Harry Potter - character names, place names and prop names e.t.c. obviously
don't belong to me, this is simply a little erotic parody of a fantastic
series of stories. I do this for fun, not profit and I don't wish or intend
to hurt or upset anyone with the following so please don't get upset or angry
or vengeful ;o)

The sexual content involves underage people, with a touch of bestiality (a
Troll) and mostly features non-consenting scenes.
- Nick.

Harry Potter: Draco's Devilisms Part 1 (bf,mf,mg,magic,preg,oral,ncon,cons)
by Nickamano ([email protected])

Draco Malfoy missed Blanca. She was having to suffer another detention for
missing a homework deadline and this inexperienced little first year was
terrible at giving hand jobs. After he'd settled in, and mostly because of
the fame and power of his father, Draco had quickly ascended to the top of
Slytherin house in terms of popularity and leadership, even those older in
the fifth, sixth and seventh years looked to him as the Slytherin house
student leader. Malfoy of course loved the power and the clout the position
gave him, and he also thoroughly enjoyed the attention from the girls that
he received too. They all wanted to be part of his little core group to
share in his spotlight and share in his perks as well. The fact that he was
intelligent and rich and handsome had certain bonus points of their own, to
be sure.

Blanca B. Marina was Draco's main squeeze - as he referred to her to his
friends, girlfriend as he referred to her to her face - she was in the sixth
year and older that Draco. Very pretty, very shapely, very strong willed and
very attentive. She had a stubborn streak a mile wide and she liked to follow
Draco's commands - especially when it got her into trouble in classes. It
was almost as if she saw the constant string of detentions as some kind of
penance for all of her steamy and energetic sinning with Draco.

Blanca was a very exotic young lady. Her mother was a Taiwanese witch, her
father an American muggle soldier from Hawaii and they were both living in
England while her father was stationed on the Surrey US Air Force base.
Blanca, though Born in Hawaii, was raised in England from sixth months old
and thought of herself as a native of the UK and hadn't been in the least
bit surprised by the arrival of the invitation to Hogwarts on her eleventh

To Malfoy she simply looked incredible, a lovely exotic face that was a
mixture of racial ingredients than blended together into an almost devilish
beauty - dark and tanned and sultry. And to top it all she was an early
developer and already had the natural hourglass figure of a porn star. All
tits and ass with a very slim waist between them and long supple legs that
she liked to show off with a nowhere near regulation flared skirt.

Malfoy himself enjoyed how Blanca purposefully got herself into trouble and
mischief and fights and detentions for him. It made him feel powerful, made
him believe that she would do anything for him. The only problems came when
her mischief backfired, namely when she lost points for Slytherin house or,
even worse, when Draco found her stuck in detention when he was feeling
frisky and wanted some sexual attention. It was on those occasions when he
used his power of the Slytherin student body to find himself some pretty
girl to take Blanca's place for a little while, and whenever he felt like a
change of course. And he had practically a free choice, there were more than
enough Slytherin girls who were prepared to give it up to Malfoy for the
prestige of being a part of his inner gang, even for a little while. And
there were almost as many younger inexperienced girls who were too scared of
him or of being ostracised from their chosen house to refuse him, even when
they didn't want to do anything, or didn't know how to do anything. Bobbie
was one such girl. A pretty first year, cunning enough to know what she had
to agree to - to get in with her new house but too inexperienced to do a
very good job.

As far as Draco was concerned however, she was making up for it with her
willingness to learn and with her looks. She was a lovely young eleven year
old with short bobbed hair that was near jet black and highlighted with a
dyed crimson edge. She had pretty creamy skin large glittering brown eyes
that had more than a hint of Asian about them and a slightly flattened nose.
Her mouth was small though brightly pink and her smile was easy and bright
and combined with her gleaming bright eyes made hearts melt all over the
school. Her body was young and barely into the beginnings of its development,
but she was slim and lean and firm and athletic. It was more than enough to
make up for the inexperience of her hand job.

Malfoy sat in a chair alone in the common room in front of the glowing warm
fire and Bobbie, whose mother was apparently from Malaysia, was kneeling at
his feet and looking up into his eyes while her tightly clenched fist gripped
the middle of his thick hard cock and dragged the foreskin up and down over
the swollen mushroom shape of his hard purple glans. He was already slick
with pre-cum, which was fortunate as Bobbie's hand drew his foreskin as far
back as she could stretch it with each downward pass of her hand, which to
Draco was right on the knife edge between pleasure and discomfort. Maybe he
should have given her a more thorough lesson before getting her started. He
considered making her suck him off instead but the thought of an
inexperienced mouth with those rows of pearly white teeth scraping against
his flesh was too much to risk. Of course he could always simply drag her up
onto his lap and take her virginity, cunt or ass. He knew that would be going
too far with her - her being a first year and all that, but he'd done it
before and he had little doubt that he'd do it again at some time when the
desire took him.

The Malfoy household was one of the richest and most prestigious in the
wizarding world and as yet another way to show off their power and wealth
they had hired a muggle cook to work alongside their house elf. The cook had
come with a young daughter who was intended to be a 'playmate' for Draco. Of
course being simple muggles they had to be constantly spellbound to keep them
blinded to the wizarding world that they lived and worked in. To the Malfoy's
the two muggle women were thought of as little more than slaves to laugh at
and ridicule and to 'show off' at prestigious dinner parties. Little more
than the house elf they worked beside.

