This story is fantasy, not reality. It is a work of fiction containing characters from a television show. It is not endorsed by anyone involved with the show and is not meant to represent the real lives of the actors who play the characters here. It is just fantasy.

If you are under the age of 18, are offended by details of explicit sex or faint-hearted then please stop reading now.

Codes: Mff-best, oral, inc, anal, cons

Features: Hannah Montana, age 15 (played by Miley Cyrus), Lilly Truscott, age 15, (played by Emily Osment), Robbie Stewart, age 45 (played by Billy Ray Cyrus)

Hannah Montana: Hannah Moantana - Best of All Worlds Part 5 - Daddy Knows Best
by Clare Clitty

Lilly called home to say she was staying the weekend at Miley's house. Robby didn't see much of the girls that Friday evening. They spent most of it in Miley's room. Robby wasn't privy to their conversations and occasionally it got very quiet in there. Robby wondered what they were talking about, worried Lilly might react negatively to any news of his "evolving" relationship with his daugther.

The next morning the girls got up late and asked to go to the mall. Robby dropped them off before noon and they were gone all afternoon. Miley called hours later, saying they would grab a taxi home after their hair salon appointments. She told her father they wanted to show him the new outfits and makeovers they'd received, but it was a surprise, so he should avert his eyes when they got home.

Robby was equally worried and excited by the news, unsure how this was going to play out. In the meantime, he decided to finish a project he'd been preparing all week: a new HD camcorder hidden in his bedroom. Robby wanted to record his sessions with Miley and designed a way to hide a simple remote-controlled video camera in his closet, cutting a porthole in the door and replacing the mirror it held with 1-way mirrored glass. Simple, cheap, and extremely effective. He tested it out and it worked perfectly. Even the sound was pretty good. He prepped the camcorder, closed the closet, and set the small remote on the nightstand for easy access.

Lilly and Miley returned home and Robby closed his eyes tight, playing along with their game. He heard the rustling of bags and the girls giggling as they rushed through the house. "Don't peek, Daddy. We ate at the mall, so we're not hungry. We'll be out in a while to show you what we got."

Robby ate some leftover pizza and had a couple of beers waiting for the girls. He sat patiently in the kitchen, wonder what he in for. Almost 90 minutes after they'd come home, Miley yelled down the hall to her father that they were ready. Then she asked if he was ready for his surprise?

"Sure," responded Robby, both anxious and uncomfortable. Miley entered the kitchen first, followed by Lilly. Robby's jaw nearly hit the floor when he saw his daughter and her best friend.

"How do we look, Daddy? We're ready to be home schooled tonight!" Miley exclaimed. Both girls giggled, Lilly's face was a bit flush. Robby paused a moment, looking them both over before replying, "Yeah, you two sure are."

Both girls were dressed in identical sexy schoolgirl outfits. They wore white, short sleeved button up tops that were cut short and tied off in knots just above their belly buttons. Each had them unbuttoned down to their frilly white lace bras, which were easily viewable through the thin material of the shirts. They each wore straight black ties loosely under their collars, which came down to the navels. Each girl sported a new navel piercing. Lilly's was a pretty little jeweled chandelier with a single large white gem supporting three silver chain strands that each ended in a smaller string of gems. Miley's ring had one large purple gem with the word "Slut" spelled out in scripted, jeweled silver letters. Robby noticably paused a moment at Miley's piercing as he looked the girls over and Miley consoled him. "I'll only wear this one for you, Daddy," she giggled. Each girl wore pleated black mini-skirts that barely hung below their asses. As they walked in the outfits, the sway of ultra-short skirts revealed their ass cheeks peeking out underneath. Both girls wore white nylon thigh-high stockings and black 2-inch strap-on heels.

