This is a work of fiction, VERY loosely based on Hercules the Legendary Journeys using original characters.

Rated NC 17 for F/F/F sex, cons.

The daughter of the mighty Hercules comes to the aid of a princess
menaced by a serpent-loving tyrant!

24 year old Cory Everson as Lyta, daughter of Hercules
22 year old Halle Barry as Princess Ali Bari of Sheba
21 year old Zhang Ziyi as Jade
25 year old Rose McGowen as Fawn

Hercules The Legendary Journeys: The Daughter Of Hercules And The Princess Of Sheba! Part 1
by Vampyre ([email protected])

Egypt was hot, very hot. That the 3 companions agreed on. Camels stank, really, really bad, was the other thing they agreed on. That was about it though for these 3 friends ever since they had left Greece. The reclusive 'Oracle of Delphi' had sent a message to Lyta, daughter of Hercules, that she was needed in a land below Egypt. Despite their bitching Jade, mistress of the martial arts from far away Chin and Fawn, amazon sorceress, were not going to let their friend face danger alone.

"I fucking hate camels," Fawn grumbled for the150th time," Give me a horse any day."

"I agree, but a horse would have died a week ago," Lyta replied.

"Are we there yet?," Jade asked, also for the 150th time.

"We're getting closer," Lyta said as scrub grass was starting to be seen more often.

Lyta herself wasn't sure where they were going. All the Oracle of Delphi could tell them was that it was south of the land of the Pharaohs. Some called the land Ethiopia, others Sheba. A land ruled for centuries by beautiful wise queens according to legend.

Lyta was the daughter of the legendary Hercules! As such she had the strength of a dozen men! She was tall, standing nearly 6' tall, very muscular, but not so much as to be unfeminine. She had large full breasts and long legs to go with a pretty face.

Her companions were equally attractive. Jade was as beautiful as she was deadly. Though young she had mastered a dozen martial arts. Petite, at just a little over 5', her long black hair and almond eyes matched a very hot body. In between them was Fawn. Fawn was an amazon, but she had chosen the ways of magic over the sword. She was a major hottie at 5' 5" flaming red hair and green eyes.

Near dusk they spotted an oasis in the distance. Water was a little low so they decided to go ahead and push on for it.

The water was fresh and clear. There were some fruit trees and Jade juggled a half dozen figs before laying back and eating a few. Fawn was stuck with hobbling the camels while Lyta made a small fire.

Jade filled the water skins, then made the first hot dinner they had had in a week. The water was deep enough to bathe, something else they all wanted to do. First they checked to make sure there were no snakes or deadly sand scorpions around. Finding none they took turns bathing, keeping weapons nearby in case of trouble. Desert raiders were always a threat.

Sleeping in shifts wasn't easy this night. Being naked and clean for the first time in days their thoughts turned to each other. They were more than friends, they were also lovers. All 3 were hardcore lesbians who loved bondage and whipping as their favorite form of lesbian sex.

Somewhat refreshed they left the oasis early in the morning. the grass was becoming thicker and for the first time, green. By the end of the day they arrived at the true grasslands. Green and as tall as Jade it seemed to stretch on to the horizon. Animals could also be seen in the distance. Antelope, zebra, wildebeest. Of course that brought on new danger as a lion roared. Miles away still scattering birds.

A fat pheasant flew up in front of them. Jade threw a spear dart taking it down.

"Fresh meat for dinner," Jade smiled," I killed it, one of you cleans it."

Lyta won 'dagger, parchment, stone' as usual. Jade grinned as she retrieved her dart. Fawn was so predictable, always threw stone first. Just as well, she always cheated and used magic to clean game. Much easier and a lot less messy. There wasn't a good place to camp that wasn't exposed. With at least 1 lion running around they would have to be extra vigilant. Jade hobbled the camels, who seemed to be content with the fresh grass.

"I hope that lion caught something," Fawn nervously said.

"Normally we could build a huge fire, but if we did that we could burn this whole plain down," Jade added," And us with it."

"We should be okay," Lyta smiled," Even lions prefer weaker prey. We're a pretty big target and even our small fire should deter them."

