Happy Days Part 3
by Two Hard

As Marion and Howard passed Richie's room Howard stopped, "They have to
come to church Marion" he said to his wife, "Leave them Howard I know
Richie's tired after his date last night" she smiled to herself as she
remembered her torrid lovemaking with her son, "and if we let Richie stay
home we can't make Joanie come"

"If you say so love" Howard replied and they continued on downstairs.

Richie heard his parents stop at his door and when he heard his Mother
speak his cock involuntarily began to harden as he thought of his Mother
naked below him and his large throbbing prick entering her hairy cunt. He
slowly rubbed his cock as his parents left for church thinking of how
horny it was to fuck your own Mother, "Enough" he said to himself, got out
of bed threw on his boxers and headed for the shower.

As he passed Joanie's room he heard a noise thinking that she had gone to
church with his parents he rushed into her room, his eyes left his head as
he saw Joanie naked on all fours on her bed and the handle of her hair
brush disappearing up the smoothest cunt he had ever seen. Joanie hadn't
heard her brother come in and she continued to fuck herself with the brush
feeling her cunt grab and squeeze the handle sending shivers through her
body, and as she masturbated she was dreaming of Fonzie and Richie fucking
her as they had fucked her Mother, she could still see her brother's
monster cock slipping into Marion's soaking pussy.

As Richie stood there watching Joanie he couldn't help but admire the way
Joanie's body had changed in the past year, she had a very tight butt and
he could see her firm tight breasts jiggle slightly as she rocked back and
forth, but he was blown away by her young cunt, it was baby smooth, the
lips were perfectly shaped and as he watched the brush handle slide in and
out he could see it was very tight as it gripped and sucked the brush in.
Richie's cock was now rock hard and pointing straight at his naval, Joanie
let out a little moan and he could hear her call out his name, "Shit she's
thinking about me" went through his head, this caused his balls to squirm
and his asshole tighten, "Oh yeah Richie fuck Mum, do her Richie, do her."

"Damn, she saw me and Mum" Richie thought, "but she was dreaming about it,
dreaming about me." Richie dropped his boxers and walked towards the bed,
he knelt down so he was eye level with Joanie's dripping cunt and watched
as she steadily fucked herself with the brush, he could smell her sweet
pussy and he felt drops of pre cum gather on the head of his pulsating
cock. He reached out his hand and slowly took hold of the handle of the
brush, Joanie let out a gasp and turned to look, there was her brother
crouched behind her slowly pumping the brush in her eager little snatch,
"Mmmm Richie that feels so good" she gasped and pulled on her nipples as
her brother worked on her cunt. Joanie felt a little lick at her tight
brown asshole then she felt his tongue enter her there in the place no one
had touched before. It was a glorious feeling and Joanie could not believe
her brother would want to eat her shithole but he was going hell for
leather as he tongue fucked her up the butt and drilled her cunt with the
hair brush.

Richie was licking his sisters butt and busy fingering his own with one
hand while fucking her with the brush with the other, suddenly Joanie
stiffened and moaned and Richie was engulfed with cunt juice as Joanie
came like a freight train, "Oh Richie fuck me brother, fuck me with that
monster cock" Joanie screamed, not wanting to keep her waiting Richie
pulled out the brush and pushed into Joanie's mouth, the brush was sucked
in by Joanie as she tasted her steaming juices on the handle, Richie got
behind Joanie and admired the way her pussy hung between her young thighs,

"What a beautiful cunt" he thought as he aimed his waiting cock and pushed
the large head between his sister's virgin lips. Joanie let out a loud
moan as she felt her twat getting stretched by Richie's slab of meat, then
she fell to her elbows as he pushed further into her sopping cunt, the
pleasure and the pain it was so good that Joanie thought she was going to

Once again Richie was fucking a family member and once again it was the
horniest experience of his short life, as he watched his prick stretch his
sister's tight little cunt he wet a finger in his mouth and placed it at
Joanie's butt hole, then gently he stroked it up and around the dark
inviting hole, "Mmm Richie that feels good, so good" Joanie moaned to her
brother, she had never thought of her ass as a sexy place but her brother
was showing her it certainly was.

As Richie fucked his little sister and fingered her ass, he watched his
cock entering and leaving her pussy, he watched how her cunt opened and
closed around it's thick length and became aware he was close to shooting
his load, "Oh baby I'm going to cum" he moaned at Joanie , she responded
by pushing hard back against his prick and yelling "Fill me Richie , fill
my stinking cunt" with those words Richie let go and shot his sperm up his
sister's cunt and he felt her spasm as she also came , her juice mixing
with his jism and pouring out and down her thighs and onto the bed.

Richie fell back on the bed, Joanie swung around and fed her brother's
glistening member into her hot little mouth, she sucked and licked up the
juices of his softening cock and rolled his balls in her hand. She thought
about the pleasure she got from her brother's fingering of her ass and
decided to return the favour, as she sucked on Richie's cock she started
to rub his small wrinkled ass hole.

Richie let out a moan as he felt Joanie's finger play with his fudge hole,
then he felt her push and her finger went past the ring and up to the
first knuckle in his butt. No one but himself had ever played with his ass
and now his sister was finger fucking his butt and that made his prick
stand to attention, he groaned as Joanie upped the rate and poked his shit
hole faster and deeper and deep throated his cock at the same time, he had
never been pleasured like this before and thanked God for his little
sister. He felt another finger enter his ass, and felt Joanie open and
close her fingers , stretching his ass hole open, her mouth left his
throbbing cock and then he felt her tongue lick around her fingers stuck
in his butt.

Joanie pulled her fingers out of Richie's ass and replaced them with her
tongue, which easily entered the stretched hole. She relished in the musky
taste of her brother's butthole as she pushed deeper and deeper into the
dark hole, Richie moaned then stiffened as Joanie reamed out his shit tube
and once again his cock responded by emptying his sac of all its contents,
thick white cum flew from his prick and landed through Joanie's hair and
down her face, her tongue gave one final deep lick before leaving his
satisfied ass and she quickly licked up as much of Richie's cum as she

"OOhh Richie that was wonderful, can we do it again" Joanie asked her
exhausted brother as he lay beside her, "Sure baby, but let me rest a
minute" said Richie as he idly flicked Joanie's nipples and rubbed her
stomach, " because next I'm going to fuck your tight ass, and then you're
going to use that hairbrush on your big brother"

"Mmmm that sounds like a plan" said Joanie as she fingered her silky
smooth cunt and thought about butt fucking her brother with her brush.


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