Hercules The Legendary Journeys: God Of Mercy (M+F+, MF, orgy, inter, slash)
by The Fan ([email protected])


Hercules stood atop Mount Olympus. He was gazing at the world below. He had
visited Olympus. The home of the gods was a vast place. A truly huge palace.
The very material it was made of was indestructible. This was a castle as
well as an impregnable fortress. A very beautiful place.

It had been a few months since his father Zeus, the King of the Gods came to
him with a proposition: to make him a god. Hercules agreed, with in mind the
belief that as a god he would be able to do the most good. Since then, he
fought other gods like Apollo, the god of the Sun and Hera, the wicked Queen
of the Gods. He defeated Apollo and Hera. He threw Hera in Tartarus, the
underground realm where Zeus often imprisoned his enemies. Hercules thought
his father was out to do some good. As usual, Zeus's actions were governed
by self interest. There were gods on Olympus who openly defied Zeus.

Hercules's father redeemed himself in his eyes when he agreed to become
mortal in other to spare an eternity of pain to the soul of Hercules's mother
Alcmene. Hercules fought to put his father back on the Throne. Once again,
Zeus ruled the Heavens.

The other gods came to pay allegiance. Ares, the god of war. Aphrodite,
goddess of Love. Eros, god of lust. Athena, goddess of wisdom. Poseidon, god
of the sea. Morpheus, god of Shapes. Dionysus, god of wine. Hades, god of
the Underworld. Portunus, god of Harbors. Thanatos, god of Death. Phebus,
god of light. There were many others, like the goddess Leto and her daughter

But Hercules did not care for the whole lot of them. The gods and goddesses
were born with physical beauty, power and intelligence. They were petty and
cruel. Having an eternity to live also made them little more than tragically
petty fools and maniacs. The only decent god he ever met was Baldur, and
that was in the North. Baldur and Thor were two of the Asgardians, the great
gods of Scandinavia. Hercules met them when he was still half human and half
god. He thought them to be honorable beings. Hercules still cared for people,
in spite of having been changed. He was different from the other gods.

He had powers, sure. When he was a demigod (half human and half god), he
had the strength of about a hundred men. As a full god, his strength was
increased a thousand fold. His body, once tough and resilient became simply
invulnerable. Like all the gods and goddesses of Olympus, his body couldn't
be pierced, crushed, burned or even scratched. He could Teleport - traveling
anywhere he wished by merely thinking of it-anywhere. Distances no longer
mattered to him. He also had the ability to move objects with his mind,
something his father called Telekenesis. All gods and goddesses were
Telekenetic to some extent. Some more than others, like Zeus who could
control thunder and lightning at will. Hephaestus, god of the Forge became
a friend to Hercules. Hephaestus was the only one on Olympus who had a job
besides whining, fucking and bitching all day.

There was a lot of debauchery on Olympus. Ares, the god of War had affairs
with Aphrodite. Hermes, god of Speed also had affairs with Aphrodite. The
only chaste one was Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom. Oh, wait, she was
not chaste. She had a certain relationship with a woman named Danira. Danira
was a woman of great beauty and intelligence and Athena was quite taken with
her. Athena even asked Zeus to make Danira immortal and allow her to live on
Olympus, something Zeus agreed to. Athena preferred girls to boys. Too bad
the same couldn't be said for the god Phaeton. He was always accompanied by
a bunch of boys and girls and he had orgies with them on a regular basis.

Hercules tried to spend time with his father. But Zeus had affairs going
on with Milene, a young woman of great beauty. He visited her at night by
assuming the form of her husband, who was long dead. He also had a
relationship going with a woman named Clarissa and a boy named Ganymede.
Zeus even went as far as making Ganymede immortal. Hercules learned that
Aphrodite had many male as well as female lovers, as did pretty much
everyone on Olympus. Except for Hephaestus, who cared only for his work.
Hercules recalled the first time he had seen the Olympians at their worst.

