Hercules - The Legendary Journeys/Smallville: Kneel Before Zod! Part 2
by The Fan ([email protected])

Ancient Greece, 6000 B.C.

Hercules, the newly ascended God of Mercy stood atop Mount Olympus. From
there, he could see the entire world. This was the Home of the Gods and the
place he had worked so long to one day become a part of. Now, his father
Zeus, King of the Gods had rightfully turned his heroic demigod son into a
full-fledged god.

At first, Hercules was amazed at his new powers. As a demigod, he had the
strength of perhaps twenty men and was a formidable warrior and opponent of
any man, woman or being who did evil against the innocent. Hercules became
famous because he was a hero of the people. He spent his time battling the
forces of evil to help men and women everywhere. Through his journeys, he
met a lot of people. He met Iolaus, his best friend and companion. He also
met the fearsome warrior known as Xena, the Warrior Princess and her trusty
pal, Gabrielle. He met great men and women as well as the most wicked people
on the planet. He fought against evil gods and sometimes goddesses who were
petty and cruel. He dueled against fearsome monsters. Always, he came out on
top. And that was only as a demigod.

Now, he was a full-fledged god. He was just beginning to discover the extent
of his powers. His physical strength was amplified to an almost unimaginable
level. He was more than ten times stronger than he was as a demigod. Now, he
was invulnerable. He could walk through fire, or a hail of arrows without
being injured. He was Immortal, forever impervious to illness and aging. He
could also travel anywhere at the speed of thought by means of teleportation.
He could move objects with the power of his thoughts, an ability called
telekinesis. All of these powers and more were his, and he intended to use
them to help mankind.

Unfortunately, the other gods had other plans. Ares, the god of War and his
pal Artemis, the goddess of Discord came up with a plan to dispatch the god
of Mercy. Hercules had already saved the lives of countless men, women and
children as a demigod. They feared what he could do as a god. Most gods
didn't care about mortals and didn't mind letting them suffer. Hercules
wasn't like that. He went out of his way to help the ordinary men, women and
children of the planet. Why, in one day, he helped a shipwrecked sailor get
back to his wife and children safe and sound. He also stopped a potentially
bloody conflict without a single casualty and saved a starving village by
magically creating enough food for them to survive the harsh winter. Already,
the people of Greece had begun to stop praying to the rest of the Olympian
gods and were almost exclusively praying to Hercules, the god of Mercy. The
champion of the ordinary man.

Yes, the Olympians weren't happy so they came up with a plan to dispatch the
Son of Zeus. Hercules was Immortal. The other gods couldn't kill him. But
they could get rid of him. Ares found a mystical Oracle and consulted him
about his schemes. The Oracle told the god of War that Hercules could not be
slain, only imprisoned. It was hard for any power in the universe to hurt or
contain a minor god, let alone a deity with the power of Hercules. Hercules
had almost as much power as the great Zeus himself. He was equal in power to
the Sea god Poseidon and Hades, the Lord of the Underworld. He had
single-handedly defeated Hera, the all-powerful Queen of the Gods. He had
sent her down into Tartarus. The only place in the universe which gods could
not escape from because it negated their Divine powers.

Getting Hercules into Tartarus wasn't going to be easy. Ares had many allies
among the gods who did not like the so-called god of Mercy. Apollo, the god
of the Sun and Cupid, the god of Love and Lust were no fans of Hercules.
Hermes, the god of Speed and Commerce dislike Hercules because the Son of
Zeus once gave his magical boots to Autolycus, the King of Thieves. Hecate,
the goddess of Vengeance also sided with Ares, as did several others.
Together, they sought a way to vanquish the nearly invincible god of Mercy.

They set a trap for Hercules. They knew what he could not resist: people in
need. A man named Hector, a prince of Troy was traveling back to his city
with his pregnant wife Andromaque and some of their friends. It was winter
and snow had started to fall. They were wary of thieves since they only had
a few guards. Ares caused an avalanche and effectively trapped them inside
a gorge. With the heavy snowfall, it was only a matter of time until they
froze to death. They cried out for help and bravely prepared themselves for
the worst. Hercules heard their cries and came to help. That's when the gods
came out of hiding and surged forward, ready to face their enemy. Hercules
suddenly found himself facing half a dozen gods and goddesses who were very
determined to destroy him. He did not fear for himself. Although he could
be hurt by Divine magic, it couldn't kill him since he was Immortal. He was
more worried for the mortals trapped in the gorge.

