Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Discovery Of Sex Part 11 (mf,inc)
by Tom Seaton

The last two members of Dumbledore's Army that experienced a sexual occurrence they'd not forget in a long time were the two members of the Weasley family who had made the trip to the Ministry of Magic.

Since the night when Ron had fucked Hermione in the same room as Ginny and Harry, the night before they'd all left for Hogwarts, his opportunities to advance his sexual encounters had been few and far between. With his OWLs, prefect duties and Quidditch training, it was the busiest Ron had ever been, and so he'd only had sex three times since that evening before the night at the Ministry, all with Hermione.

Ginny, likewise, was also in a position where her sexual adventures had stalled. She'd managed to squeeze in an extra fuck on the train on the way to Hogwarts with Harry, and fucked him twice more since then, but her determination to only fuck the love of her life meant she'd not had many chances to fuck more than that. She found herself masturbating frequently and was probably the horniest of the six that made their way to the Ministry that evening.

However, neither Ron nor Ginny could have expected their next sexual encounters to occur that evening, especially not when they were in the middle of the fighting with the Death Eaters.

It was after they were separated from Harry, Hermione and Neville and had both suffered injuries that the sexual encounter neither of them ever dreamed about occurred, but it was one which would change their brother and sister dynamic for the foreseeable future. Ron may have been Confunded by an earlier spell but he'd never forget the evening he fucked his younger sister.

It all occurred when Harry led the Death Eaters away from his injured friends and into a room, leaving the wounded Death Eaters and the four injured students. Luna and Hermione were both unconscious from their injuries, while Ron was suffering the after-effects of an incredibly powerful Confundus Charm and the brain attack.

Ginny was the sole student in the room with any sort of consciousness but her broken ankle restricted her from getting up and helping Harry and Neville in the veil room. Ginny's ankle was giving her much pain but it could have been worse; she knew Harry thought she'd taken a Stunning charm to the face from the oncoming Death Eaters but a combination of her shield charm and a loose brain deflected the spells.

She looked around at the wounded Death Eaters and her friends and realised how lucky she'd been; it could have been a lot, lot worse. Her mind was soon to be taken off the pain in her ankle and how lucky they'd all been by the most unexpected of circumstances. She knew Ron had been Confounded, that was clear for anyone to see, but she suddenly caught sight of something shocking.

Although Ron was lying hopeless on the ground, there was an absolutely huge bulge in his pants, indicating that he had an incredibly hard cock. Ginny had no idea why Ron was erect in this situation; after all, there was no reason for him to be horny in the slightest, but she couldn't help but feel a slight tingle in her own pussy.

She didn't know why she suddenly felt a little wet, especially given the fact it was her brother's bulge, but Ginny was overcome with thoughts of having a cock inside her. She'd been incredibly horny all term and, although it had been the last thing on her mind when they'd entered the Ministry, right now, with no one else around and a hard cock on sight, she wanted it inside her.

Ginny slowly crawled over to where her brother was lying, confused and practically unconscious, but with an obvious bulge in his pants. Normally, Ginny would have been disgusted by the idea of even looking at her brother's cock, but her horny state overcame her and when she reached Ron's confused body, she stretched out a hand.

She knew it was wrong but the moment Ginny took a hold of Ron's hard cock through his jeans, the tingle she'd felt in her pussy got stronger and made her realise how horny she was. It had been so long since she'd fucked Harry that she was desperate for any cock right now and here was a hard one, albeit it was her brother's.

Even though she was only feeling it through his jeans, she knew it was just as big as Harry's and her pussy was getting increasingly wet at the thought of having it inside her. Ron didn't seem to notice that his sister had taken hold of his dick and was rubbing it through his jeans, such was his Confunded state, because Ginny was sure he'd be stopping her if he was.

She took another look around the room, and smiled to herself. Hermione was unconscious completely, Luna had disappeared and the remaining Death Eaters were all injured and unable to cast charms or spells or unconscious. Her mind momentarily wondered where Luna had gone but she soon forgot about it when Ron seemed to stir.

Ron's clearly wasn't fully conscious, the Confundus Charm still had the majority of control over his body, but he was aware enough to know that someone was rubbing his cock. He emitted a little moan and seemed to indicate that he wanted more, his hands dropping to his sides and trying to take off his jeans.

Ginny couldn't make Ron suffer anymore, given how much pain and confusion he was already in, and helped him, taking off his jeans and boxers and exposing his rock-hard cock. It was almost exactly the same length as Harry's, maybe a tiny bit smaller, and Ginny could feel her pussy getting wet as she looked at it. Despite knowing it was wrong, that Ron was her brother and she shouldn't be doing it, Ginny reached out a hand and began to stroke it up and down.

