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High School Musical: We're All In This Together (MF,cons,anal)
by Tori ([email protected])

Troy Bolton was on top of the world. After graduating from college, he was drafted into the NBA by the Phoenix Suns. His skills made him one of the highest paid point guards in the league and he was chosen to the All Star Team in each of his first three years in the league. Troy was settling into his suite in New York where the game was going to be played this year and decided to call his fiance', Gabriella. The pretty Latina was currently completing her post-graduate work at Stanford and was busy preparing for her doctoral thesis. Since she was so busy, she was unable to accompany Troy to New York but they spoke every day and even though Troy loved her, he was a man and he needed to get laid.

After he hung up with Gabriella, he decided to call an escort service. One of the team's equipment men had given him a number to call when he was in New York. The guy told him the girls were all top notch and extremely beautiful and for the right price, they'd do anything he wanted. Troy called the number and told the sexy voice on the other end what he wanted. He asked for a girl that was young, blonde and very thin. He also asked for her to dress in a cheerleader outfit. Troy always had a thing for cheerleaders ever since he tapped a few of them when he was in high school, before Gabriella and he started dating.

Troy waited patiently for the hooker to arrive so he made himself a drink and sat down. He was getting ready to pour himself another when he heard the knock on the door. He looked through the peep hole and saw a very familiar face. His jaw dropped and he couldn't believe his eyes. He opened the door and there, standing in front of him was Sharpay Evans. The same Sharpay that had hounded him in high school. The same Sharpay that had tried everything she could to make his and Gabriella's lives miserable during their senior year. Sharpay looked at Troy and smiled.

"Sharpay? What the hell? Are you my date?" he said.

"You bet your sweet cock I am Troy Bolton," she replied and walked into the room.

Troy closed the door and looked at the pretty blonde as she took off her coat. She was dressed in a very sexy cheerleader uniform that barely covered her ass and her hard nipples stuck out through the tight top. Sharpay turned around and hugged him tight.

Troy pushed her back and said, "Sharpay, I heard you were working on Broadway. Everyone back home thinks you're an actress."

"Well, in a way I am", she said. "When I moved here, I had a few small parts but you know as well as anyone that I really wasn't that good. I was just fooling myself. So, when the money started to run out, I had to make a decision, either go home in disgrace or find another way to pay the rent. Well, here's how I pay the rent."

She dropped to her knees and pulled Troy's cock out and immediately took it into her mouth. Troy looked down at the gorgeous blonde sucking his cock and he liked the way her warm mouth felt on his hard cock. He put his hand on the back of her head and started to shove his cock down her throat. He always wondered what she would be like to fuck and now he was going to get his chance.

Sharpay was gagging and moaning as he fucked her face. She pulled her mouth off of him and took his balls and started sucking them, pushing one of her fingers into his ass as she licked and sucked him.

Troy pulled off of her mouth and turned around. "Lick my asshole whore" he said.

Sharpay drove her tongue deep inside his shitter. She cupped his balls and kept stroking his cock as she ate his ass. Troy was loving it. He was getting his asshole eaten by the queen bitch herself and she was doing it willingly.

"Come on bitch, get up and take those panties off" he said.

Sharpay stood up and pulled her panties down. Troy looked at her shaved pussy and immediately shoved two fingers inside. She moaned as he finger fucked her. She grabbed his hand with hers and started to grind her pussy, "Fuck me Troy Bolton, this cunt belongs to you. FFFFFUUCCCKKKK!!" she screamed as she came all over his hand.

After she finished cumming, she laid down on the bed. Troy stripped out of his clothes and said, "Spread those legs slut, I'm going to fuck the living shit out of you."

Sharpay spread her long legs wide and grabbed her ankles. Her years of dancing made her extremely flexible and her tricks loved how she moved. Troy got between her legs and pushed his eight inches into her cunt and started to slam into her hard. He was pounding away at his former classmate like a man obsessed. Sharpay started to cum and Troy could feel her wet pussy gripping his cock.

He slammed her harder and then filled her hot cunt with his load. When he pulled out of her, he continued to shoot rope after rope of cum all over her gaping hole. "Suck my cock whore," he said.

Sharpay turned around and took him into her mouth again. She sucked and swallowed their juices while Troy reached back and pushed his fingers into her ass. "You know what bitch, I've always wanted to tap this ass. Now I'm going to do it. I hope you like anal cause I'm going to fuck the living shit out you."

Troy got up on the bed and spread her ass cheeks apart. Sharpay arched her back and said, "Come on Troy Bolton, shove that piece of meat up my dirty hole. Fuck this whore." Troy placed the head of his cock against her brown eye and shoved hard. Sharpay screamed, "FFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!" as he buried his cock balls deep into her. He was anything but gentle with her and began pounding her asshole as hard as he could. Sharpay was grunting like the dirty whore that she was, taking his cock up her ass, "FUUUCK ME TROY BOLTON. MY ASS IS YOUR'S. FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKK MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!"

Troy was still pounding away at her when his phone rang. He reached over and grabbed it from the night stand while he continued to sodomize Sharpay. It was Gabriella. He answered it but kept fucking the whore in front of him. "Gabs, what's up," he said.

"Hi baby, why do you sound out of breath?" she said.

Troy pushed his cock as deep as he could into Sharpay and said, "Just got back from a workout."

"Oh, I just wanted to call to surprise you." Troy said, "Surprise me? What surprise."

Just then he heard the door open and there stood Gabriella. "I decided to surprise you and keep you company," she said as she walked into the room.

Sharpay looked over at the tiny brunette and started to laugh.

"WHAT THE FUCK? YOU BASTARD!" yelled Gabriella. Troy stared at his fiance', his cock still deep up Sharpay's ass.

"Honey, what.....what.......I can explain", he said.

"Sharpay Evans? Is that you?" Gabrielle said as she looked at the blonde getting assfucked by Troy.

Sharpay felt Troy's cock getting soft and finally slip out of her ass. She pulled herself up and sat on the end of the bed. "Hi Gabriella, long time, no see", she said and started to laugh again.

Gabriella looked at Troy and then at Sharpay and said, "Care to explain why my fiance is fucking you in the ass in a New York hotel room?"

Sharpay stood up and grabbed her coat and looked at Troy, "You can keep the money Troy Bolton. This is more than worth the $500.00 you were going to pay me." Sharpay walked over to the door and said, "He's all yours honey. By the way, he's really is a great fuck. Troy, call me next time you're in town. Toodles!" With that she opened door and left.

Sharpay could hear things crashing and breaking in the room with Gabriella screaming obscenities at Troy. While she waited for the elevator, she started to sing a song to herself. "We're all in this together......HAHAHAHAHA!"

The End


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