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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Legacy Of Hogwarts Part 10 - Let the Games Begin Part 1
by Avatrek ([email protected])

The most important sporting season of the year was still a month away, but trials for this Suck-Off League season were already beginning in each of the four Hogwarts Houses. Slytherin had already completed their trials with Hermione Granger being named Team Captain. For the past three years, Slytherin had been relegated to second in the Suck-Off League standings, but with the talented addition of the smoking hot Hermione Stranger, Slytherin stood in good favour to take the cup from the strong Gryffindor team. The Gryffindor team had been an unstoppable force with one Lily Evans as Captain since her third year, and now that Ginny Beazleby and Luna Lumsley were competing alongside Lily Evans, Gryffindor's team would be stronger than ever. However, Gryffindor still needed to have their team trials and set their roster for the upcoming season.

"Fuck! I've been waiting for trials all summer!" Lily told Ginny and Luna, as they bathed together in the Gryffindor bath house. Lily had learned long ago that looking her best before any competition was the best way to ensure a more certain outcome. The large jacuzzi the three girls shared was filled with fifty different soaps and scents, all manufactured to leave the bathers irresistibly scented for the opposite sex.

"How many cocks are we gonna suck to tonight Lily?" Ginny asked Lily, wanting to know exactly what she'd be facing in less than an hours time. Ginny's tiny little nipples were so hard thinking about the naughty acts she was about to perform.

"Ginny! Nipple Nymphs must be swimming in the jacuzzi! Your nipples feel so hard!" Luna told the other two girls in complete seriousness as she squeezed Ginny's small firm breasts and little nipples.

"My nipples are certainly hard watching you two little sluts groping each other!" Lily said to Luna and Ginny as she watched Luna grasp Ginny's breasts from behind and massaged them. Ginny leaned back and slipped her hand under the water to play with Luna's tight teenage pussy. "And to answer your question Ginny, each and every girl will suck the cocks of five lucky boys. Only the five most popular boys get the honour of getting sucked off by the ten most attractive and gifted cock suckers of Gryffindor House." Lily instructed them as she swam over to the two horny teenagers. "Save that sexual energy for the boys! The top five girls always get fucked by the boys at the end of trials anyways!"

"The only way to counteract the Nipple Nymphs is to grope each other!" Luna said outraged.

"Mmmm fuck that feels good Luna!" Ginny moaned as Luna pinched her nipples while she slipped a finger into her tight slit.

"Ah ah ahhh! Save it girls!" Lily told them, breaking them apart and forcing them to exit the tub. "Normally I'd be all over you two, but we only have a few more minutes before trials start, and I want us looking our hottest!" She said as she towelled off her perfect and tight teenage body. Lily proceeded to pull out three identical sets of clothes for her two friends and helped them dress and put on their makeup.

"These outfits are definitely hot Lily! And I love this makeup and how sexy our hair looks!" Ginny told Lily as she admired herself, Luna and Lily.

"I have a lot of experience doing this, and if you follow my lead, we'll be having those boys cumming in seconds!" Lily told them as she admired her handiwork. All three girls were wearing white high heels, knee high bright pink socks, checkered pink and white booty shorts and tight bright pink tube top that showed off each of the girls perky breasts and hard nipples. Their makeup and hairstyles highlighted each of the girls natural beauty and would no doubt ensure them as being the three top contenders for the Gryffindor Suck-Off League team.

Luna, Ginny and Lily made their way out to the Gryffindor Party Room to see that most of the Gryffindor students had already showed up. The seven other hottest girls of Gryffindor were already lined up and ready to begin the trials. Each of the girls had come looking their best. They were dressed in the most seductive and sexy clothing they could come up with. All to entice the boys they'd be sucking off to cum as fast as possible. The five best combined times would make up the Gryffindor Suck-Off League team.

"Hey Lily! Ready to repeat this year?" A tall dark skinned girl asked her as all the girls lined up. Mary Macdonald was definitely a favourite among the Gryffindor girls to make the team again. Her dark features, black eyes, curly black hair and long sexy legs always made her one of Gryffindor's most desirable. Mary was decked out in long white socks, and a tight white thong to emphasize both her long legs and sexy tight ass. She wasn't even wearing a bra, letting everyone enjoy the sight of her well developed breasts and small dark nipples.

"You know I am Mary! No one can stop us this year!" Lily told her, as she quickly looked over the other girls. There were a couple of other contenders for the fifth and final spot. The always sexy and exotic seventh year Chi Ming, whose beautiful asian features and petite frame made her look like she was still a twelve year old. The only other competition would probably be coming from an up and comer named Alyssa Spinnet, who was only a third year, but definitely had the assets and skills to make the cut.

It took another five minutes before the five chosen boys decided to grace the girls and spectators with their presence. Each of them grinning and apparently sharing in some private joke. James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Ron Weatherly, and Peter Pettigrew were the chosen five. Peter had only been chosen as one of the five most popular Gryffindor boys because of who he hung out with and because of the urging of James Potter, who was undoubtably the most popular boy at Hogwarts. Trotting out in only underwear, the boys were already sizing up the girls that would be taking part. There eyes seemed to be glued to Lily, Ginny, and Luna's sexy outfits.

