This is just a little parody based on J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter books. I
neither own any form of copyright or make anything from writing this. It's
just a bit of fun.

N.B.: I tried to fit this into the Prisoner of Azkaban school year as cleanly
as I could but I failed. It's Cho Chang's fault!

Harry Potter: Another Draco Devilism
Prologue - All's Fair In Love And Quidditch (no sex)
by Nickamano ([email protected])

Quidditch friendly's were quite rare as the four school Houses always
played each other throughout the school year for the Quidditch House cup
anyway. But not this year, the Season had been cancelled (for the second
year running). So the Griffindor verses Ravenclaw one-off game brought
quite a lot of interest, especially with the prisoner Black still being
on the loose. The fear and nervousness enveloping the school was like a
heavy weight around the necks of everyone and anything that could lighten
that load, even for a little while, was a welcome diversion. Roger Davis
and Oliver Wood and arranged it between the two of them and then had gone
to Madam Hooch to organise the details. Now it was Saturday and the game
was about to begin. There wasn't the usual tense and serious mood over
the players, as there were no House points or House cup to worry about
this time around. It was just a bit of friendly fun. Madam Hooch's usual
instruction of "A fair game, from all of you." Was, just this once,
completely unnecessary.

It had been a strange week. The Professors had taken the hard, and very
unpopular, decision to cancel the annual Quidditch cup, stating that it
provided a dangerous opportunity for murderous attempts by the escaped
prisoner from Azkaban. And no amount of arguing, pleading, sulking or
tantrums from the student body would change the minds of the faculty.
Without the Quidditch games and usual early evening practice sessions,
the students had been missing riding on broomsticks very much and the
urge to fly and to play during break times and at lunch hours had been
very strong. A supply of first year unbreakable training brooms, old
Cleansweeps, had been acquired but with the age of the brooms as well as
the height and speed restriction spells set into them, playing mock
Quidditch was practically impossible.

Strangely, it was Hermione who had mentioned a game some of her muggle
primary school classmates had used to play and she mentioned to Ron and
Harry that it wouldn't be hard to adjust the rules to allow a broomstick
version of what she called 'Cocky-rusty.' 'Cocky-rusty' was the most
violent and dangerous muggle school game imaginable. A long line of
defenders formed a wall by holding hands and facing off against a lone
attacker. It was the attackers task to get past the line of bodies to the
far side of the playing field. It was the defending line's job to stop
them, by any means necessary - even if that meant rugby tackles, knocking
legs out from under them or simply piling on them as they advanced. In the
muggle version, girls were rarely allowed to join in, as there were plenty
of bloodied noses and ripped uniforms even the occasional sprain or brake.
But the broomstick element allowed for a more thoughtful and tactical
method and the agility and light weight speed of the girl fliers made for
a more interesting overall experience. There was an unforeseen and quickly
recognised problem however - in the standard uniform of the girls. Skirts
made broomstick flying difficult. And though not obligatory, many of the
female students still chose to wear skirts rather than trousers. And a lot
of the girls wanting to join in this new game found a lot of embarrassment
in mounting brooms and flying around on them with the wind whipping at
their clothes and often lifting skirts to reveal more of them than they
intended. Of course the boys found this either very amusing, or if they
were a little older, a very interesting sight to behold. Especially with
this new fad of girls wearing skimpy thong-style underwear. Most of the
girls were able to wear either borrowed trousers or actually ran back to
their dormitories to grab hold of a pair of their own. And then the game

Of course, the four foot long unbreakable hardwood shafts of the broomsticks
made things much more dangerous for all the players, even with the advantage
of being able (at least theoretically) to fly over or under the floating
defensive line. And it was barely ten minutes before the first serious injury
was taken off to the hospital wing and only another five minutes before three
Professors came over and banned the game from ever being played in Hogwarts
again. The Broomsticks were taken back and half the number of players sent
to the hospital wing for treatment of various cuts, bruises, grazes and one
or two hexes and minor curses.

However, seeing the frustration for the lack of Quidditch playing, the
suggested one-off friendly match, with high security provided by all the
Professors, was seen as a good peacekeeping compromise.

And now the Quidditch team players were in the midst of warming up for the
first of the friendly matches. Either alone or in pairs they flew and turned
and sped up and braked and looped and cartwheeled, warming up and gauging the
effects of the weather on the handling of their brooms. Some of the Chasers
practised passing techniques between them and occasionally made the watchful
Keepers practice saves with quickly launched Quaffle balls at one of the
three goal hoops.

Harry was high up above the other practising players, getting a taste for
the air and the wind direction and speed before the game. Or at least he was
making it look like that. He was actually looking over in the direction of
his Ravenclaw counterpart, Cho Chang. She was their Seeker and she was very
good. Very fast and agile, with quick eyes and even quicker reactions. And
she had a skill and grace on her broomstick that Harry had never seen the
like of, or could barely keep his eyes off. She had an imported broom this
time, an oriental variation on the Nimbus design with the aerodynamic swept
seat-curve and the wedge shaped front grip and the carefully and neatly
arranged tail of twigs at the back. The shaft from twigs to front wedge was
inlaid with finely crafted silver threads woven into a stylish and very cool
looking Chinese dragon. It emerged from the brush tail as if that was its
nest and then spiralled up the length of the acer wood handle like a
silver-scaled worm, it's fanged mouth open and jetting brilliant silver,
crimson and gold flames up toward the tip of the shaft where silver Chinese
characters glistened with the name of the broom and the manufacturer. Just
like Harry's own Nimbus 2000. Cho was working her broom in fast tight loops
and wheels and on the spot spins like an ice skater. She was very adept and
very professional looking. Harry was mesmerised. As Seeker and without a need
for official House robes, she was trying her hardest to make herself as sleek
and aerodynamic as she could. She had swapped her usual padded robes for a
tight fitting lycra long sleeved shirt. Her forearm pads were fastened tight
to the outside and the Ravenclaw colour scheme was augmented with a silver
Chinese dragon that writhed over her lithe back and her pert shapely chest.
Her short-cut black hair was drawn back away from her lovely face and held in
stylish waves by a subtle charm. And instead of the usual rugged canvass
trousers that were standard leg-wear for Quidditch players she had on super
skin-tight white cycling-shorts that were also adorned with a pair of Chinese
dragons in Ravenclaw colours that stretched up the length of her athletic
thighs. Her lower legs were hidden beneath the obligatory knee and shin
padded guards. She was quite a sight to behold - partly due to the fact that
those clothes might as well have been painted on her - Harry found himself
thinking as he watched her do an on-broom pirouette from sixty feet above the
ground. It was a blurringly fast spin that she turned smoothly into a
vertical 'starfish' one foot braced against the top of the broom's tail and
one hand gripping the top of the handle while her other hand and foot were
spread out wide. She elegantly slowed the starfish spin and then lightly
flipped herself back onto her once more horizontal broom, so that she was
standing on it like a tightrope walker. Her arms up and out on either side of
her, in a perfect cross shape. While Harry continued to watch, his mouth
agape, Cho used the shaft of her broomstick like a gymnast on a hobby horse.
She was fantastically supple and perfectly balanced.

The standby whistle blasted, the shrill noise reaching both Harry's and Cho's
ears through the light breeze. Harry watched Cho with mild adoration as she
lithely drew herself from a perfect handstand down into the standard flying
position astride her gleaming broomstick. She glanced around quickly,
figuring out her position and then noticed Harry and pushed off, accelerating
smoothly and gradually towards him. Her sweet smile already brightening his

"Hiya Cho," Harry said kindly. "Nice moves." He made sure he sounded polite
and cheerful and smiled his best smile. Although, he was acutely aware that
his face felt like it was burning and probably matched the shade of crimson
of his robes. And that strange jolt in the pit of his stomach was making a
comeback, insistent butterflies following the jolt and refusing to go away.

"Hi Harry, thanks. I didn't know you were watching." She smiled back and
Harry felt himself going faint. Was there anyone in school who was prettier
than Cho when she smiled? He couldn't think of anyone.

"Where'd you get your broomstick? I haven't seen one like that before." He
asked, hoping to keep the conversation flowing.

"Oh my great uncle sent it from China. He's a designer, it's a limited
edition of the new 'Dragon God' range for the Japanese Tengu's."

"I've heard of them." He said, "They're mentioned in 'Quidditch Through the
Ages'. So they'll be using those next year?"

"This is kind of a prototype version. The team versions are designed to
their specifics. To be honest this is probably better - faster, more agile."
Harry's eyes were on stalks. "I wouldn't use it in House cup matches." Cho
went on hurriedly, "It wouldn't be fair against all those clean sweeps.
Besides, I'm used to my Comet 260 and I always liked that."

Harry smiled. That was possibly one of the differences between Gryffindor and
Ravenclaw ethics. Harry saw nothing wrong with him using the best Broom he
could get his hands on to give him an advantage.

"But this just being a bit of fun," Cho went on with a shrug. "I thought
I'd give you a bit more of a challenge than usual." She grinned, a little
mischief appearing in her lovely dark brown eyes.

"I do like a challenge." Harry replied, risking a touch of flirtation in his
voice and hoping he didn't sound stupid.

"I've heard." Cho said, her smile widening and then she winked at him.

Harry nearly fell off his broom, but Cho was already dropping down through
the air like a dead weight before coming to a smooth and gentle stop in her
starting position. Her broom seemed to have a kind of
vertical-take-off-and-landing charm on it. Harry quickly angled his Nimbus
downwards and shot down after her.

Hermione smiled with gratitude as she accepted the old pair of binoculars
offered by Lavender Brown who was standing beside her in one of the
Gryffindor designated spectator stands. She was still a little dubious of
many of the other girls. As most of them had given her a hard time in her
first year and it had had a slightly lasting effect, a jolt to her
confidence. She was still wary of their more recent politeness and friendly
attitudes towards her. Even though she knew she had mellowed over the last
couple of years and knew she was seen as more likeable. However, she wasn't
sure if she completely trusted them yet. She drew the lenses of the
binoculars over the scene sparing a second to watch Ron's brothers work
impressive double figure-of-eight turns in and out of each other's flying
space. The she swept her gaze across the other members of the Gryffindor
team. She found herself looking the seventeen year-old Keeper Oliver Wood
up and down. He was rather handsome in a lean-with-a-cheeky-smile kind of
way. She was just about to raise the lenses to catch sight of Harry when
she fell over the vision of cute and drool-worthy manliness named Roger
Davies. The Ravenclaw Captain was the epitome of tall, dark and ruggedly
handsome. And Hermione felt a quivering sensation running down her body and
releasing a net full of drunken butterflies into her stomach. His short
slightly wavy hair was whipping around his handsome face in the light breeze.
His Quidditch robes and arm and leg padding didn't do enough to conceal the
firm strength and muscle tone of his body. Hermione found herself actually
licking her lips and had to consciously stop herself, hoping that no one had
noticed. Roger was seated on his broom side by side with one of his team
mates and they were chatting amiably. The other Ravenclaw switched position,
grabbing his broomstick with both hands and lowering himself over the side
of it until he was hanging from shaft of wood thirty feet above the pitch,
his legs dangling vertically. With Roger watching with raised eyebrows the
team mate did ten quick mid-air pull ups, before pulling himself back onto
his broom. Then it was apparently Roger's turn. He took up the same position
and then actually let go with his left hand, grabbing hold of his right
wrist. Then he matched his team mate's pull up count with one hand. Hermione
was busy focusing the binoculars on Roger's ass though. His robes had been
caught and lifted by the wind and his braced legs clenched the muscles of his
buttocks. It was pert and beautifully, firmly muscled. The coarse material of his rugged trousers cupping his buttock muscles perfectly and just revealing enough to make Hermione's mouth water.

