Hancock/X-Men: It's Not Easy (MF,oral,anal)
by The Fan

My name is John Hancock. I thought I knew who I was. You see, about five years back I found myself in the City of Los Angeles, California. Living the life of a renegade superhero, half-hated and half-worshipped by the denizens of Southern California. Is it me or does California have a love-hate relationship with brothers in general? Before OJ Simpson became a pariah, people in Los Angeles used to love him. Not that I got anything in common with that fool. Anyone looking at me would see a six-foot-one, athletically built Black man. I look like your average brother, only I can do things that no other man, Black or white, could ever dream of doing. Let me give you the rundown, ladies and gentlemen.

If push came to shove, I think I might be able to lift up an entire mountain. Not that I'd ever try something like that. I used to have a drinking problem but even on my most die-hard drunken moments I still had my God-given common sense. I'm by no means invincible but I can do amazing things. I can fly at supersonic speeds, and I am also monstrously strong. I can lift an entire train with just one hand and I can lift a blue whale and hurl it through the air with ease. Bullets, flames, nothing can hurt me. Also, I'm immune to the aging process. Got no idea exactly how old I am but I've been looking like a thirty-something brother for a LONG time now.

Yeah, I can shrug off pretty much anything. I'm virtually indestructible. Just don't call me an asshole. If you do, I might lose it and something bad will happen to you. I thought I was unique...until she came along. Who am I talking about? A certain five-foot-nine, curvy blonde-haired and green-eyed Caucasian beauty with a heavenly face and the temper of a she-devil. Mary Embry. The wife of my good friend and benefactor Ray Embry. My former lover in a past life. According to what she revealed to me, she and I go way back. We're supposedly thousands of years old, and were put on earth by some primordial entities to be the protectors of mankind. In ancient times we've been called gods, angels and at times, monsters. Today, it's superhero.

I thought what Mary Embry revealed to me to be a load of crap, but I can't dismiss what she's told me. Especially the part about us growing weaker and losing our special powers when we get close to another one of our species. I got close to Mary, not as close as I would like (alright, I tried to kiss her and the hussy tossed me out the window, literally) but close. Um, that's when everything started to go wrong. See, there's this crook named Kenneth "Red" Parker Jr. and he's what you'd call a criminal mastermind. Dude tried to rob a bank in downtown Los Angeles with some well-armed friends packing some military-grade ordnance and I was urged by my buddy Ray to go save the day. Parker and his buddies wounded a female cop and barricaded themselves inside the bank, expecting a siege. I came along, took them out and also disarmed the bomb that Kenneth planned on severing Parker's hand with the detonator in it. Guy's been holding a grudge against me ever since.

Now, I don't know what possessed me to follow Ray Embry's plan for rehabilitating my image but it seemed like a good idea at the time. I went through the process of redeeming myself in the eyes of American society. The more time I spent around Ray's wife Mary, the more fascinated I became with her, and the weaker I became. In all sorts of ways. I lost my powers temporarily, and got shot by two thugs robbing an Indian dude's convenience store. When I ended up at the hospital, Mary came to visit me along with Aaron, Ray's son, who's a big fan of mine. I was bleeding from two gunshot wounds but I was happy to see Mary and Aaron, man. The sight of Mary still took my breath away. I've seen beautiful women of all shades but this broad is something else. If you saw her you'd understand.

That's when Kenneth Parker Jr. and his buddies Man Mountain (the big White dude into whose ass I shoved another dude's head while in prison) and Matrix came along, having escaped from jail to seek revenge on depowered me. I fought them in the hospital and so did Mary, but our proximity to each other negated our powers. With Mary grievously wounded, I did what I could to take out the bad guys and then fled the scene. Now, I am not a punk and wouldn't abandon a female in need like that but according to Mary, she'd regain her powers the moment I got sufficiently far away from her. Lo and behold, her plan worked. When I got away, her powers were restored and she healed instantly. Thus, we were both alright. I think a part of me will always hold a candle for Mary Embry. We were lovers once, a long time ago. For now, she's with Ray Embry and his son Aaron. I'm happy for the three of them. At least that's what I tell myself.

I left Los Angeles since proximity to Mary Embry literally weakened me in all sorts of ways. I moved to New York City. The City that never sleeps had all kinds of surprises in store for me. You see, while there, I began hearing about all kinds of strange happenings. A man with metallic claws fought some hairy dude in a subway station. A flying Black woman hurling lightning from her fingertips. A dude who could shoot blasts of red energy from his eyes. All that sounded very odd to me. My investigation took me from the streets of Manhattan to Westchester County, NY, where I learned of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. A sort of private educational facility for gifted people. Sounded like a bunch of snobs to me but I thought I'd check it out.

When I met the man who ran the place, an old bald white dude in a wheelchair named Charles Xavier, a lot of things made sense. Xavier explained to me that mankind was evolving and thanks to selective mutation, lots of men and women around the world were developing special abilities. Xavier revealed to me that he himself is a mutant. I told him about Mary Embry and myself, and the old man told me we weren't gods or angels, we were mutants. Xavier invited me to stay at the mansion and I was about to turn him down until I saw a vision of beauty. A tall, simply gorgeous young black woman with chocolate skin and White hair. Meet my student Ororo Monroe A.K.A. Storm, Xavier said with a smile. I shook hands with Miss Storm and we exchanged a look. Damn it she's fine!

