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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Discovery Of Sex Part 12
by Tom Seaton

The episodes of sexual encounters at the Ministry of Magic and the couple of days after were hidden away for a very long time by the six young students involved until they found themselves together again on the Hogwarts Express with the sole exception of Luna, who wasn't in their carriage.

After an eventful encounter with Malfoy and his two cronies, Crabbe and Goyle, which ended with the three Slytherins very much the worse for wear after attacking Harry and Ron outside a compartment filled with Dumbledore's Army members, the two best friends headed back to their compartment where they suddenly began discussing sex.

Each member of the compartment was minding their own business when an ex-flame of Harry's, Cho Chang, walked past the carriage and was noticed by Ron.

"What happened with you two?" Ron asked his best friend, clearly wanting to know if Harry had fucked any other girls than his sister and Tonks.

"What do you mean?" Harry replied, continuing his move on the wizard chess game the two were engaged in, fully aware that Ginny was in the carriage and listening.

"I mean, did you guys, you know, fuck when you were dating?" Ron asked, and suddenly all four of his fellow occupants of the carriage were staring at Harry.

Harry looked around at the rest of the carriage. Ginny and Hermione had both put down the respective things they were reading and were looking at him expectantly, while Neville had looked up from his cactus to hear Harry's answer. He decided he might as well come clean; after all, they were all friends here.

"Well, to be truthful, no," Harry asked and he swore he saw Ginny smile. "We did stuff but we never got round to, well, fucking because of her Quidditch commitments and the DA and stuff. What about you and Michael Corner, Gin?"

Ginny seemed a little taken aback by this question but regained her composure quickly enough to answer Harry. "No, we never fucked," she replied. "Truth be told, we never did anything apart from kiss, which was slightly disappointing."

It was at that moment Hermione put down the Daily Prophet she was reading and suggested a Muggle game to pass the time, a game which only Harry knew the consequences of.

"I've got an idea seeing as Ron and Harry are probing," Hermione said, looking around at the members of the carriage. "There's this Muggle game that they play to find out this kind of stuff and it's a lot of fun called Truth or Dare."

"What does it involve?" Ron asked cautiously.

"Well, basically," Hermione said, and she looked at Harry for moral support, "it's a fun game to play. We each take it in turns to pick a truth or a dare and whichever you pick you have to do. So if it's a truth, you get asked a question and you have to answer it truthfully."

"And if you pick a dare, you have to do it, whatever it is," Harry chipped in, Hermione smiling gratefully at him. "If you refuse to do the dare, you're out the game, and you'll have to leave the carriage."

Ron and Neville looked unsure but Ginny was certain she wanted to play this Muggle game. Her eyes had lit up when Hermione had said the answers must be truthful as she knew this was an opportunity to find out all the details about her long-time crush and occasional sexual partner, Harry.

"I'm in," she replied, suddenly, before turning to look at her brother and Neville, who were both still looking unsure. Harry knew that if he committed to the game, then the other two would most probably join in, so he decided there was nothing left for it.

"Me too," he said.

With Harry confirming he would take part in the game, it didn't take long for Ron and, eventually, Neville to agree to participate, although the latter did so with some hesitation. Once they'd all confirmed, Hermione drew out her wand, locking the compartment door and casting a charm that meant as soon as anyone approached the door, they remembered something important they had to do and turned away.

"We might need privacy," Hermione said, hoping the game would go as dirty as she hoped. "Right, let's start. Harry, truth or dare?"

"I'll take a truth," Harry answered, wanting to start off slowly and hoping Hermione would be kind with the question.

"How many people have you had sex with?" she asked, straight off without hesitation; clearly it was something on her mind.

Harry hesitated. This was going to be an awkward question. He thought for a minute at all the girls he'd fucked, listing them off in his head. Tonks was first, then Ginny, then Hermione, Ginny again so that one didn't count, Tonks again and Bellatrix. He looked up and replied, "Four. Right, Ginny, your turn, truth or dare?"