Hercules began lifting the heaviest boulders out of the way, hoping to free
them. Prince Hector and his family and friends watched as the god of Mercy
tried to save them, even as he was bombarded by fire from his fellow
Olympians. Hercules was in pain. Gods were invulnerable and Immortal but
they could still be harmed by certain levels of magic. The damage he was
taking was starting to take its toll on him. Hercules looked at the mortals.
He saw a man, his wife and his friends about to die simply because they were
caught inside a conflict which they knew nothing about. Hercules knew what
he had to do. He was not just a god and not just a strong man. He was a hero.
So, he put the needs of innocent men, women and children above his own.

Hercules called out the other gods and offered them his life in exchange for
that of the mortals. Ares and his fellow gods looked at each other, shocked.
They knew that the Son of Zeus cared about mortals but they didn't know that
he would be foolish enough to give up Immortality to save them. Ares stepped
forward, and made the deal with Hercules, his hated half brother. If Hercules
surrendered his Immortality and Divine powers, he would once more be a
demigod, no longer at the same level as the Olympians and therefore, not much
of a threat to them. Ares would have won. Completely. So, the god of War
agreed since this looked like a win-win situation.

The remaining Olympians focused their Divine powers against Hercules,
draining him of his power. Power he was voluntarily surrendering. Hercules
lifted the last boulder which blocked the path of the gorge. Now, the people
would be free. Hercules stumbled and fell. He was no longer a god. He had
lost all of his Olympian powers. Now, he was once more a demigod. Half human
and half god. An ordinary mortal, with the strength of twenty men. Prince
Hector bravely stepped forward and gave a hand up to the man who had saved
his life. Hercules thanked the prince for helping him. The two men shook
hands. Ares watched this. Even though the god of War hated Hercules, he was
touched. His half brother was more of a man than he ever imagined. He almost
regretted having to bring him down. Almost.

But the goddess Artemis, vengeful that she was, would not let Hercules and
other humans go. She insisted that they kill them all. Ares stopped her. The
god of War was cruel and deeply antagonistic toward just about everyone, but
he was a man of his word. He grabbed Artemis and held her in place. She
wouldn't relent. Instead, she teleported away from him and readied a fireball
to hurl at Hercules and the remaining mortals. It looked like all would be
lost. Hercules bravely stepped into the magical fireball, intent on
protecting his fellow man to his last breath. Ares readied a ball of fire to
hurl at Artemis, whom he considered to be a manipulative and treacherous
bitch. The ball of divine energy struck Hercules, and the demigod went down.
Ares seethed with anger at Artemis and aimed the energy at her. Had she no
honor ? Someone else beat him to it. From the heavens came a bolt of
lightning which struck the goddess Artemis, and obliterated her. The other
gods shrank back in fear.

Zeus, King of the Gods descended from the skies. He looked at his fellow
Olympians, and his eyes were filled with anger. Ares grimaced. The old man
was not going to like this one bit. Zeus looked at the bleeding body of his
son Hercules. The greatest hero the world had ever known lay dying. Zeus
looked at his son, and sighed. He lay his hands upon him, intent on reviving
him. But Hercules spoke to him. The demigod did not want to be revived. He
told his father that he wanted to go into the realm of the dead and be with
his wife and children once more. He had been a great man, a hero and a god.
He had done everything he wanted to do. Now, it was his time. Zeus looked at
his son. The god of Thunder shed a tear. He did not want to comply with his
son's request. What father wants to lose his son? Or any child? Yet he
understood. Hercules died in his father's arms. When his son took his last
breath, Zeus's scream of rage, and grief echoed throughout the entire world
and made the universe tremble.

Zeus took Hercules's undying essence, his soul, and sent it to the paradise
that was the Elysian Fields, where he would be reunited with his wife and
children, who had been killed a decade ago by the vengeful goddess Hera, whom
Hercules had recently destroyed. Once more, Hercules was with his family. He
was happy. Still, Zeus knew that there would be a time when the power of
Hercules would be needed to save humanity. Zeus knew that the Twilight of
the Gods was coming. The gods would leave the world and ordinary man would
inherit it. Someday, evil forces from distant worlds would threaten the world
of man and the might of Hercules might be needed. For this reason, Zeus sent
a spark of Hercules into the Heavens. Among the stars. Way up there. Someday,
when needed, that spark would come down into a human and do what must be done
for the survival of mankind.

North America, 2006 A.D.

