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Harry Potter: Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Harem The Rewrite Part 3
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

The Room of Requirement
Early Morning, June 17th (About 2 hours after the previous chapter)

"Harry! Harry! Wake up!" An insistent voice was crying, not wanting to wake up, he was quite comfortable where he was, holding a nice warm girl.... 'wait a minute, who's in my bed? Oh! Luna! That wasn't a dream? Holy fuck, that wasn't a dream!'

"I'm awake, Luna, I'm awake, how are you?"

"Wonderful, except I really have to pee, and you wouldn't let me go!"

"Oh, sorry" he said, releasing her from his embrace.

"Don't be sorry, I really enjoyed it, and I'll be right back!" She hurried to a door in the side of the room that he hadn't noticed, although he did smile when he saw she was walking a little bit funny. 'oh yeah! Who's the man! And, wait a minute, did I hear her say something about taking her arse? Oh bloody hell! Has she been watching my dreams? I guess I'll know if she brings Cho and Hermione in to help us out. This is the first time I can recall something weird happening to me and being able to enjoy the experience. Although I think I'll pass on the Voldemort possession in the future!'

The grin faded from his face as he remembered what else had happened that night, speaking quietly, he said, "Sirius, I'm sorry I lost you, but, with the power upgrade, and the opportunity this provides, I'm sure you won't begrudge me enjoying myself, especially if half the stories I heard about you are true, you old horn dog!"

"Don't be stupid, Pup, of course I don't blame you!" Harry's eyes shot open at the sound of his godfathers voice.

"Sirius? How? I thought you were dead!"

"Well, actually, I guess I am, considering that I seem to be a ghost. Strange sensation, but at least I'll be able to hang around and talk to you without having to worry about being caught. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I'll be around, at least until Bella and Snake lips are destroyed, then I'm gonna be going to see your parents. I swore to them that I'd protect you, and that's what I'm going to do!" Not realizing it, but Sirius had floated up toward the ceiling while he was speaking, and, blushing, moved himself back to ground level. "Sorry about that, still need to get the hang of this ghost thing. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually, right, Harry? Harry?" He turned to look at the boy he loved like a son, and was shocked at what he saw, although perhaps he shouldn't have been.

Tears were running down Harry's face, "I'm so sorry I got you killed! I tried to check if you were safe, but Kreacher told me you were gone and wouldn't be back, and I forgot about the mirror and I couldn't reach anyone else, and, and, I'm sorry! I didn't want you to die! Really I didn't!"

Sirius glided over to the bed and sat beside him, comforting his the best he could, holding him as he cried, whispering soothing words in his ear and holding him as he cried. "It's alright, Harry, I don't blame you, I would never blame you, I was just so glad to get out of that house that I took some foolish chances, I should have shut Bella down right away, instead of playing with her like we were still kids. My mistake, I got sloppy. Of course, I'm going to have a few words with Albus about keeping me locked up, especially when Polyjuice is available and there are lots of Muggles I could impersonate. But, that's neither here nor there, what is important, I'll be here for you to help any way I can. Not all the time of course, unless you want some pointers about pleasing the ladies." Harry grinned as Sirius wiggled his eyebrows at him, "Although, from what I heard as I was pulling myself together earlier, you are doing just fine with the teacher you have."

Looking up, Sirius spoke, "Hello, Luna, thanks for coming with Harry the other night, and, most importantly, thank you for what you are doing for him now."

Harry looked over and smiled at the shocked look on his lover's face. He couldn't help it, but he snickered, then he laughed, an honest, booming belly laugh, and kept laughing until he almost couldn't breathe. "Oh, I'm sorry, Luna, I didn't mean to laugh at you, but, I didn't think that anything could shock you, but, I guess something could!"

Luna composed herself and climbed back into the bed, saying "It's alright, Harry, I understand, and, honestly, you needed the laughter, and, I'm glad Sirius was able to return." Turning to Sirius, she said, "And, you are quite welcome, Stubby, on both counts, although my Father is going to be very unhappy that the Hobgoblins won't get to reunite now, but, unless you are into watching people make love, Harry and I would like a little privacy now, why don't you go and visit the Headmaster, and let him know you are here?"