Ginny took her time to digest Harry's answer and then answered the question. They'd be time to find out who later in the game. "I'll take a truth, too," she replied.

Harry thought about his question, long and hard, and then asked, "Ok, Ginny, how many cocks have you seen?"

Ginny was taken aback by Harry's question but recovered quickly enough to respond.

"In total, three," she answered. Then turning to her brother, she said, "Ron, truth or dare?"

Ron was eager to know who the cocks were, but he realised that would have to wait, "Well, if everyone's picking truth, I'll have a truth," Ron said.

"If you could fuck one girl other than Hermione, who would it be?" Ginny asked her brother.

"Well, I'm not sure," Ron answered, "I mean Cho is pretty hot, Harry, but I think I'd actually say Parvati Patil. Ok, Neville, truth or dare?"

"Erm, truth, I guess," he said, nervously.

"Have you ever had sex, Nev?" Ron asked.

""Erm, yeah I have, actually," he replied before quickly asking Hermione to avoid awkward glances. "Hermione, truth or dare?"

"Well, let's complete the set, truth," Hermione answered.

"Wow, I don't know, let me think," Neville said. "I know, how many people have you slept with?"

"Just the three," Hermione answered quickly and shooting a glance at Ginny. "Right, back round again. Harry, your turn, truth or dare?"

"I'll take dare, Hermione, someone's got to," Harry said, feeling brave.

A smile spread across the face of Hermione as she realised what she had the power to do. Deciding she wanted to help her two friends, she said, "I dare you to make out with Ginny for a full minute."

Harry looked at Ginny, who shrugged as if to say 'we've fucked, it's no big deal'. Harry looked at Ron, who seemed to give the go-ahead and he moved over to the opposite seat where Ginny was sat, before beginning to kiss the sexy young redhead.

Harry and Ginny began making out as they'd done a few times before and it was like they were alone in one of their dormitories once more, as they put the three watching occupants out of their mind. Harry's hands were wandering down towards Ginny's ass as she explored his mouth with her tongue and they were only broken apart by Hermione's faint cough.

Harry looked around and saw that Hermione was smiling knowingly, Ron was watching almost jealously and Neville was open-mouthed. Harry decided the best thing to do would be to carry on with the game.

"Gin, your turn, truth or dare?" he asked as he smiled at the girl he'd just been kissing.

"It's got to be a dare," she replied, smiling right back at him, realising that she'd just kissed another guy and she'd only been dating her new boyfriend, Dean Thomas, for less than a couple of weeks, not that any of the others knew that, except Hermione.

"I dare you to flash your tits to us for thirty seconds," said Harry, wanting more than anything to see them himself.

Ginny seemed stunned that Harry wanted her to get her tits out so soon into the game and she hesitated for a moment, considering her new relationship with Dean and wondering what would happen if word spread. However, she talked herself into it when she realised no one in this carriage would disclose what had happened and lifted her shirt up to reveal she was wearing no bra and her boobs were out on show for all to see.

All three of the guys stared avidly at Ginny's tits, impressive for a girl her age, even Ron despite the fact she was his sister, while Hermione secretly admired them. She'd always fantasized about Ginny and having some fun with her, ever since she'd fucked Ron in the same room as her best friend had fucked Harry and seeing her tits out in the open was certainly more ammunition.

"Right, time's up," Ginny said, pulling her shirt back down and smiling at the disappointment on all four faces. "Your turn, brother, truth or dare?"

"Well, if we're all doing dares, I'll have a dare," Ron said, looking at his sister, still picturing her tits.

"I think it's time you did what Harry did," Ginny said, smiling widely. "I dare you to make out with Hermione for a full minute."

Ron looked at his sister with a look of thankfulness and he moved over to where Hermione was sitting, immediately bringing her in for a kiss. Hermione reciprocated it and the two were soon making out just as passionately as Harry and Ginny had been before Ron's sister brought them back to earth with an Umbridge-like cough.