Draco had been an early developer. He had started to notice girls in that
'grown up' light when he was barely nine and a half. And it had been their
cook's daughter who had been the very first focus of his sexual attention.
She had been thirteen at the time, her name had been Charlotte. Charlotte
Watson had been a very pretty young thing, very hard working and very
attentive. She acted exactly as someone who wanted to like and be liked by
the only other young person of her own age group that she came across,
namely Draco. It was partially loneliness and partially an effort to keep
her mother's already hard life as easy as possible.

Any time Charlotte upset Draco for whatever reason - not doing as he told
her, refusing to be the butt of his jokes or the victim of his games - the
Malfoy's took it out on Charlotte's mother, making things harder for her
during her working day as well as humiliating and chastising her over her
daughter's behaviour. Being a loyal and doting daughter, Charlotte saw how
her mother suffered "because of her" and decided to do everything she could
to make things easier for her life. And that meant going along with anything
and everything that Draco wanted.

He'd fucked her first on the night of his tenth birthday, though for almost
a month prior to that day he'd visited her at night in her bed in the lowest
level of the Malfoy mansion. And enjoyed an hour or two with her naked pert
flesh at over nine and three quarters Draco had taught himself all of the
intricacies and workings of the female form and by forcing Charlotte to
admit which of his touches or licks or kisses she liked and disliked - he
soon learned the basics of the female orgasm.

For Draco this was just another powerful tool to be learned, a power he could
have specifically over the opposite sex. He didn't care for a moment for
Charlotte and her pleasure. As long as he knew that he could pleasure her, so
that she wept real tears of joy and bit into her pillow to silence great
moans of sexual passion he was content to leave her pleasure alone and focus
on his own.

His first experiment was to train Charlotte to take his erection into
her mouth and to swallow his cum without gagging. It took quite a while.
Lesson two entailed the girl taking the whole length of his erection into
her throat. He enjoyed cutting off her airway and enjoying the gagging
palpitations that caressed his engorged erection while she choked and
suffocated on it. Each time Draco pushed that little bit further, testing
her stamina, seeing how long he could keep her filled with his cock and
unable to breathe. When he tired of that he explored all of the other parts
of her body, searching out all of her lesser erogenous zones judging them
through her reactions and the telltale signs of her body, learning them
through experience. He consciously saved her cherry for his birthday present
and often liked to torture her by mentioned what he was going to do to her
that night.

Other times he would keep things simple, almost gentle. Making Charlotte
give him a slow drawn out hand job while they French kissed for minutes at
a time. Draco running hands through her thick wavy blonde hair, under her
pyjamas stroking her small budding breasts tweaking her soft cone shaped
pinkish-brown nipples, circling the areolae with his fingertips until he
felt her shudder. As he got closer to his climax, he would switch his own
manual fondling down between her creamy thighs, stroking her labia and
around and above her clitoris. As his orgasm came to he would always
relinquish her mouth and suddenly jerk her face down into his exposed lap.
He would either make her suck the climax from him, gulping his crown with
her throat until he bathed her oesophagus with his pumping semen, or simply
to shoot his thick white seed straight into her face and bushy blonde hair.

The event of his tenth birthday Draco would never forget. He was equally
excited and nervous, though Charlotte was almost trembling with fear though
out the whole day. He came into her room as early as he dared that night and
there she lay naked. Her thick blonde curls, with the light fringe framing
her smooth brow and her slightly bushy eyebrows spread out on the pillow. Her
pale smooth flesh glowing in the candle light looked inviting and enticing,
the only contrast being her warmly glowing nipples and her darker patch of
barely visible pubic hair that crowned the object of his birthday present.

He took her at once, not giving her much time to get used to the reality of
the idea that had been cruelly promised to her over and over. He tore off his
pyjamas, threw himself onto her spread-eagled and naked young body and thrust
his already erect cock into her at once. He had to slap a hand over her mouth
to cut of her loud whimper of pain. And then he rode her like an animal,
thumping into the girl, driving himself into her bleeding tunnel as hard and
fast as he was able.

Draco found he couldn't get enough of the simple feel of his naked hips and
thighs slapping against her cool and jerking body that moved constantly under
his own, and best of all the gripping tight damp heat that surrounded and
caressed his erection. It was better than her hand and her mouth and throat
by a long way.

He stayed with her the whole night, gorging his cock inside her vagina. He
fucked her a total of seven times in that first night, it was the most fun he
had ever experienced on a birthday. He absolutely covered her in his sperm,
over her face and her breasts and her stomach and her thighs. He even had her
roll over so he could enjoy the smooth warm cushions of her buttocks to slap
his groin against while he fucked her cunt. He sprayed more cum over her ass
cheeks before that night was over.

For the first few weeks after fucking her Draco had at last come across the
idea of sodomy. For a long time he was worried about the health problem and
shied away from experiencing another rapidly growing desire. He often had to
content his fears by stuffing other none phallic things into her ass while he
fucked her or made her suck him.

Though finally he overcame his fear and slight revulsion. He first made
Charlotte clean herself thoroughly, grudgingly slid on two condoms that he
had made her buy from a muggle chemist and then made her lie down on her
stomach and spread her legs for him. He was lucky that the pillow pressing
into the girl's face was an effective gag as she cried and wailed and
whimpered right the way through the excruciating experience.

