Hercules: Secret Lives Of Heroes (FF,FFF,MFFF,M-mast,inc,voy)
by The Fan ([email protected])


Zeus, the king of the gods, rules the world from Mount Olympus. He shares
power with his brothers, Poseidon the Sea god and Hades, god of the
Underworld. Zeus is married to Hera, the Queen of the gods. Like a lot of
people, Zeus likes to fool around.

His affairs have produced many children. From his wife, he sired Ares, the
god of War, Hephaestus, god of the Forge and Hebe, goddess of Youth. By the
goddess Leto, he fathered Apollo, the god of the Sun and Artemis, goddess of
the Hunt. By the goddess Themis, he sired Endymion, god of the Wilderness and
Peleus, god of the Mountains. He also fathered Athena, the goddess of Wisdom
and Hermes, god of Speed. He is father to Aphrodite, goddess of Love and
Portunus, god of Harbors. His other children are Vertumnus, god of the
Seasons and Persephone, consort of Hades and goddess of the Underworld. Zeus
had an affair with a goddess named Selene and fathered Dionysus, god of Wine
through their union. The children of Zeus make up the Olympian gods and

The other gods also had children. Poseidon and the goddess Amphitrite had
several children. Triton, god of marine animals and Proteus, god of the Waves
are among their children. Two of Poseidon's most powerful children is Hecate,
the goddess of Vengeance and Erinnyes, goddess of Justice. Aegeus, god of
rivers is also a son of Poseidon, as is Alpheus, a minor river god. Hades,
god of the Underworld had a single offspring, Thanatos, god of Death.

Zeus and his brethren ruled the world. From Mount Olympus, it looked like
nothing could ever touch them. They were the most numerous and organized band
of gods. They were also the mightiest. Zeus wielded the lightning and thunder
and seemed invincible. All the gods bowed to him. But no one is invincible.
Not even the largest and most powerful united band of gods and goddesses in
existence. There was an enemy that even the most powerful beings in the
universe had to watch out for.

Zeus continued to rule and affect the gods and the humans alike. He took
women and goddesses as he chose and had his affairs. The gods continued to
meddle in the affairs of ordinary men and women. They pitted men against
monsters. They also pitted men and women against each other. It was a long
twisted game and all the gods liked to play it. Humanity feared the gods
with reason and respected them for what they were.


But one day that would change...

Zeus went to the city of Thebes and seduced a young woman named Alcmene.
She was the wife of Amphitryon, a prince of Thebes. He left her with child.
Alcmene would later give birth to a son. A son she would call Hercules. This
son of Zeus and Alcmene would grow up to do great things. He was gifted with
a strange and fascinating power. A powerful force inhabited his human body.
The same force that the gods were basically made of. He had some of their
power. This power manifested itself in fantastic physical strength. The son
of Zeus had the strength of twenty men before he could talk. His strength
continued to increase as he grew up.

Hercules was different from other people. Not that he looked like it. He
was six feet two inches tall, lean, with black hair and blue eyes. He was a
ruggedly handsome man. Yet he was different.

He was neither human nor a god but somewhere in between. A strange mix of
mortal and divine. He went to learn the arts of war and peace from a centaur
named Cheiron. Cheiron was a son of Poseidon and had been blessed with the
gift of immortality and great wisdom. Cheiron also taught to a young man
named Jason and Iolaus.

Jason was a prince of Colchides whose father was deceased and his uncle
Pelias had taken the throne. Pelias agreed to give up the throne if Jason
were to fetch the Golden Fleece from a distant land. The Golden Fleece was
a fabled treasure. Jason bought a ship called the Argo and asked other young
men to help him win the Fleece and become the new king of Colchides. These
young men, called Argonauts went on the journey with him by sea. Hercules
and Iolaus were among them. They went on the Journey and fought monsters,
cannibals, a wicked witch and all sorts of dangers before stealing the

Jason returned to the land of Colchides and there a struggle ensued between
the Argonauts and the people loyal to Pelias, who refused to give up the
throne. Pelias was de-throned. Jason became the new king of Colchides and
married Medea, a young woman with magical powers who helped him during his

Hercules once wanted to be a leader but he had seen what power could do to
otherwise good men and women: It brought out the worst in them. Hercules and
his new friend Iolaus became heroes. They went on many adventures to protect
the people of the world. Hercules killed the Hydra, a snake-like monster
with twelve heads. He also killed the Nemean Lion, a beast whose body was
invulnerable. He fought the Giant Anteus, and won. He took on Alpheus, a
river god who was abducting people for sinister purposes. This was the first
time Hercules had come face to face with a god. Alpheus had a power Hercules
had never seen before. Divine power. They fought all day and all night.
Finally, Alpheus dashed off. He swore to get revenge on Hercules.

