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SUMMARY: Harry and his ladies having fun

WARNINGS: If You've ever read any of my stories, you know what to expect, Oral, anal, Femme-slash, dom/sub, multiple partners, and, depending on the story, possible Patil-cest. There isn't any planned bashing in this story. Also, I'm going with a Good Dumbledore in this story.

ADDITIONAL WARNING: There is a great deal of background info in this story, but it's necessary to let the reader just what has changed in the Potter-Verse. Future stories will be far less info-dumping (if that's even a word GRIN) as the background is set in this story. Also, I realize that Albus and Minerva are OOC in the beginning of the story, but I had them dress like that for amusement value (well, it amused me at least! )

SPOILERS: Goes Extremely AU Just after Voldemort's first fall. The story starts After the Yule Ball During the Tri-Wizard Tournament


CATEGORY: Harem/Lots of Women

AUTHORS NOTES: Just A random Idea I had for a Harry Potter/Harem story. This is not meant to be taken seriously, there are going to be a butt-load of cliches in the story. Hope you enjoy the story in spite of them, because I am going to be trying to do something different with the cliches. Not a tremendous amount of sex in this one, but I'm just setting the stage. The future stories will have more of the fun stuff, I promise!

IMPORTANT AUTHORS NOTE: To Avoid the Under age Sex issue, Hogwarts students start the September 1st after their 13th Birthday, between 11 and 13 Muggleborn and Raised students attend a classes in Magical Culture and traditions - The pureblood and wizard raised assist the teachers in teaching the others. this is a new course within the last 10 years, since Voldemort's first fall.

YET ANOTHER AUTHORS NOTE: Readers with long memories will recognize 'Helga's Gift' that is mentioned in this story. For those of you who don't, it's something that I came up with in my (sadly, abandoned) Harry Potter and the Betrayal of the Phoenix, to explain the rampant female bisexuality in most Harry Potter smut fics. Basically in the founders days, Helga Hufflepuff and Rowena Ravenclaw were lovers, and, one time, after a particularly great romp, Helga idly wished that all the girls in the castle could experience such a wonderful feeling. And, from that time forward the female students at Hogwarts had, at the least, bisexual tendencies.

This story was inspired by the Fictionator, and I got everything in, just not in the way you may have been expecting.

Male: Harry and Luna
Potter-Verse Female: Susan Bones, Hannah Abbott, Tracy Davies, Padma Patil, Fleur Delacour
Movie Cross Over Female: Toys, Dom/Sub, Bondage/Discipline, Forbidden Orgasm, Anal
Setting: Prefect's Bath
Sex: Double Penetration


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Harry Potter: Getting Dirty In The Prefect's Bath Part 1 - Luna's 16th Birthday
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

The Yule Ball was winding down, the Champions and their dates had already departed for the evening. The Headmaster and Deputy Headmistress were relaxing in Albus' office, music playing softly in the background. Any students or junior staff members who saw the two of them would have been shocked senseless at the sight of their revered, and venerable Headmaster relaxing with a Brandy Snifter in one hand, with his beard tossed carelessly over his shoulder, while dressed in muggle dungarees and a Rolling Stones 'Tongue" tank-top. Even more shocking was his Deputy, Minerva McGonagall, who, despite being in her 70's, had the body of a woman in her early 30's, dressed in sweatpants and a tie-dyed T-Shirt with multi-colored dancing bears moving around on it. Minerva had a Snifter of her own, and she sipped happily at the potent liquor, sitting back with a sigh. "So, Albus, what is Mister Potter up to now?"

Albus chortled happily, as he glanced at a worn parchment on his desk. "Well, it seems that he and Miss Lovegood are in the Prefect's Bath, celebrating her 16th Birthday. And it seems that several of his other ladies are joining in the festivities. Oh ho! This is interesting!"

Minerva waited impatiently for him to continue, before reaching across the desk and swatting him on the side of the head. "I am waiting Albus, just what is so interesting?"