Zeus had brought three beautiful women and a handsome lad with him to the
throne room. They had an orgy going on, with the women making love to each
other. Zeus even fucked a couple of them, and encouraged his male friend to
do the same. Hercules found the sight of Zeus getting his cock sucked by
two women at once odd. Zeus had one of the women get on her hands and knees
and fucked her rectum with his massive penis while the other women pleasured
each other and used wooden toys to fuck their cunts. Hercules watched with
interest as a tall, statuesque black woman allowed a skinny white girl to
fuck her ass with a wooden Phallus. Zeus ate pussy and got his cock sucked
then proceeded to fuck his handsome male friend in the ass. The lad cried
in pleasure. Hercules had enough, he walked away. This was happening all
over the palace.

Poseidon, a tall god with a muscular build and long white hair was having
sex with a curvy brunette woman. He had her lie on the floor and was plowing
into her cunt with his massive cock. Apollo was busy getting fucked up the
bum by a large black male. Somehow, this did not surprise Hercules. Apollo
was vain and narcissistic and somewhat effeminate. Aphrodite was eating
Athena's pussy while Athena allowed her beautiful friend Danira to fuck her
with a strap on dildo. The goddesses were joined by Bacchus, one of the
lesser gods of Joy. Bacchus reveled in the sight of the beautiful goddesses
making love, then joined in, entering Danira's cunt from behind as she fucked
Athena. Ares was busy fucking a tall, muscular Asian female up the bum. She
was tied up hand and foot and appeared to be enjoying getting fucked in the
ass by Ares. Truly disgusted, Hercules walked away.

The amount of debauchery the gods were partaking in was saddening. They were
little more than willfull hedonists. He decided to leave Olympus.


He left Greece altogether. He traveled all over the world, from Greece to
Macedonia to Persia to Ethiopia. He went to Asia and all over Europe. He was
the wandering god. During that time, he did all he could to help people.

He reversed the course of rivers. He built bridges. He fought tens of
thousands of invaders and preserved villages and cities full of innocent
people. He fought not only evil men and women but also the dark gods of
other places. He fought Nasedo, one of the demons of the dark world. He
fought the Giants of the East and also the Frost Giants, enemies of his
friends, the gods of Scandinavia. He accompanied Thor, the Norse god of
Thunder in battles against demons and even fought Jormungand, the World
Serpent. He faced Loki, the Norse god of destruction and Hel, goddess of
Death. In India, he fought Shiva, the Hindu god of Destruction and Kali,
the Blood Goddess. He also faced Mordractus, the terrifying and immortal
Lord of Vampires.

Hercules reveled in his powers but he had so much to do. He rescued ships at
sea. He helped villages in times of draught. He gave heat and food to the
people in the colder regions of the world. He disguised himself as a human
and talked leaders of nations into peace as opposed to war. Many gods and
goddesses all over the world were not happy with Hercules's actions. Many
people from all over the world abandoned their usual worship and prayed to
Hercules, the God of Mercy. He was different from other gods because he was
once part human and sympathetic to Mankind. When humans prayed, he answered
their prayers. He did so out of the goodness of his heart.

Hercules always had faith in the goodness of Humanity. He thought that if he
protected humans long enough, they would learn how to be good and lead better
lives. And now, since he was a god, he had an eternity to help the Human
Race. Hercules was pleased with what he had done. He decided to make his home
in the land of India. He had recently joined forces with the Hindu god
Ganesha in a fight against Kali and Shiva.

Hercules was learning his limits as a god. He had an awesome strength. He
could not be hurt except by Hind's Blood or the Bones of Kronos, the only
weapons capable of killing gods. And both of those things were in the hands
of Zeus, his father. He could travel anywhere in the blink of an eye. But
he had his limits. The fight with Shiva had been a difficult one. Shiva was
unlike any god Hercules had ever seen. Even the strange, neurotic gods and
goddesses of Ireland had been tame by comparison. Shiva struck Hercules with
his Spear, and for awhile, Hercules was weakened. The Spear was full of old
magic. He lifted a huge rock and beat Shiva with it. He bound Shiva with
magical chains made for him by his friend, the god Hephaestus back in Greece.