"Ah, wish I had the right herbs and spices," Jade smelled the cooking pheasant, "Some day I'll make you guys my 'Peking Duck'."

Fawn and Lyta smiled. They had no idea how Jade had found the time to learn to cook so well. They looked forward to any time they could get her to make one of her special Asian dishes. Jade seemed especially good with chicken. She had made them 12 completely different dishes so far, each one delicious.

The women were especially alert that night. Lions roared, but never came close. Lyta could handle a lion, maybe even 2 at a time, but a whole pride would be too much for her. Fawn had her bow out. All amazons, even magic students, worked out and trained with weapons. On her watch Jade patrolled with her deadly kwang.

None of them slept well that night. It was almost a relief when dawn broke. The lush grasslands continued for most of that day, In mid afternoon a river and some trees could be seen as the plains began to gently roll. The river could mean shelter, but still another danger, crocodiles!

"We should cautiously follow the river," Lyta said, "That's where anyone living around here would be. But be on the lookout for crocodiles."

Even Lyta was afraid of crocodiles. Face to face a lion might back off, a crocodile wouldn't. The evil looking reptiles could be seen well before the women got close enough to be in any danger. Controlled smoke could also now be seen. That meant a village.

There were tales of cannibals, but those were of far, far south and more into the continents interior. Lyta estimated they were only 30 miles west from the ocean and 200 miles south of the Egyptian borders. As they grew closer they spied plowed field and wood huts. The village was good sized, perhaps 100 huts and other buildings. A strong wooden wall protected it.

The people were a mix, appearing to mostly be a mix of Egyptian and Kushite. Some were darker skinned Kushite's, a few looked Persian, a handful could have even been Greek. Many of the men were well muscled, many women were attractive. They used mostly copper and bronze for tools and weapons. A rare exception seemed to be iron cooking pots.

Dismounting the women walked inside, leading their disagreeable mounts. Language was a barrier at first, but they found a man who spoke Greek. He was helpful, even more so thanks to a couple of coins. He informed them they were indeed on the border of Sheba. There were no inns, but there were 2 'guest huts', one for men, another for women they could stay at.

When asked, he told them there were strong rumors, not yet confirmed, that the current Queen had been deposed and murdered by the powerful, but outlawed 'Priesthood of the Serpent God, Set'. The usurper was himself named Seth Seti and declared himself the first King of Sheba!

Seth Seti had struck quickly, slaying the royal family and many of it's most ardent supporters. However, the Queen's youngest daughter, Princess Ali Bari, a known tomboy, had been outside the city riding with a small escort and escaped the initial purge.

"Well, that sounds like it might be why the Oracle sent us here," Lyta sadly shook her head.

"Sheba is a large powerful kingdom," Jade said, "Their empire has colonies across the Red Sea. Lack of iron and steel weaponry has kept them fairly peaceful."

"Until now," Fawn added, "What if these 'Serpent Priests' have decided to change that?"

"Fanatics are always the most dangerous," Lyta agreed, "But we need to change mounts. Camels got us here, but now we need horses."

They village didn't have horses. What they did have surprised them.

"Zebras!" Jade's mouth dropped open when she saw them.

"I heard they were almost impossible to tame," Fawn gasped, "Too skittish. Unpredictable."

"They can be, very difficult, easier if you breed and train them for about 3 generations," the merchant said, "That takes a long time though. These are actually 'zebroids', a crossbreed. As durable as mules, but less stubborn and faster."

It took some 'horse trading', actually camel trading, they swapped the camels for the zebroids. The merchant got the best of it money wise, smell wise and affability wise the girls did. Night was falling. It was to be a moonless one. There was no way to safely set out so reluctantly they decided to turn in.

It was the first night in many days they could all sleep at the same time. After a hot meal and a bath they lay down and slept soundly. Usually early risers they overslept into mid-morning. Trying to hurry slowed them more of course.

"So, what's the plan," Fawn asked as she saddled her zebroid, "I can't scry for this princess without something intimate of hers."

"It's a needle in a haystack," Jade added.

"I think our best bet is to do a zigzag pattern, hit crossroads and the like, and slowly work our way to the capital," Lyta said.

"Why do you think she would head north?," Jade asked, "If she's even still alive."