"I'm sorry, my dear, I was just a bit surprised. It seems that a new member will be joining Harry and his ladies this evening. I just saw the Beauxbatons Champion being escorted by Miss Padma Patil into the Bath, joining Miss Bones, Miss Abbott and Miss Davies, along with Mister Potter and Miss Lovegood. I wonder where the rest of the ladies are? Let's see," Tapping the parchment with his wand, he muttered, "Show Me Potter Ladies" and the several spots on the parchment glowed softly. "Hmm, it appears that the rest of his ladies are all in their dorms, although it looks like your lionesses are having a bit of a private party in the 4th year girls room. I see Miss Granger, Miss Bell, the other Miss Patil and Miss Brown seem to be doing some overlapping on the map. Miss Chang and Miss Turpin are in the Ravenclaw dorms, and Miss Parkinson and the Greengrass sisters are in the Slytherin Dorm."

Minerva smiled fondly, "Well, Alistair has been singing about uniting the houses for the last years, it seems that Mister Potter had taken it to heart. I admit, it does my heart good to see him happy, especially considering what his childhood could have been like," She finished, her smile dropping and glaring at Albus.

Albus blushed, "Yes, well, that incident brought home that I am just as capable of making mistakes as anyone else, and, honestly, Harry isn't the only one who benefited from the lesson, but I'm glad that Harry wasn't left with those people any longer than he was. As it was, six months is far more than enough time, and he was much happier growing up with the Diggory's, although I understand Cedric was a little annoyed at his 'little brother' last summer when Miss Chang was chosen to join Harry and his ladies instead of dating him. But it seems that having Harry set him up with Miss Tonks worked out quite well."

Minerva snickered, "Yes, I believe so, although the look on Cedric's face when Sirius gave him the Shovel speech was priceless." Growing serious she said, "Speaking of Sirius, was that another one of your mistakes?"

"Yes, I was so caught up in mourning James and Lily I completely ignored my own instincts about Peter, and just accepted the common wisdom. I wronged him terribly, but fortunately he doesn't hate me, and he and Remus doted on Harry after he was released. It's terrible what happened to the Weasley family when we finally discovered where Peter was hiding, but at least we know he didn't escape that explosion! Ronald would have been in Harry's year I believe, and young Ginevra a year behind him." He shook his head, "I remember how excited Arthur and Molly were at having a girl born to the Weasley Family after so long. Such a waste, the whole family destroyed like that!"

Raising his glass, he said quietly, "To Absent Friends" which was echoed by Minerva, and they took a sip. Leaning back in his chair, he said, "While we are the subject of mistakes, I'd like to thank you for preventing me from making a huge one three years ago. I was on the verge of agreeing to Nicolas' request to hide the stone here while he was upgrading his wards, but you talked me out of it. Although upgrading the wards around the school in preparation for storing the stone did have one wonderful side effect. The anti-possession ward captured and destroyed Tom's wraith quite easily, and we were able to save Quirinus, and he has turned out to be an excellent instructor in Defense Against the Dark Arts, and with Tom's destruction, the curse on the position seems to have been broken, as he is in his fourth consecutive year of teaching the course."

"I just wish you had as good luck with Potions Instructors, after Horace retired, it's been impossible to get one that lasts. Ever since you hired, what was his name again, oh yes, Severus Snape, none of the instructors has lasted more than 2 years. Honestly Albus, what were you thinking of, hiring that man to teach? Granted, he is an excellent Potions Master, but I've fought Dementors with more people skills!"

"Not one of my better hiring choices, I admit, but fortunately I was able to reverse that decision before any lasting damage was done. Watching his first lesson while disillusioned in the back of the classroom was certainly eye opening. He was gone that night!" Albus chuckled, "Did I tell you I actually got an Owl from him a few months ago? He's been working in Potions Research for the past several years, in fact, he's the one who discovered the potions treatment that cured the Longbottoms, but, anyway, he just wanted to thank me for firing him! He admitted that he was quite possibly the worst possible person to try instructing 13 year old children, and he was much happier with his life now. The most amusing part of the letter is that he has become friends with Sirius and Remus, and is working on a potion that will help werewolves keep their minds when they transform."