Draco, who found as much pleasure in the dominance and power over the girl
as in the actual acts themselves, found a fast and powerful taste for sodomy
as it satisfied both his needs for power and sadism and mimicked the tight
damp heat of vaginal fucking as well.

For the next month he threw himself into enjoying her anus, filling
Charlotte's rectum night after night with his thick hot seed. Though,
finally, Draco reluctantly acquiesced to her pleas to return to vaginal
fucking, at least for a while as her ass was on fire and bled often. She
needed to heal, and so Draco went back for a while to fucking her cunt

It was here that Charlotte fell pregnant, though no one knew until three
months had passed. Draco continued to fuck her in every orifice she possessed
but all too soon it became obvious that she was gaining weight. Narcissa
Malfoy was the first to take notice. To begin with she assumed her husband
Lucius was to blame, as apparently, he had been taking liberties with the
cook - Charlotte's mother. However, when it became apparent that it had been
her darling beloved son, she didn't know whether to embrace him with pride
or to put him over her knee.

Instead they got to work on casting memory spells, blanking out the time
under Malfoy employment completely and inserting a memory that Charlotte had
been playing around with and had been very close to a gang of local town boys
and any one of those delinquent muggles could well be the father of her
unborn child. Finally the two muggle women were shipped off to another part
of the country, never to be seen or heard of again in thw wizarding world.

For a long time Draco was inconsolable, that he had lost his muggle plaything
and he demanded a replacement. Fortunately for Draco's parents, the boy would
be starting at Hogwarts in six months or so. His father took the opportunity
to start his son early on teaching him a few Dark Arts spells and potions, it
was also a good way of diverting the child's attention for his recently
learned carnal appetites.

And then there had been that fateful day on the train. The day he'd seen his
nemesis to be, the famous Harry Potter. Although his most vivid memory,
experience - of that day had not been meeting Potter, but had been his first
sighting of that, that Mudblood... Whore - Granger.

Hermione Granger was the utter spitting image of Charlotte Watson. They were
twins, mirror images, doppelgangers. And he hated Granger for that fact and
that alone, more than her watery bloodline or her cocky, prissy, middle class
upturned-nose attitude. It was the fact that she brought back all of those
memories and feelings he had only just buried. He hated the muggle bitch. And
he lusted after her. Oh how he wanted her. He dreamed of it, fantasised of
it, of getting his muggle play-toy back again and doing everything to her
that he had liked so much in that past.

Of course he was smart enough not to try it. He had that power, that
knowledge, a few spells and potions that would either put her under his
influence or to make her unable to fight him off. However, Draco knew that
with the slut being so close to Potter and the other 'Griffindor-heroes' he
would never be able get away with it.

However, there were other ways. There were always other ways. Ways to hurt
her and toy-with her without dirtying his own hands - or his cock in her vile
watered-down body. And right now was a good a time to extract his revenge as
any. And if he did it right not only could he humiliate Granger and possibly
wreck her whole future, but he could split up the friendship between her and
Potter and Weasley and get those two upstarts into trouble as well. Oh this
would be great!

He wanted to get up to his dormitory to search through his secret stash of
his father's books that he'd brought along this year but Bobbie was still
not finished. And he wasn't at the stage now when he could stop his pleasure
short. He would just have to ride it out.

"Looks like you're in need of an expert hand Dray," The soft slightly
accented voice was like a blessing to Malfoy's throbbing cock and growing
impatience. "All right little first year, you've done your bit."

Draco caught Bobbie's half relieved half scared look and nodded to her,
throwing her a touch of a smile to reassure her that she had done enough to
please him. The girl quickly released the Slytherin leader and shuffled back
out of the way, pulling her uniform into position as she made room for the

"How was detention?" Draco asked Blanca as he watched her reach up under her
short pleated skirt for her underwear.

"Boring as usual." She replied as she pulled off her black V-neck sweater and
yanked the green and silver striped tie from her throat.

Blanca's eyes were fixed onto Malfoy's hard phallus. He was gripping the
root, pinching the hard flesh between finger and thumb while his other hand
gently stroked the foreskin against his purple glans. She slipped the plain
white knickers down her long pale cream legs and stepped out of them,
discarding the small lace edged garment on the floor. Then without delay
she sat up astride Malfoy's lap and lowered her soaking and warm vagina down
onto his stiff phallus.

They let out throaty independent groans of sexual pleasure as their bodies
came together. And while Blanca relaxed into position on top of the young
student wizard, using her vaginal muscles to caress his throbbing length,
Draco idly reached up and started to unfasten the small pearly-plastic
buttons of her uniform blouse. He pulled it open and flicked the front flaps
back against her shoulders. The little minx wasn't wearing a bra - which
gave him the beginnings of an idea, but he shoved it to the back of his mind
for the moment.

Draco's hands immediately filled themselves with handfuls of her warm soft
breasts and he stroked the hard nipples with the pads of his thumbs while
Blanca started to ride him, rocking her hips forward and back and stroking
her warm slick sleeve up and down the length of his hard thick shaft. They
looked into each other's eyes and both knew they wouldn't last very long.
They were far too horny. Though Draco gritted his teeth and closed his eyes,
determined for Blanca to cum first.

