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Hannah Montana: Long Road Home
by Skibbiez

"Mix it all together and you know you got the best of both worlds!!" Young teenage pop princess Hannah Montana sang out as she flashed a bright white smile to the adoring crowd. "Thank you Norfolk Nebraska!!!" She screamed as she held her hands in the air taking in the loud ovation her young preteen fans were giving her, not to mention the perverted fathers. Hannah smiled to the crowd as she shook the hands of the young, screaming girls, and admiring males before she finally exited the stage.

"This is the last time I will ever give out a concert for a contest winner!" Hannah said as she quickly bolted to the backstage area to meet her father, Robbie Ray. "I am so ready to get out of this po-dunk town!" She continued as she opened the door up to her dressing room.

"What's the problem with it pumpkin doodle?" He said in a cheerful voice. "It should remind you a little of home with all the farmers and wildlife!" He continued as he stared at his beautiful teenage daughter through the door.

"That's just it, dad, I'm not 12 anymore and I can't stand wildlife or farmville!" Hannah said as she took off her wig transforming herself to her alter ego, Miley Ray. "UGhhhhh! I can't even get a cell signal in 'hickville', USA!" She snarled tossing her cell on the table.

"I'm sorry sweetie, but you know we had to do this contest in order to get some fan support for your upcoming move," Robbie said as he walked over to his distressed daughter. "But we don't have to do anymore if you don't want to." He continued as he put his arm around her warm, sweating shoulder.

"It's okay daddy, I know we have to do this stuff," She said looking up at him with her big blue eyes. "I'm just tired that's all."

"Well don't worry," Robbie said as he began moving back towards the door. "We'll be on the road in a jiffy!" He continued as he walked out of the room.

"Jiffy?" Miley said to herself looking into the mirror. "Maybe he does belong here!"

Miley finished gathering all her belongings and put the wig back on disguising herself in case any fans won some backstage passes. As soon as she exited the door she heard a wave of screams coming from down the hall. Hannah just waved at her idolizing fans and continued walking towards the exit.

"Driver to the nearest Hilton!" Hannah said in a demanding voice as she followed her father into the limo. The driver watched the young princess as she walked towards the car catching every aspect of her beauty with his eyes. She was wearing a medium length red and black, checkered skirt that came down to just above her mid-thigh. She had red striped stocking socks on that were pulled all the way up to just below the seam on her skirt. Her top was covered by a tight, red spaghetti strap shirt that was cut just low enough to show an ample amount of her developing cleavage. This being the first time this driver had ever driven the young jailbait, he was definitely turned on.

"As you wish Miss Montana," The driver said as he watched her crawl into the limo nearly giving him a glimpse up her skirt before he shut the door. He walked around the car and entered the drivers seat, "it's going to be a while before we make it to your destination so you two can feel free to sleep if you need to." He said as he focused the rear-view mirror on her maturing chest.

"I don't care!" Hannah said as she stared out the window as her thousands of fans clamored around the limousine. "Just get us out of here!"

The driver began driving down the road taking every chance he could to focus on the young budding beauty that was behind him. He kept fixing the mirror between her petite breasts and her skirt line that kept riding up her legs almost to the point that he could see her panties. His dick was rock hard as he continued to drive down the interstate through the night.

"Hey," Robbie said as he placed his hand on his daughters shoulder finally breaking the hour long silence. "Why don't you lay down and get some sleep?" He softly said, "We still have another few hours before we will reach the hotel."

"Yeah," Hannah said between a yawn. "Get over here ya big lug!" She smiled as she placed her head on her dad's arm, "Nope too high. Bend down just a bit" She again said smiling as she pushed her down just enough to fit her head on his arm perfectly. "There!" She leaned up kissing her dad on the cheek, "That's perfect!" Robbie just smiled down at his little princess as he closed his eyes hoping to catch a little sleep as well.