"That would certainly be helpful, it might even quiet some of the more vocal members of the lunatic fringe like that Umbridge woman and her group. But, as amusing as this trip down memory lane has been, I want to make sure about Mister Potter. We've all turned a blind eye to him having sex with his bonded, although it goes against every rule in the Hogwarts rulebook. I know that you have said that his activities are a magical necessity, and allowed him his activities,not to mention the ceremonies tomorrow, but, my responsibility to the other students requires me to ask, just how certain are you?"

"As certain as I can be of anything in this lifetime, Minerva. If you recall, the day that Tom was destroyed, I had to leave for a few hours? I had been called to the Diggory residence, where Harry had experienced a seizure of some sort. What had actually happened was, the night that Tom was vanquished, he had formed some sort of a connection to the curse scar on Harry's forehead. When the wards destroyed the wraith, they severed the connection as well. And it seemed that the Wraith had been leaching Harry's magical power to stay alive, and, once that connection was destroyed, all the magic that Tom had been stealing returned at once, and Harry's core had to expand to contain it. To cut an even longer story short, when the healer did a check on Harry's MMI, he scored over 900!"

At Minerva's gasp, he nodded, "Exactly, my score in my prime was 198, and Harry hasn't come anywhere near his prime yet. Now do you understand why I am allowing Mister Potter his Harem?"

"My goodness yes, Albus! He would completely overwhelm any 5 girls he was with, and it would destroy their personalities entirely. It's good that he has a strong a moral character as he does, can you imagine if someone like that Malfoy boy was in Harry's situation? Of course, young Mister Malfoy has quieted down a great deal since his father was put in Azkaban for 100 years for planting that cursed diary on Miss Lovegood. He's probably still regretting getting the niece of the Minister For Magic petrified. And, considering that they threw Bellatrix back into the cell right next to his after her escape last year, I'm sure he doesn't enjoy listening to her madness. At least she won't be escaping again, after Harry took off her left leg when she attacked him. Anyway, it's getting late, and I need some rest, I'm not as young as I once was. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day, the Hand-fasting Ceremony starts at 4 o'clock, so I'm expecting the guests to start arriving by 2 and want to have everything ready."

With a wave, Albus watched his Deputy and friend walk out the door. Glancing at his watch, he was surprised to see it was already past midnight, and he needed to get some sleep as well. He knew he was going to be tired tomorrow, and he was only doing three of the bondings, Amelia was doing three, and Augusta Longbottom, wearing her "Chief Witch" hat would be doing the last three. At least the other bondings were taken care of earlier, he didn't relish the thought of doing all of the ceremonies in one day! He was glad he had taken the time to sit down with Amos and Audrey so they could explain to Harry all of the Line Continuation Contracts that he fell heir to.

He still laughed when he remembered the gob smacked look on Harry's face before he stood up and walked over the wall and started pounding his head against it. He calmed down quickly enough, although at 15, not quite 16, it had to be quite a shock. Fortunately the Goblin Ritual helped with a lot of his concerns. Of course, the fact that the ritual also uncovered three marriage contracts just added to the concerns. That the contracts were with girls he was already friends with did make them more palatable.

Stretching, he quieted the music, and, grabbing one last lemon drop, he made his own way to bed, wondering just what Harry was up to.

The Prefects Bath
Two Hours Earlier

The door to the bathroom burst open, startling the three girls who were soaking in the tub, making them stop their three way snogging session. They relaxed as they saw it just Harry and Luna making their entrance, locked in a heated embrace. That was no surprise as they all knew how much Luna had been looking forward to this evening, not just the Ball, but the private birthday celebration after wards.

Susan smiled at Hannah and Tracy, "I guess Luna couldn't wait to get started. At least we waited to get inside before jumping Harry."

