Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Discovery Of Sex Part 10 (Mf,first,magic)
by Tom Seaton

I guess there's no other place to continue our story than with the tale of Luna Lovegood's virginity being taken. This event occurred at the Ministry of Magic itself; sometime before she proceeded to take Neville Longbottom's virginity and get her second fuck within twenty-four hours.

Luna's experience was another that was completely unexpected, just as Harry, Hermione and Neville's had been, but the more surprising fact was who it occurred with. Luna had surprised herself by being the person who had managed to help Ginny, Ron and herself escape from the Death Eaters with the use of her Reductor curse, but it was when she was Stunned that her sexual experience took place.

Luna came around from her state of unconsciousness to take in a negative-looking sight. It appeared the six children had lost the battle, unaware of what was currently happening in the room with the veil, where the fight was still going on. As Luna looked around, she couldn't help but wonder how her friends were still alive.

Hermione had been cursed badly and was unconscious, Ginny had broken her ankle and was unconscious from what looked like a Stunning spell and Ron was lying on the floor, confused and with a brain inches from him. There was no sign of Neville or Harry. However, a few of the Death Eaters hadn't made it far, with Rabastan and Jugson also injured and unconscious.

Luna struggled to get to her feet, taking a couple of minutes to do so, but eventually she managed it, searching frantically for her wand just in case there were any Death Eaters lurking around. With no idea where anyone was or what was happening, Luna slowly walked towards the nearest door, one she knew she hadn't been through before, given the lack of a circle marked on the door.

Nervously, she pushed open the door and found herself in a well-lit room. Checking around to make sure there were no hidden Death Eaters, she closed the door behind her and stepped inside further, once sure she was alone. She had no idea what this room was at all; there was nothing to give it away, except a strange looking object in the middle of the room.

Curiosity overcoming her, despite the many dangerous magical objects they'd encountered tonight, Luna moved towards the object, and as soon as she was within twenty metres, she let out a gasp of shock. From far away, the object had seemed strange and obscure but as soon as she was within touching distance, she knew immediately what it was.

It was strange that in the middle of all that had happened on this night, Luna had a tingle in her pussy, but she couldn't help it. In the centre of the room was a huge dildo. It looked big and enticing and all Luna could do was think about how much she wanted it inside her. Her pussy was beginning to get very wet just thinking about fucking it, and glancing around once more to make sure she was alone, she decided there was no harm done.

Slipping out of her clothes so she was just in her underwear as quickly as a girl would do who, in the stress of exams, hadn't masturbated for two months, she wandered closer to the dildo and reaching out a hand, touched it. As soon as she made contact with the dildo, she felt a sudden rush of warmth in her pussy and her already wet pussy became soaked immediately.

Bending down, she took the dildo in her mouth and began to suck it as though it was a cock; she enjoyed practising so she could impress the first time she did it. Soon, she was fully engrossed in sucking the huge dildo, her pussy tingling with excitement as to when she eventually fucked it, any thoughts of the ongoing battle far from her mind.

Unbeknownst to Luna, she was not alone in that room. As soon as she had touched the dildo in the centre of the room, the magical object had sprung into life. As well as giving the toucher an almost immediate sense of pleasure, the dildo did one other thing that Luna had not noticed or known about.

As Luna stood there, pussy tingling, sucking the dildo in the centre of the room, little did she know she was being watched. The moment she had touched that dildo in the centre of the room, it had sent a message similar to those of the Death Eaters to the person who had placed it there; none other than Filius Flitwick, Charms teacher at Hogwarts and head of Luna's house.

Professor Flitwick was an old perverted man and he had been asked by the Ministry of Magic a long time ago to devise a room to place in the Department of Mysteries. Realising he could have an easy opportunity to have sex, he came up with the dildo idea and branded a sex symbol hidden in his office at Hogwarts that vibrated furiously every time someone touched it.

He had been sitting in his office that very evening when it had vibrated and curious to know who had touched it, Professor Flitwick left Hogwarts and Apparated immediately into the Department of Mysteries and this very room. Once there, he was shocked to see one of his own Ravenclaw students sucking on the dildo, her hands massaging her pussy through her panties, so shocked it took him a moment to realise how hot the girl was.

However, as he regained his composure and watched the young blonde suck on the dildo, Professor Flitwick couldn't help but begin to get aroused. Luna Lovegood certainly seemed to know what she was doing to that dildo, and she had a fantastic body for a girl so young. Professor Flitwick had often looked at some of his students in a sexual way, the perverted man he was, but he'd not noticed Luna before, be it because of her shyness in lessons or her general craziness.

However, as he watched Luna from the shadows, he realised how sexy she was and how much like her mother she looked. Pandora Lovegood had been in Ravenclaw house too, and just like her daughter had been a very strange child. However, Flitwick would never forget the day he'd caught Pandora masturbating in an unused classroom in the school and managed to fuck her. He wondered if her daughter would be just as good as she had been.

His cock began to rise as he watched Luna and thought about his experience with her mother and when the young blonde stripped out of her underwear, Professor Flitwick decided it was time to make himself known to the student. Taking out his wand, the Charms teacher cast a spell at the dildo and hovered it across the room, settling it inches from where he stood now.