I decided to take Xavier up on his offer just to hang around this sexy African-American goddess. While at the mansion I met the rest of the gang. A nerdy-looking dude named Scott Summers who could shoot stuff with his eyes, his sexually frustrated gorgeous girlfriend Jean Grey, who can read minds, and a cool guy named Logan. I took one look at the dude and knew we'd get along. He loaned me his motorcycle and I took it for a spin. It might surprise you that I love riding motorcycles, especially the redesigned Yamaha that Logan gave me. Flying is fun but bikes are awesome!

When I brought it back, that nerdy dude Scott Summers started whining that the bike was his. I told him to back the hell off when he started wagging his finger in my face. I hate it when people do that shit! Logan and I exchanged a smirk, then went to shoot pool in the rec room. Logan, who prefers to be called Wolverine, is a grade-A Canadian ass-kicker. Dude's got some stories, man! While we were chilling, Jean Grey walked by with Scott and I could tell she was feeling Logan. When I told him this, he shrugged and told me Jean Grey liked effeminate bozos like Scott Summers. Her loss my dude, I told Logan, as we drank some beer and toasted to haughty redheads with fantastic asses.

I went back to my room, and guess who I found waiting for me? None other than Ororo Monroe, also known as Storm, the weather goddess. The sexy African-American gal was wearing her birthday suit. The sight of this gorgeous black woman lying naked on my bed turned me on like you would not believe. Instantly I got a boner. Hello Hancock, she purred, gesturing for me to come to her. I smiled, and walked up to her. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. The sexy black gal kissed me back passionately and began undressing me. Off came my t-shirt, followed by my jeans and socks. Once we were both nude, we got our freak on...Nubian style !

I kissed a path from Storm's lips to her neck, and massaged her big breasts. The sexy gal moaned under my touch, and I made my way to her belly, gently spreading her thighs and inhaling her sharp, womanly scent. I never go down on a female without inspecting the pussy. Got to smell good otherwise I won't eat it. Would you eat food that smelled foul? My point exactly! I laid Storm on the bed, gorgeous chocolate legs spread, and began munching on that sweet black pussy. Storm moaned softly, urging me to do my thing. I worked my magic on her, sliding two fingers into her pussy while nibbling on her clitoris.

I had almost forgotten how delicious black pussy can taste, and I am a black man! All those years of chasing white chicks in Los Angeles have really gotten to a brother, man. I missed the Black woman's body! With Storm I decided to make up for lost time. And I certainly did. After giving her sweet pussy a good licking, I put her on all fours and enjoyed myself with a delicious plate of black female booty. I smashed that, man, sliding my dick into her cunt from behind while smacking that big ass of hers. Storm bucked wildly, grinding her big ass against my groin and screaming profanities as I fucked her. I grabbed hold of her long white hair and yanked her head back, gently biting her ear while drilling her cunt with my thick ebony cock.

Storm and I rocked at it for a long good while, and then decided to try something naughty. The sexy African-American goddess asked me if I'd ever done a gal in the booty. I smiled and nodded. Grinning, she got on all fours and spread her big Black ass cheeks wide open. Fuck my ass, Storm said breathlessly. I nodded and got behind her, grabbing some lotion from the night stand. I applied the lotion on her anus, and also put some on my dick. Then I pressed my dick against her asshole. Gently, I eased my dick into Storm's ass. The sexy mutant chick growled sexily as I entered her asshole. I smacked her ass and began fucking her gently, loving the feel of her asshole around my dick.

Ororo Monroe/Storm backed that thing up, as they used to say, grinding her big booty against my groin and driving my dick into the forbidden depths of her asshole. This chick was some kind of freaky and I absolutely loved it. I fucked her for a long good while, until I got my nut. I came, flooding Storm's asshole with my hot, manly spunk. The big-bottomed African-American superwoman screamed in pleasure mixed with deliciously hot pain as I came inside of her. Her sexy body thrashed about wildly on the bed. I grabbed her and held her tight, until her orgasmic spasms subsided. Yeah, I'm nice like that. Storm and I exchanged a passionate kiss then went to sleep.

As I lay in bed, with Storm's sexy body pressed against mine, I thought of my old life in Los Angeles. I miss Mary Embry, Little Aaron and even Ray. Still, I've got to move on, you know? Even when you're immortal, you've got to play the cards you're dealt. I'm glad I ran into the X-Men, and not just because Xavier is a cool dude who's letting me crash at his pad or because I got some amazing ass from Storm. It's because, well, I've found a home, of sorts. The X-Men are out there, fighting to protect a world that fears and hates them. Not long ago everyone in California hated me then I cleaned up my act and became a hero in their eyes. I know a thing or two about having powers and not having the public's favor. I've learned to fight the good fight even when the people I save hate my guts. I did it because it's the right thing to do. Xavier and his people seem to understand that principle. Maybe the X-Men and I can help each other out, you know?


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