Both girls had carefully made themselves over. Lilly's hair sported streaks of lighter and darker blonde hair now, which she's pulled back into a ponytail that was tied off with a long, silver ribbon that matched her belly button jewelry. Miley's hair was full and carefully curled, colored to be deep auburn. They each wore simple dark mascara and eye-liner. They were fully made up, but not overly made up, with natural-colored lipstick and blush.

Robby couldn't help think that they both looked like adult models who just walked on the set of a steamy music video, ready to perform. Or maybe professional porn stars. He was amazed at how adult and sexy Lilly looked especially. She was always the tomboy and even though she dressed well, he'd never seen her in anything this remotely sexy before. She was a knock-out, with her well-toned legs and gorgeous well-built ass. Robby couldn't help the large erection he was getting just looking at these two teen vixens.

Miley explained. "I'm sorry Daddy, but I told Lilly about our sex education project. I had to tell her Daddy, she's my best friend." Lilly looked at him innocently and nodded her head. "She wants to learn too. Her Daddy won't teach her and she is just as curious as I am."

"I promise to be a good student, Mr. Stewart, and do whatever you tell me to." She was following Miley's instructions perfectly. "And it will be our secret, but I'd like to learn whatever you can teach me, as much as you want."

"Yes, Daddy, it will be our secret. Lilly's a great student and eager to learn. I've shown her some stuff and she picked it right up." Miley smiled broadly at her dad, glanced at Lilly, and they smiled at each other before breaking into giggles. Then they both turned to look at Robby. Miley continued, "Lilly thought we should wear something special for you and I thought that since we're your students, this would be good." She gestured to her outfit. "Do you like it, Daddy?"

Robby couldn't believe his daughter's audacity, but he couldn't argue with anything they'd decided now. It was too late to go back if Miley had already spilled the beans to Lilly so he might as well just enjoy this incredible opportunity. "You both look amazing. I guess we need to give Lilly her first lesson tonight. When do you want to start?"

Miley snuggled up to her smiling father and looked up at him (the heels put them on a more even level but she was still much shorter than he was). "Oh Daddy, we're all dressed up and ready to go. We were hoping to start right now. Lilly is eager to learn, aren't you Lilly?"

Lilly nodded. Robby looked at the beautiful young blonde teen and beckoned her over to his free arm, "Come here then, Lilly." She did and he held both girls close to him. He wrapped his arms around the girls' shoulders as they embraced him on each side and ran his hands down to their respective hips, palming their asses under the mini skirts. At first touch, it seemed neither girl was wearing underwear. He felt across Miley's ass and found the tiny strap of her g-string. He couldn't wait to see the rest of their costumes.

"Let's go up to my room, Miley. We'll have more space and comfort there."

He followed the two girls upstairs, entranced by Lilly's sweet ass swaying under her skirt. She seemed a little uncomfortable in the heels, but she was doing an excellent job of carrying herself, especially up the stairs, and he had a great view bringing up the rear. Her tight little ass completely hid the tiny g-string, so that from his vantage point her bottom looked bare and ready. He imagined taking her from behind and got more and more excited just thinking about fucking her tight little virgin ass.

As they entered Robby's large master bedroom, he started up the hidden camcorder with the remote, pushing the button as he removed his watch and set it on the nightstand. He was happy he had the time to set it up that afternoon. He was quick enough that neither girl seemed to notice what he did.

He took Lilly by the hand and brought her into his arms. He looked into her eyes and gave her a long deep kiss. The young girl had always had a crush on Robby and she melted in his arms. He reached down and fondled her ass, her skirt riding up around his hands. Miley came up behind him and wrapped herself around both of them, stroking Lilly's shoulders and head while she kissed Lilly's neck.

Robby broke the kiss and got Lilly at arm's length, holding her shoulders. "Lilly, you should learn how to undress a man. Men like a woman that does that for them. Unbutton my shirt and pants and take them off."