"Nice bum." She muttered under her breath.

"Pardon?" Asked Lavender who, luckily, hadn't quite made out what Hermione
had actually said.

"Oh, nothing." She replied, hoping the heat rising in her cheeks wasn't as
obvious a blush as it felt. The standby whistle blew and she passed the
binoculars back to Lavender as the game was about to start.

Harry was barely in his starting position when he heard Madam Hooch's voice
on the air.

"Right, then. On my whistle..." The Bludgers took off from their positions
inside the open lidded trunk. The Golden Snitch followed the two heavy balls
and vanished from sight almost immediately.

"Three - two - one." Then the blast of her whistle filled the air, an instant
before she threw the Quaffle up into the midst of the circle of six Chasers.

It was a strange moment for the Seekers. They were supposed to watch for
the Golden Snitch but it was already out of sight and they basically had no
where to go. Staying in the middle of the pitch was the best place to be as
it generally gave you the shortest distance to travel if the Snitch was
spotted. However, simply hovering there doing nothing made you feel stupid
and useless. And, of course, being forty feet above the ground on a flying
broomstick gave you the urge to travel around on it, hovering was boring. Of
course that created the risk of flying away from where the Snitch was hiding
and being on the opposite end of the pitch when it was spotted. And you
didn't want to get in the way of your team mates.

A zooming Bludger solved the problem for both Cho and Harry as it suddenly
exploded between them, shooting by an inch from Cho's pretty button nose and
forcing Harry to lean back as it whipped past his chest. It about-turned at
once and came back after Harry so he took off on his broom, leading the ball
towards George Weasley. Or was that one Fred? Harry glanced back over his
shoulder, first checking that the Bludger was still on his tail though not
too close... And second, to spare a glance at what Cho was up to. She was
making slow widening spirals upwards on her broom searching around for that
telltale glint of metallic gold that was the Snitch. Harry made a quick
circle around the back of the Griffindor Beater and watched with satisfaction
as Fred (or George) made an excellent strike with the short stocky Beater's
bat and sent the irritable ball heading straight for a Ravenclaw chaser.

After another quick glance at Cho and then around the pitch for signs of
glinting gold, Harry decided to take a slightly more active role in the
Chasers/Quaffles game. He spun around ninety degrees and shot straight for
a Ravenclaw Chaser, who was himself tearing after Katie Bell who was in
possession of the Quaffle. As Harry watched, a second Ravenclaw Chaser
swung around to catch Katie in a pincer movement. The third Chaser was
coming up from directly underneath Katie and Alicia Spinnet and Angelina
Johnson, the other two Gryffindor Chasers, weren't close enough to help.
Harry did the only thing he could think of, he leaned low and threw his
Nimbus 2000 at full acceleration toward the gang of Chasers. His timing
and position were perfect. An instant before the three Ravenclaw's would
have closed in on Katie and more than likely dragged the Quaffle from her
grasp, Harry burst into existence in the midst of them. It took them all
by surprise and diverted their attention just long enough for Katie to
drop her altitude and launch the Quaffle over to a fast moving Angelina,
who caught the ball and slammed it at practically the speed of sound
straight for the left-hand Ravenclaw goal hoop. To everyone's amazement
the Quaffle struck the lower edge of the hoop and spun upwards riding the
curved edge of the hoop, slowly heading inward to hopefully score the ten
points. Time seemed to stand still and there was almost complete silence
as all eyes locked on the ball, willing it either into the hoop or to roll
backward and fall out. The Ravenclaw Keeper had reached out a hand, keeping
one hand tight on the shaft of his broom and literally throwing himself out
into mid-air. His fingertips got to the ball and he somehow managed to drag
it back from the brink of scoring. Out of the hoop the ball slipped from
his fingertips and started to sink towards the lush green pitch. Luckily,
one of the Ravenclaw Chasers was in a position to intercept the slowly
falling Quaffle and he passed it immediately to another team member and the
attack started all over again, this time in the opposite direction.

The three Ravenclaw Chasers, an all-male trio against Gryffindor's
all-female, drew close together keeping the Quaffle passing constantly
between them, within their inverse triangle to keep the Griffindors at bay.
While they sped onwards and passed the ball between them, they chatted
plotting their tactics quietly. And then all of a sudden two of them passed
close by, seemed to pass the ball a few times between them and then one of
the two teenagers suddenly dropped his altitude and sped off ahead of the
others. Angelina dropped after him and shot away to catch him up. The other
two maintained their high speed shotgun flying, heading side by side and
straight down the middle of the pitch, with Alicia and Katie in hot pursuit.
However, all three girls had noticed that the Quaffle was no longer visible
and all three Ravenclaw's had one arm tucked inside their concealing robes.
No one on the Griffindor team knew which of the three Chasers had the
Quaffle. It could be any of them and there was nothing they could do except
shadow the opposition Chasers and wait until they made their move. The
Weasley twins took great exception to this sleight-of-hand fake wizardry
and took to blasting Bludger after Bludger at the enemy Chasers, but the
Ravenclaw Beaters took them at their own game and defended their men
brilliantly, intercepting cannonball-like Bludgers and redirecting them at
any Griffindor they could see, including Harry and even Wood way ahead and
watching worriedly from his goal hoops. The Ravenclaw's made their move
abruptly. The lone Chaser suddenly threw his broom into full acceleration
and shot vertically upwards along the posts of the triple-hoop goal. Angelina
and Oliver Wood both came in to block, but when the Chaser raised his
throwing arm it was empty and he grinned at the two scowling Gryffindor's.
The empty throwing hand was the signal and the other two launched themselves
straight at Wood, who had instantly returned to his defensive position in
front of the hoops. One Ravenclaw Chaser took the lead and, dodging
Gryffindor Chasers and aggressively flying Bludgers, they flew like missiles
toward the scoring area. The older of the two boys, a rather large and well
built fifth year launched himself straight at Wood. He lifted his right arm
and drew it back to punch Wood square in the face. In what Wood knew would be
a Transylvanian Tackle. It was of course a feint, an actual connecting punch
would cost them at least a penalty and possibly to lose the offending player,
but at such high speeds it was still a big risk for Wood to play chicken with
a broomstick-powered fist. Especially one that big. Wood ducked, still trying
to use his broom and body to be a wall between the Ravenclaw Chaser and his
team's scoring hoops. Of course this Chaser didn't have the Quaffle either.
The third Chaser at the back, and just outside the scoring area had it. And
he had already passed it to his forward team mate who dropped his
Transylvanian Tackle and at the last possible second twisted around to catch
the ball. Then he twisted back and lobbed it past Wood's horror stricken face
and into the central hoop. Three quarters of the crowd went wild. And even
the Gryffindor's had to admit that it was a very good move and brilliantly

The Quaffle was back in Gryffindor's hands again. And this time the players
had kind of swapped roles. Angelina, clutching the Quaffle to her shapely
chest, was flying down the right side of the pitch, closely flanked by a
serious looking pair of identical Weasley brothers, brandishing their
Beater's bats as if they were iron spiked maces. The other two Chasers were
harassing the pursuing Ravenclaw's blocking and weaving suddenly into their
flight paths. At a prearranged moment Angelina dropped suddenly from between
her bodyguards and the twins about turned and took on the flying Bludgers,
sending them both after the approaching Ravenclaw pursuers who had to duck
and dodge to avoid being knocked off their brooms. Alicia suddenly shot
forwards and veered left as Angelina passed the Quaffle on to her. It was a
long throw and took a lot of effort but the ball was caught smoothly and
Alicia sped onward as fast as her broom would take her.

Harry looked across the field, peering intently around above and below him
for a sign of the Golden Snitch, only allowing himself quick glances at the
Quaffle action below and a few more glances at Cho. He needed to be aware
of where she was and what she was doing - at least that what's he'd told
himself. Suddenly, a movement off to his left had Harry shooting off in that
direction. But he saw out of the corner of his eye that Cho had seen it too
and she was moving just as fast as he was. That movement hadn't afforded him
a definite look at the Snitch but he carried on in the same direction anyway,
keeping his eyes wide and watchful. He saw the same movement again and his
shoulders slumped in disappointment. It was a wren, dragging a difficult worm
out of a tuft of longer grass at the edge of the Quidditch pitch. Harry,
scowling at the innocent little bird, brought his Nimbus 2000 to a
decelerating stop. Cho Chang sped up beside him and drew herself in close
stopping alongside, her smooth thigh less than six inches from Harry's knee.

"Another bird?" She asked.


"I've started after them about a dozen times already." She laughed. It was
a very sweet sound. "The Snitch is really keeping its head down today."

"Who's winning?" Harry asked, daring to look into her eyes and wishing he
hadn't, as he felt himself getting lost in their lush chocolate brown.

He was staring, he knew it, he was blushing, he knew it. He couldn't stop
himself. Cho finally broke the eye contact, trying to keep the smile from
her cherub lips and not quite succeeding, nor was she able to keep the soft
pink colour from invading her own smooth cheeks. She glanced back over her
shoulder at the game going on below.

"I'm not sure... You I think."

Harry grunted without really hearing her. His eyes were glued to her
beautiful face that was still pinking up nicely.

"Anyway," She said at last, this time avoiding his gaze. "I'd better get
back to it or Roger'll have my head." She gracefully turned and lifted off

As she flew slowly away Harry found his eyes still locked on her and sliding
down her departing body from her silky black hair, across her firm straight
back and over her slim waist to her hips. And then down to her super-pert and
athletically formed bottom. He was embarrassed and angry with himself though
excited and giddy all at the same time as he stared at her hot little ass.
The second-skin tight, white and blue patterned cycling shorts showed off her
form to utter perfection. The way the morning light played across her lithe
lean curves sensualised her shape and the firm tightness of her body. There
wasn't even a suggestion of fat on her anywhere. Her buttocks, even caressed
by the broomstick's cushioning spell, were pert and firm and precisely
rounded. Cho Chang had an ass you wanted to bite - Harry caught himself
thinking and then snapped at himself inwardly. He was belittling her thinking
of her like that (no matter how true it was). He gazed at that perfect little
bottom as it shrank into the distance, mooning over the perfect shape and
form and the little tracer creases of her underwear that showed through the
thin material covering her. She was even wearing a thong underneath. The
thought of such a skimpy and plainly sexual undergarment sent shivers down
Harry's spine. It suggested a kind of early sexual interest, a possible
sexual activity that Harry found both exciting and unnerving at the same
time. She was older than him, and the difference in maturity broadened the
gap even more. He shook the erotic thoughts and sparking fantasies from his
mind with annoyance and forced his eyes to move away from her luscious body
and his mind and attention back to the game in hand and his task as the
Gryffindor Seeker.

