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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Betrayal Of The Phoenix
Part 8: Year Three - Part Two - A Tale Of Two Pets
by Red Jacobson

Immediately following the last part

Harry and Hermione laid down in their room, and soon fell asleep.

Harry's Dream: He finds himself wandering the halls of Hogwarts late at
night. He is searching for something, he knows he is; but doesn't know what.
He is trying to move as quietly as he can; because there are others out here
tonight looking for him. Professor Quirrell and Professor Snape, Lucius
Malfoy and son, and LeStrange; are all trying to find him, to hurt him, to
kill him, for what he did to them.

The logical part of Harry realizes he is only dreaming; but can't help but
follow along for the ride to see if this dream is any different from all
the ones before, other than the addition of a new member of his group of
nightmares. `Who will catch me this time? Malfoy Junior, or maybe, Daddy
and Junior? Just have to make sure to wake up in time.'

As he moves down the hallway; he comes to a door that he doesn't recognize.
`This is different' he thinks as he goes in. The room appears to be an old,
unused classroom, with covered desks and chairs, and a layer of dust on
everything. Everything except a huge mirror leaning against the back wall of
the room. Curious; he shuts the door behind him and moves toward the mirror,
there is just enough moonlight through the upper windows to show a reflection
in the glass.

Looking in the mirror; he gasps; because, instead of his face looking back
at him; he sees two people who can only be his parents standing on the other
side of the mirror. They look just the same as they did in the Wedding
Picture that Sirius had shown him over the summer. His mother reaches out her
hand to him, pressing it against the glass in the mirror, and, unconsciously
he reaches out as well. As soon as their hands meet at the glass; there is a
bright flash of light; and; when Harry looks up; blinking his eyes clear, he
is in a room with his parents.

"Mum? Dad? Is it you? How can you be here? You're dead!"

Lily says; "Yes Harry, it's us; we don't have much time; Magic is powerful;
but it can't bring back the truly dead. We needed to talk to you. But first;
come here!" She beckons him forward and his parents pull him into a loving

Releasing him, his father speaks; "Harry; we know what you are doing; and;
your goals are very laudable, and we are proud of you for them. Although your
mom and I aren't happy that you have been forced to kill at such a young age,
we understand that sometimes in war, things are necessary. But, I want to
caution you; even though you think you can handle what the killings have done
to your soul, not everybody can. Hermione isn't you. You will need to be
strong and supportive for her; otherwise she will have a very rough time
dealing with the guilt of having killed. Without your help, she may fall
apart, and you could lose her." James pauses; then said; "Our time here grows
short; but, remember what we said. We do love you, and want to see you
succeed." There is another flash; and Harry opened his eyes and saw Hermione
in the same position she had fallen asleep in.

`I won't lose you Hermione! I'll do whatever I have to do; I'll help you deal
with whatever has to be done.' He thought, looking down at her tear-stained

A short time later; Hermione woke up; and started crying again as she
remembered what she had done. Harry just held on to her; soothing her as best
he could, until she finally calmed down. He held her, talked with her; and
loved her, helping her understand that she had not murdered somebody; she had
destroyed a rabid animal.

"Is that how you deal with it? You think of it as destroying a rabid animal?"
She asked, wiping her nose.

"I have to; otherwise my nightmares would overwhelm me!" At her look, he
continues; "They didn't start until after the second one; but, immediately
after having to. do it, I dream I'm walking through the halls of Hogwarts,
being followed by the people I've killed. I have to try and hide from them;
otherwise they will try to hurt me. I've always woken up before they did
anything to me, but its' nerve wracking at times. This latest nightmare was
different though. It started same as always, but as I went to hide from my.
victims, I went into a room I hadn't seen before. Inside, there was a mirror
that showed my parents. I ended up inside the mirror with them, and we talked
for a couple of minutes. I don't think they were simply part of the dream;
they felt a little too real, if you know what I mean. And they were saying
things about my plans, and that our goals were laudable. My dad also warned
me that you might have a hard time dealing with what happened, and I swore I
would do whatever I could to help you through it. And I will, Hermione. No
matter what."

Hermione nodded, her head against his chest; and they stayed there for
several hours, talking. Eventually they made their way back to Great Hall in
time for dinner, which they dug into with gusto.

* * *

The Next Day

Harry and Hermione went for a walk after breakfast, wandering the grounds,
enjoying the quiet. Harry could tell something was bothering Hermione; but;
wasn't certain if it was the Draco thing; or something else. He decided to
let her speak when she was ready, instead of forcing her. Eventually; she
found a spot by the lake, and checking that no-one was around, sat down;
pulling Harry with her.

She looked at the ground for a moment; before blushing, and said; "I had a
dream last night. No, not the kind you were talking about;" she went on; as
Harry opened his mouth to speak. "No, this was a much more enjoyable dream.
The dream had us, you and me, and Pansy. And well, Pansy was wearing a
collar, and eating me while you fucked her brains out. I'm surprised I didn't
wake Lav and Parvati with my screams when I came! I wanted you to know, I'm
going to make the first move on her; even if I don't like what I hear from
Narcissa about pets this afternoon. I want a chance to see if her tongue work
is as good in reality as it is in my dream!"

Harry chuckled, and then got quiet as he pictured the scene. His smile grew
positively lecherous. "Hermione, you realize I'm going to want great,
explicit detail, don't you?"

"I'm looking forward to it! In fact, I'll see if she's willing to join the
two of us for some fun." At his grin; she said; "Harry; after everything
we've done together; you are mine; and I am yours. Nothing can ever change
that. So why would I have a problem with either of us inviting another girl
to join in? And, anyway; Pansy will be really be our pet, not just mine. So
it's only right that you be there as well."

"Well, speaking of Narcissa; we should go get ready to meet her; she'll be
here shortly."

Hermione nodded; and then froze; a stricken look on her face. "Oh God!
Narcissa! She was Draco's mother! How can I face her when I killed her son?"

Harry put his arms around Hermione as she sobbed against him.

