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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Discovery Of Sex Part 13
by Tom Seaton

Harry Potter was horny. It had been a long, long time since he'd last had any type of sexual encounter that hadn't involved him masturbating in his room and it was driving him absolutely crazy. The last time he'd had any kind of sex had been on that train journey back from Hogwarts when he'd fucked both Ginny and Hermione and it was getting him hard just thinking about it.

He was lying up in his bedroom, stroking his hardening cock as he thought about this memory, when he heard his aunt and uncle call him. Sighing at his sexual frustration, he let go of his cock, re-buttoned his jeans and headed downstairs where he was met by the sight of his Hogwarts headmaster, Albus Dumbledore.

Harry was relieved at long last that he'd be able to get out of Number 4, Privet Drive but it was the realisation that he might not have to be lonely sexually for much longer that brought his spirits up more than anything.

Harry's journey from Number 4, Privet Drive to The Burrow where he would be spending the remainder of the summer holidays seemed to pass by a lot quicker than the rest of the summer had done, despite the fact he was now back in the magical world. He found himself meeting a new teacher, Professor Slughorn, and before he knew it, he was arriving back at The Burrow with Professor Dumbledore.

Finally, the time came when Professor Dumbledore bid Harry adieu, and left him in the capable hands of Mrs Weasley, who was bustling about in the kitchen and Tonks, who bid her farewells immediately. Harry was pleased to see her, after all it had been a while since he'd seen any member of the red-headed family, but what he really wanted was to see his two best friends and Ginny.

"The others are all asleep," Mrs Weasley said, as she bustled about the kitchen, making Harry some food. "You'll have to wait until the morning to see them. Arthur's still at work but hopefully he won't be too long. Also, you don't have to share with Ron, you can have Fred and George's old room as they're staying in Diagon Alley."

"Ok, that's great," Harry replied, "this food really is excellent, Mrs Weasley. I've missed having top-notch grub to eat."

"You poor soul," Mrs Weasley said, stroking the top of Harry's head, "it must have been so difficult at the Dursleys. I don't see why Dumbledore didn't just let you come and stay with us but he knows best."

"Yeah, I guess there must be some reason behind it," Harry said, loving the motherly touch but suddenly finding himself needing relief. After all, he'd been masturbating when Dumbledore had arrived. "I missed a lot of things this summer."

"Well, you're back with us all now," Mrs Weasley said, clearly not taking the hint as she settled into the chair next to Harry.

"Indeed I am and glad to be," Harry said, deciding to change tact, his cock twitching. "I had the best summer last year but I guess it'll be different with Sirius gone."

"We're here for you, Harry, if you need anything, you know that," Mrs Weasley replied, placing her hand on top of his. This was the set-up Harry had been looking for.

"Well," Harry said, "it's been a rough couple of months. I know one thing that'd make me feel better."

"Of course, anything, dear," Mrs Weasley replied, smiling at him.

"Remember the day when we left for Hogwarts at the start of the year?" Harry asked, remembering himself his encounter with Tonks and Mrs Weasley.

Mrs Weasley blushed and turned bright red. "Yes, I remember it," Mrs Weasley said, "but I don't think we should talk about it, Harry. It was a one-off occasion, you caught me on a bad day."

"Why not, Mrs Weasley?" Harry said, secretly rubbing himself under the table, slowly getting hornier. "I had a great time and I know Tonks did, and I'm guessing you did too. No one knows about it and no one ever has to. It's just I've been cooped up for so long, my penis aches."

Harry could see Mrs Weasley digest those words and wondered if there was deeper meaning behind her hesitation to reply. "We can't, Harry," she replied, "even if I wanted to. Arthur will be home soon, and everyone's asleep. It's for the best that we don't, you can go upstairs and masturbate if you want, and you've got your own room."

"I masturbated a lot at the Dursleys'," Harry replied, moving his chair closer to Mrs Weasley, still rubbing his cock through his jeans. "I miss the real thing. I've missed fucking your daughter, but I can't wake her now and I've dreamt about fucking you."

These words had an effect on Mrs Weasley and she felt her pussy begin to tingle as she heard them. Nevertheless she tried to keep her cool and resist the urge to fuck Harry's cock, despite the fact it had been almost three months since Mr Weasley had had time to fuck her.

"I can't lie, Harry," Mrs Weasley said, "sucking your cock was very fun, but I'm married. I've imagined Arthur's cock is yours many times since that morning at King's Cross, but I just don't think we can do it."

"Why ever not?" Harry said, deciding not to hide it anymore and releasing his growing cock to Mrs Weasley's vision. "Look how hard you've got me."

As Mrs Weasley looked down at Harry's cock, she felt the tingle in her pussy increase in ferocity. She needed Harry's cock, there was no denying it. She reached out a hand and grabbed it, slowly stroking it up and down and immediately regretted doing so; she was going to fuck now.

"Fuck," Mrs Weasley said, as she continued stroking Harry's cock. "We're gonna have to fuck now. I can't think about anything else. But one second."

Mrs Weasley got up from the table, letting go of Harry's cock, grabbed her wand and cast a silencing charm around the kitchen. Then, before she returned, she picked up the Weasley family clock, which told them where each member of the family was, and placed it opposite the two of them so she could see it.

"There," Mrs Weasley said, grabbing a hold of Harry's cock once more and beginning to jerk it. "Now we can see when my husband gets home and when we have to stop having sex."