"I thought Ron was going to be busy with his private lessons tonight." Lily whispered to Ginny, slightly confused, but happy to see that he'd be one of the boys she'd be sucking off.

"Maybe he finished early." Ginny whispered back with a grin, implying that Ron hadn't been able to last very long in McGonagall's tight ass.

"Since our Head of House, Professor McGonagall, is busy tonight," Lily told the crowd of Gryffindor students, looking at Ron as she said so, "Miss Joanna Farmer will be in charge of recording and adding up each girls combined times." Lily told the eager Gryffindors, pointing over at a very unattractive seventh year girl, whose freckles, big ears, hawk-like nose and thick glasses had kept her out of the competition. Joanna was Head Girl at Hogwarts, but being incredibly intelligent was not nearly enough to make you popular.

The first five girls stepped up to the five lucky boys who were already dropping their tighty whities and sporting hardening members. Mary Macdonald had stepped up to Remus and little Alyssa Spinnet was getting ready to take on James' fully erect cock. Ginny, Luna and Lily watched on in fascination and anticipation as Joanna blew a whistle and the girls dropped to their knees and started blowing the boys.

"Look at that little slut work on James!" Lily pointed out to Ginny and Luna, "She's gonna get him to cum even faster than Mary will get Remus to!" Lily said in astonishment as she watched James' face screw up in tension and his grunt of release as Alyssa squeezed his balls and deepthroated his hard cock, just before he came down her throat. Alyssa swallowed spurt after spurt of hot cum without even flinching, finally pulling back licking her lips just as Mary got Remus to cum all over her pretty face.

"Fuck this is so hot! I really want some cum!" Ginny moaned to Luna and Lily as she watched on in fascination. After five whistles and and five girls getting five massive loads each, the first group of girls were done. The results were very close between the top two girls, Alyssa and Mary, with Mary beating out Alyssa by mere seconds. Both Alyssa and Mary were plastered in cum, but clearly had enjoyed the challenge. They hugged each other in congratulations and made their way over to the cheering crowd of Gryffindors to wait and watch the final five girls compete. The boys were guffawing again, sharing in a private joke before downing another vial of replenishment potion and getting ready to take on the final five Gryffindor hotties.

"Fuck Lily! You're looking so hot! I've been waiting for this for too long!" James told her as she approached him with a playful little smirk on her face.

"What are you talking about James? You just fucked me last night?" Lily said, just a little confused but still focused on sucking his cock as skillfully as she could. Gryffindor was relying on Lily to bring home the cup again.

"Just get on your knees baby." He told her as Luna kneeled in front of Sirius' cock, Ginny got down in front of Ron's eight inch hard cock. Both Chi Ming and a fifth year brunette got down in front of Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. Lily complied with a smile, pulled off her tight tube top and brushed her breasts up against James' hard shaft.

"In three, two, one..." Joanna blew the whistle and Lily, Luna and Ginny were the quickest off the mark, deepthroating their respective cocks and fondling their balls at the same time. Lily had instructed them on how to give the best blowjob possible and after only a few seconds of expert head, all three girls were gulping down hot loads of cum.

"Mmmmm... Fuck you taste even better than last night Ronny!" Ginny moaned as she swallowed Ron's load and cleaned off his shaft in the process.

"I knew you'd fucking like that my little slut!" Ron groaned as he quickly drained a vial of replenishment potion and let Ginny slowly jack him off while he waited for Chi and the other Gryffindor to finish.

Lily, Ginny and Luna proceeded to go through the other four boys in record times. Both Ginny and Luna actually won a round each but Lily still ended up receiving the best combined time. Especially after her lightning quick blowjob with Lupin in which he proceeded to glaze her entire face over with several hot streams of his sticky cum. Chi Ming ended up coming in fifth overall, only a couple of seconds ahead of Alyssa Spinnet. Because of the possibility of injury or impregnation during the long school year, Alyssa would remain on the team as an alternate. With the team set and Lily as Captain, the ritual five on five orgy was all that remained.

The boys were looking eager and ready, even though each of them had already blown their load ten times. The replenishment potion worked like a charm, both replenishing their list fluids and their animalistic sex drives.

"You boys look eager to fuck! Who wants who?" Lily asked the boys as each of the girls used the Scourgify spell to clean themselves up.

"I get Ginny!" Ron said immediately. James was quick to take Lily aside, while Lupin chose Luna, Sirius took Chi Ming and Peter looked happy to get anyone, even if Mary wasn't thrilled that she was about to have his four inch cock pummelling away at her tight little snatch.

"Guess we won't be needing these, eh girls?" Ginny said pulling off her tight fitting checkered pink and white booty shorts to reveal her bald teenage pussy. The other girls followed suit, and all five boys exchanged a look with each other, smiled and got ready to fuck their brains out.

While all this was taking place, the real James, Sirius, Lupin and Pettigrew were locked in a broom closet just outside the Gryffindor secret entrance, struggling fruitlessly against their bonds and brooding silently with their mouths gagged, hoping beyond hope that Ron, who was still unconscious on top of McGonagall in her Transfiguration classroom, would discover them and hopefully stop the Slytherin plot to infiltrate Gryffindor's Suck-Off League trials.


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