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Harry Potter: Harry Potter And The Betrayal Of The Phoenix Part 4 -
Second Year (Mf,mmff,magic,voy)
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

12 Grimmauld Place

Sirius opened the window and allowed the owl inside. Taking the letter, he
was surprised to see it was from his cousin Narcissa Malfoy. "What the hell
does she want?" he mused, as he sat back down and opened the letter.

Dear Sirius:

I realize that you have no reason to listen to any request from me,
considering the hell that Lucius has caused for you; even before your
troubles. But, I have to beg your assistance as the Head of the Black

I have decided to divorce Lucius, for reasons that are not general knowledge.
He will likely be spending the next several years in Azkaban for the Dark
Arts materials that the Aurors found when they raided Malfoy Manor earlier
this evening. I would be willing to tolerate that, if there was anything to
the marriage any longer, but, there isn't. It is incredibly difficult to
admit this to anyone, but, the only way I am going to convince you of my
sincerity is by being completely honest. To state it baldly, Lucius has been
physically and sexually abusing me for as long as we have been married,
except for a brief time when I was pregnant with Draco. When the Aurors broke
in, they found me bent over a table with bruises and blood all over my back
and legs. He was in the process of sodomizing me with the head of that cane
he carried. It is only because of the massive amount of healing potions I've
consumed that I am able to stay conscious and write this letter.

I am begging your assistance, because with Fudge in Lucius' pocket, he could
interfere with the divorce, and make sure that Lucius got access to the Black
family monies that I control. If you were to act, in your capacity as Head of
the Family, Fudge could not make any objections, unless he wanted to be
called before the Wizengamot to explain his actions.

I will do whatever you ask, swear any oath you ask, just do not turn your
back on a family member in her hour of need, I beg you!

Please, I swear on my very magic that I will do whatever you want if only you
assist me in this!

Please let me know as soon as you can.

Yours Cousin

Narcissa Black (Malfoy)

"Well, I'll be damned!" Sirius said, sitting back and sipping from his cup of
tea. `It's funny how something as simple as a cup of tea, or clean clothes,
can mean so much, after so long without them. God knows, without Remus, I'd
have lost my mind a dozen times trying to adjust to life as a free man. It
was only with his help that I was able to get that damned picture of my
mother down! If it pissed her off with my being Head of the Family, what I'm
going to do now would have her screaming to wake the dead!'

Pulling out a piece of parchment, he began to write;


I will be pleased to intercede on your behalf in getting shut of the
bastard. What I require of you is simple, to repudiate the Pureblood
Supremacy ideology that Lucius and his ilk have been spreading since
the days of Grindenwald. If you do that, you will be welcome in the
Black home. In fact, if you agree, I would ask you to serve as the
Mistress of Black Manor, since, for obvious reasons, it's unlikely
that I will ever marry. Now, I also require the same oath of Draco
for him to be accepted into the Black Family. I am aware that he
subscribes to the racist claptrap that Lucius spouted so reliably; so
it will be important for him to see that not all purebloods accept
Voldemorts nonsense. If Draco refuses to take this oath, he will not
be a member of the Black Family. This is not open for discussion; if
you wish my assistance, this is what I require.

Lord Black

* * *

The Hogwarts Express

Harry sat back in his compartment, Hermione by his side, with Ron, Neville
and the two new first years, Ginny and Luna Lovegood crowded around. He was
enjoying the way Ron was teasing Ginny, and Luna was reading, as usual.
`Every time I've seen Luna this summer, she has been reading the Quibbler.
I know her mother's death had to affect her, but I hope Ginny can help her
get past it,' Harry mused. As usual, he found his thoughts circling back to
the girl beside him. `I don't know if it's because she is a year older, but
Hermione is definitely starting to develop! I'd better make a point of
letting her know I'm interested. I'll be damned if I'm going to let some
loser like Seamus or Dean get their hands on her!'

His train of thought was interrupted by the door flying open, and Draco
standing there, his wand drawn. "Lovegood! It's your fault! You and that
garbage your filthy Muggle loving father print, you've destroyed the last
life!" He raised his wand and started to cast when he was hit by four
disarming spells, and he looked up and saw his wand in the hands of
Hermione Granger, who toyed with it, bending it slightly. "Would you like
your wand back Draco? I'll give it back to you, all you have to do, is
ask me very nicely. Just kneel down and ask me, and I'll be happy to give
the wand back to you. I'm sure you know how to kneel, after all, didn't
your father kneel in front of Voldemort all the time?"

Draco glared at her, and spat, "Are you out of your fucking mind mudblood?
There is no way that I would kneel before you, I can get another wand, and,
trust me, you will be very sorry you crossed me, you stupid Twat!"

"Oh, Draco, I'm so scared of a tough little boy like you." Hermione snarked
at him, before tossing the wand right out the window. "There, Draco, now
you are just as impotent as your father. He is your father, right? I was
wondering, because there was a scientific study done a few years ago, that
a man with a penis that was less than three inches long was not capable of
reproducing." Turning to Harry, she said, "Do you suppose that is the reason
there is such a resemblance between Draco and Tom, the Bartender at the
Leaky Cauldron?"

Harry smirked at her, seeming to consider the question before finally
answering; "I don't know, Hermione, it is possible, but do you really think
that Tom makes enough money to get that far with his mother?"

Draco turned all sorts of interesting colors as he realized what she was
saying about his parents, and tried to rush at her, but was stopped by a hand
on his arm. "Don't be a damned fool, Draco! You are outnumbered, and don't
have your wand. None of us will help you make an ass of yourself!" Draco
whirled around and glared at Blaise Zabini, before shaking his arm free and
stalking off, followed by his two goons. Harry and the others were watching
Draco, to make sure he didn't try something, and so they missed the smirk
that formed on Goyle's face, before quickly disappearing.

Blaise turned to them, and said, "I know you don't like the guy, you two,
but, do you really have to antagonize him like that? It's going to be rough
enough hearing about his father in Azkaban, and how his mother's family
disowned him, but now you are going to make him even more annoying! I've got
to share a dorm with him and his goons, and really would rather not listen
to him whine all the time!" Then he turned and walked down the aisle.

* * *

12 Grimmauld Place; approximately the same time

From the Diary of Narcissa Black

Well; it's done. Sirius went to the Ministry today and signed the order
ending my marriage to Lucius. It's an amazing feeling; knowing that he can't
hurt me anymore. I'm just sorry that Draco chose to stand with his father;
he can't see how insane Lucius was with that `Pureblood Supremacy' nonsense!
Of course, bloodlines are important; but, family is much more so. It's too
bad Draco couldn't see that; I'm afraid he is in for a very rough life. Well,
he made his choice, and I have to wash my hands of him. Although I regret his
decision; I am certain that I made the correct move; both for my health and
sanity; but also in the larger sense of what is right for the Family.

