Harry Potter: Aaron Carter At Hogwarts Part 1 (mm,mmm,mmmmmm,magic,celeb)
by Mike M

"Harry, you got to hear this one," Ron Weasley said.

Harry Potter looked over at his friend. Ron's red hair glowing like always
when he was looking at pictures of sexy boys. From the look of his erect cock
it had to be someone special.


"We've got another celebrity fan. Aaron Carter has dumped the Pokemon gang
for us. And by the look of the new pics he's really grown."

"Hit puberty yet?"

"Nope, unless they're using that girl stuff to keep him hairless," Ron said
and the two wizards-in-training laughed.

"Wonder if he'd like to meet us as much as you'd like to stick your meat into
him?" Harry said.

"Who doesn't want to meet the famous Harry Potter?"

"I can think of a couple, and some who don't want to meet me again."

"What the hell? He's arriving in England on August 31st just as we head off
to school. Starts a tour of England a week later," Ron said and threw the
magazine across his bedroom at the Burrow.

Harry got off his bed and slinked over to Ron's. "What do we have here?"

Harry said as he bent over and took Ron's uncut cock in his mouth.

"Your favorite snack, oh yeah, oh hell yes" Ron said and ran his fingers
through his boyfriend's perpetually messy black hair.

The Dursley's had drilled good manners into their unwanted relation
throughout his years at 4 Privet Drive. So naturally Harry didn't talk with
his mouth full of teen meat. Five inches of throbbing leaking cock. Ron on
the other hand moaned and started thrusting his hips up driving his dick
further into Harry's throat.

"Almost there love, getting ready to shoot."

All Harry heard was a grunt but he knew what it meant, pulled off and said,
"erruptus interruptus."

"You fucking bastard, I'm going to sick Draco on you," Ron said as Harry
stood up.

"Hold on, I said interruptus not terminus," Harry said as he straddled Ron's
throbbing member and slowly inserted it into his ass. "Resumus."

Ron's hips restarted thrusting and his cock resumed throbbing as Harry
started stroking his own six inches of uncut manhood. The redheaded boy
reached up and moved Harry's hair away from the most famous scar in the
wizarding world.

"I love it when the bolt glows for me. Makes me feel so special."

"You are," Harry said and stopped moving. "Whoever we may lust for our love
is just for each other."

"And only for each other," Ron said and began thrusting his hips again.

Harry let Ron do the work while he wanked his own meat. He felt the two
impending orgasms moments before they happened. The powerful eruptions coated
his insides and Ron's chest and face with a physical symbol of their love.

Harry rolled off and slipped into Ron's arms. They slipped into a light sleep
only to be woken by the call to supper.

As they washed and dressed for dinner Ron picked the magazine off the floor.

"Now speaking of lust how do we get our cocks into Aaron Carter?" Ron said.

"Through Aunt Rowley of course."

"How is your mother's best friend going to help? She does work for the
Ministry of Magic in the Keeping Muggels Unaware Department, the whole point
of the books after all is to keep them thinking we don't exist."

"And make a lot of muggel money for everybody. I'll explain everything at
supper so we can see if there's any problems in the plan and then I'll send
the owl." Harry said as he tried to straighten his hair, again.

* * *

"Honey. You're never going to believe this."

Aaron Carter quickly wrapped his towel around him and willed his throbbing
cock to subside. He prayed his mother wouldn't notice the bulge though his
big brother Nick had told him a hundred times that Mom had been totally cool
when she'd caught him in the middle of a huge orgasm.

"What Mom?" he asked innocently as she came out on his private deck in their
Florida home.

"It seems a certain English author has heard you're a fan of her works and
would like to meet you on September 1st at platform nine and three-quarters
at Kings Cross Station to see the students off to Hogwarts."

"Can we do it? Will they have actors playing Harry and Ron and the others?"

"Apparently they will, though all it says that Harry and Ron will be there to
meet you and escort you onto the platform to see the Hogwarts Express."


Aaron jumped up and ran to hug his mother. He was halfway there when he
realized the towel had dropped.