To put his mind off the hot throbbing pleasure that moved outward from his
loins like ripples in water, Draco put his attention to his plans for
Hermione. He knew the spells he needed, knew which books held them. His only
real problem was what order and when. He didn't want to get spotted or caught
red-handed, the effect for Hermione should be pretty severe and if anyone
could prove it was him, maybe not even his father would be able to save him
from expulsion.

Blanca's loud high pitched moans brought him back to the sex and he reached
down and grabbed her bucking ass firmly, while he pushed his face towards her
big full breasts, sucking at a nipple while the older girl rode him like a
wild bronco. The rhythmic slap of flesh on flesh and the increasing squeals
and grunts echoed strangely around the stone walls of the Slytherin common

* * *

Potions class had been the usual cheery little lesson, full of Snape
humiliating the Griffindors as often as possible, Potter and his little
retinue especially. Draco had sat through the lesson watching Granger with
hatred narrowed eyes and shivering with anticipation of the end of class
where he could quietly cast his first spell. The noisy multicoloured
commotion of leaving class and heading for the next through the usual maze
of confusing corridors was the perfect time for it.

The class ended and, once Professor Snape had given his silent scowling nod
as a blessing to be off to the next class, twenty teenage bodies were up out
of their seats and angling past their desks toward the heavy oak door. Malfoy
worked himself into the stream of black and grey uniforms all heading for the
corridor outside and kept his eyes locked tightly onto the back of Granger's
tumbling mop of bushy brown and blonde-streaked hair. As usual she was in
between Potter and Weasley who had their backs to him and were chatting
excitedly amongst themselves. Draco drew his wand, holding it at his side so
it wasn't obvious, and slipped through the crowds of students until he was
right behind Granger. He noticed Crabbe and Goyle to his right, trying to
shove their way through the crowd towards him but he motioned them to keep
their distance with a commanding look.

Right on cue Blanca came around the corner dressed rebelliously - with her
sweater around her slim waist, top three buttons of her plain white blouse
unfastened, tie un-knotted and hanging loose around her collar, and most
eye catching of all she was bra-less again and her large pert breasts were
shuddering with a mouth-watering youthfulness to the offbeat of her lusty
strides. Male students were stopping dead in the corridor to feat their
eyes in the intoxicating sight, while the girls were throwing Blanca and
eachother dark looks of jealousy or disgust or even, Draco imagined, desire.

Blanca was providing the perfect distraction and Malfoy took advantage of
it. He lifted his wand, pointed it at Hermione's back and muttered the curse
spell quickly and under his breath. Volume was inconsequential, as long as
the pronunciation was correct the spell would work. Interestingly, everyone
was so captivated by Blanca's show that Draco risked the second spell early,
as long as they came in the right order timing didn't matter either. Two
down three to go.

"Slytherin slag." Hermione muttered as Blanca turned away and headed down
the corridor.

"Yeah." Ron said under his breath, though it came out more like a groan.
"Wood says she's already been approached by Wizarding Press to pose for the
Daily Prophet's new supplement - Sunday Quidditch."

Harry's eyes were locked onto the erotic flex of Blanca ass as she strolled
away through the parted sea of students. Her skirt was so short it barely
contained the round pertness of her enticing bottom. However, he still
managed a question regarding Ron's rumour. "Is that like Page 3 or

"Page what?" Asked Ron, his eyes as glued to Blanca's buttocks as Harry's.

"It's exactly like page 3." Hermione responded frostily.

"What's page 3?"

"Never mind Ron!" Hermione growled.

* * *

The third spell was cast just before dinner. Malfoy, keeping a low profile
had followed Hermione around and watched her enter the girl's toilets just
before the dinner bell. When no one was looking he put a simple Nilbudgificus
spell on the door so it would refuse to open from the inside. He knew it
wouldn't hold Granger for long but it would be enough to make her a touch
late for dinner. He waited alone in the corridor, ignoring the insistent
rumbling in his stomach. He could hear Snape in his class room nearby and if
questioned he would just say he was waiting to speak to his head of house.

Granger appeared at the end of the corridor looking a little anxious and
very miffed. She hated to be late and the thought of her entering that huge
room and having the eyes of the whole school turning to look at her as she
made her way to her table made her stomach lurch. So she ran, her robes
whipping about behind her like long black wings, thick wavy hair following
suit, her modest skirt flared by her speed and the light breeze showing off
more of her than she would have liked. Of course there was no one else in
sight so she wasn't too bothered. She didn't see Malfoy watching her

His eyes were fixed to her sexy pale legs, that smooth extent of creamy
flesh between her calf length grey socks and the point where her thighs
disappeared into shadow high underneath her uplifted skirt, the pleats
catching the wind and tenting upwards like a tiny parachute. Twice he
thought he got a glimpse of pink knickers and found himself wondering
about something Blanca had told him while he'd been eating her cunt one
evening. She had mentioned a new fad with teenage girls, which was
stretching even down to pre-teeners who were wearing thongs and G-strings
instead of the old modest low panty-line knickers. He suddenly wondered
if Granger herself was a follower of such underwear fashions. The next
moment Draco knew that he just had to find out.

