Hercules - The Legendary Journeys: Olympus (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Mount Oepa, Greece.

There was a lot of noise in the air. The sound of thunder and lightning. In
the heavens was a fantastic battle.

A battle of powerful beings. Zeus, the Lord of Olympus was angry and the
skies themselves wept for the object of his wrath. He was facing someone who
was almost his equal in sheer might, his son Hercules. Originally, Hercules
was a demigod. The son of a god and a human. He had a strength greater than
that of a thousand men. He was a Hero, and a famous one at that. Recently,
Hercules achieved godhood status. He became one of the Olympians. Hercules
had become the God of Mercy. As a new god, Hercules did pretty much the same
things he did as a demigod. He helped people. That did not sit too well with
the rest of the Olympian gods. Already he had trouble with Hera, the Queen
of the Gods. Hera was defeated, thrown into the inescapable depths of

Hercules also had trouble with the gods Ares and Apollo.

Naturally, he defeated them since Zeus made him a lot more powerful than
any god or goddess on Olympus. In fact, the powers of the god Hercules were
inferior only to those of three gods in the entire world. Zeus, Poseidon and
Hades. The Three who ruled the world. Hercules had grown more arrogant as his
powers emerged. He saw himself as the savior of mankind and the rightful
ruler of earth. Zeus was not about to allow any god or goddess claim any part
of his domain. Thus, the dispute started. Zeus got angry and started hurling
thunderbolts at Hercules. Hercules may be an immortal now but Zeus's bolts
could do serious harm to even the most resilient deities. Hercules smashed
one of the pillars of the olympian palace and used to it to block Zeus's
lightning which bounced off and hit another god, one named Portunus, the god
of Harbors. The stricken god howled in pain, just as Hercules and Zeus took
to the air, taking their fight elsewhere.

"You cannot escape my wrath!" Zeus roared.

"I am not your servant, old man!" Hercules bellowed. He flew through the
skies and then downward. He caught a bunch of huge boulders and effortlessly
threw them at his pursuer. Zeus's lightning made short work of most of them,
pulverizing them in the air. Yet one boulder, easily the size of a hill
managed to hit Zeus. The King of the Gods flinched for an instant, then
reduced the boulder to ash with one lightning bolt.

"You will pay for this!" Zeus screamed.

"You can't get your filthy paws on me, old man!" Hercules laughed.

The fledgling god willed himself elsewhere, using the teleportation power all
gods possessed to go anywhere. Zeus followed suit, summoning more lightning
bolts as he pursued his rebellious son. Hercules waited for his father, then
unleashed a kinetic wave upon the ground, causing it to give way when Zeus
touched it. The Lord of Olympus fell through the cracks. Hercules laughed.
Zeus unleashed his power inside the earth, melting rocks and came flying out
of the hole in the ground, a vision of magnificence and wrath.

"Where are you, Hercules?" Zeus roared.

"Right here, old-timer," Hercules laughed. He summoned fire out of the air
using his divine gifts and unleashed a maelstrom of flames upon his heavenly
father. Zeus screamed as magical flames burned him. Of course, his body
healed instantly and his power formed a protective shield around him. He came
at Hercules, throwing lightning bolts like great big shiny knives. Hercules
staggered as a thunderbolt hit him in the chest. Any other god would have
been done but he wasn't just one of the gods. He was one of the High Powers,
in the same league as the Three. Or almost. He caused a wall of stone and
earth to erupt, separating him from his almighty attacker. Zeus's thunderbolt
made short work of the wall but it gave Hercules time to seize a huge
boulder, easily as big as a small mountain and crush Zeus with it. Zeus
transformed himself into pure electricty and fire, an awesome sight and
pulverized the stone. He came at Hercules like this, and for an instant
Hercules was awed. This demonstration of his father's power was quite

But he would be undone like this. He summoned several boulders and tossed
them at his father like missiles. Zeus' s raw power destroyed the hill-sized
rocks. But it slowed down the King of the Gods. Hercules dove into the earth,
using his fantastic strength to plow through hard rock and earth like a blade
through grass. He knew Zeus would follow him. He also knew that Zeus, albeit
one of the most powerful beings in the universe still had to obey certain of
its laws. Like, for example the fact that all gods had their strengths and
weaknesses. Zeus controlled thunder, lightning and the weather itself. He
mastered the storm and the wind. But inside the earth, his power would be
severely limited. He remembered tales of the difficulties Zeus and the other
gods faced eons ago when battling the brutish Titans and Gaia, the angry
Earth Mother.

Hercules continued to go deeper and deeper into the earth. He could feel his
powers draining. But he still had a lot of power. He was the god of Mercy and
the earth mother was merciful and nurturing, and thus fed him. He felt his
Olympian might recede and felt a new power inhabiting him. A power that
flowed through rocks and hills, through trees and grass and valleys and
hills. Inside every plant and inside the animals who fed on the plants and
the humans who fed on the animals. The all-encompassing Power of Mother
Earth. The Mindless Earth sensed his Olympian origin. It also sensed his pain
and anguish because, for all his godly might, he had been hurt by Zeus, the
sworn enemy of the earth. Hercules silently cried out for help, and sensing
his pain, Gaia the Earth Mother answered. She sent all of her might through
him. The power of Gaia was great, greater than all the gods combined. It was
too much for one being to handle but Hercules managed....temporarily. He
could sense the God of Thunder and Lightning approaching. He could sense that
Zeus's powers were waning deep inside the earth but the Lord of Olympus
relentlessly pursued him.

Zeus said, "Hercules, surrender and I will give you a quick death, prolong
this and Tartarus awaits!"