She didn't know why she'd suddenly got the urge to stroke her brother's cock but from the moment she had it in her hand, she was so glad she'd decided to act upon her urges. It had been so long since she'd had a cock in her hand and it felt amazing. She'd used dildos of course, but there was nothing like the real thing. It was this she thought of as she lowered her head to Ron's cock and began to lick the tip of it.

Ginny soon lost all thought of the fact that she was contemplating having sex with her brother the moment that her tongue touched the tip of her brother's cock. Ron's dick tasted just as good as Harry's did and it wasn't long before the young redhead was sucking on it, using all the experience she'd learned on her brother's best friend.

It was hard for the siblings to be doing this, not because of the taboo nature and any pre-conceptions they may be having, but because of the injuries each had suffered. Ginny's broken ankle was causing her a lot of pain and she knew she needed to be pleasured soon to take her mind off it, while Ron was completely confused, with extreme damage from a flyaway brain, but he could definitely tell his cock was being sucked.

Ron wasn't making any noises but his eyes gave him away as they were continuously rolling back as he felt the feel of his little sister's mouth around his hard cock. As much as Ginny was enjoying sucking her brother's cock, a cock she knew had been inside Hermione, someone she'd been wanting to have some fun with for a while, Ginny knew she needed some action soon or she was going to burst.

Standing up as best she could and glancing around to make sure they were still alone, other than the unconscious people, Ginny slowly began to strip out of her clothes. Ron's eyes widened as he saw his sister naked up close and personal for the first time, as although they'd fucked in the same room, he'd never seen her body before this close.

For her age, Ginny was maturing well and Ron could see why Harry had been so keen to fuck her and why he loved doing it so much. Although he preferred Hermione's tits and ass, his younger sister did not have a bad body at all and his cock was standing harder than it had been in a long, long while. Although he couldn't portray this to Ginny due to his Confounded state, she picked it up in the way she'd watched his cock throb and his eyes widen; she could have sworn she even saw him lick his lips.

Ginny wasted no time once she was naked and clambered up onto Ron's still body, hovering her pussy inches above his hard cock. She was dripping wet from the taboo of the situation and how horny she'd been since she'd seen his member and she couldn't wait to feel her youngest older brother inside her, only her second different cock.

Not being able to take the anticipation anymore, Ginny lowered herself down onto Ron's hard cock and began to fuck her helpless brother. She had a feeling that if he could move and talk he wouldn't be complaining, as his eyes rolled back once more as she began to fuck him harder and faster. It didn't feel as good as when she fucked Harry but Ginny didn't care as she fucked her first cock in what felt like forever.

Ginny guided her brother's hands to her tits and he groped them, though she wasn't sure he was entirely aware of what he was doing. He did, however, seem to be gaining some of his consciousness back as she could have sworn he was meeting her bounces with thrusts of his own. Hearing noises coming from outside the room, she sped up, knowing she might have to get this over quickly or face exposure to the world.

She knew she could make Ron cum in quick time but it was her own orgasm that she was worried about as the noises grew louder. Her ankle was throbbing now, but the pleasure in her pussy was easing the pain and she lowered her head to kiss her brother on the lips, something she never dreamed of doing.

Ron was definitely coming round because she felt him return the kiss, parting his lips slightly to allow her tongue to go wandering and explore his mouth. She broke apart the kiss after a couple of minutes and concentrated on trying to make them both cum as quickly as possible. She suddenly knew what she needed to do and closing her eyes, began to imagine that she had Harry's cock with her here as well and that she was playing with the two best friends, about to make them both cum.

This brought her much closer to her own orgasm and when she opened her eyes, she knew that she could make herself cum within the next couple of minutes. She was helped by the fact that Ron's orgasm was going to overpower him at any point and sure enough, within a couple of seconds, she felt a rush of hot cum surge into her vagina, giving her extra pleasure and as she looked down at her brother, bringing him further out his unconscious state, as he was now moving his hands freely.

He moved them to his sister's tits and began to squeeze them properly this time, enhancing Ginny's pleasure as she fucked his cock, the feeling of his hot cum inside her bringing her closer to orgasm. Soon she could take no more and with a loud moan of her own brother's name, Ginny felt herself climax, her juices flowing over Ron's cock and leaving her much more satisfied than she had been.

As much as she'd love to stay and fuck her brother all night, the noises were getting louder and louder and she clambered off her brother's cock, not bothering to clean either of them up, redressed herself and then Ron, and then hobbled over back to the position she had been earlier.

When the Aurors arrived moments later, absolutely nobody was any the wiser that any sexual act had taken place in that room, let alone one of such taboo nature. But Ginny would never forget the sex she'd had with her brother and Ron would also always have fond memories of the night he fucked his sister, despite being Confunded.


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