"Well, erm, I guess, it's your turn, Neville," Ron said, struggling to regain himself. "Truth or dare?"

"Erm, I'll take a truth," Neville said, nervously.

The four others exchanged knowing looks as they knew this would be a lot more fun without Neville, but they couldn't ask him to leave. So, thinking hard, Ron asked his truth. "Ok, Nev, who did you have sex with?"

Neville looked at the others' eager faces but knew he had to answer or he'd have to leave and he knew he might get something out of this. "Ok, but you have to promise not to tell," Neville said. "It was with Luna."

Everyone widened their eyes in shock, none of them expecting that name, but before anyone could make any comments, Neville turned to Hermione, "Your turn, truth or dare?"

"Dare, Nev," Hermione answered quickly.

"I dare you to do what Ginny did, and flash your tits for 30 seconds," Neville said, surprised at his own confidence.

Hermione was also a little shocked at Neville's dare, but she proceeded to release her own slightly bigger tits and allow all four fellow students a good look. Of course, both Ron and Harry had seen them up close, but Neville was admiring them avidly while Ginny looked equally impressed and maybe a little turned on.

Once the 30 seconds were up, Hermione put her tits back in her shirt and turned to face Harry, "Ok, last round before we change the order. Harry, truth or dare?" she asked him.

"Dare," Harry said, feeling brave and hoping Hermione would ask him to do something sexual with Ginny, something since the kiss he'd been eager to do.

"Ok," Hermione said, an evil smile breaking over her face. "I dare you to take off all your clothes."

Harry was stunned by Hermione's dare. He'd not been expecting that, not at all, not this early into the game anyway. He thought about the consequences of passing the dare; he'd be out of the game. He couldn't do that, not with a chance to fuck either Hermione or Ginny. Besides three of the four people in the carriage had already seen him naked. Reaching a conclusion, Harry began to undress until he was naked in the carriage, his cock lying floppy, resting at four inches.

Completely naked, he turned to Ginny, whose eyes seemed full of lust and he asked, "Truth or dare, Gin?"

Ginny couldn't help but stare at Harry's cock and imagine it in her, as she replied, "Dare, Harry."

"Well, if I'm naked, it's only fair you should be as well," Harry said, hardly daring to believe Ginny was going to have to get naked for him. "I dare you to get naked."

Ginny wasn't wasting any time in getting naked, after all, like Harry, she knew three of the four people in the carriage had already seen her body; two of them had fucked it. She smiled as she saw Harry's cock give a slight twitch as she exposed her tits once more and her trimmed pussy, a little patch of ginger hair marking the way.

"Ron, you're next, truth or dare?" she asked her brother.

Ron was looking away from his sister, clearly not wanting to be turned on by her naked body, and mumbled, "Truth."

"You wuss, Ron," Ginny teased. "Fair enough. Hmm, let me think. What's your deepest fantasy?"

"Well, I've always been curious about anal sex," Ron answered, "but I actually think having sex on a broom is my biggest fantasy. Ok, truth or dare, Neville?"

"You know what, guys," Neville said, "I'm not sure about this. I think I'm gonna go find another carriage. I promise I won't tell what you guys are doing, but it's just a bit weird for me."

Neville got up out of his seat and left the carriage, despite the fact he knew he was leaving an opportunity to possibly fuck Hermione or Ginny. The others watched him go, disappointed but none of them stopping him to persuade him to stay.

"I guess that means it's your turn, Hermione," Ron said, turning to face her. "Truth or dare?"

"Well, I think I'll take dare," Hermione says, knowing full well what was coming, considering both Harry and Ginny were already naked.

"I dare you to strip off just like Harry and Ginny," Ron says, eyeing her gleefully, not being able to contain his excitement to see Hermione's naked body once more, knowing she wouldn't resist.