Tracy laughed softly, "She still doing better than Astoria, she's still got her clothes on, 'Stori had his trousers around his ankles and she was riding him as they came through the door. I laughed my arse off when he tripped coming in and landed on his arse, 'stori didn't even slow down, just kept riding him all the way to the floor."

Hannah giggled, releasing Tracy's nipple from her mouth, "I wish I had seen that, but Astoria has always been a horny little minx, even more than Daphne, and Daph has worn me out a couple of times."

The three of them turned around to watch Harry with Luna, smiling as their friend finally got what she had been waiting for. Susan was especially happy, since she and Luna had been playmates when they were younger, and were still very good friends. In fact, it was Luna's friendship with her and Hannah that led the blonde to being sorted into Hufflepuff. At first, Susan and Hannah had been thrilled that their friend was in their house, but it soon became obvious that something was very wrong, and she wouldn't tell them what it was so they could help. Of course, when the story of that blasted diary came out at the end of the year, everything made sense, and she and Hannah did their best to help their friend cope. At least, Hannah did, Susan was still petrified for a couple of days after Harry had carried Luna out of the Chamber with the help of the Headmaster's Phoenix.

As much as she and Hannah tried to help, it took her Parents getting her help from a mind-healer, and Harry spending almost every day with her that helped Luna the most. Neither she or Harry ever said what they talked about, but the two of them were as close as two people their age could be by the end of it. The two of them were dating by the end of summer, and, from what Luna told them in giggling after 'cuddle' talk, that aspect was going wonderfully, except that Harry refused to take the last step with her until she was 16. She understood why he was so insistent on waiting, the repercussions would be severe if they didn't, but that didn't prevent Luna from getting extremely frustrated. She and Hannah ended up practicing transfiguration on a few different things until Luna broke down and talked with her mother over Winter Break that year, and she came back to school with several different 'friends' in her trunk. Naturally, this lead to several more giggly sessions as the three girls had to try every one of them out!

Things got tense at the end of the school year, which ended with her standing with Harry and Luna as they faced down Bellatrix LeStrange. That confrontation still gave her the occasional nightmares, but that ended well, for them anyway. She doubted Bellatrix was that pleased with the outcome.

A low moan brought Susan back from memory lane and she focused on the scene in front of her. Luna was laying on a pile of towels on the floor, stark naked with Harry's face between her thighs. Luna's head was moving from side to side and she was moaning in obvious enjoyment. The sound of Luna's moans changed slightly, and Susan grinned at Hannah, both of them were quite familiar with what that sound meant! Hannah got a wicked smirk and called out, "Oi! Harry, stick your finger up her bum, she loves that!" Susan had to bite her hand to hold back the giggles as Harry took her advice, then jerked back as Luna shrieked and squirted all over his face! Harry looked over at the three of them with a mock glare on his face before grinning and tossing them a wink as he moved up Luna's body and kissing her tenderly.

He murmured something they couldn't hear, but Luna nodded eagerly and Harry lifted himself onto his knees and grabbed his holly wand. Pointing at his crotch, he quickly cast a spell, and then turned his wand on Luna and placed it between her legs. Susan couldn't tell what spells he used, but assumed he had cast a contraceptive spell on himself, since he did that every time he was with her. Then she remembered him casting a spell on her the first time the two of them were together, and realized it was a localized muscle relaxant, so his size wouldn't hurt her. She heard Tracy whisper, "As considerate as ever, Harry. It's no wonder we all fell in love with you!" Susan and Hannah reached over and squeezed her hands in agreement, before turning back to watch.

Tracy laughed as Luna growled out, "Harry, we will have plenty of time to make love later! Right now, I just want you to fuck my pussy like you own it! I've been waiting for this for years, and I refuse to wait any longerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!" Her words turned into a moan as Harry put her ankles over his shoulders and slammed his length into her, pounding her into the floor. Her moans turned quickly into cries of pleasure as she started moving against him, urging him on, "That's it Harry! Treat me like your whore! I'm your whore, and always will be! Whenever you want me, however you want me, I'm there!"

