Happy Days Part 1
by Two Hard

"Ayyyyy Mrs C." came a smooth voice from the doorway.

Marion Cunningham almost leapt 6 feet in the air as she let out a yell,
she had being washing up the breakfast dishes but her mind had been
elsewhere. She was thinking about this morning, she had gone up to get
Richie , her son , out of bed as he was due to help Howard , her husband,
in the hardware shop. As she got to the bedroom door she heard moaning
from the room, fearing her son newly back from college was sick she opened
the door and entered the room.

Her eyes bulged wide as she saw her son lying on his bed , naked as the
day he was born, eyes closed pulling on his cock, and what a cock she
thought, it was at least 10 inches long and 5 inches round, making
Howard's look like a toothpick. Richie hadn't heard her come in and was
still beating his meat with one hand and as Marion watched his other hand
slid down to his ass and slowly Richie pushed a finger up his butt hole,
Marion was now feeling very funny she knew that standing here watching her
son was very wrong but she also knew that she was getting very horny, and
as she stood there she could feel her cunt getting very wet.

"Ohhhh fuuuck" Richie yelled and as his Mom watched he let rip with a long
thick stream of cock cream that splattered all over his stomach and chest,
and as Marion watched Richie still with his eye's closed scooped up his
cum and fed it into his mouth all the while still fingering his ass hole.
By this time Marion who hadn't been decently fucked since, well she
couldn't remember since when, had spilled a river of cunt juice down her
legs, quickly she backed out of the room before her son noticed her.

And that was what Marion was thinking about as the Fonz came in the back
door, "Oh Arthur you gave me such a fright" , Marion Cunningham was the
only person alive who could call the Fonz by his real name, "Ayyyy sorry
Mrs C. are you allright you look all flushed"

Marion could feel the blush moving up her face as she realised she must be
showing the effects of her daydream, "Yes I'm fine Arthur just a bit hot"
"Cool, I'm just moving some stuff upstairs " The Fonz was renting the flat
above the Cunningham's garage and although Howard Cunningham wasn't to
keen the rest of the family was happy for the Fonz to move in.

"O.K. Arthur just let come up and move some boxes into the garage" So
Marion followed Fonzie up the stairs and as she did she couldn't help but
notice his fine tight ass packed into his blue levis, her thoughts were
still centered in her horny department. There were a couple of boxes that
Marion wanted moved down to the garage, Fonzie picked them up and started
down the stairs, suddenly he slipped and the boxes went tumbling down the
steps as they hit the ground they split open and out poured the contents.
"I'm sorry Mrs C." said Fonz as he rushed down the steps, "That's ok
Arthur no harm done". Fonzie was busily picking up the contents of the
boxes when he suddenly stopped, Marion could see him studying some photos,

"Ayyyyyy Mrs C. niccccce" came Fonzies voice in a very low sexy tone.

"Oh my" thought Marion what had he found, as she came level with Fonzie
she saw what was in his hand, it was some old photos of her, and they were
of her in the nude. "Mrs C. these are very sexy photos" Fonzie said as he
winked at Marion. Again Marion could feel herself blushing as Fonzie
flicked through the photos, she saw herslf posing on the bed , lying on
her back legs apart showing her full bush, on her stomach hips raised
pushing up her round ass ,and a shot of her from waist up as she pulled on
her long nipples. "Oh Arthur I'm sorry , those are some photos Howard took
about ten years ago, when I had a sex life"

