This is just a little parody story based on the Harry Potter books. I neither
own any form of copyright nor make anything from writing this. It's just a
bit of fun.

Harry Potter: Another Draco Devilism Part 2 (mmf,mf,oral,bond,magic,cons,nc)
by Nickamano ([email protected])

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley weren't sure what their best friend Hermione
was up to, but she had told them about some secret she had found near the
Slytherin wing of the castle. They had followed her down and into one of
the many rooms they had yet to explore.

Ron gaped when he had first seen her that afternoon and he could hardly keep
himself from gaping all the way down to the dungeons. He had been sat playing
chess near the fireplace in their common room. He had been facing the door
and so he'd seen her come in and the game had been completely forgotten about
halfway through his castling move. Her hair was smooth and gleaming with
healthy sheen, bouncing slightly with her steps, something about it reminded
him of Professor Lockhart for some unfortunate reason. Her skin looked like
it was glowing with vitality and she was wearing make up that seemed to age
her a good five years. For a horrible moment Ron found himself wondering if
this was some kind of ploy to enable Hermione to take her O.W.L. exams a
couple of years earlier. However, another alluring part of her, that was
gently bouncing along with her hair, caught his attention and ejected all
thought from his brain. Her blouse was half unbuttoned and knotted at the
bottom to show of her tanned stomach and her surprisingly sexy navel. His
eyes bulged and his mouth started to water but his attention had barely
washed over her stomach before jumping back up to that bouncing motion above
almost at once. She couldn't be wearing a bra. He'd certainly noticed that
she was developing up there, her blouses were starting to push forward at the
upper chest and the handful size prominences had been pushing themselves into
his attention a lot recently. Right now they were almost bouncing right out
of her top and Ron found himself wishing they would do just that even for a
split second, just to get a glimpse of them in all their
no-longer-quite-so-small glory. Feeling suddenly embarrassed he forced his
gaze to rise and he saw that her made-up face looked very sweet and very
pretty, her warm pink lip-sticked smile beamed back at him. She didn't seem
to have noticed the way he had been looking at her. Besides, dressing that
way was surely an invitation to look at her, wasn't it? By this time Harry
had wondered what it was that had stopped Ron dead in his tracks and he
peered around the wing of his leather armchair and caught sight of Hermione
too. She was talking by now something about a secret but Ron was all eyes,
his ears weren't working right and he was even finding it hard to blink. He
heard Harry speaking and a twinge of jealousy pulled him out of his drunken

"That's an interesting new look." Commented Harry, trying to keep his voice
mildly conversational. Hermione could detect the obvious emotion behind it
all the same.

"It doesn't seem quite like you though." He added.

"Of course it's me." She replied with a slight exasperated edge to her voice.
Her tone ending the line of conversation then and there.

There was more talking that Ron couldn't keep up with. Her sexy smile was
affecting him by this time, those lush pink lipstick-coated lips, the
inviting warmth in her smile and in her eyes. And then they were walking
down stairs and along corridors. Hermione had also done something to her
jeans, something that made then ride up and grip tight to her pert bottom
as if they'd been painted on. While somehow at the same time they hung low
from her smooth hips, showing off more flesh than he had ever seen Hermione
do before. His eyes were fixed to the smooth hypnotic flex of the cheeks
of her pert ass and the thin black lace threads that formed the back and
waistband of the tinniest g-string he had ever seen. Not that he had really
seen any in real life before.

The secret in question was behind one of those dark wooden doors that you
passed by without really noticing. Harry had walked down this corridor at
least twice a week for the last two years and had never notice the presence
of this particular door before. Inside there was nothing spectacular,
nothing exciting like the Philosopher's stone or the Mirror of Erised, or
even Fluffy. Harry felt a moment of silly pride that he could find better
secret rooms that Hermione could. Then he shook it off and looked around.
Shouldn't trust first impressions Harry told himself. Remembering one of
those weird half sentence lessons that Mrs Figg used to throw at him when
he stayed with her and those cats. Would Hermione have liked Mrs Figg? Would
Hermione become Mrs Figg in fifty years? He laughed inwardly looking around
the boring room for something interesting to look at.

"What are we supposed to be looking at Hermione?" Ron asked, turning to her
and voicing Harry's thoughts. "All I see are mouldy beds, a broken stove,
and sink and a load of those wall mounted fire things."

"Sconce." Hermione replied.

"What d'you call me?" Ron said wide eyed, his face going red.

"Sconces you ponce! Wall-mounted-fire-things. Sconces." She giggled.

Ron's already red face darkened with embarrassment. Harry couldn't help but
laugh. The teenage girl took the moment of distraction to draw her wand and
deposit two quick lust spells onto the boys. They didn't know a thing about
it and the reaction was almost immediate.

"I feel weird." Ron said. Hermione took the initiative at once and reached
for Ron's hand.

"Come and sit down on the bed." She said easily, leading him.

The feel of her hand in his was surprisingly exhilarating. The warmth of her
soft skin against his palm, that was already starting to perspire, the
delicacy of her touch - gentle like a little girl's belying the strength he
knew she could muster, and the excited tingling wherever his skin was in
contact with hers. It all felt very nice and gratifying. He felt giddy and
warm and wanted to laugh and to squeeze her hand tighter, wanting to feel
more of her skin flesh against his. Neither Ron nor Hermione took much notice
as Harry, a little unsteadily, went over to join them.

"Is it me, or is it hot in here?" Harry asked. But all he could see were
Hermione and Ron gazing fixedly into each other's eyes.

Harry should have felt like a gooseberry, felt as if he should leave them to
it for some reason, but he didn't. All he did feel was warm and tingly. His
eyes locked to Hermione's, twinkling with a kind of innocent desire, Ron knew
the kiss was coming. His gaze slipped down to her full glistening lips and he
watched with his heart hammering as she tilted her head and gently leaned in.
Her lips touched his and pursed ever so slightly, the contact was
feather-light and so sweet that Ron found himself shivering with pleasure.
His whole face was flushed and hot but it was nothing compared to the touch
of her lips on his, the scent of her perfume and of her shampooed and charmed
hair. She pressed a little more firmly and Ron reciprocated his left hand
coming softly around her shoulders to pull her closer. Hermione's lips, sweet
with their warmth and softness and with the taste of her lipstick, pressed
harder and then slid back a little before parting against Ron's and pressing
forward again. Ron instinctively followed suit and that gave the girl the
opportunity she had desired, to press her tongue between her lips and against
his. Harry watched them kiss for a moment and bit down the waves of jealousy.
Ron was engaged in pleasure with her body and he wasn't. He wasn't that
bothered about the actual kissing, but that level of intimate physical
contact was something he wanted. And so he went after it. Something told him
to start slowly though, so he put one hand onto her plump firm thigh and
found himself immediately turned on and marvelling at the firmness and the
heat radiating from her flesh. His other hand came to her bare waist and he
used his fingers on her flesh stroking in little tickling circles almost
following the contours of the young muscles beneath her tanned skin. He
lengthened the fingertip circles and worked his way across her smooth
abdominals until his found the hollow of her belly button that he surrounded
in large and small circles with the very tips of his fingers, enlarging his
circles and then contracting them again. Hermione sighed into Ron's mouth.
Harry decided it must be his touches that were turning her on and he
continued, emboldened by his success. His left hand shifted from her thigh,
he had been gently rubbing up and down the warm flesh and applying gentle
squeezes, he slipped his fingers following the curve of her hip over the
creased folds of her jeans until he found the textured lace of her g-string
underwear. Harry ran a finger along the inter-looping lace pattern,
salivating over the two textures of slightly rough cotton lace weaving and
the smooth and soft warmth of her bare flesh. He slipped his fingers
underneath the waist band so the backs of his fingers were against her flesh
and then pulled at the garment. Hermione groaned again, feeling the edge of
her knickers bite into the soft flesh at the crux of her trembling thighs,
as Harry pulled at it. She could feel an edge of the material digging into
one of her soft vulva, pulling at the twin lips and parting them. She was
feeling sticky wetness in between, her juices already starting to flow inside
her. She flicked her tongue up and around inside Ron's mouth and his tongue
followed her, like some kind of playground game darting from one mouth to the
other touching, caressing exchanging saliva's before turning and running away
the other tongue giving chase at once. Their lips still pressed, mouthed
together, sometimes closing around the other's tongue and giving little
playful sucks before mouths opened and came together again, tongues following
suit at once. Ron was beginning to groan little sounds of passion as the
kisses continued and he was shivering with eroticism. His hands were on her,
clenching, stroking, squeezing, pulling her against him. The movements of his
tongue were growing more erratic, frantic, horny. Harry was tugging, one
handed, at the zip in the crotch of Hermione's jeans and was getting it
unzipped barely an inch at a time but his other hand was now around at the
small of her back and pushing down underneath the waist band of her trousers
and underwear and he wasn't about to remove it over some stupid zipper. Ron's
hand was still on her back over her blouse and waist coat though stroking her
back in wide smooth circles. It was a surprisingly enjoyable sensation for
the girl in his arms as their tongues continued to play back and forth. His
other hand was resting on the soft inner curve of her right thigh and only
his thumb was moving, passing back and forth following the long straight
tendon across her quivering muscles. His finger slipped slowly and stealthily
upwards a couple of inches at a time until his stroking thumb was up against
her crotch. Hermione herself changed gear in the seduction by starting to
remove her own clothes. She reached for the knotted hem of her blouse and
loosened it quickly and then started on the little green buttons that held
her breasts barely confined within the garment. Harry was already working at
her jeans and had the zipper all the way down. He quickly slipped his hand
into the top of her trousers, though her knickers were still between his hot
hand, that cupped her pubic mound and her hair crowned cunt. His middle
finger pressed against the lip framed groove through the silk of her g-string
and he could feel the smooth erect blood filled orb of her clitoris at the
apex of the grove. Hermione moaned again into Ron's hornily working mouth.

Her fingers worked deftly at her blouse buttons and the front came open
easily. At once Ron and Harry went after her pert young breasts, flipping
open the flaps of her blouse front and baring her bra-less breasts to the
daylight, each capturing one of her firm orbs. Harry's head slipped in under
Hermione's left arm and his mouth caressed the silken flesh globe, kissing
the warm skin at random before taking on a circular path that could only lead
to the hot and erect nipple. Ron released her inner thigh in favour of the
soft firmness of a bared breast and had no regrets over his choice. He cupped
the smooth mound, hefting its pertness and semiconsciously gauging its weight
while his still stroking thumb worked around and around the hot fleshy cone
of the goose-bumped areola, surrounding but never quite touching the stiff
nipple. Hermione's groans grew at the new contact. Her juices were flowing
freely and soaking the gusset of her knickers. It was something Harry could
attest to as he could feel the sodden material against his fingers the
slightly adhesive fluid lubricating his circling fingertips working with a
gentle insistence over and around her clitoris and swollen vulva. Ron's thumb
finally cycled its way to her nipple and he stroked over the dimpled tip with
the pad of his thumb and then rubbed up and down along it's erect sides and
underneath before switching his grip so he could bring his index finger into
play as well, catching and pinching the nipple gently, playfully tweaking and
pulling at the stiff little nub. Harry's mouth found the sister nipple and
his lips locked around it quickly. The suction of his locked down lips
instantly pulling the nipple to a higher degree of stiffness while he
fastened his tongue to the tip, licking at the nipple and then all around it.
Hermione, even in the midst of her growing sexual passion, found herself
marvelling at the accidental mimicry of the two boys play on her breasts,
Harry's mouth and tongue copying the movements of Ron's fingers almost
exactly. Hermione's hands were now free again but she took a moment to shrug
off her blouse and waistcoat and toss them behind her over the far side of
the small bed. Then she brought her hands to Ron's short sleeved shirt,
working her way blindly down the buttons one at a time with deftly moving
fingers. The girl's bare arms reaching across for Ron's shirt made Harry's
sucking of her captured nipple much more difficult so he gave in and instead
kissed his way down her naked torso towards her half exposed crotch. While
he made his way down his kissing trail, he drew his masturbating hand back
and then slipped it underneath her knickers passing the waist band and
sliding down over the soft pubic hair to the wet and slightly sticky lips
that were surprisingly hot to the touch. Steam was practically rising from
her, she felt so hot.