The girls couldn't see exactly what Harry did then, but Luna must have liked it, because she groaned in pleasure before her body arched up off the floor and she started babbling incoherently before falling back to the floor and sighing happily. Harry slowed the pace for a few seconds, until she started moving against him again, a blissful look on her face. Tracy heard Hannah giggle, "Luna's gone to her happy place, she probably won't lose that smile for days!"

Tracy grinned at the look on Luna's face, before the smile turned slightly sad as Luna was practically glowing with happiness. Luna was lucky, Tracy thought, she already loved Harry before tying herself to him this way. Tracy and most of the others weren't that fortunate, just getting a summons from Gringotts early in August, and being told, along with their parents, that magic had chosen her to be part of a harem! Of course, they didn't put it that way, and being chosen because of her personal and magical compatibility with Harry meant that she would have a good shot at being happy, but it would have been nice to have a choice. It also helped that she was chosen to be Lady Black, one of the oldest pureblood families in the Wizarding World, but she was still upset to have her life change so abruptly. She had ambitions of her own, and they didn't include being a trophy wife and having to immerse herself in 'Society' as her mother put it.

Almost all of her concerns were put to rest though a couple of weeks later. On her 16th birthday, she and Harry spent the day together, and she found out that Harry had absolutely no interest in preventing her from achieving her ambitions, and pointed out that the Black name, as well as the Potter name could actually help her in many ways. She was much happier by the end of the day, and the two of them made love to seal the binding. Tracy was aware that it was required to complete the bond, but she was frankly expecting a disappointing fumbling that left her hurt and dissatisfied, instead, Harry was a consummate lover, and brought her to climax with his fingers and mouth several times before he entered her for the first time. His stamina impressed her, especially considering what she had heard about teenage boys in the dorms, but he never seemed to flag, and by the time he finally came, had taken her over the edge so many times she lost count. She still couldn't believe how wanton she was that night, asking him to bugger her! Once again he surprised her, making it a very pleasurable experience that she enjoyed a great deal, and it only got better every other time they got together.

Looking back, Tracy realized that it was that night which started the process of her falling in love with her Husband to be, and she was a lot happier than she ever expected to be. In talking to her sister wives, all of them had very similar stories to tell. And they were amused to realize that each of them had asked Harry to bugger them the first time they were together. They decided that Harry didn't consciously cause them to ask, but his magic, combined with the fact that the ritual determined they would be sexually compatible, and the fact that he really enjoyed it, caused them to act outside of the normal fashion. They all agreed that if Harry had been doing it deliberately, or even been aware that he was causing it, it would have been different, and they would have been very angry, but, as it was, they just went along with it, and found they enjoyed themselves.

Tracy was pulled from her memories by the sounds of Luna and Harry getting ready to cum. She was quite familiar with what Harry sounded like, and was looking forward to getting to know Luna's moans as well. Luna's moans soon became recognizable as words, as she said, "In my arse Harry, I want you to fuck me in my whore arse!"

Tracy gasped as Harry pulled out and flipped Luna over onto her belly. The blonde raised her hips up and reached back, holding herself open for him. She watched as Harry put the tip of his wand at Luna's rosebud and muttered a spell. "She's going to be sore in the morning, getting him worked up like that and begging him to pound her arse!" Susan grinned and said, "You'd be surprised, she's had tonight planned for a long time, and she's had Hannah and I using one of her toys on her arse most every night, so she could be ready for this." Hannah nodded as well, before adding "I wonder if Luna's gonna stick with the rest of the plan, though? If she does, she's really going to shock him!" At Tracy's questioning look, Hannah continued, "She's been practicing deep throating for the last few weeks, and she's going to blow his mind!" Tracy raised her eyebrow, "Ambitious, isn't she? I think Cho is the only one of us who really has that down." Hannah nodded, "She's been practicing with the dildos her mum sent her in the beginning of the year. She's gotten really good at it."

