This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

High School Musical 2: Making Amends (mf,inc)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

Sharpay was having the absolute worst summer of her life. Not only did her
plans to break up Troy and Gabriella fail, but for the first time ever she
didn't win the Star Dazzle Show at her parents country club. What was worse
was the fact that her brother had a hand in contributing to her downfall.

Though she had been pleasant enough to make nice and seemingly make up with
her fellow Wildcats at the pool party Sharpay still harbored some resentment
at Troy and Gabriella for stealing her spotlight. For the first time in her
life she felt insecure in that someone had been able to one up her. Sharpay
hurriedly packed her things in an attempt to leave Lava Springs Country Club
and get home as soon as possible. As she zipped up the second to last bag
there was a knock at her door.

"Go away!" Sharpay shouted as she started pack her last bag. Her door then
started to open and she became agitated. "What part of go away do you not

"Hey Shar can we talk?" Ryan asked entering her room.

"What do you want Ryan?" Sharpay asked rolling her eyes at her brother.

"Are you okay? You disappeared after the pool party this afternoon."

"That's because I want to be alone."

"Are you still upset over the show? So you lost for once, who cares? None of
the schools you want to go to are going to care about some resort talent

"God, you just don't get it do you?"

"Get what? It's not a big deal."

"It would be one thing if by some miracle Troy and Gabriella were able to
win the talent show by themselves ruining it in the process like they did
when they stole our parts in the school musical. But to have you turn on me
and help them out was just like having you stab me in the back."

"You can't be serious."

"I am so serious."

"You deserved it then. You have Troy hired in an attempt to steal him from
Gabriella, then when the others get hired you do your best to get them fired.
When that fails you ban them from the show. It took me forever to do it, but
I finally realized what a bitch you are. Everything that's happened to you
you brought on yourself. You shouldn't feel sorry for yourself because nobody
else does."

Sharpay could only stare at her brother in disbelief. Her once loyal drama
partner had just completely turned on her and for once she was speechless.
Ryan then saw a look in his sister's eyes that he had never seen before.

"Please don't cry Sharpay! I'm sorry I called you a bitch. I didn't mean
it," Ryan quickly apologized moving to her side to hug and comfort her.

"Yes you did!" Sharpay cried pushing her brother away before running into
the bathroom. "Go away and leave me alone!"

"Please come out of there."

"No! Everybody hates me! I'm not coming out until you leave!"

"You're being very childish about this."

"No I'm not! Now go away!"

"Not until you come out."

"I'm not coming out until you leave."

"This is why neither of us has any friends."

"You have Troy and Gabriella and the rest of those losers."

"I'm sorry I called you a bitch Sharpay. I was really out of line. For as
long as I can remember every time we did a play or a musical together you
were always the star and I was Sharpay's brother, but I didn't care because
I love you and these things meant a hundred times more to you than they did
to me. Whenever there was something you wanted you went after it and didn't
stop until you got it. I really admire that about you, but I just didn't
realize until this summer that your tactics were often wrong. Sometimes you
really rub people the wrong way and you've been lucky that everyone has been
as forgiving as they have. I have no doubt that one day you'll be a big star
on Broadway and even a movie star if you wanted, but if you get there going
the way you have been you'll find yourself a very lonely and miserable person
one day." There were several minutes of silence before Ryan spoke again. "No
matter what happens I'll always love you Sharpay. You're my sister after all.
I'll let you get back to your packing, but if you were thinking about leaving
tonight please reconsider. The rest of us are going to spend one last day
together tomorrow, before we leave tomorrow night."

As Ryan turned to leave the bathroom door creaked open and he stopped.
Turning around he saw his sister stepping out of the bathroom with red eyes
and the smallest of tears on her face.

"Oh my god, I swear I didn't mean to make you cry," Ryan apologized.

"I wasn't crying," Sharpay half-heartedly said. "But if I was I deserved it.
You were right the first time. I am a selfish bitch."

"Don't say that. You're not a bitch. I only said that because I let my
emotions get out of control and got angry."

"Don't argue with me Ryan. You were right and so was Gabriella when she
quit. She's lucky to have friends like you." With a sigh Sharpay sat down on
her bed.

"Trust me, things will get better if you want them to," Ryan consoled his
sister as he sat down next to her and put one arm around her pulling her
towards him.

Sharpay hugged Ryan and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you. You're a great

"Really, outside of school you were always great person," Ryan returned the
compliment repaying her peck on the cheek with one of his own.

The two siblings looked into each other's eyes for a moment and a love
between them lost for a number of years began to return. Their faces moved
closer and closer together until their lips locked with one another. They
exchanged a heartfelt kiss that lasted for almost a minute before they
separated. With her heart beating like crazy Sharpay lovingly gazed at Ryan
with her face slowly becoming flush.

"I do believe that's something I've never seen before," Ryan teased his
sister as her face turned red.

"Shut up! You've seen me blush before," Sharpay shot back.

"Not in a long time," he said before kissing her again. "You sure you want
to do this? It's been awhile."

"I love you Ryan. You've always been there for me and I haven't always
returned the favor. Now just shut up."

Ryan and Sharpay shared one more quick kiss before they stripped off their
clothing. As Ryan went to help his sister to the bed she stopped him.

"Oh no. You're going to lay back for me," Sharpay said with a smile.

With a grin of his own Ryan climbed onto the bed and laid back. Sharpay
moved onto the large bed with a devilish look and began crawling towards her
brother. Reaching his groin she took Ryan's cock into her hands and began
gently stroking it up and down. Sharpay smile and he moaned as she sensually
stroked his member. Soon the semi-flaccid appendage was erect in her hands.

"Just like old times," Ryan was barely able squeak out as his sister wrapped
her lips around the tip of his penis and slowly began to bob her head back
and forth over his shaft.

