Hercules -The Lengendary Journeys/Smallville: The Face Of Hercules Part 2
by The Fan ([email protected])

Clark Kent raced through the heavens, soaring high above. He loved it. Just
feeling wild and free. The sensation of flying was unlike anything he had
experienced before. He had finally decided to try it. He wore a bright red
T-shirt and blue jeans. Just his everyday clothes. He had been standing on
the roof of the Kent farm, cleaning up after the rain when the skies looked
so... inviting.

It was just another beautiful day in Smallville, Kansas. It was a Saturday.
Clark's parents had left for New York. They were gonna spend the weekend at
his grandmother's. Martha Kent hadn't seen her mom in a long time and wanted
to see her since she was sick. Jonathan Kent, always the dutiful husband went
on the airplane with her. He didn't think that his wife should be alone at a
time like this. They left Clark Kent home alone.

The young man was doing his chores when he felt something he had never felt
before. The sensation that he could do anything. He just leapt off the
roof... and shot straight up into the sky. He just rose higher and higher
into the heavens. Just flying like a bird of prey. He laughed out loud as he
flew. He looked down and saw the landscape below. He was definitely not in
Kansas anymore.

Clark Kent flew out of the state and went further. He flew above and beyond
all that he had never known. He saw rivers and hills, valleys and mountains.
He flew over cities and towns. He saw highways and other such things. Marvels
built by man. He looked at the world in a way that he never knew it could be
seen. A God's eye view of the universe. He couldn't get enough of it. He
looked up and saw clouds. He went into them and felt them all around him. Ah,
the wonders of nature.

He went further still... and saw something quite unusual in the landscape.
Someone was... flying. No. It couldn't be. On the planet Earth, Clark Kent
was the only one who could fly. He flew toward the unexplained phenomenon
his eyes had witnessed. He had to get to the bottom of this. Curiosity
pulled at him like a living thing and he flew toward the object. Clark Kent
looked at a very strange sight indeed.

A young black man was riding a motorcycle... in the sky! Just sitting there
casually riding the vehicle. Clark Kent had never seen something like this.
He flew toward the young man and greeted him. "Who are you ?" he asked.

"Who wants to know?" the young man asked.

Clark Kent just stared at him. "I didn't think anyone else could fly." he

The young man smiled. "Well, I can, kiddo." he said. "What are you, anyway?"

Clark Kent didn't know why he opened his mouth. "I am Clark Kent." he said.

The young man grinned. "See ya later, Clark Kent."

With that, he revved up his motorcycle and the strange vehicle took off
careening into the heavens. Clark Kent followed. The bike and its rider flew
fast. Very, very fast. Clark Kent pushed himself and found out that he could
fly just as fast. He followed the rider. The young black man turned around
and saw that Clark Kent was following him. He grinned mischievously and the
strange motorcycle flew so fast that it became a blur. Clark Kent followed
for awhile, then gave up.

'Who was that guy?' he wondered. He turned back and went home to Smallville.


Steven drove his magically powered motorcycle through the skies. It had been
a few months since he left Los Angeles. Los Angeles had been his home since
he left Boston. He left it, fleeing his abusive and dysfunctional family.
In Los Angeles, he met Angel, the vampire with a soul. He also met Cordelia
Chase, the beautiful Psychic, Lorne the Host, Charles Gunn and all the
others. They were all affiliated with Angel Investigations and helped the
atoning vampire fight against the forces of darkness. Los Angeles was the
place where Steven encountered the Face of Hercules.

He had tried to adjust to life as an Avatar. He was the Avatar of Hercules.
One of the most powerful of all Faces. He had some extraordinary powers.
Superhuman strength. Super stamina. Keen senses. Spontaneous regeneration.
Combative spirit. He could also travel to and from any place he wanted by
means of Teleportation. There were so many things he could do. He had faced
some dangers in recent times. He fought some demons in Los Angeles. He also
faced some dangerous foes. A wicked woman had put on the Face of Perseus and
was wreaking havoc all over the place. Perseus had been known throughout
mythology as a great Hero and the savior of cities. The fact that his Face
was worn by an evil person bothered Hercules quite a lot. Hercules had moved
against the evil version of Perseus and the evil one's allies. The evil
Perseus had allied herself with two others.

Two brothers who were the Avatars of Achilles and Patrocles, respectively.
Achilles and Patrocles were the Faces of war-like entities. Those two
brothers had enough magical power and combat skills to nearly kill Hercules.
He fought them and won. They were dead.

Hercules had taken the Faces from the slain Avatars and thrown them in a hole
in the Earth. Faces were dangerous. The power within couldn't be allowed to
fall into the hands of wicked people. Hercules didn't know what to do with
them. No Avatar could wear more than one Face at a time and the only way to
remove a Face was to kill the current Avatar.

Steven was getting tired of fighting. He wanted to have some fun. His
semi-divine component liked fighting and violence but Steven was not that
sort of man. He wanted a break. That's why he went on a cross-country tour
of the United States on his Magic Ride, as he called his flying motorcycle.

He had been headed for Kansas when he ran into something extraordinary and
definitely unusual. A flying guy. A guy clad in red and blue. Something he
would never forget. He wondered who or what that guy was. Maybe he was a
demon. Maybe he was a mutant freak. The guy had called himself Clark Kent
and he seemeed sincere, too.

