Happy Days Part 2
by Two Hard

As Richie shot his wad over his body he opened his eyes and as he did he
was sure he saw his Mother disappearing out his bedroom door, "Fuck!" he
thought, "did Mom see me wanking!" but even as he felt embarrassed he also
felt very horny at the idea his mother had seen him. He looked at his
clock and realized he would be late for work at his Father's shop if he
didn't hurry, he rushed in the shower to wash the cum off his body and as
he soaped his body he thought about Marion seeing his big prick , and this
caused him to wank on his large prick as he thought of his Mother watching

"I'm off to work Mom" Richie yelled as he ran out the door. "O. k.
sweetheart " Marion replied "see you later. " Richie hopped in his car and
floored it to the hardware shop, "you're late" Howard called out from the
back as Richie came in, "Yeah sorry Dad , I had my hands full this
morning" Richie replied with a grin. "Well you're here now, watch the shop
while I do a stocktake out the back, "

"Sure Dad" Richie replied.

The morning went slow there were very few customers, Howard came out at
11. 00am and told Richie to take a long lunch as he had something to do.
So Richie went off looking for his friends to have lunch, he looked around
but couldn't find anybody so after about an hour he thought he might as
well go back to work. "Hell" the front door was locked and a sign said "Be
back in an hour" Richie figured Dad had gone home for lunch, well he had a
key for the back door so he went around and let himself in.

As he went in he heard voices coming from the stock room he was just about
to yell out when he heard his Dad's voice moan and say "Suck it you bitch,

"Shit" what was going on he sneaked to the stock room door and peeked in,
there before him was Howard with his pants and boxers around his ankles
and he could see a young blond girl sucking on his Dad's cock, "Who is
that " he thought he couldn't see the girls face, just then the girl came
up for air and Richie saw that it was Jenny Piccilo, "Fuck Dad is getting
a blow job from the town bike" thought Richie, town bike meaning every guy
in town had ridden her, he watched as Jenny expertly licked up and down
Howard's throbbing shaft and the gobbled in the head. Howard was moaning
and pushing his cock deep into Jenny's throat and as Richie looked on
Jenny pulled up her dress and her hand disappeared into her panties and he
could see her fingers working flat out in her crotch.

"Yes you little whore" Howard moaned as Jenny deep throated his iron hard
cock, "suck my cock, make me cum" By this time Richie had dropped his own
pants and had his prick in his hand and was thinking of Jenny sucking on
his own big rod, suddenly Howard let out a big groan, "Here it comes you
little slut" he shouted, Jenny stopped sucking on Howard's cock and began
pumping it quickly with both of her hands, and as Richie watched a long
stream of thick white cum sprayed out of the end of his Dad's throbbong
cock and splattered over Jenny's face and in her mouth, "Oh yeah " yelled
Jenny as she desperately drank in as much as she could.

Howard went weak in the knees and slid to the floor his cock already
softening in Jenny's hands, as she licked and cleaned up his cock as well
as wiping her face and eating all of Howard's cock cream. "Thanks Mr
Cunningham" Jenny smiled as she kissed Howard and straightened her
clothing, "see you next week. ' and she slipped out the side room and left
the shop. Richie was busy cleaning up his own cum off his cock and from
his hands, he had shot at the same time as his Dad and was now enjoying
the salty taste of his jism.

"O. K son we might as well close up" Howard said at 6. 00pm "not much
going on here"

"Sure Dad" Richie had been in a dream world since lunch anyway, thinking
of his Mom seeing him wanking and of his Dad getting a head job from
Jenny. He couldn't wait to get home, he wanted to relieve himself in his
own room.

