Dumbledore's office she turned around to see a second year Ravenclaw student pumping away at his little cock right in front of her.

"Do I make you hot little guy?" Ginny said, licking her lips at the thought of tasting some cum. "Maybe this will help you blow," she said, turning around and bending over for the boy to get a perfect view of her tight teenage ass and tiny little red and gold thong. The boy could make out Ginny's juicy little pussy, barely contained in her little thong and before long he was panting in exertion.

"Unghh!" He moaned, firing off three small loads onto Ginny's ass.

"Mmmm that feels good!" She moaned, turning back around before reaching back to scoop some of his hot cum from her ass to taste. "Tastes good too!" She said with a grin, before pulling off her soaked little thong and flinging into the boy's face. "For the next time you have an urge," she told him as she walked up the last few steps and came to Dumbledore's office. The secret entrance was already open for her, so she climbed the steps to his main office.

"Ah Miss Beazleby, I have heard some most distressing news about you recently from Madam Pomfrey," Dumbledore said before Ginny had even made it into his office filled with a number of shiny and odd magical instruments.

"Ummm yes Professor. A small lack of restraint that won't happen again, I promise," Ginny lied, as she came to a stop in front of the Headmaster's desk. Dumbledore looked at her over the top of his gold rimmed spectacles.

"Lies will not help the situation Miss Beazleby. I will have to discipline you further for such untrue statements. In fact bend over the desk please," He told her sternly as he stood up and walked around the desk behind her. Ginny bent over the desk before she realized that she was no longer wearing any panties. "I see you opted to not wear any panties Miss Beazleby. Good choice, as I would have needed to remove them anyway." Dumbledore said as his hand caressed Ginny's perfect teenage ass. Her pussy was so fucking wet that she could feel it dripping down her inner thigh.

"Fuck!" She groaned, partly embarrassed that she was so wet for Dumbledore and because she thought it was so hot that she was about to get a good hard spanking and possible ass fucking from her Headmaster.

SMACK! Dumbledore smacked Ginny's tight ass repeatedley as a punishment, slipping a finger or two into her wet pussy between swings. Ginny was moaning like a whore after a few strokes.

"Now let's see how tight this ass really is," Dumbledore told her as her ass was pulsing red with a large red hand-shaped mark showing already. Dumbledore grabbed both of her ass cheeks and spread them as wide as they would go. Ginny could feel how exposed her tiny little asshole was as Dumbledore stuck the tip of his little finger in it. "Amazing! Truly amazing Miss Beazleby! The tightest ass I've ever seen, and that's saying something!" He exclaimed as he forced more of his little finger into her ass.

"Ohhh fuck Professor! It's really tight!" She moaned enjoying the painful sensation of his finger in her ass.

"Prepare yourself for something quite larger than my finger in your ass Miss Beazleby," Dumbledore informed her as he disrobed to reveal a fairly fit body, and a rock hard, slightly wrinkled nine inch cock. "It'll only hurt for a couple minutes."

"Fuck me that won't fucking fit Professor!" Ginny shouted at Dumbledore as she looked back to see his massive cock ready to impale her tight little virgin teenage ass.

"This is part of your punishment for being a whore Miss Beazleby. Besides you'll quite enjoy it in a minute," Dumbledore said knowingly, having fucked many students over the years, all of which had initially seemed shocked and unwanting of his massive cock in their asses, but later moaning in joy for the ass fucking of their lives.

"Professor, I don't thin--- AHHHHH!" Ginny screamed as she felt the tip of Dumbledore's bulbous cock enter her extremely tight ass. It felt like her whole ass was going to rip open as Dumbledore grabbed her by the hips and ever so slowly inched his hard cock into her tight teenage ass. He reached under her and started massaging her wet pussy to help her take her mind off the fact that his huge cock was now two inches into her ass. "Holy fuck!!!" She groaned as Dumbledore slowly pulled out, rub his cock with Ginny's pussy juices and slowly inched it back in until he was a full four inches deep.

"Nice and easy Miss Beazleby! I've done this many times," He grunted massaging her wet snatch again and routinely lubricating his nine inch cock to help the painful process. After several minutes of this, he finally managed to go balls deep in the young slut's ass. "Mmm fuck that feels good, doesn't it Miss Beazleby?" He asked, sliding his cock back out and in fully, increasing his pace slightly.

"Holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck!!! It... it.... feels so fucking good Professor! Fuck me harder!" Ginny moaned in excitement as she reached down to her pussy and started rubbing it, feeling the massive impending orgasm. "Fuck yes!" She moaned seconds later, cumming hard as Dumbledore really started to pound into her ass, shaking the desk with each thrust.

"Let's get more comfortable Miss Beazleby," Dumbledore told her, pulling his cock out of her ass and quickly slamming it into her wet pussy once to lubricate it sufficiently. Ginny was in a daze as Dumbledore pulled her off the desk and laid down on it himself, having Ginny climb over him in a reverse cowgirl position, so he could watch her ass bounce up and down on his cock as he fucked her. She slowly position herself over his nine inch hard cock and inched her ass down on it as slow as she could, fitting his entire cock inside her and reveling in the sensation. "Say cheese Miss Beazleby!" Dumbledore told the young ginger as a flash from a secret camera in front of them went off and captured the moving image for Dumbledore's massive personal collection of students that he'd fucked in the ass.

"Cheese!" Ginny said dumbly as the flash caught her by surprise, right as Dumbledore grabbed her by the hips and started bouncing her up and down on his hard cock. Ginny's mind was too blown from having her tight ass repeatedly fucked by Dumbledore's massive cock to even care. Before long, she could feel a second orgasm coming. She started rubbing her pussy furiously as it began to build and moaned like a whore as her tight pussy exploded again, showering Dumbledore's cock and balls. There was a flash from the camera at the exact moment Ginny came and seconds later Dumbledore started to pant in anticipation as well. The sensation of her cumming all over his balls had set him off.

"Off and on your knees Miss Beazleby. And look at the camera," he told her, as she hopped off his cock and got onto her knees in front of the desk. She looked forward at the hidden camera as Dumbledore spryly hopped off his back and stood next to Ginny, stroking his cock with an obvious need to cum very soon. Every muscle in his body had tensed up as he prepared to dump a massive load of cum all over Ginny's pretty rosy cheeks. "Unggghhhhhhh! Fuck it's a big one!" He shouted as his cock erupted, sending out stream after stream of his hot sticky cum all over Ginny's smiling face. Seven big streams coated her face as she gloried in the sensation of having her tight teenage ass well and truly fucked.

"I think I like getting into trouble!" Ginny moaned before licking Dumbledore's cock clean.

"I get repeat offenders almost every day Miss Beazleby," he told her as he enjoyed the sensation of the young slut licking him clean. "I hope to see your tight ass in regularly!"


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