"You talked about it yesterday," Lyta replied cinching her own saddle, "Steel weapons beat bronze. Not to mention there are no known empires or kingdoms south or west. Especially ones powerful enough to aid a deposed princess."

"What about east and the sea?" Fawn asked, "The kingdom of Sheba was long allied with the Israelites. Hasn't been a major power for a long time, but..."

"A port would be too easy to watch," Lyta said, "And for someone on the run putting your back to open water is a terrible strategy. If the women of Sheba are half as smart as their legend the only smart route is to head the way we just came from."

"I wonder how much loyalty her subjects have for her," Jade mused, "No one here seems overly upset."

"Will the people fight for her?" Lyta said more than asked, "I don't know. I don't know how much love these people have for her. I don't know if her family were good rulers or bad. I do know that Set is an evil bastard shunned even by the cruelest gods!"

"Why is it always snakes?" Fawn moaned earning a laugh from Jade and Lyta.

Sheba was a large kingdom. Even a straight path by fast horse would take 2 weeks to reach the capitol. Heavy woods, jungle, little trod paths, it was taking longer. As they got closer though they found many willing to resist. The queen had indeed been loved by most and the young men were hiding weapons as tales of searches and massacres reached from village to village.

It seemed that Seth Seti had the priesthood and the military, but little support beyond the vocal serpent loving minority. As they got closer the information became more reliable, some fears confirmed. Seth Seti was importing huge amounts of steel weapons with centuries of hoarded gold by the priesthood. The stolen royal treasury and soon to be enacted despotic taxes was held back to pay for their war of conquest. The one glimmer of hope was that the princess was still free. Seth Seti wanted to publicly execute her to end what so far, was mostly just talk of resistance. A few had stood up only to be quickly crushed. Living up to their love of reptiles, enemy's were being fed to crocodiles, and, according to new rumors, a giant snake, able to swallow a man whole in a single gulp.

But Princess Ali Bari might not have gotten as far away as hoped. Every village the trio of heroic women came to reported more of her guardians being found dead. Counting down the ones she had been known to have at the beginning the princess was now alone or had only a couple of men left. On the plus side, Princess Ali was said to be no pampered princess, but quite a fighter in her own right.

"The last reported slain guard was here," Lyta pointed out the spot on a map they had acquired 3 villages past, "Which means we've maybe wandered around for nothing."

"If the rumors are true she hasn't gotten 50 miles," Jade said, tracing a line with her finger, "Maybe that's as far as she could get with so many looking for her. Maybe having to hide for long periods of time."

"They have magic on their side too," Fawn added.

"Yeah, but the princess has something those snakes don't," Lyta grinned.

"What's that?" Fawn asked.

"Us," Jade smiled.

"I am so hot for you 2 sluts right now," Fawn grinned.

Fawn suspected Lyta and Jade of having a secret 'gang up' on her. It seemed they always conspired against her in games and jokes. She was right, but since they loved her it was okay.

"This is the most likely area she'd be in now," Lyta continued drawing a circle, "Bad thing is that the Serpents know this too and will be concentrating there."

"There is another thing to think about," Fawn said, "What if she's not trying to escape? What if she's decided to stay and fight? No matter what?"

"That could complicate things," Lyta said, "We know she hasn't been reported in any villages. Everything we've been hearing is that the people would fight for her, or hide her."

"I'd be trying to raise an army," Jade said, "If it was me."

"These people aren't warriors," Lyta said, "They're fit and they have weapons, but Sheba isn't known for military conquest."

"That could change," Fawn reminded them, "We've seen more than a few places change overnight."

"Xena was a perfect example," Jade said, "She started off in 1 small village and conquered an entire section of Geece before she met your father."

They rode on, taking a more direct route than before. Coming to a creek they dismounted, checked it for anything dangerous and had a light lunch. They didn't have much food left, long out of money to get more.

The water was cool and clear and they had again been several days without bathing. Taking turns as usual the women stripped off. Fawn had long ago cast a spell so that they wouldn't have to worry about shaving as they kept themselves bare of pubic hair.

"Do you realize we haven't had sex since we left Egypt," Fawn relaxed nude on a blanket, "Almost a damn month!"