It's sad, thinking of Family; I find my mind wandering; thinking of Trixie.
I have to call her that, it reminds me of the good times back in school. She
was so happy with Sirius; although, from what she told me, I don't think I'd
enjoy their games very much. There is no way I can reconcile who my sister
was; with the monster that is caged in Azkaban. I know that Sirius just
barely kept his sanity after all the time he was there, he told me it was
only the idea that he was innocent of the charges helped him keep his grip.
I think it may have been more than that; I know of his other side, Padfoot;
and I wouldn't be surprised if slipping into animal form helped him.

I do know one thing; prison changed him. It's an obvious statement; but, he
isn't the same hot-headed Gryffindor that he was in school; he thinks before
he acts; which, if he had done that originally; would have changed things. At
least I think it would have, it's hard to say after so many years. It makes
me wonder how much Sirius would have changed if he'd been able to keep seeing
Trixie. Trixie, what happened to you? I can't understand how you could have
changed so much. I realize a Marriage Contract can cause changes; Selene
knows that my own contract to Lucius forced unwelcome changes on my attitudes
and behavior; but not to the extremes that you showed. My baby sister went
from a mischievous, lively girl to a cruel, vicious harpy. If you hadn't been
forced into that contract by our parents, would you have remained the same
loving free-spirit? From what you told me when we were still free, you and
Sirius had been happy together. Nobody would have blinked at you getting
together; we've got to protect the bloodlines, after all.

* * *

The Great Hall of Hogwarts

The sorting took place quietly, with Ginny and Luna both being sorted into
Gryffindor. After the students were all at their house tables, Professor
Dumbledore stood up to make his usual remarks. He mentioned that Professor
Snape had died suddenly at the end of last year, and that Professor Nicholas
Flaumel would be serving as the Potions Instructor, as well as serving as the
Head of Slytherin House. Hermione and a few of the members of the Ravenclaw
House gasped as they recognized the name.

There was another gasp when the Headmaster introduced Sirius Black as the
new Defense Against the Dark Arts Instructor. As the muttering died down,
Dumbledore said that Professor Black was a former Auror, who had a large
amount of experience to draw on in teaching the subject. As Sirius stood
and waved to the students, a cheer rose from the Gryffindor table, lead by
Harry and Hermione. Sirius looked over and grinned at them, before sitting
back down.

Luna seemed a little surprised that the Hat considered her brave enough for
them. Harry said that she showed that she was plenty brave when she stood up
to Lucius Malfoy in the bookstore. Luna thought about that for a second, and
nodded. "That makes sense, thanks for pointing that out for me." She said,
before turning back to her dinner.

Meanwhile, Fred and George were falling over themselves laughing at
Hermione's actions against Malfoy on the train, and, even Percy, who was
trying to keep his Prefect persona firmly in place, chuckled quietly.

* * *

Slytherin House, 2d Year Dormitory

Goyle sat on his bed, casting privacy and `notice me not' charms around him,
and pulled his journal onto his lap desk.

First Day, Second Year

This year is already off to an interesting start. I had a visit from the
Bloody Baron as soon as I reached the Dormitory. It seems he was watching
our former Head of House on the last day of school last term, and saw our
resident celebrity, a.k.a. the Boy Who Lived, make Snape the Greasy Git who
Didn't. I was rather surprised to see such a cunning move from a Gryffindor;
they have a reputation of act first, think never. But then, people who just
go by appearances would be surprised that I am even capable of writing, let
alone having independent thoughts.

I had a hard time keeping from breaking out laughing on the Express this
afternoon, Granger and Potter utterly humiliated the Blonde Puppet; and
tossed his wand out of the train. The Puppet was as impotent as his alleged
Sire; and, from what I've heard about the father, and what I saw in the
showers, blonde hair isn't the only thing he inherited. I wonder if that's
why he reacted so badly to Granger's taunts?

No matter, it's time to put the mask on.


Later that night, the First Year Girls Dormitory

Luna pulled the diary out of her trunk and sat down at her desk to write down
her thoughts on her first day at Hogwarts. As soon as she opened the cover,
though, she was hit by a sensation of vertigo, she shut her eyes, and, when
she opened them again, she wasn't in her dorm anymore.

She was in a dimly lit chamber, looking down at her own body, lying on the
ground. She didn't understand why she could see her body, and why her new
body felt so strange. She saw that there was a dark haired man standing by
her body, and she noticed that the diary was lying on the ground by her body.
The man looked up toward her, and started talking in a language she didn't
understand. Even though she didn't understand, her new body started to turn
away from the man, and she was shocked to see that her new body was a
serpent! She turned back toward the man, and saw him kneeling by her other
body, and pulled at her robes.

"Ahh!" Luna screamed, jerking back away from the diary. She grabbed the
book and threw it across the room. The throw took all her strength and she
crumbled to the floor. Ginny looked up from her desk when she heard her
friend cry out, and rushed over to her. When Luna stopped crying, she told
Ginny about the vision, and then pointed at the diary.

Ginny went over to the diary, and was briefly grateful she didn't have the
gift of sight that Luna had. She remembered how upset Luna was when she told
Ginny about it, which is something she got from her mother. Shaking her head
to clear the memories, she picked the book up, and frowned when she saw the
name on it. "Tom Riddle, I know that name!" she murmured, trying to remember.
Suddenly, her eyes widened, and she whispered "'Bloody Hell!"

Grabbing the diary, she turned to Luna and said; "I'll be back soon Luna,
we'll take care of this for you!" Hurrying from the dormitory, Ginny headed
for the Common Room, searching for Harry, because he would know what to do.

Looking around the room, she didn't see Harry, but Ron was sitting with
Neville, playing Wizard's Chess. "Ron, where is Harry? I've got to talk
to him, right away!" Ron looked up; and opened his mouth to make a smart
remark when he looked at her face and saw the concern there, so he answered
seriously; "Harry and Hermione left right after dinner to go to the library,
I don't know when they'll be back. Come on, I'll show you where it is."

As soon as the Fat Lady closed behind them, Ron turned to his sister;
"Alright Ginny, what's going on? I know it's got to be serious, so let me
know, I'll help if I can."

"I know you will Ron, and I'll tell you when we find Harry, I really
don't want to have to tell this twice. I will say this, though, it's about

Ron paled at her words, "Shit! Are you sure about this?" At her look, he
said, "Alright lets get moving, the library is on the next floor, try to keep
up." Ginny cursed at her brother as he rushed toward the stairs.