Lilly did as he asked, slowly unbuttoning Robby's shirt as he watched her, occasionally glancing at him for approval. She finished and opened it up, then kissed Robby's bare chest. He let the shirt fall to the floor. Then she unbuttoned his jeans, slowly unpopping each snap on the fly, exposing his white briefs and the sturdy erection they barely contained. "Good job, baby. A for technique. Now pull them off." Lilly knelt down in front of him and pulled the jeans to his ankles. Robby stepped out of him. "Now my BVDs, sweetie." Smiling coyly, Lilly reached up and felt Robby's bulging mass of engorged cock first, her hand gently cupping the impression through his briefs. Robby groaned and closed his eyes. Miley just quietly watched all of this at her father's side, her pussy getting wetter and wetter as his hand stroked her ass. Robby wrapped his fingers through her g-string and he began to tug it into her snatch. Miley moaned lightly.

"Can you teach me how to suck your cock, Mr Stewart?" Lilly asked, repeating the words Miley had coached her on earlier. She felt dirty talking this way to her best friend's father, but she meant it. She really wanted to suck his cock, her first ever, and make him cum. What Miley had described last night sounded amazing.

"Yeah, baby. And call me Robby, honey. Mr Stewart is my father." Lilly and Miley giggled at the old joke, which was new to their inexperienced ears.

Lilly peeled down Robby's underwear, freeing his hard 8 inch cock, which nearly tapped her on the nose as it popped free, the head already glistening with precum.

She pulled the underwear off and Robby kicked them aside. She reached up and wrapped her fingers around Robby's monster, taking a close look at it. He wanted her so bad and having her dainty fingers wrapped around his manhood made his balls tingle. He repeated his popsicle speech to Lilly and then told Miley to give Lilly a quick demonstration. Miley, now a near-expert cocksucker in less than two weeks, kneeled down next to Lilly and took her father's penis into her mouth and then eased him back into her throat, sucking down 5 inches of him. Lilly was shocked and turned on at the same time watching her best friend casually suck off her own father.

Miley gave Robby's cock a dozen or so slow bobs in and out of her mouth, then drew him all the way in slowly until she was deep throating his entire shaft. She bobbed back and forth on his last 3 inches a few times, the majority of his length staying in her mouth the whole time, then came up for air, holding his wet shaft in her hand. Spit dripped off his cock head and Miley's lips and chins glistened with drool.

"See Lilly? Easy. The last part is a little hard at first, but you get used to it quick."

Lilly took Robby's throbbing cock in her hands and slowly put the head in her mouth, tonguing him gently. Robby groaned as Miley reached her hand up to fondle his balls. Lilly was getting into the motion now, taking about 3, sometimes 4 inches of Robby's girth into her mouth, but she couldn't get past her gage reflex. She began bobbing her head back and forth on him, sucking hard on his cock, which filled her petite mouth almost completely. Spittle dripped off his length onto her chin, slopping onto her lap.

Robby took Lilly's head in his hand and motioned her back. She released his cock from her lips. "Lilly, you're doing a great job. That's amazing, baby, but I'd like you and Miley to take turns sucking it. If you'd like I'll let you have the cum, but I expect you to swallow it, young lady."

Lilly already knew the answer to that one. "Please, Robby, please cum in my mouth," Lilly pleaded with him. Miley smiled at how dirty little Lilly Truscott had become in just 24 hours of depravity. Miley had corrupted this formerly innocent young girl into a cock-hungry slut just like herself.

With that, Lilly and Miley began alternating sessions on Robby's cock, Miley deep throating her father and Lilly giving him shallower tonguing and sucking. When his dick wasn't in Miley's throat, she was kissing and licking him all over, her fingers fondling his balls and shaft or caressing Lilly's neck and head. She was giving Lilly the bulk of the sucking to do and every once in a while, they would both tongue her father's cockhead together during the handoff between mouths. Robby was loving this attention, almost as much as he was enjoying watching the sight of these two teenage schoolgirls, looking like porn stars, working his tool over expertly. With these two beautiful creatures in front of him, working him over, Robby was in heaven.