He pushed his fingers into the wetness, feeling into the warm softness of her
flesh. Her vulva spread themselves easily for his fingers and he stroked the
folded lips of her labia using the inside of his middle finger to maintain as
rhythmic stroking over the nub of her clitoris. He could feel little trembles
of erotic pleasure through her lust swollen vagina as he rubbed and stroked
all over the sticky wetness. Ron was wearing a plain white T-shirt under his
shirt and he and Hermione were forced to end their drawn out kiss in order to
continue with the mutual undressing. It seemed like a natural break in their
pleasuring so the three of them pulled apart and stripped off the rest of
their clothes as hurriedly as they were able. Hermione left her wrist watch
on and took a quick glance at it, but that was all she was left wearing. Once
the three of them were naked they threw themselves back onto the small bed as
quickly as they could. They took up the same positions although the girl lay
on her back propped up on her left elbow, her legs spread wide for Harry as
Ron lay alongside her and they went back to their kissing-marathon attempt.
This time though Hermione's right hand went at once to Ron's naked crotch and
she trapped his semi-hard phallus against his stomach and used the flat of
her warm palm to stroke it gently and slowly from foreskin to scrotum. While
Ron played with both of her breasts at once and fed his tongue deep into her
sweet hungry mouth. Harry was curled up at her left hip the side of his face
resting on the smoothness of her inner thigh. One hand was stroking the
exposed flesh of her inner thigh while the other, wet with his own saliva and
the juices from her lovely looking cunt, was once again stroking gently at
her inner lips rubbing her own juices over her flesh from vulva to her
puckered mouth of her rectum. He stretched his head over and touched his
tongue to the hood of flesh that now covered her still erect clitoris. He
flicked across the hood, switching between the soft surface of his tongue and
the hard tip, while he started to push the tip of his index finger closer and
then into the entrance to her tight little vagina. While he tongued at her
clitoris, Harry enjoyed the little moans from her muffled mouth and the
increasing spasms that rippled through her loins. He gently fingered fucked
her for a while before drawing out his slick finger and spreading the inner
lips wide open and revealing her clitoris again and attacking it directly
with his tongue. The sparks of sensual lightning that tore through her loins
from Harry's oral work on her clit was almost too much for Hermione but she
tried to relax her mind while Ron shuffled up to give her mouth the reach it
needed to get to his cock. His hands lid through her hair, stroking,
caressing, guiding, while trying not to be aggressive towards her. Hermione
let her head be tuned and pulled, her mouth positioned against the jutting
bloated crown of Ron's meat. The silky flesh of his phallus, jutting forth
from the retracted foreskin like an arrow head, was very hot and heavily
scented being so close to her nose. He bumped against her nose a couple of
times in his desire, then her lips pressed against the spongy texture of hard
flesh that throbbed as if with a life of it's own. It felt huge, pressed
hotly against her face and cheek but Ron wasn't prepared to wait too long.

"C'mon, hurry." He grunted in a lust fuelled guttural tone as he pressed down
at Hermione's pretty head pushing her to open her mouth and start sucking on

Hermione parted her lips and reached out with her tongue teasing him and
smiling as he growled in the back of his throat and pushed at her head
insistently, his lust to feel the damp heat of her mouth consuming him. She
took hold of the back of his erection in one hand as far down the hard corded
shaft as she could, pressed her palm and the heel of her hand into the soft
organ-filled flesh of his tight scrotum and then slipped her half open lips
over the tip of his crown, flicking her tongue across the eye hole feeling
the slightly rough dry texture of his hard flesh, smoothing the roughness
with her saliva and polishing it until it glistened in the bright enchanted
candlelight. Then the girl slowly started to push down with her mouth,
keeping her teeth out of the way with practised ease and letting her lips
spread around the broadening girth of the boy's hard palpitating cock. She
kept on pushing her mouth down his length and sucking at each newly consumed
inch, bringing hoarse moans from Ron's own mouth, until her lips met her
gripping hand. Ron felt the ring of her throat rasping it's way down his
enveloped crown, the touch of her mouth and throat tightening as his bloated
crown was accepted more deeply and then there was a sudden give and a
slightly increased sensation of warmth as his helmet popped past her mouth
and into her oesophagus. There were rippling caresses of her throat muscles
against his crown as she gulped and swallowed around the meat that was
stretching her mouth and throat. Ron drew in a sharp intake of breath as he
felt Hermione's tongue working away, tickling and pleasuring inside her mouth
along the ridged underside of his hard sensitive cock. Harry drew back from
her spread thighs and shuffled himself up alongside Hermione, shifting his
position on his side until his jutting erection was resting against the
taught pale flesh of his young friend's inner thigh. He took hold of his warm
silky fleshed erection and started to rub and stroke the crown and the half
pulled back foreskin against the slick hot lips of her vulva, stroking his
cock against her in little circles and working her lubrication and his saliva
all over her genitals and her clitoris, enjoying the physical reactions of
her twitching muscles and the little palpitations beneath her creamy skin and
the soft gasping moans from her cock-filled mouth as he stroked and caressed
her vagina with his hard cock.

Hermione removed her hands from the base of Ron's penis and pushed forcibly
down with her mouth, making her throat accept another inch of flesh as her
lips pressed further down taking absolutely everything the red headed
teenager had to offer. She worked her lips against the soft movable flesh as
if she were kissing him while at the same time she gulped at the shaft
stretching and filling her mouth, working her tongue and her throat muscles
firmly on the hardness. She pushed out with her tongue and stretched the
sensual organ past her lips so she could lick at Ron's testicles through the
flesh sac containing them. The airtight seal her lips had formed was broken
by her tongue and saliva drooled out around her tongue, coating Ron's
testicles and making him groan with the hot-then-cold touch of her drool
against his sensitive flesh, as the air cooled the fluid and the sensation
made his flesh tingle with erotic feeling, forcing more blood and more
excited tingles into his engorged phallus, that stiffened and bulged inside
Hermione's gulping sucking mouth. She groaned as her jaw was stretched to the
extreme. Hermione was trying her best to pleasure Ron as much as she could,
but she was acutely aware of the proximity of Harry's cock to her cunt lips
and something inside her didn't want Harry in there, at least not just yet.
With a great effort she pulled her mouth up, back and then off the length of
Ron's erection, her air tight lips making a wet and sexy popping noise as she
did. She ignored his wordless protests while she took both her hands to the
boy's shaft and testicles working on him manually to keep the pleasure and
the pressure locked inside the lovely shaft and, of course, to keep him
happy. And then she turned to Harry.

"Wait." Hermione moaned, pulling at Ron's erection with a saliva slicked fist
and at the same time catching Harry's eye. He was trying to angle his head to
get to her pert breasts and their stiff almost glowing pink nipples When he
paused and looked up at her, his cock head was still at her cunt, pushing
idly between her vulva, trying to get to her sticky and lubricated labia.
"Stick it in my bum instead. I want Ron to pop my cherry." Hermione
instructed seriously.

Harry frowned slightly, glancing at Ron who was holding the girl's head in
both his hands and once again sliding his engorged cock up and down across
her drool slicked lips.

"You don't mind do you, Harry?" She asked him, from around Ron's jutting
intrusive erection.

"'Course not." He said simply.

He did mind of course, but her request just made him want to give her bottom
a really thorough shafting, if she wanted him in her arse then she'd have to
accept the circumstances. He'd show her no mercy. Somewhere in the back of
his mind Harry was telling himself he should be disgusted by the idea of
pushing his thing up Hermione's bottom. Hell, he shouldn't even be here, this
whole situation was out of character for all three of them. However, like Ron
the rest of his mind and his conscience was enchanted by the girl's charming
spell and any objection went unheeded. Lust had taken over and lust drove him
on to the natural conclusion. He looked back at Ron who was concentrating on
his own pleasure, pushing on the back of Hermione's head, making sure he got
her mouth to the exact position it had been half a minute earlier.
Penetrating Hermione's bottom was not an easy task, it was a tiny and firmly
cinched little orifice and the scar-headed boy couldn't see how his cock
would fit. He grabbed her hips and shifted her further onto her side and then
lifted her left leg into the air so she was open and fully exposed. Then he
shuffled up close and, holding his cock tight in one fist, he touched the
crown to the little ring of her anus and pushed forward, putting his weight
behind her. Nothing really happened, he felt the tiny anal mouth pressing
back against his crown and a groan of passion came from Hermione's filled
mouth but there wasn't even the suggestion that her arse would open up for
his erection. Harry looked up at Hermione as if looking to her for help, but
her eyes were closed and she seemed to be concentrating on doing her best
sucking work on Ron's cock. His expression was a telltale sign of how much
he was enjoying the feel of her mouth and throat. However, as if reading his
mind, still with her eyes closed, she seemed to focus on relaxing. She
reached down with one hand to her vagina and slapped at the swollen lips with
the flat of her hand gently before rubbing her fingertip in quick expert
circles at the top of her pubic lips working the flesh hood covering her
clitoris. Even as Harry watched, with one hand gripping and squeezing his
erection to keep it hard, her cunt began to flow more openly, glistening
lubricant drooled from between her spread labia making the whole area glisten
under the candlelight. Hermione scooped up finger-fulls of her juices and
then took hold of Harry's cock in a firm soft hand, a contact that made Harry
gasp and his cock stiffen even more. The unexpected contact of someone's
else's hand on his penis was extremely erotic. Surprisingly so. Hermione
worked more of her juices onto her fingers and then worked her fingers over
Harry's cock and around her sphincter entrance for half a minute or so. At
the same time she carried on working her mouth on Ron's erection, squeezing
his scrotum in her other hand while she slid her mouth from one end of his
phallus to the other, taking him back and forth into and out of her mouth and
throat. She couldn't go all that quick, but she could go as deep as it was
possible to go, and the wetness and the heat and the pressure of her throat
and sucking lips and sweet tongue provided all the pleasure Ron could ever
want. Finally she let go of Harry's phallus that was now glistening as much
as her cunt lips and her slick hand found it's way blindly to Ron's already
open mouth who took her fingers past his lips immediately and started to suck
the cum from them one at a time with a delicious wanton desire. Harry tried
inserting his erection once more into Hermione's ass hole. And almost at once
he knew it was going to go up there. It still wouldn't be easy, however, it
was certainly going to fit. He pushed and her sphincter ring began to open a
little at a time. Harry tried again a couple of times before he took a breath
and then shoved up against her bottom with his hips. Hermione gasped around
Ron's cock her face twisting into an excruciating expression that Harry found
extremely horny, he felt a quiver of excitement rush down his body and
through his penis. He shoved again but this time Hermione bore down and he
slipped into her with less pressure. He was almost disappointed, even though
she let out another little muffled squeal as his bloated crown pushed into
her suddenly, like a trapped cork being pushed down through the tight neck of
a bottle. He took a moment or two to enjoy the tightness and heat that
gripped and squeezed his blood filled phallus. It felt kind of oily and
stiflingly warm inside of her tight little arse. The throbbing hot walls of
her stretched rectum were smooth though textured, like the feel of the
surface of a tongue. Harry started to jerk his hips again, enjoying the firm
hot feel gripping him and the way the oily flesh and the lubricant coating
his flesh allowed his erection to slide against her squeezing rectal walls.
He pushed slowly, pushing deeper into her, keeping up a slow deliberate
pressure until his whole length was inside her and his hips met her smooth
tense and juicily pert young buttocks. Then Harry drew back and started to
fuck. It was much easier to drive forward and back than he had imagined even
though her walls kept a tight almost cinching grip on him. He leaned over her
and put more pressure behind his hips and pumped really starting to enjoy the
sensations of buggering Hermione Granger.

* * *

The Full Body-Bind that held Hermione Granger had faded by this time, but not
before Draco had returned and dumped his captive in a simple old wooden chair
and bound her wrists over its high back, her ankles to its legs and her
midsection to the slatted back as well.

"You can make as much noise as you like, no one will be able to hear you, but
I'd rather you didn't." Malfoy shrugged. "It'd only piss me off."

As Draco spoke, Hermione looked at him with burning defiance in her eyes. He
sat five feet away from her on a little chest of drawers beneath the hole in
the roof, through which the afternoon sunlight beamed down making a warm
mystical glow in the dusty disused room. He had his wand in one hand and was
twirling it the way rock band drummers often did, around his spread fingers.
Hermione pictured him sitting alone in his room practising for hours, losing
control time and time again, the wand spinning out of his grasp and shooting
across the room while throwing sparks and transfiguration spells in all
directions. The image brought a half-smile to the practically naked teenage

"What are you up to Malfoy?" She asked, her voice steady and low, controlled.
"Why did you take my clothes? I knew you were a pervert but I didn't think
you would be into wearing girl's clothes!"