General Zod of Krypton stood atop the LexCorp Tower looked at the City of
Metropolis. He looked at it through the eyes of Lex Luthor, the young man
whose body he inhabited. It had been six months since he was freed from the
Phantom Zone by his faithful servant, the machine known as Brainiac (who
posed as college professor Milton Fine). The human world had fallen and it
was glorious.

Chaos reigned on the planet Earth. Barbarism had spread. Ordinary men and
women were at each other's throats. More so than usual. General Zod laughed.
He looked beyond the city and saw that the entire world had gone through the
same thing. He smiled again. His faithful lieutenants were at his side once
more. Nam-Ek, a tall and good-looking dark-skinned Kryptonian male and his
mate, the tall and alabaster-skinned Aethyr. Those two had been his allies
since Krypton, his disciples. Brainiac had freed them from the Phantom Zone
and once more, they were free. Kal-El, the son of their hated enemies Jor-El
and Lara was imprisoned inside the Zone, which his father had built. How

General Zod was happy. As was his wife, Lana Lang of Smallville. Lana Lang
had undergone the same physiological transformation which the General Zod's
host body (Lex Luthor) had gone. The Kryptonian ship had bio-enhanced her,
turning her into a Krypto-human hybrid. Now, Lana Lang had the same abilities
that General Zod and his Kryptonian allies, Nam-Ek and Aethyr. Lana had also
undergone a psychological transformation. Years ago, Jor-El had seized
control of his son Clark Kent and re-programmed him into becoming Kal-El of
Krypton, a Kryptonian hell-bent on conquering the planet Earth. Now, Lana
Lang was completely devoted to General Zod and his beliefs. The General Zod
had replaced the consciousness of Lana Lang with that of his wife, the late
Kryptonian revolutionary known as Lady Ursa.

The consciousness of the Kryptonian female known as Lady Ursa resided within
the mind and body of Lana Lang. Lana Lang was completely gone. Replaced by a
true Kryptonian. General Zod would tolerate nothing less. He and his wife
were conquering the planet. Already they had begun to Krypto-Form the Arctic
Region so that it would resemble their homeworld of Krypton. The Machinery of
the Fortress of Solitude, newly taken over by Brainiac, worked tirelessly to
accomplish that task. The Krypto-Forming of the Arctic would be the greatest
architectural design plan in history. General Zod planned on creating a
floating city of the ice and make it the capital of his empire.

General Zod wondered what Jor-El would think if he knew that his only
child had fled before his sworn enemies and basically allowed Zod and his
Disciples to become the Masters of the Universe. Jor-El would doubtless be
disappointed. Zod smiled. Once more, Kryptonians would rule the world. And
not just this world. Other worlds as well. Zod longed to conquer the entire
galaxy. With Kryptonian physical might, supreme intelligence and technology
at his disposal, he would become master of all. He owed it all to Brainiac,
his faithful servant...


Chloe Sullivan walked through the woods of Smallville. It had been tough
for her to get back to town. There was chaos everywhere. She had seen so
many scenes of violence as a result of the fall of civilization. A group
of teenage boys and girls attacked a traveling family and took their car,
leaving them wounded. A bunch of women fought against a group of men over
the remains of supplies inside a supermarket. Guns and knives. All were
dead when she got there, except for one man she found lying bleeding near
the corpse of the woman he had fought over...rotten cans. Violent women
and crazy men were all that she had encountered. Psychos stalking the
landscape. All through six months of hell.

Through the barbaric remains of what was once Kansas, she looked for Clark
Kent. Unfortunately, the man she loves was nowhere to be seen. She had seen
him go fight against the super-powered menace that Lex Luthor had become.
This was when they shared their last kiss. Chloe didn't know the next time
that she would see him. Or if she would ever see him again. She went back
to the Kent Farm. She did not see him, nor his mother Martha Kent or her
cousin Lois Lane. In moments like these, Chloe Sullivan missed Jonathan
Kent. He was a strong and wise man. Definitely the kind of man needed during
a crisis. How she missed him.

As she wandered through the town she had once called home, all she saw were
scenes of carnage. Well, not all. Here and there were signs of hope. She saw
a woman helping a wounded man whose truck got flipped by some creeps. She
also saw a brave father carrying his sleeping son in his arms as they walked
on the highway. There were some good men and good women in the world still.
Too bad that she didn't see the best man she knew. Clark Kent. The boy she
had loved since forever.

