Hercules - The Legendary Journeys: Nebula The Pirate Queen (MMF,inter,preg)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Hercules had been traveling in the land of Cadmia when he encountered the
Anthropophagi. The Anthropophagi were a cannibalistic tribe that worshiped
Mazikin, the god of chaos and destruction. Mazikin was an ancient foe of
Zeus, the King of the Olympian Gods and father to many godlings and mortals,
including Hercules. Mazikin had sided with the Titans during the Titanomachy,
the war opposing the Titans and the gods. When the Olympians won, Zeus was
merciless with his enemies. Mazikin was forced to flee the land of Greece or
be locked away forever in the dark depths of Tartarus.

For thousands of years, Mazikin plotted his revenge. He established himself
in Asia and was worshiped by a primitive tribe, which he soon turned to
darkness and destruction. He inspired these people to kill in his name and
to eat the flesh of the human dead. The tribe was feared by many. They were
conquering more and more land. Mazikin hoped that one day, his followers
would be numerous enough to attack Greece. Mazikin had a plan to defeat the
Olympians once and for all. He wanted to turn one of their most faithful
allies against them. Mazikin had selected the most dangerous of his
followers and endowed them with dark magic. Those were the Vini. The Vini
were extremely powerful and dangerous. Mazikin sent his Vini around the
world and one of them would become the mother of Nebula, a beautiful black
female who would later become the Queen of Pirates. A fierce fighter who
was ruthless and yet had her own code of honor.

Mazikin knew what he was doing. Hercules was the son of the god Zeus. He
was half human and half god. His mother was a mortal female named Alcmene.
Mazikin knew what power flowed in the blood of a demigod as powerful as
Hercules. He wanted to unite that power with darkness. Nebula renounced the
dark ways of the tribe her mother came from and took off when she was young.
She became a pirate. She changed her life. Nevertheless, the cursed magic
of the Vini flowed through her blood. She had supernatural abilities and
connections even if she didn't know it. Mazikin had a plan. He needed a
dangerous weapon to use against the Olympian gods in the ultimate power
struggle for the rulership of the world. He wanted a being with the blood of
a god, the soul of a human and a heart of pure darkness. Pure darkness flowed
through the blood of the Vini and all who descended from them.

Mazikin decided to set his plan in motion. He sent many Anthropophagi against
Greece. The Greeks were frightened of the cannibal hordes. They called upon
the war-like Spartan people to defend them. The king of Sparta asked Hercules
for help. Hercules and his friend Iolaus joined the war effort against the
Anthropophagi. The battle was carried both on land and on the open sea.
That's where Hercules encountered the beautiful Queen of Pirates. They joined
forces against the Anthropophagi whom Nebula had her own reasons to despise.
They were the people she had forsaken. The people of her deceased mother. The
people she always wanted to forget. Hercules asked several other heroes,
including Xena the warrior princess and her friends Gabrielle and Joxer for
help. Other heroes came along like Gilgamesh of Sumeria, Jason of Colchis and
of the Argonnauts. Also coming along was Theseus, the man who killed the
Minotaur and defeated the barbaric hordes of Attica. The heroes defeated the
Anthropophagi. No one knew that a dark god had been scheming behind the whole
thing. After the defeat of the murderous Anthropophagi, the Greeks were
victorious. A big party was organized in the land of Sparta.

Hercules walked through the party. Parties weren't his thing. He felt
awkward in them. He found his friend Iolaus talking with Nebula, the queen
of pirates. Nebula was a tall, beautiful black woman. She was dressed in
masculine attire that couldn't diminish her bodacious form and carried a
sword with her at all times. Hercules found her to be quite interesting.
She reminded him of Atalanta, the beautiful female athlete who had saved
his life not long ago. He joined the conversation. Obviously, Iolaus and
Nebula were really into each other. They went under a tent and invited
Hercules to join in. Hercules normally wouldn't but he had a few drinks in
him so...yeah.

When he went under the tent, Nebula started to heavily flirt with both of
them and attempted to undress them. They did nothing to stop her and soon
they were all naked. Hercules admired Nebula's sexy body as she knelt
before Iolaus and began sucking on his peter. She was a really hot woman.
Her ass was the sexiest and biggest that he'd ever seen. He just had to
get some of that.

Hercules positioned himself behind Nebula. The female pirate grasped her
sexy butt cheeks with her slim hands and spread them wide apart, exposing
an obvious target. Hercules rubbed his cock against her asshole, and pushed.
His cock penetrated her anus and he began pumping his cock into her tight
hole. Nebula felt Hercules's cock violating her anus and traveling down her
hershey highway. She felt abased but alive. She loved the feel of a hard
cock up her ass.

Nebula sucked on Iolaus's cock. Iolaus grasped her by the neck and thrust
his cock into her mouth. She almost gagged on his massive prick but soon got
used to it. She sucked on Iolaus's cock and balls.

Hercules continued to fuck Nebula from behind. He rammed his cock into her
asshole. She sucked on Iolaus's cock and licked his balls. He grunted in
pleasure and urged her to continue what she was doing for him. Nebula's ass
felt so damn tight around Hercules's cock that he came soon, filling her
rectum with his cum. Nebula's body shook when Hercules came inside her. At
the same time, Iolaus also came in her mouth. Nebula drank his cum.

They changed positions. Iolaus came up behind Nebula and slid his cock into
her ass. Hercules positioned himself underneath her and she climbed on top
of him so that his cock went into her pussy. Hercules placed his hands upon
her hips and thrust into her. Iolaus slammed his cock into Nebula's ass.
Hercules pumped his cock into her pussy. Nebula moaned as the two men drilled
their hard cocks into her. They filled her with their cocks. Hercules slammed
into her pussy and Iolaus rammed her asshole with his hard cock. They went
at it like this for a long time before coming inside her simultaneously. At
the same time, Nebula experienced a very intense orgasm the likes of which
she hadn't felt in ages, so intense was it. She lay on top of Hercules.
Iolaus leaned against her back. All piled up on each other. She rolled off
Hercules and both men pulled out of her. They lay together under the tent,

The three of them had no idea they were being watched. Mazikin had watched
the hot threesome with interest. Everything was working. Soon, Nebula would
find herself pregnant with Hercules's child. This child would have the blood
of a god, the soul of a human and a heart of pure darkness. He would be
called the Dark Slayer. The one designated by fate. He would play a key role
in the downfall of the Olympian gods. Once the Olympians fell, Mazikin would
become the most powerful god in the universe. He would rule all. The dark
god rubbed his hands together. Everything was going according to plan.

The End


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