Malfoy sneered at her, his eyes travelling over her body. Hermione squirmed
under his gaze. They both knew he had the advantage and Hermione was now
uncertain of just what he was or might be capable of.

"I'm not wearing your clothes, silly Mud blood." He drawled, his lips curling
at the curse, enjoying the hurt blush that spread across the girl's face.
Then he continued. "Actually you're wearing them and right about now you're
down in the castle somewhere seducing your two ignorant friends."

"What are you talking about?!" The girl snapped, her temper fraying.

"You'll see in good time." Malfoy grinned then, a slimy looking expression
that dripped with malice. "And then you'll be thrown out of Hogwarts. All
three of you. My father will make sure of it."

"You've tried that kind of thing before and it has never worked. It won't
work this time either."

Hermione was busy testing the ropes that bound her to the hard cold chair.
Her bottom was beginning to ache already. She knew if she kept Malfoy talking
he's shoot his mouth off about his plan and he'd be distracted from her
attempt to escape. The problem was thinking of what to talk to him about.

"Why do you hate us all so much?" She asked. "What has any of us ever done to
you?" She could feel a little give in the ropes but she was worried that her
tugging twisting wrists would only strengthen the tightness of the nylon
rope's knots. She would have to be careful.

"You? I don't hate you Mud blood, I pity you. Your pathetic Muggle parents,
your weak blood. You don't deserve to be called 'witch'. All you're good for
is a piece of meat."

"What are you going on about? " Hermione snarled, trying to rise above the
flowing insults, trying to keep her composure.

"A piece of meat to be used, you're just a cunt Granger like all muggle
females, something for sticking dick in getting off on, a cunt, a mouth,
maybe an arse. Just holes for spunk." He spat, his lips curling into a
cruel victorious smile, there was a darkness of lust in his eyes.

"You're a blonde, snotty, uppity spunk hole." He stepped down off the chest
of drawers and pointed at her with the tip of his wand. "That little pink
hole between you legs is the only worthy part of you. And maybe your big
mouth, when it's filled with dick."

"You're sick." Hermione shouted back. His words, though pathetic and
ridiculous, still cut into her. She was angry and hurt and embarrassed and
even for some reason a little ashamed. She tried to focus on the thought
that Malfoy was pitiful That she should feel sorry for him, for being brought
up by twisted parents that didn't know any better than to teach him to think
that way about anyone.

It was those kinds of attitudes that led to thousands on innocent muggles
being tried and murdered as witches and wizards back in the middle ages.
Attitudes that incite fear into muggles who then let their fears control
their actions and get them to murder their own kind - blind ignorant fear.

"You don't deserve to be here you fucking spunk hole Mud blood! And I'm going
to make sure you get thrown right out of Hogwarts And you'll be taking those
Muggle loving arse kissing friends of yours with you."

Hermione ground her teeth in anger wanting to throw insults right back at
him to give the stuck up little bastard a taste of his own medicine, but
she could think of nothing she could say that could hurt him, her mind was
reeling too much. Instead she tried to concentrate on her bonds but she knew
it was no good, the nylon was just being pulled tighter and tighter with her
struggles and movements.

* * *

Harry started fucking in a steady rhythm of around two in-and-out thrusts a
second, using half of his erection with which to bugger Hermione. He wrapped
one hand around her thigh that was pointing vertically into the air and
pumped his hips against her bottom, his lust-glazed eyes fixed to the
partition of ruddy skin between her stretched anus and the cum glistening
lips of her swollen vagina. He looked up at her watching her mouth sliding
up and down Ron's slick cock, her oral pace at about half the speed of his
buggering. Harry took pleasure in swapping for harder jerking thrusts and
altering the angle of his thrusts so his cock pumped into the walls of her
rectum instead of along them and up into her bowels. And, when she took her
mouth off Ron's cock to look back at him with a twisted half-horny
half-pained expression and let out groans, whimpers and soft squeals at his
treatment of her ass, it drove him on to more and more of this kind of none
direct almost torturous buggery. He was enjoying getting a reaction out of
the pretty teenager and was secretly enjoying the way his anal fucking caused
interruptions on Ron's pleasure inside Hermione's hot mouth. Unfortunately,
the increase in friction and the tight gripping heat of her searing rectum
forced Harry's orgasm to grow quickly. And almost before he knew it,
certainly within five minutes of entering her arse, he felt his tingling
scrotum tighten and then he was suddenly locked in the throes of his climax,
jerking his hips with wild abandon, groaning and grunting as he felt the
semen racing up his shaft and he clutched her smooth athletic thigh against
his stabbing hips with both arms while he jerked his phallus down into her
tight suctioning anus again and again. He let out a hoarse wheezing growl as
he came and his seed exploded into her rectum, spurting in long streaming
explosions of liquid fire that struck her anal walls like a half dozen
bullwhips stinging her flesh with their harsh power. He pulled out just in
time to splatter her pale inner thighs and across her stretched and open
sphincter with the last two ropes of his gleaming ivory cum. Harry rolled
back on the bed, releasing Hermione's thigh as fatigue hit him like a great
wave. The adrenaline pumping along with his erect cock had helped hold back
the weariness and tension, but once the orgasm had abated it enveloped him
like a cloak.

* * *

Malfoy took a step towards Hermione, leaning over her and pointing at her
with his wand tip. He sneered and then prodded the end of her pretty nose
with the end of his wand before he caught her bottom lip and pulled it
downwards with his wand tip.

"How much Mud blood meat?" He growled at her keeping his wand on her lips
even as she jerked back to dislodge it. "How much spunk has cum over these

The wand tip traced downwards following the strap of her bra until it met
the right cup and then he followed the soft cotton edge and pushed the wand
against the perky giving flesh of her breast, Hermione jerked back even more
furiously at the more intimate contact.

"Hey! You bastard, get off!" But he ignored her.

"Have Potty and Weasley sucked on these tits? Have they spunked on them? Then
made you lick it off your own nips?"

"You're a really twisted little shit Malfoy!" Hermione snapped, jerking her
shoulders to try and dislodge the contact between him and her breast. "Get
off me you bastard!"

He suddenly pulled his wand back and replaced it with a hand. Cupping her bra
covered breast cruelly and giving it a rude squeeze. Hermione squealed and
struggled but there was nothing she could do to stop him. She cursed and spat
and struggled but he all but ignored her from the neck up. All the while he
was muttering to himself.

"Jerking dicks prodding your tits until the spunk flies out and covers you."
He seemed to be talking to himself by this time. "Then they grab your arms
and push you against Hagrid's fucking donkey dick, rubbing your body against
him until he cums too like a hose pipe onto your perky little tits."

Malfoy's hand slid smoothly downward following the contours of her firm
quivering stomach until his palm cupped her pubic mound through the thin
cotton of her knickers.

"Then they throw you onto his table and flip you over so his can use one of
your spunk holes. So they can all use you, all put their spunk in your holes
one by one until you're drowning in the stuff."

Hermione screamed as his fingers pressed and rubbed at her most intimate
parts but it was as if Malfoy didn't hear her. He rubbed at her mound
through her underwear with a firm and excited touch and continued his weird

"Fucking you one at a time, two at a time. Potter with his little dick in
your cunt while Hagrid rips into your arse. Weasley tossing off into your
open mouth as you scream from the thick giant's dick up your bum."

It was no good, Hermione realised she was tied up tight and couldn't free
herself physically. She had one other possibility. One that she had never
tried before but somewhere in the back of her head had been aware of and
wanted to attempt. The wand was a tool with magic. It was used to focus and
direct, the magic itself came from the witch or wizard themselves. All young
untrained children of their kind had magic inside them that most often was
triggered by strong emotion or by animal instincts such as fear. If Hermione
could harness her magic ability without her wand and possibly direct it she
might be able to free herself from her bonds that way. Of course, the problem
was that unfocussed magic was dangerous and she had never tried anything like
this before. Malfoy's sweating, excited hand slid upwards and then pushed
hungrily underneath the waistband of her underwear. And the fingers shoved
their way into her soft thin pubic hair. It was now or never, Hermione found
herself thinking and she started to concentrate - thinking the words of the
spell over and over, visualising the effects of the spell from all her
practicing and her first and second year classes. And then she visualised the
effects she hoped it would have in the here and now. The build up was sudden
and powerful, an almost erotic tingle that shuddered in wave after wave from
the base of her skull downwards until it pooled in her toes and started back
up again, building and building within her. Malfoy's fingers pressed
downwards pasted the silky tuft of pubic hair and over the delicate folds of
warm flesh of her vulva, fingers separating and following the soft dual swell
of her succulent outer lips.

"Stupefy!" She snapped through clenched teeth, her eyes locked to Malfoy.

When using magic focused through the wand as usual, there is always a little
sizzling sensation down the arm and into the wand, almost like the feeling of
Sherbet dissolving on the tongue. However, this time that same sensation
rippled down her back and out of her body in all directions as if a part of
her was exploding. She knew at once that the spell had worked, but the result
was not quite what she'd wanted. Even as she saw a wide eyed and aghast
Malfoy flying backward across the room (somehow with a chunk of her torn
knickers clutched in his hand) and slam hard against the chest of drawers,
she and her chair were toppling over backwards. She never felt the impact.
Her body went limp and left her mind and her consciousness behind. By the
time she hit the ground she was completely unconscious.

* * *

"Can I screw you now, Hermione?" Asked Ron, almost gingerly, as Hermione
continued to suck and lick at his engorged shaft. She giggled around his hot
girth and then pulled her flushed sweating face out of his lap.

"Sure, of course you can." She replied rolling easily onto her back beside
Harry and spreading her legs wide. She threw her arms over her head over the
side of the bed and smiled up at Ron who was already up on his knees looking
down at her lovely young figure. He actually licked his lips, bringing out
another lust-groaning laugh from Hermione.

"Am I sexy like this Ron?" The girl asked.

"Bloody understatement!" Ron replied earnestly, kneeling between her naked
spread thighs and grasping his hard shaft in one tight fist.

"Stick it in me then," She replied. "Make me cum and I'll do whatever you

Guiding his helmet to her pussy lips with one hand, Ron propped himself on
his other elbow and leaned down over Hermione, covering her pert nakedness
with his tall and lean young body. He pressed the crown of his phallus
against her labia and pushed at once into her tight young tunnel. Hermione
sucked a deep breath in through her teeth in a pain-filled fiery hiss but
the pain didn't last. As Ron relaxed on top of her and gently eased his
erection inside her tight young vagina, Hermione gave a soft pleasurable
sigh and slipped her arms and legs around his gently pumping body. His hips
were already easing an inch or two of his phallus in and out of her
well-lubricated cunt while he enjoyed the warm intimate proximity and the
feel of her sweet naked flesh pressing up against his. He especially enjoyed
the hard heat of her stiff nipples pressing into his chest like little sweet
stones. The contact sent shivers throughout his gently rocking body that
increased the pleasure in his quivering loins. He bent his head and started
to plant kisses on her face, her cheeks, the tip of her cute little nose,
her lids of her eyes, her forehead. Hermione squeezed Ron tighter against her
and slipped her heels and calves up underneath his gently pumping buttocks,
holding him close to her and enjoying the damp heat between them. He was a
good size and felt very hard inside her nicely filled and stretched cunt.
She could feel little tingling palpitations shooting upward from between her
thighs with each frictional forward and backward movement of Ron's large
penis. She tilted her head and glanced at Harry who was lying silently beside
her. He was propped up on his side watching her and the movement of her body
with lust gleaming eyes, listening to the soft squelching sounds as her
genitals and Ron's moved against each other and the gentle slap of Ron's
flesh meeting hers. There was lust in his eyes and his dick was hard again.
He had one hand gripping his hardness while his other reached out and started
to stroke the young female thigh that was scissored around Ron's legs.
Hermione caught Harry's eye. The circular lenses of his glasses were slightly
steamed and his lightning scar looked pale, almost white, against the flushed
skin of his forehead. He did look handsome though and though less toned and
shapely than Ron's he did have a nice body. It was slim and smooth and firm,
the teenage muscles beginning to show through the unblemished skin,
especially in his arms, thighs and his stomach. Probably from all that
Quidditch training, throwing and catching balls and gripping and controlling
the broomstick at high speeds. His cock also looked very tasty, all of a
sudden. She had relished the sensation of Ron's plunging into her mouth, the
taste of it and then heat and the throbs of pleasure running through the
blood filled muscles. She wanted Harry in her mouth at that moment more than
anything. But she suddenly remembered where he'd been last.

