The following story is fiction. Any relation to any real people, places, or
events is pure coincidence.

This story is based on the NBC Saturday morning teen comedy "Hang Time."
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Hang Time: Part 1 - Kristy's Abduction (Mf,shave,bond,humil,ncon)
by Ryan T. Morris

I first saw Kristy cheerleading at a Deering High School basketball game. I
was there to see Julie Conner. Julie was the first girl in Indiana to play
boy's varsity basketball, and she was very good. But Kristy's long, curly
red hair and bouncing C-cup tits gave me an instant woody. I knew I had to
have her. After the game, I secretly followed Kristy to her car. She was
wearing a white satin blouse, green flowered miniskirt, pantyhose, and
2-inch sandal-style pumps.

Someone said, "Hey, Kristy! Were going to The Stadium to celebrate! You want
to come?"

Kristy said, "Sorry guys, I've got to get home. I have a lot of Biology
homework to do. See you guys tomorrow!"

After hearing that, I smiled. Because she would be doing something tonight
that would involve Biology. After I made sure that there was no one else in
the parking lot I made my move. As she was get ready to unlock her car I
went behind her, put my hand over her mouth and said, "Shut up Bitch, and if
you play along you will see your friends tomorrow!" After that I gag her,
blindfolded her, handcuffed her hands in front of her, took her to my car,
put her in the back seat, and took her to my special cabin in the woods.

When we got to the cabin, I took her to the bedroom, chained her hands and
feet to the bed, and said, "Get ready for the best fuck your ever going to

I climbed on top of her and started to remove her clothings. First, I took
my scissors and cut off each button on her blouse, then I cut off her blouse.
Next, I cut in the middle of her bra and cut off the straps. After I removed
her bra, I gazed a her beautiful tits, and suck on them for a while, then I
moved on to her lower body. First, I took off her shoes and threw them in the
corner, then I cut her skirt off, then I cut off her pantyhose, and finally
her panties.

After I got my clothes off, I climbed back on top of her and started to fuck
her brains out. Every time I moved, her tits would jiggle around. As I fucked
her I was sucking her tits, and enjoying every minute of it. Her screams were
muffled by the gag, but I could tell when she was about to reach an orgasm.
When I was done I shot my cum all over her face. After fucking her about 3
times, I went to the bathroom to take a piss.

While I was going I thought, "I wonder what it would be like to have a shaven
cunt?" So, before I went back, I grabbed some shaving cream, a razor, and a
towel. When I got back I said to her, "I think I will fuck you one more time
before I let you go. But this time I'm going to shave your cunt first!" I
could hear her say, from behind her gag, "Please no more!" But I just waived
it off. I took the shaving cream, put some in my hand and rubbed all over her
cunt. Then, I took the razor and stared to shave off all of her pubic hair.
When I was done I took the towel and wiped it clean. Then I got back on for
another fuck session. It felt so good I fucked her twice. When I was done, I
put my clothes back on, put Kristy's shoes back on her feet, unhooked her
from the bed, bound her arms and legs, put her back in the car, and drove
back to the school.

I had a friend who was a janitor at the school and I had a copy of the master
key made. When we got to the school it was 5:00am. I had 45 minutes to put
the last part of my plan in action. When we got to the school I unlocked the
gym door that was connected to the parking lot, got a ladder, set up the
latter under one of the baskets, and got the restraints I would need. Next,
got Kristy out of the car, took her up the ladder, tie her arms to the
basket, and carefully removed the latter. As I left I kissed her on the leg
and said, "Thanks for the good time." and left her hanging from the basket.

(The remainder of this story will be told from the third person.)

Kristy was just hanging from the basket, naked, except for the shoes on her
feet, she was blindfolded, gaged and her rapist had shaved off her pubic
hair. She never had felt so cold before. She knew what time it was. It was
5:30am. Any moment someone from the basketball team would see her and she
would be embarrassed beyond belief. Just then she her the voices of her two
best friends, Julie and Marybeth. Kristy knew that Julie liked to come to
practice a half-hour early and that Julie's car was broken down so that was
why Marybeth was there. When the to of them stood there with there jaws open
for a few seconds, and they knew what they had to do. Julie went to get a
ladder and Marybeth went to get Kristy some clothes. After a few minutes
they had there friend down and she was thanking them. She quickly put the
clothes on that Marybeth had brought her and while Julie was putting the
ladder away she told Marybeth the story of what happened. Kristy made them
both promise not to tell a sole and none of them did.



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