Happy Days: He Shoots, He Scores
by Uncle Mike

Bamp-bamp-bamp. Clang! Bamp-bamp, thunk!

I grabbed the basketball as it thudded off the backboard on the garage. A
quick dribble back to the crack I called the foul line, a spinning jump
shot... nothing but concrete.

"You're pitiful, Rich! You couldn't score with Betty and you can't even score
on your own court."

It was Potsie, my friend from high school. Running up the driveway, he
snatched the ball out of my hand and we started up a one-on-one. Potsie was
even worse than me, usually, but he was right -- this weekend, I couldn't
score at all.

I'd been going out with Betty for a couple of months by then, and as Potsie
knew she hadn't let me do anything more than feel her tits through her
sweater at the movies. She had good breasts, more than a handful, but even
the best tits don't feel too great when they're strapped into the stiff,
cone-shaped bras girls wore back then.

"So am I right, Rich? You didn't score last night?"

I snorted a laugh. "Score? Her dad was waiting on the porch when we got home.
I didn't even get a kiss!"

"Hey, Richie, why are you still going out with that tease? You treat her
better than most guys would, and she hasn't done a thing for you. Jeez, Rich,
at this rate you'll still be a virgin when you get to college!"

"Yeah, well, you should talk, Potsie."

"Hey, don't forget Mary Sue Ferguson!"

"You were eight years old then and you didn't even know what a pussy was
then! That doesn't count."

"We were naked and my dick was inside her. It counts." I let it drop; Potsie
was real proud about being the first one of us to get any, and real sensitive
about not having gotten even close since. I took advantage of his
distraction, though, to drive around him for a easy lay-up -- which, of
course, I missed.

"So, Rich, are you coming with us to Arnold's tonight?"

"Nah. I gotta watch Joanie. Mom and Dad went down to Chicago for the weekend
for some cousin's wedding."

"Geez, tough break, Rich. Can't you just leave the brat alone and come over?"

I stopped dribbling long enough to catch my breath. "Hey, don't call her a
brat, Potsie. She's a real nice kid. It's not her fault she's not old enough
to stay by herself. I'm not gonna leave her alone. What if something happens
to her?"

"What's gonna happen to her? She's gonna pass out from eating too many

A shrill shout came from the upstairs window. "Potsie Weber, I do not eat too

I looked up. "Joanie, aren't you supposed to be studying your English? How
long have you been listening?"

She smiled. Joanie was a cute kid, short dark hair, button nose, and a smile
as bright as the neon signs at Arnold's. "Long enough," she giggled, and
ducked back inside.

I was a little bit worried. Had she heard us talking about Betty? Joanie was
usually pretty good about keeping secrets, but I'd never let her in on a
secret that could get me in this much trouble with Mom and Dad. While I was
thinking, Potsie grabbed the ball and tossed in an easy shot. The swish of
the ball as it dropped through the hoop brought me back into the game. I did
manage to sink a couple of baskets, but Potsie was beating me by a mile.
Finally, I conceded; he went over to Ralph's while I went inside to take a

When I got upstairs, Joanie was lying on her stomach in bed, a schoolbook
propped open in front of her. Her feet were up in the air as she kicked her
Mary Janes together absentmindedly. Her skirt had slipped down to her knees,
but what I could see of her legs was still mostly covered by a pair of baggy
white socks. She seemed lost in her reading; I figured if she wasn't teasing
me that must mean she really hadn't heard about Betty.

I think I was still worried about it, though, because I jumped into the
shower without even realizing I'd forgotten to bring in a change of clothes.
I didn't remember until I got out and toweled down. I know I was trying to
get into Betty's pants, but I was still young enough to be kinda shy about
parading around almost naked, even in front of just my kid sister. But I
didn't have much choice. I rummaged through the linen closet until I found
the biggest towel we had and wrapped it around my waist. I didn't even trust
knotting it; I held the ends up with both hands as I left the bathroom.

I had to go past Joanie's room to get to mine. When I looked in, she was
still lying down, facing away from the door. I must've sighed in relief or
something, because she looked up -- right into a mirror at her bedside that
showed me marching past. I almost dropped the towel, but I held on and ran
into my bedroom, quickly closing the door.