Ginny caught up to him when he stopped at the top of the stairs. She could
see Harry and Hermione walk toward them, and even at a distance, she could
see the goofy smiles on their faces. She smiled at their expressions, but
wanted to get the serious talk over before she teased the two of them, but
Ron ruined the effect by snickering when he saw the two of them of holding

When Harry saw them, he led Hermione up to them, "What's going on?"

"Harry, something happened tonight, and I really need to talk to you! It's
urgent!" Harry glanced at Hermione, and then looked back at Ginny, and she
said, "If you trust her, then she can hear it too!"

Harry thought for a second, and nodded. Turning, he led them into an open
classroom, and Ginny was curious to see that he smiled a little and Hermione
blushed when they were in the room. She decided to grill Hermione about it
later, but there were more important things to talk about right now.

Harry locked the door and placed a privacy charm on it, before sitting on one
of the desks and putting his arm around Hermione; "Okay, what's going on?"

"I don't know if you are aware of this or not, but Luna is a seer, it's a
gift she received from her mother when her mother died. She has received
visions and they have proven to be real. Anyway, she had a bad one tonight,
and it was brought on when she opened a diary that she got over the summer.
When I looked at the diary, there was a name on the cover, Tom M. Riddle,
it took me a minute, but I remembered where I had heard that name before."
Turning to Hermione, Ginny said, "Tom Riddle is the name Voldemort was born

Harry said, "Hermione, I know that you have read about Voldemort, but,
growing up in the Wizarding World brings his atrocities closer to home.
Ron and Ginny lost two uncles to the Death Eaters, Neville's parents were
tortured into insanity by them, and, my parents, well, you know what
happened to them!

"Hermione, to give you an idea of how bad Voldemort is, because I don't think
he's really gone, he had the ability and will to make Adolph Hitler look like
an amateur! He was the instigator of a lot of the pureblood bigotry and
suppression of the half bloods and the Muggleborn that is still going on

Harry watched as Hermione's eyes narrowed and her lips tightened as she
considered what he said. `Hermione, you are so easy to move, just put the
situation in terms of bigotry and oppression, and you are ready to kill!
You have so much potential, but still need to be molded, there are shades
of grey, and you need to learn that!' Harry mused as Hermione's emotions
warred across her face.

With an effort, Hermione got her emotions under control, and focused on the
issue confronting them. "Okay, I understand what a menace Voldemort was, or
is, but, why are you getting so upset over a book of blank pages, I mean, an
empty book can't physically hurt you, can it?"

"Yeah, it can, Hermione," Ron said, speaking up for the first time. "Any
object, no matter how innocent it appears, can be charmed to be deadly,
or, at least frightening, like the teddy bear that the Twins gave me for
Christmas one year, I had nightmares for months from it!"

Harry interrupted, "Okay, I think we can all agree that something needs to
be done about the diary. The question is, how urgent is it? If the diary was
written back in the 40's, it's been 50 years or so, do we need to bust our
arses to find a way to destroy it immediately, or do we have some time?"

"As long as I'm able to keep an eye on Luna, we should have enough warning
that she has been affected. As long as you two stay out of the corners in
the library, and actually find a solution, we should be alright."

"Hey, what do you mean by that Miss Weasley?" Hermione glared at Ginny, who
just grinned back at her.

"Oh, I guess that just because the two of you are cuddled up together,
holding hands like you are glued together, and you blush while Harry grins
when you came into the room, tells me the two of you are spending time in
the local broom closet, and I don't think you had a need for cleaning
supplies so early in the year."

"Busted!" Ron chuckled, as Harry glared at him. "Oh, come off it Harry, I
could tell you were interested last year, but I didn't think you'd get caught
so early in the year. Now I owe Fred 5 sickles, thanks pal!"

Harry looked at Hermione and shrugged, grinning, and she grinned back, and
put her arms around him, hugging him.

"Okay, you caught us, but, don't think I didn't see you checking out Susan
at my birthday party, Ron! So don't think you won't get yours when the time
comes." Turning to Ginny, he said, "And you, little Miss Snoop; you forget,
I know all kinds of embarrassing things to tell your future boyfriends,
remember the light spell?"

Ginny blushed, "Harry, you promised you wouldn't tell!"

"And I won't, but remember that I do know the story, so watch what you say,

"Deal!" Ginny said, emphatically.

* * *

Later that night

After lights out, Ron moved to sit on Harry's bed, and cast a quick silence
charm around them.

"Okay, Harry, what is going on? I know you were planning on making her your
girlfriend, but isn't it a little early for that? We're only twelve, for
hells sake! I played it off, so she wouldn't get suspicious, but, still..."

"I decided to make my move when we were on the Express today. She is
definitely getting boobs, and Seamus and a couple of the other guys were
checking her out. I am not letting one of those gits get their claws in her,
she's mine! And, before you say anything, I've spent part of our `study'
time introducing her to the concept of Occulmency, so we can bring her fully
on board with the family."

"I should know better than to question you; you seem to know what you are
doing. It's just, you seem to make decisions without thinking about them,
and it makes me wonder at times, and, anyway, did you really think I was
checking Susan out? I didn't think I was."

"Of course you were," Harry chuckled, "If I weren't with Hermione, I'd be
checking her out myself. She looked good in that swimsuit, and is gonna be
getting better looking. Besides, knowing who her aunt is, it never hurts to
have an ally in the Aurors."

* * *

The next day went by smoothly; the biggest change was the fact that they
all enjoyed Potions for the first time. Professor Flaumel made the class
interesting, and didn't abuse anybody in the class, he even said that they
will spend the first 3 weeks reviewing what should have been covered first
year, but apparently wasn't.

Hermione was very pleased that Harry was able to make a Babbling Beverage,
which was one of the potions that Snape had criticized so badly last year,
and he made it perfectly the first time. She squeezed his hand in excitement,
and he grinned at her. Leaning close, she whispered in his ear;

"Who are you going to use that on?"

Equally quietly, he said, "Either Percy or Sirius, haven't decided which
would be funnier."

Hermione paused, considering the question, before deciding; "Percy, he needs
to loosen up in public. He's a funny guy when it's just us, and besides, you
know he'll blame the twins, and a prank war would be a lot of fun to watch."

Harry grinned at his girlfriend's enthusiastic prankster streak. `My little
anarchist, things are going to be really interesting when you finally break
out of your shell,' Harry thought, smiling to himself.

* * *

Later that day

Neville was getting changed out of his robes when Harry came in, sweaty but

"How was practice Harry?"

"It was great Nev, I love the flying, and the sensation of the snitch in my
hand, best feeling in the world!"

"I never really got the hang of flying like that, but it looks like fun."
Neville said wistfully.

Harry just looked at his friend and nodded, before getting changed for

* * *

Potions Class, Three Weeks Later

After the review was done in Potions; Professor Flaumel started talking about
the secret to a long healthy life.

