Synopsis: Hera, the Queen of the Gods has just deposed Zeus, the former
Lord of Olympus. She plans to take over first Greece then the rest of the
world. The only ones capable of opposing her are Hercules and Xena, Earth's
mightiest heroes. But the Queen of the gods finds ways to keep them...
pleasantly occupied.

Hercules - The Legendary Journeys: Bi Scene (MF,FF,MMF,anal,slash,mc,magic)
by The Fan ([email protected])


Hercules had been tracking down a man named Geryon. Geryon was a man from
Thrace who had been magically enhanced by Hera, the all-powerful Queen of
the gods. Hera changed Geryon and gave the man the ability to change form
at will. Geryon went on a rampage. He had already destroyed three whole
villages and left almost no survivors. The region of Cadmia had enough to
deal with, brigands, thieves and invaders. A magically-powered madman was
too much for the people to handle.

So, the people of Cadmia called upon Hercules to help them in their time of
need. Hercules had come and he had encountered Xena and Gabrielle on the
road. All four of them were old friends. Geryon had made an alliance with
Gregori, a scumbag of the first caliber who had crossed paths with Xena
before and the Warrior Princess was out to even the score. The heroic
threesome walked into Cadmia and, surprise surprise they saw an old enemy
of theirs. Callisto. Callisto was a female warrior both Hercules and Xena
had encountered before. She was an evil bitch. A psychotic killer. Also,
she had recently acquired immortality by stealing the Golden Apples of the
Hesperides. She had almost killed Hercules to get at them.

Xena and Gabrielle went after Grigori who, rumors had it was in the city
of Memnon which he had taken over with Geryon's help. Hercules went after
Callisto. Hercules walked in the valley of Cadmia. Cadmia was a mountainous
country. A place full of wilderness. Not exactly hospitable like his
homeland of Thebes. He searched for several days, tracking down Callisto.
Always she was a bit ahead of him. Always. Laughing and taunting. He had
to get his hands on her and pay her back for what she did to him back at
the Hesperides. "You can't catch me hero." Callisto said. "Give up."

She stood atop a large rock, far above where he currently stood.

"You will face justice for your deeds." Hercules said.

"Oh, please." Callisto said.

Hercules ran as fast as he could and walked up to the large rock. He summoned
the superstrength that was his birthright and smashed his fist into the rock.
The rock shook and Callisto screamed in surprise as she lost her footing and
fell. She fell down close to a hundred feet. An ordinary person would have
died but Callisto was an immortal. She recovered quickly. Hercules approached
her. "Surrender." he said.

She looked at him. When would the guy ever learn? "Not likely, hero." she

She came at him with a sword. He dodged her blows, and caught a large stick
and used it to block her sword. She came at him hard and fast and he had to
use all of his speed just to stay alive. He lashed out with a foot and kicked
her legs out from under her. She fell, caught by surprise. Hercules did not
give her time to recover and leapt on her, pinning her down. Hercules pressed
her down on the hard ground. He knew how dangerous she was. He grabbed her
hand and forced her to drop the sword she was holding. "Surrender." he said.

Callisto struggled underneath Hercules. She could not move. Even though she
was immortal, he still had the strength of a god.

"Why won't you leave people alone?" Hercules asked her.

Callisto looked up at him. She felt Hercules's hard, masculine form press up
on her. She summoned her power and pushed him off of her. He caught her in a
superstrong grip and slammed her against the rock.

"You're not going anywhere." he said.

She just smiled. She could see that he was mad. All that pent-up energy.
She had to use it against him. She did the last thing Hercules would have
expected. She kissed him. Hercules pushed her away from him. She would not
let go. He knew he shouldn't give into it. He knew Callisto was his enemy
and that she was using her charms against him. That didn't stop his body
from craving hers or his dick to get hard. They kissed and pretty soon, she
was undressing him like they were animals in rut. Hercules realized what
she was doing and stopped himself.

"Take me." Callisto begged.

Hercules grunted. "When she put it like that..."

Hercules positioned himself behind Callisto. The female warrior grunted and
pushed herself back onto him. Hercules took his cock in his hand and guided
it into her as Callisto reached out behind her and spread the globes of her
gorgeous butt cheeks. He rubbed the head of his cock against her asshole,
and pushed. Callisto gasped when she felt Hercules's cock enter her asshole.
He held her by the hips and began to thrust his cock into her tight asshole.
Callisto felt like she was being split in half. Hercules's cock was so big.
He fucked her like this, hard and fast, plunging his huge cock deep into her
unlubricated ass. For what seemed like an eternity she felt like a hot spear
was tearing her ass apart but the sensation of pain subsided and was replaced
by a curious feeling. She felt full. They changed positions. She lay on her
back as Hercules ravaged her ass, surrendering to him and grunting in
pleasure and pain as he went deep inside her. She caressed her breasts and
licked them as he fucked her.