Alicia, keeping to the far left edge of the scoring area, lifted her
Quaffle-hand ready to throw for the goal. She watched the Ravenclaw Keeper
come forward from his defending position to intercept her. And, with a flashy
grin, she turned her wrist and suddenly batted the Quaffle right across the
width of the scoring area to a waiting Katie Bell. Even as Alicia yanked
herself immediately out of the scoring area, even as the Ravenclaw Keeper's
eyes went wide as they followed the fast low arc of the Quaffle, Katie caught
it and launched it straight through the waiting hoop. And half the crown went

It was a strange thing whenever the house teams played each other in front of
the whole school. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw had always been more
or less unspoken allies and they all hated Slytherin. So generally, only
Slytherin supported their own team, everyone else supported whoever they
played against. Although sometimes point tallies could come into the equation
and upset things a bit.

Ravenclaw took possession of the Quaffle and launched themselves quickly into
a full speed assault on the Gryffindor side of the pitch. At first it looked
like they had stolen one of the opposing team's tactics as their main Chaser
took up a fast straightforward attack with the Quaffle clutched under one arm
and his two Beaters flanking him a half broom-length ahead. The other two
Chasers followed them a little behind and worked to keep the Gryffindor's
behind the front line attack. The Beaters had a very different tactic to the
Gryffindor's. Like a pair of jugglers they hit the two Bludgers at each
other, sending both highly irritated balls between them, keeping possession
and creating a dangerous Bludger wall erected right in front of the sprinting
Chaser. The skill these two Beaters displayed was almost remarkable and
revealed a lot about why they were so often seen in the hospital wing or
covered in scrapes and bruises. They must have practised for months to get
this right. The conclusion to this method was obvious to almost everyone who
was watching. Just inside the Gryffindor scoring area both Beaters blasted
both the Bludgers with their bats straight at poor Oliver Wood who found it
impossible to avoid both the screaming Bludgers and block the simultaneously
thrown Quaffle as well. He took a Bludger hard in the shoulder that tipped
him off his broom and the other caught him with a glancing blow to the side
of his head as he tumbled off his broomstick and fell towards the ground. At
that same time, the Quaffle flew through the topmost Gryffindor hoop, to the
cheers of delight from half the crowd (many were stunned by the relative
ferocity of the double Bludger technique), one of the jubilant Ravenclaw
Beaters shot downward to catch the still falling Gryffindor Keeper and put
him (stunned) gently to the grass pitch at the foot of his goal posts. As
there were no in game substitutes in Quidditch, Oliver Wood was forced to
remain out of play until he was fit to return (or be carried off to the
hospital wing). This left Gryffindor without a Keeper while play continued
and even with Harry over by the goal posts and both the Weasley's staying
back to cover as well, the Ravenclaw's got themselves another ten point goal
within five minutes. It was a beauty too, scored as their Captain Roger
Davies launched the Quaffle from close to the centre circle straight between
Katie and Alicia, who were being hassled by an infuriated Bludger, to a
Ravenclaw Chaser who rather cheekily used the end of his broomstick to bat
the Quaffle through the central Gryffindor goal hoop.

Fortunately, and not long afterwards, Wood (insisting he was okay to go
on, even though he couldn't quite fly straight) was back with the team and
blocking Ravenclaw shot's left right and centre. The back to back scores
had given Ravenclaw a lot of confidence and it had improved their game quite
a bit. They scored another two goals before Gryffindor were able to pull
themselves together. They finally drew level again after some ferocious
tactical play that the Weasley's had a rather large hand in. A half-scream
from above and behind Harry, had him whipping his head around just in time
to see Cho ducking underneath a high velocity Bludger. One of the Weasley
twins shot past Harry, laughing evilly as he watched the heavy ball circle
around Cho and come back at her with another attack, this time from her left.
Cho glanced at the fast moving sphere and then at the approaching and still
laughing Gryffindor Beater and she threw on a nasty looking smirk of her own.
As Harry watched the extremely pretty fourteen year-old suddenly jumped up
onto her perfectly balanced broom with her impeccable tightrope technique.
And then after another glance at the enemy Beater she threw herself into a
powerful, and rather beautiful, aerial scissors-kick, whipping herself
completely over her own arched back with both long legs extended, the first
foot thrown forward for landing, the trailing foot timed perfectly to skim
against the edge of the speeding Bludger and change its direction with a
touch of side-spin. The fast flying sphere found itself angled straight for
the even faster moving Gryffindor Beater. And, as Cho landed gracefully and
slipped her legs back around the maple shaft of her broomstick, the Bludger
slammed forcefully into the Weasley Beater's stomach. He hadn't even had the
chance to dodge. The heavy ball dropped slightly, bouncing off the tip of
the Beater's broom and then took off in an entirely new direction. Harry
came up to the side of George (or Fred) who was coughing and rubbing his
bruised stomach.

"Did you see that move Harry!" He sputtered with awed shock, nodding his head
in Cho's direction.

"Couldn't miss it." Harry said with a smirk "Like you."

"That was bloody cool!" The Beater said. Before adding, "I did ask for it
though." With a pained chuckle.

Harry laughed as his friend scooted off after the still attacking Bludger.
Harry caught Cho's gleaming eye and gave her a quick and appreciative little
round of applause. Cho laughed and returned the favour with a mock curtsey,
not easy while seated on a broomstick. But then something, flitting randomly
and gold coloured, caught Harry's eye down below near the ground and he took
off at once hurtling straight down at the fast approaching ground. Without
needing to look back he knew that Cho would be right behind him and probably
gaining with each passing yard.

Gryffindor were making a come back. Alicia had thrown a remarkable and rather
irregular pass to Fred Weasley who had used his bat to volley the Quaffle to
a waiting and in position Katie Bell. She and Angelina, with George as back
up Bludger-shield, raced through the Ravenclaw defence before passing back to
a high up and far ahead Alicia Spinnet who dropped herself straight down like
a stone and lobbed the Quaffle through a waiting goal hoop, taking the
Ravenclaw Keeper by surprise. Roger Davies' string of curses actually brought
a blush to the celebration broom-dancing Alicia Spinnet. And guffaws of
laughter from the Weasley twins.

The wind roared past as Harry leaned closer to his broomstick, the wooden
shaft pressing along his sternum, his chin actually brushing against the
top of the wooden broom. A blur of pastel blue right below caught Harry's
eye and he glanced below to see Cho somehow angling herself to speed ahead
of him. The Golden Snitch was now darting around near one of the spectator
stands, Harry could make out green and silver amongst the black of the
spectator's robes. It was a Slytherin stand. That was dangerous, at least
for Harry, who was all but universally hated by Slytherin House up to and
including their head Professor Snape. Harry, partially egged on by Cho's
insistent burst of speed, kept up his own acceleration relying on the power
of his broomstick to allow him to pull out in time, hopefully with Golden
Snitch in hand. Unfortunately, the little golden winged ball had its own
ideas. It insolently buzzed around the heads of the Slytherin spectators
goading Harry and Cho in closer, letting their own Seeker - Seeker
competition to pull them out of control. And then it stopped dead in the
air for a split second, before shooting off in the direction Harry and Cho
had just come from, flying straight between the two racing Seekers and off
into the morning sunlight behind them. Of course, Harry and Cho were moving
too fast to spot the ball's escape in time and of course their own reactions
were not quick enough to avoid flying straight into the Slytherin spectator
stand. Cho let out a little uncontrolled squeal of panic. In a last ditch
attempt and in a tribute to the quality of her broom, she whipped herself
around one-hundred-and-eighty degrees almost on the spot, hoping that her
suddenly reversed direction of acceleration would pull her away from the
spectator stand. However, her momentum was still pulling rapidly towards
the Slytherin's and too fast to fight against, even with her professional
quality broomstick.

"Move! Get out of the way!" Harry shouted, wanting to wave Slytherin's clear
with a hand though not daring to take his hands of the Nimbus' broom handle.

Typically, the one person who was in the most danger from Harry's flight
path was Draco Malfoy. Who stubbornly stood his ground with folded arms -
not wanting to do anything to make things easier for his nemesis Harry
Potter. And he obviously wasn't thinking about the potential danger he was
putting himself in.

"Watch it Potty!" He shouted all the same, his lips curled into his usual
snarl. But it was too late.

Screaming and cursing, Slytherin's threw themselves in all directions to
dodge the two incoming broomsticks and their teenage pilots. Crabbe and Goyle
stood their ground too, brainlessly copying Malfoy who didn't know what to do
for his own good. Crabbe was only saved by three other Slytherin's, who
dropped to the floor by his legs and incidentally knocked his feet out from
under him. Goyle took the brunt of Cho's ass-first trajectory. Athletic and
light-footed (and lightweight) she managed to minimise the damage by actually
hopping off her broomstick, kicking softly off Goyle's barrel chest and
spiralling in the air while she got her broom under control. She landed in a
clear spot on the floor of the raised spectator's stand perfectly balanced
and elegantly catlike. She turned back and grinned at the shocked looking
Goyle, who was slumped back and sitting on two other moaning Slytherin's.

"Thanks big guy!" She sang prettily and then leapt over the edge of the
stand, throwing herself back into the air and dropping like a stone toward
the ground fifty feet below.

In mid tumble, she casually tucked the broomstick between her thighs and took
to the air once more, sparing a glance at Harry before flying off after the
Golden Snitch again.

Harry fared a little worse than Cho, having neither her grace nor her
agility. Or a brick wall-like Slytherin student to bounce off. He had the
shorter, skinnier and mean-looking Malfoy right in front of him and if the
pale ponce didn't move in the next instant he was going to end up chewing
on the rounded wooden end of Harry's broom handle.

Not unusually, Hermione actually came to the rescue. And as much to Malfoy's
rescue as Harry's. She threw herself to the front of her own stand that was
right next to the one Malfoy occupied, and yanked her wand from the waistband
of her tartan miniskirt. Her swish-flick wand technique was now so fast and
second nature that it was a literal blur of wrist movement.

"Accio!" She snapped.

Instantly Malfoy was jerked unceremoniously off his feet and yanked right
across the width of the Slytherin stand as if he'd been struck by lightning.
There were two wooden spell-strengthened walls between Hermione and Malfoy
but that didn't stop the spell from trying to pull the blonde haired
Slytherin boy right through the both of them. Hermione lowered her wand and
broke the spell. Harry finally slowed his broomstick and regained control
enough to pull up and drag the broom handle around to face the opposite
direction. Putting a foot down on the floor of the stand to stop his
momentum once and for all.

Blanca Marina, Draco's 'steady' girlfriend hurried across towards her stunned
lover, throwing a scowl and a very loud string of expletives in Harry's

The Gryffindor Seeker looked over at a prettily smiling Hermione, raised his
hand and formed a circle with his thumb and forefinger in a silent 'well
done' and then shot off into the air once more, trying to spot either Cho or
the Golden Snitch as he sailed away.

Sheathing her wand, Hermione ducked back from the edge of the spectator stand
and avoided the nasty looks she was getting from the Slytherin's next door.
Especially from Blanca, who was trying to drag a dizzy and green faced Draco
Malfoy to his wobbly feet.

The end came quite quickly after the near crash incident. And it was a very
strange and rather interesting end. Both team's Beaters and Chasers worked
furiously hard, battling and countering attempts to get the Quaffle through
the opposition team's defences. With neither team able to make any headway.
The Keepers had nothing much to do. Wood hung back as usual leaving the
defence to his other players, only coming forward to help if his scoring
area was breached. The Ravenclaw Keeper was a bit more rash and came out of
his area to be an extra pair of hands to pass the Quaffle into a more
advantageous position. Though he always kept one eye on his scoring area and
which Gryffindor's were close to it. Of course, this stalemate couldn't go
on for long. Sooner or later someone was going to make a mistake and a goal
would be scored offsetting the balance. And, as usually happened, other
goals would follow.