"It may surprise you to know that I am over 650 years old, and I was already
300 when I discovered the Elixir of Life. I realize that most wizards and
witches don't live to be much past 200, but I found the secret that anybody
can use, they don't need a Sorcerer's Stone to keep them alive."

Naturally, the entire class was spellbound. Harry glanced around the room,
and most of the other students were just as interested, although Draco and
rabbe were snickering to each other, while Goyle was actually paying
attention. `That's odd; Goyle seems to actually understand what the Professor
is talking about! I always thought he was just a big lummox.'

Harry's attention was brought back to the front of the room when the
Professor continued;

"It may sound simplistic, but, a combination of Nutrient Potions and regular
exercise can increase your natural lifespan by as much as 150 years! I know
that is an unbelievable claim, but, I will prove it to you. Starting next
class period, I will split the class in two, and will measure each of your
current potential lifespan. Then, half of you will take one Nutrient Potion
per day, and follow an exercise program I will give you, and the others will
go on as normal. The last class before the Winter Holiday, I will again
measure your potential lifetime, and I will give every person in this class
50 points for their house if the first group doesn't show a noted increase
in their potential lifespan."

The whole class broke into muttering, but, before any questions could be
asked, the Professor assigned homework and dismissed the class.

Harry wasn't surprised when he saw that Neville stayed behind to talk to
Professor Flaumel, he had commented earlier that he hated being fat. Harry
decided that Neville could use some encouragement to make sure he stuck with
it, and, after a little consideration, chose Katie Bell as the encouragement.

* * *

After Quidditch Practice, A Few Days Later

"Hey Katie, got a minute?" Harry called to the attractive blonde 3rd year.

"Sure Harry, what's up?" She said, pausing to let him catch up.

"Well, I was wondering if you would be willing to help me out, by helping a
friend of mine."

Katie quirked an eyebrow at him, "And just what did you have in mind, Mister
Potter?" She asked with a smirk.

"Well, I was talking to Neville a while back, and he said that he really
wished he was able to fly better, but just hasn't got the knack of it, and I
was hoping you'd be willing to work with him a bit, give him some pointers."

"I don't have a problem with helping Neville out, he's a good bloke. But, why
didn't you try to teach him?"

"I thought about it," Harry said, "But, Neville is too much in awe of the
whole "Boy Who Lived" bollocks to be able to learn from me. And, besides,
he's more likely to want to learn from a cute blonde than from a git like
me!" He finished with a grin.

Katie laughed and agreed to help him out.

* * *

They settled into a routine in their classes, and spending an hour or so a
night researching ways to destroy the diary. Harry or Hermione made it a
point to check with Ginny a few times a day, to see how Luna was doing. When
Ginny told them that she was doing well, and was very grateful that she
didn't have to worry about the diary any more, they relaxed a bit. This would
prove to be a mistake. They didn't think there was any real urgency, since
the diary was locked in the bottom of Harry's trunk. Unfortunately; they
weren't the only people with an interest in the diary, and one person wasn't
quite as benign in their intentions.

* * *

The Gryffindors and Slytherins were all seated early for the next Potions
Class; each wondering what was going to happen today. Looking at the
blackboard, there were two columns of names; Neville, Harry, Hermione,
Parvati, Blaise, Pansy and Goyle were in the first column, as well as
several others from both houses, and, Ron, Lavender, Draco, Daphne and
Crabbe were part of the other group.

When Harry saw that he was in the same group with Neville, he realized that
he was going to be getting some exercise, which didn't bother him at all.
Remembering how disgusting Vernon and Dudley were, he wanted to make sure
that he would never look like that.

Professor Flaumel entered the classroom, and started calling each of the
students up to his desk, where he cast a spell on them, writing down the
results on a piece of parchment. After all the students were measured, they
were placed according to the grouping on the blackboard. Once they were in
their groups, Professor Flaumel came over to Neville and Harry's group,
handing each of them a list of potions to prepare, as well as instructions
for an exercise program they are to follow. Although there was a certain
amount of groaning, they all went to the ingredients cabinet and began to
prepare their potions.

* * *


"I tell ya, Harry, I feel for you! I can't imagine having to get up an hour
early to go outside and exercise! Sleeping is one of my favorite things, and
I really wouldn't want to have to give it up!"

Harry just shook his head at Ron's comments.

"Ron, you may not believe it, but I can actually see this as a good thing
for a couple of reasons. First, you never met the muggles who raised me
before I moved in with you, but they were really, really fat, and they were
disgusting, and I never want to take a chance I'd end up looking like that.
Also, I remember from my early schools, that exercise strengthens the body,
and a stronger body means a stronger magical core, which is a good reason
all by itself. Tell you what, at the end of the year, you and I will compare
spells strength, and whoever has a stronger spell gets the Nimbus when we
play Quidditch over the summer, deal?"

* * *

A Week Later

Colin Creevey didn't even have time to yell when a pair of strong arms pulled
him into an empty classroom. "Imperio!" He heard a voice say, and then his
mind went blank.

"Okay, mudblood, here is what you are going to do. I know you've been
following Potter around like a little puppy, so I'm sure you know where he
keeps his things. There is a diary that you are going to get for me. He is
in class now, so, if you move fast, you won't get caught. Now, go!"

The young Muggleborn blinked as he found himself standing in the hallway,
shaking his head, he headed back to Gryffindor tower.

* * *

Later that Evening

Hermione shivered in anticipation; her mother had sent her the books she had
asked about, and they arrived at breakfast that morning. She was really
looking forward to reading them, to get more ideas for things she and Harry
could do together. It was almost a game for the two of them, for every hour
of research on the diary, they spent 5 minutes snogging, and, if one of them
discovered something useful, she or Harry got to put their hands somewhere
new. That was how she discovered that she liked it when Harry squeezed her
bum, and she wondered what it would feel like without all the clothes in the

Unfortunately, her plans for the evening were about to be derailed, because
Harry was waiting, obviously upset, when she got back down to the common
room. She was about to ask him what was wrong, when Ginny burst through the
entrance, panting from exertion.

"Luna is missing! I was supposed to meet her at the library to do some charms
work, but, when I got there, she wasn't there. I saw her book bag, but the
books were scattered. And there was a note on the wall, and it looked like
blood, it said; "Her bones will lay in the Chamber forever!"

"Bugger! That has to be what happened to the diary," Harry cursed. At
Hermione and Ginny's look, he said, "When I got back to the room after
Quidditch practice, my part of the room had been torn apart, and my trunk
was opened, the only thing that was missing was the diary."

"But, what does `the Chamber' mean?" Ron wondered.

"I haven't a clue! Hermione, do you remember reading anything about a Chamber
in Hogwarts, a History?"