"Harry, clean yourself in that sink over there and I'll suck you off." She
panted to him as Ron leaned over her, pressing closer to her and flicking
his tongue across her pink lipstick-coloured lips. Then she sealed her lips
against his and took his tongue into her mouth while her squeezing cunt
sucked on his deeply driving and stone hard erection.

* * *

Hermione was in Hogwarts' hospital wing but she saw that there was something
strange about it almost at once. It was as if there was a haze across her
eyes. There were little cracks and veins in her vision almost as if she was
looking through a translucent layer of rock or ice. And she couldn't move her
eyes either. In fact as he couldn't move at all. She could hear the birds
outside of the tall lead-lined windows to her left and above her head, and
the rush of the wind through the trees outside. And she could smell the
interesting hospital smell of honeysuckle and ether and raspberry that was
enough to confirm where she was. And the view of the ceiling and the blurred
edges of the pristine pillow that framed her periphery. However, she couldn't
move or speak or do anything except lay there looking straight up and listen.

It started to come back to her all at once, the Chamber of Secrets, the
thing petrifying people the thing that she had just worked out had to be a
Basilisk. And then she had seen it in the little borrowed hand mirror just
outside the library. And now here she was lying petrified in the hospital
wing. And then Hermione's vision changed. She saw herself on the bed from
the point of view of someone standing at the entrance, and Draco Malfoy was
standing there looking at her. He stood still for a few moments watching her
and then he looked around and glanced back over his shoulder before closing
the door and placing a tiny proximity charm on the door handle. The charm
would warn him in advance if anyone was approaching who intended to use the
handle. He came over to Hermione and stood at the side of the bed looking
down at her in silence. She lay on her back with her arms and legs locked
in mid step as if she were a plastic mannequin. She was still wearing her
uniform and the only hint of her petrified state was a strange ashen pallor
to her soft smooth skin. Malfoy licked his lips, and after a quick look
around for witnesses, he reached out for her. Hermione's view reverted to
her own body. Her eyes couldn't even move enough see the approach of the
Slytherin student, though for some reason her senses all worked. She
certainly felt the touch of his hand on her bare flesh though, it shocked
her but she could do nothing, not even express her helplessness and horror
of the invasion. Malfoy put his hand onto her calf marvelling at the athletic
firmness of the shapely muscles of her calves. Even with the hard pallor
covering, he could still feel the heat and softness of her skin. He slid his
sweaty hand up her leg, passing her knee and sliding underneath her knee
length skirt, finding the swell of her firm thigh. He slipped his palm down
and around following its succulent curve until his fingers were caressing the
softer inner flesh. He stroked her inner thighs gently up and down reaching
a little high each time until his felt a warm, soft, cotton covered mound
with the edge of his index finger. Hermione gasped inwardly as his hand found
and touched the gusset of her knickers. No one had ever touched her there
before. There was a sudden electric jolt that ripped through her lower body
at the touch. The fingers stroked away down her thigh and then returned to
her underwear and this time the hand stayed put and the fingers touched and
prodded her soft vulva through the thin covering of cotton. As he touched her
his other hand reached up and squeezed her small perky breasts through her
grey v-neck jumper and the blouse and bra she wore beneath it. Her nipples
had been incidentally stiffened by the petrification, though if not Malfoy's
caress would have caused the exact same result. His head moved up into view
and moved in towards her face. As he rubbed his fingertips up and down her
warm spongy vaginal lips and cupped and squeezed her breasts through her
clothes, his lips came down and touched Hermione's. Her mouth was half open
as it had been when she was petrified. And it was simplicity itself for Draco
to open his mouth over hers and slide his tongue between her lips and teeth
and lick across the surface of her own motionless tongue. Draco was in too
much of a horny mood to pass up this opportunity and he drew back from the
motionless statuesque girl and yanked hurriedly at his trousers. Her sweet,
full lipped mouth was open and available and his dick was more than ready to
fill it. He wanted to deposit a creamy present for her to swallow when she
recovered. He levered his already rock hard erection out of his underwear and
let it spring out of the unzipped fly of his uniform trousers. With his dick
swinging around like an iron truncheon from his groin, he clambered up onto
the hospital wing bed and placed his knees up on either side of Hermione's
head. Then he leaned over and used on hand to push his dick into her slack
warm mouth. Hermione's vision was filled for one moment with a fleshy shaft
and then nothing but Malfoy's uniformed crotch. The shaft pushed past her
lips and he pressed himself further and further forward forcing the hard hot
thing deep into her mouth until it popped through into the entrance of her
throat. The rest was short lived, a minute or two of frantic hips bashing
against her immobile face and the horrible, unstoppable sensation of the
mushroom shaped end of the phallus thrusting back and forth in and out of
her throat and then a muffled wheezing grunt from Malfoy a throbbing
twitching from the shaft. And finally a slamming explosion of hot wetness in
her throat, that slapped the back of her throat her like an ice cold wet
towel whipping at her behind.

The sensation of Malfoy's climax was like an unconscious slap that shocked
her to a sudden wakeful state. Hermione's eyes flicked open and she looked
around. She was on the floor of the small tower room lying on her back and
still tied to the chair. In her unconscious state Hermione's body must have
gone completely limp and saved the bones in her arms from being broken by
the hard chair back. They were bruised and hurt like hell though. She shook
the disturbing remnants of the dream off and looked around. She was on the
floor on her back and still tied to the chair in a pool of afternoon
sunlight. Craning her neck Hermione could see that Malfoy was still slumped
over against the chest of drawers and was still unconscious. She had to get
free and she had to do it before Draco woke up or she'd be more or less back
where she started. With a lot of pain and even more effort the teenager was
able to shift herself onto her side and she was relieved to find that the
back of the chair had broken somehow in the fall and her bonds were loosened.
She twisted and tugged with her wrists until she felt with glee one hand
slip out of the tight ring of nylon and then she felt for the knot with the
fingers of her free hand and worked the knots apart. Her arms freed, Hermione
quickly went to work on the other ropes holding her to the hard wooden chair.
She was free and up on her feet in another minute or two. And not a moment
too soon, as Malfoy stirred, groaned and then opened his eyes. He was awake
and alert in a flash, surprising Hermione. They both saw and went for the
discarded wand at the same time. Malfoy sliding across the smooth wooden
floorboards for it, Hermione throwing herself forward to intercept. The wand
was knocked by Malfoy's fingertips and rolled away another foot. With a grunt
Malfoy threw a leg over Hermione's naked back trying to pin her or slow her
down. Hermione kicked out at him and they fell together scrambling to beat
the other to the wand, all too soon they were fighting each other. Draco
grabbed the rear strap of her bra and used it to drag her back behind him but
Hermione rolled onto her side and lashed out with her bare feet, she aimed
the ball of her foot straight at Malfoy's crotch and struck him a nasty blow.
He collapsed to his knees with a wheezing cry and muttered breathless curses
at the girl as he clutched his thunderously aching testicles. While he
whimpered and cursed, Hermione retrieved the wand, turned back and
swish-flicked it at Malfoy's bloodless face.

"Stupefy!" She snarled loudly, the power in her voice adding weight to the

Malfoy was thrown backwards once again by the stunning spell and he let out
a short wheeze and then lay still.

* * *

Harry came back to the bed side with a softened, though clean, phallus and
got back onto the bed beside Hermione, kneeling by her head and waiting for
her mouth to become vacant. Ron was still tongue fencing with her, his lips
mashed to hers while he humped and thrust his hips in an easy and playful
rhythm. For a few seconds Harry watched with mesmerised interest at the
gleaming slick shaft of Ron's hard swollen erection sliding in and out of
Hermione's no longer virgin cunt. He could see her labia half adhered to his
juice slick penis, the lips stretched outwards on the long out stroke and
then driven back in on themselves even into her own tunnel when he pushed
into her. Harry found himself wondering how that felt, was it uncomfortable
or was it nice? Ron lifted his head and started to let out low grunts in time
to his deep thrusts while Hermione arched her head back to gasp and pant in
unison. Harry shuffled forward a little to get the young girl's, his
friend's, attention. She opened her eyes and saw him then turned her
attention back to the other boy.

"Hang on Ron, we're swapping positions."


"So Harry can get his dick sucked while you're banging me." She replied,
squeezing his embedded cock with her vaginal muscles.

"It's only fair," Ron grunted, her gripping cunt having already stopped his
thrusts. "I suppose."

They pulled apart and shifted around until Ron was sitting upright on the
bed, his back to it's carved wooden head with Hermione sitting in his lap
with her back to him. Ron played with her pert breasts and their stiff hot
nipples while the girl pressed herself carefully back down onto his erection.
Harry stood in front of her his knees bent slightly his arms resting on the
frame work of the four poster that held the absent curtains for the bed
supporting his weight. His penis waved heavily in its half hardness in front
of Hermione's pretty face. Hermione opened her mouth as Harry took his cock
in one hand and fed it to her shuffling forward an inch at a time while he
slowly pushed his erection into her hot damp mouth. The feel of her was
erotic and succulent. The heat of her sweet breath, the touch of her tongue,
soft and rough at the same time and stroking his silky foreskin with a
beautifully lusty vigour. He pushed on, pressing deeper until he found the
back of her mouth. He paused there, knowing she had taken Ron deeper but also
careful not to make assumptions about her tastes. The pretty teenage girl
made the decision for him, pushing forward with her face and jutting her chin
forward to straighten her throat so his cock pushed through the tight
entrance and into the curved upper part of her oesophagus. She kept pushing,
her cheeks hollowed, her tongue flicking and stroking and lapping, her lips
pressing in little cool kisses around the circumference of his engorged shaft
until her kisses met his young bush of sweat matted pubic hair. Harry
groaned, feeling the hot wetness of her saliva on his flesh warmed by her
breath. She sucked again, hard, and it felt at once as if she was sucking
Harry inside out. He groaned an almost animalistic sound that rumbled in his
chest and fought down the tingling convulsions that expanded from his tense
scrotum. Harry put one hand on the top of Hermione's head and slowly drew her
erection out from between her lips. Looking down and watching her mouth while
he pulled his cock from its hot depths sent more erotic shivers down his
spine. Seeing the depth it must have gone into her throat for her to take so
much made Harry feel even hornier. The shaft gleamed with her drool and ropes
of the clear bubbly fluid dribbled from his cock and her lips trailing from
her chin and pouring down onto her flat creamy stomach. Her stomach was
undulating above Ron's as she rocked her hips back and forth over him,
fucking her cunt up and down his cock. As Harry watched his crown bloated to
an almost purple colour, he saw Hermione's tongue flick out from between her
pink gleaming lips and wash quickly around it, flicking at his flesh and the
trails of her saliva that joined them together. The connection between that
horny image and the almost separated sensation of her hot tongue, her cold
salvia and his scalding his helmet was almost too much to bear and without
thinking about it Harry immediately thrust back into her mouth again, holding
her head steady with his free hand and watching her full lips curling inwards
to protect his foreskin from her hard unforgiving teeth. They both groaned as
he shoved himself back into her throat, plugging her airway and making her
gag for a moment while he had her unprepared. He drew back a few inches and
then pushed forward again to give her the chance to catch her breath and then
began to thrust three inches of his cock in and out of the back of her mouth,
working at her throat and enjoying the tight suctioning feel of her muscles
caressing and squeezing on his hard phallic crown. Harry took up a thrusting
rhythm that penetrated Hermione's throat as deeply as he was able and was as
quick paced as he thought she could manage.

The next ten minutes were a wordless cacophony of grunting and panting and
gasping and flesh slapping on flesh. Young male hips bashing against young
female body. Hands stroking, squeezing, grasping. Sweat trickling in little
ticklish rivers, mingling and pooling on quivering hollows of flesh or
soaking into stained bed sheets. Licking and flicking and caressing tongues,
saliva drooling from mouths making thin ropes of crystalline opalescence in
the candle light from the surrounding sconces. A male erection, palpitating
and solid as the stone walls of the enchanted room, drew suddenly and
hurriedly out of it's hot suctioning and heavenly receptacle and quivered
for a moment with orgasmic passion before energetically spewing masses of
thick hot creamy semen onto sweet young female flesh. And then the still
hard lance-like organ pushed its way without pause back into the same vessel
and the thrusting recommenced, making the slowly running cum trickle down
the female flesh catching onto streams of sweat and following those paths
down to collect and mingle with the other sexually formed juices that all
but coated the female's ripe and forcefully gyrating young body.

