Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Discovery Of Sex Part 9 (mf,oral,first,magic)
by Tom Seaton

The third in the six tales of how the lives of the young Dumbledore's Army members changed after the Battle of the Ministry concerns Neville Longbottom and what would be his loss of his virginity, in the strangest of circumstances.

Like Hermione, Neville's experience occurred after the end of the battle and in a most surprising way, given who his first taste of sex would be with. Neville had fought bravely at the Ministry of Magic and had even saved Harry and Hermione, something they would never let him forget. He'd been tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange in the veil room though, before time had frozen, something he would only understand when Harry revealed what happened a lot later.

The rest of the battle had passed in a blur and Neville couldn't believe how lucky the six of them had been to come out of it with only the injuries they had. He'd suffered a broken nose but he considered that a success, and once that was repaired by Madam Pomfrey, he'd been released to wander the castles once more.

He really wanted to discuss what had happened with the others but Ginny, Ron and Hermione were all still in the hospital wing recovering and Harry was currently in Dumbledore's office, having a discussion and coping with the loss of his godfather.

That left Luna free and Neville set off on a mission to find her, knowing that she, like him, would probably feel a little bit more secure at Hogwarts. Something like they'd just experienced was something that would stay with them forever and definitely bring them closer to Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny.

He was walking past the Great Lake when he finally spotted her, alone by one of the trees that surrounded it. Waving, he made his way over to her, smiling at how good she looked, considering she'd just been involved in such a big battle.

Neville had never really noticed Luna, yet alone looked at her sexually, but about halfway through the year, he'd begun to admire how funny and cute she was. He had absolutely no experience with girls and although he was aware some of his fellow classmates were sexually active, he vowed to himself that he wanted to lose his virginity to someone he cared about.

No one was paying Luna or Neville much attention as he wandered over to her and sat down next to her on the grass under the tree. After all, word hadn't quite got out yet about what had happened at the Ministry of Magic and Neville was sure this would probably be about the only peace and quiet they got for a while.

"Hey Luna," Neville said, smiling at the blonde, "you OK?"

"Yes, I guess so," Luna replied, looking back at him. "How's the nose?"

"Yeah, Madam Pomfrey healed it no problem," Neville replied. "That was a tough night, eh?"

"Yeah, I'm glad Harry had taught us everything this year, though, it really helped," Luna replied. "Everyone did really well, considering we were fighting Death Eaters."

"Yeah, I was surprised at how well we did, to be honest," Neville said, "you were brilliant."

Luna smiled at this praise from Neville. "You were great, too, Neville," Luna responded, "you were the only one of us who managed to help Harry in the veil room."

"It was mainly luck, to be honest with you," Neville replied, but he was flattered at Luna's comments. He looked at her and for the first time seemed to notice how pretty she really was, her smile lighting up what had otherwise been a tough couple of days.

"I never thought we'd make it out of there, you know," Luna said, the smile fading from her face. "At one point, anyway. I really thought that we wouldn't get out alive."

"Me too," Neville said, moving closer to her and putting his arm around her shoulder. "But we did. We fought them off. And we'll always have that."

Luna smiled back at Neville and she didn't know what made her do it, but she leaned in and kissed the older student. It took Neville slightly by surprise but he didn't pull away and was soon kissing her back, shocked at the turn of events.

Still no one noticed Luna and Neville as they began to kiss more passionately, neither of them sure why they were doing it. They'd never shared so much as a private conversation before, but here they were, making out in the middle of the Hogwarts grounds. Luna began to rub Neville's thigh and he felt his cock begin to twinge; he'd never so much as made out with a girl, let alone have someone touch him this close to his cock.

"Do you want to go somewhere a little quieter?" Luna asked him, breaking apart the kiss and looking into his eyes.

Neville nodded in reply, speechless. He didn't know what was happening but he allowed Luna to take him by the hand, lead him back across the grounds and into the castle. He admired her body as he was dragged behind her, and noticed how good it looked, especially her ass; there was no denying she was a true beauty.

Luna continued walking, trying to decide where they could go to get some privacy before eventually, the Room of Requirement crossed her mind. Of course, she thought, it was obvious. She didn't know why she was so keen to fuck Neville Longbottom, especially as she'd already been fucked in the last 24 hours (but that's a different story), but his kind-hearted nature and her already horny state had just meant she desired nothing more than his cock inside her.

Neville didn't really know what to expect; he'd been taken completely by surprise by Luna's forwardness and guessed that she must have had some sexual experience in the past. He would never have said this but the way she was taking control showed a confidence that only a fucking could have given her. He'd heard rumours about a threesome with Harry and Ginny and wondered if it was true.