"Hang on, let me check!" She said, rushing from the room. Harry, even as
tense as he was, had to admire the way she looked in her jeans.

* * *

When Hermione was out of earshot, Harry turned to Ron and Ginny;

"Ron, floo your dad, see if he knows anything about it. Ginny, go up and
change out of your robes, put on something you can move in. We are likely to
have a fight on our hands to rescue Luna."

While he was waiting for the others to return, Harry sat on the couch
and focused; trying to remember anything he had ever heard or read about
Voldemort and a Chamber. Frustrated, he opened his eyes a few minutes
later to see Hermione rushing down the stairs, a book in her hands.
Sitting beside him, she said;

"I've found something, Harry!" She said, opening the book to a spot near the
beginning. "It says that there is a legend about a hidden chamber deep under
Hogwarts that was built by Salazar Slytherin soon after the founding of the
school. Nobody has been able to find it, although there have been several
attempts over the years."

"Okay, that's a start. Thanks," Harry said, giving her a one armed hug. "Once
Ron and Ginny get back, I want to go to where Ginny found Luna's books."

Ron and Ginny arrived about 10 minutes later, with Ginny getting there first.
Ron said, "I checked with dad, and he told me that rumor holds that Voldemort
found the entrance to the chamber. The rumors don't say where it is, but
there was a student killed when Tom was here, and she supposedly came back as
a ghost and she still haunts the bathroom where she died. She might know

When Ron said Bathroom Ghost, Hermione and Ginny looked at each other
groaned, "Moaning Myrtle!"

Harry looked at them, "So, you know where she is, huh?"

* * *

Third Floor

As they approached the girl's bathroom, Hermione said; "When we get in there,
please let me do the talking. She may be a little bashful with you guys

Harry and Ron nodded, "Makes sense to me." Harry said, "Besides, I have an
idea about something I want to try."

"What's that Harry?" Ginny asked.

"I'll tell you if it works."

"Shhh! We're here!" Hermione hissed, pushing open the bathroom door.

Harry barely registered the room he walked into, including the splash and the
whiny girl's voice, because as soon as he walked through the door, he was
overwhelmed by the sound of serpent muttering behind the walls.

The voice was muffled by the bricks, but Harry could make out some of what
was being said, and the serpent seemed to be whining about being bored,
nobody ever visits him, except to tell him to hurt people. Is that all he
was good for?

Harry smiled and said "Would you like somebody to come visit you and keep you

He heard, but it didn't register, Hermione's gasp when he started speaking in

"Who's that? How can you hear me?" The voice behind the wall demanded.

"You can call me Harry, and I have lots of talents."

"You would really come visit me to talk? Not to make me hurt somebody?"

"I'd love to come and visit, and I'm sure my friends would too,
unfortunately, they won't be able to understand you, but they can still keep
you company with me. But, we don't know how to come visit you."

"Oh, that's easy, you are at my entrance hole now, let me open it for you."

There was a grinding noise as the sink moved aside, and a tunnel was
revealed. The voice said, "Just slide on down, I'll be waiting at the bottom.
Just, be careful not to look me in the eye; that is how people get hurt!"

"Thank you, my new friend, err, what should I call you?"

The snake made a "Chuffing" sound, which Harry translated as a chuckle. "You
can call me Stegron my polite new friend. Now, let me clear the way."

* * *

The Chamber of Secrets

"Ugh!" Harry grunted, as he landed at the bottom of the slide. Moving
quickly he got out of the way as Hermione, Ginny and Ron followed behind him.
Standing up, he looked around and was mildly surprised that the chamber was
fairly well lit. He glanced around, and finally saw Luna lying on the floor
about 20 yards away, a figure moving around her. There was something odd
about the figure, but Harry couldn't quite tell what it was.

"Ron, you've got the best eyes of all of us, can you see what is going on
with the guy by Luna? He doesn't look right to me, but I can't make out
exactly why."

Looking off to the side, Harry found Stegron, and gasped at his size. The
serpent was huge! Deciding that politeness is in order when dealing with
something that could kill you in an instant, he said;

"It's good to see you Stegron, and I thank you for inviting us into your
home. I have a small matter to take care of with the girl who was already
here, and then I'll be happy to visit with you, if that is all right?"

"Of course, Harry, and, while you are taking care of the girl, can you also
get rid of the male who is standing there? He's the one who woke me up, and
started ordering me around, he's very annoying, and, the worst part, him I
WANT to hurt, and can't!"

"We'll be happy to take care of him for you, Stegron, now if you will excuse
me; I need to get to work."

"Of course, Harry, and I'll talk to you in a little while."

Moving back to Ron and the others, who were focused on Luna and the figure,
Harry asked; "Any luck?"

"Yeah, he seems to be flickering, as if he weren't completely solid. Plus he
doesn't seem to get very far from the diary that's on the ground beside him."

"That makes sense, Riddle must have left part of himself in the diary, and is
trying to break out of it, but isn't strong enough. Personally, I don't think
that letting the git gather any more strength is a good idea, in fact, I'm
pretty sure we ought to put a stop to it. I've got an idea, and after you
hear it, if you can add anything to it, I'd be happy to hear it."

After going over his plan, and adding an idea of Hermione's, (the others
didn't have anything to add), Harry drew his wand and moved forward. He got
within 15 feet of the figure when he was stopped by Riddle addressing him.

"You can stop creeping around, I can see you. I would like to know what you
think you are doing here, though." Riddle sneered.

"Well, Tom, I just had a couple of things I wanted to get clear in my mind.
First, I wanted to see what a git like Voldemort looked like before he was
killed, and there is something I've wondered for a few years now; what in
bloody hell kind of poufter name is Marvolo anyway?"

"It's a family name, I didn't ask the origin of it before I killed my father
though, and so, I can't answer that. But, more importantly, what the hell do
you think you can accomplish by telling me such a ridiculous lie. I can not
be killed! I am Lord Voldemort and I am immortal!"

"You know, Tom, you really ought to see somebody about these melodramatic
tendencies of yours, did you even realize you struck a pose when you said
that? Anyway, not important, the fact is that as of now, November of 1992,
you have been dead for over 11 years, and, I was the one who killed you.
All of your followers are dead or in Azkaban; I killed one of them myself,
and made sure that your biggest follower, and financial supporter, is
currently getting buggered by the Dementors. So, you see, you've already
lost, and I'm just standing here yakking with you because you have
something that belongs to me, and I'm waiting for my friends to give me
the signal, before sending you back to Hell where you belong, Loser!"