Harry was trying to keep his attention off the game going on below him and
focus instead on looking for the Snitch. In many ways it was a very lonely
job being a team Seeker. You were playing a game all on your own, with only
the Snitch and your counterpart Seeker as competition, you were almost
completely irrelevant to the game with the Quaffle. That glint of flying
gold once again revealed itself to Harry's eyes and he swung his Nimbus to
the left and drew the handle up to point him in the right direction,
throwing himself into full acceleration immediately. A blur from below
showed that Cho was already in pursuit of the Snitch. She must have spotted
it a second before he had. However, she was further away from it that he
was. Again, Harry leaned close to the shaft of his broom handle and rocketed
through the refreshing morning sky. He could see the Golden Snitch whipping
around in odd darting circles and arcs, more or less circling around on the
spot. He glanced down at Cho again, she was now flying almost vertically
upwards. One hand was hooked over the flat front edge of her broomstick, her
legs gripping the shaft tightly, her ankles crossed over each other, heels
pressing against her firm bottom. She had her face pressed along one side of
the broom handle the smooth polished shaft of wood pressing against her
cheek, aiming her trajectory by her eye-line along the length of the broom.
She might be further away but she was moving faster than Harry was. It was
going to be close. There was as much chance of the two of them colliding as
there was either one getting to the Golden Snitch ahead of the other. It
stayed that way right up until they were literally side by side and both
reaching out for the now straight-flying Snitch. Harry had one eye on Cho
and the other on the Snitch, trying to be prepared in case it made one of
it's patented sudden right-angled turns. Cho, a head shorter that Harry, was
actually stretching herself along her broom handle to gain an extra few
inches of reach. To Harry this situation started to seem almost silly and,
as if reading his thoughts, Cho started to laugh even as she blinked
wind-formed tears from her eyes and stretched her fingers closer to those
flitting golden wings. Harry joined in her laughter and felt some of the
professional tension slip from him. He'd almost forgotten this was supposed
to be a friendly match, a spectator's match - designed for fun and excitement
more than winning and cups and points and reverence. Cho suddenly took
advantage and with a rather dark grin, she reached over and smacked the top
of Harry's broom handle with the heel of her palm. The broomstick jolted
downwards a touch and Harry had to quickly yank upwards to level off again.
As Harry righted his broom, Cho took her opportunity and lunged forward for
the Snitch but somehow it stayed just beyond the tips of her fingers.

"Cheeky little minx!" Harry scowled playfully at Cho, a little surprised at
her slightly unscrupulous approach, but impressed at the same time.

He might not have felt as forgiving, he thought, if the Snitch had been
currently clutched in her hand.

"All's fair in love and Quidditch!" She sang back merrily.

Then, matching his speed and direction with her broom, she muttered an
indecipherable charm to her broomstick and then hopped off it and actually
clambered across onto Harry's back. Even before he realised what she was
doing she was climbing over him and again stretching out to reach for the

"Hey!" He yelled hotly.

Anyone else and he would have been doing all he could to shake them off,
even if it meant letting them fall to the ground. But the feel of Cho's body
pressing against his back was somehow influencing him. He could feel one of
her thighs along his lower back. The inside of her other thigh was gripping
his waist and the side of his ribs. He could feel the softness of her pert
bosom pressed against his shoulder blades. He could almost feel the warmth
of her soft flesh through the material of his padded robes. Best of all, her
face was at the side of his, her cheek pressed against his, pushing his
glasses slightly skew-whiff on his face. The smooth warmth of her face, the
scent of her soft skin and the perfume of her short dark brown hair, it was
as if she'd put a dizzying hex on him.

"You're insane!" Harry said, laughing in spite of himself.

He was not really surprised that his Nimbus was taking the extra weight
without prejudice or much in the way of lost speed. Cho was laughing too,
but it was as much due to the fact that she was inching closer to the
evasive Snitch by the second, as it was about her enjoying herself playing
with Harry. Remembering how Cho's little tap on the top of his broom had
shifted his trajectory, Harry started to copy her tactic himself, jerking
the end of his broom handle a little one way and then another to keep Cho's
reaching hand out of line with the Golden Snitch. It was no good however,
Cho started to anticipate and she stretched herself forward one last time
and Harry watched with wide eyes as her fingertips touched the fluttering
wing. She jerked back at the strange tickling feel and then stretched out
again even further this time to grab the wing tightly. The Gryffindor
Seeker held his breath and then let go of his broom with one hand and
snatched out for the Golden Snitch himself - at exactly the same time as
Cho. Miraculously, they got hold of half each, fingers encircling the
tickling golden hummingbird wings and tightening around them, their teeth
gritted. Cho couldn't hold back another little giggle as the fluttering
wings tickled her soft flesh again. Of course, the Snitch being so small,
their hands had little choice but to intertwine as well and Harry wasn't
bothered in the slightest. The Snitch gave up at that moment. Knowing it
was beaten, it stopped beating its wings and became a dead weight in their

It was over. Madam Hooch's whistle confirmed it. The question was, who had

Gryffindor had scored a final goal right on Madam Hooch's whistle - which
counted. And, though everyone else had all but lost track of the score it
put the two teams on fifty points each. A low score that told more about
the defensive strength of both teams than the number of actual attempts on
the hoops. It was down to Cho and Harry. Which one of them was judged to
have got their hand on the Golden Snitch first.

They gathered on foot around Madam Hooch in the centre circle of the pitch,
Harry and Cho coming in last, still holding the Golden Snitch within their
interlaced fingers. Harry was asking Cho about her Broomstick and how it
had stayed alongside his, even though he was twisting and turning with her
crawling all over him and the both of them stretching out for the Snitch.

"I put an auto-pilot charm on it." She said with a smile, passing the Snitch
to the waiting Professor.

Almost at once, before Madam Hooch could even open her mouth, Oliver Wood
started complaining about Cho Chang.

"She was cheating! I was watching her!" Wood growled. "Blagging, blurting,
blatching." He ticked off the girl's crimes on his fingers.

Madam Hooch tutted, frowning at Wood.

"I was also watching closely Wood and I judge her actions to be legal,
however insane or unorthodox." She threw Cho and oddly amused glance. "And
as I'm the referee it's my judgement that counts, not yours."

"But..." Wood started again but Madam Hooch didn't let him carry on.

"Blagging applies to a broom's tail only. I saw no evidence of locking of
broom handles and I saw no evidence of Flying with intent to collide." Wood
went silent in defeat.

The twins were just about to take up Wood's baton but, with a stern look,
Madam Hooch put a stop to it before it started.

"I've made my judgement. The scores are tied at fifty all. It comes down to
who got their hand to the Snitch first." She paused and looked around at the
circle of fourteen. "And the Snitch itself will tell us who."

She opened her leather gauntleted hand and allowed the Snitch to sprout its
golden wings and take to the air. Everyone watched in silence as the walnut
sized sphere took to the air and flitted over to where Harry and Cho were
standing side by side. It paused for a moment and then moved smoothly toward
Cho and made a quick circle around her head. Cho grinned. After a slightly
surprised exchange of looks, the Ravenclaw team shouted out their sudden
exultation. And the Gryffindor team's shoulders slumped en masse. But then
the Snitch flew over to Harry and repeated its halo-turn around his head too.
And everyone fell silent and looked to the Professor for understanding.

"A draw!" Pronounced Madam Hooch with eyebrows raised in surprise. "You don't
come across that very often. Well done you two." She said turning and smiling
at Harry and Cho.

Everyone else was too shocked to know how to react.

But then slowly the applause and the jumping around and the singing and the
shouting and shaking of hands over took the whole field. And the spectator
stands exploded with gleeful cheering, applause and wolf whistles.


It had been the single most fun and the most interesting game of Quidditch
Harry Potter had ever played.

And the game and its result so overwhelmed and excited the student body that
the Professors decided to allow the usual Quidditch Cup contest after all.
It would lighten the 'doom and gloom' mood that was hanging over everyone.
And the fact that just about the whole school attended the games meant that
Harry should certainly be safe from any attempts on his life that the escaped
convict Black might try.

Now if only Harry could find some way to get himself given permission to
visit the village of Hogsmeade, it might just make this last summer holiday
nightmare melt away from his memory.

Well, Hogsmeade and maybe another meeting with Cho...

The End of the Prologue.

This is just a little parody story based on the Harry Potter books. I neither
own any form of copyright nor make anything from writing this. It's just a
bit of fun.

Harry Potter: Another Draco Devilism Part 1 (mf,mg,magic,trans)
by Nickamano ([email protected])

Draco was smarting. He had been made to look a fool by Potty and that little
Mud blood bitch once again and she had all but broken his arm with that
spell. Between them they were using any excuse they could to make him look
like a fool. He should have used his wand on Potty, in the pretence of
defending himself from the boy-wonder on his broom. Instead he had just stood
there stupidly. Of course, if he'd used his wand he would probably have been
accused of influencing the Quidditch friendly. Granger had made it look like
she'd saved him but that was obviously a lie. She could just as easily have
done something to Potter's Nimbus to knock him off course. But no, she has to
use a summoning charm and slam Draco into a wall. And it was no gentle
summoning charm either. He'd just spent a half hour with Madam Pomfrey in the
hospital wing enduing bruised bones and pulled muscles and the whip lash in
his neck was still there. A dull throbbing ache in the side and back of his
neck. And that Pomfrey woman needed some retraining in his opinion, her
painkiller spells were crap.

He was back in the Slytherin common room and had his girlfriend Blanca
nursing him in her own particular and unconventional way.

"I hope Pomfrey doesn't know about this spell." Draco said. "Though if she
did it might explain why Dumbledore's so fond of the snooty bitch!"

Draco shifted his mouth as he spread Blanca's labia farther apart and then
buried his mouth into the sweet warmth between them. Draco lapped at her
nicely flowing juices, scooping curled tongue-fulls back into his mouth that
he promptly swallowed, enjoying the sweet taste and smooth warm texture. The
effect of the charmed secretion was something akin to an aftertaste, a
tingling glow that trickled down his chest into the pit of his stomach and
then spread out to his extremities. It reminded Draco of the sensation of
drinking Butterbeer - and a lascivious thought popped into his mind... Could
there be some kind of connection? Although, apparently Blanca's great
grandmother had invented this particular charm and it had been passed down
through the female side of the family ever since. It didn't matter, he was
feeling better and he was feeling horny. And inspiration had clicked
somewhere along the way. A new plan of vengeance was growing in the back of
his mind - a way to get back at those three bastards from Gryffindor,
especially after today's Quidditch brutality. If it worked out right, they
would at the very least be completely humiliated and shown up in front of
the whole school. And the more he looked at it the more he couldn't see how
they could get out of being expelled. Even Dumbledore would be unable to
talk his way into letting them stay. If it worked the way he expected, the
three of them would be out by Christmas. It should be the perfect end to the
year. He still had to work out the details though, the 'whens' and the

However, it was starting to get noisy in the common room. Goyle had somehow
been affected by his brush with that well-fuckable Ravenclaw Chink - Chang
something. And he'd been so animated, to a degree Malfoy had never seen
before, that Draco had leant him one of the young Slytherin Chinks to play
with to feed his fantasies. Seeing such an animated excited Goyle had been
quite a sight for Malfoy and it had been the huge dumb boy's sexual antics
with the poor tiny girl that had sparked off Malfoy's own lusts. Which, as
usual, Blanca had only been too happy to accommodate. The Chink girl,
actually Malfoy thought she might have been a Nip - her name was Miyu or
something, had been dragged up from her dormitory and dumped on a table by
Goyle. Draco had made his usual "Do as you're told and you'll be in my good
books, etc." Speech and then Goyle had had her. And had her, and had her,
and had her. He'd been unstoppable and insatiable and neither Draco or
Blanca had seen him so affected before.