Hercules fought Diomedes, the king of Thrace. Diomedes had a habit of feeding
people to his flesh-eating wild horses. Hercules killed him. He also fought
Cacus, a Giant from the land of Norma. Hercules fought Augias, a king of
Lerna who burned at the stake anyone who displeased him. Hercules dragged him
to the stake and set him on fire himself. Hercules became famous. He was a
hero and a conqueror.

He traveled from place to place. He killed a dragon named Dracchus in the
island of Crete. He got in a brawl with the shapeshifting monster known as
Phaedra. Phaedra liked to eat people. She would assume the form of a
beautiful woman and lure men to her cave where she proceeded to devour them.
Hercules killed Phaedra and buried her bones in her own cave. The people of
Greece came to respect Hercules for his bravery and nobility. He put his
strength to good use, helping the ordinary men and women around him. He never
hurt an innocent man or woman but punished the guilty with fervor. Kings and
queens wanted to enlist his services but he refused. He was a wandering hero,
and his faithful Iolaus followed him wherever he went.

All this did not escape the attention of the gods of Olympus. Alpheus wanted
to kill Hercules but the king of the gods had a special plan in mind for his
son, so he would not let any god or goddess do him any harm. The Olympians
did not always listen to what Zeus said. Some of them were overtly
rebellious. Apollo, god of the Sun had set a man's fields on fire because the
man failed to give him his goats in a religious offering. The man was afraid
of a vengeful god and called upon Hercules for help. Hercules had never faced
one of the great gods before. This was not the wily, meek Alpheus but a
formidable new foe. Apollo was tall, dark and handsome. He also wielded power
over the sun itself.

Hercules challenged Apollo. Apollo came from the skies in a chariot pulled by
winged horses. He descended upon the field, clothed in a glowing armor. He
looked at Hercules, the young man who challenged him. The god of the Sun knew
who Hercules was but had never met him before. Things turned for the worst
when they insulted each other and Apollo drew his bow and quiver of arrows.
Hercules charged him with a large club and smashed his bow. They fought for
awhile. Hercules's raw strength enabled him to survive the Olympian's magical
blasts and deadly arrows. The same force that inhabited Apollo and made him
eternally strong, young and utterly invincible also inhabited Hercules,
though to a lesser extent. The fight between the Sun god and the Strongman
went for awhile, then ended when lightning fell between them. The lightning
bolt had been thrown by Zeus, the Thunderer himself. The King of the gods did
not approve of his sons fighting among themselves.

The fight ceased. Apollo dashed off, seething with anger. He wanted to
continue the fight until Hercules was dead or he was vanquished. This meeting
with a powerful god and coming so close to his death scared the hell out of
Hercules. He decided he needed a break.

"Does that mean we have to give up the fight?" asked Iolaus.

Hercules looked at the tall, slim, red-haired young man he had called friend
for years. "I just need a break." he said simply.


Hercules decided to return to Thebes. He was tired of the life of adventure
and fame. He just wanted to be an ordinary guy, at least for awhile. He
returned to his home. His mother was glad to see him, as was his stepfather
Amphitryon. He was also glad to see his half brother Iphicles. Iphicles had
married a woman named Megara while Hercules was gone. Hercules looked at
Megara, and she smiled at him. She stood five foot eight, slender, with
short black hair and dark green eyes. Her skin was very pale. Hercules was
surprised to learn that his brother had married. Iphicles had always been
'different'. He had a thing for boys. Exclusively.