Harry did his best to soothe her. Once she calmed down and collected herself,
he said; "I understand, Hermione. But she won't ever know what happened to
him. And honestly, if what Sirius has told me is correct, once Draco was
cast out of the Black Family, Magic itself severed any emotional connection
between her and Draco. Narcissa is aware that she gave birth to Draco, but
because of Draco's ejection from the family, the amount of emotional
connection she has toward him is about the same as toward a piece of
discarded clothing."

Hermione looked at him in shock; but he nodded; "From what I understand, and
realize Sirius didn't go that deeply into detail, it was more an aside, but
Family Bonds, and to a lesser extend Bloodlines, are what gives magic a lot
of its power in certain rituals. To keep the Family Bonds from being
corrupted, the emotional and magical bond between the Family and the outcast
are severed. This severing of the Family Bonds is something that almost never
happens. The Black family didn't cast Sirius out when he sided with my
father. Hell, they never even cast Bellatrix out when she got thrown into
Azkaban! From what Sirius told me; the Sundering of Bonds is irrevocable and
it's considered the ultimate penalty among the Old Families. The only living
person that could have any sort of emotional bond for Draco would be any
distant cousins he may have had on the Malfoy side. As far as the Black
Family, and all its members, is concerned, he doesn't exist."

"Okay; so I don't have to worry about her seeking information about Draco.
But unlike Narcissa, I still have an emotional connection with him; I bloody
well beat him to death! I almost wish I didn't have a connection like that,"
she responded quietly.

"Believe me, I know what you mean. But you do have a tool to help you. One of
the advantages of having learned Occulmency is that you can lock that memory
behind mental shields; so it doesn't constantly intrude into your thoughts.
However; until you accept that what you did was no more than destroying a
rabid animal; the memory will still surprise you on occasion. I will be there
and help you any way that I can, of course, but the hard part will be yours."

She nodded, and wiping her eyes, took his offered hand as they walked back to
the castle together.

* * *

The DADA Classroom

Harry and Hermione met Narcissa in the classroom at 3 o'clock. Their lesson
proceeded as normal; this week they focused on the power blocks in the
Wizengamot. Harry was enjoying the discussion; especially since he could see
it happening to a lesser extent here at school. `If I can get some of the
blocks here behind me, it will be easier to move it to their parents.'

Strangely; or perhaps, not so strangely; Narcissa's thoughts were echoing
Harry's. She was surprised at how much she was enjoying these sessions with
her students. Hermione reminded her of herself at a younger age, always
extremely inquisitive. And, Harry, well Harry is what Draco could have been,
if he hadn't been blinded by his father and his bigoted mindset.

At the conclusion of the lesson; Harry got up to leave, but Hermione, by
pre-set agreement, said; "Narcissa; would you mind waiting for a little
while? There are a couple of things I need to ask you about." Narcissa
looked over at Harry, and at his slight nod, agreed.

After Harry left the room, Hermione pulled a bottle of Firewhiskey out of her
backpack. At Narcissa's questioning glance, she explained, "This is going to
be a very embarrassing conversation. That's why I asked Harry to leave. And I
think we are both going to need something to drink before it's over."

"Well, that's quite an interesting lead-in; what is it that you need to

Taking the bottle, Hermione poured a shot into a glass and downed it,
grimacing as it went down her throat. "Agh! That stuff burns!" she said,
wiping her eyes.

Looking up at Narcissa; she said; "In a word; Pets. I had a very interesting
conversation with a pureblood friend of mine who told me about them. Needless
to say; Harry and I are both intrigued. Especially since, for our future
goals, fitting in with Pureblood Society is a necessity. Now, my friend only
gave me the basic information; but you, as an adult fully versed in the
nuances; would be able to fill in any blanks. I've written down a few
questions, just so I wouldn't forget anything.."

What followed was quite possibly the most embarrassing 45 minutes
Narcissa could ever remember spending, with her clothes on anyway. Hermione
questioned her on a Pet's rights under the bond; if there were levels of
bonding; and several other things, including what acts a wizard or witch
could and could not make their pets perform. Narcissa supplied the necessary,
yet embarrassing answers. Basically, a wizard or witch could ask their pets
anything. However, in most cases, the pet has the option to refuse an act.
Narcissa told Hermione that threw were rare, but still acceptable, cases
where a Pet so subsumed her will to her master or mistress, that the Pet gave
up the right to refuse any request. This situation was very rare, and not
something that either side entered into lightly.

At the end of the lesson; it was hard to tell who was blushing more:
Hermione, because she had never had a conversation like this with any adult;
or Narcissa, because she wasn't expecting to have to discuss this practice
with Harry and Hermione until they were at least in their 6th year. Then,
Narcissa could pretend, in her mind at least, that they were adults, and not
children. It just felt so wrong in discussing sexual issues with a child
Hermione's age.

Between the two of them, they had managed to put quite a dent in the bottle
of whiskey. While Narcissa was slightly tipsy, Hermione was bombed out of her
mind. Not wanting any trouble with Sirius or any of the staff, she quickly
cast a sobering charm on both of them, as well as a breath sweetener, before
they left the room.

* * *

At dinner that evening; Harry continually tried to catch Hermione's eye; but
every time he did, she just blushed and looked down. This eventually got to
him, and after dinner, he walked up to her and took her by the hand. They
walked quickly out of the Hall, shutting the door behind them. Hermione
whirled on him and growled; "Harry; I have lots to tell you; but right now,
you need to get me somewhere with a bed and a lot less clothing! I have been
on the verge all afternoon, and it took all my willpower not to jump you
right there at the table."

Harry just hurried to the Chamber, and a short while later, after Hermione
had recovered from the orgasm she had been holding off for the last couple
of hours, she told Harry all about her conversation with Narcissa. She
emphasized that if Pansy was interested in getting together, Hermione would
be offering her a collar.

* * *

Monday Morning

Hermione stretched; working the last of the kinks out of her legs as she
cooled down from the morning run. Looking around, she saw Pansy quickly look
away, a shy smile on her face. `Okay; that's it; she is definitely flirting!
This is going to be fun!'

Walking over to Harry, she smirked and said; "Go ahead and have breakfast
without me. I think I'll be eating something different this morning." With a
matching grin; Harry nodded and headed off to the showers.