Once I got inside, I went over to my dresser to pull out some stuff, but I
saw Betty's picture on the top. I got angry and sad and horny all at once. I
dropped on top of my bed and just lay there for a couple of minutes, feeling
sorry for myself. Then I started thinking about what I wanted to do to Betty,
and I felt my cock starting to stiffen. I reached down and rubbed the bottom
of the shaft softly. I know lots of guys have to use pictures or stuff to
jack off, but I guess I always had a good imagination; just fantasizing was
enough for me, most times. But the problem is that when you fantasize you can
get really lost in it and not know what's going on around you.

I guess that's what happened, because I didn't hear the door opening or
anything until I heard Joanie's voice.

"Whatcha doing, Richie?" She spoke softly, almost a whisper, but it was
enough to startle me. I grabbed my cock with both hands to cover up.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't want to scare you." This was funny, my little sister
trying to comfort me, her big brother. But it worked. My heart slowed down to
a more normal beat as I looked across the bed.

Joanie was standing right at the edge, right by my feet. Her oval, freckled
face was beaming down at me. She'd changed into a nightgown, one that must've
been a hand-me-down because the material was worn pretty thin and the pink
and blue embroidery around the collar was frayed a lot. It was transparent
enough for me to make out the outline of her body. She was just starting to
hit puberty then, I guess. There was only the slightest of hints of a curve
to her waist. She didn't really have any breasts, but Mom had gotten her a
training bra and she wore it all the time. I could see the white triangles
through the gown.

I'd loosened my grip on my cock, and I suddenly realized it was rising up
above my hands, standing stiff and straight. Joanie followed my eyes.

"Wow, Richie! You're big!"

I blushed, at first with pride. Then I remembered this was my baby sister! I
was naked in front of her, and it was making my cock swell. Even as I thought
about how terrible that was, my cock got bigger and harder. I couldn't figure
it out. I'd never thought of Joanie THAT way; she was just a kid. OK, she
wasn't really a kid anymore; I'd even wondered why Mom had bothered to make
me stay and watch her that weekend. Joanie had already baby-sat herself for
a couple of families on the block. And her face had lost all of its baby fat;
she was obviously going to be a really pretty girl when she got older. Oh,
heck, she was pretty now. Her lips were fuller than Betty's, and her brown
eyes had this kinda sexy twinkle sometimes ... God, I was doing it to myself,
I thought. My cock was eight inches long now, bobbing a bit up and down like
a skier waiting at the top of a jump.

As I looked up from my cock, I saw that Joanie was staring at it too. Her
eyes were wide open and her pink tongue was peeking out between her lips,
rubbing back and forth slowly. I saw a blush spread over her face when she
realized I knew what she was looking at.

"Haven't you ever seen a boy's -- you know?"

"I saw Tommy Johnson's when we were six, but it didn't look anything like
that," she whispered back. "It was small and stubby and it looked kinda soft.
And he didn't have any hair ... down there."

"Well, all boys are like that when they're kids. When we grow up, we get
hair. And mine isn't always so big, it's just ..." I stopped. What could I
say? It's just that I got hot thinking about my baby sister? And what did I
think I was doing, just lying there naked, anyway? I grabbed for the sheet to
pull it over me, but Joanie held it back.

"No, don't. It's OK. If you're worried about me telling Mom and Dad, don't. I
won't tell. Just like I won't tell about you and Bet... oops."

My cock quickly deflated. "You heard?"

"Yeah," she said shyly, ducking her head. "That's why I'm here." She sat down
on the edge of the bed. "I heard what you said, and what Potsie said. I bet
that Betty's a stuck-up girl like her little sister Tracy. I remember how
long you worked on that poem you wrote for her last week -- and she didn't
even say 'Thank you,' I bet. ... And I heard how you stuck up for me when
Potsie called me a brat. That was really sweet, Richie."

As she finished, she looked up at me again. "Oh, Richie, your thing's so much
smaller! Did I do something wrong?"

"No, no, it's ..."

"It's Betty, isn't it? It's 'cause I reminded you about her." She paused and
seemed to be making up her mind about something. "It wasn't right, what Betty
did. When I heard about it, I wanted to do something to help. But I couldn't
think of what, until I saw you running past my room." She reached a hand out
tentatively. "Jenny Piccolo said guys like it if you touch their things. Can
I touch yours?"