Hermione was prepared for the dare and had stripped off out of her clothes almost as soon as Ron had finished speaking. Harry's cock gave another noticeable twitch as he admired the two naked bodies and this time, Ron didn't bother to try and hide the fact he was turned on, staring at Hermione's tits.

"Right, time to change the order up," Hermione said, feeling a breeze on her naked body. "How about I ask Ginny, she asks Harry, he asks Ron and Ron you can keep asking me. How about we alternate it now, everyone does a truth then a dare and so on, ok? So Ginny, here's your truth. You can sleep with one person other than Harry, who is it?"

"Well, seeing as I'm now going out with Dean Thomas, I guess it would have to be him," Ginny said, her nipples starting to get visibly erect. "So I'd be grateful if we don't talk about this little episode in front of him, I'm not sure he'll appreciate me getting naked in front of Harry."

Ron's eyes widened as Ginny confessed she was now dating the boy in their dorm but she didn't let it faze her as she asked Harry his truth question. "Ok, Harry, you said you've slept with four girls, who are they?"

Harry knew this question was going to come up, especially after he'd answered the previous truth but he still felt nervous about telling his friends the girls. "Well, obviously, Ginny, there's you," he replied. "And then the woman I lost my virginity to, Tonks. Then, erm, well there's Hermione and the most recent one was, in hindsight I regret this, Bellatrix Lestrange."

All three of them let out huge gasp of shock when Harry admitted that he had indeed fucked Bellatrix Lestrange and Ron seemed a little bit annoyed that Harry had fucked Hermione as well. However, not wanting to linger on the subject, Harry turned to Ron and asked him, "Which teacher would you fuck if you had to?"

"Erm," Ron slowly came back to his senses and digested Harry's question. "A teacher. Really? I don't know, that's a weird one. I guess, maybe Madam Hooch or Professor McGonagall. I'm not sure. Right, Hermione, erm. I know, have you and Ginny ever had fun together?"

"Nope, we haven't," Hermione answered and you could see the disappointment in her face. "Although I'm not afraid to say that I've thought about it often, especially recently. Right, we're back round again so time for your dare, Ginny. You might have a boyfriend but I dare you to suck Harry's cock."

Harry looked at Ginny, expecting her to draw a line at this dare, given the fact she was now dating Dean but when his eyes met the redheads', he knew they were both remembering their previous encounter in a Hogwarts Express carriage and how hot it had been. This seemed to make Ginny's mind up and she got off her seat, kneeled on the floor in front of Harry and took his cock in her hand.

Harry hadn't expected her to fulfil the dare but he was over the moon that she did and he let out a faint moan as Ginny wrapped her lips around his cock once more. It had been a long while since the two of them had done anything sexual at all so Harry had almost forgotten how much he enjoyed Ginny's blowjobs, but as soon as she began sucking long and slow on it, it all returned to him.

Harry let out a little grunt of pleasure as Ginny began to fondle his balls, her mouth going all the way down his 8" cock, watched by her brother and Hermione. Harry glanced at both of them and he could tell that they were both eager to do something sexual, too, and he exchanged a knowing glance with Hermione.

Ginny looked up from the blowjob she was giving Harry and resorted to a handjob as she gave him his dare. "We better keep playing," she said, looking up at him very seductively. "Your dare is to return the favour to me. I dare you to lick my pussy."

Harry needed no second invitation but realising he wouldn't be able to give Ron his dare as he'd have his mouthful, he turned to his best friend. "Right, Ron, your dare is to get naked like the rest of us. Show Hermione the boner you've got for her."

Ron began to strip out of his clothes as Harry pulled Ginny onto the carriage seat and laid her on top of him. Once in position, Ginny resumed the sucking of Harry's cock, able to deepthroat it with this new angle, as Harry slowly separated Ginny's pussy lips and dove his tongue inside.