"I see my baby boy has grown a bit," Mrs. Carter said, blew the beet red boy
a kiss and left the deck. Taking a glance back to see his backside as he
scrambled to pick up the towel.

* * *

Harry, Ron and the rest of the Weasleys rolled their carts up to where the
hidden entrance to the gate lay. As Harry and Ron walked over to J. K.
Rowling and the rest of the publicity people Ron's family went through.

"Ms. Rowling, I had my doubts when you said you'd arranged for the boys but
they are perfect," the aide brushed Harry's hair back revealing the lightning
bolt scar. "My Lord, I'd almost swear that was real and this was the real
Harry Potter and Ron Weasley."

"Thank you sir, my Mum's a makeup artist on the West End and she followed Ms.
Rowling's instructions. Even trimmed our hair," Harry said.

"Now Aaron will be here in a couple of minutes. You know what to do?"

"Yes, after the pictures and chatting we offer to take him to school with us.
He says yes and gets on top my cart and I pretend to wheel him through that
fake pillar over there with Andrew right behind me with his cart right before
the stroke of ten."

"Perfect," the publicity man said and went to escort Aaron Carter and his

Harry and Ron walked over to Rowling and Harry gave his aunt a hug.

"You will explain everything to Aaron's mother after you put the memory charm
on the others?" Harry said.

"Just remember, you have to send him back on the fourth. In one piece mind
you and not by broom."

"Flue powder from Hogsmeade to your London flat. Just make sure the grates
open," Ron said.

"Hope he's got better luck than I did first time," Harry said.

"Hush. They're coming. Harry on my left and Ron takes the right," Rowling

Harry and Ron gasped as they saw the Little Prince of Pop come into view.
His blond hair flowing and the camouflage shirt halfway open revealing the
developing smooth chest. They put their hands in front of their growing
erections as he approached.

"Mrs. Carter, Aaron Carter may I have the pleasure of introducing you to
J. K. Rowling along with Harry Potter and Ron Weasley," the public relations
guy said.

"An honor to meet you Ms. Rowling, I really am a big fan of your books,"
Aaron said.

"Read each of them at least three times along with the schoolbooks. Aaron's
younger sisters enjoy them too," Mrs. Carter said.

"It is a great pleasure to meet you both. My daughter is a fan of your music
Aaron. She wanted to come so badly but a major school test came first. Aaron,
I'd like you to meet Harry and Ron."

"Hello, you look just like I imagined. I mean, like the characters."

Harry and Ron laughed.

"And you look just like your pictures too," Ron said.

"I know, but I'm supposed to. I know it's impossible but you really look like

"Down to the scar," Harry said as he moved his hair away. "But it's really a

"Wow," Aaron said.

"Actually, they look like I described because I've known them since I started
writing the books and I used them as a starting point," Rowling said.

"Now I think its time for the pictures."

Aaron slipped between Harry and Ms. Rowling for the first set and after Ron
insisted moved to the other side.

"Now Aaron, it's almost time for us to leave for school. Would you like to
climb on the cart and come see the Hogwarts' Express?" Harry said.

"I'd love too. I guess the one with the white owl is yours?"

"The one and only Hedwig. You can hold the cage between your legs."

"You all set Aaron, boys?" the photographer said.

Aaron gave a thumb up and Harry started pushing, praying everything went well
and then they were through the barrier.

"You feel up for a train ride Aaron?" Harry said as he helped the wide
mouthed boy off the cart.

"Its real, the train, the platform, it's all real. That means you really are
Harry Potter and Ron Weasley?"

"And I'm Hermione Grainger, a pleasure to meet you. Now come on the trains
getting ready to leave. I've got a cabin waiting for us."

"I'm really going to see Hogwarts? This is too freaking much," Aaron paused
and turned around and then spun to Harry. "What about Mom?"

"Aunt Rowley is telling her right now. You'll be back before your tour
starts," Harry said.

"Aunt Rowley? On your father's side?"