Sirius tried to look offended, but had to laugh. "Okay, Pup, I'll let you and Luna get back to what you are doing, but before I do, I just have a message for both of you. While I was gathering myself to come back, James and Lily, as well as your mother, Selene, told me to tell you that they love you, and are proud of the people you've become. Oh, and Cedric passed on a couple of messages as well, to Harry he said, 'Thanks for bringing me home, and take care of Cho, she'll need your help this summer.' and one for Cho as well. I'll get Albus to pass that one on to her, since she doesn't know me from Adam. I'll see you later Harry, I've got some people to visit." Turning, he phased though the door of the room and left them in privacy once again.

Luna snuggled against Harry and said, "My vision was more correct than I realized, I knew that good things would come from being in that room, but, I never imagined that Sirius would be able to focus on our feelings and guide himself to us."

"You mean he was able to find us because we were making love? That's kind of creepy!"

"No, not really, when we bonded, the magic flared, and he must have seen it and recognized your emotions. There is a lot we don't know about ghosts, but, I'm glad you have your Godfather back. It was interesting that, of all the messages he could have been given, he told you to help Cho, I guess she will be a part of this after all. Now, enough of the heavy emotional conversation, there is something that we fell asleep before getting to earlier, and I want to do it now."

At Harry's hopeful look, she smirked, "No, Harry, I haven't been watching your dreams, but, most guys want to try it at least once, and, I'll admit, I'm interested in the experience as well, because I quite enjoy it when Padma or Su work their fingers in me when they are licking me. The key, from what I've been told, is to make sure I'm properly stretched out and lubricated. Where is your wand? Okay, now the spell is 'lubrios' and the wand motion goes like this," she gestured with her wand, "now, the spell has an added benefit, in that it also cleans me out. Now, are you ready?"

Harry nodded, eagerly, and cast the spell. "Okay, now, you want to make sure you go really slow at first, because, even though I'm stretched out, you are really big."

Luna laid on her back, with her legs spread, "Put my ankles over your shoulders Harry, that will help us get to the right position."

When he was lined up, he placed the head of his cock at her rear hole, and slowly pushed into her. Luna moaned as she was stretched even further, but relaxed when the head popped in.

Harry groaned at the sensations of heat and pressure surrounding him, and had to force himself to go slowly.

"Ooh, Harry! It's incredible, I've never felt anything like this,fingers felt good, but this is so much better! Now, slowly start pumping in, oh yeah! Oh yeah! That's it! That's it!" Luna reached down and started fingering herself as Harry was pumping into her arse, and, sooner than either of them would have liked, reached climax.

Harry slid out of her, and lay back, panting, "Wow! Just, Wow! That was incredible, I've never even imagined anything like how that felt. But, are you okay, I didn't hurt you did I?"

"No, not at all, it just took me time to adjust to you, and, I agree, it was incredible, but, I don't think I could handle that everyday, the sensations were just too intense. I'm sure one of your other girls will be just as into the idea as you are, so you won't be neglected."

"Minx!" Harry grinned, before turning serious, "What about you, won't you be neglected on those nights that you won't be with me?"

"Trust me, Harry, I won't be neglected I'm sure that at least one of the other girls will enjoy spending time with me. I'm not sure who she is yet, but I know we will have great pleasure in each others company.

"Now, as much as I'd love to spend the day in bed with you, we really need to shower and go get something to eat before going to visit Hermione and Ron. I'm sure you would rather not let them know the reasons we are together, but, trust me, total honesty will be the only way to treat the two of them even if Ron does initially react badly, I'll handle him."

"Okay, but, since when did you become my boss?" He grinned, trying to show her he wasn't upset.

"I told you, Harry, if it's not life threatening, you dither and procrastinate and nothing ever gets done. This way, things will get done, and happiness will ensue for all of us."

"Yes, Dear."

"Prat!" She laughed, as they headed towards the showers.

Dumbledore's Office,
roughly the same time as the last section

"Hello, Albus"

Dumbledore looked up at a voice he didn't expect to ever hear again, when he saw his young friend, his eyes lit up and a smile crossed his face.

"Sirius? I can't believe it! Does Harry know you're back? I can't think of anything that would help him more right now than to be able to see you and speak to you. I know it does me a world of good to see you, so I have a chance to make amends to both you and Harry for my mistakes."

Sirius smirked and raised an eyebrow, "What's this, Albus Dumbledore admitting he made a mistake? I never thought I'd live to see the day! Oh, wait, that's right, I didn't. Oh well, it's still good to see that you can learn. And yes, I've seen Harry, and, while he was extremely glad to see me, he and Luna made it quite clear that they desired some privacy, and, not being into voyeurism, I left to come visit you."