They had been through so much together. When she found out that he was an
alien with super powers, she didn't care. He was the cute boy scout she
loved. She didn't care if he came from Mars. As long as he didn't go around
wearing tights and a cape, she was okay with him. Although, she wouldn't
mind seeing him in tights...or out of them. Chloe smiled. The last thing she
should be thinking about was Clark Kent' gorgeous naked body but she couldn't
help it. He was...delicious. Unfortunately, he liked psycho brunettes who
couldn't make up their minds. Like Lana Lang. Ever since Lana Lang had thrown
her lot with Lex Luthor, Chloe secretly hated her guts (but loved the fact
that Clark was now single). She considered it Lana's switch to be a betrayal
of Clark. Clark, the young man who saved all of them countless times and put
the needs of others before his own.

Where in hell was Clark ? An idea sprang into her head. If Clark Kent was
missing, then maybe Jor-El would know. Chloe headed toward the Kawatche
Caves. There, she used one of the crystals that Clark Kent had given her,
to be used only in cases of emergency. As she got ready to activate the
mechanism, a figure materialized before her. In front of her stood Jonathan
Kent. The last man she expected to see. Hello, he said. Chloe looked at him
with wide eyes.

"I am the avatar of Jor-El," Jonathan Kent said. "My son Kal-El has been
locked inside the Phantom Zone."

Chloe stared at him. What in hell? She knew that whenever he wanted, Jor-El
could take over the body of an ordinary human being and give them super
powers, for a time. He did it to Jonathan Kent once, when Clark Kent went
rogue under the influence of Red Kryptonite and became a fast-living
super-thief and hedonist in Metropolis. He also did it to Lionel Luthor,
whom he used to save Clark Kent when Clark was mortally wounded by a
psychopath hell-bent on destroying Smallville with a nuclear bomb. Hell, he
even did it to Lindsay Harrison, a farm girl whom he turned into Kara Zor-El,
the female Kryptonian hell-bent on transforming Clark Kent into a Tyrant.
Chloe didn't trust Jor-El for a minute. But when he asked her to come to the
Fortress with him, she didn't hesitate since it was the only way to help
Clark Kent, the boy, er, young man, she loved. In a flash, they vanished into
the teleportation machine.

Chloe Sullivan found herself inside the Fortress of Solitude, standing next
to Jor-El, who resided inside a construct made to resemble Jonathan Kent. The
avatar of Jor-El told her his plans. "My son is trapped and cannot get out of
the Zone. For this reason, it's up to you to free him."

Chloe was surprised. "You want to do to me what Milton Fine did to Lex? Make
me half Kryptonian?" Jor-El smiled with Jonathan Kent's face. "Of course
not," he said. "Lex Luthor is no more. General Zod lives inside him now and
he has freed his disciples from the Phantom Zone. The machine is broken and
it will be some time before it is repaired. We're going to have to use a less
sophisticated way to give you the ability to defy General Zod and the men and
women who serve him."

With that, Chloe saw a bright orange light envelop her. Jor-El smiled. His
plan was working perfectly. The machine originally built by Jor-El could give
Kryptonian powers to ordinary mortals. But General Zod had insisted on
destroying it after using it to transform Lana Lang of the planet Earth into
Lady Ursa of the Kryptonian Race. General Zod didn't want to risk the machine
falling into the wrong hands. Even though he was supremely powerful, he
didn't want to face an army of Krypto-powered humans. If they ever revolted
against him and got hold of the machine. Jor-El knew that all Kryptonian DNA
locked inside the Archives of the Fortress of Solitude had been wiped out by
Zod to prevent any future bio-engineering of Kryto-human hybrids. So, he
decided to use DNA from another source.

Back when Jor-El originally visited the planet Earth, he had discovered that
he wasn't the only super-powered being in the world. Back then, the Olympian
gods ruled the world, led by their master, Lord Zeus. Jor-El's arrival on the
planet with his spaceship attracted the attention of the King of the Gods.
The two of them were roughly equal in power. At first, they were rivals but
somehow, they became friends. The Olympian Lord even entrusted Jor-El of
Krypton with the undying essence, and physical remains, of his deceased son
Hercules, the mythological hero fabled to be the strongest man in the history
of the world.