All the while Hannah was positioning herself on her fathers arm she had unknowingly forced her skirt up just enough to give the driver a clear view of her bright pink lace panties. He couldn't believe his eyes and with one hand on the steering wheel he began stroking his rock hard cock. He continued to watch the road and Hannah's restless body stir giving him countless views up her skirt while they drove down the long dark road. Minutes passed by while he continued to pleasure himself and he knew that he had to have more. He knew that he had to devise a plan to see more of her perfect body and that's just what he would do. He pulled off the next exit he came to and began driving down an old country road. According to his GPS there wasn't any form of major city for the next hundred miles.

After driving for about an hour and passing multiple gas stations he watched as the gas gauge got lower and lower until finally the car died. His plan was put into action. He pulled over to the side of the dark abandoned road and looked back once again at his sleeping beauty. He quietly exited the car and walked to Robbie's side of the car. Gently, he knocked on the window startling the aging man causing him to roll down the window. The breeze from the country air hit Hannah like a ice cold water balloon and she immediately curled up closer to her father.

"What's wrong?" Robbie asked wiping his eyes, "Where are we?"

"I'm sorry sir, but I made a huge mistake." The driver said quietly as he began shivering a bit. "There was a huge accident on the highway so I was diverted to this back road, and well I sorta ran out of gas." He again said in a sincere voice. "I couldn't have known this was going to happen," He again said apologetically. "I swear I was planning on stopping at the next gas station I came to on the highway, but the police diverted me this way." He continued his chain of lies.

"Well what's the plan now then?" Robbie asked as he looked down at Hannah who was still asleep on his arm. "Are we just going to sleep in the limo and wait on help?"

"That's just it," The driver said, "I called my boss on the radio and he was supposed to send the police out here, but there is no telling how long that could take." He continued. "With the wreck and all. I have to stay here with the car in case he shows up with extra fuel." He said before pausing. "Unless," he said briefly pausing once again taking his eyes off of Robbie and focusing on his prize, "Unless you wouldn't care to walk back down the road a few miles and seeing if the old farm house I remember passing a while down the road would have some gas we could use?" He asked with anticipation knowing his entire plan rested on what he would say.

Robbie let out a sigh and cautiously pulled his arm from his daughters head. Slowly he opened the car door and scooted his way out trying his best not to startle his little girl. "How far down the road is this house you saw?" He said as he quietly shut the door.

"No more than a couple miles." The driver said delightfully. "It was just off the road on the left and if I remember right, it was all lit up like someone was awake!" He again said excitedly.

"I'll go, but I want you to sit in the back with Hannah and lock all the doors until I return!" Robbie demanded as he glared at the driver with a stern look. "Do not open the doors for anyone unless it's me or the police, Got it!" He again said sternly.

"Don't you worry sir, I will not take my eyes off your little princess!" The driver said as he slowly opened the back door and began to crawl inside locking the door behind him. He watched as Robbie walked further away from the car. His hands began to perspire with anticipation on what he was about to explore. His eyes now fixated on the gift that was laying before him. She looked so peaceful in her sleep. He gently took his fingers and wiped the hair from her beautiful face tracing them down until they met her lips. He softly pulled down her bottom lip before retreating.

Much to his surprise Hannah didn't stir a bit. His heart now racing a mile a minute he leaned forward taking in her amazing aroma. Her fruity body spray took over his sense of smell and he was in heaven. While still leaning forward, and keeping a keen eye on Hanna's every movement, he slowly slid his hand onto her long slender leg and began rubbing on the outside of her long thick stocking. He could feel his heart about to beat out of his chest as he slowly and carefully led his hand up her athletic leg almost approaching her skirt line. Hannah had still not moved from the attention he was giving her. The only thing he could think was she thought her dad was still in the car and it was his hand about to invade her skirt.

His hand was now on her warm flesh and inching up ever so slowly up her adolescent legs. Once he inched closer to her most sacred spot Hannah began to stir a bit causing the driver to immediately remove his hand. He wiped the sweat from his hands and waited a brief moment until he felt like the coast was clear. Slowly he once again approached the young sleeping beauty only this time he carefully gripped the bottom of her skirt and began to drag it up towards her chest revealing more of her gorgeous body. Once he got it as far up as it would go he released it and placed his hand once again on her upper exposed thigh. His eyes were fixated on her lace, almost see-through, pink panties. A hint of her pussy lips gripped the thin material creating a bit of a camel toe.