Hercules felt a lot of pressure around his cock from Callisto's tight ass.
The pressure of such intense pleasure began to build up from deep inside the
Son of Zeus. He was ready to cum! He reached pulled his cock out of her ass,
and rolled her over on her back. He poised his cock above her face and began
jacking himself off as hard as he could. Within a few seconds he began to
cum, a huge load of cum shot across Callisto's face. She opened her mouth so
several cum loads could land inside, then she took Hercules's cock in her
mouth and sucked every last drop of cum from it.

Hercules looked at the beautiful young woman who was giving him so much
pleasure. He soon felt weak in the knees and went down with her. He found
himself lying down next to Callisto. The female warrior looked at Hercules.
She had a big "I-told-you-so" grin on her face. "How was it ?" she asked.

He put his arm around her and gave her a very affectionate hug. Callisto
gently stroked the side of his face and came closer. "It was great." he said.

She looked at him. "No regrets?" Hercules smiled.

"None whatsoever."


Gabrielle and Xena had been searching for the city of Memnon for the longest
time. They had not found it. When night fell that day, the two women were
frustrated and more than slightly angry.

"Xena, relax." Gabrielle said. "We'll get them."

Xena said nothing. She was not used to her prey eluding her. She lay down on
the drapes they had placed on the soft grass by the river, and rested.

"I've got a surprise for you." Gabrielle said.

Xena looked at Gabrielle, and grinned. Gabrielle was completely naked, her
sensuous body marvelous to look at. She was a vision of beauty, with her skin
bronzed by the sun and her short, golden hair and sparkling blue eyes. Xena
felt herself drawn to this beautiful woman who had been her best friend and
traveling companion for years. Gabrielle went into Xena's arms. She put her
arms around Xena and begged her friend to kiss her.

After a brief hesitation, Xena kissed Gabrielle back. Gabrielle began to
undress Xena. She pulled the battle armor to the side and blew on Xena's
shaved pussy. The warrior princess moaned in agony. Gabrielle was teasing

"Tell me to eat it," she said. "Tell me to eat it," she said "Eat my pussy.
Please." Xena whined.

Gabrielle looked at her. She smirked at me then wrapped her lips around
Xena's clit and started flicking her tongue over it. Xena almost came right
then. Gabrielle flicked her tongue faster and Xena felt her pussy get even
wetter and moaned and squirmed with pleasure. She stuck her tongue in Xena's
pussy and licked up her juices, telling her how good her pussy tasted, then
stuck two fingers in her pussy and rubbed them across those fine lips. Xena
grabbed Gabrielle and Gabrielle began massaging Xena's big tits and sucking
on them. She slipped one small hand into Xena's pussy and Xena almost passed
out from the incredible sensation. Gabrielle kissed Xena and looked at the
woman's beautiful face as her blonde lover's expert touch brought her amazing

"Make me cum," Xena begged. "I need to cum."

Gabrielle licked her nipples and then ran her tongue from her breast all the
way down to her pussy. They switched positions and Gabrielle lay over Xena,
and began eating her pussy at once. After a brief hesitation, Xena began
eating Gabrielle out. She took her tongue out and began to suck on
Gabrielle's clit and I fingered her with two fingers until she came. When
she came Gabrielle caught her juices with her mouth and so badly wanted to
cum with her. She held it in until she made her cum by tasting her.

Xena said she was nervous and Gabrielle told her, "Just relax."

On that note she began to suck my hard nipples as Gabrielle fingered
herself. Once she got a good amount of juices on her finger she stuck it
in Xena's mouth so that she could taste. Xena tasted Gabrielle's sweet
juices. Gabrielle resumed eating out Xena and fingered her pussy and ass.
Xena felt a tingling sensation inside her. She soon let out a loud scream
that was both pain and pleasure. The orgasm rocked Xena's body.

Gabrielle looked at the beautiful woman she loved as she experienced her
first orgasms with another woman. She put her arms around Xena.

"Thank you." Xena said with a strange look in her eyes.

"You're welcome." Gabrielle said.

They lay there and neither of them said anything for awhile. Gabrielle wanted
to ask Xena so many questions but the warrior princess had fallen asleep.
Gabrielle kissed her on the forehead and thought to herself. "Another time,
my love."