Hercules was puzzled by that. Neither Steven nor Hercules had ever seen
anything like Clark Kent. No magic came from him. He seemed so... different.
Hercules was sure of one thing. Whoever or whatever Clark Kent was, the guy
was definitely and positively not even human.


Clark Kent returned to Smallville. He couldn't believe what he had done and
what he had seen.

"I knew you could do it." said a voice.

Clark turned around and saw... her. Kara Zor-El. The Kryptonian female sent
by his father Jor-El to set him on the right path. She had mysteriously
disappeared inside the Caves back when Jor-El forcefully took Clark and
re-programmed him as the emotion-less Kryptonian Warrior known as Kal- El.

"Where did you come from?" Clark asked.

"I've been waiting for you, Kal-El." she said. "I came out of the Caves just
to meet you."

Clark looked at her. She was a tall, beautiful blue-eyed blonde girl. She was
also lying her ass off. He wasn't gonna get fooled a second time.

"Stay with me, Kal-El." said Kara. "We belong together."

Kara kissed Clark Kent and he felt all his doubts melt away. He let himself
be drawn into her arms. She embraced him and drew him down to bed. Their
clothes vanished in an instant. He was almost mad with desire. Her naked body
was so beautiful. Perfect face. Perfect breasts. Perfect waist. Perfect ass.
Perfect legs. Perfect everything. She was exquisite and aroused him deeply.
She was the most beautiful female he had ever seen and she wanted him. He
could have her. She spread her gorgeous legs, welcoming him. He felt his cock

He entered her. Kara held him. He thrust into her. His cock penetrated her
pussy. He fucked her, hard and fast. Her arms and legs were wrapped around
him as he fucked her. He plowed into her until the passion reached its peak
in both of them and they came. They lay on the bed, beautiful bodies entwined
in love. He looked at her. She looked at him. Her hand clasped his and she
brought it to her lips and kissed it. They belonged together. Forever. They
were the same kind. The last Kryptonians in the Universe. Clark Kent had
never felt so great in his life. He was at peace.

At the same time, a man rode into Smallville on a motorcycle. He was tall,
young and black. He walked into the Talon.

"Hi, sir. What can I do for you ?" asked Lana Lang, the Talon's co-owner.

"What would you have after a long trip?" he asked. "Miss?"

Lana smiled and told him her name. "I'd have a big breakfast without guilt."
she said honestly.

The young man smiled. "The name's Steven." he told her. "Gimme a little bit
of everything as long as it's delicious."

Lana Lang grinned. "Coming up." she said.

He smiled and watched her go. Steven sat at a chair. He noticed a young
blonde girl looking at him. He waved in a friendly manner. She got up and
approached him.

"Welcome to Smallville." she said. "I'm Chloe Sullivan."

Steven looked her up and down. He attracted a lot more women now that he was
co-habiting with a god-like entity in his own body. It seemed women were
attracted to power... and masculinity.

"Steven H." he told her. They shook hands.

"What does the H. stand for?" she asked him.

"I could tell you but then I'd have to kill ya." he laughed. Steven wasn't
about to tell her that he was the newest Avatar of the legendary demi-god
Hercules. Nope. No sirree. He instead asked her a question. "Say, Chloe."
he said. "Have you ever heard of a fellow named Clark Kent?" He looked at
her. He didn't expect her to answer.

Chloe brightened. "Clark Kent?" she said. "Sure. He's one of my best

Steven grinned. Inside him, Hercules laughed. Like the human whose body he
shared, the powerful demi-god wanted to know more about the strange youth who
could fly under his own power.

A few moments later, a young couple walked into the Talon. The guy was tall
and dark-haired, young-looking and handsome. He wore a red shirt and blue
jeans. The girl was equally tall and beautiful, blonde and blue-eyed. She was
clad in a summer dress.

"Clark!" Chloe exclaimed.

Steven looked at the young man. He looked at him not with the eyes of a man
but the eyes of a demi-god. He saw that the young man was not human. Not
human at all. He was not a native of this world. Neither was the pretty
blonde girl next to him. Steven/Hercules listened.

"I don't like being around the humans, Clark." the girl said.

"It will be alright, Kara." said Clark Kent.

Steven looked at them. Clark's eyes landed on him. Their eyes met. Clark
gasped. Steven smiled. The reaction was not lost on Kara. She looked at
Steven and he felt himself being scanned, although he didn't know how.

The girl whispered to her mate. "He's not human."

Clark nodded. "Hi." he said to Steven.

"Hello." Steven/Hercules said.

He looked at them. What were they? They were not demons. They were not
vampires or werewolves. They were not monsters. They did not fit into any
category of non-human he knew. They were so... alien. Yeah, alien. They
were aliens. He couldn't believe it. Aliens from Outer Space living among
the human race. This was something else. It changed nothing. Inside Steven,
Hercules ached to do battle against them. Steven restrained his semi-divine
component. First he would have to figure out if the 'aliens' were good or

"Have you two met?" asked Chloe.

"You could say that." Steven smiled.

Clark glared at him. He did not look happy and neither did Kara Zor-El.

To be continued


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