Author's note: This is part of a multi-chapter epic that involves lots of
different shows, but each chapter is meant to stand on its own so if there
is one you have no interest in please skip it.

Harry Potter: Cupid's Valentine's Day Vengeance Part 2 (ff,voy,foot,mc,magic)
by Hamster

Bob the cupid was determined to enjoy this particular Valentine's Day. The
disgruntled little winged purveyor of lust had become invisible and made his
way to Hogsmeade, in England, in order to strike potential sexual partners
with his love arrows. The less likely the pairing was, the better. He was
going to show his miserable slut of a boss Venus that he could think outside
the danm box and be different.

Hermione Granger had agreed to meet Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood and Rita
Skeeter at Hogsmeade so that they could discuss a story that Rita would
be forced to write about what had happened to Harry at the end of the
Tri-Wizard's cup. After Harry told the story of Cedric's death and the
return of Valdemort and his Death Eaters; Harry decided to call it a day.
He had already botched his date with Cho Chang so Valentine's Day was a
wash for him. Luna simply wandered off abruptly.

This left Rita and Hermione staring at each other in mutual contempt. Bob
the cupid knew what to do instantly. 'They should not be enemies,' Bob
reasoned. 'It's time to spread the love. This was going to be insanely fun,'
he thought. He drew two arrows and fired them both rapidly one after the
other. Rita and Hermione both yelped and looked around to see what could
have happened. Then suddenly made eye contact.

Rita looked at Hermione as if for the very first time. She stared at the bow
of her cute little lips and imagined what it would be like to have those lips
on her wet, hot cunt. Hermione likewise stared at Rita and was very surprised
at how powerful and desirable she thought Rita was. She found herself
wondering how Rita might look naked. 'What are you doing Hermione?' She
thought. 'You hate her.'

Rita was likewise seeing Hermione in a whole new light. Hermione was a pretty
girl was body was developing in a most pleasing manner. She had lovely lips
which Rita felt would look even better wrapped around one of her nipples or
buried in her cunt.

Rita looked at Hermione lustfully. She was absolutely certain that the girl
was whole-heartedly returning to the look of wanton desire so Rita decided to
take a chance.

"You know little miss perfect I really, really hate you." Rita stated.

Hermione was a little surprised to feel Rita's foot push between her thighs
and rub her pussy through her robes. Hermione stared at Rita in shock then
smiled contently as she enjoyed the feeling of pleasure of the foot's
friction against her pussy caused. Hermione whimpered as the foot rubbed her
pussy faster and harder, she was being driven insane with lust. Rita smiled
right into Hermione's face, she wanted to look right into the girl's eyes
when she foot-fucked her to an orgasm. This continued for several minutes
with Hermione pushing her pussy into Rita's foot in her desperation to cum.
Hermione grabbed the edge of the table and bit her lip to muffle a cute
little squeal that signaled her orgasm. Rita was very satisfied to feel the
dampness on the girl's robes before removing her foot and putting her shoe
back on.

"Well sweetie maybe we should go somewhere and discuss how much we err hate
each other." Rita offered.

"Excellent idea. I know just the place." Hermione said.

Hermione grabbed Rita's wrist and half led, half dragged the woman across
Hogsmeade to the screaming shack where Hermione had met Harry's godfather
in her third year. Bob had to fly at top speed to keep up with the two horny
women. The two had no sooner made it into the Screaming shack than Rita
threw Hermione up against the wall and began ripping open Hermione's robes.

"I want you right fucking now you trampy little witch." Rita declared.

Hermione apparently did not have a problem with that because she offered no
resistance. Once the girl was completely naked Rita removed her own robes and
lay on the ground and motioned Hermione to join her. Bob the cupid watched
with great interest as Rita lay on the bare dusty ground and motioned for the
younger witch to join her.

Hermione lay down atop her mid-section then she eased up further, and
Hermione was face and eyes into Rita's remarkable cleavage. She moaned, and
leaned forward, inhaling the scent of the older woman, and licked the cleft
between the two large mammaries. Rita gasped in approval. Hermione cupped
each breast in her hands, and trailed soft kisses up and down the slope of
the left breast, and rolled the nipple in her fingers. Rita drove her crotch
into Hermione's thigh, and groaned as the teen girl continued to kiss her
large, soft breasts.

Rita then ran her fingertip over her Hermione's anus. The girl shuddered,
Rita merely pulled Hermione closer. Hermione licked her breasts slower, and
in larger circles. She began to trace the outline of Rita's chest with her
tongue when the woman teen gasped.