When Hercules woke up, Callisto was gone. He didn't look for her and walked
back into Cadmia to look for the rest of his friends. He didn't find them.
Callisto was nowhere to be found. Hercules sat down and thought about all
that had happened recently. The more he thought about it, the more it made
sense to him. Someone wanted to keep Hercules and Xena distracted. Out of
the way. The world's greatest heroes out on a wild goose chase. Hercules
searched and was not surprised when he found the city of Memnon to be in
ruins. Decades-old ruins.

He decided to return to the mainland of Greece. The people of Greece probably
needed him but he felt like going home.


Hera looked at her minions. Geryon and Grigori. The first was a tall black
man in his late forties, the other was a slender youth with blond hair and
blue eyes. "You have done well." she said. They had led Hercules and Xena
away from the mainland of Greece.

Hera looked through a scrying glass at the city of Thebes. The birthplace of
Hercules. The Vampires had gone there. They had taken a foothold there and
pretty soon, they would spread to the rest of Greece and there would be
nothing that the mighty Hercules could do about it. Hera had long ago decided
that humanity did not deserve to live. Zeus had disagreed so she sent a Giant
named Typhon against him. Typhon defeated the King of the Gods in combat
because he had a weapon fashioned by Gaia, the Earth Mother. The Lord of
Olympus had been deposed and the rest of the gods had been told by Hera to
either submit to her will or be destroyed. As you can imagine, more than a
few of the Olympian gods were not pleased.

Ares, the god of War was less than happy with the whole arrangement. "Let's
kill that bitch and take the throne." he said. Ares was a tall, handsome man
with black hair and dark eyes. He had a goatee and wore black leather. He was
one of the most dangerous - and petty - deities on the planet. He stood on
top of Olympus with his co-conspirators.

One of them was Discord, a slender brunette with alabaster skin. She was a
hot-looking lady with a firm body, full breasts, nice round butt and pouty
lips. Discord was the goddess of Chaos and Destruction.

The other one was Hermes, the god of Travels. Hermes was a tall, slim guy
with blond hair and pale green eyes. "How do you propose we do that?" he

"Easier said than done." Discord said.

Ares looked at Discord. She walked toward him boldly and he gazed upon her
naked glory. She came into his arms and he kissed her. Hermes sat back on a
couch, watching the whole scene. Discord began unbuttoning Ares's leather
jacket and unzipped his pants. She took out his erect cock and held it in
her hands. She gasped. It was easily ten inches long and so wonderfully
thick. She got on her hands and knees and took Ares's cock into her mouth.
Ares leaned back against the wall, looking at Discord as the goddess of
Chaos sucked his cock. She licked the cockhead and caressed it with her
tongue. She flicked her tongue over the shaft and licked Ares's balls. He
moaned in pleasure.

The girl was good. He rammed his cock down her throat and she almost gagged
on his girth. Hermes stroked his cock as he watched Discord. She was so
beautiful. He looked at that fine pale skin of hers, that sexy body and
perfectly rounded tight butt. He got up and walked toward them. He joined
Discord in sucking Ares's cock. Ares looked at the god of Travels as he held
his cock in his hands. Discord stopped sucking Ares's cock and held it in
her hand.

After a brief hesitation, Hermes took Ares's cock in his mouth. Hermes sucked
Ares's cock and licked the god of War's balls. Discord massaged Hermes's
shoulders, releasing the Travel god's tension. She left for a second then
reappeared with something. It was a strap-on dildo. She strapped it around
her waist.

She sat on the couch, watching as Hermes sucked off Ares. The two gods went
on the floor. Hermes got on his hands and knees and Discord came, parting the
blond god's firm buttcheeks. She took Ares's cock and guided it into Hermes's
ass. Ares held Hermes by the hip and thrust into him in one fluid motion.
Hermes grunted. Discord smiled and held his cheeks spread. She pulled her
dildo and put the head of the fake cock into Hermes's mouth. He sucked on it.
She held his head and thrust into him, fucking his mouth with the strap-on

Ares grunted as he fucked Hermes in the ass. "Take it, bitch !" he said.
"Take that cock!"

Hermes could only squeak for his mouth was filled with the goddess Discord's
strap-on dildo.

"Suck that cock!" Discord ordered.

Hermes obeyed. He sucked Discord's dildo like it was real. They went like
this for several minutes, with Ares tearing into Hermes's ass and Discord
fucking his mouth. They switched positions. Discord went on her hands and
knees and Ares pulled her roughly to him and unceremoniously shoved his
cock into her pussy. He grabbed her hips and began thrusting his cock deep
into her. Discord loved the feel of Ares's big cock sliding inside the
sugar walls of her pussy. He went in and out. She looked at Hermes. He
stood there, jerking his dick. His dick was a nice size and so thick that
she just had to get her lips on that.