Iphicles married Megara just for show. No one knew that Iphicles was a
homosexual. It wasn't frowned upon, at least not that much. In those days,
a homosexual or bisexual man was expected to marry a woman and have children,
just like a heterosexual man was. A woman, whether heterosexual, bisexual or
lesbian was supposed to marry as well. There were the unwritten rules of
society, after all. Iphicles and Megara had been married for five years and
Hercules was willing to bet that not once had Iphicles had sexual relations
with her. He was too busy chasing the handsome gardener named Hector. Megara
was a young woman without a sex life. Iphicles did not even bother to be
decent to her, he just ignored her completely. He had his affairs with boys
and men and that was that. Megara was a very lonely woman. Thankfully,
Hercules came to her rescue....or so he thought.

One night, he went by Megara's room and what he saw surprised him....

Megara was there with a lady friend. The other woman was tall and plump, with
blond hair. She was somewhat attractive. Hercules recognized her as Nadia,
Megara's close friend. The two women lay in bed. There were bottles of wine
around. They were completely naked. Hercules looked at Nadia. The big woman
massaged Megara's shoulders and back. It was so tender and erotic. She
caressed Megara's buttocks and waist and went back to her neck. Megara turned
on her back and Nadia proceeded to kiss her on the lips. Megara put her arms
around her lover.

"You are so beautiful." egara said.

"Liar." Nadia laughed as she kissed Megara's neck and licked her way down to
her breasts. She sucked them, caressing the perky tits and tracing a path
down to her belly. She parted Megara's legs and began to lap at her pussy.
Megara closed her eyes and gripped Nadia's head.

Hercules watched the two women as they made love. Nadia eating Megara out,
then Megara returning the favor, using her fingers and tongue to bring her
voluptuous lover to ecstacy. Megara producing a phallic object and oiling
it up before inserting inside Nadia's anus. Hercules watched as Megara
drove the makeshift phallus in and out of Nadia's ass. The big woman moaned
and cried out in pleasure and pain as her ass was penetrated. Megara kept
the phallus inside Nadia, then went underneath the big woman to lap at her

Hercules watched this with interest and got the surprise of his life when he
saw his mother, the fifty-year old Alcmene stroll into the room, her aged
yet beautiful body buck naked as she joined the younger women's lovemaking
session. Alcmene knelt before Nadia and the big woman began to lick Alcmene's
pussy. She licked it, then stuck her fingers inside, turning them around and
playing with the older woman's pussy. Hercules shuddered when he heard his
mother scream in pleasure. In spite of himself, he was hard. Rock hard.

He stroke his cock, watching as the women went at it. The young women turned
on Alcmene. They kissed her and caressed every inch of her body. Then, they
took her. Nadia sucked her tits while Megara ate her pussy. Megara had her
pussy eaten by Alcmene's eager tongue while Nadia first tongued, then fucked
Megara's ass with the well-oiled wooden phallus.

Hercules was watching all this and stroking furiously. He was sweating
heavily. He tried to get closer to see what was happening. He bumped into
something, and fell...into the room. Hercules fell on the floor and found
himself looking at three beautiful women coitally engaged. He was excited
as hell. It didn't matter that one of them was his mother.

"OH, what do we have here?" said Megara.

"It's the wonder-boy, Hercules." said Nadia.

Alcmene looked at her son. "Don't just stand there, son." she said with a
smile. The three of them looked at him.

"Can he join in?" asked Nadia.

"Sure." said Alcmene.

Hercules hesitated, briefly. Then, his clothes were on the floor. Hercules
looked at Megara as she took his cock into her mouth. He felt that warm
mouth, so soft around his hard cock and groaned in pleasure. He looked at
his mother, who was on her hands and knees, her asscheeks spread wide apart
while Nadia positioned herself behind the older woman and drove the wooden
phallus into her ass while fingering her pussy. Hercules relaxed as Megara
sucked his cock, then he came all over her pretty face. He made her get on
her hands and knees and positioned himself behind her. He rubbed his erect
cock against her pink little asshole.

"Do you want it?" he asked, teasing.

"Yes, I want your big cock up my ass, hero." Megara purred.

Hercules took some oil and rubbed it on his cock. He also rubbed it on
Megara's asshole. He entered her ass, slowly. Inch by inch he went. Megara's
hands kept her asscheeks spread apart as he went inside her. He began to
fuck her gently, going in and out. Megara grunted. She had things inside her
before but never as big as Hercules's big cock. He went into her, plowing
deep into her anal cavity. His roaming cock plundered her depths and she
screamed. Hercules firmly held her by the hips and began to thrust deep and
hard into her, going where nothing had gone before. He felt a rush in his
loins and came inside her, shooting his load and filling her up where the sun
don't shine. Megara's passion-filled scream filled the room.