Deliberately taking her time getting undressed; Hermione waited until most of
the other girls had left the showers before moving next to Pansy under the
spraying water. Hermione stood under the hot water, letting it wash over her,
easing the strain in her muscles, as she shivered in anticipation. Opening
her eyes, she saw that Pansy was almost done, so Hermione made her move.

Reaching out, Hermione put her hand on Pansy's shoulder and turned the other
girl to face her. Hermione grinned at the eagerness and the willingness to
submit she saw in Pansy's eyes, as she pulled the Slytherin to her. Changing
plans in an instant; she captured the brunette's mouth with her own. Pansy
closed her eyes and moaned; opening her mouth and allowing Hermione's tongue

`It's finally happening! Almost like I imagined it! Oh, Mistress! Yes, yes!'
were the last coherent thoughts Pansy had before she surrendered herself to
the sensation of Her Mistress taking total control of her body.

Hermione ended the kiss and pulled back, speaking softly, "Well pet, are you
ready to make your dreams a reality?"

Pansy blinked, Hermione's voice bringing her back to reality. "Yes, Mistress.
I've been wanting this for months; but couldn't think of a way to make it
happen. I'm glad you are braver than I am."

"I knew you wanted me, pet; and it was just a matter of time before I claimed
you. You do want me to claim you, don't you?" Hermione whispered, as she slid
her hand between Pansy's thighs, slipping a finger into her drenched pussy.

"Oh, yes! I'd love it!" Pansy gasped, throwing her head back as Hermione
added another finger. "Please Mistress, take me!" she whined, opening her
legs wider to allow her Mistress full access.

Shutting off the water, Hermione said; "Lay down, pet. It's time for you to
show your Mistress how much you want to belong to her. And, if you are good
enough, I'll let you pleasure your Master as well. Would you like that?"

Pansy nodded quickly, as she lay down on the floor of the shower. She
shut her eyes as she remembered her fantasy from earlier in the year. She
shuddered and felt the pleasure building in her core. Opening her eyes, she
saw her Mistress lowering herself to be pleasured. Pansy opened her mouth,
and reached out with her tongue, preparing to please her Mistress.

Hermione moaned as she felt Pansy's tongue slide along her folds, teasing the
lips with her lips and teeth. "Very good, pet, you are doing very well!"

It didn't take long for the eager girl to bring Hermione to climax. She
decided to reward her pet for her good work. Lowering herself down, she put
her mouth on Pansy's pussy and quickly brought her off.

When the two of them recovered from their orgasms; they quickly dried off and
dressed; hurrying to get to their first class. Fortunately; they made it to
Potions on time, slipping into their seats just as the Professor entered the

Harry looked at his lover, and smirked at the satisfied smile on her face. "I
take it things went well?" he whispered.

"You'll find out just how well after dinner tonight, Harry!" Hermione
whispered back, with a wicked grin.

Later that evening; he did find out; and was very grateful for the lasting
effects of the stamina potion.

* * *

Thursday Evening

The team Quidditch practice had just finished; and Harry headed to the
showers, stopping to tell Hermione and Pansy that he would see them at

As the stands emptied out; Neville and Katie set down their Quidditch gear
and grabbed their brooms. Kicking off together; they flew lazy laps around
the pitch, just enjoying the pleasure of flight, without having to be on the
lookout for incoming missiles from the Weasley twins.

After a while, they noticed Harry watching them from the door to the locker
room, they could see the smile on his face and waved to him. He waved back,
and headed back to the castle.

* * *

One Week Later

From the Journal of Gregory Goyle

The charms I left on the trunk show that it has been moved. And, since the
puppet isn't running around screaming about being assaulted and kidnapped; I
think I can safely assume they disposed of him properly. Good Riddance! I
thought it was rather nice of me to provide them such a useful alibi.
Practically the entire school saw him get kicked out of the House, and trudge
down the hill. It's amazing what a little Polyjuice can do for you.

It would be funny, if it weren't so sad, but Crabbe is wandering around like
a lost puppy. He tried to latch onto Parkinson; but she told him, in quite
amusing terms where he could go, and what he could do there.

Speaking of Parkinson, obviously something happened between her and Granger.
I'm not certain of the details, but Parkinson has been smiling a lot over the
last several days. When she smiles instead of sneers; she could almost be
considered attractive.

After a certain amount of consideration, I've decided to tone down the Lummox
act a bit. While I'm certainly not going to start debating Granger on Magical
Theory, although that may be a fun way to spend an afternoon sometime in the
future, but honestly, I would like to be able to have a conversation that
allowed me to use more than mono-syllables in my responses. I'll just tell
anybody who questions me that I didn't like what I saw happen with Draco and
decided to improve myself. They don't need to know about the conversation my
father and I had during the last Slytherin Match; or the rumors he picked up
from the Club about former followers of Voldemort starting to feel a tingle
in their forearms.


* * *

Friday Morning

Harry was just finishing breakfast when Hedwig dropped a letter in front of
him. Feeding her a piece of bacon; he read the letter and smiled. Hermione
looked at him questioningly; and he handed the note over, saying; "I sent
Arthur a note asking if he'd like to meet for lunch tomorrow, since we're
going to be in Hogsmeade He was just confirming that he'd be here."

Hermione read over the note, and saw that it said a good bit more than just
that, listing several family names that the Potters had ties to, either
business or personal. Keeping her voice pleasantly neutral, she said;

"That will be fun. I'm sure that he and Molly will be happy to see you

"I'm sure; she's said it's too quiet around the Burrow these days, and I
think she'll enjoy the noise of the weekend. Anyway; we're going to be late
for Charms if we don't get moving."

* * *

Hogsmeade Weekend

Harry and Hermione, as well as the rest of the Weasleys, met Arthur and Molly
at the Three Broomsticks. Fortunately for the peace of the establishment,
Rosmerta had a private dining room set aside for them.

After they finished eating, Molly took the rest of the family out to do some
shopping, leaving Arthur and Harry to themselves. Hermione knew that Harry
needed a private conversation; so she kissed him and said she'd be doing some
shopping as well.

