The following contains sexual situations and no one under 18 should read
this. This story is a work of fiction and no characters are based on any
real people.

Hang Time: Hoop Harem Part 6 (no sex)
by Rinky Dink ([email protected])

Hank the Hypnotist had an ethical dilemma, which was rare for him since he
didn't have any ethics. Since Hank liked to hypnotize beautiful women and
have them make love to him or someone of his choosing, he rarely had the high
moral ground.

But this time he thought he did. After entrancing Deering High head
cheerleader Kristy Ford and her lesbian girlfriend, basketball star Julie
Connor, he had unraveled the fiendish plot of Deering assistant coach Bill

Using a combination of powerful mind control drugs, swirling lights and mind
relaxants, he had three of the best-looking and brightest girls at Deering
High under his thumb.

Julie had been renamed Slave Saint when not in public and obeyed Bill except
for having sex with him as she was a hard-core dyke. Mary Beth Pepperton,
from the richest family in Deering, now went by Slave Mary Beth and was
Bill's sex slave. Bill did not enslave Kristy but he had made her fall madly
in love with him and had turned the prudish girl into a total slut.

Thanks to his mind control of these three teenage girls, Bill had in short
order become the head basketball coach at UCLA, where Julie would play for
him and Kristy would be on the cheerleading squad, and Mary Beth was to be
married shortly to him so Bill could get a hold of her millions.

What Hank did not know was that one of his favorite entranced subjects, the
incredibly beautiful blonde cheerleader Brittany Fields, who had the sex
habits of a rabbit, had recently been ensnared by Bill and, now that school
just ended, went by the name Brittany the Sex Toy as she had been brainwashed
to be Bill's personal sex toy.

The question Hank pondered was what to do about it.

Bill was destroying three (now 4 though Hank didn't know it) young lives and
if not stopped would probably wreck more lives when the gang moved to Los
Angeles soon.

He could call the police but they would want to know how he found out about
it, and that would mean he would join Bill Simmons in jail if he told the

One thing he was sure of: Julie Connor was about as enslaved as a bucking
bronco. When he hypnotized her she showed the will-power of an Amazon and
as she told the tale it became obvious that Bill Simmons' enslavement was
totally cosmetic.

When Bill wanted her to have gobs of sex with other women, she was good old
obedient Slave Saint but when Bill tried to do something that the real Julie
Connor would not approve of, like have sex with him or try and hurt Kristy,
all of a sudden obedient Slave Saint became rather feisty and stood up to her
supposed master.

Also, when under hypnosis Hank had asked Julie if he should call her by her
new name Slave Saint, Julie had said Hank didn't have to call her that.

As a mind control professional, Hank knew exactly what had happened.

In basketball-crazed little Deering, Julie Connor although just an
18-year-old girl was worshipped as virtually a goddess.

When Bill finally got even threadbare control of Julie's mind, probably after
a long, titanic struggle, he simply stopped there and didn't do the proper
trance-deepening exercises needed to really take over Julie's mind, as he was
so happy with his triumph to note she was not that deeply under.

As he pondered the problem, Hank finally came to a solution.

He would try to shatter Julie's enslavement programming in her next hypnotic
session with him. He would resurrect the real Julie Connor buried in her
brain and have her remember everything that Bill had done to her. An enraged
Julie would then make sure Bill came to justice.

As it turned out, Bill would make Hank's job even easier.

* * *

Julie Connor was one pissed off slave.

Since she committed to play for her master Bill Simmons at UCLA, the sex
pipeline of lesbian college coaches recruiting her had been shut off. Mary
Beth had been having a lot more sex with her to try and fill the gap but she
had wedding preparations to make now and was busy a lot.

And something was up with Kristy. She had always been at Julie's beck and
call since they became lovers but lately she had been spending a lot of time
at Cynthia Fields house, saying she had to prepare Cynthia to be a school
leader for next year.