He gradually crept his hand up her meaty thigh slowly reaching the top. His fingers were now inches away from her prize when she began to stir once again. This time the driver was a little braver and just paused his advancement. As before, Hannah settled down allowing the driver to continue his molestation of her young body. As he continued to rub the inside of her thigh with his hand he took his free hand and led it down to her and gripped the seam of her panties and began forcefully pulling them down. He was as careful as he could be, but the way she was positioned they were a struggle to pull down. Suddenly, much to his satisfaction, Hannah shifted her body to where she was laying completely on her back allowing the driver to, more easily, take her panties down her long, slender legs.

Now laying before him was Hannah Montana completely bottomless. Her pussy appeared amazing. He was amazed at the fact that she had shaved a cute triangle patch into her pubic hair pointing down to her tiny slit. "Naughty girl are we?" He asked in a conniving voice before leading his hand over the tiny patch of hair. He continued running his timid fingers over her small patch before finally taking a breath and brushing them over her moistening pussy. He looked up at the slumbering young girl making sure she was still asleep before he drug his finger through the slit gathering up some of her warm pussy juice. Hannah once again began to stir causing him to quickly remove his hands from her and he immediately inserted his finger into his mouth sucking her tasty juice from his finger.

Once he figured it was safe to return he quickly decided it was time to see more of this beauty He reached down and gripped the bottom of her shirt with both of his hands and slowly began to drag it up her nearly nude body. His dick was rock hard and trying to pry it's way out of his dark black slacks as he continued to pull it up exposing more of her firm stomach. Finally, he got it all the way up without much disturbance to Hannah's slumber. Her breasts were covered by a matching lace bra that showed just a hint of her dark nipples. Looking down at the young girl he knew that he no longer cared if he got caught. He gingerly grabbed the bottom of her bra and pulled it up to expose her perfectly round breasts. He let go of the bra and let it rest just under her shirt. His eyes were focused on her immaculate chest. They were young and perky with her quarter sized nipples resting directly in the center of her blooming breasts. Gazing down her gorgeous body he could not believe the sight that was before him, and even more amazing was the fact that Hannah knew nothing that was going on.

He couldn't resist any longer and he rested his hands back on her upper thigh and her abdomen leading both of them up towards their destination. His right hand, which was on her legs, reached first. He began running his fingers over and traced small circles around her seeping pussy. Hannah began to shuffle a bit more, but still remained fast asleep. His left hand was now just under her developing breasts. He took a deep breath and made the plunge cupping her right breast in his hand gently squeezing the firm mound. It felt amazing to his touch. He has never felt the chest of an adolescent girl before and he never knew that it was going to be this amazing. His cock now oozing cum causing a darker stain to form on the outside of his pants. He didn't care. All he cared about at this point was taking this young girl. He inserted his middle finger inside Hannah's warm pussy causing her to let out a slight moan. He didn't care about that either. He twisted her fully erect nipples in-between his fingers as he continued to insert his finger in and out of her wet cunt. Hannah now moaning a bit more and louder made him a bit nervous, but not nervous enough to stop. He leaned down and placed his dry lips on her full luscious lips. While he kissed the young girl his finger continued probing faster and harder into her virgin pussy.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!?!?" A voice from outside the car yelled causing the driver to anxiously look up. "Get the FUCK OUT HERE NOW YOU FUCKING Pervert!" The voice said again as he apparently punched the window of the car causing it to break in a spiderweb fashion. The driver could see that it was Hannah's father, Robbie, outside of his car, and furthermore, he knew that he was in some deep shit when he got in the car. Hannah awoke from her sleep and was shocked at the fact that she was completely naked with the driver in the backseat. She didn't know exactly what had happened but she immediately opened the door and rushing out of the car. She quickly ran to her father who was apparently steaming mad. She pulled her shirt back down covering her chest and tears began to roll from her baby blue eyes.

"Don't make me come in that car to get you!" Robbie said in a more controlled voice. "You will not like the consequences of that!"