The cum was swelling in his balls and he couldn't hold back anymore. Two tongues and mouths as well as Miley's agile fingers and the sight before him was proving to be more than he could resist. "Oh man, Lilly, that feels so good. I'm going to cum, baby. Get ready." Lilly increased her tempo, uncertain of exactly what this would be like. She'd seen some porn scenes online before, but it was sure different actually having the cock in her mouth.

Miley tickled her father's scrotum and pumped her fist back and forth on the base of his cock, just in front of Lilly's lips. "Suck his cock head hard and tickle it with your tongue," she whispered in Lilly's ear. Lilly did and Robby groaned loudly before gasping, his body tensing as he began to cum. She felt it filling her mouth and she began to swallow, but not quick enough to keep from coughing a bit. He slipped free of her mouth and cum dripped onto her as Robby's last blasts hit her lips and chin. His semen was soaked with her saliva and it dripped off Lilly's chin easily, falling in white blobs on her tie and skirt. She recovered and took his cock back into her mouth, nursing the last drops of cum from him and swallowing all she could.

She looked up at Robby and smiled, wiping his cum off her face. Her teeth were still sticky with bits of his cum. Miley took Lilly's face in her hands and the two kissed each other, their tongues intertwining in a long sloppy kiss. Then Miley looked at her father as Lilly kissed her neck and said, "Daddy, we want you to be Lilly's first fuck, but she's afraid it will hurt."

"Mi-LEY!?!" Lilly blurted.

"OK, OK, girls. Stand up." They did, still dressed in their outfits, drips of cum dotting Lilly's. "Lilly, I'd be honored to be your first. It will hurt a bit but that goes away. I can promise you I'll be gentle and careful and that eventually, you're going to love being fucked as much as Miley does."

Miley looked her father in the eye, "Miley loves Daddy's cock," she purred. Then turning to Lilly, "It feels so good to have him in my pussy, Lilly. I promise you're going to love it."

"Why don't you two girls take off your shirts, skirts, and shoes off, but leave the rest on."

Miley and Lilly removed their ties and unbuttoned their shirts, letting them drop to the floor. Their lace bras were see-through and Robby got a better look at Lilly's breasts. Her large nipples were visible through the fabric, a large bump for each one. Then they peeled off the small mini skirts, revealing their matching g-strings. These were white and see-through like the bras, the fronts a tiny triangle of material with thin elastic straps that sat very low on their hips. Robby could see that each girl had carefully shaved her pussy bald of any hair at all, which made Lilly look even younger with her mildly pre-pubescent-looking mons shaved clean. Both girls were still wearing their white thigh-high stockings. Lilly seemed a tad bit uncomfortable, standing there so exposed. Miley, on the other hand, was loving it. She looked at her father lustily, feeling sexy and adult.

"Lilly, you look absolutely beautiful. You're probably breaking all the boys' hearts at school and you don't even know it. You and Miley are incredibly sexy young women." Lilly blushed and relished the attention from Robby. "Come here, Lilly."

She stepped into his arms and he reached down and grabbed her ass as he kissed her. Lilly was tiny in his arms and she stood on tippy toys to reach his mouth. He slowly pulled her back and sat on the edge of the bed, making it easier for her to kiss and embrace him. He brought one hand between her legs and found her wet pussy, which he began fondling. Miley came up behind Lilly and fondled her breasts, kissing her neck and shoulders while Lilly kissed her father. Robby pulled down Lilly's g-string, exposing her bald pussy for the first time. He looked down at it as he worked her clit with his hand. "You have a beautiful pussy, baby. Lay down and I'll kiss it."

Miley and Lilly laid down on the bed, Lilly's legs hanging over the edge, and Robby knelt to give them blonde head. He separated the puffy folds of flesh with his fingers, her slit glistening, and began tonguing her. Her pussy tasted sweet and Robby could feel the tightness of her hymen with his tongue. He wanted her good and wet before he tried to penetrate her, but he had lube ready too. While he licked Lilly's tiny box, Miley and Lilly were kissing and fondling each other.