I stared at her. I couldn't believe this! My kid sister, the little girl I'd
seen in diapers, wanted to touch my cock? I thought about it. She was really
cute, and I was horny. But could I...? Even as I thought about it, my cock
started to swell again.

"Oooh, I think you want me to," Joanie cooed. She softly encircled my rod
with her right hand. The warm touch sent a shiver all the way up my spine and
I let out a deep sigh.

"What do I do now, Richie?"

I should have told her to stop. I should have sent her out of the room and
gotten dressed. I should have done a lot of things. But what I did was say,
"That feels really good, Sis. Now move your hand up and down, real slow.
Yeah. All the way up to the tip, and down. Mmmmmm."

I lay back on the bed as Joanie's small hand massaged my cock. I tried not to
think about how I was corrupting my kid sister. Then ... I felt a warm breath
on the head of my dick, and it was engulfed in a hot, wet embrace.

"What?" I yelped, as I looked down to see my little sister swallowing my

She slipped it out of her mouth. "Sssshh." She grinned. "This is something
else I learned from Jenny Piccolo. She showed me on a banana. Am I doing it
all right?"

With that, she swooped down onto my dick again and began to bob up and down
on it, holding her lips in a tight "O" that sizzled up and down the rod while
her tongue flicked out at the tip.

I had never even dared think about asking Betty to give me a blow job, and
now Joanie ... well, I was going to have to change the way I thought about
her. Fast.

And faster. She picked up the rhythm, her dark hair flying as her head
bounced up and down while her hand kept rubbing the rest of my cock. The bed
was creaking and squeaking as I finally let out a loud groan. "Look out,
Joanie! I'm commmmmmmmiiiinnnngggg!"

She pulled her head up just in time to get a jet of cum across her face. Her
eyes flew open in surprise. When she flicked out her tongue and had a taste,
though, she smiled and licked some more off. "Mmmm," she said, "it's as good
as Jenny said."

I reached down and pulled her up to me. "Joanie, that was wonderful. I've
never had anything so good. You're the best sister ever." Looking at her cute
face with globs of my spunk still spattered here and there, I couldn't
resist. I pulled her closer and pressed my lips to hers. I'd heard the
expression "a tie is like kissing your sister," but I don't think this was
what they meant. She kept her lips slightly open, and as we pressed together
she slipped her hot tongue inside me. I flicked back at it, one hand
entangling itself in her hair as the other slipped down and caressed her
tight little butt.

We became lost in passion. I kissed my way from her mouth down to her neck,
licking and sucking around to her tender ear. When I slipped my tongue into
it, she yipped as her body shook. "Richie!"

I whispered into her ear, my warm breath washing over it. "I've learned a few
things too, little Sis." We kissed and licked for several minutes. Then
Joanie slipped out of my arms and stood beside the bed.

"Richie ... I love you," she said in a deep, sighing voice. "Can I, can I ask
you something? There's, um, there's something else Jenny told me about." She
pressed her lips together tightly and squeezed her arms at her side. I
reached out and took her hand.

"It's OK, Joanie. What?"

She took a deep breath. "Jenny-said-boys-could-do-girls-like-I-did-you-but-
they-don't-like-to-Could-you-do-me-please?" The words tumbled out fast, as if
she was afraid if she stopped for a second she'd be too afraid to go on.

"I've never done that, Joanie -- but I'll try," I said. The familiar grin
broke out on her face, like the sun coming out after a gray morning. I
couldn't help but love her, I thought.

"What do I do, Richie?"

"Well, I guess ... Take your clothes off, first."

She lifted the nightgown over her head. As I'd thought, she still looked like
a little girl on the outside, without any real curves. But as she slipped off
her training bra, I could see that her nipples were long and hard, standing
out from the dark circles around them. And when she pulled off her panties, I
could see the first few wisps of hairs above her pussy.

I moved over on the bed to make room for her. "Now you lie down," I said.