* * *

For a moment Hermione knelt there holding her breath, watching Malfoy's still
form for signs of life, that she noticed through the slow but rhythmic rise
and fall of his chest. The unfocussed spell had hit him hard and he would be
under its influence for some time. Plenty of time, Hermione expected, to make
her escape. First of all she'd need clothes and a means of escape. The door
proved impervious to both magic and physical strength, or at least her
abilities in both. So that was no good. And that only left the hole in the
roof through which they had entered. Hermione looked around the room for
signs of Malfoy's Broomstick but it was nowhere to be found. She did find an
old moth eaten robe with its single chest high button, but it was an adult
size and concealed her near nakedness quite well - as long as she kept one
hand on the opening at the front. It reminded her of when she'd spent a week
in hospital in her pre-Hogwarts years and had had to wear one of those open
backed hospital gowns, where everything was open and on display from the rear
angle. However, it was better than nothing. After search in vain for Malfoy's
Nimbus 2001, or any broomstick at all, Hermione widened her search for
anything that might prove useful. Though, apart from a supply of bed linen
that might, uselessly, reach halfway down the length of the tower outside and
a thick leather belt that helped to hold her nakedness a secret within the
borrowed robe, all the girl could find was an old pair of omnioculars. Her
initial thought was to try and use the reflective lenses to catch someone's
attention, maybe signal them somehow. First of all, however, she would finish
her search. And that meant searching Malfoy as well. Even with his wand
sheathed in the back of her new belt she was still frightened to have him
suddenly wake up and attack her again. He had really surprised her today, he
had done things she hadn't believed even him capable of. She knew he hated
her, though for no apparent reason except that she was Harry's friend and
didn't come from a long family line of wizards and witches, but she hadn't
thought he would ever resort to actual kidnapping and sexual molestation. And
who knows what else was in his mind, what he might have had in store for her.
Rape? Torture? She still didn't believe him capable of murder. He knew the
horror stories of Azkaban prison as well as anyone. Still, the search had to
be done and she knelt beside him and started to work her hands into his
pockets one by one, keeping a tight eye on his face for signs of his waking
up. The search again proved fruitless. He didn't seem to be carrying much of
anything. A little black handled penknife with the Slytherin emblem embossed
on one side, a little folded up scrap of parchment with words inked onto it.
They looked like spells but she didn't recognise any of them. The only other
item of interest was a little glass and silver hip-flask that contained a
dark muddy grey-brown liquid that had a faintly familiar odour. It was no
good, she would just have to wait for Malfoy to wake up and make him tell her
where his broomstick was. She already had his wand and the spells to make it
happen but interfering with a stupefy spell could be dangerous so she would
just have to wait until it wore off naturally. With nothing else to occupy
her until that time, Hermione picked up the omnioculars and took them over to
the hole in the roof, sitting crossed legged on the top of the chest of
drawers beneath. She made herself comfortable and looked down at the students
out on the lawns stretching out in every direction before her. She came to
realise almost immediately that even if anyone did see her reflected
omniocular lenses they weren't likely to come and find a broomstick so they
could investigate and using a voice amplifying spell was out of the question.
How could she explain why she and Malfoy were up here and why she was more or
less naked? Even the truth would be too embarrassing for her, that is if
anyone believed the truth in the first place. Where the hell were Harry and
Ron when she needed them?

* * *

The first hour was almost up. She didn't feel any of the telltale signs (from
how they were described in the text of Moste Potente Potions) but she also
didn't want to take any chances. She'd bring them off once more each and then
they'd take a little break and she'd swig down the rest of the Polyjuice.

Harry and Ron had Hermione sandwiched tight between them. Ron was still on
his back half sitting up on the bed with Hermione sitting up in his lap, her
back to him. Though, like Ron, Hermione was also half-reclining. She was
reaching up above her and gripping the looped rope edge of the top frame of
the four poster for support. It was killing her shoulders but it was a good
position as her ever-increasing orgasms were testament to. Harry was kneeling
up between her wide spread thighs that were hooked around his waist, the
ankles crossed and locked against his fast pounding buttocks. He was also
leaning forward and having to use the same ropes to support his weight as
Hermione, but that was so that he could feast on her pert and beautifully
shuddering breasts. The slick nipples hard and hot against his flicking
tongue. Ron had both his hands gripping her ass cheeks tightly as he humped
his hips up against them with a hard straining effort that drove all of his
long hard phallus inside her primed and hotly drooling pussy. Hermione's
vagina was stretched like never before, she had allowed Harry simultaneous
access to her tunnel that he was now sharing with Ron. It had taken her a
few minutes to get used to the not unpleasant sensation of being doubly
penetrated but the increased friction and the twin pistoning of the over
average size erections that pumped and stroked against each other and against
her hotly stretched vaginal walls was pummelling her orgasmic doorway, the
pressure of her sexual pleasure building and building behind the sensual
barrier. And like a dam under pressure it was nearly fit to burst. Hermione
humped back against the boys, fucking herself against them and moaning and
panting, adding her own sweet high pitched tone to the sensual tumult. It was
something small that broke the barrier and induced the girl's sexual climax.
Harry's incessant sucking of her nipples had been a nice undertone of
pleasure beneath and alongside the heavier pounding of cock and vaginal flesh
and the tight hot friction that went along with it. He sucked and flicked at
the dimpled ends of her nipples with his tongue using the hard tip of the
tongue to caress her. And he worked from one nipple to the other, back and
forth between them to keep the caressing touch fairly shared out. Somehow, it
must have been blind luck unless he had some innate sense of sexual timing
(maybe she would repeat this whole experience a few more times to test that
possibility), Harry brought his teeth into play at the precise moment
Hermione wanted nothing more than that not-quite-sharp but unerringly hard
and powerful sensation against her soft, giving and overly sensitive flesh.
He widened the circumference of his sucking lips to encompass her nipple,
areola and as much of the surround breast itself as he could consume and
slurped wetly at her succulent scented skin. If she hadn't been so close to
reaching her orgasm Hermione might well have burst into laughter at the
noise. Ron had a firm humping pair of ass cheeks, a tight well-stuffed vagina
and a face full of thick flowing wavy hair to deal with, so his attention was
far away from silly sound effects. And then Harry's teeth came down around
the stuff blood-filled bud of her sensual nipple and a sudden flash of erotic
lightning burst through her breasts and danced in a split second jolt that
would awaken the dead, down her quivering stomach and slammed straight at
the dam of her pent up climax. The dam burst and Hermione relishing the
quivering, horny, jaw-rattling sensations that punched outwards from the pit
of her stomach, yelled out. Her voice rippling upwards through octave after
octave as her passion overwhelmed her self control. Her yell became a wail of
leg-jellying erotic passion and she lost her hold on the ropes above her and
slumped rather heavily onto Ron's firm body. Harry's teeth scraped against
her nipple as the weight of her falling body pulled the nipple from its hot
wet prison. Hermione cried out again at this sensation that kicked off her
orgasm all over again in a second wave that met and dragged the first out
along with it. And Hermione's writhing and jolting affected Harry and Ron in
different ways. Ron was slightly winded by Hermione suddenly entrusting him
with supporting her full weight. As light as she was, he hadn't been prepared
for it all in one go, and to put icing on his cake the new angle of her
vagina forced his cock outwards and he popped right out of her and found his
erection trapped somewhere between Harry's bony hip and Hermione's tightly
gripping, though sweat coated thigh. Harry found himself in just the opposite
circumstance. Having more room without Ron's cock in there as well his
phallus suddenly found itself thrusting all the way into the hot orifice of
Hermione's cunt. For a moment there was little pleasure as the tunnel walls
were still stretched and the contact between cunt and cock was very slight.
But then the girl's elastic and muscle controlled walls closed in and once
again were cinched tight around Harry's straining hard erection. His
thrusting angle was changed by her new position and for a moment Harry found
himself grinding his cock at a sideways angle against the hot slick walls of
the girl's tight young cunt and the sensation was almost painful. But, then
his friend tightened her grip around his waist with her legs and it pulled
him straight and deep into her. He leaned forward, forgetting that Ron was
squashed between Hermione and the mattress beneath, and grabbed a tight
aggressive handful of each of her high pert breasts. Hermione's moaned and
convulsed, blissfully sandwiched between the two boys, riding along the
divine crest of her climax. That was enough sensation to bring Harry to his
own orgasm.

His humping pummelling thrusts became rampant and frenzied. And then reaching
down with a shaking tense hand, he grabbed the root of his bloated phallus
and pulled himself out of her and without a moment to spare he let fly with
his hot liquid seed. Great streaming watery streams of cum burst from the
bloated purple crown of his cock and he sprayed them all over the pale creamy
expanse of Hermione Granger's supple young body, that was laid out before him
for his desire. His own juicy offering splattered across her flesh from
glistening pubic mound to upper chest, adding its own sparkle to the film of
sweat that covered her ripe youthful form. He looked down at her with wide
eyes and a gaping mouth as he revelled in the throbbing rhythmic pumping of
his ejaculation, that ripped out of his cock in long powerful ropes and laid
itself out on the sweetly tanned young figure before him. Hermione moaned and
sighed as he came over her, quivering and gasping at each and every shot of
cum that landed on her sexually trembling flesh. Each wet splatter added
another diminishing waves of pleasure to her subsiding climax and she lay
there for a moment simply enjoying the sensations.

Finally Harry let out a great sigh of exhausted contentment and slumped back
toward the end of the bed as the fatigue washed over him. Hermione achingly
shifted herself off Ron, who she suddenly realised was still supporting her.
But his hands, still clamped onto the firm round cheeks of her bottom refused
to let go.

"Finish me off! Jesus Hermione, finish me off!" Groaned Ron.

Hermione giggled in response and then slithered her way along Ron's laid out
body, kissing and licking along his smooth flesh of his torso and the still
developing muscle tone beneath. Her right hand stayed behind, fingertips
running with a light touch along the inside of Ron's naked thigh, travelling
up towards his engorged genitals. Her palm found his hard phallus as her lips
found his and they came into contact together, Ron groaning into Hermione's
sweet mouth as her slick fingers encircled the stem of his shaft.

"Don't worry Ron, I won't abandon you." She cooed to him between soft kisses.

She flicked her tongue across his lips and then stabbed down into his mouth
with the sweet hot organ. Ron closed his lips around it and sucked gently as
he brought his own tongue against the tip of hers inside his mouth.
Hermione's hand started to jerk at Ron's foreskin, masturbating him with as
much effort and vigour as she could manage in her post orgasmic state. She
had enough experience to know how best to masturbate Ron's phallus and she
refrained from pulling too far on the foreskin and from twisting the flesh
against the heavy, hard, bloated crown beneath. Hermione drew away from the
kiss and made a trail back down his gleaming torso with her lips. On the way
down her warm lips touched his clavicle, his chest, one nipple, three of his
ribs, his navel, abdomen, the crown of his jerking tense cock, which she
flicked over with her tongue and then beyond it to his tightly drawn up
scrotum. She swapped hands and surprised Ron with the dexterity of her left
hand, the pleasure was equally sweet in the slick warm grasp of her other
hand. Then her mouth touched his testicles, kissed, licked and then
encompassed the whole flesh sac. With a near climatic groan from Ron,
Hermione's mouth opened against his balls and slid forward to take them into
her mouth. She sucked the balls gently, closing her lips around the root of
the sac with both testicles inside and resting on her juggling tongue and
then she licked and sucked as sensually and softly as she could, while her
left hand worked his foreskin from the base upwards while gentle stroking
touches from the tips of the fingers of her right hands teased the ridge of
his cock head. After the girl had started with her three way caress, Ron took
all of twenty seconds to reach his climax. Hermione hurriedly, though
carefully, drew her mouth from his testicles and placed her face into the
coming stream of his orgasm, effortlessly swapping back to her strong right
hand masturbating to finish the last few jerks of his foreskin that would
open up the dam to let go his ejaculation. Ron's whole body tensed from the
buttocks outwards and he arched up towards Hermione's waiting face. She
scooped up his slick scrotum again in her left hand and stroked it with her
fingers. And then with a wheezing, straining bark he came. His climax was
like an eruption. Hot thick streams of near solid semen shot powerfully into
the air. If Hermione's face hadn't been in the way the fiery eruption might
have reached eighteen inches into the air. As it was the cum struck
Hermione's already creamy face hard and she reacted as if she'd been slapped.
But she remained where she was to take Ron's offering and she even opened her
mouth to catch and swallow the last three thick hot ropes of the viscous
fluid. When the almost violent eruption had subsided to a continual dribble
of thinner more liquid emission, the girl slipped her mouth over the crown
and sucked the rest of Ron's climax out of him. She didn't stop until after
he had gone soft between her lips and even then she licked and sucked him
clean before drawing herself up to a seated position. She looked over at the
two boys, and with a smile she saw they were both dozing.