Luna reached the Room of Requirement and walked past it three times, thinking about her urgent need for sex and to her delight, a door appeared in the wall, ready to meet her wishes. She opened it and led Neville inside, suppressing a gasp as she looked around at what the room had provided them with.

There was a huge double bed in the centre of the room, but it was the objects surrounding it that had made Luna so shocked. There was everything any horny girl or boy could ever dream of, sections labelled with what they contained. A porn stash, a collection of sex toys, outfits for roleplaying, a bondage corner, a huge array of protection, spells to help enhance their sexual encounter and best of all, in Luna's eyes anyway, a record of who had had sex in the room.

As Neville took everything in, Luna moved straight over to the book of sexual deviants to see who had fucked before them in this very room. She hoped she'd see Harry and Ginny's name as the best orgasm she'd ever given herself had been when she was watching those two on the Hogwarts Express. Disappointingly, she did not see their names, however, there were certainly some secrets that she would have told if she didn't read the little note pinned to the wall above the book.

Your names are automatically added to this list as soon as any sexual act is undertaken. However be warned, should you reveal any names off this list to anyone who has not partaken in sexual endeavours inside this room then you will suffer severe consequences.

Luna didn't dare to think what those severe sexual consequences would be, but she suddenly realised that Neville was probably wondering what she was doing. She turned to find out where the virgin boy was and was shocked to see him sitting on the bed, completely naked, and wanking his semi-hard cock.

For a boy who had never had sex before, and had seemed a little overawed about how sexually forward the room was, Neville had certainly wasted no time in getting naked, Luna thought, and he didn't have that bad a body. In his first few years, he had been a lot chubbier and a lot less attractive but puberty had been kind to him and he was certainly starting to resemble a handsome young man.

Luna couldn't help but feel a twinge of excitement in her pussy as she watched Neville slowly stroking his cock, especially when she realised it was over her, given the lack of any pornographic material around him. She slowly walked over towards the bed and sat down next to him, taking control of his cock and beginning to jerk him off, determined to take his virginity in the best way she could think of, having had her own taken in the previous day.

Neville couldn't believe his luck as Luna Lovegood sat on the bed next to him, jerking his semi-hard cock, it growing all the time in her talented hands. He wondered how many times she'd done this before when suddenly they both froze as the room turned red and a noise sounded loud.

"Warning, warning. Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood. Your names have been added to the sexual Room of Requirement list, as you have now undertaken a sexual act in this hallowed room. If you reveal any of the other names of people who have also performed such deeds to anyone not mentioned on the list, consequences will occur, the most severe of which will see you stripped completely naked for 24 hours, no matter where you are. I warn you not to tell anyone of your romp unless you agree together that you can. Enjoy your fuck and I hope you use this room again very soon."

Once the lighting had turned back to its less threatening green colour and the sound of the threatening voice had faded, Luna immediately resumed her jerking of Neville's cock, which was growing harder with every passing second. Encouraged by Luna's willingness to continue, he began to move his hands over her perky tits, imagining what beauties lay underneath her clothes.

He didn't have to wait long to find out as Luna realised she was still fully clothed when her partner was completely naked. Neville's mouth dropped as Luna let go of his cock, stood up and began to perform a strip tease for him, slowly removing her clothes until she was left in nothing but her bra and panties. He couldn't help but rubbing his cock, which was now up to its full seven inches, as the young Ravenclaw stripped and had to stop himself from blowing his load when he saw a real pussy for the first time.

Luna saw Neville's mouth open in shock as she stripped off and she smiled to herself; she loved the innocence of the older Hogwarts student. She decided she better take it steady and not reveal herself as the sexual deviant she was until he was much more experienced and she retook her position next to him on the bed.

Reaching out her hand, she resumed her pleasuring of his cock, this time it was much harder and therefore bigger in her hand, as Neville slowly touched her breasts, his first feel of a woman's tits. His hands were soft on Luna's tits, and her adventure earlier had not had any foreplay so she was glad for this light contact, and she felt her nipples harden and her pussy tingle as he groped them.

Luna smiled to herself as she handled Neville's cock, knowing full well that she was going to have to lead this sexual interaction, despite her relative inexperience. She decided it was time Neville got his first sensation of a blowjob and slowly lowered her head so that it was inches away from the tip of Neville's cock.

She didn't know what made her tease him in this way but she held her head inches away from his bellend and could feel his hands gripping her tits harder as he waited in anticipation. Eventually, she stuck out her tongue and took one long lick of his hard cock, before lowering her lips around it and beginning to suck his cock.

