Hercules: Universe Inside Your Heart (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The story of Hercules is one that is quite well-known. He was born on Mount
Olympus, the son of Zeus and Hera, the King and Queen of the gods. Hercules
was a god by birth. He was fated to be the champion of the gods. Hades, the
god of the Underworld wanted to control the universe. He saw Hercules as the
only threat to his plans.

Hades sent his demonic allies Pain and Panic after the infant Hercules. The
demons stole him from Olympus and used a magic potion from Hades to render
him mortal. Even as a mortal, Hercules retained a fragment of his divinity.
He had enough strength to strangle Pain and Panic as they assumed the form
of snakes to kill him. The baby Hercules was found by a pair of humans. A
man named Amphitryon and his wife Alcmene. They adopted Hercules and raised
him as their own.

Hercules learned very early on that he was not like the ordinary mortals
around him. He was half mortal and half divine. His strength was truly
spectacular. Hercules was a rather awkward teenager. He did not know where
he belonged. He asked his parents and they told him the truth. He was not
their true son. He had been found near the woods. Hercules was shocked. He
decided to find out who or what he truly was. Hercules knew he was not like
other human beings. He had an amazing strength that seemed to be without
limits. Also, nothing seemed to be able to hurt him. His senses were far
sharper than any other human's.

Hercules went to the Temple of Zeus and prayed to the greatest god of the
Greek pantheon. He asked the god who or what he truly was. The young man
wanted so badly to figure out these things. He was quite surprised when the
statue of Zeus came to life, animated by the Lord of Thunder himself. The
King of the Gods told his son the truth. Naturally, Hercules wanted to
rejoin the gods on Mount Olympus where he thought he truly belonged. Zeus
told him that if he could prove himself to be a true hero on Earth, he would
become a god. Hercules was excited. Zeus gave him back his childhood friend,
the immortal winged horse known as Pegasus.

Together, Hercules and Pegasus went to the island of Lemnos. This was the
island where the legendary Philoctetes trained all the world's most famous
heroes. Philoctetes had trained heroes like Perseus, Theseus, Achilles and
Atalanta. Hercules met him. Philoctetes was a Satyr. The Satyrs were a race
of earth-bound immortal creatures. They were half man and half goat.
Philoctetes was a wise being, in spite of his odd and comical behavior.

Philoctetes had doubts that the young Hercules was the son of Zeus but the
Lord of Thunder himself clarified it for him. Philoctetes started to train
Hercules. He taught the young man how to control his abilities and make the
most of himself. After twelve months of training, Philoctetes decided to
give Hercules a test. They flew to the city of Thebes, where Hercules met
the lovely and mysterious Megara. Megara was a beautiful young woman whom
Hercules rescued from an angry, lustful Centaur named Nessus. Megara was
actually an agent of Hades, the Lord of the Underworld and Hercules's sworn

Hercules started battling monsters and Giants. He became famous that way.
The people of Greece came to view him as a hero. He was the champion. He
fought for the forces of good. Many young ladies and quite a few men in
Greece were infatuated with the handsome young hero. Hades kept sending
monsters against Hercules but the young man's strength was more than a
match for the ferocity of the monsters. Hades was desperate. Hercules was
fated to battle the Titans and win. Hades needed the Titans to destroy the
Olympian gods. He sent Megara against Hercules in a scheme to learn of
Hercules's weaknesses.

Megara was a dangerous seductress. She had seduced her share of men and used
her charms to get what she wanted. She was Hades's "femme fatale". Megara
went to Hercules and got to know him. She wanted to learn his weakness,
exploit it and use it against him. As she got to know him, she started to
fall in love with him. He was a decent, honest and caring young man. He was
above anything petty. He was the most wonderful man she had ever met. They
started to date and she came to love every moment she spent with him.
Hercules was falling in love with her as well.

She turned her back on Hades, but he wouldn't let her go. She wanted to be
with Hercules but Hades owned her. He used her to steal Hercules's strength
from him. Without his super powers, Hercules was just like everybody else.
An ordinary mortal. Hades was jubilant. Hercules looked at Megara with
sadness and anger in his eyes. She had betrayed him by serving his worse
enemy. Megara wanted to explain to Hercules that she loved him and had left
Hades for him but he was heartbroken and ignored her. Hades used his divine
powers to release the ancient beings known as the Titans from their prison
in Tartarus. The Titans moved against the gods of Olympus. There were only
four Titans but these beings were colossal in size and strength. The hundreds
of gods and goddesses of the land of Greece were no match for them. Even the
almighty Zeus with his thunderbolts and lightning storms was powerless
against the brute force of the Titans. Hades sent a monster known as the
Cyclops to the city of Thebes, where Hercules lived. Hercules had protected
the men and women of his town before and would not abandon them now, in spite
of Megara's protests. Philoctetes had left Hercules when he realized that
Megara mattered more to Hercules than his holy mission of being a hero.