Julie accepted that as an excuse, and Julie liked Cynthia too and wouldn't
mind helping her as well. But when she told Kristy she would like to join
her the next time she went over to Cynthia's house, she got a very strange
look from Kristy and was told thanks but she could take care of things with
Cynthia herself.

As Julie had told Mary Beth earlier, once you get used to eating a lot of
pussy, it's tough to cut back... and she was spending a lot of days starving

Her problem seemed to be solved as the day after their high school
graduation; Bill introduced the newest member of the harem, Brittany Fields
who was now to be called Brittany the Sex Toy.

Since her purpose was solely to have sex, Julie assumed Brittany would be
available to lick Julie's carpet but Bill had put his foot down and said
Brittany was only for him. She was his toy and he wasn't sharing.

Julie was furious, although she didn't let her master see it, but she quickly
left his house and began walking aimlessly, trying to let out off some steam.

"I can't believe master is being so selfish," she thought. "He can't have sex
Brittany all day. I can't believe he can't let me have sex with her a couple
times a day. Brittany is so hot and now that her job is what it should be,
mindless slut, I should get a taste of it. I am so mad at master."

By chance, Julie had walked right in front of the office building where Hank
had his office.

"Well, he really relaxed me the last time," she thought. "And I definitely
need to be relaxed now."

* * *

Hank was shocked when Julie Connor showed up at his door but pleased that he
could start his plan.

"I'm sorry to come without an appointment but I really could use your help,"
said Julie. "I'm really mad at someone who is important to me. I need to
relax and think straight."

"Don't worry," said Hank as he showed Julie in and had her sit in a chair
across from his desk. "I guarantee I will do everything I can to make you
think straight."

Hank used the trigger phrase "blonde saint" and Julie's face quickly
slackened and her eyes unfocused. Hank tried some trance deepening techniques
to get Julie as deeply hypnotized as possible and then asked her why she was
so mad.

Hank had a fit when Julie told him that Bill had turned Brittany Fields, HIS
Brittany, into Brittany the Sex Toy. He was even more determined than ever
to get Bill.

"Julie, Bill has done something to you, but he doesn't want you to remember
it," said Hank. "You must remember everything that has happened since he
asked you to dinner the first time. You remember when hypnotized but now you
must remember when you are awake.

"You must remember everything that happened. Everything"

"Remember...everything," whispered the lithe blonde.

Hank then decided to go for the kill, and knowing Julie's love of girl-girl
sex he knew how to pry open the prison Julie's real personality was now in.

"Julie, as long as you are Slave Saint, you will never get to be with
Brittany the Sex Toy because Slave Saint obeys Bill Simmons," said Hank.
"You know that as a fact. However, Brittany the Sex Toy can have sex with
Julie Connor. You are a legend; everyone wants to have sex with Julie

"You can make Brittany the Sex Toy leave Bill Simmons but Slave Saint can
not. You know this deep in your soul; you must be Julie Connor to have sex
with Brittany the Sex Toy. If you remain Slave Saint you will be around
Brittany the Sex Toy all the time and never be allowed to sleep with her.

Hank then went for an immediate waking up with Julie while his trance orders
were still fresh.

"You will now remember everything that Bill Simmons has done to you and,
knowing that, you will want to revert to being Julie Connor, or you will
never, ever, have sex with Brittany the Sex Toy, or any other hot looking
woman Bill Simmons wants to keep for himself in the future.

"You will now wake up when I snap my fingers. You will not remember what we
discussed, you will think you thought of it all by yourself. You will just
think the session went well and I helped you a lot."

Hank then snapped his fingers.

"That cocksucking bastard!!" shouted an enraged Julie Connor as soon as she
was out of the trance. "Sorry, I was just thinking about somebody who I'm not
happy with. You were fine."

"That's OK," said Hank gently. "By the way, when you were hypnotized you said
something about how you would prefer if from now on if I called you Slave

"Forget that shit," said Julie who almost never cursed. "You call me Julie
Connor. I'm Julie Connor dammit."