Harry felt Ginny moan into his cock as his tongue connected with her wet pussy but he didn't stop, continuing to pleasure his best friend's sister as he'd so often done. Meanwhile, Ron was stripping out of his clothes, watched closely by Hermione, and when he took off his underwear and exposed his hard cock, she licked her lips.

Ron turned to look at his sister and his best friend giving each other oral sex and he couldn't help but get turned on. He was just about to dare Hermione to suck his cock when he felt a hand grip it. Looking down, he saw his female best friend smiling up at him, her hand wrapped round his hard member.

Hermione didn't even need Ron to dare her to suck his cock before it was in her mouth to the ginger boy's delight. Her free hand was rubbing her pussy and soon the carriage was filled with slurping noises as the occupants engaged in passionate oral sex.

None of the four teenagers had expected to have such a sex-fuelled train journey home but their horniness had overcome them and there was now no doubt that they were all going to be satisfied by the time the Hogwarts Express pulled into Kings Cross.

Harry was nearing his climax already such was the skill and precision Ginny was putting into his blowjob that he was trying very hard not to bust his load. He concentrated instead on putting all his efforts into making sure if he was cumming, she did too and quickened the pace with which he licked her pussy, inserting a finger to increase the pleasure.

It came as a surprise to Harry when he suddenly heard Hermione say his name and when he looked up, he saw she was stroking Ron's cock as she watched Ginny suck Harry's.

"Harry, your turn for a truth," Hermione said, watching Harry's face screw up as he tried not to cum. "What's your biggest fantasy?"

Harry thought hard to what his biggest fantasy and finally settled on one. "Ever since I've started fucking, I've always wanted to have a gangbang," he said, letting out a moan as Ginny sucked him particularly well. "Ok, Ginny, your turn. Have you ever masturbated to the thought of being with another girl?"

Ginny finally took her mouth off Harry's cock and answered the question without stopping from jerking it. "Of course I have, especially with Hermione," Ginny answered. "Right, Ronald. Erm, seeing as you took an extra truth earlier, I dare you to lick Hermione's pussy."

Ron didn't complain about the fact his sister had given him a dare instead of a truth as he instructed Hermione to sit on the seat and crouched down on the floor. He began to give long licks of her pussy before, realising it was his go, asked Hermione her truth in between licks.

"Hermione, you said you had three sexual partners, who's the third?"

Hermione found it hard to answer the question as Ron's licks of her pussy were making her moan but determined to continue with the game, she answered, "Well, obviously, there's you and Harry and the third one was, and I swear it's the truth, Madam Pomfrey."

All three of them stopped what they were doing at this revelation and Hermione went bright red. She recovered herself quickly enough though to grab hold of Ron's head and return it to her pussy, eager to continue getting some pleasure. Then she turned to the other two.

"Time for your next dare, Ginny," Hermione said, a smile breaking across her face. "I dare you two to fuck."

Ginny looked at Harry, and Harry looked at Ginny. Their eyes met and they both knew that there was no way it was not going to happen. Ginny had been in love with Harry for a long time and every time she'd fucked him, she'd managed to cum, while despite having more experienced sexual women, Harry had always preferred Ginny's pussy.

Ginny laid herself back down on the sofa and Harry clambered on top of her, immediately kissing her passionately, his hands massaging her breasts. He guided his cock to her pussy and pushed it inside before grinding it into her hard and fast, still making out.

Ginny had missed having Harry's cock inside her and although she'd been fucked very recently by her youngest brother, she couldn't help but think how it was so much better with Harry because the two of them actually fancied each other, despite the fact she was now dating Dean Thomas. Plus the fact, she wasn't sure whether Ron remembered their encounter made her all the more grateful that Harry was willingly fucking her now.

Hermione had the perfect view of Harry fucking Ginny and if Ron hadn't been eating her pussy, she would have been masturbating hard to watching two of her best friends fuck. It had been hot enough when she'd fucked Ron in the same room as the two lovebirds but to actually be getting a bird's eye view was something else.