Hercules moved against the Cyclops and was no match for him because he had
lost his god-like strength. The Cyclops beat Hercules to a pulp. Megara got
real scared for Hercules's safety. He was mad at her and would not talk to
her. Yet she wouldn't abandon him. She took the winged horse Pegasus and
went after Philoctetes. The Satyr disliked Megara and was reluctant to
listen to her but when he learned that Hercules was in mortal danger, he
rushed to Hercules's side and gave him a strategy with which to slay the
Cyclops. Using his wits as opposed to brute strength, Hercules killed the
Cyclops. As the Cyclops's gigantic body fell, a huge stone pillar fell as
well. It was falling directly toward Hercules, who was distracted, looking
at the fallen Cyclops.

The stone pillar fell toward Hercules. The young hero did not see it coming.
Megara saw it all. All she saw was the man she loved, in peril for his life.
She rushed to him and pushed him out of harm's way. The pillar fell on her,
crushing her to death. Hercules rushed to her side. He held his beloved
lady's body in his arms. His scream of anger and rage could be heard across
the heavens. When Megara expired, Hercules's super powers came back. The Deal
that Hercules made with Hades out of despair was broken. Riding on Pegasus,
Hercules went to Olympus. He freed the gods. First and foremost, Zeus, the
Lord of Thunder. Zeus seized his lightning bolts and destroyed some of the
Titans. Hercules seized a Titan and spun him around, creating a whirlwind
which sucked the other Titans into it. Hercules hurled the Titans's bodies
into the heavens.

Hercules had saved the gods of Olympus. Hades was furious. He went to his
underground realm to hide. Hercules rushed to Megara's side just as her soul
left her body and departed for the Underworld. Hercules was saddened. He had
saved the world but had been unable to save the woman he loved. She had died
to s save him...he decided to pay a certain dark god a visit. Hercules went
to the Underworld. He battled with some of Hades's cohorts. He fought
Thanatos, the god of Death and Cerberus, the immortal three-headed canine
beast that guarded the Gates of Hell. Hercules entered the Hall of the
Underworld. He found Hades, the dark god seated on his throne. Hades was
sitting there, smug. He had been so close to destroying the Olympian gods
and seizing power for himself. His plans had been foiled by Hercules. He had
a consolation prize, the woman Hercules loved was dead.

Hercules made a bargain with Hades for Megara's life. He would plunge into
Lethe, the River of Souls. He would find Megara's soul and allow it to return
to the Earthly plane so that Megara might live again. Hercules dove into the
deadly waters. He saw countless souls. The souls of men, women and children
who had been dying since the beginning of humanity. He swam in these
treacherous waters which no mortal, no matter how strong, could survive. He
glimpsed Megara's soul and went after her. Meanwhile, the Fates were at their
usual task. They were the immortal entities in charge of cutting the thread
of life from humans. They held Hercules's thread of life and got ready to cut
it. They got the surprise of an eternity : Hercules's thread of life would
not cut. Thus it was decreed by Zeus, the god of Thunder and ruler of Olympus
himself. Hercules had become a god. He took Megara's soul and headed toward
the exit of the Underworld. Hades was shocked. He was full of disbelief. He
tried preventing the god Hercules from leaving. An angry Hercules threw Hades
into Tartarus, where the souls of the dead overwhelmed him while his demonic
allies Pain and Panic laughed in a corner.

Hercules brought Megara's soul back into her body and she lived again. Megara
looked at the man she loved in all his divine glory. He pulled her into his
arms and she wanted to embrace him but just as they were about to kiss... A
thunderbolt from Zeus created a cloud which took Hercules and his lady up to
Olympus. The satyr Philoctetes and Pegasus went up as well. Hercules and
Megara stood before the gathered assembly of the gods and goddesses of
Olympus. It was a gathering unlike anything they had ever seen before.
Hercules finally met his beloved mother Hera. He shook hands with his father
Zeus. The gods were glad to have their youngest member back. Megara looked at
the young god Hercules. He was so beautiful. This was what Hercules had been
working for. He wanted to be reunited with his divine family. She loved him
so much that it hurts, sometimes. Still, she wanted him to be happy and
prepared to step aside and let him be with the gods...