He stepped out of the sandstone window alcove that concealed him and stuck
his foot out right in Hermione's way. With a slightly panicked squeal she
tripped and fell face first into the carpeted stone floor. Her robes were
trapped under her right hip and with some blind fortune her skirt was
indeed gathered high up around her waist and showing off everything beneath
it for Draco's gleaming lascivious eyes. There was the evidence right there.
A thin vertical slip of cotton that met a small triangle at the waist band
around the small of the girl's back. And framing that central thong strap
was the hottest ass Malfoy had ever seen. He stood and stared for a timeless
moment before Hermione realised that her bottom was on open display. Those
buttocks were perfectly smooth, her soft flesh completely blemishless and
creamy looking under the warm early evening light that streamed in from the
window to their right. Each buttock was perfectly rounded and pert and
athletic. Malfoy found himself reminded of the perfectly formed bottoms of
underwear models in the mail order catalogues that Goyle liked to keep under
his bed at home. Her ass was better even than Blanca's, smaller and more
pert somehow he cursed the fact that she concealed that lovely bottom under
such a modest and dowdy skirt.

Then Hermione caught Draco's look, saw his expression and realised what
particular part of her he was staring at. She shifted into sudden overdrive
and with a breathy gasp and a bright pink flush colouring her cheeks and
throat. She whipped the skirt down over her bottom and had everything in
modest concealment within a second. If looks could kill, Hermione's would
have laid waste to the whole of Wales, and she fixed it on the half
turned-on half amused Slytherin boy, that for Hermione was most hated
above anyone in the school (except maybe Ron when he was cheeky to her).
She was about to start screaming and cursing, and even considered reaching
for her wand, when a sudden sharp tongued, and well-oiled voice snapped
through the silence.

"Two points away Granger, for running in the corridor." Professor Snape's
voice cut through the icy silence before Hermione could think of what to say
to Malfoy.

"What... What about Malfoy, sir? He... He tripped me up!" She stammered in
shock and anger.

"If you hadn't been running in the first place Granger, you would have seen
his foot and been able to move out of the way."

"But..." Snape didn't let her continue.

"Three more points from Gryffindor for answering back, now get a move on."
The Professor snapped.

Hermione stood up and brushed the dust from her robes, struggling to fight
back tears, while she straightened her skirt and tried to stretch it down
below her knees.

"You too Malfoy, on your way." Snape added lightly.

"Yes, Professor." Malfoy grinned widely.

Hermione stamped off ahead of him and Draco was happy to follow along a
couple of steps behind her. The length of her robes were now concealing her
body completely from his behind view, but Draco was still furiously trying
to picture how that gorgeous ass of hers would look as she stomped away from
him along the corridor.

A moment later he mentally shrugged, quietly drew his wand and muttered his
third curse. They were subtle non-aggressive curses that were unnoticeable
unless projected at the victim face to face, therefore Hermione had no
knowledge whatsoever of her threefold infection.

* * *

Malfoy projected his final two spells the following morning before
breakfast. Again he used the crowds of surrounding students and the general
pre-breakfast cacophony to conceal his dual attack. And no one witnessed the
spells he inflicted in Harry and Ron from behind. Tonight would be the time
of his revenge. All he needed now was a little concoction to be able to
witness it all from the safety and warmth of the Slytherin common room.

* * *

It was, at least according to an insistent Hermione, Crookshanks' birthday.
Using any excuse they could Harry and Ron had planned (and somehow persuaded
Hermione to join them) to use the birthday as an opportunity to slip into
Hogsmeade that evening for a celebration slap up sweet-and-butterbeer-fest.
The three of them arranged to meet up at eleven in the Gryffindor common
room, Hermione with Crookshanks (Ron complained the feline would give them
away - though Hermione was insistent - "If we're going to use him as an
excuse to break the rules then the least we can do is bring him to his own
birthday party!") And Harry with the essential invisibility cloak.

Even without the Marauders Map, Harry could remember the route he had taken
to get into the magical village - the passage that led from the one eyed
oldcrone's hump right into the cellar of Honeydukes. And a little chat with
the Weasley Twins revealed the staff of Honeydukes and the Three Broomsticks
were 'blind' to Hogwarts students after official hours. They served Hogwarts
students without question, they just didn't 'notice' them. This should prove
to be a good night.

"How about we put the cloak on and go an surprise Hermione in her dorm?" Ron
suggested, as they stood waiting and bored in their common room. The fire was
down to embers but it still retained the comfortable sleepy warmth. Harry
couldn't fail to see the vague twinkle in his best friend's eye.

"Ha! You just want to try to catch a glimpse of Angelina in her nightie."
Harry laughed.

Ron blushed slightly, caught out, but then looking at the mantelpiece clock
he frowned.

"She'd better hurry up or we'll get caught in the middle of Filch's rounds,
even with your cloak I don't trust that cat of his."

"My Crookshanks could see off Mrs. Norris any day." Came the soft
feminine voice from the doorway to their right, as Hermione appeared
from her dormitory tower. She was still dressed in her uniform, though
in a more casual after-classes fashion, her tie, sweater and robes were
absent and her blouse was unfastened down to the second button in a
casual-but-short-of-being-in-any-way-revealing manner. Still, the sight
affected Ron more than he dared to admit. Her long soft curls were falling
loose around her slender shoulders, making her look sweet and innocent
and feminine. Harry found his eyes were drawn inexplicably to the warm
smoothness of the satin flesh of her bare legs, revealed in the space
between the hem of her short pleated skirt and the plain grey calf-length
socks. The huge bright orange cat Crookshanks was curled up and purring
in her arms, snuggled against the subtly budding bulge of her breasts.
Both boys found themselves wishing the cat would leap out of her arms and
thus show off her no longer so meagre assets.