He had brought her into the common room slung over his meaty shoulder like
a little sack of potatoes and slung her down on her back onto a big mahogany
writing desk. With Goyle's left hand pressing down on her palpitating stomach
immovable as an iron bar, while Draco half-heartedly gave his line of speech,
his right hand reached for the little button and zip at the side of her
uniform skirt. While he held her down, even though after Draco's words she
was no longer struggling so much, he shoved his free hand into her pretty
white lace knickers until he felt the soft warm fur of her young pubic mound
against his palm. Miyu tensed at the rough touch of her virginal genitals and
involuntarily squeezed her thighs tight together, but Goyle's hefted himself
up onto the desk and one of his knees was forced between his new date's
thighs, holding them far enough apart to allow the huge Slytherin boy to
grasp the waistline of the girl's underwear and rip the little garment from
her body, then he returned his hand to her young vagina and pressed fingers
to her vulva. He pinched her lips a little too roughly and the girl yelped
in pain. Goyle used his fat stubby fingers to push between her vulva and
splay the outer lips apart, his fingers prodded painfully between her tender
inner lips until they pressed into her hot, though dry, vaginal tunnel. He
pushed in deep, the oriental girl crying out again through her gritted teeth
at Goyle's harsh touch. Draco was almost sure he had heard Goyle chanting
that Chang girl's name under his breath as he molested the second year
Slytherin look-alike. As Goyle prodded and fingered the girl's tiny vagina,
his other hand slipped down and squeezed a blouse covered breast. Although
rather small the globe was firm under his hard grip. Again the girl whimpered
in pain, blinking tears from her eyes, but Goyle either failed to notice or
failed to care. After hurriedly pulling the blouse open and snatching the
cups of the simple white lace bar away from the pert orbs, the huge brainless
boy squeezed, pulled, pinched and groped the young girl's breasts and
nipples. Then he grabbed the bra material in his hand and ripped it forcibly
from Miyu's small body, grunting as he watched her breasts bounce back and
flatten slightly across her chest in their natural positions. The boy's huge
wide flap of a mouth dropped to a barely developed breast and his lips
fastened on her nipple, his teeth biting softly at the erect bud. Miyu cried
out in pain and twisted under him as his teeth dug into her flesh, though
fell short of cutting in. Goyle started lapping at the hot nipple, held in
place between his teeth. One hand mauled at her other breast, the other hand
between her thighs, fingers pushing deep into her little tunnel and rubbing
at her delicate labia. His fat stocky penis was aching, he would have to get
it inside her pretty soon or he'd burst. Without releasing her nipple from
between his teeth, he moved a hand to his crotch and with some difficulty
unfastened his tightly belted uniform trousers. He tugged his large thick
erection out of the front of his pants and bore down on her, holding her down
flat her with his bulk. Miyu could feel Goyle's hot bulbous knob prodding at
her tunnel entrance as he moved into position on top of her and the reality
that she was about to be raped sprang to the centre of her mind. He murmured
something that sounded to Miyu like 'Chang' but the case of mistaken identity
was a long way from her mind. She was working on a different level of
thoughtfulness and she had suddenly decided that House popularity and being
associated with Draco Malfoy's inner circle, as so many of the Slytherin's
felt they needed to be to get along, was not worth loosing her virginity
over. Not at age twelve to some rough and ugly Thirteen year old dimwit. She
writhed and struggled under the teenage brute trying to throw him off her but
he was too fat and too strong. He laughed as they struggled, enjoying the
game. She cried out for Goyle to get off her and swore and cursed foully,
actually surprising her attacker, who was mauling her breasts again. Malfoy
was laughing even though he snapped at Miyu, telling her she was pissing him
off and if she didn't let Goyle have what he wanted he'd see to it that she
was shoved down with all the dregs and Mudbloods of Slytherin House. They
were the lowest of the low in Slytherin House thought of as worse than scum,
worse even than the Gryffindor's. The way Muggles looked at mental cases and
geeks and perverts. The threat drew the fight right out of her and she lay
back placidly, weeping silent tears as Goyle feasted on her and rubbed her
body as if it belonged to him.

The common room door had swung open and Blanca had stepped into the room,
grinning at the view on the table. A second year girl laid out with skirt up
around her waist and her top open, cute little breasts exposed, one nipple
in Goyle's mouth, his hands holding the young student's naked thighs apart
while he positioned himself between them to fuck her. The girl was crying
and struggling under him.

"Hurry it up Blanca, I'm getting impatient!" Draco called to her from an
armchair on the other side of the room. His delicious and beautifully formed
cock jutting out of his trousers and gripped in one hand, his sly almost
malicious smirk playing across his expressive lips. To Blanca it made him
that much more handsome and sexy.

Malfoy moved to a nearby sofa and settled down on his back while Blanca
quickly opened up her blouse and yanked away her underwear, she scooped up
the length of her short skirt and then settled down over him in a sixty-nine

Goyle reached for the girl's vagina with his right hand, found her labia and
pulled them apart with his fingers and thumb. Miyu winced through gritted
teeth as she felt a huge and hot knob push between her spread inner lips. It
paused for a second at the entrance to her scalding though dry vagina. She
panicked for a second struggling and whimpering, but Goyle's weight allowed
her hardly any freedom. She looked up into his lust filled eyes through her
own tearful ones, silently pleading with him as he mauled her perky young
breasts with his free hand. His large rock hard crown throbbing terribly at
the mouth of her vagina. Goyle laughed and then with a strained grunt, shoved
his entire length into her in a single horrific thrust, punctuating the
completion of his entry act with a deep and loud rumbling grunt of intense
pleasure. The pleasure was sweeter than he'd imagined, the girl was young
and beautiful, and her cunt was really hot and tighter than his fist. Miyu
felt herself instantly stretched and filled with the rod of thick hard flesh.
Knives of hot stabbing pain racked her insides, and as the fat teenager
grunted loudly, she cried out along with him. He continued to groan as he
started to shove his penis in deep thrusts up and down the length of her
tight suctioning tunnel, grunting deeply to each violent movement. He looked
down at her face though squinted eyes and grumbled Cho Chang over and over,
as if talking his brain into believing it was sexy Cho and not little Miyu.
Miyu cried and moaned as the pain continued to increase, but she did nothing
to temper his sexual fury. Draco's threat had blunted her resistance

Goyle's grunts were actually a mixture of pain and intense pleasure. The
young girl's tight cunt was bone dry and the friction of his unlubricated
penis thudding away inside it was painful. However, the pain only increased
his own twisted pleasure and he gritted his teeth, not caring that his saliva
was drooling freely from his tensed lips. He was revelling in the girl's
cries and thrusting harder and harder into her, slamming his hips against her
inner thighs powerfully. He rode her hard and fast, chanting Cho Chang with
each thrust, pounding repeatedly into her until he felt his penis swelling
ready to burst. With a deep groan, he yanked himself out of her body and
jerked his cock against her pubic mound a couple of times until he exploded
all over her sweat coated abdomen and matted pubic hair, covering her lower
body with a massive torrent of his hot watery cum. Once the great splattering
of cum had finished pumping from his knob and onto the girl's lovely body,
Goyle slumped down laying himself on top of her and panting heavily. He lay
flat on her for a few seconds before the realisation struck him - he was
still hard and ready for more. The idea of it being Cho Chang was having more
of an effect on his lust than even Goyle realised. He quickly got up off the
girl's sweat drenched body (the sweat being mostly Goyle's) and came around
to her face her head, which was already hanging back over the edge of the
desk. It was simple for the boy to press his cock head to her lips and push
his way inside, all the way inside until her throat bulged around his hard
girth and she gulped and gagged as her gullet was plugged up by thick teenage
phallus. Malfoy marvelled at Goyle's driven unstoppable lust while Blanca
sucked and stroked at his own erection with her expert technique. Goyle was
insatiable. He fucked the Chink's throat, pulled out after a few minutes of
oral fucking, splattered cum all over her face and hair and then stuffed his
still hard shaft straight back into her mouth again. He came four times in
the first quarter of an hour and coated her whole face and most of her hair
with his thick sticky fluid until it was like glue sticking to her, blocking
her nostrils, pooling into parts of her face, leaving slimy trails over her
cheeks and sticky rivers from her cheeks over her eyes and temples and down
into her long cum glistening hair.

Their head of House Professor Snape put and end to Goyle's fun, at least for
that afternoon, by entering the common room unexpectedly. His already pale
face turned chalk white and then pinked up a just a little. As he looked at
the scene of the four students using his common room as a whore house.

"Malfoy, Goyle! You foolish, insolent boys! This is not some kind of

He looked over at the two girl's who were also involved, the cum splattered
face of the younger girl was all but glued up and she lay there clawing at
the thick fluid that blocked her vision. Turning his attention to Miss
Marina, he noticed a single raised eyebrow that flashed his way, her face
expressionless otherwise, unconcerned. There was a web of saliva between her
full lips and the wilting crown of Malfoy's phallus, that was still clutched
in her hand. Blanca seemed to be slightly mocking and slightly surprised. She
had always looked a touch mocking, she had one of those faces, had looked
that way since her first year at Hogwarts. Though Snape wasn't sure what she
might have been surprised about, he didn't think she was bothered about
getting caught. His reaction possibly. But he could smell her insolence from
the other end of the common room where he stood.

"I'm going to return to this common room in two minutes, Ladies and
gentlemen," The last three words were spoken with such venom that even
Blanca's expression fell slightly. "And I do not want to see this," He
waved his arm on their general direction. "Still going on."

Snape looked between the two girls again, including them both, though he
seemed to know it was more Malfoy and Goyle who were responsible.

"Or catch you in the act again, ever again!" He let the silence hang for a
moment catching and holding each student's gaze for a moment. "Do you

"Yes sir." They said almost in unison.

"And I do not want to have to explain to Pomfrey about the sudden need for
pregnancy-transferal charms with some underage Slytherin girls!" He added
nodding a head towards Miyu, still laid out on the table.

The second year scooped some thickly pooled cum from her eye socket, feeling
the slight sting in her eye even though she'd kept her lids squeezed shut for
the last ten minutes. It felt the same as having shampoo in her eyes. She
still didn't dare open her eyes, even to look at Professor Snape. And she
felt herself almost shivering with the humiliation of being caught in this
state by a teacher. What would he do? Would he have them all expelled?

"Of all the stupid, ignorant, disrespectful..." Muttering to himself, Snape
about turned and closed the door behind him.

Blanca blinked, still looking at the spot Snape had vacated. She had been
watching his eyes carefully and not once had he looked at the on-display
naked flesh of the two girls. She wasn't sure if she should be impressed or
insulted. Maybe he was too old to be into that any more. Blanca didn't think
so somehow. Malfoy shoving at her naked shoulder to get her attention drew
her back out of her reverie.