"Robbie, I'm coming out! Please just back away from the car!" The driver said as he held his hands up as he slowly, and timidly walked out of the car. It took every ounce of control in Robbie's body not to rush over to the puny driver and knock the living shit out of him, but a part of him wanted to hear his reason why he did what he did. The driver stepped out of the car and immediately rushed to the front of the car creating a bit of distance between him and the angered father.

"You have 3 seconds to tell me what the fuck you were doing to my daughter before I come up there and knock the fuck out of you!" He said as he tightly wrapped his arm around his terrified little girl.

"I have no excuse Mr. Ray." The driver said in a defeated voice. "All I can say is that you have a very beautiful little girl and I am a very weak man!" He said almost crying. "Please just take the car and leave me here!!" He again pleaded for his life. "Just don't hurt me!"

Robbie looked at Hannah. "That would work but you ran the fucking car out of gas!" Robbie said angrily. "What I want you to do is get your ass over here and apologize like a man to my daughter then get the fuck out of my sight before I literally do something that she doesn't need to see.

"I'm sooo sorry..." The driver began to say as Robbie interrupted him.

"I said over here jackass!" Robbie said sternly.

The driver slowly began walking over to the two. When he was just about right in front of them Robbie couldn't contain himself anymore and he just lunged out grabbing the scrawny limo driver and proceeded to lay into him with punch after punch. Hannah let out a scream as she watched her dad pummel this man that moments earlier was rubbing his grimy hands all over her young body. After a few minutes of a continuous pounding Hannah finally cried out for her dad to stop. Robbie looked back at his distraught young girl and obliged to her request. He slowly rose from the drivers, almost lifeless, body and gave him one good swift kick to the balls for good measure. "I swear to God if I ever see you again you will take your last breath begging me to stop, do I make myself clear!?" He asked rhetorically as he spit down on the beaten man before turning towards his daughter. "I'm so sorry sweetie... I'll never leave you again!" He said as he pulled her into him embracing her in a tight hug.

They quickly gathered their luggage and started walking down the road. After they walked silently down the road for close to an hour, Hannah looked up at her obviously upset father, "Thanks for everything back there," she said softly.

"You're my baby girl," He said as he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "I won't let anything like that happen to you ever again!" He said smiling down as he placed a kiss on the top of her blond head. "We should take this off though," He said taking the wig from her head once again transforming her, once again, to her more normal alter ego, Miley. "We don't want any more un-welcomed attention." He said while placing the wig into his bag.

"How much further are we going to walk for?" Miley said softly. "My feet are killing me!" She whined as she looked up at her dad.

Robbie just looked down at her with a compassionate look. "Here, we'll stop at this house up here with the lights on and see if we can use a phone or something." He said as he pointed up at the house. He had no idea who he would call or anyone's number for that matter. They left the limo in such a rush he had forgotten his cell phone, and he had the worst memory when it came to phone numbers. The two strolled up to the run down looking shack.

"Maybe we could keep walking a little further," Miley said a little unsure of the house. "This place kinda gives me the creeps."

"It's late and this is the only house we've passed that's had any lights on sweetheart. This is our only hope." Robbie said as he approached the door. He opened the screen door that was barely hanging on by the hinges and the screen was all but torn out. He firmly knocked on the wooden door exciting a dog on the inside.

"Shut up Roscoe!" A voice said from behind the solid wooden door. "Who is it!?" The voice yelled.

"Umm Excuse me sir, but I'm Robbie Ray and this is my daughter Miley, and we've had some car trouble a few miles back." Robbie yelled back. Much to his pleasure he watched as the door began to open. Standing in the door was a man in his 40's or 50's, medium build, with overalls covering his body. When he smiled he had about as much teeth as a jack-o-lantern. He was the stereotype of a redneck, backwoods, hillbilly. Robbie just smiled at the man, "I'm sorry to bother you and your family so late, but is there any way that I could use your phone to call for help?" Robbie said.