Robby finished prepping the girl and got up, grabbing a towel and the lube he'd set aside earlier (just in case). He scooched Lilly's ass onto the towel and then squirted lube along the length of his penis. He worked it around, getting himself well prepped, then stepped over between Lilly's legs. He placed a large dollop of the lube on his cock head and grabbed the girl's small, muscular thighs in his hands and brought them up in the air, exposing Lilly's slit. "OK, baby, I'll go slow and it will hurt a bit at first, but it's going to get easier as we go along."

He placed his cock head at her slit and rubbed the dollop of lube onto and into her lips. She felt great. He could tell she would be tight and it would be difficult for her, but it just made him more excited to fuck this young girl. He worked his cock head up and down her wet slit, then slid it in, getting it the entire head in. Lilly gasped and shuddered. Robby's cock head was by far the biggest thing yet she'd had in her virgin pussy and his effort was putting pressure on her hymen.

Lilly was tight and she whinced as Robby began rocking his cock head back and forth in her opening, trying to determine how much pressure would be just enough.

"OK, baby, hold on," and Robby pushed forward, doing the deed. Lilly cried out as he broke through, stretching about 3 inches into her. She was incredibly tight and it felt amazing for him. Lilly whimpered and whinced as Robby wedged himself into her, slowly but surely. He began working his cock back and forth, lightly stroking it into her, letting her get used to his girth. Miley was kissing and caressing Lilly, telling her she was doing great. As Lilly got used to this new feeling, her pussy still sore but loosening up, she closed her eyes and her whimpers of pain began to soften to moans of pleaure. As she did, Robby began to work himself deeper into her.

Robby got about 5 inches of himself into her. He wasn't sure he could get any more in, but he desperately wanted to. He had the young girls legs bent back, having pushed her back onto the bed, straddling her hips. He leaned down and kissed her and she kissed him back inbetween gasps and moans.

"How is that, baby?" Robby asked.

"Uh...oh, it feels....guh-good, Rob-by," she stammered, her eyes closed and mouth hanging open. She moaned again as Robby increased his tempo. Her pussy was wet and tight, like a very snug glove gripping his cock. Miley laid back and frigged her pussy while she watched her father fuck her best friend. She was amazed at how big Robby was in comparison to the small girl and realized she looked equally tiny underneath him.

"Oh baby, you're so good, so hot, so fucking sweet, I'm going to fill you with my cum." Lilly's grimace became a grin for a second and she kept her eyes closed, her head rolling to one side in ecstasy. Miley was right, it felt incredible being fucked by Robby. Her pussy was raw and sore from losing her virginity (and being stretched out by Robby's huge cock), but she was getting used to it and it was starting to feel amazing. Each thrust sent sparks through her body and she was in a daze from the mixture of pleasure, pain, and new sensations.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to fill your hot little pussy with cum, baby," Robby blurted as he kept fucking the girl, his tempo increasing as his thrusts got more forceful. He wasn't sure he'd last long enough to give the girl a proper orgasm. She was so tight and he was so turned on, he was getting very close to the edge of no return. Lilly was gasping and moaning loudly, her hands gripping fistfuls of Robby's comforter.

"Oh fuck, Lilly, I'm going to cum baby," and Robbie began grunting as he stabbed into her pussy harder and harder, working himself even deeper into her. Lilly cried out repeatedly as Robbie pounded her cunt with his huge manhood. "Oh shit, Lilly baby!" and Robby's cum began spurting into her as his body convulsed in orgasm. Lilly cried out even louder, her orgasm coming as soon as she felt Robby's cum exploding inside her. Miley came too, her fingers working furiously over her pussy the tiny g-string stretched to one side. All three of them were shrieking, grunting and moaning in shared orgasmic ecstasy.