The next second, their cheeks flushing inextricably, the boys found
themselves wondering where such thoughts came from. Hermione was their
friend. Sure she was growing more attractive as she grew up before their
eyes, almost on a daily basis it seemed, but they had never thought of
her like that before and it seemed wrong somehow.

"Are we going or aren't we?" The pretty girl said, frowning at the
red-cheeked boys looking back at her.

The corridors were deserted for most of the way. The soft soled shoes created
little in the way of echoing footsteps certainly too little to be noticeable.
Besides, Harry had come to recognise the invisibility cloak seemed to
magically dampen sound to a degree unless you stood very close to someone.

Ron, on the right of the threesome flanking Hermione with Harry on the far
left, was strongly aware of the tightness with which the boys were pressed up
against Hermione and he found his mind snared by the soft warmth of her slim
body that was pressed against his hip.

To arrange the cloak around the three of them so that it covered them all
from head to foot, they had been forced to press close together with arms
wrapped around eachother's waists. Hermione had one arm around Harry's waist
while the other clutched Crookshanks to her breast while Ron (smarting
slightly that it wasn't his waist the girl was embracing) had his arm tight
around the small of her back, his fingers cupping the smooth roundness of
her hip and pulling her tightly against him. Hermione either didn't mind the
pressed in closeness or hadn't really noticed. Harry was also encircling
Hermione's waist with his right arm although his grip was outside of Ron's
and higher up around her waist. Ron's inner forearm was pressed against
Hermione's firm flexing buttocks and he maintained the warm contact with a
semiconscious intention.

There was a strange tingling in the back of the mind's of both boys but it
was stronger in Ron and he was beginning to notice it and how it was starting
to affect him physically. The feel of the body heat and the firm soft flesh
of Hermione's body had formed a large and achingly hard erection inside Ron
black trousers very quickly. And he was constantly trying to figure out ways
of the rubbing his bulging crotch against her hip to bask in the heat of her
firm figure and maybe even shock her with the evidence of her body's effect
on him. Though while they were walking he was finding it too difficult, so
instead he pressed himself as firmly against her warmth as he could and
enjoyed the intimate proximity and the smell of her.

Harry was starting to feel of the effects of his closeness to the pretty
teenage girl as well, however he was more shocked and surprised by his own
reaction to find any real enjoyment in it. He was hard and horny, relishing
the scent of shampoo and flowers from her soft curly hair and the feel of
her smooth body pressed against his. Her silky blouse cool against his
flesh, even though the heat of her back and waist was a sensual extra against
his forearm. He caught a glimpse of Ron using his height to try and peer down
behind the loose collar of Hermione's blouse to get a look at her pert and
growing breasts. Instead of feelings of annoyance towards Ron and sympathy
for Hermione, all Harry felt was jealousy - that he didn't have the advantage
of Ron's height or the view he was apparently getting down her blouse. Though
saying that he mustn't be able to see all that much as the arm-cradled
Crookshanks would be in the way. And then the cat was gone and they were
standing still in the corridor, Hermione barely stifling her gasp of

Mrs. Norris, the ugly dust-coloured cat that was Filch the caretaker's
constant companion and according to many of the students also his spy, was
standing in the corridor staring at them. All of a sudden Crookshanks darted
out from behind the invisibility cloak and apparently almost scared the other
cat half to death. It jumped back, obviously startled, its hackles rising,
back arched and it hissed dangerously at the newly appeared Crookshanks.
The two cats instantly squared off, hissing and spitting at each other as if
battling over territory.

Hermione lurched forward trying (quietly) to slip out from under the cloak
to rescue her cat, Harry and Ron instantly wrapped their arms around her to
hold her back, she let out an involuntary gasp as Mrs. Norris skipped forward
towards Crookshanks and Harry quickly pressed a hand across her mouth to
stifle the noise. Hermione was still struggling in their combined grip.
Harry's other hand was tight around her slender shoulders holding her back,
and pulling her against him, some part of him bathing in the warmth and the
excitement of her struggling contact against his body.

Ron was already deeper into the sexual influence and was using the pretence
of holding Hermione within the invisible field of the cloak to cop a feel of
her pert and youthful curves. Hermione was too frantic over her cat and Mrs.
Norris to really pay much attention to where their hands gripped her, though
one spark at the back of her mind was telling her that she should be very
mad with Ron and shouldn't speak to him again at least until after the
Christmas holidays. Ron's left hand was still around her waist but he had
semi-purposefully allowed his grasp to drop downwards until he was lewdly
clutching the firm muscle of a pert round buttock in his grip, the clawing
finger rucking up her skirt and pressing into the flesh of her nice little

Like Hermione, Ron's mind was split, the large part of him was only concerned
with holding Hermione back inside the cloak - where Mrs. Norris was Filch was
never very far behind - and they had already lost too many house points this
year. Another part of him that was barely noticed by his consciousness was
enjoying the feel of her ass, the soft firmness and the warmth of the
perfectly shaped ass cheek, and the warm tingling shivers of erotic heat that
it sent through his own body, making his already tingling cock stiffen and
lengthen even more inside his 'Chudley-Cannons' boxer shorts.