As Harry talked, and kept Riddle focused on him, Hermione and the Weasleys
had been circling around behind Tom. Ron and Ginny picked Luna up from the
floor and carried her back toward the entrance, and Hermione darted in and
grabbed the diary off the ground. Once Hermione was safely away, she cast
a "Sonorous" charm on herself, and blew a raspberry.

"That's the signal Tommy, if you notice, your guest is gone, and so is your
diary. It's no wonder you lost, you don't pay attention to little details.
Now, I'd say this has been fun, but, I really don't feel like lying to you.
So, goodbye," Harry says as he turns and walks away.

"You impudent brat! How dare you walk away from me!" Avada Kedavra!"

"You know, Tommy, that spell probably would have more effect if you were
actually here to cast it, and not using a memory of your wand, which was
found broken on the ground where you were destroyed." Harry said, casually,
as he noticed the green spell pass right through him, to fade harmlessly

Walking up to Hermione, he smiled at her and kissed her, saying "Good job"

Turning to Ron and Ginny, he said, "You guys did a good job too, but, I'm not
going to kiss you!"

Taking the diary, he called, "Stegron, I've taken care of the annoying one,
but would you mind taking care of this for me? It's where he came out of,
and, if it were still around, somebody else might let the stupid git out."

"Sure Harry, slide it over to me." Leaning his head down, he picked up the
book from where Harry has moved it, and picked it up, using his teeth. Biting
down, Stegron and the others were quite happy to hear the dark haired ones
scream of pain and frustration before they faded away.

Turning to the others, Harry said, "I'm going to sit and talk to Stegron for
a little while, and I imagine you would be bored, since none of you speak
Parseltongue; so, while I've visiting, Ron, can you and Hermione take a look
around the chamber? See what you can find. I'm thinking that this might not
be a bad place to relax, and have some privacy, you know? Ginny, Luna should
be waking up soon, so you stay with her, I'm sure she's gonna be frightened,
but you can calm her down, she knows you better than any of us."

Moving toward the basilisk, Harry transfigured a rock into a comfortable
chair, and said, "So, how long have you been here?"

* * *

Half an Hour later

Luna was surprisingly accepting of what had happened, although she was mostly
relieved and grateful that she was rescued. She said that the last thing she
remembered was walking out of the library, and hearing somebody say "Stupefy"
behind her. The next thing she knew she was waking up here, with Ginny
holding on to her.

Ron and Hermione had found several rooms off the chamber, and Hermione was
practically bouncing from excitement, there were hundreds of books in one of
the rooms, and a room full of sealed potions ingredients as well as many
other items.

"I think we need to be really careful with those books, and the potions
ingredients, we don't want to get another book like the diary on our hands.
It might not be as easy to get rid of. I'll take a look around when I come
back. But, for now, it's getting late, and I think we need to get back to
the tower."

* * *

Gryffindor Common Room

They made it to the tower without incident, but were immediately pounced on
by Percy and the Twins. Harry sent Ginny up to bed with Luna and then the
three of them gave a fairly complete account of the evening.

Percy nodded, "Okay, next time, don't just go haring off like that! You
didn't know what you would find, and extra wands always come in handy. Dad
contacted me after you talked to him, Ron, and wanted to know what the devil
was going on. I didn't like having to tell him I didn't have a clue. You know
he and mom hold me responsible for you lot! I don't enjoy being chewed out by
Dad or Mom, so I'd appreciate it if you didn't put me in a position where I
have to take one, understood?"

"Oh, and you three owe us big time! We saw Sirius and McGonagall, as well as
the Headmaster heading out of Dumbledore's office, and Sirius was cussing
you up one side and down the other! We figured you didn't need any Authority
interference, so we Obliviated the three of them."

"Thanks guys," Harry said, relieved. "I really didn't consider them when I
decided to move. We told Luna that we would take care of her, and we didn't.
Once she was taken, it was more important to get her back than anything else,
including letting family know. I'm sure you understand, when we give our
word, it gets kept, no matter what!"

Hermione had stayed quiet all through the discussion, but, after Ron and his
brothers had left, she pulled him off to the side of the room, and said;
"Harry, what is going on here? Obliviating teachers? Percy is a Prefect, he
is supposed to be making sure the rules are being followed, not breaking them
like that! We could have just taken our detention, if they even gave us one,
and gone on from there. This is not good! What if they break the memory
spell, we are going to be in bigger trouble! Hmmmph!"

Hermione's tirade was interrupted by Harry doing the only thing he could
think of, he kissed her.

After they came up for air, Harry said, quietly; "Hermione, you should know
by now that my family and I consider rules to be more like suggestions, and
not meant to get in the way of getting things done. If I had been following
the `rules' we would not have the potions instructor that we have, Sirius
would still be rotting in prison, and, if you were following the `rules'
would you have taunted Malfuck the way you did? You and I both have the same
goal, to change Wizarding Society to be more equal, following the `rules'
won't get us there!" Then he paused and chuckled, "Besides, I'm fairly
certain that our `study' sessions are against at least a couple of rules,
and I'll be damned if I'm willing to give those up!"

Hermione giggled as well, and then paused in thought.

"Okay, I see your point, even with the professors. But, promise me, we won't
hurt people unnecessarily? This goes against almost everything I was raised
to believe, but, sometimes, we will need to break rules. And, I'm not willing
to give our study sessions up either!" Then she paused, her eyes widening,
"We can even use the chamber to make sure we don't get interrupted!"

"That was my thought, and that is why I'm going to hide the location of the
chamber. Only a few of us will know the secret."

"Are you talking about the Fidelus? Can you cast that already?" At his nod,
"That is brilliant! I didn't know you could do that so early!"

"I learned it over the summer, really ticked Percy off, because I cast it on
his Prefect Badge, and wouldn't tell him where it was!"

* * *

Saturday Morning, the Chamber of Secrets

Harry and Hermione climbed to their feet after sliding through the entrance
to the Chamber, grimacing at the mess on their clothes.

"Hermione, remind me, the first thing we need to do, is figure out another
way into the Chamber, I'm tired of sliding down the hole."

"Why don't you ask your friend if there is another entrance? He knows this
place a lot better than we do."

"Oh! That's right, I'd totally forgotten." Harry said, with a small grin, as
he walked over to where Stegron was resting.

A little while later, he walked back over and hugged Hermione. "How often
have I told you that you are a genius? Because you are, Stegron told me there
is an entrance, and, you aren't going to believe it, its right behind the
statue of Godric Gryffindor outside the tower. There is a staircase against
the far wall, over there," He points, "and we should be able to get in and
out fairly easily. We just need to make sure to check the Map and make sure
that nobody is watching us."

After exploring a bit longer, they began magically cleaning the floor and,
when they were finished, Harry cast the Fidelus Charm over the Chamber,
making him and Hermione the secret keepers.

