The Hunchback Of Notre Dame: Esmeralda And Pheobus (MF)
by Elisabete Shaw ([email protected])

Esmeralda sat on the bed, her thin woll shift creasing allthe way up her
back. Pheobus sat next to her, still with a blank face.

"Did I really deserve this?" he asked himself.

"God works his wonders in all of us!" replied the gypsy.

"I still don't understand. I killed a lot of people, got drunk and made a
lot of damage. I thought I'd be dead by now."

He turned to face the dark skinned girl. He touched her face, over her eyes
and ruffled her black hair. He placed the hand behind her head and pulled her
towards him, slowly, so as not to force her into anything. He cupped her lips
into his mouth and gently sucked on them. Esmeralda slipped her own tongue
into his mouth and began making love with his gums, exploring the teeth,
ulcers and inside of his mouth. She also placed her hand behind his head, and
they both fell sideways onto the soft mattress of their bed.

Esmeralda pulled herself away from his grasp, and then using his soft hands,
pushed him onto his back. He placed his own hands under her sweaty armpits.
She pulled at his shirt and heaved it up to his shoulders. She ran her hands
through the forest of hairs on his chest, massaging his stomach and petrels.
She heard him moan, slightly; he was trying to keep quite to hear her. She
slid a hand under his pants and fondled his manhood. She pulled out the pants
and the long fleshy tube jutted out. She grinned as her eyes widened and
brightened at his sight. It was long and thick and hard too. She felt her
womanhood grow wet with excitement.

Phoebus's arms pulled her down onto of him; he licked her lips before kissing
them. She briefly laughed before pulling up her woll shift. She pulled it off
her body and overher head, pulling her hair with it, her cloud of black hair
float back down. Her undergarment was wet with her cum juices, which she
tossed aside. Esmeralda was ecstatic, Pheobus was what she wanted and needed;
and he was here with her.She felt so comfortable with him. She felt alive and
happy. She felt wild and wonderful. Her fingertips playfully grazed his hips,
and then wandered to examine his firm buttocks inbetween the bed and his

"I want you Esmeralda, more then I've wanted any woman."

His sweet confession made her sprits soar! He wanted herand he had called her
a woman. "I want you too," she spoke the words for the first time hesitantly.
She bent down to his stomach and crept down to his manhood. She took it into
his mouth, lovingly caressing it with her tongue.

"You're perfect," he whispered as Esmeralda moaned and murmured.

Her head bobbed up and down on her mans shaft. Pheobus started shivering and
murmuring. He didn't understand why, but then he felt it, as did Esmeralda.
White semen ejaculated from his penis into her mouth.

"Mrhhhhh" she murmured as the sticky liquid rolled out of her mouth and down
his shaft. She raised herself off of him and tried to swallow as much cum as
she could. She looked at her man's face and saw him panting. She pulled
herself up to his head and kissed him again.

"You're so lovely," he said almost reverently as he ran his hands along her
back and unfastened her brassier. "Now my sweet. I'll please you now."

She pulled her brassier out, off her arms, with a wide smile across her face.
Pheobus had already moved his hands and cupped her breasts in hispalms. Her
nipples were hard. Phoebus's warm knowing hands massaged the softness of her
breasts and lit fires of need within her. She tugged her brassier under his
head and behind his neck. Using the bra as a net she pulled him up to her
chest. His head was on her cleavage and his mouth he suckled her quivering
nipples. Esmeralda wondered if he would milk her as she felt a shaft of
liquid fire shoot along her veins. He abandoned her breast and started
licking and kissing the other one.

All the while, his hands gently traced the outline of her spine down to its
base, and then he softly felt the shape of her buttocks. He slowly pushed
his hand underneath her undergarment and she felt his hand on the naked flesh
below her panties, then he slid his hand under the delicate lace. Esmeralda
was shaking, she wanted him with an intensity that was unbelievable, her
knees were trembling and she didn't think she could kneel much longer. She
felt him hard against her as his fingers caressed her quivering buttocks and
firmly pulled her against him. She let go of the brassier and dropped his
head on the pillow. He gasped for breath. Esmeralda moved her body so that
his hands slid out of her panties. She stretched her body out of Pheobus,
crushing her bare breast against his chest. She whispered to him, "I want
you Pheobus. I want you inside me."

Pheobus once again held her tohis mouth. "You're so beautiful" he murmured.

"And you're so sweet."

"I'll never hurt you," he said to her.

She pulled away from her grasp and knelt upagain and put her hands behind her
back. She slid her hand into her panties andfelt her own buttocks, the places
where Pheobus had just touched her. She droveher hand down and pulled down
her white lacy panties until they reached herknees. For the first time, she
had exposed her womanhood to this wonderful man. She heaved her body over
Phoebus again and moved her legs so that the panties came off her feet. She
bent back and picked up the panties in her hand. Clutching them, she kissed
him again. "I want to have babies, lots of babies" she whispered.

She moved her womanhood over his manhood. His finger found their way down
and stroked the lips and ridges of flesh of her womanliness. She moved her
hand down their as well, and guided him to the triangle of hair and her most
sensitive body part. She murmured again, and pulled his hand away as she
drove her body on top of him, and enveloped the length of his manhood. She
jerked up and down onto of him, gasping with every blissful feeling. Her
womanhood locked around him, almost refusing to release him for another
blissful plunge. She wrapped her legs around his waist as her heartbeat
increased, driving heat to her head. She threw open her panties and pulled
them over Phoebus's head. Finding a leg hole she pulled him up to her
kneeling body and kissed the tip of his nose and each closed eye. She trailed
kisses over his cheeks and brows. "I love you! I love you!" she repeated in
his face.

Sperm exploded from his penis and entered her body. Their spasms blended
together as each revelled in the staggering explosion of passion; both
screaming both yelling, both exhausted. Phoebus pulled the wet, smelly but
sweetly soft panties off his head, grabbed Esmeralda's head, and still
panting, kissed herall over.

"I love you Esmeralda and I'll never stop loving you" he said to her and he
sniffed and sucked her sweet black hair.

"I - I love you! I love you!" she repeated again. "I love..."

Suddenly another jet of spermf ired it way up the shaft. Pheobus didn't feel
much but Esmeralda certainly did. She threw her arms out and screamed at the
top of her lungs. "I LOVE MY HUSBAND PHEOBUS."

She dropped her arms, panting, and for the first time, Pheobus saw Esmeralda
cry. Drops of tears flowed down her soft brown cheeks. She wrapped her arms
around his neck and rested her head on his shoulders. She whimpered slightly,
but not too loudly.

Pheobus was scared he had damaged her insides. "Esmeralda, I'm sorry if I
hurt you."

"No." she replied. She brought her tear stained face up and softly kissed
his lips. "I've never felt so happy." She rested her forehead against his,
eyes closed, panting. She was aware of thet hudding of his heart. Their body
warmth entwined was a welcoming feeling. She felt his hand stroke the back
of her neck.

"I'll never hurt you" he said to her.

"I know" she replied. "The sensation of you within me has told me everything
I need to know about being a woman."

He brought up one of her knucles to his mouth and kissed it. "Thank you."
He said.

"Your welcome" she replied. "I'm enjoying the feeling of being held on your
lap while I'm still a part of you body."

Cradling each other, they rolled sideway on the bed. Still inside each other,
they lay still, breathing, moaning, whispring. It was the feeling of heavan,
together as a couple, until the sun came up for a new day.


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