"Well ya see here," The man replied, "Phone ain't been workin for a while now, and there really ain't no one for you to call out this late." He continued as his eyes gazed upon Robbie's beautiful daughter. "But I rekon ya'll could come and stay the night here if ya aint gots no where's to be until mornin'" The man continued saying all the time his eyes focused on Miley's gorgeous body. "My boy should be back tomorrow mornin', and I could run ya into town when he get's back."

Robbie looked at Miley and then back up at the old man. "We wouldn't want to impose," he said smiling. "We can just walk to town tonight, thank ya though!" Robbie said as he began to slowly back up.

"Nonsense!" The old man gawked back. "Town's another 20 miles away plus the weatherman says a storm is brewin up in a few minutes." He stated. "Now you two come on in and I'll show ya to your room." He said as he stood aside from the door inviting the two inside.

"We really appreciate this, sir." Robbie said as he wrapped his arm around his little girl once again and guided her inside.

"Sir!" The man said as he shut and locked the door behind the two timid guests. "I'm no sir, I'm just Jedediah. My friends call me Jed so that's what you guys can call me." He said as he started walking towards the hall. Miley's eyes were wandering all over this guys disgusting shack. He had plates of food with bugs crawling over the moldy food scattered all around his kitchen. Old newspapers littered the living room area as well as more food. She had never been in this type of environment in her life, but it did beat walking 20 more miles to town. "Right this way and I'll show ya'll to where you can sleep." He said as he motioned for them to follow him down the hall. "I only have one extra room and well my couch isn't exactly hospitable so you two will have to bunk together for the night, but I'm sure you wouldn't mind sleeping with a pretty little doll like her now would ya Rob? Can I call ya Rob?" Jed said before opening a door to the bedroom.

Robbie and Miley slowly walked inside the room which was surprisingly cleaner than the rest of the house. "The tubs in here if you wanna get cleaned up before you sleep and those are clean sheets on the bed there. Just holler if you need anything I'll just be on the other side of the house." Jed said as he gave Miley one last gawk before he left the room shutting the door behind him.

"We are leaving the first thing in the morning!" Miley said as she dropped her bags beside the bed. "I don't care if Farmer John's son is here with the car or not!" She again said as she began sifting through her bags looking for something to wear.

"You need to be a little more thankful that he is letting us stay here." Robbie said as he sat on the twin sized bed. "He could have just told us to go about our way and shut the door in our face." Robbie continued before laying down.

"Well I don't care, I just don't trust him." Miley said, "I'm going to get cleaned up a little bit." She said as she grabbed some clothes from her bag and proceeded to open the door. She looked down the hall to make sure the creepy old man wasn't around and she hurriedly went into the bathroom. The bathroom was no different than the rest of the house. There were clothes spread all across the floor including some white underwear that had brown streaks down the back. "Gross!" Miley said as she just placed her clothes on the sink scaring a few cock roaches that were in the sink likely trying to get a drink.

She decided to just ignore the stench and the mess and proceed with her shower. She turned the water, and gripped the bottom of her shirt and swiftly pulled it over her head. After throwing it aside she reached behind her petite body and unclasped her bra allowing her pert breasts to be free for the second time in the night. She continued down gripping the seam of her skirt and panties, and slowly slid them down her long athletic legs. She stood in front of the mirror completely nude admiring her young teenage body before getting into the shower. The water felt amazing running down her tired body as it drenched her milky white skin. She ran her fingers through her long brown hair allowing the water to immerse the wavy locks. Miley was completely entranced in her shower as she completely ignored her environment and continued to massage her young teen body.

Robbie was just about asleep when he heard Jed. "Rob!" Jed said again as he knocked on the door.

Robbie let out a huf, "Yeah Jed, what is it?" He answered back rubbing his sleepy eyes.

"You wouldn't mind helping me with something in the living room, would ya?" Jed again yelled through the door.

"No, I'll be right there." Robbie said annoyed. He stood up and walked to the door. He opened the door and didn't see Jed anywhere. "Jed?" He hollered out to no response. Baffled, he started walking down the hall, and just as he exited the hall and entered the living room, Jed struck him with a wooden bat on the side of his head. Robbie instantly went down and was out cold.