"So Harry decided to find help with his problem? That is excellent news, and I'm glad it was with someone he was already close to, although I would have expected him to approach Miss Granger first, considering how close the two of them are," Albus mused.

"Well, from what I gathered as I was pulling myself together, and, just for the record, not a fun experience, Luna had a vision that she needed to be in the hospital room today, and it would make a great many things turn out better. She heard what happened to Harry, and, having been interested in him for a while, decided to take the lead. I seriously doubt that Harry will have any problems building up his strength to match his magical core now. It sounds like Luna is putting together a harem for him."

Albus shook his head, smiling, "Now why couldn't I have had a friend like that when I went through this, I had to get by with French postcards and Knockturn Alley tarts. Not an experience I would care to repeat. Now, what can I do for you, Sirius? I'm assuming you had something you needed or wanted to do, and that is why you didn't move on?"

"Exactly, I swore to James and Lily that I would protect Harry, and I'm going to do it! I told him I'm going to be here at least until Bella and Snake Lips are in the ground, and then I'm going to be joining his parents. But, while I'm here, we need to discuss Harry's living arrangements. There is no way that I will allow you to put him back with those people again! They've been abusing him since he was a little boy, and I won't stand for it!" Sirius finished with a roar.

"Actually, Sirius, that situation has already been addressed. After Harry made his displeasure known to me the night you died, and I have to say, his temper when unleashed could rival Lily's, I agreed that I would not force him to go back there again. I've already had a message sent to the Dursley's that it would be in their best interests to relocate, and offered my assistance if they so desire. Frankly, I don't care if they move or not, but I had to make the offer. Now, as for this Summer, what I was thinking was for Harry to get a room at Eloise's. The discretion of the employees and clients is guaranteed, in fact, I don't think that I could break those privacy charms if I tried, and I'm one of the best there is, if I do say so myself."

"That should work, we'll need to get Remus to get Harry in though, because you even walking to the door would attract way too much attention. And don't worry about paying for it, I'll have Remus take it out of my vault. Oh Merlin! Remus doesn't know I'm back. Albus, can you call him and get him here, I don't care what you tell him, but, he needs to be here as soon as possible, I need to see him!"

"Relax, Sirius, I know where he is. In fact, he's in the castle now, he's been living here for the past few days, in case Harry needs him. Dobby!"

The elf appeared instantly, "Yes, Professor? What cans Dobby be doing for you?"

"Find Remus Lupin and ask him to come to my office right away. Tell him something wonderful has happened."

"Dobby will do!" The elf said and popped out.

Harris Residence
11:30 That Night

Cordelia wrapped a robe around her nude body, and, tossing one to Faith, she led the way up the stairs from the training room. The two of them had sated each other for the moment, and decided to see what the rest of the family was up to. Moving down the hall, she passed the door to Xander's Office, and opened the door to the Family Room. Smiling she saw that the camera lights for both the Master Bedroom and Dawn's Room were lit, showing that all of them decided to film themselves for future viewing. Grabbing a remote, Cordy said, "So who do we want to watch, Xander and Tara or Mistress Dawn and Kim?"

"Let's watch X and Tara, I'm not in the mood to watch Little D put Kim through the wringer. Don't get me wrong, I love her to death, but when she's in Mistress mode, she's way too intense. When the three of us first started playing around with the dom/sub stuff, it was a load of fun, and I still enjoy it once in a while, but with Little D, it's not a game, it's her lifestyle, and while that's fine for her, it ain't for me!"

Cordy nodded, having noticed the same thing, but since Tara didn't have any problems with it and Dawn knew better than to try and dominate Xander, she wasn't going to worry about it. Pointing the remote at the monitor for the Master Bedroom, she moved the tape back to when Xander and Tara entered the room. Hearing the microwave start, she turned and saw that Faith had started some popcorn to munch on while they watched, so she paused the playback while she waited.

A couple of minutes later, she started the tape as Faith sat down on the loveseat next to her, and snuggled in. Putting her arm around the younger woman's shoulder, she took a handful of the popcorn and settled in to watch her husband pleasure one of their co-wives, or so she thought of the other women in the house, although they couldn't legally marry them all. Not yet anyway.

"I guess Tara wasn't in the mood for the heavy stuff tonight, C, 'cause X would never go down on her like that if they were playing."