Hercules decided to leave India. The Trimurti were adamant that the God of
Mercy could not remain among them. Hercules had grown to like Ganesha and
Ratri, one of the minor goddesses.

He went to Egypt. Hercules noticed that the further he went from Greece the
weaker he became. Oh, the power of an Olympian still flowed through him but
it was dwindling. The Source of the Olympians's power was the Kronos Stone.
It was what made Zeus easily as powerful as all the gods of Greece combined.
But Hercules only touched the Stone once. It gave him eternal youth and
health, increased strength and invulnerability plus the ability to Teleport.
Should he remain away from his power Source too long....he did not know what
would happen. Would he become mortal again? No. Immortality was a permanent
deal. He knew of many immortals who were not like gods at all. Those were
the "sex toys" of the gods. Would he be like these? Incapable of dying yet
lacking divine power? He did not care to contemplate such a prospect.

In Egypt, he went to the Palace of Ra, the King of the Gods. He met a few of
them. Horus, a fierce warrior god who was honest, strong and brave. Re-Atum,
one of the oldest gods in the universe, older than even Zeus. Osiris, the
grim god of death. Isis, wife of Osiris and mother of Horus. Khnum, a savage,
war-like god. He reminded Hercules of Ares. Sekhmet, the goddess of War.
There were many others but he did not care to know them all. The gods of
Egypt had a thing for animals. They loved to assume animal form. They were
just as petty as the Olympians. There was a war going on between the Ennead
(collective name for the gods of Egypt) and the Bubastis. The Bubastis were
a race of supernatural shapeshifters. They were also immortal.

"Will you join our side in battle, mighty Hercules?" asked Horus.

Hercules agreed, but only because the Bubasti were hostile to the humans of
Egypt as well as the gods.

"You are a stranger and reek of trouble," said a god named Seth.

He was a known enemy of Horus.

"He is our guest, Seth," said a goddess named Nut.

"Whatever, okay?" said Seth. He looked at Hercules with contempt and walked
out of the palace.


The gods of the Ennead gathered one day to fight the Bubastis. Hercules
looked at them. They were a bunch of tall, good-looking men and women. Men
and women full of divine power. He was an Olympian and as such, stronger
than the average deity but he was in the same class as Horus. Horus, who
had the appearance of a tall, muscular man with a bald head. He looked at
a young woman who stood near Horus. She was tall, curvy, athletic and quite
beautiful, with long black hair and dark eyes. Her bronze skin shone in the
sun. She wore red and gold battle attire. She carried a spear.

"Who is that?" Hercules asked Horus when the goddess started talking to
someone else.

Horus smiled and flashed Hercules a knowing grin. "She is Hathor, a dangerous
one, my friend."

Hercules grunted. "Is she married?" he asked.

Horus looked at him like he was crazy. "She belongs to no one, my friend,"
he said.

The Ennead were dressed in battle attire. They stood in chariots of steel and
gold pulled by magnificent animals. Bulls. Horses. Dogs. Hercules noticed
these were all supernatural beasts. They stood in a vast plain. The gods of
Egypt were waiting for something. Hercules had never seen a Bubasti. He knew
that if an Egyptian god could face one, an Olympian would fare much better
against one. At least, he hoped so. He knew gods could die. When Callisto
became immortal, she killed Strifus, an annoying minor god who was one of
Ares's lackeys. Hercules waited.

Then, his divine eyes noticed something out of the ordinary. The sky was dark
with black human-like shapes. "What are those?" he asked Horus.

Horus sneered. "Wraiths, servants of the Bubasti."