"Let's take this upstairs." He said to her with a grin.

Malfoy led Blanca by the hand up the stone staircase to his dormitory while
Goyle made the other girl lead him down to her dormitory. There he could
carry on fucking her with her other four dorm-mates having to listen in and
maybe watch if he was feeling cocky. Who knows, he could maybe even get one
or two to join in!

Blanca pulled Draco onto the silver and green covers of his four-poster bed
and knelt there keeping him at bay while she playfully stripped of the
remnants of her uniform. And then once naked, she stalked around the large
bed like a predatory cat and stripped Draco naked as well. Taking a moment
between each item of clothes to stroke his hard jutting erection. Draco was
enjoying all this tremendously as he always did, but a good part of his brain
was working away at the details of his plan that was slowly coming to weave
itself into a very pretty picture before him. He was sure Blanca would go for
it. And the Polyjuice potion was a simple task. Getting a supply sent to him
at Hogwarts without his father's knowledge might be tricky but he had enough
influence and blackmail material over on the current Muggle servants that he
could send a quick owl to the cook with instructions about which rooms to
look in and which gourds to get hold of and post to him. Blanca shuffled up
close on her knees passing her hot tongue upward over Draco's pale though
firmly muscled stomach and chest and then back down and onwards to his cock.
She slipped her full gleaming lips over the tip and then stretched her lips
downward until the whole length was inside her hot damp mouth. She started
to lick and suck, whirling around and around with her voracious tongue and
enjoying the small guttural groans from her young handsome lover. She was
patient, she knew he would tell her of his plans soon enough.

"My part of the plan will be simple enough, everyone knows they're a
threesome, they probably fuck each other all the time anyway." Blanca panted.
"I wouldn't be surprised to find Potter bumming Weasley while Granger does a
bit of two handed reach-around while her cunt gets sucked."

"I love the way your mind works Blanca." Malfoy laughed. "Squeeze harder."

"I bet's she's a total slut behind all those books and that attitude." She
went on, knowing 'dirty-Granger talk' turned Malfoy on to no end.

She was sitting astride the laid out Draco who was enjoying lying comfortably
on his back while Blanca did all the work, sitting all the way down on the
length of his erection and rocking her hips back and forth, impaling herself
and working at the base couple of inches of his engorged cock with her
talented vaginal muscles to squeeze caress his hot throbbing hardness. They
shared her heavy breasts between them Blanca cupping one while she gently
thumbed the erect bud of her nipple, Malfoy caressing its sister grasping it
soft warm weight in his squeezing hand while he pulled at the nipple that he
had trapped between his fingers.

"And I bet that big fucker Hagrid gets in on the action too." She continued,
the tone of her voice getting closer to the loud orgasmic gasps that
announced her orgasm. "They always seem to be hanging about together."

Draco was listening to Blanca, at the same time thinking over his plan and
enjoying the sensations pervading his quivering body. Blanca paused for her
moment letting out breathy moans of passion while her sweat-coated body
jerked and humped against Draco's slim hips, she was getting near to her

"I can just imagine Potter and Weasley prepping them." She continued, her
voice audibly quivering with erotic passion. "Potter would be sucking
Hagrid's knob-end and kneading his huge cum-filled balls while Weasley rubs
chicken fat into Granger's cunt and ass while she'd bending over the kitchen
table waiting for that giant's eighteen incher."

She groaned suddenly reaching back under her tense humping buttocks to caress
Draco's scrotum.

"Granger loves the feel of her cunt stretching around that wine-bottle size
dick but Hagrid wants to fuck her up that ass and he gets Potter and Weasley
to hold her down on the table while he rams into her from behind."

Enjoying the imagery Blanca was planting in his mind's eye, Draco took his
free hand from her pert ass and reached around to her abdomen. Placing his
hand on her pubic mound he could feel the electric heat in her flesh and the
quivering contractions just underneath the surface of the skin. Putting his
palm across her lower abdomen he was able to press the pad of his thumb to
the flesh hood covering her clitoris and he started to gently tap and stroke
that point of electric fire. It made Blanca go nuts and drove her into
quivering ecstatic wails and wild pelvic gyrations, while the pair of them
clutched and squeezed at her full bouncing breasts almost maniacally. After
her orgasm had subsided Blanca went back to riding Draco's hard shaft with
an easy restful rhythm. Draco had long since learned that he thought best
when he was in the midst of a slow leisurely fuck.

"I'll get the Potion from home, send an owl to one of the servants with
instructions." He mused out-loud watching the subtle gelatinous shudder of
Blanca's twin-moon breasts.

"How will you get essence of Granger?" Asked Blanca with interest. She was
still enjoying the hot little aftershocks of her orgasm that were still
darting around her groin, their fires fuelled a little more by the hard heat
of Draco's erection still deep inside her.

"I'll see to that myself." Malfoy replied with a knowledgeable grin.
"Invisibility potion and a pair of scissors."

"You could make out you're an incubus or something and go down on her.
Collect some cunt juices, I'd rather drink that than hair or pubes."

"I think I'll get a selection, it should be fun." He smiled thinking of
visiting Hermione in the early hours while she was asleep. It sent little
quivers of fantasy-driven lust through his body into his hard cock and
Blanca moaned when she felt it's effects against the clutching walls of
her drooling vagina.

"You realise you'll be the one making the change." He said suddenly. "I
won't be the one getting fucked by Weasley and Potter." Blanca simply nodded
in response, she had seen that from the beginning of course.

"How will we get into their Common room?"

"I'll hang around outside while I'm invisible and get the password. Shouldn't
be too difficult."

They had a minute's silence then as they both concentrated on fucking and
enjoying it, the feeling of their hot pert bodies mashing together in warm
sultry lust. The throbbing tingling erotic sensations of their connecting

"The things I'll have to sort out will be the camera and where to hide
Granger while you're making hard-core blue movies on her behalf."

"We did some appearance charms last month." Blanca put in helpfully. "I think
I could enchant a camera to look like a lantern or candelabra or something."

"Great!" Malfoy smiled grabbing her clenched buttocks and working her a
little harder on his throbbing erection.

"As for Granger, I'll just have to keep her locked up somewhere for an hour
or so."

"Don't go fucking her while I'm doing those two."

"Jealous Blanca, dear?" Malfoy drawled.

"It's for your own sake." She replied seriously. "Don't go doing anything
openly that they can expel you for. Don't go giving Dumbledore the

"If they can't prove anything they can't do anything."

"I'm just saying be careful. Put her in a full body-bind or something."

"Enough talk." Malfoy snapped squeezing her ass tighter in his rising
urgency. "Get on your knees, I want to spunk up in your ass."

* * *

The owl that Malfoy sent home for the Invisibility and Polyjuice potions
returned direct to his dormitory, evading the usual morning post drop in
the great hall. The brown paper package contained two chrome hip flasks of
premixed Polyjuice potion with re-heating instructions and a small glass
stoppered bottle with an almost clear liquid inside it. It looked a little
like diluted Unicorn blood. Malfoy concealed these inside a secret
compartment that he'd discovered in the carved head of his four-poster bed.

"What are you going to do with all that Polyjuice potion? There's about four
hours worth there!" Blanca asked.

"What's wrong with a four hour blue movie?" Malfoy responded with a gleam in
his eye.

"I don't think I could take them both on for four hours solid." She said
seriously, though he could see in her eye that she was actually considering
the possibility.

"Relax, I'm only teasing. I might give the other bottle to Goyle."

Blanca frowned.

"It might be interesting to see what kind of imagination he's got locked up
in that thick skull of his." Malfoy grinned.

"What about Crabbe? I haven't seen him around in about a week."

"He's laid up with another upset stomach. Spicy curry and cream cakes by the
bucket load."

"Say no more." She smiled. "So when are you gonna go after essence of

"Tonight. There's no time like the present. I'll nip over and hang around
by the Fat Lady and listen out for the password. Then I'll slip back after
lights out tonight."

* * *

It was just nicely warm in the Gryffindor common room and suffused with a
lovely orange glow from the big open fire. Someone had put a charm on the
flames to keep that actual temperature down, as it was still early autumn
and the evenings weren't anywhere near cold enough for fire.

"Pyewacket-flibberty-gibbert." Harry and Ron said to the portrait of the
Fat Lady and then stepped through into the homely chamber beyond. There
were about twenty students altogether but they were mostly from Harry's
year for some reason.

They spotted Hermione at once and made their way over to her. She was out
of uniform, it being the weekend. The clinging material of her plain mauve
T-shirt showed off the pert and still developing shape of her,
no-longer-quite-so-small young breasts. Also, the short pastel blue miniskirt
she wore beautifully showed off a lot of her long and nicely formed legs. Her
soft fire-lit skin was still brilliantly golden with her lush south-of-France
sun tan. She had rolled down white socks over brand new and pristine white
trainers. Her long dark blonde wavy locks were cascading around her shoulders
framing her pretty face that was pleasantly lit by the firelight. She was
sitting on a chair to the right of the fire place flicking through the pages
of a copy of the Daily Prophet. Crookshanks stood at her feet rubbing itself
all over her legs and feet and purring with great contentment. Ron saw that
cat and felt a twinge of annoyance, or was it maybe jealousy? He put it out
of his mind and went over, putting his hand over the flap of his jacket
pocket where Scabbers lay sleeping.

"No homework Hermione?" He asked with more than a hint of teasing.

"I finished hours ago." She replied in all seriousness.

"Typical." Ron muttered to Harry with a smile and sat on the padded arm of
Hermione's chair looking down over her shoulder at the newspaper.

"Anything interesting?"

"It's all interesting Ron. You should read more." She replied.

Harry's attention moved away from his friend's mutual teasing he looked
around to see what everyone else was up to. At the few tables under the
window near the entrance to the dormitories a group of weary looking first
and second years trying to finish off their homework. Harry himself
remembered that it had taken a bit of getting used to using old fashioned
quills and bottles of ink, instead of muggle biro's and the strange texture
of parchment compared to the usual paper exercise books at his muggle
primary school. The simple act of quill writing had been a tough thing to
begin with never mind the actual work itself. He didn't really know any of
that group besides Ginny Weasley and Colin Creevy. There was some kind of
miniature party going on in the opposite corner Lee Jordan and Seamus
Finnigan were jamming with acoustic guitars they had brought with them this
year and they two boys sounded pretty good to Harry. The big surprise though
was that Neville Longbottom was also joining in on an old harmonica and he
was very good, weaving his own tunes in and out of the guitar's sounds. The
overall effect was a kind of bluesy-pop sound. It was definitely a
foot-tapper and it even had Angelina Johnson and Lavender Brown up out of
their chairs and dancing to the music while some of the others tapped or
clapped their hands, adding a makeshift percussion rhythm. Lavender started
a kind of Tongue-in-cheek Arabian belly dance that a laughing Angelina took
up and mimicked. Pavarti Patil was just getting up to join in when Harry
decided to turn his attention elsewhere. He saw Dean Thomas sitting not too
far away on the left side of the fire and partially concealed in the dancing
shadows from the fire light watching the dancers and musicians. His eyes
flashing up and down from the corner to his lap. Harry watched him for a
moment before he realised that Dean was actually sketching. He had a sketch
book in his lap and a pencil dancing across the page, almost at the same
pace as the dancers and musicians across the room. Fred and George
interrupted Harry by taking empty chairs beside him and, after passing
around some bottles of Pumpkin juice, got Harry chatting about the chances
of another Quidditch Friendly next weekend. Probably Gryffindor taking on
Hufflepuff. Soon enough Ron was also engaged in the conversation. And then
even Hermione, who enjoyed watching Quidditch even though she wasn't
anywhere near as passionate about it and it's rules as the boys were, found
herself chatting happily along with the others about the recent match against
Ravenclaw and the few matches they had been able to play in the previous
year. It was nearly midnight before they went off to their dormitories.