With that, Julie stormed out of Hank's office.

She went to Bill's house and found no one around. Snooping around she found
the bottle of mind relaxants.

"Bastard," she shouted.

She then happened upon the vials of mind control drugs and a few hypodermic
needles in Bill's room.

"Fucking bastard," shouted Julie.

She then turned on the swirling lights and felt the slight pull of
entrancement. Bill's hypnotic hold had now been shattered but Julie could
feel what power the lights used to hold for her and her friends in the past.

"Motherfucking bastard," she screamed.

Julie then found Bill's diary. Since he couldn't brag to anyone about his
triumphs in controlling four sexy teenage girls, he had written it up. Julie
leafed though the journal and got madder and madder. Her normally porcelain
white skin getting redder by the page.

"Motherfucking, cocksucking bastard," shouted Julie as she slammed the
journal down, having probably cursed more this day than for the entire year.
"He'll pay for this!."

* * *

(The Next Day)

As Brittany the Sex Toy finished the daily three-hour workout Bill had
mandated she do to keep her body fit and shapely, she had a sudden, terrible

She really wasn't suppose to think, she was a simple toy after all, but
master had not worked on dulling her intelligence yet to that of an imbecile
as he had promised.

He had told her soon she would only have a crumb of intelligence left, just
enough to feed herself and go to the bathroom, so she would not be smart
enough to do anything but have sex.

Brittany thrilled at the thought, for then she would really be what she was
suppose to be, a pure sex toy, but until he got around to that this thing
called thoughts kept entering her head.

In her rush to leave her house for good, Brittany the Sex Toy had left, well,
her sex toys.

With all the sex partners the former Brittany Fields had, she needed a
large cache of dildos, whips, handcuffs, ball gags and other assorted
paraphernalia. She even kept a bottle of chloroform as occasionally she got
off on knocking a guy out when he was asleep and having sex with his limp

She knew her master would want his toy to have plenty of accessories so she
needed to sneak back into her room and get her things.

After showering, Brittany the Sex Toy put on tiny blue shorts and a pink half
t-shirt. Master had selected a wardrobe for her that exposed as much skin as
possible without her getting arrested for public indecency. She got dressed
quickly as master had told her never to wear panties or a bra.

When Brittany the Sex Toy arrived at her former home, she saw that her
parents' car was not around.

She slipped in and went to the room she had shared with her identical twin
Cynthia. She was more worried that she would be there than her parents.

Their parents has more of a social life than Cynthia, thought Brittany the
Sex Toy, even though she was as incredibly gorgeous as Brittany, all she
did was sit in her room and study after school. She barely even saw her
boyfriend, Brittany wasn't even sure Cynthia wasn't still a virgin.

What a waste of such a hot bod, thought Brittany the Sex Toy, as she kneeled
in her closet and put her various sex toys in a plastic bag.

Suddenly, the door downstairs slammed and Brittany the Sex Toy was startled.
It probably was that no-life Cynthia coming up to their room! She quickly
grabbed the bag and buried herself in the farthest corner of the closet,
hoping not to be detected.

Brittany the Sex Toy did not know it, but it was not Cynthia but her mother
who had come in and she had gone right to the kitchen to start making supper.

What Brittany the Sex Toy also didn't know was that when she heard the slam
in her panic she had knocked over the bottle of chloroform in her bag. The
sweet knockout liquid was now spilling out and its fumes enveloping the
closet but Brittany was too worried about being caught to notice.

After a few minutes and no one entering the room, Brittany the Sex Toy knew
it wasn't Cynthia and she could probably sneak out the back stairway and
return to her master's house to fulfill her destiny and never enter this
place again.

But Brittany the Sex Toy felt a bit tired. All the sex with master plus the
workouts were a bit taxing but she had not let it affect her before, after
all, people get tired, she was a toy and toys never get tired.