Hermione got up off the bed and stretched herself, she was feeling great. Her
whole body tingled with lusty passion and the afterglow of a very nice and
flourishing climax. She probably looked quite a sight but who cared if anyone
else saw her like this? She moved over to the low table beside the four
poster and picked up the hip flask, a glance at her watch showed her she
still had ten minutes before her hour was up. However, these things were
never precise and to avoid mess ups she gulped down the rest of the Polyjuice
potion, giving her another hour to make the most of this home made two-on-one
porn tape experience.

The rest of the second hour came and went in a blur of sweat, grunting,
climaxes and gushing bursts of hot cum - all of which splattered thickly onto
Hermione's hot and pert little body or into her sweet mouth. It was a mass of
none stop, peak of stamina sex, passing through lots of positions and most of
it went by in a flurry of rosy memory.

It began with Ron and Hermione on their knees facing each other, their bodies
pressed together in a tight embrace, their lips locked in a long and erotic
kiss. Hermione's hands were all over Ron's hard cock while Ron's hands all
over Hermione's small perky breasts. At the same time Harry knelt behind
Hermione and pushed his erection between her buttocks and upwards into her
vagina. Had her gripped by the shoulders while he humped against her pertly
athletic buttocks and kissed and licked at the back of her neck and her ear

Ron sat back against the head board with Hermione sat astride him sliding
herself down onto his hard cock while letting Harry push into her anally then
she lay half across Ron with her head at the side of his listening to his
surprisingly erotic attempts to talk dirty to her. He had a foul mouth and
knew how to use it to turn her on. She lay still on top of him while he
jerked only and inch of his erection in and out of her allowing Hermione to
use her vaginal muscles on his length while Harry had free reign of her tight
little bottom. The scar featured boy was up on one knee, his legs spread
outside of Ron's while he firmly pounded into Hermione's pert arse with his
rock hard cock. The two boy's hands moved all over her body, Harry to get a
firm grip on her so he could propel his buggering thrusts with more force
and depth and Ron simply because he had access to her curves and wanted to
explore her while he enjoyed the slow fuck he and Hermione were sharing.
Harry's hands switched from waist to hips and ass cheeks and back he finally
settled on one hand squeezing onto the flesh of her firm buttocks while the
other was pressed down flat across the small of her back holding her steady
while he hammered his erection into the depths of her oven hot and tight
little rectum. Ron caressed her all over, thighs, calves, bottom, hips,
waist, breasts, shoulder blades, upper arms, anywhere he could reach.

* * *

The sun was well into its downward arc and an afternoon glow suffused the
lawns and the forest beyond Hogwarts' grounds. Hermione was getting more and
more interested in the newly acquired and rather voyeuristic delights of
watching the other students in their little groups on the playing fields. It
was interesting to see the muggle and magic world influence on students. And
she found she could often quite easily pick the students from muggle families
to those who were of an all wizard lineage. One group had formed a loose wide
circle and had a small novelty football from the Italia '90 World Cup that
was being passed between them. Another group seemed to be trying to find out
how many people they could get onto one of the old school brooms at the same
time. Hermione could hear their excited slightly manic laughter even from her
vantage point at the top of the tower. There was no sign of Harry or Ron, but
she could see Lee Jordan and Seamus Finnigan walking alongside Susan Bones
and another Hufflepuff girl she didn't know. And Ginny was down there too,
trying to talk to one of her twin brothers but was herself being followed by
Colin Creevy.

And then she caught sight of the commotion.

Goyle was walking across the lawn and was staring rather obviously at
a group of fourth year Ravenclaw girls, the centre of which housed the
beautiful Cho Chang. There was a sudden and rather animated exchange
between the girls and Goyle. Hermione flicked a switch on the side of
the omnioculars that propelled a tiny scrolling script across the bottom
of the lenses that provided a translation of the lip-read exchanges
between Cho and Goyle.

"You're a sick bastard, Goyle!" Cho snapped. "Making a young girl pretend
to be me for your depraved fantasies. It's disgusting."

"But that was only 'till the Polyjuice potion got ready." Goyle mumbled
dumbly. He didn't seemed to have picked up Cho's anger and disgust. He was
merely excited that she was paying him attention.

"Polyjuice potion...?" Cho stammered, eyes wide with disbelief.

"If you go out with me I won't need Polyjuice potion! Will you go out with

"What?" She hadn't expected that.

"I've got a big dick. Ask her, she'll tell you."

Hermione swung her omnioculars to follow the direction of Goyle's pointing
hand and caught sight of a young Slytherin. She looked young enough to be a
first year. She was of Japanese descent and was also very pretty. Her hair
had been cut to match Cho's style almost exactly. She was looking fearfully
back at Goyle and Cho, apparently trying to stay out of the conversation.
Cho was simply incredulous.

"You've been screwing that poor girl? Pretending it's me!?" She wailed in
utter disbelief.

"C'mon, I can make you cum. I'm really good at it." Goyle took a step forward
and reached for her. As though the decision was made.

Cho took a quick step back but even as they watched the huge bulky Slytherin,
Goyle's eyes grew serious and angry. Like a spoiled child who had realised
his parents were about to refuse him what he wanted. He stepped closer and
reached for Cho again. Cho stepped in close to him and slapped him hard
across the face. Goyle's head whipped about, his cheek reddening and
apparently stinging something rotten. Cho seemed to have quite a right handed
slap in her arsenal. Goyle brought his eyes back to meet Cho's but his
expression was now livid and burning with sudden anger. He barrelled forward
to attack her. His right arm cocked, fist clenched. Hermione quickly swung
the omnioculars around to try and spot a Professor but there was no one

"Twat 'im Cho!" One of the Ravenclaw group shouted.

"Teach the fucker a lesson!" Someone else added.

Hermione swung the omnioculars back to Cho and Goyle and watched in surprise
and impressed shock. As Hermione watched with wide eyes Cho side-stepped
Goyle's swinging right hook and then whipped her body around in a quick
circle, brought up her right foot and slammed the heel right into Goyle's
armpit. The contact struck a pressure point and made his whole side go
abruptly numb. Goyle staggered and dropped to one knee. Cursing and growling,
he shook the life back into his arm and then got up onto his feet again. He
snarled and reached for Cho again, it was the most animated anyone had seen
him away from a dinner table. Cho wasn't phased however, she worked her own
hands in a lightning fast double circle around Goyle's reaching hand and
swept him up into a wrist lock that sent him whirling over, head over heels,
in mid air to land with an earth shaking thump on his back on the grass. He
was dazed and winded and seemed to have had enough. Cho took a breath and
then carefully released him from the wrist lock.

"That was your last warning. Forget about me. Don't even look at me any more
and leave that other girl alone too. Or next time I'll really hurt you!" Cho
said quietly into Goyle's ear.

The boy's response was lost to Hermione as a sudden groan from Draco Malfoy
dragged her back to her own predicament with the unwanted attentions and
imprisonment of another student of Slytherin house.

* * *

They switched positions four times. They tried a standing sandwich with Ron
enjoying some tight sodomy while Harry and Hermione exchanged saliva while
the bi-spectacled boy jerked and pumped into her vagina but the surrounding
canopy frame of the four poster got in the way and made things uncomfortable.

The attempted the position again way from the bed but the stone walls and
floor were too cold for their bare skin. They ended up finishing the three
way on the bed, each of them lying on their side with legs intertwined and
Hermione's suffering near sweat-soaked heat exhaustion while pinned between
the two energetically humping boys. Harry came first, pulling out in just
enough time to splatter his cum over the girl's quivering breasts. Ron stayed
where he was and filled her clenched ass with his semen. Then Hermione took
them on top of her one at a time, in a hot and sweaty (and decidedly noisy)
missionary position, taking her time with Harry to give Ron the chance to
recuperate so he could really show her his stuff. They finally finished the
orgy with Hermione and Ron in a 'sixty nine', each sucking and licking at the
other's sexually swollen genitals while Harry took up another very enjoyable
ten minutes fucking Hermione up the ass. He seemed to have found or developed
a natural affinity and as far as she was concerned a talent, for anal
fucking. He could keep going seemingly indefinitely, able to speed up or slow
down his thrusts and keep himself stone hard and excited at the same time, no
matter how slow or shallow his thrusts were.

The final cum shots were saved for Hermione's face. Harry worked his anal
fucking so he proved ready for climax more or less when Ron reached his.
Though, with the number of times both boys had cum in the last hour and
three quarters, they took a long time to get to the point of climax. Knowing
this would be the case and no matter how good Hermione's lips felt around the
root of his hard cock, Ron was sure to bring about her orgasm first, working
his tongue up and down from labia to clitoris for as long as he dared,
watching for the telltale quivering and drooling of cum from her tunnel that
told him to start concentrating on her engorged clitoris exclusively. The
hardest part was trying to ignore the slapping swing of Harry's full scrotum
humping away an inch above his cum coated nose. And the heat of the apex of
two pairs of thighs so close to his face didn't make things much easier.
Still he enjoyed himself, especially when he tasted the results of his handy
work gushing out of Hermione's juicy cunt all over his sucking lips and
flicking tongue. Her moans and heavy panting breath felt like pure heaven
around his deeply embedded cock that twitched and jerked pleasurably in the
back of her throat. That and the continuing oral efforts of Hermione's mouth
and tongue had Ron growling that he was coming and then he did, in one thick
hard burst that almost exploded out of his testicles. Hermione sucked it
along the length of his hard shaft and swallowed deeply over and over until
he was drained and flaccid once again.

Then it was Harry's turn. She wriggled out from between them, grabbed Harry's
hard cock firmly in her fist clenched hand and worked her fist across the
shaft aggressively while she opened her mouth wide in front of the crown and
literally jerked the final orgasm right out of his heavy balls. His thinner
watery cum sputtered out in three long strong spasms, the first squirting
high under power onto her already slick and sweat darkened hair. Trails
drooled down over her forehead to collect over one eyebrow and trickle down
the outside curve of her cheek and face. The second whipped out and struck
her right across the eyes. Hermione snapped her eyes shut in time but the
creamy goo all but glued her eyelids shut. The seed trickled down the sides
of her nose like creamy white-marble textured tears. The last spurt coated
her lips and tongue before splashing the last few dollops over her chin and
the forearm and the hand that still gripped his penis tightly. Teasing the
last residue from Harry's crown, Hermione swallowed the mouthful of his cum
and then slipped her lips over his cock head and sucked him clean before
finally releasing her hold on him and drawing herself weakly to her feet.
Harry slumped back onto the bed and then let his upper body fall back onto
the mattress with a loud, tired and very satisfied moan.

"That was fucking intense!" Harry murmured trying to find the strength to
work his lips.

"Hermione, you're just fantastic, you know that?!" Muttered Ron who lay on
the bed alongside Harry, his eyes already closed.

She looked at her watch again. Still about twenty minutes or so to spare.

* * *

"I think it's time you told me what's this is all about, Malfoy." Hermione
said, standing over the teenage boy.

She had incapacitated him in a half body-bind spell that paralysed his limbs,
but his senses and the ability to speak remained free. She stood right over
Malfoy looking down at him and twirling the wand through her spread fingers,
making the threat obvious.

"You know how much I like to read. I know a whole lot of spells that we
haven't learned in class, seventh year spells, University level spells,
illegal spells."

Malfoy said nothing, he merely looked up at her his lips curling into a

"This would be a good opportunity to test a few of them, see the results for
myself. Especially the more unpleasant kind. I'd really like it if you told
me what you're doing though."

He kept his silence, and his sneer.

Hermione then drew the scrap of parchment that she had taken from Malfoy's
pocket and read it through in front of him. He paled but said nothing. The
fear in his eyes was plain.

"These seem interesting." She said. "I might start with these. I don't
recognise them but it would be interesting to see what effect they have
first hand. That's the best way to learn you know, by trying something
out and seeing the consequences for yourself." She smiled then frowned
down at the parchment again.