"Thanks for digging up that information on the alliances; it will come in
very handy in the near future."

"Oh, how do you mean?"

"There are several members of the families here in school; and while I am
friends with several of them, I'm going to be spending some time cultivating
some of the others, like Cedric Diggory and Blaise Zabini. Their families'
influences will be good to have on our side when the time comes."

"True, but be careful with Mister Diggory; I know his father very well, and
he is very much a traditionalist and may not be willing to go along with what
you have planned."

"Well, I wasn't exactly planning to take out full page ad in the Prophet; so
I don't think you need to worry. But, there is one person who needs to be
brought further into the loop. Hermione and I haven't had any luck in finding
a way to help Trixie. We can't keep her asleep for too much longer; we are
going to have to tell Narcissa what is going on. Of course, I'll have her
oath before telling her anything; but, with her help, we can get Trixie out
of there, and let her get on with her life."

"Are you sure? Wouldn't it be easier just to kill her and forget about it?"

"My nightmares are bad enough with the ones I've already had to kill. I
don't think I could stand having a death of an innocent added," Harry said,
dropping his eyes.

"Well, I'll admit I'm not wild about the idea of bringing someone else in,
but I don't have any other ideas. Unless you've changed your mind, and want
me to find a place for her at the Club?"

"No; there's too great a chance of somebody who might recognize her seeing
her there and that would raise questions I doubt you would want to answer."

"True; very true. So, besides Narcissa, are there any other people you are
thinking of bringing onboard?"

"Yes, Sirius; simply because there is no way that Trixie can have a place to
stay without him being aware of it. And, you know as well as I do that what
Sirius knows, Remus would know five minutes later. Don't worry though; I'll
be getting a very specific oath from each of them before I tell them word

"I'll want to see the wording of the oath before you meet them. We need to be
very sure that there are no loopholes that could cause us a problem."

Harry smirked, and reached into his pouch; "Actually, I was expecting you to
want to see them, so I brought them with me. Of course, I had Hermione help
with the wording; otherwise I probably would have had them turning themselves
into newts," he said, grinning; as he handed a sheet over to Arthur.

After looking over the oaths; Arthur nodded, and said; "They look good, and
I'm glad to see you are taking our conversations to heart. Now, why don't you
go meet Hermione? We've spent enough time talking business."

"Trying to run me off? Why, is Molly coming back and you two want the room
to yourselves?" Harry asked with a cheeky grin.

"Well, if you must know, Molly always enjoys it when I bend her over the
table, and we've decided to try a different table this time." Arthur said,
straight faced, before laughing at the look on Harry's face.

As Harry shut the door behind him, Arthur sat back, thinking. `It's
frightening how well thought out his plans are. I've got years of experience
on him, and I still can't find a flaw in his plans. Although, I wish he
didn't need to bring more adults into this. But it makes sense; there are
limits to what a group of school children can do, no matter what their
notoriety. And, considering Sirius and Remus' reputation as pranksters, I
can only imagine that they would consider turning the Wizarding World upside
down the greatest prank in history.'

* * *


The woman behind the counter of the Hogsmeade Magical Menagerie looked up
from her reading as the door opened. Setting aside the book, she smiled at
the bushy haired girl who was looking around the store, seeming just a little
nervous. Seeing the girls eyes light up when she found the collars, the woman
hid a smile. `Oh, so that's what she's here for. I should've realized you
don't get nervous about buying owl treats.'

Her eyes widened slightly as the girl picked out two of the larger collars,
`Ambitious type, I'll say that for her!' She waited while the girl grabbed
some owl treats and made her way up to the counter.

Looking up at the girl and smiling, she said; "The interesting thing about
these collars is, once you put them on your pet, and tap your wand on the
metal tag, the tag is labeled as the Property of the owner, so you don't
have to worry about somebody bothering your pets."

The girl blushed slightly, but then smiled, "Really? That is good to know.
My boyfriend and I were worried about somebody messing with our pet, and
we've become quite fond of her."

The woman nodded. "I know how that is; I'm much attached to my pet as well,"
she said, gesturing to a cat sleeping in the sunbeam coming through the
window. "Of course, not everybody enjoys a cat, but there are different pets
for different people."

"That's very true, and, thank you for telling me about the charm on the
collar," the girl said, paying for her items and making a hasty exit. She was
blushing as she left the shop.

The woman watched the door close behind the girl and laughed in honest
amusement. `It's good to see that Helga's Gift is just as strong as ever!'
Then, with a gleam in her eye, she locked the door to the shop and said,
"Wake up little one! It's time to play!"

The cat opened its eyes and got up, stretching, before jumping down from the
windowsill. Moving away from the window, the cat shifted, and a naked young
woman stood there, smiling eagerly.

* * *

Pansy was sitting at a table in the Three Broomsticks; nursing a Butterbeer,
as two other bottles sat waiting. She looked up and saw Harry and Hermione
coming through the door; she smiled and waved them over.

Hermione reached her first, and pulled her into an embrace and kissed her.
Pansy moaned in pleasure, before Hermione broke the kiss, and was replaced by
her Master. She found her juices flowing freely as they claimed her in such a
public place.

Sitting down on either side of her, Harry and Hermione reached for the
Butterbeers; and Harry said;

"Have you been waiting long, pet?"

A shiver went through her at the name; and Pansy blinked, "Not long at all;
I had just gotten served when you walked in."

The three of them spent the next few hours just wandering around the village;
stopping to chat with their friends; as well as others from the school.

* * *

Later that Evening

As Hermione was getting ready for dinner, she finally started thinking back
over everybody Harry had spoken to; and connected them to the various power
blocks that Narcissa had been teaching them about. `He's ambitious enough
to have been in Slytherin! But what does that say about me? I'm just as
ambitious as he is.' she mused, before smirking as she remembered their
encounter with Cho toward the end of the day.


The three of them had stopped outside Honeydukes, chatting about nothing in
particular with Ron, Susan and Hannah; when Harry looked up and smirked.
Hermione followed his eye, and saw Cho watching them from across the street.

