This is a fictional story about fictional characters. Don't read if smut
offends you.

Harry Potter: A Weasley XXX-Mas (bg,mmbg,g-mast,inc)
by Big Red Dope

Ginny's first year at Hogwart's had been an interesting one to say the least.
The school was almost shutdown and she nearly died all due thanks to Tom
Riddle and the basilisk. However it was not all bad. Although she wasn't
his girlfriend like she wanted, Ginny did get to make love to Harry and in
that respect she was his girl. That meant though that Hermione was also his
girl, but Ginny didn't mind because Hermione had taught her much in the ways
of sex. Then there was Ron. He and Ginny still fought like brother and
sister do, but because of that one night months ago they hand an
understanding and on many nights when neither Harry or Hermione were around
they slept together to express their feelings and fulfill their needs.

Now it was Christmas break and everyone was home for the holidays. It was
Saturday and Ginny had the house to herself for the time being. Ron was out
with their parents doing some Christmas shopping and the twins were visiting
some friends.

Ginny was bored so she decided to go through and sort the pictures she had
taken during the first year with Colin Creevey's camera. They were mostly
photos of Quidditch matches, dinners, and other social gatherings. She was
about to put them back into storage when she reached the back of the picture
stack. The photos became decidedly a lot more dirty. Ron and Hermione
having sex, Hermione and Harry having sex, Ron, Hermione, and Dobby having
sex, then on the very last photo was a shot of Harry as cum sprang out from
his cock and onto Ginny's face.

Ginny loved the nights she spent with Harry, but it had been so long since
she had been with someone and as she looked at the picture she yearned for
some action. Ginny's body became hot and she wanted a cock badly, but since
she had no other choice she was forced into more self-gratification.

Since she was home Ginny decided that it was probably best that she didn't
completely disrobe this time in case anyone came home so after locking her
bedroom door she hiked up her skirt a bit and pulled her panties to the side.
She laid on her bed and slid her hand down her belly between her legs then
up and down each thigh.

"God, I'm so horny," Ginny whispered to herself as she felt a very slight
moistness between her legs.

She reached under her bed where she hid an eight inch dildo Hermione had
given to her. Ginny sucked on the tip and slid it into her mouth as images
of Harry raced through her head. She was very desperate for his member and
even any dick at this moment, but the plastic toy now pushing it's way into
her pussy would have to do.

Ginny's nipples soon began to ache as she continued to push the plastic dick
into herself. With her free hand she reached up under her shirt and began to
twist her fingers around her left nipple and after a few minutes she switched
to her right nipple. Ginny was having too much fun and her cunt was really
starting drip as she plunged the dildo in and out when something Hermione
taught her came into her head.

Ginny got on her hands and knees and pulled the dildo from her pussy.
Pushing the back end of her skirt up and her panties down Ginny felt around
her ass until she felt the toy spread her cheeks and poke her asshole.
Within minutes her ass was burning with desire as she filled and refilled
her butthole with the sex toy.

Now laying on her side, but still masturbating Ginny started to reach down
for her clit when she heard the front door of the house open and shut.

"Oh shit!" she thought as she nearly fell off her bed trying to redress and
hide the toy.

When she was fully clothed and fixed up Ginny opened her door to see who it
was. Across the house in the kitchen she spotted Ron sitting at the table
eating cake.

"What're you doing here?" Ginny asked crossing to the kitchen.

"I'm done Christmas shopping."

"So where's mom and dad?"

"I'm done, they aren't. They just dropped me off. What's up? You sure are
acting strange."

"Oh it's nothing," Ginny answered as she walked back towards her room. She
got no more than two steps when an idea hit her.

"Hey Ron, when are mom and dad going to be back?"

"Not for a couple of hours I think."

"And when are George and Fred getting back?"

"Not until tonight probably, why?" Ron replied finishing his last bite and
dropping his fork onto his plate.

"Well... because..."

"Ginny I know where you're going with this and no we can't."