"No need to apologise Mrs C" Fonzie said as he leered at the photos " to
tell you the truth these are making me very horny" he said and to prove it
he grabbed Marion's hand and placed it over his crotch. Marion gave a
little jump as she felt Fonzies iron hard cock through his Levi's, her
first impulse was to pull away and then she thought "No I wont, I haven't
felt a hard on for years, so enjoy while you can Marion" "Mmmmm Arthur,
did I do that to your cock" Marion moaned as she rubbed Fonzies cock
through his jeans, "Ohhh Marion you certainly did" said Fonzie as he
reached behind Marion's head and pulled her in for a long french kiss.
Marion almost fainted as Fonzie's hot wet tongue entered her waiting
mouth, she moaned uncontrollably as his tongue explored expertly.
Then she felt his hand rubbing her ass through her housedress, her hips
began gyrating automatically as he roamed over her pear shaped butt, she
felt her dress being lifted and the she felt his hot hand on her panties
as he continued playing with her ass cheeks. As she moved her hips her
cunt kept brushing against Fonzie's rock hard cock and this triggeree was
the hairiest cunt he had ever seen, the bush extended from between
Marion's thighs almost to her naval and it was thick and wet with Marion's
juices, he flicked out his tongue and parted the dark brown hair until it
moved against Marion's slit, this caused Marion to give little shivers and
then she moaned as Fonzie's long thick tongue parted her cunt lips and
delved into her pink tunnel.

Marion stripped off her dress then her blouse and finally her bra, her
large breasts hung free and she quickly grabbed each nipple in her hands
and started to roll them and pull on them. Marion hadn't had sex in about
five years and she knew that pretty soon Fonzie was going to get a face
bath, "Oh Arthur I'm going to cum " she groaned, Arthur looked up at her
pulling on her nipples and smiled, `Cum baby give Arthur a drink " and
with that Marion let loose with a torrential flood of pussy juice, that
disappeared down Fonzie's throat , over his face and down the front of his
white t-shirt. Marion went weak at the knees and collapsed on the floor,
her legs spread in front of her , her bushy cunt wide open the hair
covered in cunt cream and the lips large and red as more and more cum
poured out of her neglected love hole.

Fonzie stood up and undid his jeans, they fell to the floor, Marion looked
up and there in front of her was a gorgeous rock hard throbbing cock, she
reached up and wrapped her hand around it, it felt so hot and smooth and
at the same time so fucking hard. "Arthur it's been so long " she moaned
as her hand began to move up and down the long shaft, she could almost
taste it already as she wanked Arthur's dick. `Mmm Marion that is good"
Fonzie groaned as her hand polished his cock "but now I want you to eat it
you horny bitch", Marion loved the sound of those dirty words from
Fonzie's mouth, she got on her knees and fed Fonzie's throbbing prick into
her waiting mouth. The feeling was so good to Marion, the taste of the
dripping pre cum from his cock was also something she had missed, she
gobbled Fonzie's prick like a famished man at a banquet. Marion ran her
tongue around his knob under the rim and poked at his piss hole, then she
licked down his shaft and sucked on his balls, rolling them in her mouth,
as she did this her hand crept between his thighs and began to tickle
Fonzies ass hole.

Now Fonzie had been given blowjobs by the best but to his surprise this 40
year old woman was giving him the blow job of his life, he couldn't
believe it when Marion began to finger his ass hole it wasn't something he
was used to but it certainly felt good. "Oh yeah Marion finger my
shithole" he moaned, with that Marion pushed her finger past his ring and
it went deep into Fonzie's ass she moved around hunting for his prostrate,
when she found it her finger rubbed against it and she felt Fonzie's cock
grow in her mouth. "Fuuuuck" yelled Fonzie and he shot his load of cum,
Marion swallowed what she could but there was too much and it dribbled
down her chin and over her tits.

"I've never cum so quick with a blow job Marion, you are the best" Fonzie
said as he kissed her and licked up his cum off her face. "Why thank you
Arthur, but don't you think you had better fuck this old girl" Marion said
as she got up bent over Howard's work bench and offered her wide open cunt
to Fonzie. As Fonzie looked at Marion's wide plump ass and her hairy cunt
spread for him he thought it's going to be fun living here and he got up
and rammed his now rejuvenated cock into Mrs Cunninghams sopping wet pussy
and began to give Mrs C the fuck of her life.

As the moans continued in the garage Joanie couldn't believe her eyes,
here was her Mom getting fucked by the biggest stud in town, all she could
think of was taking her Mom's place and having Fonzie's big hard cock fuck
her virgin pussy, and as she thought of this her hand was busy strumming
her clit like a lead guitarist in a rock band...


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