"Really just my mother's best friend from Hogwarts but it's always been Aunt.
Now we do have to board."

Hermione led the three boys through the clearing platform to a carriage
near the rear of the train. They hopped on, the whistle blew and the train
started moving. Ron and Hermione leaned out the window waving at their

As the four talked a steady stream of students walked past their compartment.
A few Gryffindor knocked and got waves in return from their housemates but
most just stared and went on. The muggel born first years were torn between
the singing star and the famous boy wizard.

Suddenly the door opened and a short boy with slicked back blond hair
appeared with two slightly taller and lots heavier boy right behind.

"Hi Crabbe, hi Goyle, bye Malfoy," Ron said.

"Hello Weasley, you wearing Ginnie's hand-me-downs this year?"

As fitting a true redhead Ron's temper flared and Harry had to push him back
into his seat.

"If that cheap shot was what you came for you can go now Draco," Harry said.

"No, that was far to easy. I've come to see your guest, the famous muggel
boy singer Mr. Aaron Carter. Going to do a few songs for us while you're at

"Hadn't thought about it but probably if my hosts want. But I've got to tell
you Draco that among a lot of us muggels you're almost as famous as Harry.

Loads of stories written about you. And you have one basic trait in all of

Draco straightened up and puffed out his chest. "And what trait is that

"You like taking it up the ass and will take any and every cock up your tiny
ass. Mostly Harry and Ron's cocks," Aaron said.

Everybody laughed while Draco turned redder than a beet, even his two
associates. He reached for his wand but Harry had his out first with a
don't even think about it grin across his face.

"Be careful mud-blood," Draco turned, shoved his way out and disappeared.

Harry and Ron looked at each other as the four relaxed. Each knew what the
other was thinking: "How did Aaron know about those stories? Had he read
their favorite story, Harry Potter and the Slytherin Ass?"

"I guess my secret's out. I've got to maintain the image but I am bisexual,
though I guess leaning to gay," Aaron said.

"Cool," said Harry.

"No problem with me and my lips are sealed, after all you did say bi," said

"Great," said Ron.

"Great?" said Aaron.

"You think it was just your singing that hatched this plot? You've got one
hot body," Ron said.

"Can you put a curtain up on that window?" Aaron said.

Hermione waved her wand and stood. "I'm going to the loo. I'll be back in
ten minutes."

Aaron started slowly unbuttoning his shirt, very slowly. His other hand
sneaked inside to play with his nipples.

"Stripus shirt," Harry said and Aaron's shirt flew off revealing a very
firm, hairless chest with two quarter sized nipples and a faint sign of hair
beneath his navel.

"Just the shirt?" Aaron said with his famous smile.

"Stripus completes," Harry said and that fast the pop star was revealing what
his legion of girl fans would die to see. Suddenly in view was six hardening
inches of uncut boy meat framed by a trimmed pubic bush. Aaron started
gyrating his hips as Ron fell to his knees in front of him. Aaron looked at
Harry and pointed to Ron.

"Stripus completes," Harry said pointing his wand at Ron and his friend was
just as naked.

Ron barely noticed as he took Aaron's cock in his hand and licked the precum
off. Slowly he licked up and down the throbbing tool.

"Oh shit, quick Ron, it's not going to take long. This is so fucking hot."

Harry moved over and brought Aaron's lips to his as Ron swallowed the
singer's rod. Harry and Aaron's tongues danced as Ron's twirled around
Aaron's prick. After a couple of minutes Aaron broke the connection and
leaned his head back.

"Oh yes, oh you're so hot and good Ron. I'm going to cum."

And he did, shot after shot flowing down Ron's throat. Ron kept working on
Aaron's cock till it was drained and clean.

Right on cue the doorknob rattled and Harry pointed his wand at Ron.

"Dressus completes."

"Harry," Aaron said as the door opened and Hermione walked in.

"Ooh," said Hermione.

"Harry!" said Aaron.

"Dressus competes," said Harry.

"Thank you," Aaron and Hermione said together and all four started laughing.