Neville couldn't believe that Luna was now giving him his very first blowjob, and he also couldn't believe just how good it felt. He had imagined many girls doing this to him, ranging from Hermione, Lavender, Parvati, Ginny and even Professor Sprout, but to actually have one doing it was a new thing entirely.

However, he suddenly realised he was going to hit his orgasm, at least, just before he orgasmed when he masturbated, he felt exactly as he did now. Luna had been sucking his cock for barely a minute and now he was going to cum in the pretty blonde's mouth. He couldn't control himself though and, without warning, released his load into a surprised Luna's mouth, shame overcoming Neville, knowing she probably wouldn't want to fuck him, now she knew he couldn't control his ejaculation.

Although Luna had been surprised by this sudden filling of her mouth, she tried to act as cool as she possibly could at Neville's premature ejaculation, knowing how ashamed he must be feeling; after all, she had been in his position of insecurity far too many times, if not sexually. Swallowing as much of it as she could and letting the rest dribble down her chin, Luna looked up at Neville and smiled at him in a welcoming manner.

"Well, that was a little unexpected," Luna said, once she could talk freely without spraying Neville's load everywhere. "Nice, but unexpected."

"I'm s-sorry," Neville stammered, going bright red. "It's just no one's ever touched it before except me, and it felt so good. I guess, I'll put my clothes on."

"What are you talking about?" Luna said, stopping herself from laughing at his shyness, "we haven't even fucked yet. You think a little premature ejaculation's going to put me off? Think again, Neville."

"Y-y-you still wanna fuck?" Neville said, a grin crossing his face as he hardly dared to believe his ears. "E-even though, I'm not very good?"

"How do you know you're not very good, Neville?" Luna said, rubbing her own pussy as she looked at the nervous boy. "You might be a great fuck. This room's full of spells, there's bound to be one for premature ejaculation."

Luna got up off the bed, and moved over to the section of the room that had a lot of books under a big heading which was labelled, Help can be found at Hogwarts to those who ask for it. Looking through the books, she saw many that she knew she would have to try if she was ever lucky enough to fuck here again, not wanting to ruin Neville's first time with her lust for everything risqu,, before eventually coming across the section entitled spells to help males.

A quick glance and she soon found the page they'd need. The spell was Ejaculus prevento and the description underneath perfectly summarised their situation:

Is your cock not working as you want it to? Can't contain your load when anyone touches it? Using ejaculus prevento will enable you to prevent yourself from cumming, be it through oral, anal or simple penetration, for a specified time of roughly twenty-five minutes. Be careful though; this spell only works if one person is handling your cock. For two or more people, please skip to page 45.

"Here we go, Neville," Luna said, handing him the book to read the spell. "Just cast this on yourself and give me the fucking I know you want to and can give me."

Neville took the book from Luna, read the spell and looked up. He wasn't sure how reliable this spell was going to be, especially given he'd be casting it on his cock, but as he looked at Luna, he knew he had to do it. The blonde had already made her way back to the bed, and was currently lying on it, legs spread wide apart, flicking her clit with her fingers, making Neville's cock back to its rock hard state.

"Fuck it, let's try it," Neville said, gaining a new wave of confidence and horniness from Luna's sexy actions and taking hold of her wand (his had broken in the battle at the Ministry), he waved it in the direction of his cock and said, nervously, "Ejaculus prevento."

He suddenly felt a warm sensation around his cock and balls but, looking down and seeing no damage was done, he guessed the spell had worked and he made his way over to where Luna was now fingering her pussy passionately. As he was completely inexperienced, he didn't know what the young Ravenclaw expected him to do, but to his delight, once more, she guided him as though she'd been fucking for all her life.

"I want you to lick my pussy, Neville," she instructed him. "Just use your tongue as though you're licking and sucking on a lollipop and use your fingers to rub at the top of my pussy, on my clit."

Neville followed Luna's instructions incredibly carefully, not wanting to do anything wrong, and he slowly began to flick his tongue along Luna's pussy, rubbing her clit with his fingers. Luna began to moan and Neville gained more confidence, picking up the pace with which he pleasured her, but still being sure he was doing everything she'd said.

Luna had never had her pussy licked before but she'd watched plenty of porn that she had a fair idea of how it should be done. These were the instructions she'd given Neville, and he was doing a pretty good job, especially considering he'd never so much as seen a pussy before. She knew she could get herself off faster than he was going too, but it felt good and she knew that she needed to stick with it to build up his confidence.