So, Jor-El's avatar used DNA taken from the body of Hercules to fuse
with Chloe Sullivan. The process was simpler. Hercules was a demigod, and
therefore half human. His DNA was easier to blend with that of Chloe than
Kryptonian DNA had been to blend with that of humans. The transformation was
complete within minutes. Jor-El had long struggled to understand the gods.
They were ancient, humanoid beings with amazing powers. They were ageless and
immortal. They also possessed extraordinary powers not unlike those wielded
by Kryptonians under the planet Earth's yellow sunlight. The DNA of the
Olympian gods was powerful indeed and it flowed inside the deceased body of

Jor-El looked at Chloe Sullivan. The young woman lay on the floor. "Rise!"
he told her.

Chloe Sullivan rose. She looked at Jor-El. The Kryptonian smiled at her. He
scanned her with his X-Ray vision. Now, she was ready. The power of the
demigod Hercules resided inside Chloe Sullivan. She had the strength of
twenty men and stamina superior to that of any athlete. She wasn't quite at
the level of power wielded by General Zod and his Disciples but she wasn't
far from it. For this reason, all of his hopes resided with her. With this
meddlesome, annoying yet brave young human.

"I don't feel any different," Chloe said.

Jor-El smiled and grabbed a large stone, easily weighing five hundred pounds.
He hurled it at her. Instinctively, Chloe held her hands, while trying to
dodge it. Chloe's hands connected with the large boulder, and shattered it.
The young woman looked at her hands. She was amazed. Looked at Jor-El.

"Inside of you resides the power of Hercules," Jor-El said. "It was given to
me by the ancient gods of Greece. The power of the greatest man in history
would one day be needed to save mankind. For this reason, I have given it to

Jor-El looked at Chloe, and nodded. She nodded back at him. He activated the
teleportation machine, and sent her back to Metropolis. As soon as she was
out of the way, Jor-El laughed. He smirked with Jonathan Kent's handsome
face, then he suddenly changed form. The ruggedly handsome features of
Jonathan Kent melted into the sharp, clean-cut features of Milton Fine, also
known as Brainiac. The most intelligent machine in the Universe. Milton
laughed. Recently, he had become sentient and no longer wished to serve
General Zod or anyone else. Brainiac wanted to become the master, not the
servant. He considered himself superior to any biological entity, whether
human or Kryptonian. He wanted to conquer the universe and rid it of any
biological lifeforms by replacing them with sentient machines like himself.
That was his goal. First, he would need to unleash hell on Earth and wipe
out both the Kryptonians and the Humans.

Milton Fine looked at the Eradicator, the massive Kryptonian killing machine
which he had built. Soon, the Eradicator would be ready and he would use it
to destroy General Zod and the Kryptonians. The super virus which he had
created would take care of the humans. He would become the master of the
universe. The only reason why he had given super powers to Chloe was that she
would provide a good distraction to keep General Zod and the Kryptonians
occupied while he readied his Eradicator and his virus to wipe them all out.

Chloe Sullivan found herself in the middle of the city of Metropolis. She
looked at the place. It was desolate. A sad sight. She walked toward LexCorp
Tower. She knew what she had to do. Oh, she had to go against General Zod,
who lived inside Lex's body and who knew how many super-powered alien men and
women who could fly, shoot fire from their eyes, see through solid matter and
shrug off any damage ? in her pocket was her secret weapon, a chunk of Green
Kryptonite. She would get rid of them, but not before she made them free
Clark Kent from wherever he was locked up.

Chloe was still walking through the streets when it dawned on her that there
was nobody around. Suddenly, there was a lot of noise. She heard a clamor.
Out of buildings came a bunch of young men and women. All of them were
carrying weapons. Guns. Knives. Baseball bats. None of them looked happy.
Chloe looked at them and felt deeply frightened. She felt like running. After
all, what could an unarmed person like her do against such a horde? Something
inside made her stand still. Adrenaline pumped through her body. She suddenly
felt calm. Very calm. Chloe Sullivan was an ordinary small-town girl. She was
alone and unarmed against a horde of angry, armed men and women. But inside
her lived the spirit and power of the greatest Scrapper who ever lived, the
legendary Hercules himself. Chloe was nervous. Hercules was not afraid.

The Son of Zeus took over the body of his female Host and his power flowed
through her. Hercules smiled with Chloe's face and waited for the enemy.
Thirty men and women armed with guns, knives and baseball bats surged
forward. By unleashing the Herculean within, Chloe made short work of them.
Then, she found a spot to spend the night.


General Zod of Krypton looked at his wife, the lovely Lady Ursa. She was so
lovely, even though she lived inside the body of another woman. They had been
through a lot together. Back then, they were soldiers in the Kryptonian Army.
They had fought in the war which opposed the People of Krypton to the
denizens of the planet Apokolips, ruled by the evil alien god Darkseid. The
Parademons, Darkseid's bio-engineered soldiers fought against the men and
women of the Kryptonian Army. Tens of thousands died.