An hour or so later they pulled into the train station and everybody piled
out of the train. As always Hagrid was on the platform.

"First years, this way to the boat, first years this way. Get a move on.
Hi Harry."

"Hi Hagrid," Harry, Ron and Hermione said together.

"Mr. Carter, you come with on the boats. Professor Dumbledore says you're
to go through the sorting ceremony as well even though you're not going to
be here long. Become an honorary student so to speak."

Aaron just looked up and up to the top of the giant's head and nodded.

The question if everything was in proportion flashed through his mind.

"Don't even think about it unless you've got the biggest ass in the world
or you want to end your singing career, because the answer is yes," Harry
whispered in Aaron's ear before they split up.

Aaron was fascinated by the trip across the lake. The castle lit from every
window by candlelight was a vision of the magic held within. From all around
him he could here the first-years whispering from boat to boat, all as awed
as he was regardless if they came from old wizarding families or were muggel

Finally the boats pulled up on the far side of the lake and Hagrid led them
up the stairs to where Professor McGonagall waited for them.

"Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In a moment I will
lead you through the doors into the main dining hall where before dinner you
will be sorted into your houses. There are four houses and your house will
be your home during your time here. Now where's Mr. Carter?"

Aaron raised his hand and the crowd parted to let him go to the front.

"Good, you will be going first and the rest of you will be going
alphabetically. Though truth be told if we used first names Aaron would be
first anyway. Now let us proceed."

With a swish she turned and the students fell in line behind Aaron. The doors
swung open on their own and the new students entered slack jawed. On a stool
in front of them was the sorting hat.

"Mr. Carter, please sit and put the hat on," Professor McGonagall said.

When Aaron put the hat on everything went dark and he started hearing a
humming noise.

"Interesting, very interesting. They told me about you Mr. Carter, you're
a guest and to put you in Gryffindor. But young singer you should not be a
guest but a student in...Gryffindor!"

The dining hall heard just the last word and erupted in a roar. Even the
Slytherins who usually booed any student placed into their archrival. Aaron
slowly got up and after replacing the hat made his way to an empty place
between Harry and Ron.

Aaron sat there in a daze until Ron shook him.

"What's up? You look like you're back in London."

"Upstairs, later, I'll tell you what the sorting hat said," Aaron said as
the first course appeared in front of him.

* * *

It was a few hours later when the crowd in the Gryffindor common room thinned
enough for Harry, Ron, Hermione and Aaron to have some privacy.

"Ok, Aaron what did the sorting hat say? All we hear is the house name,"
Harry said.

"The sorting hat said I should be a student here! At Hogwarts in Gryffindor."

"You're," Ron said.

"No I'm not," Aaron said cutting him off. "The hat wouldn't lie to me to make
me feel, I don't know what."

"No, it can only tell the truth. Pick what house you belong to. If it said
you should be a Gryffindor for real then you could be," Hermione said.

"All too much, too much for one day. First finding you are real, this place
is real and now that I might be a wizard. Too much."

"Then it's time for bed," Harry said.

* * *

A bunch of the Gryffindor first years dragged Aaron off to orientation right
after breakfast which gave his three friends time to get their schedules and
let Hermione start studying while Harry and Ron headed down to the Quidditch
field to meet the rest of the team.

When Ron and Harry returned from showering a half-hour before lunch they
found Aaron there wearing nothing but a towel and lightly dozing. The blond
woke up when Harry made the towel disappear and started blowing on it.

"Oh you're back. Where'd you go off to?"

"Quidditch practice," Ron said.

"Which is why you're dressed as well as I was," Aaron said.

With that Aaron picked up a small wand and said, "strippus towel."

Instantly the raven and redheaded boys were naked.

"Wow," said Ron.

"Careful boy, you don't know what will happen when you play with long hard
objects," Harry said.

Aaron stroked his rising tool. "Like this one?"

Harry stroked his own as he straddled Aaron's prone body. "No, this one.
Suck it Aaron."