Luna did not know why the dildo had floated across the room but her eagerness to fuck it meant she didn't question it and followed it's path towards her hidden Head of House. Quick as a flash, Professor Flitwick took out his own fully hard cock, only 5" but for a man his size that was quite big, and caught the dildo in his other hand. Luna could now see a cock hovering in mid-air and without a second thought, backed up towards it, getting ready to fuck it.

Professor Flitwick couldn't believe his luck as the beautiful young blonde student backed up towards his cock, eager to be fucked by it. He let her guide herself onto it and had to stop himself grunting as he felt her warm pussy wrap around it, surprisingly not tight. He allowed Luna to pick up the rhythm and just stood there enjoying the feel of fucking one of his students, taking her virginity though she didn't know it.

Luna was in total ecstasy as she eased herself back onto her teacher's cock, thinking that it was the dildo she'd been sucking moments before. Having never been fucked before, she didn't have anything to compare it with but this certainly felt like the most realistic dildo she'd ever fucked. Luna moaned in pleasure as she felt the pleasure inside her and she began massaging her tits, trying to make herself orgasm.

Professor Flitwick had fucked quite a few students during his time as a teacher at Hogwarts but Luna was by far the most enthusiastic of them all. Her mother had been similar and the Charms professor had to stop himself from moaning in pleasure as the young blonde fucked his cock. He knew he'd have to reveal himself eventually, but he needed the perfect opportunity.

To Flitwick's delight, that opportunity came sooner rather than later as Luna pulled away from his cock, wanting to change position. Knowing the young girl was too horny now to stop fucking, even when she found out it was her Charms teacher and not a dildo, Professor Flitwick stepped into the light, revealing himself to the young girl.

"P-P-Professor, wh-wh-what are you doing here?" she gasped, furiously trying to hide her nakedness, before realising she'd been fucking his cock.

"Well, Luna, that's my little charmed dildo you were sucking on," he replied, walking towards her, stroking his cock. "It sends me a message every time someone touches it and I wanted to see which sexy young slut it was this time."

"I didn't realise," Luna said, stunned at the appearance of her Head of House, but no longer bothering to try and hide her naked body. "It just made me so horny, I couldn't stop myself."

"And so you started fucking my cock instead of the dildo," Professor Flitwick continued. "I must admit, Luna, for a virgin, you seemed to know what you were doing."

"Well, I masturbate a lot you see," Luna confessed, not knowing what was making her say this to her teacher. "But I've never had an opportunity to fuck a cock before."

"Well, here you go," Professor Flitwick said, and the little teacher pushed Luna to the floor and clambered on top of her.

Luna moaned as she felt the cock go back inside her wet pussy and she resumed the massaging of her tits. She'd dreamt many times about the time she lost her virginity but never had she imagined it would be in the Ministry of Magic with Professor Flitwick, her Charms professor. In fact, she was quite surprised that he was making her moan, given the size of the man but he certainly knew how to use the 5" he had.

Her teacher was clearly very experienced sexually, as he began varying the speed and rhythm of his thrusts into Luna's pussy and the pretty blonde was all the more grateful for it. Whenever she orgasmed when she was masturbating, it was through a variation of speed and tempo and Flitwick was bringing her closer with every thrust.

Luna was surprised, even now, that a man so little could give her so much pleasure, but the next words her Charms professor spoke, brought Luna so close to orgasm that she let out her loudest moan yet.

"Mmm, I thought you would be, Luna," he said, still thrusting into the young girl's pussy. "You're just as good a fuck as your mother was."

Luna didn't know what it was about these words that enhanced her pleasure so much but the fact Professor Flitwick confessed to having fucked her mother seemed to turn her on no end. She couldn't help but scream in pleasure as he continued fucking her with his cock and eventually, she could hold off no longer.

"Fuck, Professor," she moaned, "I'm going to cum."

"That's it, Luna, my girl," Professor Flitwick replied. "Give your Head of House your cum."

At these words, Luna felt her pussy explode all over Professor Flitwick's cock and sensed that her Charms teacher had been holding back his own orgasm so that she could fulfil hers first. However, now that she had indeed climaxed, he began to pant as he resumed his fucking, eager to give his young student his load.

Within a few thrusts he was there, but he wanted to paint Luna's face with his cum, just as he had done to her mother all those years ago. Pulling his cock out Luna's pussy, he instructed the Ravenclaw student to turn around and lie down, her mouth open, just like all good pornstars did.

Soon, Luna Lovegood's face was covered in her Charms professor's hot, sticky cum and she beamed up at the dwarf with a huge grin covering her face.

"Wow, sir, what a fantastic load," Luna smiled, licking the cum off her face.

"You're welcome," he replied, before he quickly Apparated back to Hogwarts, leaving Luna naked in the room, her face covered in hot sticky cum, feeling completely satisfied. She looked around and suddenly saw a shower appear, and cleaned herself off before returning to the room she'd just left, as if nothing had ever happened.


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