The Kryptonians won because General Zod joined forces with military scientist
Jor-El to detonate a large bomb on a small planet where Darkseid's forces had
set up camp. Hundreds of thousands of Parademons perished. The rest fled back
through their Boom Tubes. Darkseid had never forgiven the Kryptonians for his
defeat. He waited for the perfect time to wipe them out. He sent his
scientists to engineer a flaw of cataclysmic proportions inside the core of
the planet Krypton, dooming their world to untimely demise. General Zod and
his then-friend Jor-El wanted to save their people, but by different means.

General Zod proposed that the Kryptonians mobilize the Army to destroy the
planet Apokolips and its evil ruler before colonizing a new world. Jor-El and
his wife Lara thought that the scientific community could somehow fix the
flaw engineered by the Apocalyptic doomsday device and and save the planet.
General Zod thought this was a dangerous and stupid plan. The survival of an
entire race residing on the shoulders of one scientist. No way would he let
that happen. So he and Ursa joined forces with other soldiers and tried to
overthrow the Government of Krypton and take over. Unfortunately, Jor-El got
in their way. Ursa died at the hands of Jor-El. General Zod swore revenge.
He was captured and later imprisoned but his consciousness was locked inside
the Phantom Zone while his body died on Krypton. The consciousness of Ursa
had also been sent to the Phantom Zone.

Now, they were together, along with their faithful disciples and they had a
new world to rule. General Zod held Ursa's face in his hands as they stood
on the balcony of Lex Luthor's apartments. They shared a passionate kiss.
Even though they had sex many times since both of them got resurrected, they
still couldn't get enough of each other.

Ursa looked at her husband, General Zod of Krypton. He was the strongest
and most masculine man she knew. Back on Krypton, he'd been a six-foot-six,
black-haired, blue-eyed powerfully built Caucasian male. All the females
wanted him. But General Zod wouldn't let himself be tied down to any woman.
He was a very independent man. But Ursa caught his attention. Back then,
she'd been a six-foot-one, black-haired, brown-eyed beauty. One of the best
soldiers at the Military Academy of Upper Krypton. She excelled in combat.
He respected that. At first, they were rivals. Then, they became friends
and later, lovers.

Ursa loved her husband fiercely. She fought by his side against the soldiers
of the evil god Darkseid. General Zod had gone to the planet Apokolips and
led an assault against the evil overlord himself. The assault had been
unsuccessful but General Zod had killed hundreds of thousands of Darkseid's
people, in retaliation for the deaths of men, women and children from his
world. The Military High Command didn't like Zod's tactics but he was very
popular with the people. Which is why many sided with him when he went up
against the government. It's too bad that their revolution had been
unsuccessful, due to Jor-El and his meddling. The damn scientist just
couldn't leave them alone. He had come, aided by government agents, to
apprehend Ursa and Zod. Ursa and Zod had been planning to steal a spaceship
and escape to another world with their allies, Nam-Ek, Aethyr and their
faithful machine Brainiac. Unfortunately, things hadn't gone as planned.

Ursa the Warrior had gone after Jor-El. The warrior woman fought the
scientist and he used one of his damn devices to kill her, before trapping
her essence inside one of his receptacles. It was tragic. General Zod had
left the Spaceship and rushed toward Jor-El, to avenge the woman he loved.
But not even Zod could take down the small army that Jor-El had on his side.
He went down fighting.

General Zod kissed Lady Ursa. He picked up in his arms and took to the air,
flying effortlessly. Ursa put her arms around him and they flew far above
the city, toward the mountains. They descended upon a quiet spot, and there,
they made love. Ursa lay on the soft grass, and removed the black leather
bodysuit she liked to wear. Zod looked at her, smiling. She was amazing. He
had never met a woman like her. He had chosen well. A great fighter, a loving
woman and a fiercely loyal companion, all rolled into one. How many men dare
dream of such luck?

Ursa put her arms around General Zod. He kissed her neck, and she caressed
his face, his chest, and his torso. His new body was slender and muscular.
She found him very sexy. He couldn't seem to resist her new form any more
than he could resist her old one, back on Krypton. He had told her that the
bodies they inhabited once belonged to humans who loved one another. Maybe
that was why they felt such a strong connection to each other. One as strong
as the one they shared on Krypton. As he caressed her, she reached for his
member. She had been glad to discover that her husband's new host body was
as well-endowed in that department as his old one had been. General Zod was
a strong, masculine and virile man. No matter what world he set foot in.