In Gryffindor Tower, Ron blinked as his memory changed, then he shrugged and
turned back to his game of chess with Neville. Ginny and Luna were napping in
their dorm, and didn't even realize anything had changed when they awoke.

* * *

Later that Evening

Harry wrote the secret to the Chamber on three separate pieces of paper, and
got Ron out of the dorm; while Hermione went upstairs and got Ginny and Luna.
Harry and Hermione led them down to the Statue of Godric Gryffindor and Harry
handed the three of them the paper with the following words: "The Entrance to
The Chamber of Secrets is found behind the statue of Godric Gryffindor
outside the Great Hall." Harry led them through the doorway that appeared and
hissed "Lights" in Parseltongue.

They spent some time exploring more of the Chamber than they did before,
and found several rooms that looked as though they were set up for living
quarters. The furniture, while very old, was still useable; and each of
them, including Luna, picked out a room for their private use. Harry was
a bit surprised that Luna hadn't had any problem with being back in the
chamber, but, other than a tendency to stick very close to Ginny, she
seemed perfectly normal.

"It's getting near curfew, so we need to get back to the tower, we can come
down here another day and start making it ours, okay?" Harry said, looking
at his watch. The others left what they were doing and followed him out;
although he noticed that Hermione was looking longingly at the books she was

Time Passes

The rest of the semester passed quietly, the biggest change is Neville's
increasing confidence in Potions, as well as the fact that he was leaving
the tower right after last class every day, and coming back with a windswept
look on his face, and a huge grin as well.

After the match against Ravenclaw, Harry pulled Katie aside, and asked her
how the flying was going. She blushed and said, "The guy is a natural! Once
he got over her nervousness, he was flying circles around me! In fact, I'm
going to suggest he try out for the team next year, he'd make an amazing
chaser, and, with the new Reserve Teams that we're starting, he could get
lots of practice so he'd be ready when there is an opening."

"Okay, Katie, spill! You wouldn't blush if it were just that Neville is a
good flyer, what is going on?"

"Well, last week, after an amazing race around the grounds, we landed, and,
he kissed me! I wasn't expecting it, but, I really enjoyed it, and, ever
since he started slimming down, he's been a lot more confident, and I find
that attractive! So, I kissed him back, and we've done that every night for
the last week, and I can't believe I told you all that! Please don't tell
anybody what I said, especially Neville, he'd be so embarrassed!"

"I won't say anything, but, he is a friend, and I don't want him hurt if you
can help it, so, please be careful."

* * *

Winter Break, the Burrow

Harry and Ron were sitting in the living room, playing the eternal chess
game, and, as usual, Ron was beating Harry badly, when Fred and George came
downstairs, dressed nicely in muggle clothes. Arthur was waiting for them,
and they touched their wands to a metal ring that he was holding.

"Where are they going, Ron? I haven't seen the twins that excited since we
sent Snape the letter first year!"

"I'm not sure, but, this was something that was supposed to happen during
the summer; because that is the break closest to their 13th Birthday. But,
for some reason; they had to postpone the trip until now. It's a family
tradition that Dad takes each of us somewhere on our 13th Birthday, and the
others had a goofy grin when they got back. I'm sure we'll find out this
summer when the time comes for us."

"Yeah, I suppose you're right. Now, where was I?" Harry asked as he reached
for one of his Rooks.

* * *

Hellfire Club, London

Arthur and the twins arrived in the entry room, and the Hostess was waiting
for them, smiling warmly. "Ah, good evening, Sir, it's good to see you again.
Are these the birthday boys?"

"Yes, they are, and I'm sure they will receive the same excellent treatment
my older sons received."

"Everything has been taken care of, Sir, they will not be disappointed, I'm

Turning to Fred and George, he handed them each two potions. "Drink up, boys!
These will help you enjoy your experience this evening."

The two of them gulped down the potions, and their eyes widened and they
grabbed their crotches at the same time.

Arthur laughed, "That is the exact same reaction all your brothers had. The
first potion increased your stamina and endurance, so you don't embarrass
yourself tonight. The second is a very specialized growth potion, it is
permanent. Congratulations, sons, you will walk out the door as boys, and
come back as men!"

The twins grinned and followed the Hostess out of the room.

* * *

The Black King's Office, the Hellfire Club

As his sons hurried down the hall, Arthur went to his office and shut the
door. Picking up a remote, he turned on a series of monitors on the wall. He
saw multiple views of a bedroom where two attractive blondes were waiting.
He chuckled as he realized the girls were identical twins.

"Oh, Tessa, you do me proud! I'll have to reward you for your ingenuity."

He sat back and watched as his sons entered the room, and the two girls moved
to greet them. He was amused to see his normally frivolous sons being so
serious. The girls led them to a bed and sat them down. The girls knelt down
and opened the boy's pants. Turning to a different monitor, he saw the girls
lick their lips as they started sucking on the boy's dicks.

Pressing a buzzer, Tessa came in, leading a young brunette on a leash. "Yes
Sir? Are you ready for your relief?"

Pushing his chair back, he said, "As always, Tessa, you anticipate me so
well. I'm indeed ready." Looking at the nude girl, he said, "Little one, I
require your services. Come here and kneel down!"

The girl knelt between his legs and took his cock in her mouth. Arthur sat
back and enjoyed the sensation of her mouth and tongue as his eyes moved
back to the monitors.

"I'm glad they increased their stamina, otherwise they would have lost it by
now, but it looks like they are going strong."

"Tessa, what instructions did you give the girls?"

"The same as always, they are to get your sons off with their mouths, fanny
and arse, and, since there are two of them, to entertain the boys during
their recovery time by putting on a lesbian show for them. I'll admit,
forcing two sisters to have sex is making me nicely tingly."

"Really? Well then, why don't you go and get one of the girls and enjoy
yourself for a little while? I'm certain your assistant can handle things,
and, if she can't, it's better to know it now instead of in a crisis."

Tessa face broke into a wide smile as she said, "Thank you Sir! I'm going to
do that!" She was practically humming as she walked out of the room.

Arthur focused on the twins actions on screen, and could see by the way the
girls were moving their heads that the boys were about to cum. Reaching down,
he grabbed the girls head and held her face still, as he pumped into her
mouth, speeding up as he felt his balls swelling, and he came in her mouth.

"Swallow it all, Little One, or you will be punished!"

The girl gulped feverishly, and managed to swallow everything he gave her.
She backed off, and eyed his still erect cock nervously.

Looking at the monitor, he saw the boys were fucking the girls as they
straddled their laps, and he motioned the girl to get into the same position.
She straddled his cock and eased herself down onto him. Arthur groaned as the
tightness of her pussy engulfed him.

"That's it, Little One, just keep moving. Once you hit bottom, start moving,
I'll tell you if I want you to do something different."