Tracy shook her head at the idea of asking her mother for tips on pleasing her man. She would probably have fainted at the very idea of her daughter enjoying sex. She didn't know how her mother managed to get through school, unless she really just preferred a witches company and didn't want Tracy to know it. She did seem to spend more time with Tracy's "Aunts" than she did with her father. Oh well, that was mother, Tracy had her own life to live, and that definitely included pleasing her man! The fact that he made sure she got just as much pleasure as he did was just an added benefit.

Turning back to Harry and Luna, she watched as Harry pushed into the blonde's arse, and she could see that Susan wasn't kidding, Luna was taking all of Harry without a grimace, just a smile on her face. Tracy was pulled from her watching when she felt her own cheeks being spread and a tongue teasing her own arse. She didn't get a chance to say anything, because Susan was kneeling down in the water and had her tongue licking her pussy. Grinning wickedly, Susan stopped what she was doing and said, "You were looking way too serious, and tonight isn't for serious, it's for fun and getting ready to welcome our new sister into the family. You can think deep thoughts in the morning before we get ready for our Handfasting!" And she went back to what she was doing. Tracy chuckled, "Never would have thought great sex would be one of my lasting memories of Hogwarts, gotta love Helga's Gift. Ooooooooooh!" Just then, Susan's tongue hit a particularly sensitive spot, and thoughts left her for a while.

Luna moaned in pleasure as her Master, her Harry, slammed his beautiful cock into her arse. She was finally coming back to her senses after the powerful orgasms she had earlier, and pushed back against him, driving him even deeper into her. She was glad he hadn't been shocked when she begged him to treat her like his whore, even though she didn't think he would react badly. She usually kept that part of herself completely hidden, even from Hannah and Susan, but she had read enough of her mothers books to understand just how submissive she could be. She was glad that she could trust Harry enough not to abuse her. From the moment she woke up in the Chamber after Harry had destroyed Tom's artifact, she was his. He had been her friend for years, and rescuing her had just made those feelings stronger. She hadn't been kidding when she told Harry she wanted him to take her down in the Chamber, she would have given him anything at that moment, and the feeling just grew stronger that Summer when he spent so much time helping her heal. She finally felt complete, now that she was able to give Harry what she had wanted to for so long!

She turned her head toward the bath when she heard Tracy squealing, and she grinned at the blissful look on the girls face. Since Hannah and Susan weren't visible, she imagined they were doing their favorite trick and double teaming their wife. She had experienced the treatment many times in the past, and knew just how good Tracy was feeling. She was glad Tracy had been chosen to be here for her birthday celebration, because she really didn't know the girl that well, because of being in different houses, but was looking forward to getting to know her tonight.

Harry slowed his thrusts as he felt himself nearing the edge. He wanted to make this last for Luna, knowing she had dreamed of their first time together, and he wanted to make it a night she would dream about for years to come. He knew he always surprised his ladies with his staying power and how well he could read them, and he always let them think it was because of his magic. This summer they would find out the truth, that his very first tutor in the ways of women had been an accomplished occlumens, and had taught him the discipline needed to control both his mind and his body, and, as a side benefit, could read his partners desires like he was reading the Quibbler. Once she was satisfied that he had learned all she could teach him, she brought several of her friends over for advanced lessons. He spent the weekend with his tutor and four Veela, and managed to wear them out! A memory of that weekend would be enough to fuel his patronus for years to come!

He could feel that Luna was getting tired, and more than a little overwhelmed by the pleasure, so he pulled out of her arse and growled, "Alright my little whore, get on your knees, it's time for you to finish me off!" He kept his grin from showing as Luna quickly climbed to her knees and put her hands behind her back. "Does my little whore want to be bound while she serves me? I can give her that." And he gestured with his wand and ropes twisted around her wrists and elbows, binding them together. Setting down his wand, he grabbed Luna's hair and tugged, opening her mouth and pulling her forward. He was glad that the stretching and lubricating spell his tutor had taught him also completely cleaned the hole out, because Luna quickly had him inside her mouth and was sucking him eagerly. Tightening his grip on her hair, Harry held her in place as he started pumping into her mouth, smirking at the devotion in his newest bonded eyes. He enjoyed her sucking for a few minutes until the pressure started to build again, and he released his hold on her, not wanting Luna to choke.

