Harry Potter: Extreme Interactive Part 3 - Tapping Twins (Mff,inc,magic)
by Hamster ([email protected])

When Chris Bacon decided that it was time for another trip into Hogwarts, he
thought it would be best to be prepared. For this reason he brought along a
bag of supplies. Some rope, a stick that looked a little like a wand, crazy
glue, extra strength itching powder, a sharpie, surgical gloves, a list of
female Hogwarts students with Luna Lovegood and Pansy Parkinson crossed off,
'Hardmax' male enhancement pills and a pair of loaded dice. He stuffed them
all into a backpack and then grabbed hold of his remote as he popped the
magic DVD into his DVD player. He went directly to 'Extras' and once again
ended up falling face first onto the grounds of Hogwarts.

"I really fucking hate the landings." Said Chris.

"HEY!!! HEY YOU!!!" Chris heard a familiar voice so he got up and turned
around. It was Malfoy, followed closely by Crabbe and Goyle. "You slept with
my girl friend."

"I didn't sleep with her, I fucked her." Chris corrected.

"Get ready to for the pain." Said Malfoy.

Chris sighed and hit his pause button on the remote. He walked over and
pulled down the pants of each of the Slytherines. He then took their wands
and covered them in super glue and itching powder. He put on his surgical
gloves then shoved all three wands up Malfoy's ass. He took out his own fake
wand and then unpaused the DVD.

"EEEEAAAAAACHHHH!!!!!!" Screamed Malfoy.

Crabbe and Goyle fumbled as they tried to pull up their fallen trousers.
Malfoy screamed like a little girl with a skinned knee as he spun around and
tried to pull the wands out of his ass.

"Now tell me, wasn't that the fastest curse that you have ever seen?" Chris
said as he raised his fake wand triumphantly.

The three Slytherines fled at top speed. Well, except Malfoy, who had a
hard time moving with three wands glued up in his anus. Chris laughed
hysterically. "God that was so worth the trip all on it's own."

Suddenly Chris felt a hand on each of his shoulders. He nearly jumped out of
his skin but then he heard a smooth, feminine and nicely accented voice.
"That was brilliant."

Chris turned to see a pair of hot Indian twins, Padma and Parvati Patil.

"Hello ladies." Chris said with a Cheshire grin.

"We heard from that bragging slut Pansy that she had awesome sex with a
stranger walking around with a muggle DVD remote." Parvati said.

"Then Luna said the same thing." Said Padma

"From time to time rumors have nuggets of truth in them." Chris said.

"We don't trust rumors." Said Parvati.

"We like seeing for ourselves better." Said Padma.

"OK then, to the room of requirement." Said Chris.

The trio made their way promptly to said room. Chris smiled as he turned to
face the two sisters.

Twins. Hell. Fucking. Yes.

"OK Ladies first things first. Lets all get naked." Chris said.

While the twins fumbled with their robes, Chris reached into his bag for his
Hardmax. He downed the tablet before preparing to indulge himself. He looked
up and saw the sexy sisters wearing just white underwear. Then they each took
their bra and panties off and he was treated to the sight of naked twins.

"OK how about you two make out." Chris said as he got naked himself.

"What?" Demanded Parvati.

"But we are sisters." Protested Padma.

"Yes I'm aware, thus the enhanced appeal. Trust me, it will get things heated
up pretty quickly." Chris said.

Padma turned to her sister and asked very nervously. "Well you don't want to
want to try it, do you?"

Parvati looked at her sister. "I don't know, lesbian incest, that's a little
bit freakier than I generally like to get."

"Come on girls, it can't hurt and it may just bring you closer together."
Said Chris.

"I really don't think so." Parvati said.

"I'll tell you what. We will roll some dice if I roll high you two snog like
you mean it, if you win then you get my magic remote." Chris said.

Parvati narrowed her eyes. "Deal."

"What?" Padma said.

"Don't worry." Parvati said.

Chris handed her a dice. "On three, One-Two-THREE."

Chris and Parvati rolled at the same time. Chris rolled six and Parvati
rolled one.

"OH NO!!!" She and her sister cried at the same time.

"Deals a deal." Chris said.

Both of them lowered their heads.

"OK." They said at the same time.

The two girls turned and faced each other. They fidgeted uncomfortably.
Finally losing his patience, Chris grabbed the backs of their heads and
pushed their faces together. The two kissed but only their lips touched.

"Tongues." Chris said.

Their tongues touched then began to duel. The girls made yummy noises as the
started to get more and more enthusiastic in their kissing. They slurped and
sucked on each other's tongues and also began to feel up each other's bodies.

"I told you, it would make you guys closer." Chris said.

They broke the kiss then stared into each other's eyes before looking at

"I think you are right." Parvati said to Chris. She then turned back to her
sister. "I want to get a LOT closer to you."

"Then let's get closer sis." Said Padma.

By nature, the room of requirement had whatever the users may require, in
this case a very nice mattress on the ground. The twins made their way to
said mattress. They toppled onto the mattress together and began to feel
each other up excitedly. Eventually their fingers found their way to one
another's pussys and they began pumping their fingers in and out of each
other's cunts. Chris at this point had a massive erection and decided that
it was time to get in there. The girls rearranged themselves so that Parvati
was eating out Padma's sweet pussy and her bottom was lifted up so that it
was available for penetration. Chris was the obliging sort so that was
exactly what he did. He used his raging hard -on to plough her pussy like
a field of wheat. He pushed in and out steadily Making Parvati howl into
her twin's pussy. She started to finger her sis so that her mouth would be
available for screaming out an orgasm. Chris still had a raging hard-on
thanks to those male enhancement tablets. He had the girls switch placed
and gave Padma's pussy a pounding. Still, couldn't cum. He vaguely recalled
something about a potential four-hour hard-on.

Four hours later...

Both girls were exhausted and nearly dehydrated by the time he shot his wad
across their pretty faces. Unfortunately, Chris was 30 minutes late for work.

"This was really fun but I have got to go." Chris panted, equally exhausted.
He pressed stop and returned to his own world as the twins gave him a
friendly wave.

Padma turned and brushed her sister's cheek affectionately.

"You know I really do feel closer to you now." She said.

"Me too." Parvati said as she kissed her twin lightly on the lips.


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