"You know, love, Cho has been very interested in everything I've been doing
lately. I think it might be interesting to go over and say hello, don't you?"

She had grinned and nodded, while being secretly thrilled by being called
`love'. Harry broke away from the group, and headed across the street. He
was too far away to make out exactly what he said to the Asian girl, but she
could tell she was enthralled.

Hermione's jaw dropped when she saw Harry take one of Cho's hands, and
lead her into a nearby alley. She focused her attention back on the rest of
the group and tried to continue their conversation as if nothing was going

A few minutes later, Harry came out of the alley, licking his finger. Looking
up, he caught Hermione's eye and opened his other hand, showing a handful of
silk. She snorted as Cho came stumbling out of the alley behind him,
obviously in a daze.

End Flashback

`Well, that's enough wool-gathering; I've got enough to look forward to, with
the little `ceremony' we'll be holding for Pansy after dinner.'

* * *

Later that night, the Room of Requirement

Pansy was waiting for the two of them when they got to the seventh floor, and
eagerly followed them inside the door when it opened.

She was a little surprised to see the room set up differently than the last
time she was here. Before, the only furniture was a huge bed where she had
eagerly given her master her innocence. This time, there were a couple of
couches and chairs in the center of the room.

She felt Her Mistress' eyes on her, and turned to face her. "Pansy, please
sit down. We have something very important to talk to you about."

A shiver of fear went down her back, `They aren't going to let me go, are
they? I've been good; I don't want them to let me go! I'm happy belonging
to them!' But she calmed down as she remembered how they had both publicly
claimed her that afternoon, and she made her way to one of the couches.

Her Mistress sat next to her, while Master took a seat on the other couch.
"Pansy, I've been calling you `pet' since the first time we were together,
and you seem to enjoy it, so I've got something for you. If you don't want
it, we can still play like we have been. But, if you accept it, we will be
moving things to a deeper level. Do you understand?"

Pansy's relief was almost palpable as she heard the words of reassurance.
Then, thinking back to the exact words Mistress used, she beamed. "I
understand, Mistress. Do you wish to give me a collar? If you do, I would
be thrilled to wear it! These last few weeks have been the happiest I can

Her Mistress smiled, and reached into her robe, pulling out a jewel studded
leather collar. It was the most beautiful thing Pansy had ever seen. Reaching
out her hand, she took the collar and said, "Would you put it on me,

When the collar was fastened around her throat and Mistress tapped her wand
against the metal tag, a feeling of peace and contentment flowed through her
veins; followed immediately by a rush of horniness. "May I thank you for your
gift, Mistress and Master?" she asked her voice rough with desire.

"Of course you may, my Pet" her Mistress said as she stood.

Pansy opened her robes, showing her nude body underneath, and shrugged them
off. She looked around and saw that her Master and Mistress were just as nude
as she was.

The rest of the evening went by in a blur of pleasure for Pansy. Her new
status seemed to heighten every sensation. When she found herself on her
knees, with her Master deep in her throat, every thrust shot pleasure
through out her body. And when Mistress lay down under her, and used her
fingers and tongue, she thought her head would explode as she cried out
in ecstasy.

The last thing she remembered before collapsing from pleasure was lying on
her stomach, worshiping her Mistress, as her Master took her last virgin
entrance. If it had been anybody else, she wouldn't have let them take her
there. But it was her Master, so anything he wanted, she would do, and enjoy.

* * *

Gryffindor Common Room

The Common room was fairly quiet when the two of them climbed through the
portrait hole, after helping their pet back to the dungeons. They had to
remind her that she could will the collar invisible if she wanted. She did
so, saying she wanted to savor it privately for a while, before letting the
rest of the school know just how much she belonged to them.

The only person still present in the Common Room was Ron, who smirked when
he saw the two of them enter. "Have a good night?"

Harry just grinned at him, without saying a word; while Hermione just gave
him a dirty look, then she smiled.

* * *

From the Journal of Gregory Goyle

It appears that Parkinson has taken another step in the relationship with the
Golden Duo; the two of them had to help her through the door of our common
room last night; she was obviously in a daze. But I think it would probably
have taken the taste of 4 vials of Skele-gro to get the satisfied smile off
of her face.

This followed a day of subtle politicking by the Golden Boy; he was talking
to several students who aren't in his usual circle; but conveniently are
members of some of the more prominent Pureblood families.

Of course, some of his influence spreading surprised, and amused me. I
happened to observe his interaction with Chang; for a minute there, after she
handed him her knickers, I thought he was going to shag her up against the
wall. I wouldn't be surprised if she showed up wearing a collar some morning.
She strikes me as the type who would wear it proudly.

Well, it's time for me to go visit my own little project. I told Greengrass
to have Davis nice and ready for me.


* * *

Time Passes

The Gryffindor/Ravenclaw Quidditch Match was next on the schedule, and,
although Ravenclaw fought hard, their Seeker was no match for Harry. Of
course, it didn't help matters that Harry was deliberately driving her to
distraction; teasing her and flirting with her. Cho got so flustered she
didn't even see the snitch until Harry dove for it.

The Gryffindor fans were cheering wildly; but Cho ignored them, as well as
her own teammates, as she dropped her broom and rushed off to the nearest
bathroom to get some relief.

She was almost there when the door to the bathroom slammed open, and the door
to the stall moved aside. She groaned when she saw Hermione standing there,
with a smirk on her face.

"Follow me" was all she said, and Cho obediently followed her back to the
castle. She didn't see Harry; with Pansy by his side, watching her from the
shadows of the bleachers.

Cho followed Hermione up to the 7th floor and into a room she had never been
in before. When the door closed behind them, Hermione said; "Alright, Chang,
lose the clothes! If you think Harry is going to want to touch you smelling
like you do now, you're crazy. You are going to wash every inch of your body
before I let you anywhere near him!"

Cho didn't even think to argue; she was so turned on by the treatment. Soon
her Quidditch Robes, as well as everything she wore under it were in a neat
pile on the floor. She blushed as Hermione circled around her, examining her
nude body, fondling her breasts and arse. She hoped that Hermione would
finger her, but she didn't touch her there.