Robby finally stopped bucking his hips, his cock quickly sliding free of Lilly's tight gash as they both gasped in unison. Thick semen and some blood seeped out of Lilly's slit onto the towel and Robby stumbled to his bathroom to clean off his swollen cock. Lilly lay limp and tired on the bed, nearly spent. Robby returned from the bathroom, rubbing his now clean dick with a damp hand towel. Robby had had an incredible month so far, fucking his daughter daily for the last 10 days or so, and now he'd just deflowered her best friend. He felt younger then he'd felt in years, this taste of teen pussy bringing him renewed vigor and stamina. He wanted to fuck these little sluts all night, to fill them with his cum. Adrenaline poured through him as he decided he absolutely had to fuck his sexy daughter's ass.

Robby walked over to Miley, pulling off her g-string and turning her over on her hands and knees. He climbed on the bed behind her and grabbed her hips, pulling her ass up in the air in front of him. "Fuck it, baby, we're trying something new. I'm in the mood for a piece of that ass." Robby said as he grabbed the bottle of lube, and squeezed a generous amount on his cock. Then he squeezed a large dollop on the girl's anus and smeared the lube around her hole, then smeared the lube around on his cock. Miley just laid there, surprised by the turn of events.

As Lilly watched, slowly rubbing her sore pussy, Robby positioned the head of his cock at Miley's asshole and began to push it in. Miley gasped and jerked forward, surprised at how tight the fit was. Her anal ring reacted to the intrusion, resisting Robby's large member. Robby held her hips with one hand, directing in his cock with his other. He pressed harder and Miley cried out, a mix of pain and excitement, as he broke past the ring of muscle and her anus allowed his girth access. Only his cock head was in and he squeezed more lube onto his shaft, then worked more into her. Miley yelped again, then moaned long and loud as her father slowly stuffed 3 inches into her.

"Oh Daddy, ohmygod, oh oh," Miley mumbled and groaned as he worked into her further. "Oh shit, please...oh fuck it's so big, Daddy." Robby smiled and kept going.

As tight as she was, he was making good progress and it felt incredible, even better than Lilly's virgin snatch. He worked himself back and forth, in and out of her slowly, each time pressing more of himself into her. He was fairly certain he wasn't going to go any further after 5 minutes of fucking and had a good 4 inches of his meat embedded in her ass, so he began fucking her steadily, gripping her hips in his large hands. Miley worked her right hand underneath herself, fingering her clit as her face was pressed into the bed, moaning and grunting with each of his strokes.

"Oh Daddy, oh shit," she gasped, "uh uh, fuck my ass, please, uh Daddy, oh fuck me, uh, in my ass!"

Miley had gotten past her initial discomfort and was completely awash in this lewd nasty moment, her father fucking her ass with his huge cock, her best friend spent and watching the whole dirty scene. It made Miley feel alive and sexy, like fucking the family dog had. As amazing as everything else she'd done with her father over the last week was, this was better! She reveled in the moment. Her ass was accommodating a tremendous amount of cock and It hurt a bit, but she liked it.

Robby kept fucking her, his tempo and thrusting getting harder and faster as he went. Soon he was slamming away at her. He had punished her anus hard enough that he was getting 7 inches in her. Miley was practically screaming now, shrieking loudly with each thrust, trying to push her ass back towards him but barely able to keep it in the air for the pounding it was receiving. Robby was gripping her hips so hard that he was going to leave bruises. His balls slapped her snatch and he was grunting loudly with each thrust.

"You...fucking...little...slut...I'!" he snorted, in between each thrust. His balls were swelling with cum and his legs were starting to shake from the workout he was giving his daughter's ass. Miley was beginning to hope this would end soon. She felt like he was going to tear her apart with his intense fucking.