* * *

Draco Malfoy sat up in bed and looked at his watch. It was nearly a quarter
to two in the morning. They'd all be asleep by now, surely. He quickly pulled
on his trousers and trainers over his bare feet, he was still wearing the
T-shirt he had worn to bed. From the hidden compartment above his bed he
pulled an empty test tube from his potion's supplies and a small pair of nail
scissors. He pocketed these and then took a swig of the Invisibility potion
and then watched in the bedside mirror as he disappeared before his own eyes.
Strangely his eyes were the last parts of him to disappear and for a few
seconds he stood there looking into the mirror and seeing only a pair of
milky white eyeballs that were hanging in mid air looking back at him the
dark pupils peering intently, unblinkingly. It was a very unnerving thing to
behold. And then they too faded and Malfoy no longer had a reflection to look
at, and he had a sudden insight into life of a vampire. Shaking off his
wonder and disconcertion over his invisibility he left his dormitory and
headed towards the Gryffindor wing of the castle.

"Pyewacket-flibberty-gibbert." He whispered to the snoring Fat Lady's
portrait, who sleepily waved an arm and swung open to admit him. She was
snoring again even as he stepped over the threshold into the Gryffindor
common room. The dying fire provided enough illumination to see and
apparently something about invisibility allowed him to see more detail in
the darkness. He went through the door to the spiral stair cases that led
up and down to the left and right, He'd overheard a few of the first year
girls reminding each other where they had to go to get to their beds, and
so he took the left hand staircase. Deciding he might as well start from
the top he went up as far as he could, right up onto the battlements and
then looked at the first door. Again for first year aid, all the doors were
adorned with name plates of their inhabitants so Malfoy didn't have to go
searching through individual beds. He just read the gold embossed name
plates on each of the solid oaken doors and descended the staircase checking
each door as he went. It only took ten minutes to find Granger's name. And
the door was unlocked. He entered and closed the heavy door carefully behind
him. The beds were all curtained off with crimson velvet drapes and Draco
had to peer through each until he found Granger. Her dark blonde softly wavy
hair was spread out over a soft, clean pillow. Her expression contained the
innocence of her state of sleep, and of her youth. She looked prettier than
ever while she was asleep. Being a warm early autumn night there was only a
single white sheet covering her young body and it had slipped down slightly
and revealed one soft, smooth round breast through the silky looking material
of her pyjama top. The small budding nipple that poked against the shiny
material caught the moonlight, accentuating its own shape through the silk.
Draco felt his mouth watering and had to fight down the urge to jump on the
little whore and fuck her brains out there and then. Invisible or not, with
that prisoner on the loose and everyone so on edge, he could still get
himself into a lot of trouble doing this. He carefully drew down the covering
sheet and revealed her pert young body to his invisible eyes. The lovely
sight suddenly got lovelier. Hermione wasn't wearing any pyjama bottoms, only
her cotton thong knickers. And her silky top that was rucked up around her
waist. Her long slender legs, the moonlit flesh creamy looking and smooth,
seemed to glow with silvery iridescence and seemed to stretch out over the
whole length of the mattress. Draco couldn't resist placing a hand on her
smooth thigh and stroking his fingertips down her leg from bare hip to the
swell of her ankle bone. Hermione let out a soft breathy moan and turned
slightly, causing a near panic in Draco. She rolled fully onto her back,
the front flaps of her top already folded open enough to reveal the vulva
hugging gusset of her knickers. Her thighs were parted just slightly enough
for Draco to see the small patch of dampness darkening the pristine white
of the undergarment. He was going to start with her underwear but then
thought better of it, if he woke her up by sticking his fingers in her cunt
his plan would be ruined immediately so he decided to start at the top and
work his way down. He pulled out the pair of nail scissors and cut a few
stray hairs from the length that was covering her pillow and pushed them
down into the stopper lidded test tube. Then he carefully took a finger and
brushed it across her smooth warm lips. He could feel her warm breath on his
fingers and her lips were parted ever so slightly. Draco pushed his finger
into her mouth coating the pad of the digit with a sample of her saliva
before getting a bit more adventurous and pushed deeper, adding a second
finger and actually stroking the surface of her tongue. She gurgled a little
and moved her head. Any deeper and he'd probably start her gagging and that
would surely wake her up. Pulling back, Malfoy stroked his slick fingers
across the mouth of the test tube and watched as the tiny droplets of clear
bubble-flecked saliva trickled down the inside of the smooth glass vessel.
That was more than enough for the Polyjuice potion. Now he could have a bit
of fun. And if she woke up he could just run immediately and he'd still
have his samples. Malfoy's attention went straight back to Hermione's tiny
knickers. He gently grasped the waistband and started to draw the garment
down over her hips, his eyes fixed on her pubic mound waiting for the little
sparse patch of soft immature fur to be revealed. The gusset was sticky and
moist, almost glued to her intimate flesh. He drew her thong down to the tops
of her thighs though her pert bottom stopped him from drawing the little
garment down any further. He wanted to cup her ass cheeks and lift her up but
he knew it would be too much of a risk. Her pubic hair was also dark blonde
but quite a lot darker than the hair covering her pillow. Draco carefully ran
his fingers over the neatly trimmed forest and then used the nail scissors
again to take a sample of her. The smooth pale pink lips of her vulva were
visible at the apex of her soft thighs and between them was a hint the
ruddier pink of her inner lips. She seemed to be half aroused, the inner
lips partially swollen and pressing at the enclosing outer lips, both of
which glistened in the moonlight with the thin coating of her natural sexual
lubricant that was seeping from her vagina. Malfoy delicately used the pad of
his index finger to take a sample directly from her lips, intending to add it
to his collection, but instead he couldn't resist bringing the finger to his
lips and tasting her. She was fresh and sweet and subtly flavoured with an
odd hint of lemon that had him wondering where that particular flavour
originated. Was it somehow natural? Some kind of soap or skin cleanser? Did
she fuck herself with ripe lemons every night? He'd rather see her using
mammoth cucumbers personally. He took a second sample on his fingertip and
stroked it into the top of the test tube before tasting her one more time. A
strange sound almost akin to the crying of a baby caught Draco's attention
and he froze, half bent over the precious young teenage girl. A large cat
shaped shadow was on the wall within the cast shadow of the lattice-panelled
window. It appeared to be sitting on the window ledge looking in, or maybe
out. It mewled again, louder this time and he saw the shadow move.

"Crookshanks... shuddup..." Groaned one of the other girls from within her
four poster bed.

"Hermione, sort your bloody cat out will you!" Grumbled someone else

Hermione stirred. Malfoy threw the sheet back over her quickly, leaving her
knickers halfway down her thighs and made a quick and quiet departure while
the untimely cat's reappearance woke everyone up.

The whole of the next morning Malfoy wondered if he'd been caught out
somehow, but the few times he'd spotted Granger or any of her Gryffindor
dormitory mates he hadn't got any impression of being suspected.

"Your cat's just plain nuts Hermione." He heard Weasley say, at the back
end of a conversation that seemed to be about last night. And it just about
satisfied him. He wondered if she'd left out the fact that her knickers had
been halfway down her thighs when the orange fur ball had woken her up, or
even if she'd been suspicious of this herself.

* * *

Malfoy's plan was coming together nicely and so far it had proved to be a
lot of fun. He had thought a few times of testing the Polyjuice potion's
effects and having Blanca change into Hermione for his personal pleasure.
However, he didn't want to waste any of the precious magical fluid. Maybe
if there was some left over after the trio had been well and truly sorted
out, they could involve themselves in a little magical role play.

The next step was that much more complicated however and he would have to
think it all through carefully. He had a week to plan and organise. There
wasn't enough time and too much of a student presence in the week to try
anything like kidnapping, which is exactly what he would have to do. Though
he had long since discovered two chambers that would more than suffice for
the orgy and for holding Granger. The moment he'd received his Nimbus 2001
he had started flying around the castle on it weaving around towers and
castle battlements, testing himself and the broomstick's abilities. One
small tower he'd found had a hole in the roof with a charm over it to keep
out the wind and rain. It seemed to be an old classroom that now contained
dusty and broken desks and chairs and blackboards and some old broken
potion's equipment. The door to the small tower room was very securely
locked from inside and bricked up on the outside making access only possible
from the hole in the roof. It would be a perfect place to keep Granger, once
he'd rid her of her wand of course. The room for the on-camera threesome was
actually one of the many unused dungeons near his own common room. One of
the odd rooms that appeared at certain times of the day for a certain
duration and then vanished until the same time next week. It seemed to have
started life as a student dormitory and held three four posters but it's lack
of stability seemed to have sealed its fate. It had been quickly abandoned
and fallen into disuse. Most people, and certainly the faculty, seemed to
have more or less forgotten about its existence. Though only being safely
accessible on a Saturday afternoon for a total of four hours, before going
elsewhere it had proved of little use. However, for this little bit of fun
it would prove the perfect choice. Blanca was making her own plans for her
part of the arrangement. The camera and tape were to be delivered to the
castle by an owl this week (to Malfoy's dormitory again). And Blanca was
collecting a few spells to use to make her seduction of the boys a little
more simple and faster.

They spent an hour every evening finalising arrangements, making the orgy
room look right, positioning and testing the charm-camouflaged camera once
it had arrived on the Wednesday. And adding plenty of lights around the
chosen bed for camera's benefit.

Saturday came around eventually and Malfoy's excitement was almost palpable.
Unable to wait any longer he took off for the library, knowing it was where
he'd find his prey.

* * *

It was mid Saturday afternoon. The library was deserted. Apart from Hermione
Granger. Who sat at a long table alone with six books open and spread out in
front of her as well as a number of parchment scrolls and a large bottle of
charmed rainbow ink, that shifted right through the whole visible colour
spectrum continuously. She was dressed in dark blue denim jeans that were
covered from thigh to ankle in small horizontal rips. A slightly too small
blouse, in green with little pseudo camouflage patterning that showed off
her nicely blossoming figure, was half covered by a smart looking unbuttoned
leather waistcoat with leather thong fastenings down the front. There was a
small silver ankh hanging from a black cord around her throat. "Give her a
Stetson and she'd be a cow girl." Malfoy thought to himself, shaking his
head. She was also wearing and listening to a small black personal stereo,
it seemed to be plugged into her ears with little black strings coming down
to the stereo on her hip. He'd seen the earplug things before but from a
distance and didn't know much about them himself. They were muggle artefacts
and not to be trifled with, so his father sprouted every other day. The tinny
sound of the muffled music made it to Draco's ears and he was surprised to
recognise the sound as belonging to "Ned's Atomic Dustbin". He couldn't
believe they shared the same taste in bands and he'd hate to think what his
father would have to say about that. Not that his father knew anything about
his liking of muggle music in the first place. Music that Granger was now
starting to hum along with, irritably.