"Yes, I believe you'll do nicely. Now; into the shower, and make sure you are
nice and clean. When you are done, dry off and come back here. But, don't you
dare cum; or you will not like what happens. Understand?" Hermione punctuated
her words with a swat on the arse, and Cho hurried into the showers.

Cho spent twenty minutes standing under the shower, washing every part of her
body; not even stopping to wonder why she was going along with Hermione's
demands. All she knew was that she needed to obey them, that she wanted to
obey them, and she was looking forward to whatever happened next.

After drying herself, she left the towel in the shower and walked back into
the main room. She wasn't surprised to see Harry there, in fact, she almost
expected it. But, she was surprised that Pansy was there, as naked as she
was, except for a jeweled collar.

The room had changed again, she noticed, and Harry and Hermione were both
sitting on chairs raised a bit above the rest of the room. Pansy was kneeling
at Hermione's feet. Cho knew instinctively that she should kneel at Harry's

Moving to take her place, she stopped when Harry spoke; "Not yet, Cho. You
haven't proven yourself worthy of serving us. Pansy passed her tests
wonderfully; and has earned the right to serve us. Do you think you have the
ability to be my Pet?"

Cho blinked as she heard the word, `Pet'. Of course she understood what it
meant, but hadn't realized that it was exactly what she wanted. "Yes, Master; I
do. What tests do you wish me to take?"

"Well," she heard him chuckle, "They aren't written exams, I can assure you."
Then he said, "You need to pleasure each of us, using your mouth and hands.
If you do well, I'll allow you to climax. Then we'll move to the next stage."

At his direction; Pansy stood and walked over to her; taking her by the hand.
Cho let herself be led to a bed that had appeared in back of the room. Pansy
sat at the edge of the bed and opened her legs, pushing Cho down on her knees
between them.

Moving forward, she opened her mouth, using her tongue to tease open the
other girl's lips and licking the juices that were starting to flow. Cho
relaxed as she set herself to work, drawing on her experiences during her
second year when she had to please the 7th and 6th year prefects of her
house. Wetting a finger with Pansy's juices, she worked it into her arse;
and was rewarded with a guttural moan from the other girl. Between her
mouth and fingers, it didn't take long before Cho had made Pansy cum.

She sat back as Pansy was helped to her feet. Hermione stood naked in front
of her. "Well, you're doing okay so far, but I'm not going to make things
easy for you. Lie on the bed, and put your hands over your head."

When she did so; she felt metal cuffs circle her wrists; and heard Hermione
say; "You won't get to play with my arse; only Harry gets to do that. Now;
show me what you've got!"

With that; Hermione lowered herself onto her face, and Cho went to work;
using every trick she had ever learned, including some she'd never tried, to
bring Hermione off. It took some time, but eventually she made her cum by
locking her lips on the other girl's clit and starting to hum.

She was given a minute to catch her breath before her cuffs were released and
she was taken from the bed. Looking up; she was face to face with her deepest
desire. Harry was sitting there, fully erect, and bigger than she had
imagined. She eagerly moved forward and opened her mouth, taking the head
inside. After several minutes, he grabbed her head and held her still,
pumping into her mouth while she tried to use suction to hold him in. Soon he
grunted and burst into her mouth; she swallowed as much as she could, but
some leaked out of her mouth.

Before she could gather the rest and bring it to her mouth, Pansy was in
front of her using her tongue to clean the rest of his cum off her face,
before feeding it to her with a kiss.

She was pleased, in a way that it took almost as long to make him cum as it
did Hermione, because she knew his stamina would make sure she was satisfied.

She heard Harry speak, "You've done well, Cho, and earned a reward. Pansy,
make sure she gets her relief!"

Pansy led her back to the bed and took her place between Cho's thighs. It was
only a matter of a minute or so before Cho shrieked out her pleasure. She had
been on the verge for the last hour, ever since Hermione had interrupted her
in the bathroom.

Cho lay there, panting; and wondering what would happen next. She didn't
have to wonder long; because she looked up and saw Harry, once more erect,
standing between her thighs. She gasped as she felt him slide into her;
filling her up. She worked her muscles as well as she could, moving back
against him, until the two of them reached their climax. She hit hers first,
and was still coming down when she felt him blast inside her. After he
finished and pulled out; she heard him say; "Pansy, get her ready for me;
there is just one more thing she needs to experience."

Cho didn't have time to wonder what he meant by that; as she felt herself
rolled onto her stomach, and a pillow placed under her hips. She knew what
was happening next when she felt Pansy pull her bottom open and place her
tongue at her most private entrance. She moaned as she felt the girl work
her magic, pushing her tongue inside, stretching her for what was soon to

She groaned as she felt Harry push into her, stretching her virgin hole;
filling her beyond anything she could have imagined. She was grateful that
he went slowly; allowing her to adjust to the intrusion; and before long,
the pain turned into pleasure, and she soon started pushing herself back
against him. She felt the pleasure threaten to overwhelm her, and slipped
her hand down and started fingering herself, so she hit her peak at the
same time as he filled her up. She collapsed as he withdrew; the sheer
sensations she had experienced causing her to blackout.

When she came back to herself; she was being led back to the shower by Pansy;
who got her cleaned up and dried off. Of course, the shower took a bit longer
than usual, because the two girls spent some time pleasuring each other.

When they came back into the room, Pansy hurried to her usual position; and
Harry beckoned Cho to him. Reaching out his hand, she could see he was
holding a collar, and she took it from him eagerly; putting it on; she sank
to her knees at his feet, and sighed with absolute contentment.

* * *

From the Journal of Gregory Goyle

Just a short note this evening; my assumption about Cho Chang proved correct.
This morning she appeared at Breakfast with a collar visible over the top of
her robes. And she was not shy about declaring who she belonged to; walking
right up to the Golden Boy and sitting next to him. What really raised some
eyebrows around the room was when Pansy did the same thing, although sitting
next to Granger. I could almost swear I caught a glimpse of a collar on her
as well.


* * *

The Chamber of Secrets

"Okay; so we've decided what we need to do. Now we just have to figure out
when and how."