She moaned as Ron continued to lick her pussy and held his ginger head to it, not allowing him to move to make sure she got every bit of pleasure she could possibly get. A wicked idea came into her head but she'd have to wait until they'd all fucked for a bit longer before she suggested it. Finally, Harry spoke up as he continued to pound Ginny's pussy.

"I'm surprised you two haven't followed our lead and started fucking," Harry said, between grunts. "That's your dare anyway, guys. I dare you two to fuck."

Hermione allowed Ron to resurface from licking her pussy and smiled at him as he came up to give her a passionate kiss. The two began to make out before Hermione decided it was time for them to complete their dare and she lay on the sofa in the same position as Ginny was on the other one.

Ron didn't need telling what she expected him to do and he clambered on top of her, kissing her passionately as he lined his cock up with her pussy. Thrusting inside, he began to build a rhythm and fuck her until Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione were fucking in perfect symmetry on either side of the carriage.

Soon there was no noise from the carriage except the grunts of Harry and Ron, the moans of Ginny and Hermione and the slaps of thighs on thighs as the two boys concentrated on trying to make their sexual partners cum. It brought back memories of fucking in the girls' room at 12 Grimmauld Place, and Harry remembered how Mrs Weasley had cum in and masturbated to them.

Imagining Mrs Weasley watching them though was going to make him cum so he quickly put it out of his mind, wanting to prolong this sex with Ginny. He exchanged glances with Ron and they both smiled; they were probably fucking two of the hottest girls in school right now and nobody knew.

"Fancy another truth, Harry?" Hermione said, mid-fuck with Ron, in between gasping for breath.

"I don't think we really need to play the game anymore, Hermione," came Harry's reply, muffled by the sound of thighs slapping on thighs, as the two pairs fucked hard and fast.

"Yeah, I'm with Harry," Ron agreed, grabbing Hermione's tits as he pounded her pussy, "we've all got what we wanted, haven't we?"

"I dunno," Ginny replied, catching Hermione's eye, "I think a couple of us might want something else out of this game."

"What more could you possibly want?" Ron asked, quite indignantly with a look of strain on his face as he grabbed Hermione's tits.

"Maybe we could have a little switch-up," Hermione suggested, and both Harry and Ron paused mid-thrust, looking over at each other, stunned, their cocks still buried in Ginny and Hermione's pussies respectively.

"Wh-what?" Harry said, "you want to switch?"

"That's genuinely what a switch-up means," Ginny said, looking at Hermione, both girls smiling at the shock on the boys' faces.

"But th-that means," Ron said, putting two and two together, "I'd be f-fucking my sister?"

"Oh come on, Ron," Ginny said, waiting for a reaction, "it's not like we've not done it before. Do you not remember the Department of Mysteries?"

Suddenly, it came back to Ron. "Th-that was you?" he asked, stunned. "I mean, I remember someone fucking me, it was great, but I couldn't remember who. It was you?"

"Damn right, it was me," Ginny smiled, as she felt Harry's cock harden and saw his eyes widen. "Wanna do it again big bro? It's turned Harry on nicely for you, Hermione."

"I'm game if you are," Ron said to his best friend and Harry nodded, pulling his cock out of Ginny as Ron did the same to Hermione.

The two boys exchanged knowing glances as they crossed the train carriage to move over to the naked girl that was waiting for them on the other sofa. Harry wasted no time with formalities. He wanted his cock inside Hermione again as quickly as possible and as soon as he was in position, he guided it inside his best friend's pussy, grabbing her developing tits as he did so.

Hermione moaned as she felt The Boy Who Lived's cock inside her for only the second time, and she had to admit she'd missed it. Ron was a terrific fuck but Harry had more experience and seemed to know what he was doing a lot more than her ginger crush. She looked over to see what Ron and Ginny were doing at the same moment as Harry did.