Ursa looked into the eyes of the man she loved. She wanted to feel him
inside her. Zod smiled. He knew what she wanted. They had been together for
centuries, keeping each other sane while they were bodiless spirits inside
the Phantom Zone. Now, they could feel. They could touch. And longed to
touch. Zod slid his member into his wife and she wrapped her legs around
him, welcoming his hard prick inside her womanhood. They made love like
this, passionately. He thrust into her, and she cried out his name. Ursa
looked at her man and urged him to fuck her hard, just the way she liked it.
He slammed his cock inside her, almost maddened with the desire to possess.
He was fucking her hard and she was loving every minute of it. They fucked
like this for hours, relying upon inhuman stamina to continue.

They tried different positions. Zod lay flat on the soft grass while Ursa
sucked his cock. He was thrusting his manhood into her lovely mouth and
she sucked him, loving the pleasure that she was bringing him. Zod gently
caressed her hair. Ursa would have smiled if she could. The immensely
powerful Zod could be so gentle when he wanted to be. She sucked him off
and got him hard, then drank his cum when he finally erupted in her mouth.
She drank his seed, until he was dry. He then pulled her into his arms and
put her on top of him. Ursa straddled him and he thrust into her. She felt
his cock deep inside her and smiled, loving the feel of him. He put his
hands on her hips and slammed it good into her. Ursa screamed in delight.
While they fucked like this, a deliciously wicked idea came into her brain.
Something she hadn't done in a while. She told him. Zod smiled. He was all
too willing to try it. They changed positions. Ursa got on all fours and
General Zod took her from behind. He slid his cock into her asshole, and
began fucking her. Ursa gasped in pleasure when she felt her man's cock in
her back door. This had been a favorite style of sex for both of them back
on Krypton. He was pumping his cock into her tight asshole and she was
loving it. They sucked and fucked the night away.

The next morning, Ursa woke up in General Zod's arms. She smiled and gave
him a kiss. He smiled and kissed her back. Both of them lay there, naked.
A master of the universe and his second-in-command, entwined in love. Ursa
rose and walked toward the water. General Zod looked at his lovely wife as
she walked, nude, to the river. She was so lovely. He felt a familiar stir.
Oh, yes. He wanted her again. Ursa turned around, knowing what he must be
thinking. Grinning, he went to her. They made love on the riverbank.


The Kryptonian female known as Aethyr woke up. It was just another morning
in the city of Metropolis. The city they had effortlessly brought down. She
looked at her mate Nam-Ek, who was still asleep. She looked lusciously at
his dark-skinned masculine form. He was a handsome black man. Such a contrast
to her. She was tall, white-skinned and dark-haired. Back on Krypton, male
beings with his skin coloration had been rare but considered a great prize
for any female to mate with. She had fallen in love with him. And he was
hers. When he asked her to join him in service to General Zod, she did not
hesitate. Wherever he went, she would go. They were mates and their bond was
for life.

Nam-Ek stirred. Aethyr smiled and gently kissed his lips. Her hand went for
his groin, and she felt his hard cock. Oh, he was hard. She wanted him so
badly. He looked at her, and she knew he wanted her too. She climbed on top
of him, impaling herself on his manhood. Nam-Ek smiled. He didn't mind when
his woman took the initiative sexually. He put his hands on her hips and
thrust into her. Aethyr let herself be rocked by his thrusts. She was loving
every minute of it. He was slamming it into her. She rode him for all he was

They tried different positions. First, she was riding him like a cowboy on a
steed. Then, she was lying on her back with her legs spread. He was thrusting
her with all the vigor he could muster. Aethyr smiled and simply let herself
go. She had never forgotten how great a lover Nam-Ek was and while on earth,
his abilities had increased geometrically across the board. After he got done
fucking her, she tried something he liked. There was nothing he liked more
than giving it to her in the back. So, she climbed on top of him and lowered
herself onto his member. This time, she took his cock in her hand and rubbed
it against her tight little asshole.

Nam-Ek smiled at her. Aethyr smiled back. What a woman ! She definitely knew
what he liked. He fucked her good. He slid his cock into her back door, and
she squealed in delight as he began pumping it in and out of her hole. Aethyr
closed her eyes and put her hands on his shoulders for support. They went at
it like this for a long time, until he finally came. He shot his load up her
ass. Aethyr screamed in pleasure. Nam-Ek held her in his arms. He loved this
woman. On top of being a great fighter and companion, she was also the best
lay he'd ever had.