He gave the order to charge and Hercules watched as hundreds of gods and
goddesses, from the highest to the lowest charge forward. He had taken a ride
with a god named Geb. Geb's chariot flew through the sky and the god aimed
his Spear at the mass of wraiths. A blast of power shot out of the Spear and
destroyed several wraiths. Hercules extended his arm like he had seen Zeus do
and reached. Nothing. A second later, a dozen wraiths exploded.

"Not bad, young one," said Geb.

"Thanks." Hercules said.

The battle raged. The gods and their chariots flew through the sky and fought
the wraiths. The wraiths flew and were able to disrupt anything they touched.
Hercules watched as a wraith flew through the chariot of a goddess named
Nuhmi and simply destroyed it. Goddess, chariot and animal plummeted out of
the sky.

"We've got to help her!" Hercules shouted to Geb. Geb shrugged. "She will
live." Hercules cursed, and vanished.

He teleported himself to the falling goddess, caught her in his arms and
teleported himself back to Geb's chariot. "You're safe," he said.

Nuhmi looked at him. "Thanks, whatever." She was gone an instant later, and
reappeared in a new chariot pulled by a flying bull.

Hercules gasped. "Cool."

Around them, the battle raged. Gods struck wraiths, wraiths struck gods.
Chariots were destroyed. Gods fell from the skies. Hercules could hear the
screams of the wounded. He saw Thoth, a scholarly god fall out of the sky,
blood pouring from his wounds. Hercules was suddenly hit by a wraith, and
roared in pain. The damn thing cut right through him. His wounds
automatically healed, of course but he felt pain. He saw a concentration
of wraiths.

There were hundreds of them, all converging toward a single point. Hercules
saw a lone figure riding in a chariot, shooting flames out of a magical
spear. The wraiths recoiled from the flame. Hercules seized control of a
chariot whose owner had fallen below and flew to aid this lone fighter. He
was quite surprised to find it was Hathor, the Wild Goddess. She was
screaming, fighting like a demon. No, worse. She was destroying wraiths by
the dozen. But it seemed it would not be enough. Hercules willed his power
across the distance and struck, causing many wraiths to explode. He was
still weak from his injuries, even if the power inside him had already
repaired the damage. Hathor struck in all directions, wielding her Spear
with deadly precision. He admired her ability. She reminded him of Xena,
the Warrior Princess. He kept teleporting all over the place.

He teleported inside her Chariot. She whirled around, spear ready. "I come
in peace," he said.

She narrowed her eyes, her beautiful face grim. "You may go in pieces." She
drew back her spear, and Hercules wondered exactly how much this was gonna
hurt. He had a loss of power at the moment. He couldn't die, but still... the
blow came, through him. He gasped in pain. The Spear went through him, and
destroyed the fifty or so wraiths about to ensnare him. Hathor pulled back
her spear.

Hercules felt drained, the wound in his belly hurt so much... he watched as
Hathor reached out with her hand and touched his wound. Blue energy flowed
from her to him. Hercules could feel the power within trying to repair the
damage done by Hathor's Spear, but it still hurt like hell. The energy from
her hand simply closed the wound, and the pain vanished. Hercules looked
into the face of this wild, beautiful warrior goddess.

"Rest, Olympian," she said. "You are strong but not without limit. Your half
mortal origin makes you more vulnerable to our Enemy's soldiers more than any
of us. They may be the end of you."


The Battle ended. The wraiths retreated. Horus chased them for awhile. Geb
and a few others went to pick up the fallen gods. Hathor's Gift of Healing
came in handy when it came time to heal the wounded gods and goddesses. They
would heal by themselves, but severe wounds made by a wraith unto any god
could take decades to heal. No wound from a wraith could kill, though.
Hercules was brought back to the Home of the Ennead. They were celebrating

Ra ordered his children to organize a fine banquet. " Rejoice," he said.
"For our Enemy's soldiers are defeated."