Cordelia nodded, well aware of their husband's quirks when he was in 'Master' mode. "True, if they were playing, he'd probably just have her finger herself until she was wet enough, or, if we were there, he'd have one of us going down on her. Not that I mind, she's a lot of fun to make squeal," she grinned, as Tara proved her right by thrashing on the pillow and squealing in pleasure. "And it looks like Xander thinks so too! I have to admit, even though I really don't like Anya for what she did to him when she left like that, she did teach him well. He was certainly enthusiastic when we were dating the first time, but not very skilled. Of course, you never got to try out his oral skills before she got a hold of him, did you?"

Faith smiled as she thought back to the night she and the others had fought against the Sisterhood. In a lot of ways, Xander saved more than her life that night; he saved her soul. If she hadn't had him to lean on after killing the Deputy Mayor, she didn't know what she would have done, but it probably wouldn't have been good. "Nah, C, it was kind of hectic that night, but, for a virgin, he was still wicked good!" With a wicked grin, she added, "Course, he's a hell of a lot better now, but that only makes sense, we deserve the best, after all!"

Anybody walking outside the door would have been surprised to hear the roars of feminine laughter that poured out for the next few minutes before quieting down again.

Headmaster's Office
A Few Minutes Later

"You wanted to see me, Albus?" Remus asked, as he rushed into the office.

"Actually, Moony, I was the one who wanted to see you."

Remus turned at the voice and paled, before his eyes rolled back in his head and he fainted.

"Not exactly the reaction I had hoped for, I'll admit." Sirius said, wryly, "But, any reaction is a good one. Now, can you wake him up? I don't seem to be able to cast spells like this."


"Sirius? Is it really you?"

"In the flesh, well, sort of, but, yeah, Moony, it's really me! I had some things I promised to do, and I'll be around for a while. Now, we can talk about that later, right now, we need to make some arrangements for Harry. Can you go to Eloise's and make a reservation for Harry, without using his name, for the summer, just get the money from my vault, you still have my key, right?"

"Of course, but Gringotts has you as deceased, I've received notice of your Will Reading, it's in 2 days, oh hell! That's going to bugger things up, your being back, won't it?"

"Not necessarily, I don't need the money, although it might be fun to attend the reading, and see what Narcissa and the little toe rag try to do when they find out Harry is Lord Black." Sirius grinned ferally.

Remus nodded, deciding to have a nervous breakdown about his best friend being a ghost later.
"Sure, I can take care of that for you, but, the important question is, other than to make up for an absolutely shite childhood," he said, glaring at Albus, "why would Harry need to spend an entire Summer in Eloise's? I know I had a wonderful time when the four of us went there; who knew Cissy could squeal like that? But what possible reason could you have for Harry spending his entire summer in a brothel, unless you are trying to turn him into a Sex God?"

"First off, thanks for reminding me, I'd forgotten that Narcissa spent a summer there, too bad she married the ponce and got all stiff necked on us. Second, Harry is in a situation where he literally requires sex three times a day, and it's best if he is with as many women as possible. You see, something happened the night I died....."

"Only Harry," Remus laughed after hearing the whole story, "could go from being possessed by You Know Who, to having to bed multiple women everyday, to having his girlfriend arranging a Harem! I thought James had screwy luck with women, but this takes the cake!"

"True, but there's still time to set Harry up with the Holyhead Harpies for his birthday. Do you think he'd enjoy that?" Sirius asked with a grin.

"Bringing the conversation back to a semblance of reality, gentlemen, I doubt that the Harpies would appreciate being knocked off of their game for a week, maybe after the season is over we can see if they are interested." Albus said, straight faced, but with his twinkle at record levels.

"Besides, do you honestly think Hermione would allow a woman she didn't know that close to Harry? I've seen Nundu's with their young that weren't that protective!" Remus said, shaking his head.

"True" the others agreed.

The Hospital Wing
After Breakfast

Harry and Luna walked into the ward, holding hands, and went to where Ron and Hermione were recovering. Ron was snoring loudly, while Hermione was sitting up with a book in her lap. Surprisingly it was not 'Hogwarts, A History'. Harry noticed that Hermione smiled brightly on seeing them, but it dimmed a little bit when she noticed them holding hands. Luna noticed as well, and said,
"Hello, Hermione, don't worry, things aren't exactly what you may think. He loves you as well, and there will be time for the two of you to be together, but there are reasons Harry and I are together now."