But Brittany the Sex Toy decided to sit there for a bit and rest up for the
trip back to master's anyhow. She yawned as she wasn't getting any more
energy. Her last thought before she keeled over and her head fell to the
floor unconscious was that her master was going to miss her if she didn't
get going.

* * *

She was right, Bill Simmons was one pissed-off master.

When he came home and found that Brittany the Sex Toy was not there he
immediately went out to find her. Unlike his other slaves, she had no other
life, she had no reason to leave the house as she had nowhere to go. Having
sex with Bill was all she was suppose to do.

The only place he figured she could go was her former home, although she had
told him her parents had been not too upset about her leaving. They had
pretty much given up on her and at least her well-known sluttiness would no
longer be an embarrassment to the family.

Bill's hunch was correct. As he drove up the street of the working class
neighborhood where the Fields' lived, there walking towards the house was
Brittany. She was wearing a conservative skirt and a high-necked blouse,
very non-Sex Toyish but there was no denying her long blonde hair and
smoking body.

Bill didn't know why she would leave to go home as Brittany had put up no
fight in being programmed as his sex toy but he was going to find out and
correct whatever error he had made in his previous brainwashing of the
beautiful busty blonde cheerleader.

* * *

Cynthia Fields walked at a slow pace going home as she dreaded reaching her

She had just come from Kristy Ford's house and they had finally "gone all the
way" and become lesbian lovers. Kristy had been honest and told her that she
was dating Julie Connor but they had an arrangement where they could see
other people.

Since Kristy was leaving for college soon and Cynthia still had another year
to go at Deering, they agreed they should not get into a serious relationship
and just remain very good friends... who happened to have sex a lot with each

Having her tongue in Kristy's snatch after weeks of teasing was not why
Cynthia was depressed.

It was the opposite, she had loved having sex with Kristy. She had previously
had sex several times with her boyfriend and she had gotten little thrill out
of it but when she was in a "69" with Kristy her body was rippling with
sexual pleasure.

People had always wondered since they were identical twins how Brittany could
have such a massive sex drive and Cynthia so little. Well that mystery is now
solved thought Cynthia, she had been on the wrong team's playing field. She
wanted to have a lot of sex now too, except she wanted it with only other

Cynthia sighed a bit as she saw she was only a few blocks from home. She
wished Brittany was still there, this was the kind of stuff she could only
discuss honestly with her twin.

Yes, she knew she was a tramp and as her parents had told her when Brittany
left, "It's for the best dear, she's just going to grow up to be a hooker"
but as her twin they had a special unbreakable bond and Brittany would always
be the person she was closest to, even if did become a hooker.

Cynthia knew all her parent's hopes and dreams now rested with her, and she
was now going to have to tell them she was a lesbian. One daughter a runaway
super-slut, the other a dyke, in little Midwestern Deering that wasn't
something mom and dad would be bragging to their neighbors about.

Cynthia was so lost in her scrambled thoughts she didn't notice the car
slowly pass her and stop about 10 yards in front of her, next to the big
leafy oak tree.

As she reached the tree, suddenly a man jumped from behind it, covered her
mouth with a cloth, and threw her into the passenger seat of the car.

Cynthia was so stunned she didn't know what to do. The cloth was wet and it
smelled funny. She tried to put her hands up to push the man away but he was
too strong, obviously a guy who worked out.

Cynthia's head began to spin and everything looked fuzzy. She gave a brief
sigh of defeat as her arms flopped to her sides and her eyes closed. Her
sumptuous chest went up and down now in a steady fashion, as she was
completely knocked unconscious.

Bill Simmons checked to make sure the camouflage of the tree had indeed
blocked anyone view's of the chloroforming and then shoveled the rest of the
sleeping body in and ran to the driver's side and quickly sped off.

As they headed back to his house, Bill Simmons looked at the slumbering
beauty and said:

"I lost my toy but luckily I found it again, and I'm going to make sure I
never lose my toy again."

(Next chapter: The Finale)


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