"Oh my YES, little miss perfect!!! That feels so good!!"

Hermione stared up into Rita's eyes, and sucked harder on her nipples. She
then pushed the two breasts together and sucked both nipples at the same
time. Rita's eyes rolled back into her head, and she was close to screaming.
The woman slowly, ever so slowly, ran the palm of her hand down the teen's
belly, and rested on her crotch. The heat was intense. Rita slipped her hand
inside, and rubbed a finger across the folds of Hermione's hot teen cunt.
Hermione spread her legs further and further apart, and Rita slipped one
finger inside of Hermione's sex, and another inside of her anus. The girl
shrieked loudly, and started to buck against both hands, all the while
yelling at the top of her lungs. Finally spewing girl cum during her climax.
Rita licked one cum soaked finger and one shit covered one.

With Rita's encouragement Hermione reluctantly moved down from Rita's
breasts, and tongued her naval for a second, before moving on. When she
reached Rita's waist she licked the sex before her. Rita groaned, and
started to knead her breasts, and watched Hermione go to work. Hermione
slowly, and carefully, slipped her tongue inside of Rita, and tasted her.
She added another two fingers to go along with her tongue. Rita was
moaning loudly, and was loving every second of it. She sucked gently on
Rita's clit, and finger-fucked her in time with her sucking. Rita was
grunting encouragement.

"Ohhh yes, fuck YEEESS!!!" She cried as she came to her own orgasm. She was
panting but still had one more request to make of the girl. "I want you to
lick my ass hole, you sweet little witch."

"I couldn't possibly do that! That's disgusting." Hermione protested.

'Oh no you don't!' The cupid was not going to let her spoil the party quite
yet. He plugged the girl with two more love arrows.

"OUCH!" Hermione cried out suddenly before looking at Rita dreamily. "Well
I suppose if you really want me to I could try."

"Good girl." Rita smiled encouragingly.

Rita rolled on her stomach and raised her ass in the air, she looked back at
her with a look of sheer anticipation. Hermione rubbed a finger over Rita's
anus. The woman gasped, and Hermione kissed each cheek of her ass, sucking
lightly on each bun. Hermione paused for a second, and then started to lick
the older witch's ass. She licked up and down the woman's tight ass, and
tasted her sweat. She traced the valley of her crack from top to where it
met her womanhood. As she passed the puckered anus, Hermione kissed it, and
licked on, enticing another moan from Rita. Finally, Hermione returned to
the anus, and made her tongue stiff, and entered her lover from behind. Rita
groaned again, and started to move her butt onto Hermione's tongue, as the
small organ pistoned in and out of the tight ass.

"Oh yes, fuck me little miss perfect!!! Fuck my ass!!!"

Hermione replied by literally smashing her entire tongue into Rita's ass,
and her mouth was plastered to the other girl's ass. Hermione fought off
the desire to gag as she tasted sweaty dirty ass fudge. Rita fingered her
cunt as Hermione butt-tongue-fucked her. She soon felt her orgasm build,
and Hermione sped up to keep in time with Rita's movements. Then Rita
shrieked yet again, and shuddered, and climaxed.

Rita heaved and sighed. Hermione grinned, and crawled up the woman's back.
Rita turned and smiled at her. They kissed deeply, and Hermione fondled the
older witch's breasts. As they kissed the two insatiable witches began to
grind their pussies together. Rita inserted two fingers into Hermione's cunt
and finger-fucked her rapidly. Hermione moaned in pleasure and arched her
back as Rita licked and sucked her nipple. She gasped as the older woman
gave the nipple a nibble. Rita kept fingering her until the girl started to
cum all over her hand. Rita brought her cum soaked hand to her mouth and
licked it clean.

'Hmmm, these two are going to be at it for a while.' Bob thought, 'I better
get back to work making this the nastiest Valentine's on record.'
_ _ _

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Here's a list of all the shows involved in the series:

1. Reba
2. Harry Potter
3. Hope And Faith
4. Gilmore Girls
5. Sister, Sister
6. Batman - The Animated Series
7. 8 Simple Rules
8. Lizzie McGuire
9. 7th Heaven
10. Buffy The Vampire Slayer
11. Scout's Safari
12. Cheaper By The Dozen
13. Angel
14. Teen Titans/X-Men Evolution
15. Justice League
16. Fantastic Four
17. Lilo And Stitch
18. Grounded For Life
19. What I Like About You


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