"Sorry Rob, but your daughter is just too cute to be sleeping with you this evening." He said as he pulled Robbie to a chair he had set up. He quickly hoisted the large man up and tied him to the chair so that he couldn't go anywhere in case he woke up. He picked up a dirty rag from the ground and stuffed it inside his lifeless mouth before tying a rope around his head to keep it in place. "There, That oughta do it!" He said as he examined his work. Robbie was still unconscious, and Jed made his way back down the hall to the bedroom. Hearing the water stop from the bathroom he quickly turned the light off and laid down on the bed.

Within a few minutes he heard the door open, "Dad?" The young girl asked out obviously blinded by the darkness. Jed just let out a slight moan as he covered up completely. "That bathroom was extremely disgusting, but the shower was amazing!" She said cheerfully as she crawled into the bed with the stranger. "You're not even gonna roll over and give me a good night kiss?" Miley said as she got under the covers and rolled to her side putting her back to the old man. Jed's heart was racing he knew that there was no going back now and he pulled the blanket off of his head and wrapped his grimey arms around her sweet young body pulling her right next to him. Her young body was pressing directly next to his as he kissed her on the back of her head. "Aww thanks dad," She said as she wrapped her hand up with his and pulled it up to her chest.

The feeling of her young body against his was incredible. He laid there for a few minutes just absorbing her amazing smell and felt his cock begin to stiffen and press against her tight round ass. Miley could obviously feel the unknown force pushing against her ass as she tried to scoot further away, but Jed just held her tightly against him. He slowly removed his hand from hers and slid it down her body brushing over her ample breasts before stopping at her waist. Once again Miley tried to scoot further away from, what she thought was, her father, but yet again he just pulled her tighter into his body. His hand now maneuvered underneath her thin cotton shirt and began moving upward. "Dad?" Miley said as he hand approached her developing breasts. Jed didn't stop and within a moment his hand was completely on top of one of her bare tits. He began squeezing the fatty mound as Miley began struggling to break free like a bucking boar. All this did was cause his cock to harden even more as her ass grind against it like she was giving him a lap dance.

Finally, after a few minutes of molesting the young girl he released her and she instantly jumped up and ran over to the light. She flicked it on and her jaw dropped when she saw that it wasn't her father in the bed with her, but Jed. "What the hell are you doing in here, and where is my father!" The young girl yelled as she opened the door and ran out into the hall. Jed just slowly stood from the bed his rock hard cock poking through his grey sweatpants. "Oh my God what have you done!" Miley said once she located her father still knocked out from the shot Jed gave him earlier. Jed followed her to the living room and just leaned against the wall and watched as she tried to untie her lifeless father.

"Step away from him and you won't end up like him!" Jed said in a controlling voice. Miley just looked back at him with tears running down her face.

"What do you want from us?" She said, "We have money!" She continued as she hugged the leg of her dad. "Is that what you want?"

Jed just laughed as he walked over to the timid young girl and harshly pulled her up by her arms. "I said get away from him!" He commanded as he forced her against the wall. Miley was shaking with fear as this old man stood directly in front of her just staring at her. His eyes wandered over her body as she was wearing a thin pink cotton shirt with cherries in the middle. Her nipples were sticking out proving once again that she wasn't wearing a bra. "I like cherries he said as he flashed a perverted smile down at her before allowing his eyes to further molest her. She was wearing a really low cut pair of white cotton shorts that were cut off just below her ass. They to had a cherry in the center directly over her most private region. "I really like cherries," he said again softly as he extended out his arm and ran his fingers over her pussy on the outside of her shorts.

"Please Jed." She cried. "You can't do this!" She again pleaded as he removed his fingers. "We will do whatever you want you just can't do this to me!" Miley yelled.

"You will do whatever I say tonight and I will allow you two to walk out of here," He said in a firm voice. "If you don't do what I say then I am going to keep you here and make you do whatever I say, and well, I have some pigs outside that can take care of your dad for me." He said as he smiled at the terrified young girl. "Now if you understand take off your fucking shirt!" Jed commanded as he stood back and watched Miley cower in fear.