"Uh...uh...uh," Robbie grunted, "Oh...fuck...fuck....fuck!" and he started cumming harder than he'd cum in years. He nearly collapsed on top of Miley, but the awkward position of their anal sex kept him upright. Miley screamed as she began to cum too, grunting and moaning as her father's ejaculating dick continued to pound into her. It felt like his cum was shooting up into her bowels, bullets of hot jizz burrowing deep inside her, and it felt wonderfully nasty. Miley kept moaning as Robby's thrusting eased down and he finally stopped, slowly sliding his cock free of her. Cum came dripping out of her ass as he pulled free and he laid down next to her, holding his dick in his hand, smiling, and huffing and puffing loudly.

It took Miley a minute to get her breath. "Oh fuck, Daddy..." Miley groaned, "that was fucking awesome!"

"Yeah babe, you were great, a real trooper there. Don't know what came over me," he sighed heavily, "but that WAS awesome."

"Robbie?" Lilly asked.

"Yeah, baby?"

"Can you fuck my ass too?" Lilly asked coyly.

"Oh shit baby," Robbie groaned and laughed, he though about it a second. He wasn't sure he had the energy for that again but the night was kind of early, no need to not try. "Yeah baby, I can try. Give me a second. I'll need your help to get my motor running again."

Robby wiped off his dick and knelt down on the floor. He told Lilly to get down on all fours facing him and suck his cock. He planned to just spin her around when the moment came, but Miley was annoyed. She thought her Daddy's ass fucking was a special thing that only Daddy's little girl should get tonight. Miley wanted this all to herself right now. She didn't care if Daddy fucked Lilly's pussy again, but what had just happened was special.

She sulked on the bed a moment as Lilly began tonguing and sucking Robby's dick back to a full erection again. Then she heard Jinx outside, whining. He'd heard the commotion, woken up from his nap downstairs, and come up to investigate. Obviously he could smell the sex in the room and didn't want to be left out. As she looked at Lilly on all fours sucking away at her Daddy, Miley had a really naughty idea.

Hopping off the bed, she let her new puppy in the room. He licked her hands and nudged towards her crotch, but she silently directed him to Lilly. Lilly was hard at work. She heard the door open and what sounded like the dog entering the room, but with her backside to the door and Robby's large cock in her mouth, she could only listen. Suddenly she felt Jinx's furry body crawling over her, his warm belly on her back and ass and his breath in her ear. She got frightened for a second, her eyes wide with surprise, as the dog's legs clamped around her sides and his hot cock poked her in the thigh.

Miley tried to soothe her, "Sweetie, your pussy needs more practice before your ass takes cock and you're going to love this! I did!"

Robby marveled at the devilish look on his daughter's face as she took the doggy cock in her hand and aimed it at Lilly's snatch. Miley masturbated the dog, milking precum from him and rubbing it on Lilly's tender pussy. Lilly jumped a little at the sensation.

"Don't worry, honey," Robby told her. "Just keep sucking my cock and let it happen." He placed a hand on her head, making a fist around her ponytail, and gently but firmly kept his cock in her mouth. Lilly wanted to protest because she wasn't ready for this, but she couldn't now. She closed her eyes tight and kept sucking on Robby's cock, uncertain of what would happen next.

Miley positioned Jinx's cock head at the entrance to Lilly's snatch, wedging open her cunt lips, and suddenly the dog jerked forward and slammed into the girl, half his length sinking into her. He reared up his ass, his forearms tightly gripping her sides, and began rapidly fucking the poor girl. Lilly whinced at the sudden ferocity of Jinx's fucking, her tender pussy suddenly filled to capacity with the dog's hot meat. His knot was banging up against her, hitting her clitty, unable to squeeze into her snatch.

Miley tried to massage Jinx's knot, hoping to help it into Lilly's tiny hole, but she couldn't keep her hand on the dog long enough to manage it. Lilly was having a hard time sucking Robby's cock, which filled her mouth, for the intense fucking she was now receiving. Robby held onto her head by her ponytail and began bucking his hips lightly, fucking the blonde's cute face as she gave herself over to the rude treatment she was now receiving.