She took Hermes's cock into her mouth. It wasn't quite as good as Ares but
pretty damn close. She sucked it. Hermes leaned back against the wall and
moaned in pleasure as the goddess of Chaos sucked him off. Ares fucked
Discord, pulling her back to him and shoving his dick about as far as it
could go inside her. He soon came and filled her pussy with his cum. He
came with such force that energy oozed from him and threw both his lovers
away from him. "I'm outta here." he said.

As soon as he came, Ares pulled out and walked away. Discord looked at the
god of War as he disappeared. "Where are you going ?" she said. "You can't
leave me like this."

Ares had a nasty habit of disappearing once he got his nut. It's like he had
to get away or something. The frustrated Discord was left alone. Well, not
quite alone. She looked at Hermes. Ares's force had sent him flying across
the room. He was just lying there....a wounded god, and a sexually frustrated

Discord went to him. "You okay?" she asked.

Hermes nodded. She looked at him. He had a decent body and a nice cock. A
very nice cock. He would do.

"Wanna go again?" she asked.

Hermes hesitated. Only for a second. Discord went down on him, jerking his
cock to make him hard and shoving her big tits into his face. Hermes held
her tits and sucked on them. Discord lowered herself onto the god's erect
member. Hermes held her by the waist. Discord supported herself by holding
onto Hermes's shoulders. She went down, her pussy lips parting to accept
his cock. He was not as long as some lovers she had but he was quite large.
She grimaced as her pussy stretched to accomodate his girth. He held her
like this and she began to bounce up and down on his cock. She screamed in
pleasure and pain as he fucked her, hard. She bounced up and down on him,
riding him like a cowboy would ride a bull. She lay on her back on the
floor and rested her legs on his shoulders as he fucked her, ramming his
hard cock into her pussy. Hermes was not used to fucking pussy. Like most
of the gods and goddesses of Olympus, he was bi-sexual but his preferences
were for hard-bodied, well-hung muscular men and not alabaster-skinned
women. In the case of Discord, he made an exception.

"Fuck me." she said.

He happily obliged, slamming his cock deep into her pussy. He suddenly
pulled out and rubbed the head of his cock against the entrance of another
hole of hers.

"What are you doing?" Discord asked with wide eyes.

"Returning the favor, you bitch!" Hermes said.

He plunged his cock into her unlubricated ass. Discord's ear-piercing scream
could be heard across the plain of Olympus. Hermes began to ram his cock into
her tight ass. Discord screamed in pain at first but Hermes slowed down his
pace, fucking her nice and slow, making it last. She felt the pain vanish and
it was replaced by a curious feeling. Hermes noticed the change in his lover.

"Like that, huh ?" he asked.

Discord looked up at him. "Don't stop." she begged.

He didn't. He kept ramming his cock, plugging up her poop chute.

Meanwhile, Discord fingered her pussy. Hermes kept fucking her until the
merciless pressure exerted by the walls of her tight ass proved too much for
him and he came inside her. Discord gasped when she felt the bi-sexual god's
cum fill her ass. His balls slapped against her wide-spread asscheeks. Hermes
grunted and lay against her.

Discord kissed him on the forehead. "Thank you." she said.

Hermes simply nodded. They lay like this for several moments, spent. Hermes
put on his clothes and Discord searched about for hers. He summoned clothing
for her. She hesitated, then put them on. "It was nice making love to you."
he said. "We should hang out again sometime."

She looked at him. "Thanks, Hermes."

He let himself out.


Hera sat in the Throne room inside the vast Halls of Olympus. She sat there
and was not alone. There was someone there with her. A woman of almost
indescribable beauty. Aphrodite the goddess of Love.

"Thank you for your work." she said.

Aphrodite looked at Hera. Hera was an evil bitch. First she dispatched Zeus,
and now she was using Aphrodite's powers to keep the gods and human heroes
alike distracted. For all men and women, gods and goddesses in this world or
any other were not immune to the webs of love.

Hera continued talking. "Hercules will wander the world without purpose and
humanity will suffer." She smiled to herself and Aphrodite shuddered. "Xena
and Gabrielle are too hooked up in their lesbian tryst to care about others."
She looked at Aphrodite. "And the world will be mine to control. Even the
gods cannot plot against me because of your spell."

Hera laughed when she taught of master strategist and ruthless bandit Ares
giving into lust and shagging a fruitcake like Hermes and a slut like Discord
instead of plotting Hera's demise.

Oh, well. All was fair at love and war.

The End


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