Hercules pulled out of Megara and the young woman lay on the floor looking at
him. Alcmene came and without hesitation took Hercules's cock in her mouth.
Hercules hesitated, briefly. This was his mother. But damn was she gorgeous!
He thought about that as she sucked him off. When he was ready to cum, she
stopped sucking him and guided his cock to Nadia, who had come and had
her asscheeks spread, waiting for him. Hercules rubbed his cock against
Nadia's ass. Nadia was a big, beautiful woman. Her body was full, plump yet
still sexy as hell. Her butt was big and round and totally inviting. He
entered her lubricated asshole, slowly. He fucked her, hard.

For the second time that night, Hercules fucked and came inside a woman's
ass. He had just come in Nadia's ass when Alcmene took his cock into her
mouth. She sucked him until he was hard, looking at him the whole time.
Then, she straddled him. She lowered herself onto his cock until his hard,
erect cock was sheathed deep in her pussy. Then, she began bouncing up and
down on his cock and he held her by her wide hips, thrusting hard and fast
into his mother. "Oh, yes. Fuck me!" Alcmene said.

Hercules saw that Megara and Nadia were happily doing a sixty nine, eating
each other out. He humped Alcmene. She leaned over as he fucked her and he
suckled on her tits. His fingers toyed with her asshole. Alcmene shuddered,
loving the deliciously hot pain as her own son's cock raged inside her. He
soon came, sending hot cum deep inside her.

"Oh!" was all she could say before she practically collapsed in Hercules's


The four of them lay in bed together. Hercules was curious about these
late-night meetings the ladies were having. Megara admitted to being
attracted to women and on occasion, to men. So did Nadia, whose husband
Philoctetes was dead. He left her with two sons and a household to look
after. Alcmene had discovered that she was attracted to women late in
life. She also admitted to her son that she often fantasized about him
but never acted on it. She said that the wine and support from her young
lady friends helped her act out on her feelings. Feelings she had long
repressed. Hercules admitted to occasionally thinking of her in less
than appropriate ways but figured it was okay since he thought he never
was going to act on these feelings.

"Well, now they have been acted upon." said Alcmene as she took Hercules's
big hand in hers.

"I am glad." he said.

Hercules and Alcmene kissed. Nadia and Megara looked on, and smiled. They
spent the night together, promising to make this a regular event.

Hercules went hunting with his best friend Iolaus the next day. He told
Iolaus about the wild night he had. Sex with three beautiful women in every
way imaginable. The sort of night many men dreamed about. Iolaus listened as
Hercules talked. Iolaus looked at Hercules, and hesitated.

"I have something to confess." said Iolaus.

Hercules looked at him. "Go ahead, man. What is it?" he asked.

Iolaus looked at Hercules. "In my life, I have often felt atttracted to both
men and women." Hercules said nothing. "I hid my feelings because I never
thought people could accept me for who I am."

Hercules looked at Iolaus. The young man looked so sad. "I care about you,
Iolaus. That won't change."

Iolaus looked at Hercules and in a rare emotional moment, the two men hugged.
They spent the rest of the afternoon talking.


Hercules's affairs with Nadia resulted into a son, Hyllus. Hercules
acknowledged that Hyllus was his son and Hyllus was given all the titles and
privileges that come with one born into one of the noble houses of Thebes.
Iolaus married a young woman named Lutecia and had a daughter by her, Kara.
Lutecia died shortly after the birth of Kara. Hercules reinforced the Theban
military system and became the commander in chief of the Theban armies,
directly beneath the king. Hercules was also awarded a prize, the Golden
Circlet of Honor, given to him by the king himself. Hercules picked up his
prize with his son, Hyllus and his partner, Iolaus. That day, Hercules,
considered one of the mightiest men ever to walk the earth came out to the
world about his bisexuality. He resides in a house which he shares with his
partner, Iolaus, his son Hyllus and Hyllus's mother Nadia. Hercules's example
inspired many Theban men and women to come out as gay or bisexual.

This is one of the reasons why Hercules is remembered as one of the greatest
heroes of all time.

The End


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