Sharpay grinned listening to Ryan moan as her lips slid up and down his
prick pressing all the way down to the base. It had been a few years since
the last time the two siblings had sex with each other and Ryan was bigger
between his legs so it took Sharpay a few minutes to comfortably allow his
cock to press into the back of her mouth and down her throat. Feeling
Sharpay's tongue slither around his member was a forgotten delight of Ryan's
but one that had him throbbing with little effort just like it had before.

As she felt Ryan start to squirm inside her mouth Sharpay felt her pussy
start to ache for some attention. Reaching between her legs Sharpay's left
hand found it's way to her opening and to her delight it was wet and
sensitive causing her body to tingle each time she teased her slit with her
finger. A feeling of intense pleasure overwhelmed Sharpay as she slipped two
fingers into her pussy and began moving them back and forth between her lips.

Watching his sister start to finger herself Ryan decided to help her out and
took hold of the back of her head and began bouncing it up and down on his
dick. Her lips easily slid back and forth over his shaft and her tongue
continued to wrestle with it.

"God this great Shar," Ryan moaned feeling himself throb more and more
clamoring for some relief.

Hearing the heated groans coming from her brother excited Sharpay that much
more. She eagerly began digging her fingers deep into her cunt splitting
herself wide as she rubbed against her inner walls. At the same time she
began deepthroating Ryan's cock with the same zeal. Very quickly Sharpay's
entire body was seized with lust. Her cunt was dripping wet and her fingers
where completely covered with her cream. With the enthusiasm of an addict
Sharpay continued sucking and tonguing Ryan's cock and was eager to come.

"Oh shit..." Ryan groaned as dick throbbed violently. He was trying to hold
back as best he could, but Sharpay's mouth wouldn't let him. With one swift
motion he slammed his sister's face down hard on his crotch and held it
there as cum spurted from his aching cock.

Sharpay felt the warm sticky gooey substance strike the back of her throat
several times and she eagerly swallowed it as fast as it shot into her
mouth. She then brought her head up as Ryan let go of it and smiled at him.
"That was nice," She grinned. "Are your loads always that big?"

"Don't sell yourself short sis. You weren't too bad yourself."

"But obviously not good enough," Sharpay smiled seeing her brother's cock
half-erect. "Let me get that for you."

"You've had your turn. Now it's mine."

Ryan and Sharpay lovingly kissed each other as they switched places on the
bed. Ryan then spread her legs apart and glanced at her wet pussy. Sharpay
smiled and moaned as Ryan started flicking his tongue up and down her slit
licking up the wetness on the outside.

Feeling her brother tongue her pussy Sharpay's sexual energy ramped up once
again. Whatever heat her body had lost during the temporary stoppage of
action quickly returned as Ryan's tongue began darting in and out of her
slit licking up her wetness wherever it could be found. Sharpay's hands then
found their way up to her breasts where she began pinching and rolling her
puffy nipple's between her fingers. Feeling his penis now back to it's fully
erect form Ryan removed his head from between Sharpay's legs and got to his
knees on the bed.

"Stop that," Sharpay groaned as Ryan pressed the tip of his penis up and
down her slit. With her hands still fondling her breasts and tweaking her
nipples Sharpay cried out as her brother's cock split her open and
penetrated her insides.

Ryan was in heavenly bliss as he began thrusting his shaft back and forth
into Sharpay. Even at her age Sharpay's pussy was still very tight and with
the lack of a real social life and boyfriend that he knew her to have that
wasn't a surprise. Sharpay meanwhile was feeling an exuberance, a sexual
high, that she hadn't since the last time she had sex which had been a few
years prior also with Ryan.

Sharpay couldn't help but do anything other than clinch the bedsheets as
Ryan's motion became faster and more forceful. He was bottoming out in her
pussy each time he rammed his cock hard and deep into Sharpay. Her body was
rocking back and forth with each shove inward and her cunt was starting to
squeeze the life from Ryan's member.

Listening to his sister moan with pleasure was starting to push Ryan closer
and closer to his second orgasm. Sharpay's cries were become louder and more
frequent and her grip on him was tightening. With an ear-popping scream
Sharpay's opening clamped down on Ryan's dick as she came. As his sister
writhed in ecstasy on the bed Ryan continued to piston in and out of her
very tight opening. He was barely able to keep himself upright as his body
tightened on him pushing him harder and harder for a release and Sharpay
took notice of this.

"Come for me Ryan!" Sharpay demanded. "You came in my mouth now come in my

Sharpay squealed in delight as her brother obliged her. Ryan fell over on
top of her as he opened up for the second time. Both siblings could feel
Ryan's cum as it erupted from his dick and spewed forth into Sharpay's womb.
When he finally calmed down and went limp Ryan crawled off of Sharpay's body
and laid down next to her. Semen was still dribbling from his cock and if
anyone had looked it was spilling from Sharpay's slit as well. The two
siblings laid side by side staring at the ceiling for several minutes before
Sharpay spoke.

"Thank you Ryan. I really needed tonight."

"This really wasn't my intention, but I just didn't want you alienate
yourself too much before it was too late."

"I wasn't thanking you just for the sex as much as I may have needed it. I
meant thank you for everything tonight."

"It was no problem at all. You're family after all... So what are you going
to do about tonight?"

"Nothing. This is between us. Just like it was last time."

"I meant about whether or not you were going to leave tonight or stay one
more day with the rest of us," Ryan laughed.

"Oh shut up! I was going to stay before you started laughing at me," Sharpay
shot back in feigned self-defense.

"Oh all right, I'm sorry," Ryan replied with a smile. "Please stay."

"Well if you really want me to..."

"Of course I do," Ryan said smiling widely as he kissed Sharpay one last


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