"I think I'll start with this short one at the bottom. Lots of consonants."

"Wait." Malfoy murmured in resignation, his eyes lowered. "Blanca's
Polyjuiced herself into you and you're doing in a three-way with Weasley and

He paused and Hermione looked down at him her eyes wide with sudden shock and

* * *

Hermione started to collect her clothes, that were strewn about on the floor
around the bed. Part of her wanted desperately to sprint to a shower and get
herself thoroughly cleaned up. And another part of her was turned on by the
mess she was in and the way she must look, covered in sweat and dried
caked-on sperm. She was just about covered from head to foot in the stuff,
she could feel it coagulating in her hair, gluing the tresses into a
disgusting mass. She almost forgot to collect the concealed video camera from
its spot on the wall, so she quickly nipped over to the flaming torch and
lifted it from the sconce, keeping it as casual as she could, just in case.
And then headed for the door. At the door she glanced back. The boys were
dozing, exhausted. Hermione came to a pause, she looked at the exhausted
figures on the bed. She wondered why they should not just be left to sleep,
they could be trapped here for ages. However, Draco would have his reasons
she supposed. Maybe if those two went missing the whole school would end up
getting torn to pieces in search of them and the truth of their little 'game'
would get out. That was probably it.

"Don't forget this room will be vanishing in a while." Hermione commented. A
murmur showed some sign that the boys had heard her. "Make sure you aren't
still here when does it's disappearing act."

And then she was gone.

* * *

"What do you mean 'three-way'?"

"A gang bang, you stupid frigid Mud blood!" He snapped, his pale cheeks
flushing with annoyance. Hermione let the insult go. It didn't burn with
the same anger and pain when you were in control, they were just words.

"We're video taping it all and were planning to pass it around the school
and get you all thrown out." He continued with a subdued voice, regretting
his outburst and hoping he could placate the girl's anger with the truth.

"Where is this happening on?" She was really wondering how Blanca, looking
like her, could get Harry and Ron to want to have sex with her in the first

They were all friends, there had never been anything like that between them.
How could they just go along with it? Maybe they'd been enchanted. Or maybe
the bathroom whisperings about boys and sex that she'd overheard were all
true. It didn't matter. She'd have to put a stop to it and get her hands on
that recording.

"In a room down the second corridor of the dungeon level. Second on the right
past the Potions classroom. Third door down on the left."

"Isn't that the charmed room? The one that appears and disappears?"

"Yes. No one who knows about it ever goes in there. It was the perfect place
to make the video tape." Hermione nodded. But she wasn't quite done yet.

"What's in here?" She asked showing him the hip flask.

"Polyjuice potion."

"What do I have to do with your plan? Why did you lock me up in here?"

"Obviously, we had to keep you out of the way until Blanca changed back.
There couldn't be two of you walking around the castle could there."

"And what were you going to change me into?" She shook the Polyjuice potion.

"Nothing," Malfoy sighed. "That was for Goyle's use but he didn't turn up."

His reply seemed to be enough for Hermione. And she looked around the room
letting her mind work over the plan for getting Malfoy's scheme disabled.

"Now then," She said, turning back to the Slytherin boy. "Where is your
Nimbus? I'm just about ready to leave."

"Out on the roof." He nodded up above his head at the rough hole in the slate
tiles. "I put a camouflage spell on it. It's tied to a rafter."

Hermione clambered over Draco, stood on the chest of drawers and pointed the
wand at the roof falling off before her.

"Chameleonis!" She snapped and in a shower of light green sparks the
broomstick reappeared.

She took hold of the ebony and black-lacquered broom and pulled it into the
chamber. Then she looked back at the Polyjuice potion. And then she looked
down at Malfoy.

"Strip for me." Hermione said with a sudden grin.


"Down to your underpants." He didn't move, just looked up at her
incredulously. "I'm not above doing a bit of magic torture you know." She

"I can't you stupid whore, you've put me in a paralysis spell, I can't move
at all."

"Oh yeah, I'll just have to strip you myself. Kind of ironic revenge really
isn't it." Malfoy sat there unable to struggle or hinder as Hermione
unbuttoned and pulled off his clothes one by one. When she was done she
pointed the wand at Malfoy's face.

"Oculous nil." She said and Draco's eyes turned suddenly misty white.

"I'm blind!" The boy whimpered.

"I think you've seen more than enough of my body for one day." Malfoy
muttered something under his breath in response but it was too low for
Hermione to catch. She didn't care about his opinions anyway.

A quickly tugged out blonde/white hair and a gulp of the Polyjuice potion
and Hermione Granger was suddenly Draco Malfoy. She dressed in the captured
clothing, cancelled the blindness spell and then smiled down at the near
naked teenager.

"I'm sure Blanca will know where you are. I'll leave your broomstick in your
common room. it'll occur to her sooner or later to come and collect you. And
the body-bind spell will have worn off by then." Hermione in her male
disguise swung her leg over the broom's shaft and kicked off for the hole in
the roof before her.

"Oh and don't think this is over with, I'll have to think of a way to punish
you for this. Something nasty." She grinned, enjoying the power she felt over
her hated nemesis. "Of course, it'll come when you least expect it."

"See you!" She sang as she departed. And then she was gone.

* * *

Blanca knew she only had a few minutes left to get back into her own clothes
before her reforming body shape ripped its way through Granger's smaller
borrowed garments. So she made her way as quickly as she could towards the
broom closet near by the Gryffindor common room where she'd hidden her
things. There was no one around fortunately so she didn't have much trouble
in locking herself inside with a quick spell and then stripping down and
pulling her own clothes onto Granger's pert slender form. And then she
started to revert. Stretching upwards in height, her hair flexing and growing
darker and thicker, waves building and twisting. Her body blossomed from the
Granger athleticism to her own more voluptuous and sexually interesting
physique. Her breasts ballooned, thighs and calves bulged and stretched out
long, ass grew larger and softer though keeping most of Granger's firmness
and pertness. Within twenty seconds she was herself again. All she needed was
to rearrange her body inside her own clothes and she'd be fit to step out
into the castle's corridors again. She worked another quick spell on the
disguised video camera pulling it back to its normal size, shape and
appearance. Blanca shoved Granger's things into her bag and then dumped the
bag in the library on the seat Malfoy had taken her from. The librarian had
come over at some time in the last two hours to tidy away the abandoned
books. Then with the video tape and camera in hand Blanca made her way back
to her own common room. Her body aching and feeling dirty, her mind was
suddenly filling with wonderings. What had Draco been doing to the real
Granger while she'd been fucking Potter and Weasley? Had he fucked her? She
knew in some sense that he wanted to. There was a hate-filled lust inside
him that burned whenever Granger was in his mind. Or a lust-filled hate. The
result was the same. Draco wanted to make the girl suffer and it made him
horny for her at the same time. Blanca wouldn't have been surprised if he
came back with a Granger Polyjuice potion and got her to change into her all
over again for his own lusts. And she'd do it too. She'd hate herself for
doing it, but the one thing Blanca knew she could never do was to say 'no'
to Draco Malfoy.

Hermione-Malfoy walked quickly and confidently along the corridor to the
Slytherin wing. She knew where she was going but she didn't know what she was
going to do when she got there. How would she react seeing herself in some
rampant sexual embrace with Harry and Ron? How would they react on seeing her
stuck between them and screaming at them from the door at the same time? What
would Blanca do? She was older than Hermione and might well have a better
spell selection if it came down to a straight fight. But Hermione had the
element of surprise. And she still had Draco Malfoy locked up, of course. She
found the door and grabbed hold of the handle, then paused and took a deep
breath. Finally her teeth gritted, steeling herself for what she might see
inside, she opened the door and stepped inside. And she sighed inwardly with
mild relief. She wasn't there. It was just Harry and Ron. Naked and sweat
soaked, their clothes strewn all over the place. Harry was lazing on the
large ruffled old bed and seemed to be asleep. Ron was sitting on the
opposite side of the four poster with his back to Hermione tiredly pulling on
his socks. They didn't seem to have heard her come in.

"Hurry up and get out." Hermione snapped in her own voice. A sudden anger
colouring her voice. So, it turned out that her so called friends were
actually perverts, who would get into depraved sexual adventures with 'her'
at the drop of a hat.

"Back for more Hermione, there's no pleasing you." Ron said. Tired amusement
in his voice. And then he turned around to look at her and his face dropped,
taking all colour with it.

"What're you doing here Malfoy" He snapped, throwing his trousers over his
naked crotch. His words woke Harry and he sat up, aching, and looked at the
door with confused eyes.

"I'm not Malfoy, Ron. I'm Hermione." Their friend said slowly accenting the
femininity of her voice.

"Hermione, why do you look like Malfoy." Harry murmured. He looked and
sounded like a zombie. What on earth had they been doing to exhaust them both
so much?

"It's Polyjuice potion." She replied quickly, averting her eyes from Harry's
openly on display nudity. "There's no time to explain, this room's going to
disappear any minute and if you're still inside you'll disappear along with
it. Now come on."

Trusting their friend implicitly, they didn't require any more prompting.
They grabbed their clothes and hurried out of the room and into the corridor.
It was fortunate that it was such a nice afternoon and that most of the other
students were outside. Hermione kept watch up and down the corridors while
the boys pulled on their clothes as quickly as they could, pulling on shoes
and buttoning flies out in the corridor.

"I still have to get something," Hermione said once they had on enough
clothes to hide any embarrassment. "And there's no time to explain what's
going on. Wait for me in the common room, I'll fill you in when I can."

And then she was gone again, heading away from them and in pursuit of a
small group of Slytherin sixth years she'd spotted coming in from outside
and heading for their common room. The common room password was the one
thing she'd forgotten to get from Malfoy. She hoped this Slytherin group
would solve the problem for her.

* * *

Blanca sat inside the common room in a plush armchair by the roaring but
heat-less fire. It was enchanted to act like a thermostat, almost always
burning but the temperature was always regulated to reflect the ambient
temperature and the time of year. Right now a nice tingling sensation came
from the flames but no sweaty heat. The Slytherin brunette had the video
tape in her hand and was looking down at it, playing it out in her head
from her own memory and enjoying the warm nostalgia of the afternoon's fun.
And it had been fun too. For beginners both the boys had quite a bit of
natural talent. She found herself wondering if the real Hermione had sampled
their abilities. Somehow she doubted it. She just needed to give the tape
to Draco and then she'd take a long relaxing bath and wash all the sticky
and flaky sex residues from her body. And afterwards maybe she'd get a long
slow cunt sucking from Draco. She'd just enjoy one of those right now. She
knew she could talk him into it - as her reward or something.

Draco came in right on cue. He came in behind a gang of sixth years and then
stood in the doorway looking around, the Nimbus hooked across his shoulders.
He spotted Blanca, frowned for some reason in what looked a little like
irritation, and then came over. Without a word Malfoy put down his broom,
propping it against the armchair's wing and then took the video tape out of
Blanca's upraised hand. And then, still not speaking he smiled, about turned
and headed for the door to the common room.

"What about this?" Blanca asked, pointing to the Nimbus broomstick. Malfoy
never left it just hanging around like that.

He glanced at it and then dismissed it with a wave of his hand.

At the door he turned and looked back again at a thoroughly confused Blanca
and said.

"Thanks for this."

It wasn't Draco. It wasn't his voice or his mannerisms. The voice was female
as were the mannerisms. Blanca blinked looking back at that stranger's smile
and then it came to her. Granger. She got up quickly out of the chair and
threw herself at the Polyjuiced Granger/Malfoy cursing with hot rushing
anger. Hermione was ready for Blanca of course and she drew Malfoy's wand and
shot a "Stupefy!" spell at the voluptuous girl. Blanca looked like she had
run full pelt into a brick wall and was stopped dead in her launching attack
and thrown violently backwards. She crashed into the armchair and toppled
backwards over it taking the chair along with her. Hermione added another
little spell on the chair, which promptly melted to a thick oily pool and
then solidified again, trapping Blanca's arms and legs within its reformed

"Where are my clothes and my bag?" Hermione asked the ensnared Blanca
casually, standing over her and rolling the wand's smooth shaft between her

"You don't actually think I'm going to tell you, you ugly ass-sucking,
fucking-cock-hungry bitch-hell-slut!" Blanca spat with as much viciousness
as she could muster.

But they both knew that was all she could do and the words had no effect of
Hermione, except to lift and point the wand down at the older girl's face.

"In your position throwing insults like that around is not very clever now
is it, you?" She replied easily.