Hercules saw the gods create tables full of meat and succulent dishes and
fruits out of nowhere. He also saw beautiful dancers, male and female come
out of nowhere. The gods and goddesses lounged on chairs. They enjoyed fine
wine and food. Some enjoyed the very men and women who served them. Hercules
knew another Olympus-style party was coming up and needed to leave. But he
couldn't. He hadn't seen Hathor since she healed him from the vicious
stabbing she gave him in order to kill the wraiths. He stopped a minor god
named Sobek. "Where is Hathor?" he asked.

Sobek grimaced. "Who knows? This psycho bitch never takes part in the
festivities." He looked at Hercules. "Searching for a partner?" he said.

Hercules looked at him curiously. "Uh?"

Sobek grinned. "Boy or woman?" he said.

Hercules frowned. "What?"

Sobek looked at him. "A god who does not care for women or boys, I knew it!
You Olympians are all eunuchs!"

Hercules watched him go. "Strange guy," he said to himself.

He picked up a chariot and went for a ride. He flew far above the desert that
was much of Egypt. He saw the Nile. He also saw the people in their houses
and barges. He felt a loneliness he hadn't felt in a long time. He drove the
chariot to the ground, and stepped off. He sat on a dune. He looked at the
stars. One of these days, he planned to go there.

"What's on your mind, Olympian?" a voice said.

Hercules turned around. Even with his divine senses, he hadn't sensed the
newcomer. "Hathor?" he said. He saw her. Yes, Hathor. She wore a red dress,
yellow boots and black cape. There was a sword in a leather holder strapped
to her back. "Not much," he said. "Just thinking of home."

She came and sat right next to him. "What is back home, Hercules?" she asked.
It was the first time she called him by name.

Hercules shrugged. He could tell her he missed his human friends. Iolaus, his
best buddy. Xena and Gabrielle, his fellow heroes. Jason, his former best
friend. Autolycus, the quick witted king of thieves and even Salmoneus, the
portly fellow who was always trying to make a few dinars. "I miss being
human," he said. Hathor was shocked. She had expected anything but this.

Hercules went on. "I became a god because I wanted to help people," he said.

"I was born into godhood," she said. "I know nothing else."

He looked at her. "I never thanked you for the, um, Spear thing."

She smiled. "Oh, sorry. I had to. The wraiths were gonna kill you." she said.

He reckoned he was lacking power back then. Maybe the wraiths could have
finished him off. It took a Titan's Bones or Hind's Blood to kill a god. But
what about one with fading power? He shuddered to think he could have died
back there.

"You're welcome, Hercules." Hathor said.

They sat there, and talked. He told her of his travels. He had spent a long
time fighting demons, Giants and even petty gods and goddesses. Hathor was
shocked to hear he faced Shiva and Kali, and walked away unscathed.

"You are growing stronger, Son of Zeus," she said.

Hercules smiled. "You are a formidable woman yourself, and a great fighter,"
he said.

She looked at him tensely, looking into his eyes. He stared right back.
Whatever she deduced from the stare was satisfactory, for she shook his hand.
"We should return to the party," she said. And so they did.

Hercules found his powers restored to their full might the next day.
Strength, Invulnerability and Teleportation were as good as they ever were.
Over the next few months, he spent a lot of time around Hathor. They would
chase each other through the skies all day, and would go to cities and
villages. Hathor had a streak of mischief in her. She disguised herself as
a normal woman and gave quite a fright to one of the priests of her temple
when she revealed herself. The priest crapped his pants. Hercules laughed
his head off. "You're a funny girl," he said.

"Is that good?" said Hathor.

"Yes," Hercules said. He impulsively planted a kiss on her lips. He was very
surprised when Hathor put her arms around his neck and kissed him back. She
suddenly stopped. "What's wrong?" he asked.

Hathor looked at him, a very frightened expression on her face. "I---I--"
she began.

"Yes?" he said. He was in awe of this strikingly beautiful woman before him
and knew he wanted her quite badly.

"I have to go," she said.

The next instant, she vanished.