Hermione felt Harry's cock harden inside her pussy as he saw what the brother and sister were doing and she wasn't surprised; it was very hot. Ginny had pushed Ron down onto the seat and had clambered on top of him, riding his cock as he played with her developing tits, both of them moaning in pleasure.

Ginny looked over at her best friend and the love of her life as she rode her brother's cock and smiled widely at the looks on their faces and at the feel of Ron's cock in her pussy. Her youngest brother had been stunned into silence as she fucked him and it seemed to have had the desired effect on their two companions in the carriage.

Harry and Hermione were watching the incest scene intently but both of them knew that they wouldn't get any pleasure from just watching. Harry had momentarily paused but he soon began to fuck Hermione hard once more, making sure she was getting just as much pleasure as Ron and Ginny on the other side of the carriage.

"Fuck yes," Hermione moaned as Harry pounded into her and she smiled at Ginny. "You boys don't know how long we've been wanting this switch-up."

"I've dreamt about this," Ron managed to reply, as his sister continued to jump up and down on his cock, "but I never thought it would actually happen."

"You lot wanna know a secret?" Harry said, ramming Hermione as hard as he possibly could, but deciding it was time to reveal Mrs Weasley's little secret.

"Always," Ginny moaned, as she looked over at the other two, pressing her hands on top of Ron's and holding them to her tits.

"Well," Harry said, in between grunts as he thrust into Hermione, "you remember that night at Headquarters when we all fucked. Let's just say, we weren't alone."

"What do you mean?" Hermione asked, before letting out a huge moan of pleasure.

"Well," Harry said, fighting back the urge to cum, "someone walked in on us. They kept themselves hidden but I saw them and they certainly enjoyed what they saw."

"Who?" Ron asked, groaning as his sister rode his cock. "Who was it?"

"It was your mum," Harry said, almost cumming as he remembered. "It was Mrs Weasley, your mum, Ginny and Ron."

Ron and Ginny were not sure what to do with this information. On the one hand, their mother knew that they were sexually active and the fact that she'd enjoyed what she'd seen, if Harry was telling the truth, was slightly disturbing. But then they were fucking each other, and Ginny felt Ron's cock get even harder inside her pussy when Harry had revealed who their secret voyeur had been.

Harry could sense that Hermione had been just as turned on by the news that Mrs Weasley had caught them fucking as he had been when he'd first spotted her in the girls' room. With her heightened sex drive, he ploughed his cock inside her as hard as he could until he could sense that he was going to hit his orgasm very soon.

"Hermione," Harry said, fighting back the urge to cum with every thrust, "I'm so close. I'm gonna cum."

"Me too," Ron called from the other side of the carriage, "where do you want it, Gin?"

"Inside me," Hermione and Ginny called at the same time, knowing the feel of hot cum inside their pussies would bring them to their own passionate orgasms.

Harry and Ron didn't need to be asked twice. They both were at the point of orgasm anyway so as soon as the girls confirmed they could cum inside, they shot their loads deep into their pussies, Harry thrusting hard into Hermione, Ron grabbing Ginny's waist and shooting it deep.

Feeling the cum inside them seemed to help both Hermione and Ginny reach their climaxes and they moaned loudly as they hit their orgasms, allowing their own juices to mix with the boys' seed inside their pussies.

"Well, fuck, that was fun," Hermione said, once they'd all recovered as they clambered off and out of each other and sat naked on the carriage seats, satisfied.

"Agreed," Ginny said, taking out her wand and casting the anti-pregnancy spell as Hermione did the same. "But I'm curious. We all had a few secrets come out but it seems the battle at the Ministry was a bit of a sex-fest."

"So it does," Ron said. "Why don't we all tell each other the stories and then we can pry it out of Neville about him and Luna?"

And for the remainder of their trip back to Kings Cross, the four sex deviants detailed all about their adventures during or after the battle at the Ministry and vowing that this would not be the last time they ever had fun like this.


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