Hercules - The Legendary Journeys: Saints And Sinners (MF,MM,cons,nc-cons)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Hercules and Iolaus were on the road to Calydon. They had been on the road
for many days. The two men were best friends and adventurers. They wandered
around Greece and sometimes in other lands, helping people. Hercules was the
son of Zeus, King of the Gods. He had a fantastic physical strength. Iolaus
was his best pal, an ordinary man who lent his numerous skills to the
enterprise of helping people and saving lives. The two men had a very special
friendship. Unbeknownst to the world was the exact extent of that friendship.

They were tired that night. They decided to camp in a clearing in the woods.
Hercules went hunting and caught a rabbit. Iolaus made camp, built a fire and
cooked it. The two best friends ate together and then talked for hours about
stuff. They were sated. But they had other needs... Hercules and Iolaus lay
next to each other on the camp cloth. They looked at each other. Iolaus had
a mischievous gleam in his eyes. Hercules knew that gleam and, chuckling,
they snuggled closer to each other.


Hercules kissed Iolaus and the two men slowly undressed each other. Iolaus
paused to admire Hercules's muscled body. They kissed and frolicked until
Hercules lay on the floor, looking at the handsome man who was about to
service him. Iolaus took Hercules's cock in his mouth and Hercules closed
his eyes, trying to enjoy what Iolaus had in store for him. Iolaus took his
sweet time to lick and suck Hercules 's cock until the other man was rock

Then, Hercules lay on his back, his legs held by Iolaus's strong hands and
his ass exposed. When Iolaus's tremendous ballooned shaft began to poke at
his anus, Hercules let out a breath and relaxed and rocked back to meet
his lover's thrust. Oouhh, it hurt going in, but Iolaus stopped pushing and
let Hercules's ass adjust to the size. Slowly he began to add pressure and
it began to slide in deeper and Hercules could feel every ridge of his
blood-engorged veins as they rippled inside his ass. Iolaus fucked Hercules,
hard. Hercules grunted as Iolaus fucked him in the ass. Hercules stroked his
own cock, grunting as Iolaus's hard tool rammed into his ass. Finally, he
saw Iolaus shudder and felt hot cum shooting inside his ass. Hercules stroked
his cock rapidly and came, shooting his load and sending cum all over his
chest. Iolaus pulled out of Hercules's ass with a soft pop and then came to
suck Hercules's cock.

Then, Iolaus got on top of Hercules and Hercules's big strong cock entered
Iolaus's ass. Iolaus began bouncing up and down on Hercules's cock. Hercules
held Iolaus with his super strong hands and the other man gasped when
Hercules's hard dick thrust all the way to his bowels. Hercules humped
Iolaus's ass for several more minutes before he came. Iolaus screamed in
pain and pleasure as Hercules's cum filled his ass. The two friends kissed
then went to bed.


The next day, they went to a village. It was a small village with only a few
hundred souls. Hercules was famous and of course no one recognized Iolaus.
The two heroes received a free meal from a benevolent farmer. Hercules was
eating and drinking while his buddy entertained the farmers with tales of his
exploits. Hercules was not in a festive mood tonight. He quietly walked out.
He did not notice someone following him. He of course heard a sound and
turned. It was the farmer's daughter. What was her name? He asked her.

Her name was Nuza. Nuza was a girl with red hair, brown eyes and a freckled
face. She was slightly plump and not a day over seventeen. "Tell me of your
adventures, Hercules." she asked.

He told her. They sat down on a bench not far from the farm where she lived
and he told her tales of battling demons and monsters. She was amazed. He
was glad to speak to her. They spoke for hours. It had been awhile since he
really talked to anyone besides Iolaus. When he got tired, she offered to
take him to bed. He did not refuse.

Hercules came to Nuza's bed. It was a simple bed. He looked into her eyes
and she into his. They kissed. Hercules slowly undressed her. She was eager
to get him out of his clothes. They stood, naked. He ran his hands over her
body and she ran hers over his, tracing a line over him. He kissed her and
caressed her neck, her breasts and her butt. He grasped her buttocks with
his firm hands. She reached and touched his cock, holding the massive cock
in her hands. She knelt and began to suck his cock religiously. He ran his
hand over her fiery red hair. Nuza sucked Hercules's cock, teading with her
tongue then sucking and caressing. When she was done, Hercules took her into
his arms. "Do you accept me?" he asked.