Harry relaxed even more as Mrs Weasley began jerking his cock with a little more speed and passion, and he realised how long it had been since someone else's hand had touched it. The last time anyone but himself had pleasured his dick had been on the train journey home with Ginny and Hermione and that seemed like years ago.

Harry needed to see Mrs Weasley's body once more, just to remind him what the real female form looked like after months of imagining it in his head and so he let his hands wander up and down her body, caressing her tits and ass as he stood there, being jerked off.

Harry recalled the first time he'd ever seen Mrs Weasley's tits and remembered how in awe of them he'd been then, so he wasted no time in removing her typical Mrs Weasley top. He was delighted to see she was not wearing a bra underneath and the moment he'd removed her shirt, her tits wobbled loose where Harry quickly grabbed and massaged them.

Mrs Weasley moaned as she felt Harry's hands caress her tits. It had been so long since Arthur had touched them, that she felt her pussy start to get wet as Harry's hands caressed them. She knew she shouldn't but she wanted Ginny to wake up and catch them so that she could show her daughter how to fuck properly but right now she was going to enjoy this as much as she possibly could.

She pulled Harry's top over his head to leave him stark naked and allowed his hands to wander down towards her wet pussy, slipping them inside her skirt. She moaned as she felt his fingers rub her pussy through her panties and she pulled him in for their first ever kiss, something Harry had never expected in a million years.

Mrs Weasley took charge and stripped herself naked as quickly as she could. Harry presumed this was a mixture of not being able to wait and wanting to get it done before her husband came home but he wasn't complaining. Harry was soon back to massaging and sucking on her tits as Mrs Weasley rubbed her pussy, Harry's cock the hardest it'd been in a long while.

Harry had imagined motor boating Mrs Weasley's tits several times so when the opportunity presented itself, he was sure not to turn it down. Burying his head in her large tits, he began motor boating them to both his and his best friend's mother's delight as she moaned in pleasure.

As much as both of them were enjoying it, their sexual organs were in overdrive and needed to be pleasured. With Mrs Weasley unsure of how long it would be before her husband returned home, they decided to skip the foreplay and move straight to the fucking.

Mrs Weasley swept the plates off the table and placed them in the sink before clambering onto the table herself, spreading her legs wide, waiting for Harry to fuck her. The young wizard couldn't believe his luck as he prepared for his first fuck with the red-headed MILF and moved forward, lining his cock up with her pussy.

Harry pushed inside Mrs Weasley's pussy and began to fuck his best friend's mother for the very first time. He thought back to the train station and when she'd sucked his cock, remembering how much he'd wanted to fuck her then, and now he was actually doing it. He reached out and caressed her tits as he guided his cock in and out her pussy, Mrs Weasley moaning in pleasure.

Her moans were very similar to those of her daughters and Harry wondered what Mrs Weasley would make of the sick thoughts going through his head right now. He wondered if she'd approve of the fact Ron and Ginny had fucked each other and he closed his eyes, imagining Ginny was sitting on her mother's face right now.

Mrs Weasley moaned louder still as Harry fucked her hard and massaged her breasts. It felt nice to have a cock inside her once more, especially Harry's young meat, that was bigger than her own husband's. Suddenly, they heard a noise and both looked up at the Weasley family clock.

Arthur's hand had switched from 'work' to 'in transit' and Mrs Weasley looked at Harry, who was continuing to fuck her, just much slower. They both knew what this meant. Mr Weasley would be home very shortly and that meant if they were both going to be satisfied, they needed to work quickly.

Harry fucked Mrs Weasley as hard and fast as he'd ever fucked anyone in his life, fully aware he was now working to a time limit. Mrs Weasley moaned loudly and tried to aid Harry in getting her to her orgasm by rubbing her pussy as she was fucked, the two of them building up a sweat.

With the added pressure of now knowing they had minutes, maybe seconds, before Arthur returned home from work, it seemed to increase the pleasure of both Harry and Mrs Weasley. The two of them were so lost in the moment, they didn't even notice as Mr Weasley's hand began to switch back towards home.

Harry was ramming Mrs Weasley's pussy as hard as he possibly could and it was as he felt his own orgasm building that the red-headed MILF informed him, she was about to cum. Screaming out his name, Mrs Weasley hit her climax, her juices flooding Harry's cock as he tried to continue fucking her, it becoming increasingly difficult with her huge amount of juices.

As Mrs Weasley came down from her orgasm, Harry began to realise his own was coming. However, he suddenly remembered something he'd read online that the best place to come if you wanted the least mess was from a blowjob, so he pulled his cock out of his best friend's mother's pussy.

Mrs Weasley took the initiative the moment Harry moved towards her face and she opened her mouth wide ready to receive his cock. He pushed it inside her and she began to suck on it, using her hands to fondle his balls, enhancing his orgasm even more.

Harry couldn't take it anymore and squirted his load deep into Molly Weasley's mouth, achieving something he'd been wanting to do for a very long time by fucking the red-headed slut. Just as Mrs Weasley swallowed his load down, they heard the click of the clock and realised Arthur was home and they were completely naked.

Panicking silently, the two of them dressed quickly and Mrs Weasley went to the back door to answer her husband who had knocked. Harry was just wiping the sweat away from his brow when Mr Weasley entered, none the wiser that he'd been moment from discovering his wife cheating with the boy they thought of as another son.


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