Hermione looked at the two of them, and couldn't believe what she was hearing. 'Harry loved her? Then I guess I know who my competition is! Although based on what she just said, maybe she is interested in sharing as well?'

"Okay, you have my attention, what's going on?" Luna cast a privacy spell around the three of them before telling her almost everything that had happened since Harry had come into the Hospital Wing the day before, only leaving out the graphic details, and that Sirius was back, figuring Harry would want to tell her that news.

Hermione blinked, then blinked again, before opening her mouth and closing it again.

"I think you broke her, Luna, and, just think, I haven't even told her my news!" Harry chuckled.

"Leaving aside the prospect of even more shocking news, let me make sure I understand what you are telling me. Because Harry ejected Riddle from his mind, he severed the link that Riddle was using to drain Harry's magic, and this caused Harry's magical core to double, and, until his body is able to handle the larger core, Harry has to have regular sex to drain the excess magic. And, if he has sex with the same girl more than a couple of times, a permanent bond is created, giving the girl an increased magical core and increasing her ability? Am I on track so far? Okay, now, Luna, who apparently is a Seer, had a vision that she needed to be hiding in the very examining room where Harry was brought to and heard the Headmaster telling Harry about the treatment, and decided she wanted to be with him. Now, after experiencing Harry, she decides that she can't handle him on her own, and needs to get other girls for him to shag and you are telling me that several of these girls will be bonding to him as well? And to top it all off, you drop the bombshell on me that Harry loves me as well, and would have come to me first, if time wasn't an urgent issue and I hadn't been so badly injured? So you expect me to join this Harem of Harry's over the Summer? Have I gotten the gist of what you are saying?"

"Well, basically, yes, although I don't think that Harry is actually capable of just 'shagging' anyone, it has to be somebody has genuinely likes, or has feelings for. I'm sure this goes against what you were brought up to believe, Hermione, but in the Wizarding World, the arrangement, while not overly common, is also not unheard of, especially since Harry can easily afford to support any number of wives."

Hermione nodded, and, surprising both Harry and Luna, grinned wickedly, "I'm in. I decided the other night to tell you how I felt about you the first chance I got and this is it. Harry, I've been at least a little in love with you from the end of first year, and it's only gotten stronger since then. What, Luna, you didn't honestly think I'd turn down being with Harry did you? I've been in love with him since first year, ever since he and Ron saved my life from the troll, and so what if I have to share him? Sometime I'll introduce you to my dad and 5 moms. Of course, in public I have to call them my Aunt's, but my parents have a very interesting relationship. The only thing is, I'm worried that I won't get along with the other girls who end up joining us, because you know as well as I do that we are going to end up in bed together." Seeing the glazed look in Harry's eyes, she smirked at Luna who grinned back, "Honestly, Harry! You'd think it wasn't an open secret that very few girls older than second year rarely spend the night in their own beds!"

Seeing the dumbstruck look on Harry's face, she said, "I'm sorry, Harry, I thought you knew and were just being polite about not saying anything."

Harry shook his head, "I'd never heard anything about it, but it does explain some comments Seamus was making. I thought he was just being his usual self."

"No, Harry, he probably wasn't. It isn't something that is openly talked about, but the excuse given for girls having sex together is to make sure our magical cores sync with our maturing bodies. I'm not sure I really believe it, but it feels really good and doesn't hurt anybody, so I wasn't going to go on a crusade about it. Besides," she grinned, "after my last attempt at naming a crusade failed so badly, I wasn't about to attempt to name something else!"

Luna cleared her throat, "I wouldn't worry too much about it, Hermione, I don't know everyone that will be joining us, but I have a feeling that you'll be able to get along with most of them just fine."

"Okay, now, two questions: first, what are we going to tell Ron? And second, what is the shocking news that you had for me, Harry?"

Harry grinned, "Sirius is back, he came back as a ghost! Luna and I have already spoken to him, and he forgave me for getting him killed! He's going to be around at least until Voldemort and Bella are dealt with, and then go back to join my parents."

Hermione gasped, then a huge smile crossed her face as she leaned forward and hugged Harry.

"Oh, Harry! That's wonderful! I'm so happy for you!"

"So, what are we going to do about Ron? You know as well as I do that he won't react well to this, especially the fact that both Luna and I are with you."

Luna nodded, and said, "Actually, I've got an idea about that. There is a girl in my dorm who has quite a crush on Ronald, and would be very happy to spend some time with him, including horizontally, I'll go get her so the two of you can talk."


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