Hercules stood there. What had he done wrong? He liked Hathor a lot. She was
beautiful, bold, full of spirit and confidence. Why did she run from him? He
spent the day brooding. He slept in a remote part of the Palace. Night came.
Hercules lay in bed. Even gods needed rest and sustenance. He was very
surprised to see Hathor coming to his room. She was dressed in a simple shirt
and skirt.

"Hello," she said.

He rose to his feet and went to her. "Beloved," he said.

"Hercules," she said. "I care for you. I am not quite sure how to say this
but I am frightened."

He looked at her. "Of what?"


He felt her put her arms around her neck as he lifted her body up just a bit.
Their bodies were so close and he could feel the sexual tension between them
rise. Her body felt incredible. Her skin was so supple and she smelled so
wonderful. He heard her moan as the kiss intensified. He couldn't help but
let his hands slide down to her breasts. Her breasts felt so fine under the
cotton fabric of her shirt. Her nipples were already erect as his fingers
were just beginning to rub on them. "Hathor, I want you right now." He said
as he broke their powerful kiss.

She was breathing hard. "I-I want you too. I've wanted you for such a long
time Hercules."

He felt Hathor stop as he turned on the lights. "What?" he asked concerned.

She looked at him nervously. "Hercules, this will be my first time."

Hercules gasped. He felt more stimulation run through him. "Really? Well if
you're not ready to do this, we don't have to, Hathor."

"I want to," she said.

Hercules took turns sucking on her nipples. He lightly tugged on them feeling
the flesh on his teeth while his hand moved down to her firm ass. He came
back up and kissed her mouth again as her chest pressed against his body.
"Hathor, your pussy looks so delicious." he murmured lowering his body to put
his head between her thighs.

She raised herself up on her elbows to watch her lover eat her out. Her eyes
were full of wanton and need. He kissed her thighs softly already faintly
tasting some of her sweet nectar that had oozed out. He could smell her sex
as his face moved closer to her pussy. She smelled so fresh and innocent. He
couldn't wait to taste her all. To let her ooze on his tongue. "Ooooh!
Mmmmmmgggghh." She moaned.

He moved his fingers in and out of his lover's tight cunt faster and faster
making her wriggle on his bed. He loved the way her cunt felt on his fingers.
By the time he knew it, he was going full speed as he fingered her. Her moans
were shaky now.

"H-Hercules, I'm going to c-cum!" She blurted out.

"Hathor, I'm so ready to be inside you." he said standing up watching her
eyes move down to his cock. "Baby, are you ok?" he asked, stopping for a

She opened her eyes and nodded. "Yes. Don't stop. Give me what I've been
wanting all this time."

Hercules leaned down to kiss her breasts and inserted more of his cock. He
loved the way her pussy felt on his cock. Her juices were glazing his cock
as he finally managed to get it all the way up in her. He stayed still for
a moment enjoying the way her tight pussy hole made his cock throb. He
started out in a slow rhythm sliding his cock in and out of her. She looked
at him as he fucked her. They held hands as their love making started. "I
love the way you feel inside me." She replied gripping his hand tighter.

He started fucking Hathor faster now with more determination. He knew it
wasn't going to be long before he came. She was the tightest pussy he had in
a long time. No other girl had gotten him this excited before. Maybe it was
because deep down he'd always wanted to fuck a virgin goddess and didn't want
to admit it. Now he had her here. Underneath him, letting him fuck her.
Letting her first lover take away her purity. It was so sexy! He kept pumping
her and then he just let himself go. He felt his balls releasing a big load
of cum. He erupted all inside the goddess's cunt.

"Mmm yes! Take my cum Hathor. Take big Herc's cum!"

He shot about five times inside her. It was so hot knowing a virgin had taken
his cum. He finally felt himself soften inside her letting him easily slide
out of her. They held each other after that. Hercules smiled at his new
lover, and Hathor looked at him with a curious expression on her face. One of
happiness and contentment. He gave her a kiss and smiled. She went to sleep.
Maybe it wasn't such a drag traveling the world after all...

The End


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