She managed to surprise him then, because as soon as she was free, she moved forward and tilted her head back, and managed to slide his entire length into her throat! Harry blinked in surprise as Luna did something only one of his other bonded had been able to, and Cho couldn't manage it very often. Just the fact she was able to do it surprised him enough to cause a break in his concentration, and before he could get control back, Luna started swallowing, and his tightly held control fell apart and he finally surrendered to the release he had denied himself for the past few hours.

Luna's eyes widened in surprise as she felt him swell in her mouth and started swallowing in earnest as her mouth and throat were flooded by his seed. It seemed to last forever, but was probably under a minute before the pressure eased and he pulled back out of her mouth. She was surprised to find him still mostly erect after that, but smiled because it meant good things for their future play times, just not, she hoped, right then. When she finished swallowing what was left, Harry helped her to her feet, cast a quick mouth cleaning charm on her, and kissed her passionately. When breath was becoming an issue, Harry broke the kiss, and smiled down at her, whispering "Wow!" Then he opened his mouth to say something else, but shook his head and smiled at her, "No, I think wow just about covers it. That was amazing love! I hope it was worth the wait."

She hugged him tightly, and nodded, "Everything I dreamed of, but maybe next time you can tie me up for the whole thing? I think I came just from you tying my hands behind my back." He chuckled and said, "I think we can arrange that, but, for now, let's get you into the shower and clean up so you can soak in the tub with your friends while we wait for Padma and Fleur to arrive."

Luna nodded as he helped her into the shower and she got rinsed off, before carrying her into the tub where the other three girls were cuddling with satisfied smiles on their faces. The had just settled in when the door opened, and Padma and Fleur came in, and stripped off their robes, showing they were naked underneath. Padma said, "Sorry we are so late, but it seems somebody" with a look of amused exasperation at Fleur, "Decided she was too turned on to wait, and insisted in dragging me into an empty classroom for some 'stress relief' and it lasted longer than planned."

Fleur smiled innocently at them, "But of courze, it would not do for me not to be able to control myself when I got here, non? And, 'owever much she protest, Precious Padma enjoyed it too." Padma's blush against her darkened skin just made the others laugh as they welcomed them into the tub.


"Honestly Harry! You have all of us, do you really have to watch your other self whenever he brings a new girl into the family?"

"Not usually, Hermione, but you know I've got a special interest in Luna, since we put almost as much effort into helping her as we did the other Harry. By making it so her mother never died, Xeno never went off the deep end with his creatures and Luna didn't have to retreat into a fantasy world to get through life. It took a long time before our Luna was as comfortable in her skin as this one is. And I can't believe, as much as we know about Albus and Minerva, it still took 6 months before finally checked on little Harry, and Sirius. Although losing the entire Weasley family was a terrible thing, we had no way of knowing that was going to happen when they tracked Peter down. But, you're right, we've got almost all the pieces in place, just a couple of more things to do and we can go on with our lives. It's going to be nearly 30 years before we have to monitor the situation full time again. But, before we leave, I've still got a promise to keep, and it's about time I do so."


"I think it's about time Narcissa became a Widow. She really wants to join the family, but can't as long as she is still married to Lucius. It wont be difficult, just controlling one Dementor. And I'll see if I can't finally remove Bellatrix as well. Even with just one leg, she's still dangerous."

"Fair enough, but, that actually wasn't why I came to get you, it's James' birthday, and his party is about to start, but he wants his Daddy there, along with all of his mummies."

"Lead on, my Love, Lead on."

End Part One - More Stories to Follow as the Muse Permits


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