Moving between her legs, I licked from her feet to her crotch as I gently
spread her thighs apart. Better take it slow, I thought. I moved up further,
sliding my tongue around her belly button, then taking each of her nipples
into my mouth and sucking. I could feel her smooth, warm skin next to mine.
My cock had already gotten hard again and was rubbing on her legs. I kissed
her again, then moved all the way down to her crotch. A pungent aroma was
already rising from her pussy as I nibbled around the edges. Joanie's hands
grabbed my head as her knees rose up around me. "Nnnnice, Richie! Ooooh,
that's so good!"

Gently, I began to lick her labia, already slightly wet. She wiggled her
pussy in my face and urged me on, but I was afraid to do too much at once.
Plus, I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing. After licking up and down at
the entrance to her pussy for awhile, I used both hands to spread the lips
slightly and slipped my tongue inside.

"Aaaaaaah! Richie, yes! Yes-yes-yes! Unnnggghh!"

I guessed I must be doing something right. I pushed my tongue in further and
in and out. My fingers roamed outside the now-slick cunt of my baby sister,
until I felt something like a small, hard button. As soon as I touched it, a
jolt shot through Joanie's body. A sudden realization hit me: her clit! For
all my hopes with Betty and the boasts Potsie, Ralph and I made, I'd never
done anything like this before, and I'd never really known what all the words
we used meant. It felt kinda weird to be getting a sex education from my kid
sister. Before I could waste too much time thinking about it, though,
Joanie's thighs closed around me and she called out. "Don't stop, Rich! That
feels so good!" She gasped several times, and her voice got low and soft.
"Richie, that's it. Touch me there. Oh, rub it. And lick me. My whole body's
burning up with you, Richie. Uhhhh, please, yes, right there. Oh, Richie, I
love you. I love you!" All at once she stiffened. "Gaaaaah-nnnnng-unnnnnnh-
AAAAAAAHHHH! Oh, God, Richie, did I cum? I think I ccuuuuuuunnnnnnnggghhh-

This time it was Joanie who pulled me up for a deep kiss, licking her own
juices off my face. As we nuzzled, my stiff cock was at the gate of her
pussy. I felt the hot, slippery fluids from her washing over the tip of my

I looked straight into her warm brown eyes. "Did Jenny Piccolo tell you about
anything else? I mean, about what boys and girls can do ...?"

"You mean ... Oh, Richie, do you want to fuck me?" Hearing my kid sister use
words like that turned me on even more than ever.

"Yes, yes, Joanie, I want to fuck you. I want to put my cock inside you and
feel your pussy around me. Please, Joanie, I love you so much, can I?"

She closed her eyes and sighed deeply. "Yes, please, yes! I want you inside
me! I want you deep in me, Richie!"

I pushed my cock up to the entrance of her steaming tunnel and slowly slipped
inside. She was tight, even tighter than when she'd sucked me. But all the
juices made it easy to push in, her pussy lips squeezing around the inflamed
head of my dick. I felt the wide helmet pop past the lips, which immediately
tightened again around my rod. I almost came right then, but I held it there
for a long time until that feeling went away.

Then I began to stroke, real slow and gentle. The feeling was a hundred times
better than I'd ever expected. I kept pushing in a bit further every time,
carefully probing for Joanie's maidenhead. Soon I had three or four inches
inside her, and still nothing stood in the way.

"Joanie, I..."

I heard a soft giggle. "I used a candle, Richie. Three months ago. That's
something else Jenny taught me."

"Remind me to thank Jenny next time I see her," I murmured. I was happy that
the pain of breaking her hymen wouldn't interrupt our lovemaking. Opening my
eyes, I looked down at Joanie's face, now flushed and covered with sweat and
cum and juices. My little sister's first fuck, I thought, and it was me!
Somehow it felt right, now, that I'd be the one, not some fumbling jerk who
didn't really care for her ... like I didn't care for Betty, it occurred to
me. Yes, this was the right thing.

By now I was plunging all the way inside her, burying my cock to the hilt in
the hot, sopping wet pussy, then pulling out. Joanie was bucking her slim
hips back at me in a primal beat.

"Fuck me, Richie. Fuck me so good. Ohhhh, you feel so good inside me. Deeper.
Deeper! DEEPER! YES! Ohhh, Richie, it's wonderful! Oh, God, it feels so

Her legs closed tight around me, her feet sticking straight up in the air. I
couldn't believe I could go so deep inside her! Her fingers clawed at my back
and my knees ached a little and my arms were stiff but I didn't really feel
much of that at all. It seemed like my mind was wired directly to my cock and
the feel of Joanie's soft pussy squeezing along the rod and the tip bumping
up against the back of her cunt and the base bouncing against her crotch.