Draco was watching her unobserved from a shadowed corner of the library. The
last thing he wanted to do was get too close and allow her to spot him. She'd
be suspicious and on guard if she knew he was watching her. He was so
desperate for this whole plan to go off without a hitch that he was being
extra careful. The only problem was that he was impatient and excited and he
could feel his heart hammering in his chest. He could hardly bare to stand
still and silent watching her. He wanted to get on with it. He had the plan
to get her imprisoned with neither of them being spotted already worked out
but when it got down to it he found a flaw. He had decided to get her to
drink some of the invisibility potion herself so he could carry her off 'in
plain sight' over his shoulder or something. Goyle would be already waiting
for him just outside with his Nimbus at the ready. The problem was how to get
Hermione to drink the potion. He couldn't just leave it out in the open, she
would never drink it - she wasn't that stupid. Besides food and drink weren't
allowed in the library. Fortunately, she provided the method herself. And the
opportunity. She rather abruptly took a glance around her apparently making
sure she was alone and then reached into her school bag and pulled out a
small bottle of Pumpkin juice which she swigged and then shoved back into the
bottom of her bag out of sight. So even Granger broke rules when it suited
her. Interesting. The opportunity came a minute later. Halfway through
writing down a drawn out sentence of what looked like a transfiguration
essay. She stopped and got up heading to another isle of books probably to
check on some detail or something. While she was out of sight, Draco hurried
quietly over to her bag, pulled out the bottle, drained it and then replaced
the juice with half of the remaining invisibility potion and then put the
bottle back and regained his hiding place.

It was a warm day and close to stifling in the library and it wasn't long
before Granger was unwittingly drinking down the tasteless invisibility
potion. And then, partly because he didn't want her sitting their screaming
in horror while her body disappeared from around her, Draco stepped out from
the shadows, drew his wand and snapped "Petrificus Totalus!" Her hands were
abruptly dragged down to her sides, her legs tried to stretch out straight
but her sitting position moulded them to a half-bent half-straight posture
as the full body-bind took over. Pocketing his wand, Draco hurried over,
thinking it would be easier to pick her up and throw her over his shoulder
while there was still something of her to see. The invisibility potion was
working now, making her transparent but there was enough of her to allow him
to awkwardly grab her by the waist and lift her up onto his shoulder and then
pull himself upright. He deliberately and rather excitedly put one hand
straight onto her bottom gripping one firm pert buttock tightly. The warmth
of her smooth hip was pressed pleasantly against his cheek. His other hand
came around the backs of her thighs and he could feel the warmth of her flesh
through the material of her jeans that immediately enhanced the near-hardness
of his cock that was becoming a little painful trust up in his trousers.
Luckily, the flaps of his favourite snake-patterned shirt covered any
embarrassing bulge that might have been noticeable.

She was more bulky than heavy - but still, how the hell had he expected to
be able to carry her over his shoulder down three corridors to the rear
lawns without being spotted? Carrying her over his shoulder with his arms
encircling, to anyone else's eyes nothingness - he must look like a deranged
fool. There was no choice of course and he shifted her slightly to make her
weight more comfortable and then stepped out into the corridor. His luck was
holding. It was deserted. And so was the turning in the corridor. He found
he didn't look quite so odd if he slipped his right arm between her legs
around the back of her knees and then stuffed his hand in his pocket, all
but locking her in place. Still, her lopsided weight made him walk a little
strangely. Fortunately, only a couple of people passed him in the third
corridor. Firstly, a couple of Hufflepuff's who were too busy in their own
discussion to pay him much attention. The other was Peeves. Although again
with Draco's luck holding out Peeves, who was just about the safest bet you
could find to spoil his plans, was flying away from Slytherin's own Bloody
Baron ghost and was in too much of a fret to pay much attention to the
seemingly limping Draco Malfoy. Outside the sun was bright and the lush lawns
were still stretching out long and vibrant green, enjoying the still-summer
temperatures of late autumn. Blanca was waiting there with his gleaming black
lacquered and silver mounted Nimbus 2001. That wasn't right, it should have
been Goyle.

"Have you got her?" Blanca asked.

Malfoy responded by firmly patting Hermione's invisible though very pert
bottom. The action wasn't lost on Blanca and she smiled.

"I thought you were walking funny." She said knowing the double meaning
wouldn't be lost on Draco, who threw her back his twisted half-smile in

"Where's Goyle?"

"He caught up with me after breakfast and said something about meeting up
with someone." Blanca replied." You know how hard it is to understand a
word he says. It was something about meeting up with someone though." She

"Can't trust him to do anything at the moment." Draco said. "Probably
something to do with that Chang bitch."


"His loss. I had a bottle of Polyjuice potion to give him. Suppose we'll
have to find another use for it ourselves." His grin was full of suggestion.

"Well, I'd better get her into the tower room before this invisibility potion
wears off." He reached out and took his Broomstick from Blanca's grasp.

"Don't forget, I'm going to need her clothes for this charade to work

"Uhuh, they'll have seen her this morning I suppose. If she suddenly appears
wearing different clothes, they might smell a rat." Draco awkwardly threw his
leg over the broom's handle, barely maintaining his balance with the weight
of Granger over his right shoulder.

"And try not to enjoy stripping her too much, you're supposed to be my
boyfriend." Blanca added with a sly grin.

"No promises." Draco laughed and kicked off from the ground. "Wait there,
I'll just be a minute or two."

"You've got five!" She shouted after him but he was already fifty feet up in
the air and her shout was yanked away by the wind.

The invisibility potion was wearing off by now, but Malfoy's broomstick was
propelling him so fast that it didn't matter. He was already inside the small
chamber and laying the magically bound Granger on the floor by the time she
was substantial enough to be regarded as translucent. By the time he had
propped his broom under the hole in the roof and drawn his wand from his
pocket (just in case), his pretty captive was almost completely substantial
again. The full body-bind worked from the inside out so even with its effects
holding Hermione still and stiff as a board Draco was still able to kneel
alongside her and start to unfasten the buttons of her blouse from the collar
down. He soon found he had to remove the muggle musical player first as the
black strings attached to the ear plugs in her ears kept getting in the way.
Hermione's eyes, wet with restrained tears of rage and helplessness, were
locked to Draco's, watching his every move as if trying to will him into
letting her go. Of course, nothing would have induced him to do that. The
third button of her blouse was the most fun as the weight of her growing
breasts was pulling the already taut material in opposite directions. While
working the button from its little eye-hole, he was forced to brush the backs
of his knuckles against those two pert orbs more than a few times. The soft
springy feel of her warm flesh was an incredibly erotic experience and Malfoy
felt his penis hardening to its fully erected state in seconds and he took a
long time over that particular button and was sure to maintain the accidental
contact between his fingers and her breasts for as long as he could. However,
with only three buttons left, there was only so much lingering he could get
away with. Besides, Blanca was waiting for these clothes. Ignoring the small
pretty cotton bra that her small pretty breasts were still encased in, Draco
threw the flaps of both the unbuttoned blouse and the covering waistcoat open
and then slipped a hand around the back of her neck and lifted her head and
shoulders off the hard floorboards in order to pull the clothes back from her
shoulders. It was hard work getting her stiff though pliable arms out of the
long sleeves but essentially he made short work of the blouse and waistcoat
and moved to her lower half. The trainers slipped off easily and he left her
socks alone and then he moved excited again up to the waistband of her jeans.
He reached for the button and zip of the madly torn jeans, fumbling with the
flat metal disc. He popped the button open and then dragged down the zip then
flipped the opened flaps apart to reveal the cute white knickers she had on
beneath. His eyes glistened with renewed lust. It might have been a trick of
the streaming sunlight but he swore he could see a hint of her sparse pubic
hair through the thin pristine white cotton. That sight would always make his
cock hungry for cunt. Malfoy, groaning with aching lust, returned his
concentration to dragging Granger's snug fitting jeans down her long and
surprisingly shapely legs. Her ass was the only obstacle in stripping her
jeans off and Malfoy took great pleasure in reaching underneath Hermione and
gripping her firm buttocks in his hands and giving them a meaningful squeeze
before he used the elevated state of her hips to ease the removal of her
jeans, sliding them easily down her long smooth legs and over her little
white socks. His eyes roamed over her near naked and nicely tanned body. One
of her bra straps had slipped off her shoulder revealing a telltale lack of
tan lines where her bikini top would have been. He did see tan lines high up
on her hips though, where her bikini bottoms would have been. So she had
sunbathed topless in France had she?! That practically meaningless thought
had more of an effect on Draco's already horny mood than he had expected and,
without thinking, his hands reached up to the pretty cotton underwear and
touched her soft pubic mound through the thin material covering. A glinting
tear that rolled down Hermione's cheek checked any progress Draco was about
to make but any sympathy was halted by the look of rage and hate that showed
in her eyes. The full body-bind wouldn't last much longer but was still in
effect at the moment and her eyes were all that Hermione could communicate
with. Which was lucky, if that look in her eyes was any indication to go by.
Forcing himself to pull away, Draco gathered up her clothes, the blouse,
waistcoat, jeans and trainers and then quickly took them back down to Blanca
before wishing her good luck and immediately hopping back on his Nimbus to
get back to Hermione's inert, and near naked, side.

Blanca hurried back inside, through the great hall and up the marble
staircase towards the Gryffindor common room where she'd learned from Dean
Thomas that Potter and Weasley were playing chess. She knew there was a
little broom closet down a side corridor near the common room entrance and
she used that to make her transformation. She tipped the collection of
Hermione essences into the hip flask of Polyjuice potion and then tipped
her head back and gulped down half of the thick liquid. She felt the change
at once, her body shrinking and toning slightly. Blanca herself was slim and
was proud of the lack of fat on her beautifully rounded and voluptuous body.
However, Granger was more lean, smaller and more athletically figured. The
transformation took mere seconds and Blanca watched her change in a
wall-fixed mirror. It was a very strange feeling to be watching your own
face at one moment and then see yourself change into someone completely
different and yet retain control of the body and its facial features. It was
like wearing someone else's face on top of yours, though with your own
recognisable facial expressions and personality traits pushing through from
beneath. It was also strange that seeing herself as Granger, the thirteen
year old looked far prettier than if Blanca was looking at her from her own
point of view. Maybe it was some anti-Granger bias, or some form of personal
vanity - even as Granger, Blanca still made a hotter Granger than the real
thing. She shook herself free of the brain wave and started to change as
quickly as she could. Her dress was as calculated a venture as the rest of
her upcoming seduction of the two boys was going to be and she left off her
bra (which of course no longer fitted her anyway) she also left the blouse
unbuttoned quite a way down, showing off a lot more flesh than the real
Hermione ever would ever have done. She also took the bottom hem of the
blouse and rucked it up before knotting it loosely about her midriff. With
her half-open blouse and her unencumbered breasts, that shuddered
gelatinously with her slightest movements, she was quite a sight to behold.
She kept her own ultra skimpy black g-string and tugged on the jeans, though
she wore them so that they hung low on her hips with the button unfastened
to reveal the top of the black lace portion of her knickers. She spent an
extra ten minutes using styling charms to work her new Granger style hair
into something more attention grabbing and visually attractive. Five minutes
of subtle make up and she was ready for seduction. After stashing her own
clothes in a shadowed corner behind some cleaning potions and buckets, the
new sultry looking Hermione Granger stepped out of the closet and headed for
the common room and Potter and Weasley.

End of Part 1


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