"I can't do this!" She cried out, "Just let us go!"

"I don't think you understand just how serious I am!" Jed said as he walked over and picked up his bat. He swung it back and got ready to nail Robbie with it once again before Miley spoke up.

"Stop! Okay I'll do it!" She said as she gripped the bottom of her shirt with her shaky hands. Tears were just pouring out of her eyes like a rushing waterfall as she slowly pulled the thin fabric up exposing her tan stomach. "God help me!" She cried as she pulled the shirt completely over her head. She instantly crossed her arms over her exposed chest trying to cover herself up as much as possible.

"Now that's a good girl," He said placing the bat back down on the floor. "I think ya know what's next." He said as he sat down on the messy couch stroking his cock on the outside of his sweatpants. "Lose the shorts!"

Miley almost refused until she looked over at her dad and knew that he was serious about killing him if she didn't comply. She unfolded her arms allowing her perky breasts to be free for Jed's eyes to gawk over before she gripped the tight seam of her shorts and slowly bent down taking them down her legs. She timidly stepped out of them and once again maneuvered her arms around trying to cover her semi nude body.

"Move them arms sweetie pie!" Jed said as he laughed at her timidness. Miley reluctantly complied to his demand and moved her arms to her sides allowing him to admire her nearly naked body. She stood there topless with her arms to her sides wearing only a pair of lace, white, thong panties. Her whole body was shaking from the fear of what he could ask of her next. He just sat there staring at her and stroking his cock, his hand now on the inside of his pants. The time was like it had stood still. What seemed like hours was only a couple minutes.

Finally, he broke the silence "Get over here!" Jed said commanding. Miley didn't move. "Get your slutty ass over here now!" He again said in a aggravated voice. She knew that she didn't have a choice and she apprehensively began walking towards him. As soon as she was within distance he reached out and grabbed her forcing her to sit down on his lap. She could feel his bulging cock try to dig it's way out of his pants and into her ass. He pulled her back to where she was leaning up against his smelly body. His hands were on her bare sides making their way up as he began to softly kiss her neck. This gave the young girl goosebumps all over her inexperienced body. Within seconds both his hands were on her breasts squeezing each of the mounds fiercely. Miley just stared over at her unconscious father knowing the consequences if she didn't allow this.

Keeping one of his hands on her adolescent breasts he swiftly moved his free hand down her nude body until he reached her panties. He began running his fingers across her pussy region causing her to sit up straight on his lap. "Oh you like that don't ya?" He asked rhetorically. He traced his fingers up and down her slit on the outside of her panties. As much as she didn't want to admit it, he was right. She was enjoying the feeling of him molesting her. After just a few minutes of fondling the young girl he pushed her back off his lap. As she stood in front of him he quickly gripped both sides of her panties and swiftly took them down her legs. Now she was standing directly in front of him completely nude. He placed his hands on the sides of her legs and wrapped them around to where he was cupping her amazing ass. He leaned forward and placed his lips just below the tiny patch of hair that she had shaved causing her to attempt to back away. He just tightened his grip on her and pulled her closer. He stuck his tongue out licking around her warm moist pussy before placing a peck directly on her pussy lips.

Miley let out a slight moan as he brushed his tongue over the sensitive region. Jed pulled away keeping his grip on her ass as he looked up at her. She was no longer crying and it seemed as if she was enjoying what he was doing to her. He removed his hands from her and she just stood there looking down at him curious to what was to come next. He promptly pulled down his pants to where his rock hard cock shot straight up in the air. He started stroking it up and down as he returned his hand to her thigh. "Ya ever seen one of these?" He said before he stood up directly in front of her. His cock sticking straight out almost touching her. "Lay down!" He commanded as he stepped aside.

"Please Jed... You can't do this to me?" Miley pleaded. "I'm only 16" She cried as Jed just stood there staring at her. He didn't care at all how old she was, the only thing he cared about at this point was relieving his aching cock inside her tight pussy.

"I said LAY DOWN!" Jed yelled out as he reached out and threw Miley down on the couch. Miley stared up at her master as the tears returned to her eyes. Jed just glared down at her gorgeous teenage body as he continued to stroke his rock hard shaft. "I'm really going to enjoy this," he said as he maneuvered down to the end of the couch still looking up Miley's amazing body.