She brought her heels down against my butt, pressing me deeper.

"Harder! Faster!" Joanie urged me on. "Fuck me harder, please,

The bedsprings were screeching, the sheet and blanket had slipped off onto
the floor, the pillows had fallen off and Joanie's head was bouncing up and
down on the mattress, sweat flying off as she bucked and jerked and I had
never loved anyone as much as I loved her at that moment. I felt a burning
deep within and I knew it was time.

"Joanie, I'm cuuuummmmmmiiiiiinnnnnnggggg!" Waves of jism pulsed through my
rod and exploded into her as her pussy convulsed, squeezing me dry. "Me too,
Richie, me toooooooo-AAAAAAHHHHH!" She trembled and stiffened, trembled and
stiffened, her fingers digging into my sides as her eyes flew open and she
stared blankly at the ceiling. "Aaaaannnnnggggghhhh! Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-

As my cock made it last feeble pulses, all at once I felt the ache in my arms
and the friction that had rubbed my knees raw. I slipped out of Joanie and
rolled over onto the bed next to her, taking her in my arms and kissing her
long and hard.

"Richie," she said, her eyes softly shining, "I do love you. You're so good
to me. Can I ask you something else?"

"Mmmm, yes, little Sis, anything you want."

"Next time ..." Just the thought of next time made me press my mouth to hers
again. Next time! My baby sister and I, lovers!

"Next time ... Can Jenny join us?" She giggled. "I ... I kinda promised her,
Rich." I might have been shocked, even then, but I didn't have a chance.
Joanie slipped a hand down to caress my cock back to life as she snuggled up
to me, sticking her tongue into my ear. Before I knew it, she had rolled me
over onto my back. Incredibly, my dick was stiff and straight again. Joanie
got on top of me and slowly lowered herself onto my cock, letting it slide
past her slippery lips and all the way up. At first she kept it slow,
sometimes even lifting all the way off so that the tip would have to pop into
her lips again. I reached up and twiddled her nipples between my fingers,
feeling her heart beating swiftly beneath her sweaty skin. Then Joanie picked
up the pace, until soon she was bouncing up and down as if she were riding a
bucking bronco. My hands slipped down her silky body to rest on her hips,
holding onto her as the speeding friction drove me wild again. Her voice was
like a helicopter traffic guy's, all jerky because of the bouncing: "Oh-oh
Ri-hich-hie I-hi lov-ove yo-hou! Fu-huck me ye-hes ye-hes uh-NG-GAAAH-haaa-

My cock was still hard and I urged her on even after her orgasm. She must
have ridden me for 30 minutes before she finally cried out, "Oh, Go-haaad
Ri-hichie I-hi can't ta-hake this mu-huch loooonnnggge-hheeerr!"

I eased her off me -- my cock was so swollen that I was afraid it would break
-- and had her lie face down on the bed, already soaked with our sweat and
juices. Quickly I moved behind her and pressed my dick up against her
puckered little asshole. I don't know why I thought of it, except from raw
sexual passion. Smearing some of the juices from her pussy onto her other
hole, I worked my index finger inside her and then slowly but firmly pressed
my cock in its place. "Richie! Richie, Jenny didn't say anything about this?
What are you doing?"

"I love you, Joanie, and I want all of you! It'll be all right! Just relax
and let me -- oooohhhh, yes!" My dick slid inside her asshole, even tighter
than her pussy. With my hands I kept her small butt cheeks separated as I
began to stroke. I kept the rhythm slow and steady until I felt the familiar
curning and my jism blasted deep into Joanie's ass. "I'm cummmmiinnngggg!"

The next several years were the best I've ever known. Joanie and I had many
happy days together, and Jenny Piccolo did join us. Joanie blossomed into a
beautiful young woman with ample breasts, shapely legs and the hottest mouth
in Milwaukee. Every guy in school wanted her. Even Potsie asked her out. She
did go out once in awhile, but the guys who went with her never got more than
a good-night kiss. Joanie saved her best for her big brother.


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