"I'll take care of it," said Ron who quickly deep-throated Aaron's growing

Aaron moaned in delight which enabled Harry to get his pubic hair against
Aaron's lips.

"Yeah boy, suck that candy. It wants to be hard candy," Harry said.

Aaron bit down gently on the boy wizard's coock. "Not funny," was barely

Harry bent down and kissed Aaron's cheeks. Slowly he started fucking the
singer's face, each stroke going a little further down Aaron's throat. Ron
had Aaron's cock all the way down his throat while he extended his tongue
and bathed the hairless balls. His own cock was hard and dripping precum
onto Aaron's belly. Ron remembered he wanted more than just to suck Aaron
so he pulled off and pulled Aaron's legs up, giving him access to the
little prince of pop's pucker.

"Fuck me Ron, do it hard fast and dry," Aaron said around Harry's cock.

Harry backed out a bit, turned his head and his lips met Ron's. Their tongues
danced as Ron put his cock at Aaron's entrance. They broke the kiss.

"Do it love," Harry said and seconds later Ron's trimmed bush was brushing
Aaron's firm buttocks.

"You're so hot and tight boy and I'm going to fuck that ass hard and fast."

Ron started stroking in and out in ever faster and deeper penetrations of
Aaron's love canal while Harry resumed fucking his mouth. With one hand he
stroked Harry's back and then started fingering his lover's ass. Looking
down he saw Aaron's rigid cock bouncing back and forth between the two of
them and grabbed a hold of it.

He lifted Harry up a bit and placed Aaron's cock where his finger had been
and lowered Harry slowly and watched the cock enter Harry's hole.

"Oh shit," Harry roared at the new sensation. He started rocking back and
forth. The front stroke sent his cock further and further down Aaron's

The back sent Aaron's cock further and further up his ass.

Ron watched his two friends as he fucked Aaron's ass and felt his cock grow
larger and throb harder than ever before. His balls drawing cum in from the
deepest recesses of his sexual being. With three hard final thrusts he
exploded into Aaron's tight ass.

Aaron felt the explosion wash over his prostate and sent his load into Harry
at the next backstroke. A load bigger than he'd ever had in the non-magical
world. Harry responded by filling Aaron's throat to overflowing with boy

Finally spent Harry licked the excess from Aaron's face while Ron drank
Aaron's cum from Harry's ass. That sensation was so hot that Harry shot a
second load onto Aaron's face.

"Man that was so great," Aaron said as Harry rolled to one side and Ron the

They dozed off only to be woken by Neville Longbottom.

"What Neville, lose your frog again?" Harry said.

"No, its almost supper and you have to take your showers first."

"Did," Ron said.

Neville took a deep sniff and coughed. "Not from where I'm smelling."

Harry sniffed, "he's right, but it was a great workout."

The three laughed as they staggered out to the Gryffindor boys' shower.

Neville looked at the departing asses then at the bed and pulled out his


The action was as he'd expected only hotter. Neville pulled his cock out and
compared his small tool to the three huge boy tools. He touched his cock with
his wand. "Humongous erectus."

The soft two-inches evolved into eight rigid thick inches. Neville started
stroking as he watched and the tool grew even more.

* * *

Harry, Ron and Aaron come hurrying down the stairs for supper only to find
Professor McGonagall waiting for them.

"Sorry Professor, but we fell asleep after Quidditch practice. Then we needed
showers," Harry said.

"Mr. Potter there is one thing you have to learn right now," the professor


"Never confess or apologize for something before you're accused."

Harry blushed. "Yes ma'am."

"The reason I was here was to ask our guesst if he would perform for us after
supper tomorrow night. I know we don't have the equipment or musical talent
you're used to but it would be an honor Mr. Carter."

Aaron smiled. "It would be my pleasure Professor. I know I can't have my
band, dancers or backup singers here but would it be possible to send an owl
to get my music and a cassette player?"

"Certainly Mr. Carter. Harry can you send Hedwig out right after supper,"
the professor said.

"Yes Professor McGonagall. I'll send Hedwig to Ms. Rowling because she'll
know where Mrs. Carter is."