Nuza didn't hesitate. "yes."

He held her in his arms and lowered her onto his massive cock. Nuza gasped
a little when Hercules's cock entered her pussy. She adjusted to his size
quickly and, gripping his shoulders for support began to bounce up and down
on his cock. Hercules fucked her, hard. He hadn't been with a woman in a
long time. His best friend and sometime lover Iolaus was exclusively into
men and only pretended to like women sometimes not to arouse suspicion but
Hercules really did enjoy fucking a fine lady like there was no tomorrow.
Nuza's pussy was tight, since she was young. He lay her on the soft bed,
pulling her legs apart to gain greater access. She embraced him, welcoming
him in her as he fucked her pussy. Her slender hands pinched his perfect
butt and he suddenly felt his pleasure about to erupt. Almost instantly, he
came. His cum shot inside her, filling her with hot jizz. She crossed her
legs behind his back, causing him to go deeper into her. He continued to
fuck her until they lay exhausted in each other's arms.


Hercules and Iolaus were back on the road. They had been walking for hours,
without a break anywhere in sight. Imagine their surprise when they saw
something very odd.

A centaur. A creature that was half man and half horse. It had the head and
torse of a man but everything else was horse. It was like a horse's head and
neck had been severed and a man's head and upper body had replaced it.
Centaurs were a strange breed. Hercules had fought them before. He recognized
this centaur. His name was Pholus. Pholus was one of a few centaurs who were
not hostile to all human beings.

Pholus was not alone. There were people with him. A tall woman clad in a
warrior's outfit and carrying a large sword. She was beautiful and
fierce-looking. The unmistakable Xena. There was another woman. Shorter than
the first, only with blonde hair. Gabrielle. Xena's best friend. Hercules and
Xena had met a long time ago and had been everything from enemies to allies
to friends to lovers and back to being friends. Xena the Warrior Princess
dedicated her time to helping people in need.

"Hi, guys," said Hercules. Xena looked at him and smiled. He walked up to her
and they shook hands.

"Long time no see," said Xena.

Hercules grinned. He shook hands with Gabrielle and nodded respectfully at

"Hey, Herc." said Gabrielle.

Hercules hugged Gabrielle and then shook Pholus's hand. "How have you been,
guy?" Hercules asked.

"Oh, around," said Pholus.

Iolaus saluted everyone. He brightened when he saw Gabrielle. She was one of
a few women who sometimes made him wish he was straight.

The small group of heroes decided to travel together. Turns out they were all
going to Calydon.

When night fell, Hercules decided to go hunting and Xena offered to come
along. Gabrielle and Iolaus stayed by the fire and Pholus went on to pasture.

Hercules and Xena walked around, until they were out of sight and earshot of
their friends. Xena suddenly grabbed Hercules's arm. "I've missed you," she

Hercules looked at her, looking so beautiful and powerful in her armor and
battle dress. "I've missed you more," he said.

Xena grinned and threw herself into Hercules's arms. Hercules kissed her,
amazed by the fierce need her body language spoke of. They undressed quickly.
Xena didn't fool around. She took Hercules's cock out of his pants and sucked
it greedily. Then, they did a sixty nine. She sucked his cock while he ate
her pussy and fingered her asshole. Soon, she wanted to be fucked. She lay on
the grass, completely naked and looking lovely in the dark. He took her right
then and there, taking hold of her hips with his strong hands and shoving his
cock inside her. Xena grunted as he fucked her, going in hard and fast. He
knew her tastes. He fucked her hard at first then steadily slowed down,
slowly fucking her. He knew this was a delicious torture for her.

"Fuck me harder, Hercules!" Xena begged. Hercules obliged, fucking her harder
and faster. Xena's cunt was warm and moist, her strikingly beautiful body
slick with sweat. Her nails dug into his shoulders and he felt that he was
ready to explode. "So cum," she said.

And come he did, shooting his load deep inside her. Xena's scream of pleasure
could be heard miles around.

* * *

Iolaus and Gabrielle sat by the campfire. Once, they had been great friends
and even had a romance which ended when Iolaus realized he was exclusively
attracted to men. He stopped being interested in her, at least romantically.
But they remained good friends. He liked talking to her as often as he could.