"I think it would be best to do it right before the winter break. That way,
if they agree; another family can have a very happy holiday. And, if what
Trixie tells me about her time in school is accurate, I think that we may
see our favorite professor smile more."

"So we bring Narcissa in first, and then Sirius?"

"That's the best I could come up with, but if you have another idea; I'd be
happy to hear it. After all you are `The Smartest Witch of Her Generation',"
Harry said with a smirk.

"Oh you!" she said. "Look who's talking; Mister `Boy Who Lived'"

"Okay, so we're both stuck with nicknames we'd rather not have. Now, there's
just one more thing to decide. When do you want to wake her up so you can
fuck her? I know she gets your knickers wet, and I certainly wouldn't kick
her out of bed, unless she wanted to shag on the floor!"

Hermione laughed, and said; "Why don't we wait until after we re-unite her
with Narcissa. I'd feel better if she wasn't our `guest' when we played with

"But that raises another question. How are we going to get Narcissa down
here? I don't think she'd be willing to be blindfolded and helplessly led
around the castle."

"We won't be in the Chamber," Harry replied. "I'm thinking of bringing her up
to the Room of Requirement and having Trixie waiting there. I'll put Trixie
under my cloak, and lead her there that morning. Hopefully, we can make two
women very happy that afternoon."

* * *

The last Sunday before Winter Break

"Well, I have to say; you have exceeded my expectations. I'm looking forward
to seeing where the two of you go next," Narcissa said, with a smile, proud
of her two pupils.

Harry smiled back, and said, "Our progress is mostly due to having such an
excellent teacher. As a way of saying thank you; we have a surprise for you.
We think you'll like it."

Harry turned to Hermione and said, "While I'm giving Narcissa her gift, why
don't you go get the rest of it, and meet us there in about an hour?"

Hermione nodded and left the room. Narcissa said, "Well, you've certainly got
my attention; where are we going?"

"Follow me; and as to where we're going, it changes every time."
Eventually, they got to the room on the 7th Floor; and Harry opened the door.
The room had turned itself into a sitting room; with a closed door off to the
side. As soon as the door is closed behind them, Harry cast a series of
silencing and privacy charms.

"Narcissa; before we go any further; I need your witches oath that you will
not; in any way shape or form; disclose to anybody, except Hermione and I,
anything you may see or hear in this room, unless we give you explicit
permission. To make it easier for you; "I Harry James Potter, swear by my
magic that what I am about to show you is not in anyway a threat to you or
the Black Family."

Narcissa followed with her oath and Harry led her to a seat. He said; "What
you are about to see is going to startle you; but please, don't react until
I have a chance to explain, okay?"

Harry walked over to the closed door; and opened it; leading Trixie out.
Narcissa gasped and started to stand up; but remembered Harry's words and
sat back down.

"Narcissa; this isn't who you think it is! Look at her, really look at her!
She's not the person you think she became. Let me explain what happened."

It took a little time; but Narcissa eventually accepted what he told her;
as well as the evidence of her own eyes. What she learned made sense and
explained a lot of things that had bothered her over the years. The final
straw was when she checked Trixie's forearm; there was no sign of it ever
having been marked.

A tearful reunion followed.

* * *

The two sisters had spent some time talking, and getting re-acquainted;
when Harry heard Hermione's voice outside the door. He gestured Trixie and
Narcissa back into the other room, and stood, waiting for Sirius to come in.

The door opened, and Hermione led Sirius in; with a puzzled look on his face.
"Okay; I'm here. What's the big surprise?"

"We'll get to the surprise in a minute; Padfoot. But, first; I have to ask
for your oath that nothing you see here, or find out today, will ever be
discussed with anybody not in this room. The only exception is Remus; but
he has to swear the same oath. I will give you my oath as well." Pulling
his wand; he gave the same oath that he gave Narcissa; and Sirius followed
with his own.

"Sirius, what you are about to see is going to shock the hell out of you;
but; all I can ask is that you give us a chance to explain what is

Sirius pulled out his wand and handed it to Hermione; before sitting down and
gripping the arms of a chair.

"You can come out now!" Harry called; and the door to the other room opened.

Sirius sat there, stunned as he saw a woman he never thought he'd see again.
"Trixie? Pet? Is that you?"

"Yes, Master; it's really me! I've missed you!"

He was out of the chair in an instant, and holding her in his arms. Looking
up; Harry could see tears of happiness streaming down Sirius' face. "Harry,

"It's a long story; and parts of it aren't too nice; but; let's just say that
your Aunt and Uncle were not very nice people. Trixie had been under a severe
form of the Imperious Curse ever since she graduated from Hogwarts. Until her
late husband met his fate. I encountered her not long after that happened,
and she was confused and thought I was James. She begged me for help, because
she didn't understand what had happened. I've been hiding her ever since and,
as much as I hate to do it;" he said, as his wand appeared in his hand; "I
will obliviate you to keep you from giving us away."

A look of comprehension spread across his face and he frowned as he
remembered just how the dead LeStrange brother had met his end.

"I think you and I have a lot to talk about, pup. But, for now, how are we
going to get Trixie home?"

"That's about the easiest part. We bring her out the same way she came in;
asleep inside a shrunken trunk. I'll bring the trunk to you right before we
leave to catch the Hogwarts Express; and you take her home with you. Sometime
during the holiday; you and I; and Narcissa, Hermione and Remus will sit down
and I'll explain exactly what is going on. Trust me; I think the Marauders
would be proud."

It was a much younger looking Sirius who left the room an hour later, walking
with Narcissa; who also looked happier than she had in ages.

* * *

The Chamber of Secrets, Later That Evening

Stegron lifted his head; hearing unfamiliar noises from one of the side
areas; he briefly considered investigating; but went back to sleep instead,
leaving his visitors to their private activities.

"Ooooooooooooooh! Yesssssss!" Trixie cried as Hermione buried her face in the
brunette's pussy.

Harry stood behind his girlfriend; casually stroking her while she pleasured
their guest. It took no convincing at all for Trixie to play with them; it
was just a matter of asking; and they found her eager to go along.