Controlled by that semiconscious part, his other hand slid up from her left
hip, followed the curve of her ribcage and found the soft warm bulge of her
left breast. The feel of her flesh through blouse and bra, soft and warm and
smooth like his favourite pillow made Ron's hardening cock leap to full
stretch and push at his confining trousers. He shifted position and pressed
his crotch hard against her right hip while he pulled her towards him, almost
fighting with Harry for a share of her, and pushed his face into her hair
inhaling her sweet natural scents.

The reality and the state of the two horny boys clutching against her on
either side suddenly flourished into Hermione's consciousness and she started
to struggle. Ron was squeezing her bottom and her boob through her clothes!
What on earth was he thinking?! And she could feel the long hard ridges of
both his and Harry's stiff willy's pressing against her from both sides. She
was sandwiched between them and she couldn't move. What had come over them?!
So what if they were growing up she would never have expected this kind of
behaviour of either of them! They were acting more like slimy Slytherins than
gentlemanly Griffindors!

A panic rising within her, Hermione started to struggle and whimper, mouthing
uncharacteristic obscenities through Harry's gagging hand while she writhed
and struggled and tugged at their encompassing hands with her own. But the
boys were strong, stronger than she had imagined them to be and she could
hardly move from her sandwiched position.

And then the caretaker Mr. Filch appeared from around the corner and Hermione
found herself freezing suddenly and going completely silent. Even as Filch
appeared, Crookshanks jumped quickly to one side and attached himself to a
suit of armour then scaled the steel plate sculpture and scrambled up a high
tapestry and then vanished into the shadows of the high arched stone ceiling
above them. Filch watched the huge orange fur-ball disappear and scowled at
it, spitting at the floor before looking down at his own feline companion.
And then Snape was there too. He came around the same corner as Filch and the
two of them stepped in close and began to converse in a quiet muttering

Neither of the three students dared make a sound, even underneath the
invisibility cloak they daren't try to slip past. They stood still and silent
watching the two adults muttering in gravely whispers. It was Ron who proved
himself the most brave, or careless, or desperate. His hand, that still
cupped Hermione's left breast firmly slid across for the buttons of her
blouse. He slowly started to work the small plastic buttons free of their

Hermione quickly brought her hand up to slap away Ron's but the sound of skin
on silken cloak was loud in the near silence of the corridor and both adults
turned and looked suspiciously down the passage right at the three teenagers
inside the invisible cloak. Hermione froze again and starred wide eyed at
Filch and Snape, until their eyes turned back and their conversation resumed.

Ron's hand also continued at her blouse buttons and this time Hermione could
make no attempt to dissuade him. Soon Harry's left hand joined Ron's right
and while Ron worked at her buttons, Harry drew the tucked in blouse length
out of her rucked up skirt and the started on the buttons from the bottom.
While Ron unbuttoned from the top down his other hand slipped across the back
of her skirt and started to work the hem up the back of her smooth thighs.
Harry and Ron spread open the unfastened front of Hermione's blouse and as
Harry's hands immediately started to search for the clasp of her bra, Ron
went to work on her skirt. Hermione's bra fastened at the back so Harry had
to thrust both his hands under her opened blouse and behind her back while
he fumbled for the plastic hooks and eyes.

Hermione, still too scared of alerting Snape and Filch to their presence
could do nothing but allow the boys to strip and molest her. Even though her
body was still and pliant, her brain was moving overtime. She knew these two,
she knew their characters and what they would and would not do. And this
behaviour was without doubt not anywhere in either of their personalities,
they wouldn't have even considered such horrible and cruel behaviour.

Ron tugged the base of her short skirt up over her hips until it became
little more than a belt around her waist. His hands quickly fastened onto the
cheeks of her bottom and she felt him leaning back to get a look at her pert
thong-framed buttocks, a tiny low throaty moan escaped his lips and luckily
it was too quiet for either of the two adults to pick up. Ron bent down
behind Hermione and got both hands onto her near-naked ass. The thong was
small and revealing a 'T' of thin cotton with a little triangle at the top
where the gusset met the waist band that quickly disappeared between the
smooth cool orbs of her firm succulent flesh.

Harry watched, holding tight onto Hermione, while Ron's hands stroked and
squeezed and fondled her all-but bared ass. He wasn't very gentle with the
firm globes of her blemishless flesh and as his fingers dug into the
pearlescent skin Harry recognised a grimace twisting the girl's features.
Her eyes were glistening with newly brimming tears, though Harry felt they
were more a result of her feeling helpless than afraid or hurt. Something
in the back of Harry's mind was muttering that he shouldn't be allowing
this or enjoying it. But all he felt was horny and turned on from her

Hermione still wasn't moving or struggling. One hand was covering her own
mouth, having replaced Harry's as if she couldn't trust herself to keep
her cool and her silence. Her other hand was gripping Ron's shoulder, not
fighting him but trying to give him a sense that she wasn't happy or
consenting to what he was doing to her. Of course, it fell on deaf ears.

However, Hermione's stillness and silence played into Harry's desires and
he risked letting go of her and putting his hands back to work on releasing
her none-too-small breasts from their bra covering. The hooks released much
more easily on his second attempt and the garment fell loose against her
flesh. Harry quickly pulled the cups down under her pert breasts and reached
for a naked nipple-tipped globe with one hand. He felt the softness and the
warmth of her flesh against his palm and a shiver ran down his spine. Her
hard spongy nipple was almost hot as it poked between his fingers. He
squeezed lightly feeling the cushioning flesh give against his pressing
fingers and then Harry took hold of her other breast, marvelling at the
heat emanating from the twin orbs burning into his hands.