The girl started pumping, and Arthur reached around and started fondling her
tits, tugging on her nipples as the girl groaned.

"I want you to touch yourself, make yourself cum if you can!"

The girl reached down, and began rubbing her pussy. She moaned and started
moving faster as her juices began to flow.

A sound from the monitor attracted his attention, and he looked up to see the
twins fucking the girl's doggie style. He held the girl still on his lap and
moved, until he was able to bend her over his desk, still pumping all the
time. He kept pumping until he felt himself getting ready to cum.

"I'm getting close, Little One, so cum if you can!" He groaned as he spilled
himself into her pussy.

The girl managed to make herself cum as Arthur filled her for the second

Checking on his sons, he saw that they were resting while the two girls were
in a 69 position on the bed. The smiles on their faces were visible even
through the monitor.

Leaning back, he said, "Little One, get me a bottle of water out of the
cooler, and get yourself something to drink as well. There is some chocolate
and fruit there as well if you would like a snack. I need a breather, and I'm
sure you do too."

The girl hurried to do as she was told, she had heard stories of this man's
cruelty, and didn't want to risk finding out for herself.

Taking the water, he told her to relax and drink her juice and eat, that he
would let her know when he was ready for her.

The girl knelt at his feet, nibbling on the chocolate that she had found, and
sipping the orange juice. She had been taught in her time at the club to mind
her manners at all cost, the clients she would be serving would demand
nothing less, and the punishment for poor manners was extreme to say the
least. The body of the last girl who committed a third offence hung in the
steel cage for 6 weeks before they dumped it in the river.

As they finished their drinks, Arthur motioned for her to come up and bend
over the desk. "It's time for the finish little one, I want you to hold your
bottom open for me. I'll be fairly gentle, but, I will be filling your arse
in the next few minutes."

He glanced up and the monitor, and saw the girls holding hands as they tongue
kissed while the twins plowed their asses. He pulled a tube of lubricant from
his desk and stretched the brunette's asshole, until she took three fingers
easily. Putting the lube on his cock, he pushed against her opening and she
pushed back, impaling herself on him.

"Oh yes, Little One, very nice! You are so tight, so warm!" Arthur groaned,
as he pushed back into her.

As he pumped, he started spanking her ass in time, just hard enough to sting,
not enough to really hurt her. The girl reached down and fingered his pussy,
trying desperately to bring herself off before he came in her ass.

It was a close race, but the girl managed to bring herself to orgasm as he
spewed hot cum deep in her bowels.

Arthur leaned back and pulled his cock from her ass. Wiping himself with
a towel in the drawer, he adjusted his clothing and pressed the buzzer.
Instantly a woman opened the door. "Yes Sir?"

"She has done well, give her a shower, a full meal and a bed for the night.
Also put a 500 Pound bonus in her account, with my thanks. And, if Tessa is
free, send her to see me."

The woman led the nude girl gently from the room, and Arthur sat back,
lighting a cigar. Tessa came in shortly afterward, working to keep the smile
from her face.

"Go ahead and grin Tessa, you don't have to keep the mask on all the time. I
know you enjoy a good fuck as much as I do! Now, what is going on with the
esteemed Cornelius Fudge?"

"Your plan worked perfectly, we have multiple pictures, Wizarding and Muggle,
of the Minister enjoying himself with three 10 year old boys. All their faces
are clearly identifiable, and there are copies secured in multiple locations.
I left a copy in your safe if you care to review them."

"No thanks, it's bad enough I have to look at the fat wanker while he is
clothed, I really have no desire to see his pimply arse naked. Now, as for
the rising muggle politician, Mister Blair?"

"He and his wife are both rather adventurous, and he is amenable to
suggestion, if needed."

"Excellent, keep up the good work," Arthur said, before taking a final look
at the monitor, "I can see the twins are finishing up, take care of those
two, I can see the two of them may want to see the girls again. I'll be
bringing them back over the summer, to explore their kinks, and the girls
would be helpful to the learning process."

* * *

The Entry Room

"Now, remember you two, you are forbidden to discuss this with Ron, Harry or
Ginny! Ron and Harry will learn for themselves next summer, and Ginny, well,
your mother is seeing to Ginny's education."

"Yes Dad" "Yes Dad"

* * *

Hogwarts Express

Harry, Ron and Ginny were in their usual compartment, with Luna sitting by
Ginny, and Hermione sitting on Harry's lap, to make room for Neville and
Katie, who joined them for the trip back to the school. It was obvious by
the way that the two of them were touching each other, that something major
had happened during the Holiday. In fact, to Harry's observant eye, Neville's
grin was strangely reminiscent of the look the twins wore after their
birthday excursion.

The trip back to the school passed without incident, even Malfoy's usual
blustering visit wasn't enough to disturb them. In fact, the fact that they
all ignored him seemed to make Malfoy even angrier. If Blaise hadn't grabbed
him by the hair and pulled him out of the compartment, he may have done
something stupid to get their attention.

* * *

The remainder of the year passed quietly, Potions became Harry and Hermione's
favorite course, even more than DADA or Transfiguration, although Harry was
very fond of his strict Head of House. Professor Flaumel seemed to take a
personal interest in them, taking time to praise all of their potions, even
those, like Goyle, who didn't seem to be able to mix ice and pumpkin juice,
was making his potions correctly. In fact, the only one who didn't seem to
catch on was Malfoy, and he just sat sullenly in the back of the class with
Crabbe, who was actually performing better than his leader in this class.

At the end of the year, Neville had dropped 40 pounds, and, along with the
rest of the test group, had dramatically firmed up what was left.

The test group had, strangely enough, become friendly between the two houses,
and Harry was amused to discover that Pansy has a real sense of humor, and,
when she wasn't being a Malfoy sycophant, he and Hermione found that they
liked her, and enjoyed talking with her. Pansy stopped spouting the Pureblood
Supremacy attitude, and, once, stopped by their table at breakfast to chat.
This caused heads to turn around the Hall, but Albus Dumbledore merely
smiled, pleased to see cooperation between the usually feuding houses.

* * *

The final exams came and went, and, not a surprise, Harry and Hermione led
the Gryffindor 2nd years, and they were thrilled that Ginny and Luna both did
really well.

Soon they were all packing for the trip back home, and Harry and Hermione
made plans to meet over the summer, and Harry saw that Ron was spending time
chatting with Susan Bones as they waited for the carriages to take them to
the Express.

Only one thing marred the end of year, Malfoy tried to make a nuisance of
himself, and got close enough to spit on Hermione. He was quickly stunned
into unconsciousness and left on the ground, but, it still left a slight
pall on the leaving.

They reached and boarded the Express with no further incident.

End Chapter 4


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