"Settled then. Now get inside, I know how hungry boys can be after, she
paused, "playing in the afternoon."

The boys nodded respectfully and headed inside. Ron tugged on Harry's cloak.

"Did you notice that pause? Do you think she knows?"

"Do you think there's anybody connected with Gryffindor who doesn't?" Harry

"Including them?" Ron said pointing to his twin brothers and younger sister.

Harry looked up at the starry ceiling and shook his head.

As they walked past Ron's siblings to the empty chairs next to them George
looked up. "Do you think where blind, deaf and dumb little brother?"

Ron fell, almost knocking the Ravenclaw at the next table into her soup.

"Is there a problem young Mr. Weasley," Professor Snape said from the front

"No Sir, sorry Lizbeth, sorry everybody, must have slipped on some spilled

The laughter from the Slytherins continued for a couple of minutes till Snape
raised his hand. Except for one last snicker that was definitely from Draco
Malfoy the table fell silent.

"That damn Snape," Harry said under his breath.

"Fucking Malfoy," Ron added.

"Did you two ever read a story called 'Harry Potter and the Slytherin Ass?'"
Aaron said.

Two big grins were all the response he got.

"That writer's good," Harry said.

"I know, besides that he's included me in a couple of stories that I really

"We know," Ron said.

"Do you think we could act the story out?" Aaron said.

"Can't, on very good authority we hear he's got a butt plug strapped in all
the time except when Snape unlocks it so he can take a dump. Thing's supposed
to be six-inches long and two thick. Also a cock ring so tight he can barely
piss much less cum," Harry said.

Aaron looked at Ron who nodded.

"No wonder he's such a mean prick," Aaron said.

"Dead prick more like it," Ron said.

Classes started the next day and Aaron tagged along with Ron and Harry and
rest of the fourth years. They'd just returned from transfigurations when
Hedwig landed on the windowsill accompanied by a great horned owl. Harry and
Ron rushed over and unhooked them from the cassette player they'd carried up
from London.

"Good boy Hedwig," Harry said as he stroked the panting bird. "Now take
Millicent up and both of you get something to eat and some sleep."

Hedwig nuzzled Harry then both birds flew off.

"I don't believe they carried this all the way up. It's got to weigh at least
twice what they do combined. Let's see which tape Mom put in."

"Dad would love something like this. How does it work?" Ron said.

"Just push the play button down," Aaron said.

"How does the button know what to play?"

Aaron stared at Ron. "You really have lived your whole life in the wizarding

Ron shrugged and turned away.

Harry glared at Aaron.

Aaron walked over and put his arms around Ron and kissed him gently.

"Sorry, didn't mean it in a bad way just didn't realize how separate the two
worlds are for someone on your side. I mean, I know you hide from us and why
but you can see and do in our world if you want."

Ron hugged Aaron back. "It's ok, part is we are as poor as the books say but
also where we live we miss a lot of things city wizards see."

"Ok now, there's an audio cassette in the player with the music recorded on
it. Like a music book."

"And when you push the play button it opens the book," Ron said.

"Exactly, now when I give the signal push it."

Aaron stood in the middle of the room and nodded. Seconds later the
beginnings chords of "Aaron's Party" came through and the singer's hips
started twitching. Forty-five minutes later when the final chords of "I
Want Candy" faded all three boys were covered in sweat and sporting huge
hard-ons. Someplace along the line Aaron had unbuttoned his shirt and his
nips were glistening with sweat.

Harry and Ron walked over while shedding their own sweat stained shirts and
started licking Aaron's chest as he finished shucking his shirt. Ron licked
a drop a bead of sweat off of Aaron's right nipple right before it fell off
sending a shiver through Aaron's chest.

Aaron's fingers flowed through both young wizards' hair before gently pushing
Harry's head further down his torso. Harry quickly got the idea and moved
down while unbuttoning and lowering Aaron's pants and Red Baron and Snoopy
boxers together freeing Aaron's leaking cock.