Hercules was glad to be among the gods. He looked at Megara and saw that she
was sad but trying to hide it. He understood. She wanted to be with him but
thought his happiness came first. He looked at her and knew that he loved her
just as much as she loved him. He prepared to make a big decision. He told
the Olympians that he wanted to return to Earth to be with her. The gods were
amazed. No one had ever asked to give up godhood before. Godhood had so many
benefits. Eternal youth, eternal health, super powers and the glory of
near-invincibility. The perks of being a god. Zeus and Hera were shocked.
Still, they loved their son and granted him his wish. They rendered him
mortal once again.

Hercules looked at Megara. She looked at him. She couldn't believe how much
he had given up to be with her. She went to him with love like thunder in
her heart and kissed him. Hercules kissed her back. Pegasus the winged horse
and Philoctetes took them from Olympus back to Earth, amid the cheers of the
gathered divinities. Hercules and Megara were once again on Earth. An
ordinary woman with an ordinary man. Finally, they were together. The people
of Thebes were gathered when Hercules and Megara descended from the heavens.
They cheered for the mightiest hero of them all and celebrated the return of

They had just come back from all the ruckus and the two of them sat down in
Hercules's villa. Hercules looked at Megara. She looked radiant. Amazing. A
vision of beauty. She smiled at him and he leaned closer, mesmerized by those
eyes of hers. She kissed him. Hercules took her in his arms and kissed her
back. She gently stroked him and caressed his body. Her touch was magical,
awakening sensations in him wherever she lay her hand. Megara wanted Hercules
so bad. She started undressing him immediately. He took her into his arms and
carried her close to the pool and put her on a stone bench. Megara looked at
the beautiful man who stood before her.

"You look great." said Hercules.

She smiled coyly and started taking her clothes off. She looked really great,
with her long black hair, bronze skin and almond-shaped brown eyes. She
slipped out of her dress, revealing a beautiful body Amazons would envy. She
was slender, with perfectly shaped and round tits, a slim waist and a really
cute, nicely rounded butt. She turned around and bent over to take off her
shoes. Hercules felt himself grow extremely aroused by the sight he beheld.
Megara turned around once more and faced him with a mischievous gleam in her
lovely eyes. She came and kissed him. He kissed her back. Suddenly, she
jumped into the pool with a big splash. Hercules looked at her, dumbfounded.
She stood in the water and made a small pleading gesture with her hands.

"Join me in the water, Herc." she said. "It's wonderful."

Hercules smiled and entered the pool. He looked at Megara's naked body,
looking both glorious and erotic in the water.

"Come here. I want to show you something." Megara said with something
provocative in her voice. Hercules swam slowly toward her. Megara smiled
and came close to him. She caressed his chest. His body was hard and
muscular, physically perfect.

He looked at her. "What do you want to show me ?" he asked.

Megara caressed his belly and then placed her hands on his hard cock. He
gasped in surprise. She held his cock in her hands. It was both long and
thick. She started gently stroking it. Hercules pulled her into his arms.
He felt her supple body against his. His cock pressed against her belly.
She slid his cock between her legs. He took her like that, sliding his
cock inside her pussy. Megara grunted as she was entered. Hercules thrust
his cock inside her, hard and fast. Megara began to ride him, bouncing up
and down on his manhood. The warm water splashed around them and caressed
their athletic young bodies as they made love. They crawled out of the
pool and onto the deck. Megara climbed on top of Hercules and began to
ride him once more. Hercules held her by the hips. He looked at the
beautiful young woman he was making love to. Her face and body were
beautiful and matched his completely. His cock slid in and out of her
womanhood and from time to time she moaned, panted or groaned. He thrust
inside her, going deep. She felt both soft and supple inside. Wonderful.
He felt like his cock was inside a velvet glove. He came, shooting his
cum deep inside her. She screamed as he came inside her. They remained
in a tight embrace long after the pleasurable sensations subsided.

A little while later...

Hercules and Megara lay in bed. Their bodies were entwined in love and
they slept blissfully. Both of them had found what all human beings in the
universe longed for: a love of their own.

The End


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