After Hermione brought Trixie to climax, she stepped back, and held her open
for Harry. Once the pair had a good rhythm going, she climbed onto the bed
and straddled Trixie's face.

The three of them spent the next several hours playing, until they finally
collapsed, sated. Hermione had charmed a dildo, and the two of them made a
Trixie sandwich. Trixie was the first to collapse, falling forward onto
Hermione; as Harry slid out of her arse and gently lifted her off of

* * *

Winter Break

December 27th, 12 Grimmauld Place

It took some doing, but Harry arranged to have Sirius, Remus, Narcissa,
Hermione; Neville and Ron all in the same place. It wasn't difficult to get
Ron or Hermione, since they were already privy to most of his plans; and
Neville would have come, no matter what, but Harry had to tell the adults
that he was going to be explaining some things, and he would need their help.

Harry had briefed Arthur on what he was planning before he left, and, after
Arthur reviewed the Wizards Oath he would be getting, gave Harry's plan his

The seven of them had just finished dinner and were sitting around the table,
when Harry pulled out his wand and cast privacy charms around the room. Remus
looked surprised, but seeing that neither Sirius nor Narcissa reacted, just
sat and waited to see what was coming.

"I'm glad we are all able to be together this evening; because, it is past
time that some of you found out exactly what is going on. However, for
reasons that will become painfully obvious in a short while, I need an oath
from each of you that nothing discussed in this room will ever be discussed
within hearing of anyone who is not in the room. The only exceptions are
Susan and Katie, and Trixie if you think she will be ready for it. But, you
must get the same oath from them before giving them the information."

With no hesitation; all but Remus swear their oath. After seeing Sirius give
the oath, he gave his as well.

"Okay; first off, the plans I'm telling you are long range, not something
that will be happening over the next 6 weeks. I figure at least 8 to 10
years before everything is in place. But, it's important that connections
are established and steps are taken now. What I am planning is to turn the
Wizarding World on its ear! The Pureblood Supremacy nonsense is destroying
us. And as it stands now, the Ministry is so corrupt that nothing will ever
get changed. I intend to change that; and I'm not going to be overly gentle
while doing so."

Sirius spoke up and demanded; "What are you talking about, Harry? Are you
talking about assassination? Because, oath or no oath, I'm not going to go
along with that!"

Harry said, "You can relax, Sirius. I'm not planning, or even condoning
assassination of innocents at all! However, if you have the Dark Mark, and
aren't under compulsion; you will leave this world. No questions asked! I've
already got blood on my hands, and I'm fairly certain that I will again."

At Sirius' look, Harry clarified, "There are four dead that I will take
responsibility for: Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Rodolphus LeStrange, and,
Draco Malfoy. I'm sorry; Narcissa, but I had no choice with Draco. He was
trying to kill Hermione and me. The other three were marked Death Eaters,
and responsible for untold pain and suffering. Yes, I'm the one who took
Trixie from Azkaban; which I'm sure is no surprise to most of you. Although
I wasn't originally planning on such a benign finish for her. Originally; I
was planning to use Bellatrix to give closure to a man who is my brother in
all but blood. Oh, don't look so disgusted Sirius; if you had a chance to
get vengeance on somebody who hurt my parents, tell me you wouldn't do
whatever you had to do to get that!"

Sirius frowned, but didn't respond.

"Bellatrix had hurt one of my family, and she needed to pay. As for Snape,
Lucius and LeStrange? They were marked Death Eaters, and I will not allow a
follower of Voldemort to live if I can do anything about it."

He continued, "Look! It was because of Voldemort that four brothers were torn
apart, that I lost my parents, and that my brother, in all but blood, had his
parents tortured into insanity in front of him! I won't let them hurt any
more people!"

He walked away from the table and stood staring out the window, as the
silence grew deafening. Eventually Sirius stood up and walked over to
Harry; putting his hand on his shoulder. Sirius said, "I'll admit I'm
not comfortable with what you are doing. But I owe you; both for my
freedom and bring happiness into my life. Remus and I are with you, to
the end! Besides, Prongs would kick my arse if I let you get hurt and
didn't try to help you!"

Turning around, Harry looks at the table, specifically, at Narcissa; a woman
who has been more of a mentor to him than anybody outside his family. She
looked at him for a long moment; and then, clearing her throat, said; "I'll
admit to being torn, Harry. I was aware of some of your long term goals; and
support them, as we discussed during our first conversation. But, I have to
admit that I hadn't considered some of the deeper implications. So, given
everything you have told us; I will still support you!"

Looking around the table he saw Neville watching him. "Do you even need to
ask, Harry? I told you after first year that I was with you, no matter what.
I'm not backing out now!"

He didn't even bother asking Ron or Hermione, because he knew they were
already with him. He just sat down and started laying out his plans.

Sirius and Remus were stunned at the depth of his planning, not having seen
the true Harry before. Narcissa was bemused at how well he and Hermione had
learned the lessons she had taught them. She was also intrigued by the
possibilities inherent in Harry's plan, including the position he and
Hermione had imagined for her, as Hermione's First Advisor once she became
the Minister of Magic.

It was several hours later when the meeting broke up; and they each floo'd
to their homes, including Hermione, who had convinced her parents to get
their house hooked up to the system.

* * *

12 Grimmauld Place, Later that evening

Remus poured a couple of glasses of whiskey; and brought one over to Sirius
before sitting down.

"So, what do you think?"

"Hmmm? Oh; I think that if we can pull this off; it will go down in history
as the biggest prank ever pulled!"

"That's true, but, what I'm more concerned about is Harry himself. He is one
scary kid; and; even though I gave my word to support him, and I will, if he
goes too far, I'll do what has to be done! I'm not talking about betraying
him, and as long as he sticks to the goals we discussed, I've got no problem
with him. But, sometimes I have to wonder, did Grindenwald start out to be a
Dark Lord? Or, did he just want to change things for the better, and things
got out of hand? That's what's going to be keeping me up nights!"

Sirius didn't say anything; but just stared at the glass in his hand.

End Chapter Eight


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