Jinx was drooling on her back, his hot doggy breath in her ear, while he pounded away at her. His doggy dick was a little smaller than Robby's to start out with, but Lilly's poor inexperienced pussy could barely manage it. And now Jinx's own excitement was causing his member to swell inside her, stretching her insides while firmly locking him inside her. She relaxed her mouth and throat, giving Robby ample room to face fuck her, and relaxed her body to take pressure off her pelvis while Jinx pounded away at her.

Robby stared at the family dog fucking the tar out of this small girl, the incredible sensation of her limp tongue cradling his cock while he fucked away at her face. He had only a small reserve of energy left and his dick was tired, but he could feel the jizz welling up in him once again. He put his hands on Lilly's head, just above her ears, and began bucking faster and harder as he came in a series of quick spastic grunts. Cum shot down poor Lilly's throat as tears erupted from her eyes, unable to do much more than swallow Robby's cum and hope he would be done quickly so that she could come up for air.

Miley watched this scene of depravity in utter fascination. Lilly was being fucked like a rag doll by her father and her dog. It was an incredibly nasty sight and Miley relished the moment.

Even though it was incredibly uncomfortable, Jinx's cock had stretched Lilly out enough and his knot had smacked her clitty enough times that she was beginning to find some pleasure in his tireless pounding. She began to grunt and moan, muffled through her cock-stuffed mouth, as she finally started to enjoy the ravaging her crotch was enduring.

Robby finished cumming and let go of the girl's head, his cock sliding free with a loud sloppy pop as she slobbered his remaining cum onto the carpet. Lilly's head hung down, her eyes clenched in a mixture of pain and pleasure, as she gasped for air in between grunts. Jinx kept pounding away, his doggy cock welling with cum and growing stiffer inside her.

"Come on, slut, fuck that doggy cock!" Miley growled at Lilly. "You like it, you little slut, don't you?"

Lilly did as she was told, too tired to speak back, her moans and grunts getting louder. She gritted her teeth and tried to buck back into Jinx, swaying her hips into his thrusts. The puppy whined as his knot rammed into the girl and Lilly let out intermittent yelps, her pussy jam-packed with swollen canine dick. Suddenly Jinx's thrusting pushed his knot into her and he was jammed inside the girl, his thrusting throwing her torso and head forward and back. Lilly cried out as Jinx jammed all of himself inside her, yelping repeatedly as he kept fucking her relentlessly.

"That's right, little slut, fuck my doggy!" Miley cheered at Lilly, "make him cum, you little slut! You know you want it!"

Suddenly the dog began cumming and Lilly thought she would explode. It was so tight in her pussy, she didn't think there was room for anything more and here this randy dog was shooting hard blasts of his hot, sticky cum into her. He spurted deep into her a half dozen times, still locked inside. Lilly was gasping and grunting as she began cumming too, more because her pussy simply couldn't take any more punishment and she needed released. She cried out over and over as her orgasm subsided, then slumped down, unable to drop to the floor for the doggy cock still firmly wedged into her.

"Oh fuck...oh fuck fuck fuck fuck, Miley, you bitch," Lilly moaned quietly. "GOh god he's so fucking big, get his junk out of me," she pleaded.

Miley chuckled, "sorry sweetie, the swelling will go down in a minute. Did you like it?"

"Uh, oh shit...yeah." Lilly half-lied. Half of her never wanted the dog inside her again, half of her wanted to fuck him the rest of the weekend. It was an equally painful and incredible orgasm she'd just experienced. Eventually Jinx slid free of her and Lilly collapsed on the floor, the remainder of Jinx's cum running from her pussy, which was still enflamed and tired. Robby laid her on the bed after Miley carefully cleaned her off.

Robby remembered to hit stop on the camcorder remote and eventually they all fell asleep.


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