Neville's cock was harder than it had ever been but for the first time in his life, he felt important. He was going to be responsible for giving Luna the best fuck she'd ever had, even though it was his first time, he was determined of that. He'd grown in confidence while he'd been licking Luna's pussy and decided he'd try and take things further.

Luna let out a little gasp of surprise as Neville inserted a finger inside her pussy, but she couldn't hide her pleasure. She was pleased at the older boy's courage to finger her and let him know by releasing her first moan. She loved fingering herself and did it daily, but this was the first time anyone else had fingered her pussy, and she had to admit it felt just as good.

Luna knew the best way to make Neville even more confident would be to orgasm, but for some strange reason, it was harder than she imagined. What Neville was doing felt really good, but she just couldn't quite hit her climax. Suddenly, she realised what she needed to do, something that never failed her before.

Lifting her body slightly off the bed, Luna brought her own hands down and slowly, having lubed it up first, pushed her own finger inside her asshole, adding to the pleasure she was feeling. Neville was shocked at the young Ravenclaw's movements, but didn't complain as he continued to finger and lick her pussy.

It worked an absolute treat. No sooner had Luna been fingering her ass while Neville ate her pussy and fingered her, her orgasm hit her like a tonne of bricks and she climaxed hard over Neville's tongue. The shy Gryffindor seemed surprised by her juices but lapped them up eagerly, and when Luna looked down at him, a wide grin was spread across his face.

"So you like the taste of pussy then, Neville?" Luna asked him, bringing him up for a kiss so that she could taste her own juices.

"Very much so," Neville answered, his cock still standing to attention, harder than it ever had been. He couldn't believe he'd made Luna cum on the first time he'd ever licked a pussy; he was over the moon.

"You're gonna like this even more then," Luna said and she moved into a more comfortable position on the bed, before instructing Neville to lay down. As it was his first time, she decided she'd do most of the work, even though she wasn't that much more experienced.

Luna clambered on top of Neville and slowly lowered herself onto his rock-hard cock, loving the feeling of it inside her. It was about the same size as the previous cock she'd fucked, but she knew that this time it would be much more special. She slowly began to bounce up and down on Neville's cock, watching as his face lit up with how much he was enjoying it.

She grabbed his hands and guided them to her breasts, and Neville began to play with her tits, enhancing the amount of pleasure the Ravenclaw girl was getting out of this. Although Neville was a little bit rough, given his lack of experience, he was rubbing and tweaking her nipples just how she liked.

Neville was glad for the spell that he'd cast on his cock, because he was pretty sure that if he hadn't, he would already have blown his load. The feel of Luna's pussy felt amazing on his cock but every time he thought he was going to cum, he seemed to lose all closeness and it was as though he was feeling Luna's pussy for the first time again.

He wondered how long they'd been fucking before; he'd completely lost track of time, totally in the moment. Luna had guided his hands to her tits and he was enjoying playing with them, but he pulled her face down to his and embraced her in a passionate kiss. She reciprocated it and the two began to make out, while they fucked.

Luna was surprised by how romantic Neville was being and wondered if he actually had feelings for her, or the fact that she was taking his virginity was overwhelming him. Nevertheless, she was enjoying his romantic embraces and reciprocated them with passion, speeding up the rhythm with which she was bouncing on his cock.

She knew that Neville wouldn't cum and that allowed her to focus on doing the things that would bring her to orgasm, such as varying the pace from fast and hard to slow and soft and sneaking a finger behind her back to probe her asshole. She wanted to be fucked anally but knew that now was not the time, especially not with a first-time fucker.

The feel of her own finger in her ass again, and this time with Neville's cock in her pussy, meant she knew her orgasm was not far away. In fact, as Neville broke apart their kiss and surprised her by taking her nipples in his mouth, she was at the point of climax. Arching her back away from Neville, she let out a huge moan of delight as she climaxed hard, her juices flowing over Neville's cock.

Luna pulled Neville in for a kiss on her comedown from her orgasm, before clambering off his cock and making her way back over to the spellbook area. Finding the counter-charm for Neville's sustained stamina, she took her wand, cast it at his cock and Neville immediately felt a load of cum building in his cock.

Luna knelt on the floor, her mouth open, and Neville understood. Standing up over her, he began to jerk his cock fast and hard to the point of orgasm, before his load squirted all over the pretty blonde's face.

As he recovered, Luna smiled up at him, her face completely covered in his sticky cum and said, "Well, Neville, I think it's safe to say we'll be doing this again."

And so ended Neville Longbottom's first sexual experience; and part three of a fantastic night/day for the six members of Dumbledore's Army.


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