"I know how to rectify that," Jade smiled coming out of the water.

"I'm as horny as you are, but we have a mission," Lyta said as she started taking her clothes off.

"Maybe a little," Fawn pouted.

"Well, if you wait a few minutes," Lyta grinned, then ran into the water.

Jade lay down next to Fawn. They lightly kissed, gently stroking each other's hair. The kisses became longer and deeper. Tongue's touched, lightly playing with each other. Fawn stroked Jade's face, kissing her friends forehead, their lips and tongues then met again. Watching them from the water Lyta soaped her big tits, pinching her pink nipples to stiffness.

"Don't you cunts dare start without me!" Lyta yelled as she washed herself.

Jade and Fawn laughed. They kissed deeply, cupping each other's tits, gently caressing them. Jade olive brown skin contrasted exotically with Fawn's white flesh. Fawn's pink nipples touched Jade's brown nipples sending a thrill though both women. Lyta was rinsing off quickly so she could join them.

Lyta couldn't wait to towel off and ran to where her lovers lay. As she kneeled down Jade and Fawn knelt to meet her with 3-way tongue kissing. They toyed with each other's breasts as they took turns kissing deeply.

Jade's tongue now flicked Lyta's nipples to stiffness while she stroked Jade's long silky black hair. Fawn lay on her back, her head to Lyta's pretty pink pussy and started to gently lap the tasty slit.

"Oooooo," Lyta moaned, "You lick me so gooood."

Jade stood, turned around and bent over so she could lick Fawn's pussy and Lyta could lick her pussy from behind. Jade was extremely flexible, able to almost bend over completely backwards if she wished. Passion too long denied, all 3 came quickly. That was not enough as they now all lay on the blanket in a triangle position.

Lyta couldn't resist Jade's pretty pink asshole. She licked all around, pointing her tongue, stabbed inside, loving the tangy sweet flavor.

"Strawberry," Lyta gasped, "How in Hades do you do that?"

Jade just smiled and started rimming Fawn delicious ass. Fawn completed the triangle by licking Lyta's asshole. Lyta upped the ante, inserting 2 fingers into Jade's pussy as she licked her asshole. Jade moaned in pleasure, but continued rimming Fawn's ass, inserting 2 fingers into Fawn's hot, wet, tight slit. Again Fawn followed suit as 2 of her fingers invaded Lyta's pussy.

Tongues flashed, fingers plunged in and out. Their moans of pleasure muffled as fingers and tongues became faster and faster. Like a crashing wave, orgasm, after orgasm! Panting they fell back, lust already rising again.

Jade rolled on top of Fawn, arranging herself breasts pressed against breasts, pussy to pussy. Lyta staddled Fawn's pretty face. Fawn eagerly lapped Lyta's pussy, tongue fucking her while Jade began the erotic pussy fucking all of them loved. Tit and pussy thrust, rubbed, thrust again. Faster and faster tongue and body gave pleasure. Cries of passion and lust mingled. Cum! Again and again as the 3 lovers joined in rapture!

"More," Fawn moaned, "Please, more."

"Yes, yes," Jade agreed kissing first Fawn then Lyta.

"I want to just as much as you do," Lyta said, "But the princess is in danger. Every minute we lose could be fatal to her."

"You're right," Jade sighed as she reluctantly untangled herself.

After a quick rinse, and Fawn zapping their clothes clean they dressed. Jade was especially happy as silk was hard enough to clean.

"You owe me 3 orgasms for this," Fawn teased, "You both may be better fighters, but without me you'd be wearing leaves."

"Not a bad idea actually," Jade said with a sideways smile.

They finished dressing, packed everything up. That's when they heard it. Hoofbeats. Many of them, riding hard. This spurred them into action like the long time comrades in arm they were. They could hear the horses and the jangle of metal coming from a main road up ahead.

Urging their mounts forward they rode forward. Coming towards them, perhaps a mile away, a lithe single rider pursued by 20 armed men wearing gleaming copper helmets in the shape of a snakes head. The smaller figures hood flew back. A beautiful woman with mocha skin and short, boy cut hair.

Her horse pitched forward dead.


End of Part 1

Many thanks to Tyval's research and Shelly's ideas and help writing.


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