"Why not Ron?" Ginny replied returning to the table.

"Because we're at home and I'm not really sure when anybody is coming back."

"That's why we'll have to make it quick then," Ginny said with a naughty grin
as her hand started to rub in Ron's crotch. "Besides it's been awhile since
either of us have seen Harry or Hermione."

Ron really was paranoid about someone coming home and catching them, but the
way his sister touched his crotch and made his dick jump forced him to give

"Fine, let's do it in my room but it has to be quick," Ron agreed as they
quickly walked towards his room.

Inside Ron shut the door and unbuttoned his pants enough for his cock to hang
out. Ginny took it in her and began to rub the shaft up and down as her lips
wrapped around its head. Ron placed his hands behind Ginny's head and began
helping her push it forward as Ginny's tongue wrapped around his prick and
licked it.

"Oh god it's been too long," Ron thought wanting to come badly as his
sister's tongue continued to slip and slide up and down his prick which was

Ginny continued sucking on Ron for several minutes and soon began tasting
pre-cum now leaking from his peehole.

"You ready Ron?"

"Oh god, yes, Ginny."

Climbing onto Ron's bed Ginny got onto all fours and presented her ass to
him. Ron lifted her skirt up and pulled her panties down. In front of him
was her sweet pussy he had tasted numerous times before and now he could
even see the flame-red pubes she was growing.

Ron licked his tongue up and down her opening and began to rub her clit.
Ginny let out a few groans and continued to get aroused as Ron ate her out.
Ron stuck two fingers into her pussy licking them as they went by. He
swished and spun them around inside Ginny before pulling them out. His
fingers were sticky and covered in goo. It was just as he suspected. Ginny
was very horny at the moment and needed to come badly.

Wanting to tease her and himself no more Ron stood up with his cock in hand
started to push it into Ginny's wet box. Ginny let out a load groan at the
intrusion, and then Ron and heard something that made them freeze.

"You know Ron," George Weasley said standing next to Fred in Ron's doorway.

"The next time you and Ginny decide to go at it you should really lock your
door and keep the noise down," Fred said finishing for George.

Ron quickly pulled out of Ginny and tried to dress just as fast.

"You're not going to tell mom and dad are you?" Ron managed to stammer out.

"Don't worry about it Ron," Ginny tried to reassure him while rubbing his
crotch again.

"What're you talking about Ginny? Mom and dad will be pissed!" Ron said
knocking away Ginny's hand.

"We're not telling anybody," George replied.

"Yeah right! How can I trust you?"

"Because we enjoy Ginny's company as much as you do," Fred replied as the
twins and Ginny completely striped.

"Wha-what?" Ron asked his jaw dropping to the floor.

"We love her like you do Ron, that's all there is to it," Fred said. "Oh
that's nice Ginny."

Sitting on the edge of the bed Ginny started out by rubbing and sucking
Fred's cock while she jacked George off. She would spend several minutes
sucking one twin and then switch to the other. There was no wasted
attention in that at the very least she was jacking them off.

Ron's erection had returned and he had even pulled his prick from his pants
and was rubbing it as he watched Ginny and his two brothers.

"Hey Ron you just going to stand there and watch? Bring that thing over
here," George shouted at him.

"What if mom and dad come home?" Ron asked.

"They won't be back for hours," George said.

With a danger free opportunity Ron got completely nude this time and shoved
his dick in Ginny's face. When Ron did that Ginny stopped sucking George
and began to work on Ron. With Fred's dick in one hand and George's in the
other Ginny continued to masturbate them as her mouth worked on Ron's fleshy

Within minutes Ron began to pant and moan as his orgasm neared. George and
Fred just laughed at his inability to hold out.

"Looks like Ron's going to make this a bit short for us, but any chance to
unload is a good one," Fred said. "You think you can handle all three of us
at once Ginny?"

"Hermione taught me a few things in school so I think I'll be alright," Ginny

"Sounds like we might need to invite Hermione over sometime, but anyways
since Fred got first pick last time it's my turn and I've got Ginny's ass,"
George claimed.