"No!" Miley cried out, "You can't do this!!!!" She again pleaded. "I'm still a virgin!" She cried out placing her hands over her face.

The words rang through Jed's head like angelic song. He slowly leaned down over the arm rest of the couch and began sliding up the couch with Miley under him. He softly kissed as much of her exposed skin as he possibly could on his journey up. He could feel the heat radiating from her teenage body as he continued further. Once his head reached her crotch region he paused his adventure to get a little more taste of her sweet juices. He leaned his head down sucking on her fat pussy lips causing Miley to tense up. He began to run his tongue, once again, over the tight slit gently inserting it ever so often. His hands continued up her, now sweating, body until they reached her firm breasts. He gently squeezed the two fatty mounds as he continued to lash her pussy with his tongue. All the while this was going on Miley was laying motionless with her eyes focused on her father. As much as she hated to admit it to herself she was actually starting to get turned on. She had never had so much attention on her pussy in her life and she kind of liked it. Even if it was coming from a disgusting old man.

Finally, after a few minutes he lifted his head and smiled up at Miley. He, once again, started to slide up her petite body until he was directly on top of her. His aching cock was resting on top of her stomach, and she could feel the warm jizz drip onto her. Jed leaned down and placed his dry lips on top of her wet luscious lips as he began kissing her passionately. He opened his mouth and ran his tongue across her juicy full lips attempting to break into her mouth. Miley was having no part of it and kept a tight lock on her lips.

As he continued kissing the young girl, he gripped his raging cock in his hand and began to lead it down until it was right above her hot vagina. He began to gently inch up her until the head of his cock was touching her lips. Miley's eyes turned the size of golf balls. As they continued to kiss she began trying to buck like a wild boar trying to get him off of her, but it was no use. He was much to large for her to get him off.

Within seconds it happened. Jed slowly inserted his cock into her virgin pussy causing Miley to subsequently open her mouth allowing his tongue access. He rammed his tongue inside her mouth entwining his tongue with hers as he gently retreated his cock a bit before fiercely inserting it once again. Miley violently scratched at his back from the pain and pleasure she was getting from his large dick invading her most precious region. He finally released the kiss from her and sat up, straddling the young girl as he continued to thrust deeper and faster inside her. Miley was now breathing heavily staring over at her father. She could not believe what was happening to her, and to make matters worse she was actually enjoying it. The feeling for Jed was amazing. Her tight virgin pussy just engulfed his throbbing cock making each thrust that much better.

He smiled down at her running his dry hands over her amazing breasts. The feeling of her erect nipples under the palm of his hands. "OH God!" Miley screamed out as she began to orgasm from the pleasure she was in. Her tight pussy pussy squeezed at his pulsating cock as she squealed. The feeling was too much to handle and Jed unleashed his load inside the young girl. He violently squeezed her breasts as he unloaded inside her. Miley was in a sense of ecstasy and had no idea what was going on. After he finished he collapsed on top of the tiny young girl. Both of them were breathing heavy from the encounter.

"You were amazing!" Jed whispered as he gave her a slight peck on her neck. Miley didn't say a word. He quickly slid off her and managed to maneuver himself in-between her and the back of the couch, and assisted her into rolling over to where they were in a spooning position. He took his hand to the front of her and began to softly squeeze on her breasts once again. His cock began to harden again and was nestled in-between her perfect round ass cheeks. He continued to kiss and suck on her neck while he squeezed on her sore tits. Miley, coming back to her senses, began to tear up again as she looked over at her father.

***The End?***

I know that I want to add to this story, but I just don't know where I want to go with it. The logical choice is to include Miley's dad, but I'm not sure how I want to do it. So send me some feedback people!

***My Note***

This was a work a fiction, and it is intended to be read that way. If you have any questions or comments on this or any of my other stories feel free to email me at [email protected] I am always open to requests, but I can't promise that I will get to them. Also, I love feedback for my stories whether good or bad.


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