Ron had grabbed the waist band of Hermione's thong and was pulling it upwards
between her framed buttocks watching at the thin taut material actually rode
up against her vulva and spread the outer lips that were deeply shadowed
between the tops of her inner thighs under the shadow of the invisibility
cloak. The erotic mental burning was really getting to the two boys now,
controlling their actions, fuelling their lusts until their minds were almost

Right on time Snape and Filch, still talking, about-turned and started to
make their way back down the corridor and then around the corner. Again Ron
took the advantage and the lead in manhandling Hermione. He slapped a hand
over her mouth again and standing right behind her, his bulging crotch
pressed up tight against her buttocks and his free hand tight around her
waist, he started to use his strength and weight to walk her forwards down
the corridor. Harry, his hands still attached to the girl's jutting quivering
breasts, came along with them for the quiet little walk.

They got to the junction and stopped dead when they saw Snape and Filch
standing still again halfway down the side corridor maintaining their
muttered conversation. There was nothing more to be done than to go on to
the tunnel's secret entrance. And holding Hermione as tight as he could,
Ron started off again, walking and manhandling her down the corridor with
Harry in tow keeping a tight control on the all-concealing cloak.

The all-concealing cloak was spoiling much of Draco Malfoy's fun. And he
couldn't work out how. His spell was working to all intents and purposes. He
sat in front of the roaring fire in his common room with two fifth year girls
getting a noisy seeing to by Crabbe and Goyle in the background. Some girls
would do just about anything for a bit of prestige and praise from Malfoy.

Blanca was sitting in his lap, idly fondling his hard hot erection while
Draco half heartedly played with her exposed tits. He was gazing into the
fire, looking at the flame-broken image of one of the corridors in Hogwarts.
Earlier he had seen Snape and Filch chatting away and a little later
Granger's ridiculous orange cat had seemingly appeared from nowhere, almost
got into a fight with Mrs. Norris and then ran up a suit of armour and
disappeared - as cats tended to do. And now there was nothing to see just a
corridor, that looked like any other in this draughty castle. He was almost
getting more pleasure out of trying to decipher the shadows of his henchmen
and the two girls in the sofa behind him. At the moment they looked like one
big multi-limbed shapeless mass of noisy horniness that was growling and
grunting and snorting in mixed high and low pitches with extreme exertion.

He threw his attention back to the fire-image as something seemed to be
happening. A statue was moving. It was an old crone Witch with an eye patch
and a hunched back, who was leaning heavily on her ancient broom. As Draco
watched the hump seemed to invert and become concave, hollowing out and
expanding until the crone was engulfed into the growing hole. The hole grew
until it was big enough for a man to pass through. After a few seconds pause
the image passed through the hole into a dark passageway and the entrance
reformed and sealed up behind.

"Lumos extractium!" Harry said clearly inside the magically soundproofed
passageway. He swish-flicked his wand and a light came to life on the tip of
his wand and then detached itself and floated upwards like a helium balloon.
The cave-like earthy chamber was bathed in bright warm illumination. Ron was
quickly throwing off the invisibility cloak and dumping it onto the floor by
the entrance to the chamber. Beyond them the tunnel veered off to the right
and carried on towards Honeydukes, though that whole idea had long since
vacated their minds. Now they had Hermione to play with and she was all they
would need for a thoroughly good time. Ron made a grab for the girl's
unbuttoned blouse and tugged it down her bare arms and off, along with her
loosened bra. It was added to the clothing pile by the entrance. As Harry
knelt at Hermione's side and started to work on her rucked up skirt,
searching for the clap and zip that held it around her waist.

Hermione felt a panic coming on. She tried to maintain control but knew she
had to at least try to fight them off. She yanked one hand out of Ron's loose
grip and swung at Harry's hand at her hip. At the same time she whipped
herself around and stepped backward pulling herself out of Ron's grasp and
keeping his hands away from her remaining underwear. She knew at once that
she had made a mistake. She knew it from the expression on Ron's face. Pure
red cheeked rage. Harry stood up quickly and the look of fury etching his
vaguely handsome features shocked her. She felt a shiver of fear ripple down
her bare back and flinched as she caught the movement of Ron's hand out of
the corner of her eye. It still struck her like an electric shock. Ron's hand
came up and across and slapped her hard across the cheek. She felt the heat
and then the stinging and then the tears well up and she froze, biting back
a whimper of pain and fear, though unable to stop herself from shivering

The boy's attitudes returned at once to one of pure hungry lust and their
attention went straight back to her almost naked body, as if she was a work
of art or a sculpture or some kind of inflatable sex doll - that she'd seen
in advertisements in her father's magazine collection. Harry got her skirt
free and let it drop to her ankles while at the same time Ron started to
tug at her thong, in between healthy helpings of fondling her ass and thighs.
Harry shuffled around to her front on his knees, his hands aiding Ron's in
stripping her of her underwear while his mouth searched for her pert and
warm nipples.

Hermione consciously decided to change her tactic. She would approach this
as a simple problem to be solved. She would use her brain and her wits,
blanking out what they were doing to her as completely as she could. She
just hoped the answer would come before her virginity was taken.


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