"Ron I'll fucking beat you if you come on my face, but I've got Ginny's
pussy," Fred decided.

"That's bullshit why do you two get first pick?"

"Because they're older," Ginny answered.

"That's the way it always is," Ron grumbled.

"Well, if you don't like then you can wait until we're done," Fred said.

"No, her mouth is fine. I'll get her in the ass next time then," Ron agreed.

"We'll see," Ginny replied grinning.

Fred started out first laying down on his back on Ron's bed. Ginny followed
by climbing on top of him and taking his prick in her hand she slowly lowered
herself onto to him and leaned forward a bit.

George then spread her buttcheeks apart and licked in and out of her anus.
He played with it slightly poking his finger inside her rectum and pushing
it in all the way down to his second knuckle. When he was satisfied with
the way his finger moved around in Ginny's butt George pulled it out and
climbed onto the bed behind her. He grabbed Ginny around the hips and
slowly pushed himself into her ass. Ron was momentarily left standing by
himself before he jumped onto the bed in front of his sister and she started
to slobber all over his dick.

Ginny had fucked Ron before, had a threesome with Fred and George, but never
had she had sex with all three of her brothers at the same time. It felt
good to her to have all of her holes filled at once.

Ron was unsure of how the situation turned out, but seeing Ginny's body lunge
forward as George plunged his cock into her ass and Fred thrust his prick
into her tiny pussy, put Ron at ease and his mind was devoted to her tongue
wrestling with his dick. As time passed Ron could fell his sex wand start
throb and an orgasm come on. Then just as he was anticipating his creamy
explosion George interrupted.

"Hey guys hold on a sec. I'm coming down," George said

"Well, hurry up, I want to finish down here," Fred called out.

"Shut up," George said as he put his cock next to Fred's and slowly forced
it into Ginny's cunt.

With the two dicks stretching her cunny as they went in and out Ginny finally
started to feel the pre-orgasm passion she craved for the last few days. And
with Ron's manhood furiously thrusting in and out of her mouth Ginny's clit
began to swell and she reached down and began to rub it.

For what seemed like an eternity Fred and George double fucked their sister
in the pussy as Ron slammed his Rod into her mouth. Then one by one the four
bodies gave in.

"Oh god! I fixing to cum!" Ron cried as he felt his member start to shake
and throb uncontrollably.

"My face Ron... My face," Ginny instructed him.

Ron did as she asked and barely pulled out in time as his cock started to
shoot his white sticky cum. It was a semi-large load from build up and it
struck Ginny all over the face most notably in her left eye.

As Ron finished his orgasm Ginny began her's as cum dripped down her face.
Ginny's body shook and quivered mightily and she began to scream in ecstasy
as her slit start gushing her love juices out. And just as Ginny's cream
touched their rods Fred and George pulled out of her love box and without
saying a word stood there as Ginny turned herself around. With their hands
quickly moving up and down their shafts, the heads on Fred and George's
cocks began to open and squirt white cream out. They watched smiling as
Ginny opened her mouth taking in as much of the white goo as she could and
swallowed it. The rest of it continued to paint her face.

With their dicks finally limp Fred, George, and Ron helped up their sister
who had been blinded by the cumshots to her eyes and led her to the bathroom.
They all dressed while she cleaned up.

"We were only supposed to have been gone for a few minutes so our friends
are probably wondering where we are now, so you two have fun and don't do
anything to get caught by mom and dad," Fred said.

"Yeah and thank you Ginny for reminding us why you're such a wonderful
sister," George said as they open the door to leave.

"Take care guys and you can look forward to some fireworks on New Years if
you're around," Ginny replied.

Ginny then turned to Ron after the front door left.

"And if they're gone on New Years it'll just be us," Ginny said with a wicked
smile as she kissed Ron on the lips.

"Excellent," he smiled returning the favor.


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