As soon as Aaron's pants passed over his thighs they dropped to the ground
and so did Harry. Harry picked up the boy cock and started licking it up and
down. Aaron moaned at the feelings coming from his cock and the nipple Ron
was chewing on. He ran one hand through Harry's black hair and fingered Ron's
crack with the other.

Harry saw this and started sucking on Aaron's cock while Ron spread his feet
apart to give his guest greater access. Aaron took immediate advantage of
this and shoved two fingers into Ron's hole.

"Oh fuck me," Ron said several minutes later.

"Now," Aaron said and pulled his cock out of Harry's mouth and aimed it at
the hole that was presenting itself. As soon as Aaron was in Harry leaned
over Ron and got into a 69. As they sucked and fucked they missed Neville
walking in and stripping. That is until Harry felt the small boy's magically
enlarged cock pushing in.

Harry lifted off Ron and moaned until he felt Neville's bush against his
shaven ass.

"Oh yeah, that feels good. Fuck me boy," Harry said.

"Blow me," said Ron as he pulled Harry's head back down.

Minutes later Ron's older twin brothers walked in. While normally straight
they were overcome by the scene and quickly stripped. George inserted his
cock into Aaron and Fred's seemingly identical cock entered Neville who
squealed with delight.

Nobody else came in, or at least nobody else joined the six boys. Gasps of
encouragement and lust filled the room while the smells of sex and sweat
filled their nostrils pushing them onwards.

Finally Ron could take no more of Aaron's stroking his prostate while the
boy he loved more than anyone sucked on his cock and started shooting his
seed down Harry's throat. This started Aaron and Harry shooting their loads
and causing the Weasley twins and Neville to shoot theirs. When all six
cocks were drained the boys collapsed on the floor kissing and hugging each

"The reason we came in was to see if the rumor was true Aaron. You really
doing a show after dinner?" George Weasley said.

"Yes, we went from rehearsal to sex. Don't know if I'll have the strength
to perform now."

"I'm sure you'll manage," Harry said.

During supper Hermione and Ginnie gave Harry and Ron small packages.

"What's this for Ginnie," Ron asked his younger sister.

"Your costume for tonight. You are going to be Aaron's backup dancer."

The two boys glared at their classmate who pointed at Aaron while pushing a
larger box at the singer.

"Been a long time since I've performed alone. And from what I've seen you
two can sure move and groove. Now let's rehearse."

A half-hour later the great hall had been magically transformed into an
auditorium with the faculty in box seats around the sides with the ghosts
floating above the students. The candles dimmed and the restless noise
subsided. The opening cords began and Harry and Ron ran onstage in their

Each boy wore a satin blue pair of tight shorts. With tight and short being
taken to the max leaving nothing to the imagination. Aaron needed to reassure
them that nothing was sticking out and nothing would during the performance.

They also wore matching vests with Aaron's Party in rhinestones on the back.
Their flat smooth chests and stomachs were clearly visible, as was the fact
that their armpit hair had been removed.

They started the basic steps Aaron showed them and froze when the music
stopped. When it resumed from the top Aaron materialized out of thin air
thanks to Professor McGonagall. His camouflage pants hanging loose from
his hips and matching shirt open except for the bottom three buttons.

"You ready to party?" Aaron shouted and as soon as the response died down
started singing. The show flew and Harry and Ron felt themselves being
transformed by the energy, power, and the magic flowing from Aaron. Felt
themselves going beyond the 'just follow me' directions Aaron had given
them. When the tape was over the three bowed to a standing ovation. Aaron
motioned his two friends off stage right before the tape auto-reversed and
began playing the musical interlude that led into his first encore. "Thank
you, thanks everybody. I've really loved my time here at Hogwarts and almost
hate to leave in the morning. But like you have your world here my world's
the stage and I've got singing to do. I really want to thank Professor
Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall for letting me come here and perform
tonight. To Hermione, Neville and the rest of the Gryffindors for making me
feel part of their house. But mostly to Harry and Ron for bringing me here,
helping me in more ways then I can say

To be continued......


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