They lay in bed, two platonic friends sharing stories. The tales of Xena's
adventures were as fascinating as Hercules's. "Why do we love those two?"
Iolaus wondered aloud.

Gabrielle grinned. They had a lot in common. Both were the sidekicks of
world-famous heroes. "They are so different from us," Gabrielle said.

Iolaus nodded in agreement and they both laughed. Hercules and Xena were so
much alike. Iolaus loved Hercules but knew the legendary son of Zeus was a
closeted bisexual who could never settle down with anyone. Xena was the same
way. She slept with a lot of guys and on occasion made love to Gabrielle but
refused to acknowledge they were a couple. Xena kept running back to men
because where she had been raised, she was taught that certain sexual
practices were wrong. The same with Hercules. He had an endless list of
girlfriends and conquests.

Iolaus soon fell asleep. Gabrielle watched him. She had a strong attraction
to women most of the time. Iolaus was one of those few men she felt anything
for. She was tired of her affairs with Xena and her brief relationships with
closeted lesbian or bisexual women who were married to men and had children
and families and would never embrace "the life." She looked at Iolaus. He
was so handsome, and rugged as well.

She had an idea. She took something out of her bag. It was a new device
called a strap on dildo. It had been made by the lesbian writer Sappho back
in the aptly named Island of Lesbos. The Strap on Dildo was a sexual device
made by a woman to satisfy women. She had an idea. Slowly, she undressed
Iolaus. She used some rope to tie his arms and legs. Then, she took his cock
in her mouth and began to suck it. She took some oil she carried in a
waterproof sack and used it to oil up the dildo and then put some on Iolaus's
ass. He was still asleep. She sucked his cock, watching it get hard. Then,
she slowly parted the sleeping man's assscheeks and entered his ass. The
sleek dildo went in. She went in slowly, inch by inch. She had used the dildo
on Xena before and knew what pleasures it could bring.

She saw Iolaus stir, and shoved the dildo inside. Iolaus gasped. His eyes
went wide. He looked at her, a beautiful blonde woman with a dildo strapped
around her waist. Gabrielle didn't hesitate. With one hand, she gripped
Iolaus's cock and stroked it. She shoved the dildo deeper into his asshole.
He gasped. "Did I hurt you?" she asked.

Iolaus didn't say anything, and just looked at her as she fucked his ass with
the dildo. She stroked his cock rapidly, and even leaned in for a kiss. To
her surprise, he returned her kiss. "Do you like what I'm doing to you,
Iolaus?" she asked.

He nodded. Smiling, Gabrielle unstrapped the dildo and used one hand to shove
it in and out of Iolaus's ass while she sucked his cock. Soon, he was rock
hard and throbbing. "Close your eyes, Iolaus," she said.

He did. Gabrielle slowly got on top of him. She lowered herself onto his
member, wincing when Iolaus's rock hard cock was embedded in her pussy. She
bounced up and down on his hard cock, leaning back a little and planting her
hands on his knees for support. She felt Iolaus's cock, hard and red-hot
inside her. He soon came, in long hot spurts of cum deep inside her. Perhaps
the thousandth time Iolaus had sex but his first time with a woman.

Gabrielle unfastened Iolaus's bonds. She looked at him. He had a strange
expression on his face. Was he mad at her for what she did? She couldn't help
it. He was irresistible when he was asleep. She was about to say something
but he just ignored her, put his clothes back on and went to sleep. She
didn't dare say anything.

Hercules and Xena returned from the hunt. Surprisingly, they were
empty-handed and smiling like idiots. Iolaus and Gabrielle were strangely
quiet. When Pholus the Centaur returned, he was very surprised by the way
his companions behaved toward each other. Gabrielle was sad. Iolaus was
quiet. Hercules avoided Xena's eyes just as she looked at him expectantly.
Pholus sniffed the air. The disgusting smell of human sex. Ugh! Humans
were disgusting. He didn't like the way Iolaus kept glancing at his
fabulous horse-and-human anatomy, especially between his hind legs where
his truly massive monster cock was. Iolaus grinned at Pholus mischievously.
Pholus grinned back nervously. He was gonna sleep with one eye open tonight.

The End


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