Hercules, full of Gaia's Power said, "It is you who shall die, Olympian!"
With that, he unleashed all the power of the Earth Mother upon the King of
the Gods with a single blow. Zeus saw the pure power coming at him, and knew
that his Son couldn't be the one to summon it. Too late he realized that his
son had help. Help from Zeus's eternal enemy, the Earth Mother!!!

The Power of the Earth Mother crushed Zeus, and at once he was gone. Blinked
out of existence. His body was pulverized. The lifeforce of Zeus, King of the
Gods flowed into the Earth, where all things come from and into which all
things return. Hercules stood over Zeus's slain body. The King of the Gods
was dead. Hercules felt a rumble begin all around him. The Earth Mother threw
him out of her Womb.

Hercules found himself standing on a patch of grass. He felt...strange. A
new power flowed through him. When he first became a god, he came to realize
he did not change that much. His body could never grow old or get sick. A
power flowed through him that enabled him to affect physical reality. His
senses sharpened and his strength and stamina increased dramatically. He
also gained many powers. But he did not change that much. He remained
Hercules. The Son of Zeus (former King of the Gods, recently deceased) and
Alcmene. But now, he different.

He realized he had lost his powers. All the powers of a god were gone.
Accelerated Healing. Energy Generation. Sharp Senses. Invisibility. Super
Strength. Super Speed. Flight. Teleportation. Pyrokinesis (creating fires
with one's mind).

But he had a new set of powers. He could.....feel. He could feel the grass
growing under his feet. He could feel the song of the earth as it nurtured
its animals and plants. He could feel plants and animals. He was discovering
that there was life in everything. Rocks. Plants. Animals. The Water. The
Skies. He touched a rock, and felt the Earth Mother speak to him. He could
feel it as it spoke to him of the hidden history of the world. The
Nothingness in the Beginning. The birth of the stars. The formation of
galaxies and universes. The birth of the warren called Earth. Mother Earth's
first brood, the ancient beings known as the Titans. Hercules saw them in
their glory. Gigantic humanoids. They were immortal and possessed unlimited
knowledge and power. The First children of the Earth. A Titan would sire the
first gods and goddesses. The Gods would destroy the Titans and take over
the world. Gaia viewed Zeus as responsible for the death of her First
children. She had yearned to destroy him. Gaia longed for someone who would
rule the earth and take care of her proudest creations, the humans.

The gods of Olympus treated humans like toys. Hercules was the only one who
cared. He devoted his powers to the service of Humanity, both as a demigod
and later as god. The Earth Mother respected him for that and she had
entrusted him with a holy mission. He would be her Agent of Destruction.
Hercules would rid the world of the things that plagued it. The gods were
expendable. Either they submitted to Gaia's will or they would be destroyed.
Hercules marveled at Gaia's might and wisdom. She truly was all-powerful.

He was thinking those thoughts when he suddenly saw something. Something
came out of the earth.

He looked. He saw a female form emerging from the earth. A woman. She was
tall and strikingly beautiful. Her body was lean and athletic, her skin dark
brown. Her hair was long and black. She nothing. Her nude body was physically
perfect. "Who are you?" he asked.

She didn't answer. She simply walked up to him. She said nothing, but looking
into her eyes Hercules could see so many things. A power unlike anything he'd
ever seen before. "You are..." he began.

She came to him and silenced him by putting one of her sleek fingers on his
lips. She then kissed him. He kissed her back, and soon they were rolling
around on the grass. She undressed him and he caressed her body, her neck
and her breasts. He sucked her full breasts then caressed her pussy. He
rubbed his hands on her buttocks. Her touch was exquisite and she aroused
his deepest desires.

She sucked his cock, making him go hard quickly. She got on top of him and
guided his cock into her. He entered her, and they began their lovemaking.
She was wild, getting on top of him and riding him like a horse while he
grabbed her hips and fucked her hard. They rolled on the grass and he found
himself on top of her, plowing into her. Her pussy was warm and tight. He
fucked it for a long time, going in hard and fast then slow and steady. She
was not inactive, kissing him and rocking her body under his, gyrating to
give him greater access so that he could achieve greater and greater
penetration. He kept fucking her until he came, sending hot cum deep inside
her. Once he came, he felt a great tiredness come over him and then he fell
asleep, with the unknown woman holding him and rocking him gently.

When Hercules woke up, she was gone.

He looked everywhere for her, using the new powers bestowed upon him by Gaia,
the Earth Mother. He could not find her anywhere. He went to Olympus, where
the rest of the gods had sensed the Death of Zeus. They looked at Hercules
with a mixture of fear and wonder. Hercules looked at them, full of purpose
and confidence. He was more than any god or goddess could ever be. He was the
Chosen One of Mother Earth. The Being who spawned the Titans and saw the
birth of the gods had chosen him as its ally and friend. A god named Phebus
tried to oppose Hercules but the Chosen One merely touched the attacking
deity, and Phebus turned to dust, becoming a blackened skeleton before the
eyes of the horrified Olympians.

"I am the new master of this place. In this world, in other worlds, in this
time and for the remainder of time, I will rule. Those who oppose me shall
know no mercy for I am no longer the god of Mercy. I am the Chosen One of
Mother Earth."

The gods and goddesses looked at him. They could sense his power. To prove
it, he willed the earth to move Olympus. The Abode of the Gods was hurled
through the air, torn from the mountain where it once sat and simply hung up
in the heavens, supported by invisible pillars that reached from the bowels
of the earth and into the heavens themselves.

It is thus that Hercules, the mortal demigod son of Zeus, King of the Gods
and Alcmene became a hero. The hero became a god. The god became the chosen
one of the Earth Mother. The Chosen One became the Ruler of all that was, is
and will be. The Keeper of the Universe.


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