As Richie entered the house he saw his Mother standing at the sink in a
daydream, he admired the curve of her full ass through the house dress and
wondered what she would look like in the nude, quietly he sneaked up on
her and put his arms around her and said " Hi Mom " , Marion moaned "Hi
son, how was work, "

"Interesting" Richie replied and as he stood there he could feel his cock
hardenind and pushing against his Mother's ass cheek. Marion also felt
Richie's prick as it pushed against her ass, "Mmmm " she thought " my
boy's enormous cock what would it be like to have it in me".
Richie was starting to rub his cock up and down his Mother's backside and
she had not attempted to stop him, so he bent forward and pushed his
tongue in his Mother's ear and he felt her stiffen, he licked and blew in
her ear and then he felt Marion push her bum back into his cock. Marion
couldn't help but react to her son's advances she felt her cunt moisten as
his large prick rubbed her arse. "Oh Richie that feels so good"

"Come on Mom" Richie gasped as he grabbed his Mom's hand and pulled her
towards the stairs, "Wait son what about your Dad. "

"He's gone to the lodge meeting and wont be back till late" said Richie as
he pulled his Mom to him and pushed his tongue deep into Marion's mouth.
Marion sucked in her son's tongue and her hand wandered down to his
crotch, she felt his erection through his jeans and again was amazed at
its length and width. Quickly they ran up the stairs and into Richie's
room, as they entered Richie grabbed Marion and threw her on the bed "I'm
going to fuck you Mom until you can't walk" Richie growled , Marion almost
fainted as she watched her son pull off his clothes and his log of meat
sprang free, "Oh baby your cock is so beautiful" she moaned, "Yeah and
it's all for you Mother" Richie replied as he ran his hand up and down
it's length.

"Strip Mom" Richie ordered and he watched as his Mother obeyed him, she
pulled off her dress to reveal her underwear which to Richie's surprise
was a very sexy bra and a pair of crothchless knickers, and he could see
his Mother's full bush and peeking through her large cunt lips which were
already wet. "Mmmm Mom, I love hairy cunts" Richie whispered as he threw
himself between Marion's thighs and his eager tongue licked up her hairy
slit, Marion stiffened in anticipation as she felt her baby boy's hot
breath on her aching cunt, "Oh baby eat me , eat your Mother" and Richie
was only too happy to oblige as his long tongue sucked up his Mother's
juices and flicked at her hardening clit. Marion let out a moan of pure
lust as Richie attacked her waiting cunt with his magic mouth then she
felt his tongue trail down her slit and poke at her tight brown asshole,
it was slowly pushing into her virgin bum, "Oh my God " she thought "my
son is licking my shit tube, and it feels so fucking good" Richie couldn't
believe how great his Mother tasted her cunt was spicy and even her ass
was beautiful, but enough was enough, he wanted to plow his large cock
into Marion's sopping wet pussy.

He licked his way up her body, sucking on her naval then licking and
biting her tits and nipples, until he was face to face with his Mother, he
looked at her , her face showed pure pleasure as her son pushed his tongue
into her mouth. Marion felt Richie's 10" monster pushing at her awaiting
cunt , "God" she thought "I haven't had a decent fuck in so many years and
now I get fucked twice in one day'" then came a moment of pain as her
loving son pushed the head of his prick between her large pussy flaps and
into her weeping cunt.

Richie was feeling on top of the world as he looked down and watched his
throbbing dick part his Mother's cunt lips and disappear into her hairy
twat, he felt Marion's cunt walls grab his cock and seemingly they sucked
it in "Fuck, her pussy is so tight" he thought , as his Mother used her
cunt muscles to wank her son's beautiful cock. "Oh my boy, you are so big,
your'e going to make Mummy cum" Marion moaned, just hearing those words
come out of his Mother's mouth was enough to push Richie over the top and
his fuck weapon throbbed and pulsated as he shot the largest load of cum
ever deep into his Mother's womb.

As her son's jism flooded her stretched cunt Marion also came and she
gushed a load of cunt juice which flowed past her son's cock and down her
thighs and she felt it flow over her asshole, "Oh my son that was so
fucking good, you can fuck Mummy anytime you want" she said as Richie
rolled off Marion and lay on the bed totally spent. Marion played with
Richie's softening cock, scooping up his cum and her own spicy juices and
feeding them into her awaiting mouth.

"What the fuck is going on this house" Joanie thought as once again she
watched her Mother getting royaly shafted only this time by her brother,
as she watched her Mother and Brother kiss and feel each others bodies she
thought to herself "It's time I got some of this" as she again frigged her
poor virgin cunt.


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