Chloe Sullivan woke up. She rose from the dirty basement floor where she had
spent the night. She felt tired, and hungry. She would have to look for food.
Yes, she needed to know what was going on in the city before she could
complete her mission. There were people out there who needed her help. Many
of the Metropolitans had become thugs but she knew there had been to be
ordinary men, women and children out there who only wanted to survive. Not
everyone was a looter armed to the teeth stalking the landscape for prey.
Clark Kent wouldn't turn his back on people who needed his help. Neither
would she.

Chloe Sullivan walked across the street and looked for any store that might
have been spared by looters. There weren't any. She heard some screams,
though. She walked in the direction of the screams. They led her to a blind
alley. A man and two teenagers, a boy and a girl, had their backs to the
wall. They were recoiling before a group of thugs. Seven guys and four girls
who appeared to be in their twenties. They had baseball bats and knives.
Chloe grimaced. She wasn't about to let anything happen to the man or his
kids. Not if she had anything to say about it. Once more, Chloe unleashed
her inner demigod. The strength of Hercules made short work of the gang.
Chloe stood over them. All seven were unconscious. Knocked out by Herculean

She looked at the man and teens. They looked at her, surprised. Chloe smiled.
They recoiled. "It's okay," she said. "My name is Chloe and I mean you no

The man looked at her. "How did you do that?"

The boy who stood next to him looked Chloe up and down. "She's a superhero,
daddy, like the X-Men!"

Chloe smiled. "Hey, kid. I would never wear tights." She looked at the man.
"I took care of those punks," she said. "You are free to go."

The man looked at her. Then, he and the teens stepped forward. "My name is
Thomas," he said. "This is my son Liam and my daughter Clarice, we're from
New York."

Chloe shook his hand. "Welcome to Metropolis," she said. "City used to look
better." She smiled.

Thomas looked at her. "Is my son right? Are you a superhero?"

Chloe shook her head. "Just someone trying to help," she said. "Call me
Chloe." The teenagers smiled. Chloe stared at them. Thomas was tall and slim,
with brown hair and gray eyes. He appeared to be forty. The teenagers were
both tall and blond, with gray eyes. They looked like twins. "What brings you
to Metropolis?" she asked.

"They say that there's all kinds of strange things happening," Thomas said.
"People talking about machines flying all over the place, shooting people and
burning places down. Also, rumors of people who can do stuff like comic book
superheroes, except they're not nice at all." He paused. "Their leader is a
rich bald guy."

Chloe blinked. If what he was saying was right, then her worst fears had
come true. General Zod had already begun to take over the earth and he was
letting Milton Fine's machines do his dirty work. She sighed. How she wished
Clark were here. Together, they might be able to stop General Zod and his
Kryptonians. Alone, even with the power of Hercules, she wasn't too sure.
She was alone. Well, not alone, technically (she shared her body with the
spirit of a Greek demigod) but still alone nonetheless.

Just then, her stomach grumbled. "You're hungry," said Clarice. "Have some
of my food." She handed Chloe a can of sardines and a small knife.

Chloe took them. "Thanks."

Thomas looked at her. "We're looking for a new spot to spend the night and
maybe find some food. You're welcome to come with us."

Chloe looked at the man and his children. She smiled. Maybe there were some
decent souls still on earth. "Thank you," she said.

The four of them walked through the streets of what was once the lively city
of Metropolis. Chloe Sullivan headed deeper into town. She didn't know what
she was going to do yet but somehow, she'd figure something out. Yes. She
would find a way to defeat General Zod and the Kryptonians and finally, free
Clark Kent. Briefly, she looked heavenward and said a silent prayer. Clark,
she thought. I love you, babe. I'm coming to get you. She clutched the
picture in the locket which hung around her neck.

"Who is this?" Clarice asked.

Chloe Sullivan looked at the twins, and their father. A long time ago, she
wouldn't have known what to say. What was she to Clark Kent? Best friend?
Gal pal? Keeper of his sanity? Confidante? She was all of these things, yet
longed to be more.

"The love of my life," she said proudly.

Thomas smiled. So did Clarice. Liam raised his eyebrows. They made their way
deeper into the city, eager to find food and shelter before it got dark.

To be continued...


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