"Fuck you! You dirty little slag."

"You calling me a slag?! That's rich! Have you looked at yourself? You're a
mess. And I know how you got that way you foul, nasty whore. Now, tell me
what I want to know or I'll turn you into a rat and set my cat Crookshanks
on you."

"Suck my fucking cunt!"

"You'd probably enjoy that a bit too much." She muttered under her breath.
"No, what I'll do is I'll change those cushions near your face into a family
of nasty tarantulas."

Hermione swish-flicked, using a first year transfiguration spell to change
the cushions that had scattered away from the fallen armchair into a party
of three huge eighteen inch diameter spiders. Who, following the spell
caster's wishes started to crawl straight towards Blanca's prone and
defenceless face. Blanca started to whimper and shiver as they approached
their, heavy gleaming mandibles clicking loudly in the room, their legs
audible on the rugs covering the stone floor. She screwed her eyes shut and
tried to turn her face away from them but the melted-solid chair held her
head fast. She didn't actually start screaming until their thick hairy legs
were stepping into her hair and pulling wavy tresses along with them.

"The closet! Thebroomclosetnexttoyourcommonroom!" She screamed shrilly, her
words a terror-filled jumble. "Get them off me!"

"Thank you." Hermione replied smugly and then cancelled the spell. Blanca
lay there with three soft warm cushions covering her fear-paled face.

"The chair will melt again in a few minutes and I imagine you'll know where
to find the real Malfoy."

"I would advise you not to mess with me again Blanca, you'll only come off
the worse." Hermione said and one of the cushions twisted and made a
mandible-clicking noise, that brought out a whimper from the older girl.

It was another forty minutes of hiding in the broom closet before Hermione
felt herself change back to her real form. She used the time to rack her
brains for a plan to straighten this whole mess out. The only thing she
could think of was a memory charm, to completely erase the whole last four
hours from everyone's minds. The problem was she knew very little about
memory charms. They were advanced magic and not really taught in class. She
used the remainder of the forty minutes deciding what to do with the video
tape. Some wild unexplainable curiosity stopped her from destroying the
tape but of course, she couldn't just leave it hanging around the school.
Hiding it somewhere was the obvious answer but it was too much of a risk in
case someone came across it accidentally. She hit upon the answer while
searching through her bag and flicking through her school books.
Transfiguration. She would change the form of the video tape into something
that she could hide in plain sight that no one would think twice about if
they came across it. But she could sort that out later.

Hermione felt the change occur but waited until it was over before she looked
at herself in the mirror. She was still wearing Malfoy's clothes and her hair
was a little messed up but she was herself again. She stripped quickly and
pulled on her own clothes, thankful that they were still in one piece and the
buttons were all there. She'd had visions of Harry and Ron ripping her
clothes off the polyjuiced Blanca's body in their haste to do it with her.
Hermione tidied herself up as much as she could in her hurry and then grabbed
her bag and her precious wand (leaving Malfoy's things in the broom closet)
and then headed for the library.

Professor Lupin was in the library sitting at a reading table with a book
called 'Fierce Magical Creatures and How to Love Them' open in front of him.
Hermione stopped short in a near panic for a moment. How could she look for
forbidden spells and maybe sneak into the restricted section with a teacher
in the room? She racked her brains trying to think of something, a decoy,
some way to get him to help her, anything. She looked at Lupin. However
patched and frayed his robes and appearance, he was certainly handsome. He
had a lean frame that was cloaked into obscurity by the billowing, light
absorbing robes. He wasn't tall, maybe Ron's height, but he had nice broad
shoulders that gave him a hint of athleticism. His unkempt brown/blonde hair
just needed a little care and attention. A few day's exposure to the
South-of-France sun and maybe a few extra wholesome meals and he would
probably look rather striking, even dishy.

A sudden image popped into her mind from nowhere - of Professor Lupin bending
a stripped naked Hermione over the library table and screwing her with
extreme vigour from behind while her high pitched cries of pleasure echoed
around the walls of the book-filled chamber. Her little breasts shuddering
underneath her, her knickers dangling off one propped up ankle, while his
gentle hands moved over her naked hips and bottom. Her thick hair whirling
around her face as she was shoved forward and back by the sheer power of his
thrusting hips. A big hard erection that all but burned her cum drooling
insides, driving deeply in and out of her pussy while she worked her vaginal
muscles on the succulent shaft.

Feeling her knickers getting damp all of a sudden Hermione (surprised at
herself) shook the fantasy from her mind and quietly approached the table
and Professor Lupin.

"Professor?" She asked as causally as she could manage.

"Hello, Miss Granger, I was wondering when you would come over."

"I'm not disturbing you am I?" She asked a little nervously.

"Not at all." He said throwing her a warm and shockingly erotic smile.

Hermione felt herself blushing. She was starting to have 'feelings' again,
but these weren't like that silly innocent crush she'd had on Lockhart last
year, these feelings were much more grown up, adult. Sexual.

"Is there something I can help you with?"

"I hope so," Hermione cleared her throat and then went on. "How much do you
know about memory charms?"

"I know enough to know they aren't to be trifled with."

Hermione shrugged that comment off with a quick serious nod.

"Do memory charms only work on the whole memory? Or can you change charms to
affect parts of memory, erase specific parts of periods of time?"

"Why do you want to know Miss Granger?" Lupin enquired, frowning.

Again Hermione tried to sound casual.

"I've been leafing through some old OWL exams, just for fun really, but there
are something's we haven't learned yet and I'm curious." She shrugged her
shoulders smiling a little weakly.

For a moment Lupin's face darkened as though he knew full well that memory
charms were not a very likely subject to pop up on a standard Ordinary
Wizarding Level examination paper. However, his frown faded and he smiled
at her.

"The memory charm is more like a term to describe a certain kind of spell.
There are actually lots of different types of charm, and nearly all of them
forbidden for everyday use for obvious reasons."

He looked over his shoulder, drew out and then waved his wand down one of the
long dusty isles and a second later a thick old leather bound book floated
over and landed on the table between them.

"I know you're not really supposed to learn about this type of thing just
yet," He said with a kind smile. "But I also know that you are certainly
trustworthy not to abuse anything you've learned."

The book spun around to face Hermione and then opened by itself, the pages
leafing over quickly one at a time until the book came to a halt open on a
Memory Charms chapter. She thanked Professor Lupin and then immersed herself
in the book, reading voraciously for a full twenty minutes. By the end of
the chapter she had everything she needed to set things straight.

Hermione closed the book, her heart fluttering with excitement. She wanted
to get this all done so she could get on with her weekend. But every cloud
had a silver lining and this one was giving her a chance to use some very
powerful and complicated magic. She came around the side of the table to
stand beside Professor Lupin, who was immersed in his of choice of reading
material, and bent to press her full warm lips to the side of his cheek. His
skin was very soft and he smelled surprisingly pleasant as she kissed him

"Thanks Professor!" She said happily.

"Oh!" Lupin replied, obviously flustered and trying not hide his
embarrassment. His cheeks were glowing. "You're very welcome Miss Granger.
Just be careful will you?"

The girl smiled back and gave him a placating little wave as she practically
skipped her way out of the library.

* * *

Blanca had followed Hermione at once after the enchanted armchair had
released her and they almost walked into each other in the corridor
leading from the library. There was a quick-draw duel as the two girl's
simultaneously reached for their wands. Blanca got there first but
Hermione saw she had lost the draw and instead ducked down and
simultaneously stamped on Blanca's foot. Her voiced spell came out
garbled and ended in a howl of pain. A puff of green smoke and two
sparks shot out of the wand that danced around each other as they
headed for the arched stone ceiling. Hermione yanked the wand out of
Blanca's hand and raised her own.

"Don't...!" Blanca pleaded.

But Hermione was already reciting the memorised memory charm. With a bang
and a flash of pink cloud that engulfed Blanca's face the pretty teenager's
expression turned blank and then confused. Hermione dropped Blanca's wand
on the floor at her feet and strode away at once, before the other girl
realised where she was. She might not remember the orgy plan but she would
still see Hermione as her enemy.

* * *

Harry and Ron were sitting in the Gryffindor common room playing chess. There
were a few others sharing the room with them, but most of the Gryffindor's
were still outside enjoying the late summer weather. Hermione entered and
went over to them quietly drawing her wand as she approached. She waited
until Ron was making his move and then cast her spell on the back of his
head. He was engulfed in a cloud of confusing pink and while he shook his
head and tried to waft the mist away from him, Hermione turned to a frowning

"You won't remember this Harry but if you don't mind I'd like to borrow your
broomstick for a few minutes."

"Erm, sure, but... What are you doing Hermio..." Before he could finish,
Hermione quickly cast the memory charm on him. She walked away without a word
and ran up their spiral staircase to Harry's dormitory room.

She returned a few moments later with Harry's Nimbus 2000 in tow. She spared
a glance at her two friends. They were back to playing chess as if nothing
had happened. Only a thin residual mist hanging around on the ceiling of the
common room suggested what had happened moments earlier. Hermione sneaked out
quietly while they were immersed in the complexities of the board game. No
one paid her any attention.

* * *

Draco Malfoy was still sitting on the floor of his tower room prison cell.
Hermione swooped down through the hole in the roof with her wand drawn and
ready just in case he was free and waiting to trap her.

"I thought you were just going to leave me here." He said matter-of-factly.

"Unlike you, I'm not that cruel." Hermione replied as she unhooked her leg
from the shaft of the broomstick.

"Here are your clothes back. Get dressed."

"What're you going to do?"

"Wait and see." She stood there obstinately watching him while he redressed.
"This won't matter in a couple of minutes, but just so you know, I got the
tape off Blanca and I've seen to it that no one remembers anything about what
happened. I still have Goyle to sort out. Was he in on it too?"

"No, not really. He knew I was planning something with Polyjuice potion but
that's all." Malfoy didn't seem to have the will to fight her any more. It
was strange to see such defeat. She hadn't even done anything to him.

"Good." Hermione said and then cast her memory charm for the forth and final

She took him back down to the rear lawn while the spell still had him docile
and confused and then walked away from him without even looking back. It was

* * *

Hermione sat on the edge of her four poster bed that night brushing her long
hair in the reflection of the small hand mirror she'd recently transfigured.
She tried to look at the reflection of herself with a speculative eye. Trying
to see herself as someone else would. All this sex stuff today. Malfoy's
dubious attraction. Harry and Ron getting into a gang bang with who they
believed to be her. Her own thoughts of Lupin. It had started her thinking
more casually of adult thoughts. She wasn't a little girl any more her
thoughts and her feelings were enough to tell her that. And her body had been
going through changes over the last few years too. She was growing up and
filling out and people were starting to notice her as a female person almost
for the first time. Maybe not the people she would want to see her in a more
grown up light, but people all the same. She looked at her reflection again,
analysing it. She generally had a nice face. Nice skin, no acne, full lips
and nice smile. Her teeth were too big but her parents being denists were
adamant that she not use magic to sort them out... She would have to see
about that - they were her teeth to do with as she saw fit, of course. Her
hair was too thick and bushy but the touches of blonde were nice and
concealed the mousiness beneath. She had nice brown eyes. Her eyebrows were
thick too, but she wasn't sure if that was a bad thing or not it kind of
highlighted her eyes in a manner of speaking. If nothing else she had the
fact that Harry and Ron, seeing Blanca looking like her - Hermione - had
thrown themselves onto her and screwed her silly for two hours, so she
couldn't be all that unattractive, could she? That heart-fluttering thought
brought her attention back to the transfigured video tape that she held in
her hand. It showed about two hours of herself and Harry and Ron naked and
having sex. She was finding that she was more and more curious about the
content. Though at the same time she dreaded what she might see, what it
might do to her feelings for her two friends after seeing them naked and
seeing them doing what, on some level, they and always wanted to do with her.
Or to her? How would she feel about seeing herself naked and screwing two
boys at once? It was an interesting conundrum for her. Should she watch?

She put the mirror down on her bedside table along with her hair brush and
her other make-up things and slid under the cool soft sheets of her bed.

She would put it out of her mind for now. There were more important things
to think about this year. There was the escaped murderer, and there were the
third year options and making sure she could cope with being in two places
at once and getting all of her work done. No, the video tape could wait for
the summer break when she had the house to herself for hours on end while her
parents were at work and she could watch the video to her heart's content. Or
get rid of it, or something.

Hermione rolled over, closed her eyes and allowed herself to drift off to

The End


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